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Speedmap Pack 48
The geocomp themed session recently ended, giving us 8 maps! The standard was very high, apart from mine, with maps by CZG, Daz, Necros, NotoriousRay, Pushplay, Scampie, me and Xen.

download (1.2mb):
I really like Xen's map...

Don't Listen To DaZ 
i was surprised at the quality in some of these maps.

DaZ's, Xen's and Scampie's maps are by far the most amazing looking of the pack.
An amusing pseudo-idbase map by ray is there as well. 
I'm Sorry But... 
czg's map is the best looking. none compare to it. NotRay's was great also... idbase always wins :D 
Embrace The Base 
hooray for geocomp-crates!! 
Re: I'm Sorry But... 
well, the way i see it, czg's map could have used more brush detail, especially because he opted to use completly flat textures.
it was mildly amusing to read the large messages. :)

and i guess daz's "map" sort of sucked since it was only one room.

but don't get me wrong. every map is lightyears beyond my own. :) 
these map rox
gj to all
xen: how did you do the spiral columns? those are sex 
The Hotdog Gave Me Gonorrhea 
Is it possible to actually beat necros's map? Or do I just suck too much? 
I Was Also 
wondering that. I actually reached the final trigger_changelevel but as it resides in lava, one wonders if there's a better way out ... 
Ok, For The Record, 
sm48_crap is not beatable since there isn't a changelevel trigger... to be honest, i ran out of time. sorry kids! ;) 
So the end is basically the second button. Loved it, but kind of felt like you cheezed out, but yeah 100 minutes is cruel.

You guys need to get this whack on your "serious" maps. daz and xen's definitely could go into something bigger. pushplay's is also pretty cool, and ready to SP. 
it didn't help that working with completly flat textures offer no inpiration to me at all. i tend to draw a lot of what i do from the textures i'm using at the time. i wasted a lot of time just floundering about not knowing what to do.
then all it took was one offhand comment in #speedq1 and the hotdog was born. ;)

honestly though, i wish i could have made something awsome like the other guys. those maps looked really amazing and would kick tons of ass if made into a proper level...

i'm not sure if quake would really like a full level with that though... i've got a geocomp type map in the works, and i get ridiculously high r_speeds. heck, even some of the speedmaps had r_speeds well in the thousand range.

i also hate whoever programmed the boss lightning code. it is the most retarded piece of crap i have ever seen. it stopped working half way through. i never did figure out how to get it working reliably... anyone have any clue? 
I Used It In Terra3 
Get source here:

Basicly, two func_doors with targetname "lightning" (coded in qc), if both are open when a event_lightning is triggered, an arc of lightning shoots between a point in the center bottom of the doors. One monster_boss that is active atm will then be damaged, whereever in the level it is. 
No Title 
well, for what it's worth, thanks for the info, czg. i had figured out the part with the "lightning" targetname. didn't know the doors had to be opened. oh well... 
Everyone Hates Mine :( 
sucks that people don't give a damn about maps that attempt gameplay as well as looks. guess i'll go back to making toilets and penii in my speedmaps. 
sucks that people don't give a damn about maps that attempt gameplay as well as looks.

i do.
I'm Glad You Said That ... 
... because somehow I missed writing down the map title. Nice, good play! Looks from excellent coagulaism to a bit brown. 
Thanks for the comments on my map... credit for the architecture goes to spog, learn from him :-p

Daz: um, get TNJ finished and I will :-D ..actually i said i'd help on that didn't i? erm.. excuses are on *whistles* 
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