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Review Field Open For Business
It's a review site for RTCW: Enemy Terrain maps. I wrote the php from scratch, but the rest is my bro's.

We look forward to adding maps and reviews at a quick pace and welcome any submissions. Also, make ET maps you slackers!
What is this game "RTCW: Enemy Terrain maps" ?? 
1: Don't you mean "Enemy Territory?"

2: Are your reviews going to be any more than just giving each map a numeric rating?

3: Any thoughts on posting actual screenshots, instead of just (often heavily-retouched) loading screens? 
1. yes, I suck
2. they already are
3. profit
4. they're being added to the db 
so sirlivealot is your brother heh?

thought i noticed a similar stlye in your cube speedmaps...

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