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Pjw3dm5 - "Jam Number 17" Released
Large FFA/TDM map, with an understated look courtesy of Evil Lair's kickass textures, a gorgeous skybox from Jaj, some rock textures from Kat, and scweet compiling goodness, as always, from ydnar (I nicked a couple of models from him this time around as well).

This is very likely my last large map for Q3 (although I might have another tourney map in me); I hear Doom 3 and HL2 calling my name . . .


Download (4.2 mb):
Just To Clarify . . . 
I'm a dumbass--the models are actually from TA--ydnar just modified the shader. He was also kind enough to supply a non-FP mirror for those who consider GSI spawn of Satan: 
Nice Work 
This is a massive map. Some cool details, I especially enjoyed the teleporters. The area in screenshot 4 is one of the l33test map sections I've seen in a Quake3 map. To be honest, I wish you would've gutted the entire center portion of the map and made it similair to that area in screenshot 4, with the metal and concrete theme surrounding a central rock/cave formation.

anyways much respect for making a massive yet highly intertwined map, a task many mappers shy away from. 
I'm used to seeing screenshots of maps with very detailed or gritty textures; yet, this map has relatively simple and bright textures... I can't explain it. I can only say it looks quite unique in a very good way!

Not to mention the architecture. Very pretty!


(I can't believe I'm complementing a Q3 map. I must be getting soft...) 
As i've said in other forum, very good visuals and layout.
And i wanted to thank to Ydnar for providing an alternative download link =). 
Nice Visuals 
you have a great skybox and you're not afraid to show it off :) Not too keen on the flattish lighting though.

Gameplay wise its too complicated for my taste but it works as a fun little FFA too. 
Glad You Guys Like It. 
Thanks for the nice feedback. 
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