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Q2 Speedmapping Session
Ok, we seem to have a few people interested in a Q2 speedmapping session, but they're all spread out across several boards. So I'm designating this as the "official" Q2 speedmapping thread or whatever. Basically, I need those interested to answer a few questions:

1) When is the best time to have this thing for you guys? Weekend? Evening?

2) Do you want a theme or should we leave the first session open? If you want a theme, give me some ideas.

3) I think we should limit custom content in some way or else we could end up with a 20 meg download. My ideas are:

-Keep it strictly ID textures and Vanilla Q2.

-Pick a custom texture pack (or two) for everyone to map from.

-Limit what engines you can make the map for. I'd like everyone to be able to view all the maps if possible.

So, what do you guys want as far as content?

4) We should have some place to hold the event. Maric has offered Backshooters IRC channel and TeamSpeak server. Personally, I like TeamSpeak, but I know not everyone has a mic so it might not be best. What do you guys want?

Yeah, OK 
Never done this kind of thing before, I'll go along with the crowd, would like some custom textures though. 
Good Luck! 
What Timezone? 
I'm sure we're all spread out so whatever time works best for as many of us as possible. 
The Theme 
as long as its not tomorrow , im fine with any day next week , so im in

i do however agree on what maric said , make a theme as someone could say here heres a map and it could be two years old sort of thing, 
For What Its Worth 
we dont really take measures to prevent 'cheating' in the Q1 speedmapping, mainly because its meant to be a community event, rather than a competition sort of thing. It's pretty much impossible to stop people using bits of old maps even if a theme is mandatory (rather than just suggested), though if a mapper did want to do this, he'd probably have less fun and gain less from the event. That would be a shame, as having fun and experimenting and developing new mapping skills is what its all about IMHO 
Just Reminding You Guys 
not everyone is in the same timezone, here in australia we're 10 hours ahead of gmt. so your night could very well be our day, or our ealry morning, or some other such time.

but its just a reminder, and i like the idea, itmay be a good way to actually start and finish a map for once.

however if youre holding it sometime in the next few weeks im gonna have to sit it out cause i got a lot of work to do for uni. ill be in for a later session though, in 3 weeks or month? a monthly thing would be cool, although maybe less people would participate... 
My 2 cents (for what it's worth), would be to make it original textures only (for the first event at least) and the standard engine (for all of the events, since it's the engine you can guarantee works for everyone/people know how to set up/is actually q2/etc). 
More Thoughts 
I'm GMT+1 for a couple of weeks then GMT when we switch to DST, but I can pretty much make any time in the day with day or so warning, again whatever is decided.

Someone's going to have to be boss, and make the final decisions, I vote for H-Hour.

If people cheat, they cheat themselves, doesn't worry me.

How many are in? Sound off for a head count. 
I'm with Starbuck on the anti-cheating methods. If you're really going to pre-create stuff just to try and look good for a community event then you're missing the whole point anyway. If a theme is picked, I will let everyone know ahead of time so that you can get your head working.

Kold, Kamikrae-z and... nonentity? (Are you participating or just voicing opinons nonentity). I need to know what time of day works best for you. I'm currently thinking of something like 2200 GMT, but if that is too late for some people I can move it up. That would be late night for European folks and afternoon for US. Australia would be early morning if you can make it Kamikrae-z. Also, though, anyone that can't make it is totally welcome to create a map in 100 minutes whenever they have time (before the actual event of course).

As far as content, unless anyone has any objections I'm going to limit the maps to Vanilla Q2. If you have any suggestions for a custom texture pack that would be fun to map from, let me know and maybe that can be our theme or whatever.

I'm hoping to drag a couple more people in here from Backshooters too. 
I'm just voicing opinions (unless I succeed in my quest to get a copy of Q2, which is looking unlikely). 
I could try q2, but I have no time to be online
Maybe you could accept the emailed maps ?

Nice to see q2 mappers here 
I'll Play This Map Set 
...because I like Q2. IMHO, whatever promotes the creation of maps is a good thing and I agree with Starbuck's comments (Post #6). 
I'm Game! 
Just don't choose waste theme. With green lights. And pipes. 
Make it single player only! 
I'd Give It A Shot! 
I say waste theme, with green lighting.. ;)

seriously tho i love waste theme!

I'm really crap at speedmapping but i'd have a go! :D q2ctf sm would be a fun idea too imo. build a base each in partners and then have someone connect them up after the alotted time. 
I'd Give It A Shot! 
I say waste theme, with green lighting.. ;)

seriously tho i love waste theme!

I'm really crap at speedmapping but i'd have a go! :D q2ctf sm would be a fun idea too imo. build a base each in partners and then have someone connect them up after the alotted time. 
Me Too! 
So, is this gonna be a "GO!" or not? How long do you have to make the map? I've seen time limits of an hour...and some stretching to a whopping 2 hours! Regardless, I would still be interested in it :D 
This Is A Go, Definitely... 
but I want to get Maric's definitive ok on using the Backshooter's Mirc channel. But for now, I'm going to tentatively schedule it for 2200 GMT Saturday, November 1st. When I get an ok from Maric I will post full details here and and Musashi's. 
Saturday At 10 - OK 
When It Starting? 
when's this baby starting ?
im pumped :D 
Suuuuure, be my guest... Oh wait that was LAST Saturday eve.

Oops! I have been away on vacation and missed this... Try again when I am around? Please? 
DOH! is there going to be a new comp or what? I'm more concerned that the tight time limits would produce maps that would be full of bugs and forgotten by the end of the next speed mapping session. How about monthly map packs? That is plenty of time to produce a quality map and have it tested before release. This would have benefitted everyone involved in the Tikidomain mapping comp making the entire pack better than it is! 
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