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UT2003 Community Bonus Pack
...Has been released, feature a high number of lovely maps and some mutators by the top bods in the UT2003 community, it has the stamp of approval from Epic Games and is 142mb in size.

Screenshots, info and download locations can all be found at this handy URL :
Very good pack, and great value for the price. 
bonus? why bonus? cant it just be Community Pack? damned freaks 
Community? why Community?, can't it just be Pack? damned freaks 
And So Logically The Next Step Is... Wuuu? 
Pack? why Pack? can't it just be _? damned freaks 
damned freaks 
Well, After Playing A While Longer 
I am afraid to say, that although the maps look good, the gameplay is lacking ( for my tastes at least), you can find a lot of missaligned SM's and other problems, which as far as I'm concerned should never have made it through, sometimes it seems as if they never tested them, because it is hard to imagine how anyone could miss some of the things, or they just couldn't be bothered fixing them. Out of the 10 DM maps, there is 1 that is a definite keeper, although it has been released before, and been in my regular play list for a while (AugustNoon), and another 2 possibles. The verdict is still out on the 4 CTF, 3 DDOM, and solitary BR maps. So to update my thoughts, you can, in general, get better maps elswhere, at least in the DM department 
UnReal & Freaky 
I got a good look at the screen shots for the pack. I should compliment them for the nicely atmospheric feel of those shots and I guess Quake mappers could learn a few things from the UnReal scene, but those UnReal Freaks have a real hardcore fetish for the ninety degree angle and a few unhealthy deviants, the fifteen and forty five degree angles.

I sympathize with these UnReal degenerates (notice how I'm staying in theme here) because the UnReal Editor is not the friendliest tool in the Mappers arsenal. I've done a few Duex Ex levels with it and I did not like the editor at all. So I don't blame the mappers for that limitation, the blame squarely belongs to my old nemesis at Epic Games, Warren Marshall. 
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