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RPG3DM2: Trial By Error
RPG3DM2: Trial by Error has been released. It uses Lun's textures from the abandoned Coriolis Force project. The general theme is a clean base, so that should be a little different from all the other maps out there. The intended gameplay modes are 1v1 and 3-4 player FFA, so it's a fairly small map.

As usual, it's released under the GPL so the source is available, too.



Web page:
Pics look wow!! =)...... 
Very Nice! 
Too bad I cant play Q3. >:(

But Im downloading it anyhow. 
Looks Nice... 
much prettier than the previous one :) 
Pics look wow!! =)...... 
Like I said before nice map, I like the gameplay, some areas, around the outer RL and YA, I had some very fun battles. I wish the water part wasn't there, don't get me wrong, I like it, but the poor bots, they can become a bit confused,...... sitting ducks.
Looking forward to RPG3DM3 
Havent Played It Yet 
but the layout looks tons better than rpg3dm1 and there's less teles :)

It also looks much much better, some nice detail work. But, the curved staircase with the two 25h at the bottom and the top leading to LG area looks like crap. The lighting looks too harsh there and you've repeated that metallic pipe texture (well that's what I think it is, cant tell) which isnt good becuase IMHO that's not a very well made texture, looks too flat and painted on. Some of the other pipe textures look too fake as well but arent used as noticeably as the ones near the staircase.

Still, good stuff, I like the RA placement too. 
Thanks, Nitin 
Thanks for that mini review. And, um, I only used one pipe texture through the whole map. :) 
xpiplun2.jpg is the one I was referring to I think. 
nitin: ah yeah that one. I thought you meant the texture used for the structural pipes around the map.

Is no one else going to comment on the map? ;( 
Alright, I'll Comment 
Personally, I thought it was weak.

The level of detail is certainly there. The trims looked good and the arcitecture had plenty of variation so no two rooms looked the same. The layout felt solid. Maybe a little bottom heavy. A single well positioned bounce pad could have helped. I question the choice of having a pool at the bottom of the map with the RA. I would have at least placed a window in the floor so that people could see if the RA was spawned or if someone was going for it. As it stands the area feels like an ugly dead end.

I think the texturing is all wrong. You used a lot of striped textures and grates. (In the standard configuration) Quake fucks these up horribly and it creates these weird rolling parabolas as you walk around. In small doses it's no big deal, but when you see that effect all over the map it starts to make you sea sick.

I don't like the colour scheme either. Grey and steel blue don't attract the eye, and feel bland and non-commital. The map would feel more pleasant with some contrasting colours for trim. Anything 1/3rd of the way around the colour wheel would look good, so maybe orange or green.

I think you should retexture and rerelease. 
Fair Enough 
I'm thinking about doing a CPM version of the map, so if anyone has any suggestions about things they'd like to see changed, or things they want to keep the same, speak up. 
Oh, I was going to say, earlier, but decided against it. That some of the ceilings are starting to get a little low for the jumpy bouncy crew. I have to modify my behaviour at one place with a quick tap of the back key to avoid cracking my nut on the cieling (not a biggy, but). So maybe this could be an annoyance to the hardcore ? But I would be interested to see a CPM version done.

I basically took the water area out, removed the stuff (RA etc) that was down there and sealed that area off, to avoid 'occasional' bot probs with the water, hope thats alright, it does say in the readme that you can modify etc, although I don't have a clue what the GNU says. It's only for my own use, and will not be given to anyone else. 
I diasgree, I like the color scheme. As for the texturing, yeah the alising is bloody annoying but it's unfair to blame rpg for using striped textures when they're suitable.

And I like the RA placement even thought it fucks bots up. All I'd change from a looks point is that texture I mentioned. 
That's it, you just made the list. 
How hard is it to tell if someone is going for the ra when you hear splush splash splash sound effects and it's not like it's hard knowing when items spawn. 
Your Opinions Can Dig 
Depends on how close you are. Even if you could always hear it, the window still wouldn't hurt.

Back on the striped textures... It's not my fault that neon green and orange look horrible together, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't be wrong to use that in a map. You gotta work within the limits of the game even if it doesn't seem fair. 
but they are suitable, whereas if you know neon green and orange are horrible together, then they are clearly not suitable. 
In an ideal world they are suitable. I guess it's just a matter of how you weight the intention v.s. the end result as it hits the user. 
I really really like how this map looks. Textures and color scheme give a nice bleak look to it. Brushwork is solid, but I found the upper ceilings/roofs a bit lacking. Some massive structures up there would have looked nice, especially when looking up at the yard.

Can't really comment on gameplay, haven't had a chance to play with real opponents and bots just don't compare. 
Played It Now 
and the lack of health makes it very interesting IMHO. If you would like to make some changes for CPMA, you should raise the roofs a bit since I sometimes manage to hit my head even in vq3. Also, I think the jumppad should actually take you to the MH area, I know that makes it too easy to get so maybe you might have to change it with something. As it is, the jumppad's a bit useless IMHO, since it only takes you where you could get with a well positioned jump. 
Wait Wait... 
nitin, you can jump from the YA/25h/RL up to the next level without using the jumppad?? 
if you go up the first little bit of the stairs, you can strafe jump to the ledge on the left and then do a 360 jump to the level above. yes, you use the stairs a bit, but the split in the stairs is hardly very far from where the jumppad is. 
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