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Something For Everyone At ..::LvL
Something for everyone at ..::LvL. Top pick for DM/Tourney players is 'noq3dm5' by noname. For CTF fans we have 'Saint CTF 1' from Kaziganthe.

* noq3dm5 by noname (DM/Tourney 2-4 player)
* Saint CTF 1 by Kaziganthe (CTF 4-10 player)
* Chartres by QkennyQ (DM/Tourney/Instagib 2-4 player)
* Gravity Lab by Anton (Painkeep Arena 4-8 player)
* Space by Wiggles (Space DM 3-6 player)

Enjoy the update!

Ouch. So much effort. So little frame rate. So little gameplay. What a waste. 
Well, ... 
I don't really think it's supposed to be a playable map ;) 
"Hey look Ma, I can clone the same arch 40 times over!" 
it's based off a real building which obviously is going to have the same arches repeated over. 
I know, my point was more about the lack of technical skill required (I know some was required, but still).

I fail to see the point in making an exact copy of a real building anyway. Would it not be more worthwhile to build something inspired by the real place, but that is more suited to being a game level? 
but I think this was one of those how much can I push the engine before it wont compile efforts? Like elek's q1 cathedral, although that was probably more playable.

Having said that, I do think maps more like dubneoc are better examples of engine pushing because they are at least original and have a layout. 
I fail to see why 'Chartres' is reviewed as a map at LvL and why it's a 'must have map'. It was an interesting test of mapper's abilities and the engine's limits, but it's basically a flat box map with pretty walls. I'm at least glad it was the third review in the list, so a decent map like noq3dm5 can get some attention. 
Yeah, I thought that map had better texturing than it was given credit for. 
its crap.. 
it looks nice though. ;) 
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