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Speedmap Pack 52
we just finished the 52nd session, and you can get all 4 maps by clicking the link below!

The authors were E-Werd, who just loves grunts and dogs, Necros, who is a total headcase, NotoriousRay, the id base hero, and myself, the enemy of Q2 textures. Xen also nearly got a map in but disappeared.

Download here: (514 KB)
wtf is wrong with you necros? seriously dude. :D

NotoriousRay's map is the coolestest dm1 redo ever cuz it's base styled. NotoriousRay is the NONID-BASE HE-RO! GOT STARS IN HIS EYES!

E-werd's map didn't have enough grunts and dogs.

Starbuck, you can make you maps a LITTLE smaller... the player will still fit :D 
that dopefish texture looks familiar :) 
was a post on qmap before it got killed. i forget who made it.
i even had a texture of somedude's cat (like, a real close up of the muzzle, and it's pretty ugly)... i forgot to put it in though... *shrug* 
Oh, And 
wtf is wrong with you necros? seriously dude. :D i'm too slow to make a real map. so i settle for what i can do. :)

was it you who did the dopefish/iconabuse, metlslime? :D 
yes, that was me. 
My fucking net connection dropped! Minutes before I would've finished the map! Pissed of I am, my map was proper bo I tells ya. Will either refine teh gameplay and upload it seperately, expand it into a proper Q1SP or just let it rot away on my hard drive.

Probably the latter.

Comments coming on the maps later when I get back from work. 
i thought as much... looked nice in the screenie, as far as i can tell from 2d views :) ...apart from the phantom pillar of course. I would go with the latter option, its always been my favourite!

oh, and scampie, dont talk to me about scale, you once made a crate that was bigger than e1m1 :D 
Your Map Is Bigger Than All Of Episode 1! 
no comparisons here buddy! I can make my dinner, eat it, wash the dishes, watch a game on the television, and scratch myself all before going end to end on your map!

xen: if the map is finished within reasonable SM time, just email it to me and I'll include it with sm53 next saturday. 
I Think I'm Gonna... 
..chance my arm with making it into a speedchainmap. Seeing as I'm so fast and efficient at putting those things together, ahh yes I am.

Anyway the pack:

Ewerd: crap but kinda fun, kept finding myself replaying it just to see how little health i could lose/time i could finish in.

Starbuck: Looked tres bon and played nicely.. when playing involves running around it in singleplayer on godmode with a rocketlauncher, that is.

Necros: I dunno, was kinda fun but nothing really special, getting too used to your speedmap style now :-) ..loved the rejected textures though :D

With Ray's I was so blinded by the fact that it wasn't IDbase that I didn't really get a good look at it. Seemed nice tho ;-) 
I can make my dinner, eat it, wash the dishes, watch a game on the television, and scratch myself all before going end to end on your map!

Obviously, you'd do all that before even opening the map, let alone going end to end through it. If you did it at the same time you'd be a freak :-p 
let's put it this way, I thought sm52_starbuck was an ish map of 'a jump into the insanity pit'.

(old flame wars never die, they just fade away) 
*cough* Scale *cough* 
Patent-pending Joke Blatantly Stollen From Metlslime 
"old flame wars never die, they just fade away"

--Kurt Cobain 
No Rpg 
you're thinking of a 1997 level by marcus klar, called 'the fly' 
Wrong Wrong WRONG! 
The correct answer is:

"Two farmhands, sixteen chickens, four hogs and a prize heifer. The farmer's wife had no previous convictions." 
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