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Inspiration & Reference
I just wanted to know if people had any links to good websites for either level design inspiration (photos, paintings, concept art, etc.) or just for architectural reference. We had a thread like this on the old qmap, but we know how much good that does us.
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Bernd And Hilla Becher Photography 
While the actual story is a bit of a blow, the photos do look kinda inspiring... 
I was wondering about a quake1 level I played over the years. It was called "Io" and was an absurdical large level of a spacecraft that tumbled down on the Mars moon. One had to collect several runes in a spherical astronomy lab.

I thought it was a map of mx or someone else but I can retrieve it only if I make a large jump in my archive. 
Found It 
after a large jump yes, it was called "TitanBeta5 / io" from MechTech and I'm surprised I can't find it on Quaddicted. Realy a top of the hat map, blew me sofar of my feet I would stop mapping.

Large Helical Device 
Ran into this while reading about fusion reactors. Everybody knows tokamaks, right? They're just toruses ie donuts. Many movies have used that shape.

Then there's the stellarator. Wendelstein-7-X is the most famous one, and it's somewhat twisty but still kind of like a Tokamak.

But when I saw the stellarator known as the Japanese Large Helical Device, I thought about the board immediately. It is bizarre.

Glamour shot:

More photos: 
Looks like mfx gone wild... 
Shooting High-Res Thermal Photos Of Iceland

The color ranges do fit the Q1 palette so much IMO.
Very inspiring.
Korovohrad Abandoned Coal Mine

Check out the video in the comments on how the excavators moved - they actually walked.

(I'm sure this is lifted from some actual source but it's a nice overview.) 
Bambuz Lives!!! 
Giovanni Battista Piranesi 
Alternate Realities 
"Top 100 3D Renders from the Internet's Largest CG Challenge"

It was a contest to create a 3D clip based on a simple animation as a starting point. These were the top entries. It's pretty cool, lots of neat sci fi and fantasy environments and characters on display. 
A lot of those were pretty incredible. The toothpaste one had me cracking up. I loved the ones with enormous backgrounds and monsters. I wish that more games incorporated that sense of scale. 
Hit F11 To See This In It's Full Glory 
That is kinda neat.... but also gives me an idea for a game. Imagine each of those nested pictures as a "locations" in a point-and-click adventure game, and the only way to travel between "locations" is to zoom in or out to the next one. 
Nice concept, I'd play the hell out of that! 
And Sed Died.., 
First "Atlantis" games had this concept. 
I think I avoided Atlantis because it looked a bit too much like Myst, which bored the hell out of me in the 90's. I'd love to see the concept used in more of a LucasArts/Sierra style adventure though. 
Inside A Cello 
This is everything a Quake map should be:

- unsettling/unfamiliar location
- strong use of light and shadow
- brown 
@ Metlslime 
and dirt and dusty! 
Spotted On Discord: 
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