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Speedmap Theme
how about using speedrunning as the theme for next speedmap competition?
I'm sure we could find enough speedrunners to give you input and whatnot.
no no no no. NO.

for one, speedmapping is not done for people to play or enjoy, just for the entertainment of the mappers involved and anyone else who may choose to check out the maps. for two, themes should, and will most likely continue to be choosen by the mappers who participate in the events. for three, it's been done before long ago, and it was a horrible mess.

so in short, if you want speedrunning maps, make your own. speedmappers won't do it.

also, this isn't worthy of a new thread. use on of the speedmapping release threads or General Abuse. thanks. 
Yeah I'd Give It A Shot 
Good Theme 
The problem i see with this is that a mapper who isn't familiar with speedrunning tricks wouldn't know what makes a good speedrunning map. And in 100 minutes, there's no time for the back and fourth of people playing the maps and mappers making changes based on the feedback.

Other than that, i think it's a cool idea. 
Good Point... 
metlslime, that is a good point. I'm sure we could get speedrunners to work with you guys but as you said, 100 minutes just isn't enough to allow for testing/feedback. This leads to two different alternatives
1) increase the time (but then it wouldn't really be speedmapping I suppose...depends on how much you increase the timelimit with)
2) save this idea for a proper mapping "contest" 
Just Stick To The Normal 100 Minutes 
and see what happens.

Next SM 
this saturday i'm gonna make it an unthemed event, because we haven't had one for so long.

As for running this theme in another session, I personally don't like the idea, due to intense difficulty of getting good (or acceptable) speedrunning gameplay in the time, and we aren't going to increase the time limit. Also we like to keep it simple, and teaming up with people and sending it back and forth etc would kinda defeat that. If other speedmappers come out in strong support then I wouldn't mind running it, but i think its more likely to be a success as a 'contest', or a turtlemap style thing.

There have been some maps suitable for speedrunning in the past, though, I was thinking about making a compilation of a few. I don't know if you'd be interested in that, but i'd love to see what sort of times speedrunners could get on some of them. 
There Was A Speedrunning Speedmap Session In The Past 
msot people weren't very thrilled about it then... 
not too keen on the speedrunning thing. as everyone has already stated, 100 minutes is very short to do that sort of thing. it's possible, but the maps are likely to suck.

also, i'll really try to make it for the speedmapping this time. i missed like four now, i think! 
A point brought up in some irc discussion last night... doesn't designing maps specifically for speedrunning defeat the purpose? are speedrunners nowadays so talentless they need maps designed for them to do bunny hops and the same old physics exploits thru for bragging rights?

if you want to speedrun speedmaps, do the one's with proper themes that inspire/challenge the mappers, not weak confining themes like this that i will never run. 
Speedmapping Announced

unthemed, 100 minutes
I prefer my ass to be free of dick anyways. 
continuing on what scampie said, i think players in general should gobble up whatever crappy maps we ejaculate out in our quest to be as self-absorbed as possible. 
continuing on what metlslime said, i think metlslime should go make a nice map for the speedrunners if he wants, but that's not what our little 'self-absorbed' speedmapping event is geared for. 
Re: Speedruns on old speedmaps. We're ahead of you on this one, but as usual we're taking an age and a half to actually implement the idea.

Should be interesting to see the results though. :-) 
make sure you include sm43_ray :D 
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