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New Here, Hi Everyone
thought i'd let you all know i'm new here, never been here before but it's a damn fine thing that theres a community like this.

and yes i do map, not as much as used to.. been mappin since 13, i'm 20 now.. got my site up which is slowly comin along with more maps since i recently got back into the hobby of it so thats all i got to say for now, adios
Hey There 
Welcome to the community.

...However, make sure you don't post a new thread in the discussion forums. Those threads are meant soely for long-term discussion. It will become a discussion one way or the other, even if most of the post volume consists of people flaming you for posting in the wrong place. :(

Anyway, the General Abuse thread is a good place to start. You can post just about anything there. Also, spend some time lurking about the other discussion threads and get a feel for how things function here.

The Title CAN Be Empty! (fix This Crap Metl) 
Also, one word about this being an elitist hnagout and I'll come 'round your place and wring your head off. 
Just One Word? 
I'll have to say 2 then. Elitish Abound. :)

Aaaah it burns! ;p

Actually, compared to years ago, the forum has really mellowed out over time. Guess some people left or got tired of losing their voice or had a stroke from anger or something. 
dislocating your neck, stomping on your genitals.

Aah, I dunno, I've kinda lost interest. I don't really know why I still hang around. Probably due to old habit. I don't contribute much, I mostly snipe and whine - and it's a rare few I still feel "connected" too that still frequents the place.

Maybe I should just say my farewells and move on? 
Come To Inside3d 
Wrath. Come to the dark side. Quake is your father game. It's true... 
I had a look at your web page and it looks kinda cool. Your maps look promising and I'm looking forward to what you'll release in the future.

That said, Wazat is right. On this board, threads are for discussion of topics such as mapping style or architectural influences. The permenant threads (the ones at the top of the board listing) are for non-discussion posts and quick questions (such as, mapping help questions go in the Mapping Help thread, general posts like yours go in the General Abuse thread, and so on). The threads at the bottom of the page are for discussing their related news items.

If you leave, I will be very sad. (As if you care.) Also, you're very amusing and lend a wonderful personality in times when things are otherwise drab.

You're also my only source for trying to get Enclave tools released! 
your ass-kissing is strangely pleasing, please continue.

re: enclave tools.
I brought it up, and the issue is in the pipeline - we'll see what happens.
There were mumblings of 'maybe for the sequel' from the code-monkeys.

or, we'll just throw it out there two weeks from wednesday and laugh at your cries for documentation and support.

then eat some more babies. 
wrath, a strangely hard to shrug off habit though I find. 
wrath: please shoot the code-monkeys and release the tools anyway -- documentation or not.

nonentity: what's hard to shrug off? Eating babies, making sequels, the visionless code-monkeys, or releasing tools without documentation? 
Visiting here (and eating babies) 
It seems to me some companies prefer not to release the tools, cause they want to make commerciall add-ons themselves.

Nice to meet ya phait ! 
Babies - 
they're chewable. 
Thanks For Clearin That Up 
I'll remember :D 
I'm Back After A Few Months' Absence 
and I must say I'm glad; I like the bracing irony of this board. The one I used to go till now (and still go sometimes) is that of one author I translate (Robin Hobb), and, altough it's very friendly, it felt like a boy-scout jamboree. Everybody kind and welcoming, no flame war, no rude words...
Wow, it's refreshing here! 
"It seems to me some companies prefer not to release the tools, cause they want to make commerciall add-ons themselves."

It seems to me some misc. joe at a message board should think before he posts.

how does releasing the tools hinder the developer to release an add-on? first of all, most sdk's come with eulas regulating how you can use it and to what end. as in, if you make stuff with this and sell it - we'll hunt you down and showe your monitor sideways up your poop-chute.
second, a thriving mod/map community can prolong the lifespan of a game by an order of several magnitudes. If Halo had come with a map-editor, it would be as big as CS today.

the biggest incentive for a small dev studio with in-house developed tools is that they can finally start looking at hiring people that already know the engine and the tools. 
Never mind on the whole discussion thread problem. This one's become one on its own. ;p

It's too bad many platform games can't be modded. I understand the dreamcast can do this (friends talking about playing Jeht and other q1 mods on their dreamcast etc). Too bad it went under... 
Metl, Fix The F#�"%��#%� Title Cannot Be Empty 
Technically, you should be able to mod and distribute for the xbox, via xbox Live. it supports downloadable content. 
someone said something nice about a Microsoft product on an internet message board!

*makes note in his diary* 
Well Then... 
If that's so, why aren't you playing Quake1 Jeht on your XBox? ;p That's cool that it can do that. Perhaps it will be a good mod platform then.

It will be interesting to see if XBox really takes off. I hope it doesn't squash psII though.

* Wazat hugs his ps2 fiercly and makes a warning growl 
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