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Rorshach Releases Four New Texture Sets
I don't know how recent this is, but Rorshach has released four new texture sets on his texture page:

Unused textures from a incomplete Game Design started by me and Rog[666] a couple years ago. They've been gathering dust for a while. They are in BMP format to aid portability and in the hopes of catering to the fact that most people just repak them how they please for their maps.

Textures page:

(thanks nitin)
I've Downloaded Them. 
None of the sets have that much depth -- there are just a couple dozen textures in each. But they could easily be supplemented by some of Ror's previous textures, as the style and even some of the texture elements are very similar. 
Inkblot, Test! 
The ivory is amazing stuff. I wonder if Kev was influenced by Charles Rennie Mac's architecture for those ones. 
these arent new, im surprised that they haven't been seen by everyone, actually. They are impressive though, in terms of sheer photoshoping/artistic skills, however I found they didn't really fit the Quake engine. 
Dammit, I was hoping it wouldn't be noted for another few weeks... 
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