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Idbase Or Runic: Which Is The Better Set?
Here it is, the thread you've all been waiting for! The line in the sand has been drawn and sides are being chosen!

In this corner, weighting in at an impressive 5,000 pounds of pure metal, concrete and dohickies, the reigning champion of the world, it's IDBASE!

And it's challenger, sporting the blue and brown trunks, covered in arcane symbols, the master of darkness and evil, the RUNIC set!

Which will prevail as the top dog? Which is the better set for Quake maps? Why should mapper's choose one set over the other? Won't somebody PLEASE think of the children!?
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but at least we don't stick them in domesticated animals 
For What It's Worth 
The Base is where it all begins and attention to alignment is a must to make convincing base maps. I like well made Base maps.

However, I vote for Runic because Quake is about going against one's better judgement and with conviction leaping into portals that launch you well away from human occupied territory and into the hot magic bowels of fiery environments made by purely evil minds who have no safety codes to follow. The complementary enemies of this tex scheme is what defines Quake, IMHO. 
technically, Start is where it all begins... 
No Contest 
The success of mixing and matching other sets with runic just stands to show that runic is a poor texture scheme with no engaging theme on its own.

bollox... or a series of grammatical errors and you actually meant "it is a fine texture scheme that, while having an engaging theme of its own, also allows for thematic expansion by successfully combing with other texture sets"

Metal 4 eva 
czg is gay and runic rules 
2 Cents Worth 
personally I think runic is good on average to above average looking maps (architecture wise), for more complex stuff, idbase looks better IMHO. 
I could count the number of original idbase maps on one hand. One hand with no fingers. 
So That Would Be... 
I Came Pretty Late To Be Throwing In My Opinion Now But... 
I personally think it's okay if a map artist uses idbase textures if he's making a military installation, and runic textures if he's making a dark medieval environment. I personally consider it very important that the artist either have some idea of what he's going to do before deciding on a texture set, and then chooses textures based on that (ie Well, I'd like to make a dark hellish dungeon with iron bars and bloody walls, but I've already decided on idbase, and that could fit... ;P ); or, the mapper picks a texture set he likes and lets the ideas flow from there (ie, I feel like runic today), but does so without blind bias.

If you want to make a military installation, but are morally opposed to using idbase, then you're on your own for textures. There are many textures out there that are admittedly way better than idbase, but they may not fit your theme, if you can even find what you want. Idbase is both classic, and easy to get a hold of. It's ugly as sin, but that can be cleverly disguised by proper use. Runic to me is boring, and it has a tendency to make me immediately feel bored, tired, lost & confused, and often makes me have to squint to see it. It does this because that's how I felt when playing the original ID1 maps that got past M4-5 in episodes 3 and 4. I'd just get lost and bored. And all too many custom maps that use them insist on making the map so dark I can't see where I'm going anywhere that doesn't have lava. However, I've seen runic textures used perfectly, creating an environment that grabs my interest on first sight.

So I don't think either texture is better than the other. It all comes down to creativity and skill of use.

But enough middle-manning. It's time to take a stand. When asked whether I prefer ID base or Runic, I choose... something else, usually.

Really, I like RPG's maps, Mr.Fribbles' maps, czg's maps, and a whole host of others. Some use idbase, some use runic, but most use whatever the hell fit their needs. Some even use a combination, if that fits their needs.

And in a pinch, I'd pick ID Base, because I really like millitary installations. They're more "atmospheric" and "intimidating" to me than what's being passed off as a hellish alternate universe. I enjoy games like Dino Crisis partly because they have so many 'more-modern than rocks and sticks' military/industrial facilities, which I recognize immediately and tend to relate to more. When I'm in a runic environment, stuff just seems silly to me. Structures are just there to look good or direct movement etc.

The same could be said by someone else, but in reverse. I don't deny that, but I do have my opinion. 
As If You Couldn't Guess.. 

let us not foget the CRATE'S native theme!!! 
You Fool! 
Crates aren't native to idbase. They are transcendent constructs that permeate all the known universes, several unknown universes, and one or two imaginary ones known only to myself and Aristotle.

After all, was it in Quake that Crate DM was made? No! 'Twas Quake II. Even medieval themes have crates, and never mind urban. They're everywhere and everywhen! So pah! on your crates, and ptooey! as well, they'll never take me alive, you've seen the posters, "Wanted: Dead or Washed," ptooey ptoing ping ploppy plee pli plo... 
Fatty smokes more Elf-weed than anyone. 
Fatty has simply achieved a higher level of 'crate' than the rest of us 
Try not to think about it in terms of being 'inside' or 'outside' the crate, instead, become one with the crate, and relieze that the crate itself does not exist, there's only you. 
What Do I Put Here 

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You're Welcome 
idbase, that's quake 
Could I have some link to Runic and IDBase textures and any other texture please.

My quake directory doesnt seem to be in pak files so WC1.6a doesnt seem to wanna get textures from it. 
OMG all seperate and all from fileplanet and all on my 56kb modem erk.

Thanks tho :) 
if you wanted, I could just DCC the id+hipnitual textures in 1 wad, plus any others I have lying around... 
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