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New DMC Map From Cardo
Cardo has released a new DMC (Deathmatch Classic - HL mod) map over his site.

The map, called "Creeper Keep" is set in a decaying structure populated with creeping vines, broken beams and lava pits. Plays well as a 1v1 or a 3 player FFA, and looks the shit as well,

Download :

Pics :
I love it! I'm pissed that CardO didn't let me see it sooner though! 
Make a q1 version! 
Make bigger screenies! 
Make love! 
Make love to CardO! 
Quake Version...ish 
If you copy the custom wad, the DMC wad and the halflife wad into your id1/textures folder, you can play it in tomazquake and all other other such engines that support hlbsp, and nicely it plays too. 
Could someone link the DMC mod download for me... If it is not too much trouble. 
Make screenies of making love to CardO. 
make a .wad with all the textures used in this map and let us get it, so we could try the map in TQ 
Thanks Abyss, 'tis much appreciated. 
screenies too small 
Make a Halflife Single Player version! 
Make a Half-Life single player episode! 
Finish that HL single player level that you started! 
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