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RPG3DM1 Released!
It's quite a shock, I'm sure, but I've just released another map. This time it's a Q3DM, but still uses a base-industrial theme. The map is intended for use in the CPM mod, but particularly in tourney matches (do CPM folks actually play anything other than tourney?). It's good fun in 3-5 player FFA as well as various gameplay types in vanilla Q3. If anyone tries a 2v2 teamplay match I'd be interested in hearing how that went.

Once more, I released the map under the GPL, so modders will probably have a field day with it.



Funt Stuff 
some nice quick shortcuts can be taken ala cpm trick jumps.

plays fast 1v1, plenty of room to maneuver...

kudos, bring more! 
Good fast action, much fun to play............. 
Nice map, flow and layout are both good, duel vs a bot was fun (as fun as a botmatch can be...)

I expected a lot more from the visuals, after the awesomeness that was could.bsp this map doesn't look half as good or detailed, and with q3's raised detail limits you could have made some awesome stuff here RPG.

Still, the gameplay is there, which in the end is what matters most, a good map! 
nice map
good work with the patches too 
I expected a lot more from the visuals, after the awesomeness that was could.bsp[...]

Oops. Forgot to mention that in the news item. Yes. I only spent about a week on the map. It's all explained on the website, but here's a bit to give you the idea:

So basically, the map is not an excercise in perfection. I'm not saying it's not worth playing, and I'm not saying you shouldn't criticise it. On the contrary, I'm warning you not to expect too much. Then maybe you'll be pleasently surprised when you load it up and find that you like it. 
I still don't like the jumppad next to the stairs...

but nice work. pump out some more now. 
nano wanted it that way. And what nano wants, nano gets. 
i'd play it, but i can't run quake3 at the moment...

looks nice from the screen shots though... 
neat stuff overall I guess, but I'm not as sold on the gameplay as everyone else. Looks wise, I actually think it's quite nifty despite not being 'wow' material, the only place I would have touched up some more without drastically altering the look is the rockwork in the outside areas, it looks way too low poly.

I thought the overall layout is a bit poor (it's really a big circle) but you have done enough with the rest of the design to make it reasonably interesting, albeit with probably one too many teles. I dont see how more than 3 players could fit on this map, so I wouldnt expect too many team games on here.

Anyway, that's just my ramblings, dont even know if they make any sense. 
gibbie reported that the sky texture is missing when he plays. Both of the sky textures are located in pak0.pk3, so I don't know what's going on with that. Have any of you had any problems? 
Sky Texture 
It is fine for me. 
sky looked fine to me!

good old brown/quake 1 feel with white lights offset. Fast layout too.

nice map RPG!

now make that quake 1 3 map episode, please :) 
now make that quake 1 3 map episode, please :)

Now make Could.bsp 18/20, please :) 
nice map
maybe a bit too dark in the LG area there 
Nice Map... 
...althought it probably lacks of a 3rd armour, and the RA position doesnt seems dangerous enough for cpm... 
Nice Map 
I also like seeing a vaguely Q1-ish feel in Q3. The rockwork is a little low-poly/tiley--some phong shading and/or two-stage scale/blend shader might have been nice--but that's about my only crit. Nice clean feel to the map; flows well. 
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