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Beta Q3: Megadm7 - Artificial Atmosphere
This is not a playable map (though you may play it with the provided rls'). It emerged from a texture set testmap, which started out to look really nice. I then worked a few more hours on it. This is all. There is no botfile included, as there are no items and such. The bots would probably behave plain stupid.
first one is mapdl, latter are screenies.. 
Looks Really Nice 
i would download the map, but unfortunately i uninstalled Quake 3 :P 
you have a great sense for architecture, scale and brushwork. if this map wasnt circular, symmetrical and over-fogged you would have a real weiner in your hands. 
It looks amazing. It's tech without being rust or decayed or any of the other lame, over-used q3 tech motifs. The trim around the catwalks and the light fixtures are particularly good. I found a small gap in the outer walls:

Maybe you could be bothered to not be a lazy ass and turn it into a real map. 
Thanks For You Comments 
nice find pushplay!

ill probably turn it into something playable, i just need to decide what :).
moenyhats' ass (uhm, included :P)
i'm aware that its a non gameplay map, and the symmetry helped to built it that fast. as i said it developed from a testmap.. Also i like the circular feel.

Overfogged? Do you think it'll look better without the fog? Hm - i might try that once again. 
Overfogged? Do you think it'll look better without the fog? Hm - i might try that once again.

I think he just means that you should make the fod less dense. 
rpg is right

I think the architecture is good enough to stand on it's own without the added ambience of fog. Not that I don't like the fog, I just think you should turn the density down a notch. The level it is at right now is approaching gimmickyness, with architecture that good you dont to fog it up that much. 
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