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RPG's New Q1SP: And All That Could Have Been
I've released a new Q1SP map titled And All That Could Have Been. No, it does not take its name from the NIN album--I had decided to use this name for a map before I even consciously knew about that album's title.

Also, the map has been released under the GNU GPL, so the source is available from my webpage.



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I played on normal like I usually do, so maybe like speedy said, it wasnt that bad on normal but was quite tough on hard.

RPG, I thought the end arena fit in reasonably well with the theme. 
...interesting, pretty similar to how I was playing except you actually made it. I was generally more cautious, you got lucky with some infighting and particularly at the end. It does show that the secrets are very important indeed in this map (I did myself quite a disservice cheating to find them in an early beta). 
u lost yer skillz
i played teh map w/o secrets and it was smooth 
Nice Map RPG 
I enjoyed it, very solid looking & nice curvy brushwork. I thought hard skill was okay upto the final arena & then it got tough although on a second run through there were tactics you could use that made it easier. Perhaps it lacked a little in the originality department both texture & gameplay-wise.

Overall very good :) 
Another reason not to finish my crappy MisSP1 ;P 
You MUST finish MisSP1 or I won't release anymore maps! Ever!

p.s. scampie, this threat obviously isn't directed at you. 
Played On Hard 
I just finished the map on hard with the benefit of one secret (this secret would be the first found if you knew where all where.) I found this to be a really well constructed and nicely laid out map. The lighting added to the mood and the ambient sounds added to the sombre mood. The details such as terminals, crate lifts, piping, trim etc. was cool.

After reading some comments, I feared that it may be too hard for me. But, I took a chance and played through on skill 2 (without trying 0 or 1 first)and I didn't start dying until things got busy in the final room. It took several tries but I finished and I found this to be quite a fun map gameplay wise. The multi-layered slaughter fest climax has been used by other SPQ1 mappers and this map was in the same vane.

After getting all kills - I went back (had to noclip up the hole to the last room - sorry ;)) to look for the other 3 secrets. I found them all without cheating. Very nice map for secret hunters.

Overall this is a very well made and fun base map. The best way to survive is to keep moving, use cover and fight hard. Keep the high ground if you can. If you die - just try again. Thanks RPG! 
Machine Speed 
Don't know if this is a relevant point or not, but if your're playing Q1 on a super pimped machine, could gameplay become almost impossably hard? I played Could on a 1.2GHz P4 with an older 64Mb Radeon and it was nice. If I play Unreal 1 Botmatch, I'm licked up and humiliated.

...Just a thought. 
What Do You Mean? 
Gameplay becoming impossibly hard because of a Fast machine? 
The GL I stumbled into, the YA was pretty obvious, the starting one took a bit of looking around, but I had to resort to a secret detector (!) to find the MH.

but if your're playing Q1 on a super pimped machine, could gameplay become almost impossably hard?
No. All AI happens at 10fps, and doesn't take advantage of more time to think (not that it has much to think about). 
Thanks for that mini-review!

Thanks to everyone else for their comments as well. 
is posted.

nice stuff RPG, but i expected that from you :)
very close to giving this 18/20 :P 
is posted.

nice stuff RPG, but i expected that from you :)
very close to giving this 18/20 :P 
Drat. I was hoping for that 18/20.

Thanks for the review. I'll link your site on my page under the "maps reviewed at" section.

One small error: The full title is "And All That Could Have Been". You left off the "And". 
Atheistically very pleasing...

Fr3n would not like this map... 
I've searched everywhere on the map and I still can't find a hidden giant cock and balls.

Other than that I really enjoyed it. Nice work. :-) 
Not Disappointed 
I was ... and no secrets I found either ...

Most enjoyable on Medium skill, good work RPG! 
...You all need to go vote for this map on Underworldfan's top Q1SP maps! 
Lol RPG 
shameless self promotion, you? 
50! mine!

Summa summarum, [asslicking]it's good to see good maps from good mappers :)[/asslicking] 
J00 Teh Rw4k 
Nice map RPG, awesome attention to detail & architecture, and creating a good layout around in too... stuff like that takes dedication to do well, respect :-)

Gameplay was kinda easy on normal skill I thought, never went below 80 health - mind you i was playing cautious.

Keep this standard up and you'll be rising to becoming one of my fave map authors, eager to see more stuff soon :-) 
How long did this take to compile?

I've been playing older maps again and this is one of them.

I think I'm going to start over on my episode. 
My Map Is Old :( 
I have no idea how long it took to compile. I compiled it on a 1.1ghz Athlon, and I'm guessing it took about 30 minutes--1 for QBSP, 25 for VIS, and 4 for TyrLite. That's how long most of my maps seem to take. 
It took like an 1:40 (hour and 40 min) for one of my maps to compile (2 Ghz Celeron, 512 RAM) and it doesn't compare in scale (or anything) to this! You seem to know how to build efficiently yet very nicely. 
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