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Inspiration & Reference
I just wanted to know if people had any links to good websites for either level design inspiration (photos, paintings, concept art, etc.) or just for architectural reference. We had a thread like this on the old qmap, but we know how much good that does us.
Some Of Mine: 
Abandoned Places is the old standby for the rotting industrial sites of Belgium:

Modern Ruins expands on those themes to include sanitariums, prisons, and boatyards in and around new york state and pennsylvania:

This guy has tons of travel photos featuring architecture from around Europe and the world:

Buffalo Architecture and History has features on hundreds of buildings located in Buffalo, NY, and information on major architectural movements embodied by those buildings: 
Metl - For The Last Time, Quit This Title Cannot Be Empty Crap 
I found this:

It has photos of Conwy, so it must be good. 
Abandoned Buildings & Interesting Structures 
Abandoned Buildings & Interesting Structures 
And Not Forgetting... for days when urbanadventure.orgis stressed out.
Out of curiosity, what stuff do you people look at most, and is there anything not there that you'd be interested in me aquiring?
Glad you like the web site. 
we're looking at fotos of abandoned places like plants, factories, wastes, etc. just to get some inspiration. the first site i found ages ago was henk's apandoned places. but that's not enough for our greedy appetite. so we're still looking for the new sites with loads of photos of industrial objects.
of course these sites aren't our primary food supply, we seek for inspiration everywhere. but these sites gives us little help anyway. 
i know i'm adding to your list of todo (or maybe not, i know you're a good coder) but do you wanna make this a section or sticky (bit like texture sites). i think its worth it imho
99.99% of people i'm sure are interested in architecture.
0.001 are interested in burnt 
I've been viewing alot of Doom 3 screenshots and I'm more amazed than ever. I may build a high end machine just for this game... I'd been thinking to just go with 1Ghz cause that'd suit me - but with Doom 3 coming out.. this is like, history.. So I'll probably bump up those specs.

But anyway, I'm inspired to work on some textures for Q1. I'm sure I can do it, I'm already good with PS (not to brag). So what would you guys like to see and use in your maps? 
Anything that incorporates most or all of these characteristics: Dark, gritty, fantasy, surreal, evil. 
definitely E V I L 
Free Images: 
Art Noveau 
I have found this style very inspiring of late. 
Rorshach's recent "ivory" texture set got me thinking along art nouveau lines recently. I don't think it's going to happen until ... oh, who am i kidding? it's never going to happen :P 
I always wanted to recreate top towers of Gaudi's Sagrada Familia cathedral... 
Ya Speedy... 
That man's work rocks! 
site is fab. i could just print em and stick em to my bedroom wall. i love nature/inddustrial/urban etc.

cheers for the link 
Another Travel Album: 
Micheal She's photo gallery includes photos of his visits to Rome, Bizerte, and more, intermingled with pictures of his birthday parties and stuff: 
Nice Pics 
Hey Guys 
What's going on in this thread 
i always see this phrase.

ok, you just using a different name to wind us all up. 
Machu Picchu 
The ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu in Peru serves as a nice reference for stone ruins. It reminds of Koohoo and Uzul.

Since I don`t know of a specific site that has lots of good pics, I`ll just link to a Google image search for "Machu Picchu". 
Re:phait Textures 
I want plastic textures: bright, shiny. Sick of Dark, gritty, evil. Old. 
Map For Quake3 
get stuff from various 3d programs like 3d studio...

they have textures. it might be illegal to use em tho! 
Asian Reference 
Welcome to, a photographic survey of Asia's architectural heritage. Here you can view over 6500 photos of 462 sites in seventeen countries, with background information and virtual tours. This website is a collection of photos from many different contributors.

Lots of great reference there. The only down side is that the images are all roughly 600x400. 
Hmmm Mebbe I Should Up Some Photos I've Taken In The Past That Have In 
pired me... why did I type that in the subject title... OH WELL ... 
Image That Has Inspired Me 
Damn You 
I have been looking four years for that picture after I saw a program on telly about the guy who made it and didn't catch his name. And then you come along and go all hey guys check this shit out! on me. Meh! 
I remember the program, 'Making Their Mark' iirc; each episode followed one artist as they created an image specifically for the program. I held on to that particular image and used it for...oh, you know. 
Mike Wilks 
Wow, that guy is awesome. 
LD Theory 
Maybe some people have links to good articles on leveldesign theory ?

For example gamasutra features, like 
could be, but that's probably a topic for another thread. 
Worth Making It A Thread Probably 
useful articles like that are hard to find, the ones on the TeamShambler site spring to mind though 
As In, They're Good, Not Useless 
Pinched From Q3W

some good stuff for inspiration and thinking. 
Copied From A Post By ELEK In The General Abuse Thread 
Thought You Guys Might Like This Page, Specially Von...
#2505 posted by ELEK [] on 2003/11/02 16:36:05
Small, But Sound 
fulscreen 15Mb, but I like it. 
Shouldn't the curve be flexing while the spike is piercing it and not before? 
Grenadine Data 
True, but this looked more jelly.
wanted a spark in it, and more rushy...
with the id comes the others.

I posted a bigger one, but the same name
returns me the stamp folio-size. 
i'm going to go make a badly animated quake symbol in rubicon2!!!!!!1 
With a little more effort those could have been haiku. 
from below us, light
foolish foe dives out of sight
lava ends this fight 
2 good replies 2 2 bad, not bad. 
waxing crescent flees
spike from above is endless
penetration now 
<- Not A Rocket... 
distrans: that sounds so hot. 
blood red pulse around
my foe who shrugs off rockets
And All Because 
you can never have too much Piranesi... 
I love you 
Art And Architecture 
40,000 images of art and architecture, brought to you by the Courtauld Institute of Art:

(Also, when you see it say "this feature is only available to registered users," don't get discouraged -- the feature you were expecting is still available, and the only thing you can't do usually is weird stuff like save your searches, build image sets for others to view, etc.) 
thanks for that, some really really nice stuff there. I know what I'm doing all of tomorrow morning. 
Eh Woah? 
I know what I'm doing all of tomorrow morning.

What, using that inspiration to start some bad ass mapping?? 
I think he means 'Masturbate furiously over them all' seeming as nitin doesn't map. 
Another One: 

This site has tons of high-resolution images. For example:

10,000+ pictures of Cairo:

50,000+ pictures of Japan:

60,000+ pictures of Italy:

You could spend the rest of your life downloading all of these. 
Shipwrecks And Derelicts: 
do you do any map making at work or do you just dig out reference sites from the net all day? :) 
You joke, but that is an important part of the mapping process, especially if you're doing it professionally.

Anyway, i found the last few links on metafilter or memepool. (browsing those is what i REALLY do all day!) 
Good One, Cybear 
but if that is what Metlslime does with his time, we are all the better for it. I've been looking at nautical themes lately too, and these links are a welcomed addition. 
The Necromonicon Antifaq

A well written piece of fictitious history for the fictitious, yet infamous, book. 
Wow Scampie That Is Some Impressive Web Design 
err, I just noticed my obvious spelling error in Necronomicon -- 'nom' name not 'mon' one, ouch. 
I was wondering when you were going to post that link to Beksinski. 
The slow loading times, self-indulgent interface and annoying music are very impressive. Nice pictures though. 
But Maj, 
it looks like it costs someone a fortune ;-) 
Ali�n Design 
A Large Collection Of Photos

There are some interesting shots in there. 
Hey, It's That Place With The Holy Grail 
Wasn't A Bunch Of Stuff Like That Blown Up Fairly Recently... the government of that country because it didn't relate to their religion?

I remember seeing some big statues built into rocks exploding. I think it was 2002 or so. 
That was in Afghanistan, where the Taleban blew up the faces on two giant buddha statues (53 meters and 38 meters tall) which were carved into a cliff face. 
Well known movie with well known pornstar Fox Mulder and well known nubian chick Dana Scully has got some cool architecture in extraterrestial base, pretty scary. 
scully is NOT nubian. 
That Is A Riot 
If Gillian is Nubian that would make Iman Hybernian. It would be interesting to see though the world is yet to turn upside down. 
Hibernian, I Meant, Of Course 
Chernobyl Area 
Tour of the Chernobyl area, but not the reactor itself, obviously. Included is the abandoned town of Pripyat, plus surrounding roads, farm houses and the like. Ultimately this collection of photos is classified as old, abandoned, worn out, and dilapidated. 
Nice One RPG 
I really enjoyed reading the story more than seeing the photos, actually. Something quite evocative about such a bleak area being described in the cutely mispoken Russian English... - 1337 - "from this roof people have been looking at beautiful shining" 
More Art Deco Stuff

Small pictures, but lots of good reference nonetheless. 
French Subway Panoramas 
Whoa. Dude. I'm starting to believe 
Russian Gothic Page 
Several photos of gothic structures, moody scenes, and dark environs in general. Also some paintings/drawings, which may serve inspirational. 
thats a great site, especially the paintings section. Nice collection, discovered a few artists i really like. 
Saiga Yuji's Photography

The two Gunkanjima galleries are interesting viewing, one shows this island town abandoned, one back in 1974 when it was still occupied. 
Oooh, cool.
Wasn't on of those locations used for an album cover photo? 
Modern Arch 
If Anyone Hasn't Seen This Site...

Very chilling. Photos and description of Chernobyl area from the point of view of a motorcyclist who enjoys riding through the desolation (with trusty geiger counter handy to avoid hot spots).

Not really an archetecture/art site, but really thought-provoking re: any sort of level design with a post-apocalyptic theme. And just generally Really Fucking Cool. 
see post 76. 
Post 76: "pjw is senile and late to the party."

^^^That one? Ah well.
Oh look! Something shiny... 
Anyone Know 
where I can find pics of the Asiatic Fortress used at the beginning of The Shadow (the Alec Baldwin movie). I've googled the subject, but no luck. 
Rent The Movie. 
Movie Sucks 
so that is out of the question. 
Well . . . 
It wasn't listed at either of the two places I go for movie shots, but I'll mention them anyway, since they can be good general reference . . .

(/me hopes these haven't been posted too) 
Thanks Pjw 
I'm likely to get greatly distracted looking over those sights but they definitely fall under the Inspiration and Reference headline 
None From The Shadow, But Plenty From Sirens! 
Industrial Decay 
Got some images of an old cement works near where I live, I find the place very inspirational for mapping and have put up a gallery of images taken there, theere will be more added as soon as I figure out how to break in without being arrested: 
how to break in without being arrested

Crowbar. Flashlight. HEV is optional.

Also, seriously, tell someone you trust where you're going just in case something happens. 
Well, I Assume 
you are not procurring anything, you can always contact the owner, explain what you are doing, and get an arranged visitation. What is the point of taking the risk without any real gain? Try explaining you were trying to get pics for tilable textures to a bunch of cell mates. 
Nice Site You Have There DaZ 
because taking risks is fun. it can make whatever little gain feel like much more. ;) 
I Remember 
Playing Arabian Nights when it came out and liking it emensely. Visiting your site reminded me of that experience. Makes me wanna do another run through some time when I have the free time.

Necros: Yeap. I think I understand what you mean about risk. Like raiding a hotel pool at 2 Am even when you can afford the fare for a room. It is the cheap thrills that sustain my existance. 
Another Nice Site With Industrial Photo 
<Friction> Btw. 
<Friction> AMAZINGLY inspiring site for extra heavy duty industrial designs

Not mine, just pasted from IRC. 
Kell Said I Should Post This Here
Not scat.

Oh, and awise fwom your gwave! 
thanks for the link... lots of cool busted up machinery. ^_^ 
Old Electronics And Other Stuff...

This seems to be an online store for buying old parts and equipment, but there are tons of nice photos just for browsing purposes, too. Example: the Oscilloscope page, which has 40 or 50 nice pictures of oscilloscope instrument panels:

I don't know if it has been already view but, looks good ..

Enjoy ! 
Islamic Architecture 
nice one metl. Sometime soon I might post some pictures of a house i visited while it was under construction that looks like a q3 map, interesting place. 
I Saw A Cool Place 
this weekend in San Francisco's chinatown called "Empress of China" or something, but i didn't have my camera with me, and google doesn't seem to have any good pictures of it.

Trust me, it was cool. 
Speaking Of China 
i've googled for fuedal asian mansion/fortress pics, but haven't found any good sites. If anyone knows any that I haven't checked, please lemme know so I can start research on my next map. 
Wovoka House, Lake Tahoe

I uploaded some pictures of a house in development I was lucky enough to look around. This home is is the $25 million price range, and everything is custom-made, even the $17,000 doors. The owner is a casino owner, and was a very nice guy, which surprised me.

The thing that strikes me is how much it looks like a Q3 map, but the real influences are from Native American culture (the name comes from this too) such as parts of the house inspired by the shape of the Teepee. Also, the house was designed to work with nature, using a few of Frank Lloyd Wright's ideas. Unlike Lloyd Wright, however, they've been landscaping extensively and placing boulders and hills in order to make nature "more ideal".

Also, in something that, ironically, also relates to Q3 mapping, the caretaker complains that the building focuses too much on aesthetics, and the 'flow' of the house and practicality have taken a back seat. So it's got crap gameplay, but it sure looks nice.

First page is exterior shots, 2nd and 3rd are interiors. Look out for the 'detailing'; there are lights carved into rocks, custom triangle floor grates, and custom stair light trim, and more! Enjoy. 
Yes, nice house !!! It give me some cool idea for my next maps... ;) 
Cool Pics Starbuck 
What kind of framerate were you getting in that outdoor area? 
Scary Kinn, Lol 
I had a dream after a few days of mapping where my body was a sealed map being compiled into a bsp while my flesh, mere extrageneous material, was being stripped away. 
Put your analyst on danger money. 
Stop The World, I Want To Get Off 
Seriously HeadThump, that's freakier than my dreams. 
Some Cool Websites 
... with lot of modern building photos, and many others...

.. with many architectural japan design (visit all links !!) After a quick look, there are photos about traditional houses, bridges, gardens, etc..

Enjoy ! 
Right. Let's get one thing cleared up:

Does anyone actually use any of these sites for inspiration and reference AND ACTUALLY CREATE ANY MAPS INSPIRED BY THE SITES?? 
Don't Be Silly Shambler 
We just fap all over them when we see them first time, and then wait for someone else to make maps like them. 
.. are you really hurry to play a Japan-style map ?? So you need to be a more patient: I've just found these site... and I've not yet explored all the pages... or perhaps are you jalous not to be the owner of this thread, don't you ?? 
Yes. It's just that it's not really a case of copying any one of these places wholesale, but going 'hey, something kinda like that doorway would work well over here in my map'.

This is just speaking for myself of course 
I agree, it will be very hard to copy exactly one of these japan houses/building/bridge, etc, but some of these japanese architectures just gave some cool ideas..... You will perhaps see them in a future brand new map not yet started today, because I had a project coming soon...;)...
So Shambler needs to be patient for a long time I think ;) 
Lambert / Shambler 
JPLambert, thx a lot that Japanese site is just what I'm looking for!! Tons of shinto/buddhist architecture. Thanks a super bunch, you are the first person on Func to actually be helpful!

Shambler: I do. Well, I am now anyway. 
Your links are cool too !!! I think now the major issue is to create a japan-like texture set that corresponds with this kind of design... Is there someone who know where it is possible to download, or do I need to build it by myself ?? 
Shambler Man, 
A site link to photos of old Khymer was the direct reference point for the outer areas in my last map. 
JPLambert, have a look at the textures in g1zm0's Japanese Castle & Mr. Clean's Kihaku 
I've looked around for a good japanese texture set but have not found one, so i'm making one from various sources including daikatana episode 4, but so far it's not turning out so well. 
there was a link a few posts ago to old, busted down industrial machinery and such which i liked and incorporated into a map i'm working on... 
Oh yes, of course DKT had some things too didn't it.

You want 
...stop trolling and go make sure the code on your D3 custom level review site is up to scratch.

PS: Please push SP, already DM focus is bleh! 
I Was Thinking The Same. 
I hope there is a large and qualitative enough D3 community to give Shambler a reason to revive his sight.

My complaints about D3 are strictly about the Monster placement and a few other nitpicks. I thought the emmersive feel and the art media used in it were incredible, and there was definitely enough content in it, perhaps enough to push back the trend towards shorter games. 
Yes, His 'sight' Just May Improve 
if the mappers come out and support D3! Meh Anglais sux . . . 
Two points:

1. Thanks for the encouragment to start a D3 site. I really liked the game and would like to see good maps for it, but I don't think I'm getting back into the site thing. Also, it will have plenty of support preference was always for offering support where it was really needed.

2. As for the "Do you ever map from these inspirations" comments, I stand by that. I think CZG summed it up the best =). 
I would say, czg == fapmeister, except that czgd302 will blow everyone away...

...czgd301 will be bad concept level. 
this vormit won't leave my shovel alone... 

Let The Vormit Keep The Shovel 
To distract him.

Long enough to let you finish him off the proper way at least.

With a ^_~ 
Nonentity / Post#129 & 132 
Thank you very much !!! It's exactly what I was looking for !! Great link concerning the geneticrose website and its wad collection !! As well for the Q3 map examples ;)..
Oh, and one additional point, if you want any other WADS put up there (I'm aware I'm missing some 'major' ones atm), email chris - @ - 
a thanks from me as well. 
For What? 
mayb eyou meant noentity 
Just For Being You, Man 
though those wads noentity put up are helpful 
I guess i never posted this one: 
Just 1 Shot 
Wipes Tears From Eyes... 
...thankyou pushplay, that was awesome. 
tis a beaut no 
My Head Got Hurt warped my fragile little mind 
Blackpope Posted This In #Terrafusion

Illustrations of "futuristic" designs as invisioned in the 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s. A fun site, but not a lot of reference for architecture. Might prove useful for inspiration on art deco designs, though. 
Nice Pic Pushplay 
I had to go find more pics of that place: 
Toronto Brickworks 
Bunch Of Shit 
This might have been posted. I just found it randomly via

Search through the folders and there's great european cathedrals and stuff. 
High Art & Industry 
High Art, Industry, Tits & Ass? 
Inspiration is inspiration. You can't argue with that. 
Underground New York 
...awesome, thanx push! 
Those Crazy Nips... 
That sure is some cool stuff! Thanks for the link. 
pretty nice. 
I Would Love To Know 
more about the kind of camera equipment that was used in those shots. The interiors really did have an ultra digital feel to them, as if the ugly effects of natural lighting were filtered out (what I hated about the Unreal 3 engine demo is it appeared they were putting back in the ugliness of real light that cinematographers for generations have struggled to take out).

Nice find, Maj. 
omg, sometimes u might be really useful ;) 
A Few Good Factory Pics. 
A lot of crap but a few good pics. Like the hydro ones are the bottom. 
Some Stuff 

More than architecture, but some of those are gorgeous. Some kittens too. 
Nice MesoAmerican In This Mix 
Some should be familiar and one quite familar Exam%20One%20slides.htm 
kittens wtf are you gay 
kittens own you. 
I Like Kittens Too 
Hey, That Looks Like 
my little satanist cat when she was a kitty! 
Boingboing Wins Again... 
Maj U Rock 
keep adding such links kthx bye 
Maginot Line

also you can use the next/previous/etc buttons on the bottom of the page to access a few more pages of stuff. 
btw I am the man, kthx 
Wrong Thread Daz! 
so THAT'S what Maginot Line looks like. Never bothered to google it before... Looks good, thx frib. 
'cooridor_to_em.gif' looks like part of czg07 
you rock! thanks! 
Good Work Mr Fribbles 
Got to love rusting machinery in underground tunnels. 
Hoody Hoo

This was a neat little thread on conceptart, mostly figures and whatnot but had a couple sweet structural/semi-structural bits too. I like the dragon thing with the cathedral on its back. 
Stole This One Off D3W

Semi useful. More artsy photos with lots of empty warehouses reflected on wet floors, but can be useful.

Why isn't this thread permanent at the top of the page? 
Oh, Hey, Look At That 
good show then :D 
Good Idea 
deserves to be here imo 
Permanent Threads! 
What a great idea! I don't remember who, but someone was talking about this very idea in #terrafusion.

For inspiration: 
London Underground 
Black and white photos colored in photoshop, i believe: 
Ta Metl... 
morden.htm is way cool. This sort of thing will send zombie to Spencer Street looking for his next D3 build area. 
I Can Assure You That This Is Not In The Least Bit Amusing 
Victorian Underground + D3 monsters = American Werewolf In London? :) 
It would be a nice change of D3 pace

Good movie, and you could slim down Fatty Zombie for a pensive Lon Chaney look. 
Color WWI Photos 
Abandoned Japanese Island 
I dunno if this has been posted here before, because I remember it from some time ago.

Anyway, a repeat won't hurt:
Nice 14-18 first world war colored photos !! 
Cool photos as well... very interesting... Thanx 
Ice Photo From Geneva 
Nature makes some beautifull things sometimes... 
Forgotten NY 
Re: Forgotten NY 
That site is bloody brilliant as the british would say. My home city doesn't have an history as rich or as interesting, so I didn't appreciate New York's until now. The artificats really are a small glimpse into an interesting story. 
some nice pics there 
Nice Photos
including architecture... 
Good Architecture Source... 
I've seen some interesting ideas at: browse the camera review samples. 
Some Links Not Mentioned Here 
That have been making the rounds in #terrafusion
Weird photos of Hong Kong building facades.
Photos of cranes.

Now u no fo sho 
From my Peru trip:

Lima capitol buidlings and/or a cathedral:

From atop Machu Picchu, looking off the side opposite where llamas rest during the day:

I'll get a hold of more pics soon! 
Was the worst commodity that communism has ever created.

Communism has made me drnruk. 
I Don't Know 
the millions killed (and largely ignored) in the Gulag Archipelago

strikes me as somewhat worse. For a bit of evil history and American complicity, I would suggest looking up Operation Keelhaul. Stalin would have never got away with it if it wasnt for his supporters in the West. 
Da Fek? 
Compassion is the stupidest this thing ever. Why bring it up?

For example: compare Jangaweed genocide with the Indian ocean tsunami. One is ignored almost entirely while the other gets more support than is useful. Completely stupid. 
Oi! You Two! Break It Up Will Ya! 
This thread has been nothing but awesome so far. Don't mess it up with starting a discussion! 
If Chernobyl Can Be Considered A Commodity 
then a mile high pile of human skulls can be considered one as well.

By saying 'worse', you brought in to the discussion a scope including a moral dimension. I am saying Gulags are worse than Chernobyl as a human event. By any measure other than a geographic one that should be self evidently true.

I'm not even sure what compassion has to do with it.

Tsunami is an apple, Genocide is an orange. The later is preventable, the former is not. 
Okay CZG 
I didnt even post a reference that time to keep it somewhat in line. I'm sorry. 
Mmmm Temple 
Also A Bit Of A Useful Website

learn your column varieties!! This is just good knowledge to have.

This site however is pretty good at giving you a general idea of a time periods architecture.
Some better than others. 
With A Little Luck, Pope 
we can get people to stop referring to eras as various as the Byzantine, Romanesque, Renaissance, and the Boroque under the all encompassing lable Gothic. 
Label, Lable, Labia, 
iy's all the same 
that is fucking badass, nice find 
the temples that pope posted are much more awesome than those pics show. 
Random Photos Of New York 
Spent a couple days in the south of France, and took some random photos of architecture and stuff, maybe it'll inspire some of you, who knows...

I should really go take some shots of all the cull stuff in Paris someday... 
that's amazing photos! 
Bal Rocks! 
I didn't know Bal could paint! 
I was wondering where you had ran off to.... looks like a very inspiring place. 
What Style Of Arcitecture Is This?

And this was the point in the gallery where I made a mess of my pants. 
I'm not so good with this sort of stuff, but most of the architecture in that city was said to be a mix of roman and gothic styles... 
Nice photos really.. I didn't know that Dordogne have this kind of architectural "treasure" !!
BTW, I made a little search on the web using google, and most of the architecture in the city are roman and gothic like you said... but concerning the photo pushplay mentionned, it's typically "Renaissance" Style architecture (XVIth century)... ;) 
Nice Gothic Photos 
Gothic V Renaissance 

these are the same one actually, just different pics.

this seems to be a decent assortment of references...when you can get a good view in the pics that is. AHA... here's the monastery I was thinking about... It was a pretty cool daytrip if I recall. 
The Mont Saint-Michel is pretty bad ass, I ran around it once, some cool stuff, have to go back there some day with my cam. =) 
Damn Straight 
you had better. I want hi-res pics of every goddamn doorway in that place. 
Nitin's Egyptian Pictures 
Woo! bunch of referance and inspiration here! Thanks nitin, awesome stuff! 
/me prepares urltoys

thanks nitin for quality stuff (it's cool when fotos are taken by the gamer/designer ;)

thx scampie for hosting 
Paris Catacombs 
all i have to say is thanks!!!the catacombs tour was cool.i see your site is being worked i couldn't contact the guys direct....awesome 
Pictures From Egypt 
nitin really took some inspiring shots. Some of the images from the start of the series in particular are really interesting; a kind of style I've never studied before, or even seen many pictures of. So thanks a lot, and nice job scampie for the hosting. 
Oooh, nice shots man, thanks for sharing! Saved them all for eventual future reference. =)
Damn, I wanna go to egypt too someday... Mind describing your trip a bit maybe, so we can know what some of this stuff is and all? 
Could you put the .zip nitin gave you in that folder please? Just something I can get friends at microsoft to partially download 1600 times. 
sure, when I have some more time and can be bothered, I'll outline some of it. 
Thanks Nitin 
thanks man,those are some cool picks,i haven't made it there yet!!!! 
I was thinking I'd put them all in one big Rar file and put that up. 
I'd download it a a few thousand times, too. 
I was thinking I'd put them all in one big Rar file and put that up.

As long as the file is compressed, and is singular, I'm happy. 
For Bal And Anyone Else That Cares 
I'll go through the pics tonight and post a brief writeup of whats what. 
yes, gimme. =) 
Done Yet? 
Going By Image Numbers 
601 to 615

These are from Cairo, from a section called Coptic Cairo. The building in pics 601-604 is a greek orthodox church. 609-610 are from the cemetery section of the church. 615 is the entrance, it's interesting because depsite being a church, it has quite an arabic influence.


This is the biggest mosque in all of Egypt. i believe its called the Sultan Hassan mosque. The scale is very very awe inspiring, if you look on pic 659, you can see people near the bottom of the entrance to give you an idea of the scale.


these are self explanatory but 727 give a good idea of scale.


this is the Red Pyramid. not located with the other pyramids and usually not open to people. However, it was sort of open when we went there. The outside climb is 20-25 m and then you descend down a 1.5 m by 1 m pasageway for 63 m. Pics 765-767 are on the inside, once your reach the bottom.


These are from Alexandria, a city north of Cairo on the Mdeiterranean sea. as the name suggests, it was as far down as Alexander the Great got. Therefore, the architecture here is more graeco-roman. A lot of the original city is now underwater.


this is Fort Quaitbey in Alexandria.


Luxor Temple.

936 - 966

karnak Temple. this is a massive complex with an absolutely humongous hall near the entrance that is filled with 100's of pillars. This felt very Duarendin like (from LOTR). Pic 956 gives a good idea of scale. however, the complex is in pretty bad shape and apart from the hall, it really isnt as impressive as some of the more well preserved temples we saw later.


This is the temple of Medinat Habu on the west bank of Luxor city. Not as many tourists visit this temple, but IMHO its far more impressive and well preserved than the more famous and popular Luxor and Karnak complexes.

972g - 972h

This is the Ramasseum, which is also on the west bank of Luxor. Not that original or well preserved but it was a few shots.

972l - 972q

The famous temple of Hatsheput (Serious Sam level 1). Its a very impressive sight as you're walking up to it, being built into the rockface. However, there's not much to see once you get there as it is being restored.

The Valley of the Kings is behind the mountain that this temple is built into. Generally, you take the road that goes around the mountaing to get to the Valley, but we decided to climb the mountain (both a good and bad idea since it was very tiring but it gave some fantastic views). Pics 972o - 972q are shots of the temple as we are climbing up. 972q is when we were directly above it and since it has no roof, it makes a great top down view.


The awesome temple complex of Abu Simbel. The most visited Eyptian site apart from the Pyramids. Its built into a rockface and is absolutely stunning in scale and detail. It has also been moved some 100 m in and 50 m up from its original site because it was too close to the water and was deteriorating. That is why the rockface that it is built inot looks more man made than natural. 1005-1017 are shiots of the temple of ramses II and 1017-1036 are shots of the temple of nefertiti, the wife of ramses II. The complex is located about 250 km south of luxor, approximately 20 km north of the Sudanese border.


the temple complex of philae, situated in the middle of a lake.


the temple complex of Kom Ombo, situated on a river bank.


the temple complex of horus. If anyone has played the UT1 map, CTF-Horus, Evil atje did a great job of sticking to the real temple's layout. I could almost navigate it without looking at a guidebook, simply because I'd played ctf-horus numerous times and know the layout.


The temple complex of dendara. Perhaps the most well preserved temple in Egypt and beacuse of that is quite an experience. Just having a roof makes it so much more awesome. Shot 1107 is from a crypt under the temple that had an entrance that you pretty much had to limbo under to get in. I'd say it was about 0.2 m high and 1 m across. It also features some very strange and unique hieroglyphics, as seen in pics 1103 and 1105. Even an non-expert like me could tell that they were nothing like the normal hieroglyphic in the other temples.

Anyway, that covers it I think. If anyone has any specific question, ask away. 
Thanks nitin, really appreciate this stuff. =)
Just added a little .txt with all this to my reference/nitin egypt/ dir. ;) 
no problem.

Also, in case you were wondering, there's heaps more to see than just the pharoanic stuff. We spent a few days on essentially a glorified sailboat on the Nile and 4 days or so through the Western Desert which is amazing because within about 500 km, it goes from a normal desert to a black desert that looks like the area surrounding Mount Doom from LOTR to a white desert that looks a bit like the arctic. 
Unreleased Projects 
unreleased architectural projects of soviet russia (30s-40s) 
The best one is this arche above the bridge.. Impressive drawing BTW.. Thanks ! 
Zen Monastery 
Here's some cool pictures from a somethingawful thread that a guy took while he was staying at a Zen Monastery in New York. 
Military Textures 
I asked some days ago where could I find some military textures..., and I found an incredible source of Military textures at ... There are no .map files (cause it's not Quake related...), but it's full of different military stuff (boats, jeeps, tanks, planes, etc..) that can be used to create prefab...
I downloaded a 1942 Willy Jeep example, and it's really interesting, while the textures are in bmp format, and sometimes not 1:1 scaled... There is a little bit of work to do.... Anyway, it looks interesting..
So enjoy !! 
Random Taiwan Shots 
amazing, kthx 
I was just reading Slashdot, and a user posted this:

Some really great pics there. Enjoy. 
they are really cool, thanks for linkage blitzen! 
Paramount Pictures presents ...

Peru, September 1936 ...
meant it resembles the doom 1 parallax sky. (It was made from some photograph from China, this is Taiwan so the terrain might be similar if it's close by). 
Tokyo Waterways (the Arteries) 
Nice von. =)
That reminds me, don't think I ever posted my Japan photos here, if anyone is interested: 
Anyone Interested 
in terrain/desert shots?

I have some of those from my trip too, there's some cool ones of an area that's a canyon but in a desert. 
deserts are cool :D 
i'm always interested in dead/weathered/lifeless stuff :> 
...Potter failed again.

Vondurmort lives! 
meant it resembles the doom 1 parallax sky.

yes, I got that, thank you. I was making my own reference. 
Re: Vondur, Post #250 
It's "unrealized," not "unreleased!" 
Cold Fear Concept Art 
Nice Forum Site There, Metl 
The exterior design production photos are really ace. I wonder what kind of system it will take to get the pouring rain effect working in engine as it is shown in modeler here. The interior photos are the clean lab/base look we all love and may never tire of seeing. 
sexy as hell there, cheers metl 
And Here Is The Gamezone Review

It seems to sound rather good... ;) 
Prague - Industrial photographs of Prague 
Those are paintings, not 3D. 
I See, 
I was thinking Maya or 3ds when I was browsing through it; the artist explains his process later in the forum:

Se7en : Most of the environnments are painted over really simple 3d box, some roughs space done for fixing the level building and gameplay. No lights, no architecture and 3D elements. Just perspective and scale with some character references on them.

In fact when I haven't this kind of 3d ref, I create my own "3dboxes" and perspectives with photoshop (with some grid to help, just walls, space and a roof).
Photoshop used for its specifities, like a kind of architectural tools.
Telejano Texture Ressources.. 
Don't know if it can be used for Quake... but at least it exists ;) 

^^ Saw this on Bluesnews this morning. Looks really cool. I figure most of you aren't into adventure games, so you probably won't play it, but at least you can snag some ideas from the nice artwork :D 
Various Japanese Ruins

Mad props to that crazy bald zoo worker from SA.

Also, let me know if that site doesn't work from that direct link, because it seemed like I went through 5 or 6 pages of links to get there. 
He Never Worked In A Fucking Zoo 
Biff Posted This In #tf 
i was actually a little excited to see pringles stacked a la house of cards.

Werd Frenchie 
Abandoned Japanese Theme Park 
that would make a sweet half-life 2 map. 
Dig Further Into The The Pictures That Maj Posted

there are some fucking amazing shots in here...
i'm a bit confused why there is so much abandoned stuff in japan however as property values are extremely high and competitive. 
the abandoned stuff is constantly being used to film horror movies. 
Strange Ruined Building 
Add Some Distinct Sense Of Realism... your maps when doing water reservoir type stuff (bit like in HL2) 
First Thing I Thought Of Friction... 
The internet has warped my once fertile mind. 
Omg Blitz Get Outta Here Like Now 
Blitz you make the world a happier place. 
Agreed :) 
Cthulhu Caves THingie 
Blitz Yeah 
It's done the same to me too. A certain astronomy picture is forever ruined. 
Those water well things are creepy. 
A Lot Of Nice Urban Photos 
Holy Crap 
no wonder steel price is getting higher when they build such things in the far east...
It's crazy. 
i always envied kell for that he's living in edinburgh... so many old castles, so many sources for inspiration... 
Deak Ferrand's Matte Paintings And Concept Art 
So what is this building? 
The Book "neon Tigers" 
has some really nice photos from various meagacities in asia. 
seen that site in a matte painting class - he's awesome. That pic made me immediately have to put on the blade runner soundtrack. 
Random Pics 
earlier tonight I browsed this I&R thread for possible material to inspire my turtlemap.

I found this link in a post of yours,

and this what I have made so far tonight, 
is that 3ds max? 
Speaking Of Natural Bridges 
While googling for one I knew of in china I found this site: 
:) -- just as good for some things. That is probably as smooth as I could hope to get for import into Quake. 
Metl - Cool Links 
But I assure you that is not Albany, NY - Albany is 250 miles inland!

Pretty cool what water can do to sedimentary rock! 
Albany Somewhere Then! :P 
Tokyo Undeground 
Castle Via BoingBoing
There is some good stuff there if you can manage to filter out all the "OMG EVERYTHING FOR FREE NOW, HITLER!" crap 
Now That's My Kind Of Inspiration 
castles rock. 
Now That's My Kind Of Inspiration 
castles rock. 
Just Wanted To Say 
that national geographic magazine can be a great source of inspiration. especially for asian cities. 
Taktsang Monastery In Bhutan 
I Could Just 
print that out and hang it on my wall. Wow is right. 
bet you'd like to see a map based on that. just wait, a while... 
Architectural Sketches By Iikka Ker�nen: 
Ooh Lovely 
Fingers must have an awesome brain to be able to just churn out stuff like that. It would take me a day to come up with one of those i think. 
Thanks Again 
Scrawled on small post-it notes at work, over a period of a few weeks.

I use to do that all the time.

I esp like Ikka's Black Mariah on the sword page 
I would just like to point out that those color WWI photos are the most impressive stuff I have seen all summer.

I mean. Holy fuck they look good to me. 
Something Cool 
Access Denied On That Link 
Same Image, Different Link 
but the access denied page has a helpful link to the same image which works becuase the referer is local :P

I guess they want to enable <a> but not <img>. 
Build that in Doom 3. 
I have seen more elegant design come from a dogs ass. 
it's better than the hideous EMP in Seattle. 
Pointless Modern Architectural Shit 
I believe the Guggenheim was once described along the lines of 'a dynamic eruption of plastic form'. I prefer 'a tragic abortion of spastic foil' myself.

There's a museum in Japan, whose name mercifully escapes me, which is essentially a few geometric primitives stuck in a field. It has been featured in several books which go on about how great it is. What utter bollocks. It's the architectural equivalent of a newbie boxmap.

Some modern architecture is cool, a lot really makes me wonder how on Earth ANYONE could approve these designs before they are built. 
I Think It's Cool 
I think you are godless heathens 
Spent some time in the south of France again this summer, have a little album with photos on my site, might be some inspiring stonework stuff in some if any of you care to take a look around:

Guggenheim museum looks ok to me, the curves and stuff are pretty funky, and it must have been tricky to build. But yeah, it probably is quite over-rated. 
I've been to the Guggenheim in Bilbao, was cool, it looks very nice. Had a very hard time finding a bathroom though :/ 
Red Sands Fort 

^^^ takes a little clicking to find the best pics, although for Brits there are some sweet ones in the Sunday Times magazine last weekend.

Can't believe I hadn't heard of this place before.

P.S. Edinburgh rocks, most impressive architectural city I've been too, some of it is straight evile. 
Red Sands Fort 
Nice, wouldn't mind visiting those, must be full of nice rusty metal work. =) 
Nice. I've seen those pictures before, but never knew what the place was called. 
That Reminds Me 
of the Principality of Sealand: 
Shallow, Pointless? 
there is quite a point in the deconstructivism

another thing, if you like it or not

but actually, I dont think it will make a cool map 
Release Candidate 
My map, "Slipstream," is in final beta today. You can get release candidate #1 here:

And some screens:

I want to finalize it tomorrow, so please test everything you can and let me know if there are any problems! thanks. 
Fantastic, I am sure a lot of mappers will use that as Inspiration and indeed Reference. 
Some Gallery I Stumbled Over
It's in russian, but I'm sure you'll manage clicking some pictures anyway. 
Thanks. Those crane (earth mover?) pictures are pure inspiration straight from the distillery of time. 
Statoil's Photo Gallery
Some pics of oil rigs if you need I&R for that, also check out the 'Production facilities' link for some nice industrial sites, and the 'Sn�hvit' page has some good photos too. Skip the 'Corporate executive committee' page unless you want to see terrible old men.
More pics of oil related equipment. 
Mappers Are From Mars 
Scanned Ancient Maps 
Nice pics ! to your opinion, would it be easy to convert all these ancient maps in a single wad file ? ... I mean a wad file with enough quality for Quake ... ;P 
Why? Easier if someone just extracts the ones they want, and people probably wouldn't want it as original, but preferrably scribbled on more rough pieces of parchment/skin/marble or the like. 
yeah, convert ones u need, but you might loose all the beauty of the high resolution. it's better to use them in moreadvanced engines that supports hi res texes. 
My Idea... 
.. was to convert some of these pics in order to use the most interesting one as general HQ strategy maps, like you can find in Wolfenstein, etc... Anyway, I will try by myself to see if it's interesting or not... 
too new maps to fit quake.. 
Some New Mars Pics 
spirit the sturdy rover and opportunity's twin, has reached the higpoint of husband hill and sent us some nice pics.
These are two samples (they have others and more resolutions too on the site):

I already mentioned someone might make a nice skybox.. after all, quakers are from Mars. 
i thought quakers are from hell...?! 
.. is the mother of all FPS game.... so Quakers are from Hell of Mars ;P 
The Art Of John Wallin Liberto 
Check out the concept art for Gears of War, amongst other things. 
John Fuckin Liberto 
that guy is so good, a lot of the paintings look like they're in-game. Thanks for the inspiration Kinn; though that guy has no right to be that talented. 
I Find It Hard To Believe 
that at least some of these are not CG. 
Yeah, I Think The Last One Is At Least 
or maybe he renders something and then paints over it. 
Jago, CG = computer graphics, using photoshop/painter/etc = CG, so yes obviously those are CG as far as I'm concerned (I kind of doubt he did them with traditional means).
But if you mean 3D renders, yeah, he probably renders some stuff before doing a paint over (but I know it's possible to do that kind of stuff without it really). 
'tis True 
but I know it's possible to do that kind of stuff without it really).

My best friend gave me a Blade Runner city scene print before going back to college, my first thought, 'we would assumed this to be CGI instead of hand painted matte if we did not know its origins.' 
There's Some Info About The Process Here:

He's really good, young, self thaught and a nice guy! (I worked with him for a while about three years ago) 
Some Interesting Patents There 
including architecture 
Some "Plz Give Credit" Textures 
Thanks for the link. To my surprise, most of those textures are tilable so they can actually be used in a game. 
A Bit Of Mother Nature 
Overwater/underwater Bridge 
the huge bridge between sweden and denmark is like that too, there's an artificial island where it goes underground/water. One can see it from the airplane is one flies to/via copenhagen (SAS hub so it's likely if you travel in the north).

There are also small dam/bridge combinations in the north (seen them in sweden) where there is first a dam that overflows evenly from the whole width and then the water runs over a road that is a couple meters lower - it's only a few cm deep when the flow is normal so you can drive on the road over the river. But it feels strange since on the other side is a thin wall holding huge amounts of water, and if there was a flow increase, it would flow over the dam and your car would be washed away. Shame I didn't have a camera with me. 
Templo De Kanyakumari 
My own translation of the important bits:

Kanyakumari: Located in the southernmost part of India, Kanyakumari is the point where three seas join: the bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea, and the Indian Ocean. The legend behind the temple is as romantic as the place itself. Dedicated to the virgin goddess Kanyakumari (Parvati) who is proud to protect the country. The temple is built on the top where she was created and she waits for her consort to come and ask her hand in marriage.

After the tsunami???

I wish there were more shots close up. It looks like there might be some cool details. 
Environments Drawings

constantly updated (even if uv been there, it`s worth another look)
many images 
Wow, awesome! Thank you for this link :) 
Dead Ships 
Wow, cool photos !! It would be great to make a partially submerged map using these photos...
I'm just dreaming about a ship cimeterry full of monsters.. ;P 
I'm just dreaming about a ship cimeterry full of monsters..

If you ever make such a level, I have the perfect name for it. Do you know what the Barbary Pirates called their deep sea hell? 
No... Let me know please .. 
Dom Daniel -- The first time I encountered the word was in a short story by Gene Wolfe several years ago. I looked it up with whatever search engines were available at the time, but I found little information (Gaimon also made reference to it in Sandman).
So I looked up Wolfe's e-mail address and asked about it, and got a nice little etymonic discription in return. I wished I still had that e-mail, it was quite interesting. 
Please if you still have this email, send it to lambert_jph - at - yahoo - dot - fr

I'm always interested by these "mythological" stories... it gives me some good inspirations for mapping ;) 
<3 boats 
Lunaran <3 Boats 
<insert Dave Matthews Band reference> 
After Further Exploring That Site 
a) I want to have czg's manbabies
b) Valve must have based hl2 entirely on reference from this very site. Exhibits:
c) Metl fix this fucking recursive sql error so I don't have to keep retyping posts. 
I didn't comprehend Lun's post on first read, and I clicked the links thinking it was a tech demo of some new valve engine... :O 
That's an entirely reasonable assesment and I can clearly see how what I said could be construed as such by a sober, clear-headed individual. 
Well, To Be Fair 
the image of manbabbies does take a little time to shake before you get to point b). 
Er, a collective of Barbra Streisand impersonating transvestites, maybe? 
Thanks for that mental image. Really. Thank you. 
Just doing my small part in sparking the Apocalypse. Every little nudge helps. 
Randomly Found On Boingboing 
Heh Cool 
bandwith limit exceeded... well, gotta try another day.

The internet needs broadcasting technology. (Or active proxies as people from different timezones start following links) 
Cool Pics From A Graveyard 
No Use Telling Him About The Bats, I Thought. 
poor bastard would see them soon enough. 
This Would Sure Make Exciting Map 
My God 
when somebody complains about a crappy map / game which is just plain corridors and stupid enemies, I can just say that "you just don't understand, it is perfect! A masterpiece of the hayden tunnel inspired". 
you, sirs, all rock hard. 
Someone Buy Me That "Lime Works" Book 
that the baroquefactory picture and others was from - it's only $300-400! 
Minarets And More! 
Awesome pictures of Russian architecture and landscapes from the turn of the 20th century:

(sorry if this has been posted before, at least one of the pics looked familiar to me, but might have just been on IRC) 
Lime Works? 
That's Weird If They Actually Have It In Stock 
Probably Falls Under 
"Please note that titles occasionally go out of print or publishers run out of stock." 
omfg old *color* pics! Really good stuff, thanks a ton! 
Subterrainian Compund 
went on a surfing spree that was approximately bath quarries - bath - saxons - normen - varangians - novgorod ..and ran into this image:

You can get pretty awesome stuff from this: 
That View 
is just sublime. 
Seems Like This One Is Missing?
Mostly character/animal/thing studies, but some nice architecture in "Paintings" at least. Some good links too (eg ). 
Russian Architecture 
Detinets in Novgorod - been there, just not in winter time

Saviour on Blood cathedral has impressive exterior and interior (too detailed for my taste tho)
interior is very map-able

google for more, or come to St.Petersburg to see it :) 
Beautifull paints ! And it will be difficult to reproduce the paints in a texture file IMHO... 
I was meaning just the arch style 
I understood, while I think the most interesting things there are the paints... Anyway, good photos ;) 
Bunker For Sale 
bland lighting, ugly textuers, poor detailing

is it for competitive CS? 
Still kinda neatish though. 
High-res Rocket And Satellite Pics 
How NOT To Texture Your Maps 
Oh, Ok 
-starts over- 

omg it's like real world Cranky Steve :o 
too bad.
Now part of the world is forever ruined for you. Like the beauty of v838 monocerotis. :( 
Angkor Wat/thom 
I've Yet To See 
a picture of angkor wat that looks bad or even average. 
Hehe, cool - I've got pics of Angkor plastered all over my office atm >:} 
I'll Try To Go There "soon" And Take Lots Of Photos 
I'll be fairly close in chiang mai in northern thailand for about three months from january... 
If you have the patience to go through them all, I applaud you. Else just click random links:

Some good shtuff. 
A french website about horror movies and its monsters ! Good link ! 
Inspiration And Reference 
I visited the museum of modern art in Helsinki, Kiasma, today. Most of the stuff sucked badly and a lot of it was just.. ugly. But some rare ones were good.
There was also a room where artists had done 3d paintings but the tech was kinda primitive... i hope something comes of this in a few years (even though the tech has been there for many years).

Audience could look with polarized glasses and in one of the glasses there were these two balls which where the reference according to which the projected image moved.

In another exhibit, there was a simple metal wireframe village with a church in the center. It didn't look much special at first look, but actually it was put on a circulating platform and light was projected through it at a wall. Damn, it looked just like a computer game with the wireframe picture on the wall. :P 
Quake4 Concept Art 
Stream Beasts - From Cancled Level.... 
maybe they at least planned to have water? 
NDAs become searing hot pins in my skull when I'm around you lot. 
Planned, Yes 
There is a water material definition sitting in It seems to be your fancy HL2-style fresnel/fog/two normalmaps/reflection and refraction water, too.

Why they dropped that, who knows. 
Couldn't have said it better myself. I actually wrote a damn post and then forced myself to delete it. 
dont NDAs get removed after the game release?

anyway, me wants q4 expansion, with water or not - doesnt matter
I'm Guessing... 
With all the water shaders for d3, isn't there a problem that they don't seem to work properly on lower end hardware? Maybe they were removed for simple performance reasons.. 
no, we have a standing NDA on all matters that haven't been made public yet. you're only thinking of coverage of features themselves - yes we're obviously allowed to talk about what's in quake4 once it's out, because it's out. the stuff that's not in the game is kept internal. 
Huh, I Thought I Found This Here...

Maps (like roadmaps, no levels) from different games like Doom, Ultima, Zelda and others. Quite interesting. 
we use that at work. One thing that seems to be lacking is the ability to create a root system. So if you're making a swampy level where the trees are all standing in water, you can't have all those cool exposed roots. 
Interesting Metl 
Maybe they're working on it! But yeah some gnarled, swampy rooted trees would be wicked.

I posted the link in Inspiration because I really do find the majority of those shots to be as inspiring at looking at similar, "real" wooded areas. We're finally getting to the point where we can have a fair trade between polys and performance vis a vis trees. 
looks like the dream of cliffyb is getting true. i remember he was telling back in the unreal days that he dreams to create the forest that his mother would cry looking at it :) 
Maybe already posted, but here are some png textures that should look great ingame... but it has to be converted.. sorry...

BTW, the "company" seems to provide interesting texture tools.. 
Some Scifi Short Story 
for guys who like hard retro-contemporary military-political stuff.
Somewhat mixed with reality in parts. :) 
Italian Coastal Architecture

Webshots is a good general source of inspiration anyway, but I saw this on the frontpage today 
Beautiful Photo Gallery 
Stone City Of Petra 
More Petra 
... would be a very good basis for map... sure ! And BTW, the photos on the websites are very good .. 
please let those of us who actually have jobs know in advance when you've linked a girl with a fucking ball gag in her mouth in a thread about architectural reference thanks 
Oh Come On... 
Madison is a progressive town. I'm sure you have people in ball gags walking around the office. Even if they don't look like Maggie Gyllenhaal. 
Roman Port City Of Ostia 
These are not necessarily the best photos of it, but there's not bad for a start. Do some searches for "ostia" and you'll probably find more cool galleries. 
I think thats Bettie Page 
Lots of pictures of lots of places...

Stumbled on to this looking for something else -- hooray for happy accidents! 

This is actually a much more comprehensive list of everything on that site. 
Very Cool Art 
Nice Environments (3d Mostly)

and actually usefull for mapper-(wanna)bees. 
Dan Seagrave Art

interesting images of strange environments and scenes. i particularly like the temple series (from which i also have two posters).
the only setback is that the site uses flash and opens in popups, which makes viewing the large versions of the images a pain.

New Propaganda Tool 
Title says it all. If you've got up-and-coming q1 deathmatch releases, post pics here: 
Glasgow Subway 
awesome pics!
i liked the old subways better 
Holy Crap Metl 
looks like I imagined Soviet Union would be.
Or partly, Afghanistan: 
The Clockwork Orange!

personal anecdote: my dad, trained civil engineer, worked on the modernising of the glasgow underground. That victoriana building about halfway down the page, the entrance to St. Enoch station, had to be jacked up in one piece - by 7mm iirc - so the tunnels below could be worked on.
My dad has dozens more photos of the project, but I shan't be asking him for more 'inspiration' :P

What a surreal reminder o_O 
Rocky Stuff 
Creepy Wax Heads 
he he he ... They drowned some people in concrete ;P .. 
Contemporary thai artist making his own bhuddist temple after his own design. Apparently there's another artist that's answering with a black temple in the same city but haven't seen any of that. 
Found This

This Painter is very good 
The shipbreaking yards of Chittagong, Bangledesh. We've seen a few photos of them in this thread before, but I never knew the name of the place they came from. Apparently half of the tankers in the world are dismantled on this beach:

And this doesn't have anything to do with shipbreaking, but it came up in the search:

Also, this guy took some of the above pictures, check out his website for more cool photos at a lower resolution: 
Really Wonderful Cave Photo
Notice the two tiny helicopters down at the bottom to get a sense of the scale. 
nice pic, but your caption is kinda werd 
Let's Build An Extraterrestrial 
Lots Of New Temple Ruins And More: 
Stuff From Berlin

The spiky thing is something in the Viktoriapark between Berlin-Kreuzberg and Berlin-Sch�neberg. I think it looks pretty cool, maybe you like it too.

The red building is the Zitadelle Spandau, a citadel in Berlin-Spandau. Had a rather boring visit there but I thought I could make some photographs for you mappers. :) 
heh, that spiky thing looks a lot like one quake concept sketch i did a couple of years ago. :)
wasn't supposed to become a church/monument, though. 
A building in souther Germany called Goetheanum.

Google for more pics of it and it's burned older brother (the rounder one). 
Nice Place ! 
Seamless Textures 
Yeah But They're All Terribly Ugly And Useless 
Just random generated swirly patterns in all the colors of the rainbow.
Useless for mapping. 
Did I say it has to be used "as is" ? 
Several Dozen Castles Of Wales 
Cool I live in wales, the only one Ive been to is Rhuddlan castle though, denbighshire is actually nw and not north east as the website says :o 
Browsing Through 
the pages, I find the more they lie in ruins, the more inspiring the castles are. 
Nice Abandoned Stuff 
uploading photos from Cambodia atm, I'm really tired and the connection is pretty slow now so I probably will stop in the middle of the process and continue some other day. 
Seems like there will only be material taken before going to Angkor today. 
Underground Submarine Base 
That's A Pretty Cool Base 
Shame they didn't go the whole hog and have the entrance underwater though!

I noticed that if you click the 'Industrial' Journal tag link on that page there's loads of other entries full of the kind of rusty decaying stuff that usually get us quite excited :)

Also, I once spent six weeks on an archaological dig at Carew Castle in Wales. My knees have never been the same since. I am quite surprised by how few of those photos have sheep in them. 
Rusty Relics, Modern Ruins - Raskat launch pad for Energiya rocket with Russian Buran space shuttle (area 110, Baikonur cosmodrome, 29 March 2006) - UKSS universal complex launch pad (stand) for Energiya rocket (area 250, Baikonur cosmodrome, 29 March 2006)

The Energia rocket used same components as the Russian Buran space shuttle, just without the shuttle. It was launched only once - in 1987 for the Polyus space battle station. That failed. The Buran shuttle only flew once, in 1988, succesfully, without a crew and did an autonomous landing on a runway.

The big pipes are crew and personnel escape tubes, I think. 
Maunsell Army Sea Forts 
A large collection of someone's travel photography. Includes cambodian temples, english churches, italian stucco, turkish minarets etc. 
I've posted some photos of my weekend in Bruges on my site, maybe they can inspire some people, quite a bit of red brick houses and gothic-ish churches... 
Some My Pictures 
I need to read through this thread from the beginning and archive all of these links in some better format than func_messageboard. 
here, i made it with urltoys for 30 secs 
that clearly is a lot better to read / remember than here on this msgboard oO

you'd need descriptions with that to be of any use. 
Stolen From Vondur On IRC 
A Course On Patterns In Math And Design 
can URLtoys make those a=href's instead? :D 
If You Are Using Firefox 
linkification can :) 
yeah, andy linkification plugin for firefox would do that

and there are others i'm sure 
Is there anybody out there?! 
There's lots of great stuff there if you browse through his updates. Only bad thing is that the images aren't of better quality.

The more I look the more I feel it's a goldmine - long live soviet russia! 
Abandoned Places And Alike 
Do NOT click unless you've got some free time just now, heh :o) 
Abandoned Italian VIllage 
More Petra 
Unterwater Ruins 
Thanks To Von's .txt I Know This Isn't A Repost 
Yucca Mountain

We need a pipeline-esque index for all these. URL, two lines of description, and perhaps a thumbnail of the best or most characteristic pic on the site. 
Does anyone know offhand a good source for crazy-ass underground mines and stuff? Like big caverns and tunnels with all sorts of funky mining machinery etc. I tried my hand at the google lottery but it's been a bit slow to find decent pics 
I have shitloads of pics of that sort of stuff but no URL's handy I am afraid... If you give me the ok I can email you a zip with lots of pics in for ya... 
Crazy Underground Industrial 
Daz: any possibility of me getting a copy of that as well? adambailey AT is my new address. 
Crazy Underground Industrial ^^ 
Ok Mailed 
Kinn and whoever "Ooohhh" is post 519 =)

Its a 10.1mb rar btw 
Mines And Stuff 
Daz: cheers, that would be awesome :D

bdwooding -AT- gmail -DOT- com

Spirit: rockage - i will have a look through that as well :) 
omg beaten ;} 
A Spot Of Fictional Taxidermy 
Dragons exist !! Really !!!??? OMG, and nobody told me !!!! 
Just An Old Shot I Thought Was Cool 
I pasted this in irc ages ago but here it goes. 
Crawler Transporter 
Some heavy machinery for you
check page 2 too.

This has been quite quiet lately. :/ 
Screenies From 
"and a place turned bad" onwards

look great 
Thats What I Call A Big Fire 
Crazy Underground Russian Tunnels.

There's a link posted earlier by Jago with some, but not all of these pics it seems. 
I Am Stupid 
of course they can all be found here: 
Stop taking "HDR" photos. They look like shit. Bracketing your exposures and then photoshopping them together to crush the exposure range into 0-255 not only isn't HDR, it drains your image of depth and color, puts ugly haloes around things, and is a moronic amount of effort for a result that looks indistinguishable from a quick Filter->Other->High Pass in Photoshop.

Knock it off. Please. 
You're just jealous. 
I'd Agree With L00n 
HRD destroys all the shadows making pics all fullbright. and we all know how we hate fullbright, right? hdr looks sharp but synthetic and lifeless... 
I assumed that they HAD simply done a high-pass filter. It's pretty ugly in some of those photos. 
One probably needs better, calibrated displays and dark rooms for the viewers too so photographing can advance, so that it can show realistic bright and shadowy stuff. These hacks are not good.

Interesting idea though, use all the bracket photos, since the CCD dynamic range isn't as good as film. It's just done somehow very wrong here. 
There was a siggraph paper that talked about taking two photos, one with a flash and one without, to get a crisp photo with accurate lighting.

Basically it used the flash photo for all the crisp, in-focus details, but used the no-flash photo for the color and brightness of the ambient lighting. Not a pro-quality solution, but this is software that the average dude with a cheap camera can use. 
Regarding Photos 
I nowadays never use flash. It just destroys everything about the original setting and atmosphere. I'm planning on moving to a F 1.9 seventies Canonet and 800 or 1600 film for dark environments (tested it a few years ago, there is some noise but the photos have atmosphere too). I don't really like B&W either. doh. How limited technology still is today. 
Flashes Suck Ass 
I really hate flashes, but I'm no photographer, and holding my camera still for a couple of seconds to get a long exposure of a dark scene is a pain in the ass and prone to blurry results. When it works, the results are way better though. 
I really hate flashes, but I'm no photographer, and holding my camera still for a couple of seconds to get a long exposure of a dark scene is a pain in the ass and prone to blurry results.

that's why actual photographers use tripods :) 
I Find 
you can very often find a place to lay your camera on or support it against. Big tree trunks are better than tripods, since if you push hard enough (with an SLR the "shoulder" the lens and body form is good), it's completely standing still. Also, some table or ground and just put something under the camera to do the vertical alignment.

Tripods are never around when the situation comes and they are ~never robust enough. :/

I also like to use manual focus, since otherwise it's always fucked up (in this way only like 30% of the cases, especially if there's not much time.) Of course that's a pain in the ass with cheap new cameras. 
Tripods are always around when you always have one with you. =)
I used to do like you bambuz, find somewhere to push my camera against, but having a tripod is much much better, and alot more stable. 
For once BoingBoing is useful/interesting:
(No, this is not that old photoset of the G-Cans project.) 
Old Iron Mines 
More Half-Lifey Than Half-Life 
Right down to the lens flares. 
Crazy Russians

More abandoned locations than you can poke a stick at. 
Why would you poke a stick at abandoned locations? 
It's better than poking a stick in crowded locations, which just tends to annoy people. 
And How Is That Better? 
Hey you! You at the other table. Pass me your salt. 
Fuck you. Get your own salt. 
Ha Wrath! 
Where the hell have you been?

Are you going to eat those? 
I'm like Det. Lt. Somerset, I'm around...

Just finished playing through hl2and hl:ep1. Valve knows how to make games. Jesus christ, do they ever...

In fact, they might as well come to your house, piss on your floor, and punch you in the crotch. "We're Valve - and you are all snivelling shits next to us."

And no, I'm done, though I've slightly touched one of them with the tip of my penis, and you don't know which one. Bon Apetit! 
As Long As They Dont 
piss on my rug, it's all good. 
Futuristic Skyscrapers 
Factory Jackpot 
Flashes can be good if used's not as simple as just saying OMG ALL TEH FLASH0RZ SUX!

Even the simple ones that come with most affordable cameras (that pretty much do suck) can be usable. You can always add something to reflect the light upwards for indoor use or put some plastic over to make it less harsh. 

This looks strikingly similar to the day of defeat : source map anzio. (best pic I could find of that particular street..sorry)

Cool place. 
That looks strikingly similar to *MY* Anzio level for MOHAA:Breakthrough.

<quote>Infiltration offers a mix of the practice and theory of urban exploration in areas not designed for public usage. This site is the online companion of the paper zine about going places you're not supposed to go. The latest issue of the zine, focusing on military leftovers, came out in June 2005. It's black and white, but you might like it anyhow.</quote> 
Hey, Look At That 
maps based on european towns for ww2 shooters look like european towns. 
Went to France once. I could totally spot the CG. 
I went into a cafe in Paris and the waitress kept on asking the same question to everyone. It's really scripted, just like in the games! I was blown away by the outright realism of CoD.

I even found the location where the glider landed in CoD and it was THE SAME. 
That Boat Thing Is Wonderful 
Thanks, Lunarian. 
Try These Out For Size

For all your texture creation needs. Seriously packed with VERY high quality source material.

Haven't actually bothered to peruse it yet, but apparently it's full of good reference. I have a feeling it won't all be environment stuff though - there could be a lot of useless shit there too. 
Morguefile Is Not All That Useful For Texture Reference 
But cgtextures is pure awesome. Also check out if you find that sort of thing useful. 
Ooh, Nice. 
Both of those will come in handy for HL2 textures... 
Boat Thing 
where is that from? Apparently it's so high it was easier to build a railcar than a water lift. 
the label on those boat pics says "Yenisey ship company", Yenisey (or Enisey, don't know how it sounds in english) is a river in Russia. 
Has Anyone Posted Beksinski Yet? 
I don't fucking care go look again anyway

This man's work is seriously unsettling and the music at the website doesn't help. If he and Lovecraft had been able to sit down and weave something together ... the terror that would ensue would be delicious. 
cgtextures is great. I feel bad seeing textures I recognize from AAA titles on that site, though - aren't professionals supposed to have cameras and, you know, be resourceful and shit?

For more goodness, check out
Download limit of 20 per IP per day, but if you were a good little artist you'd buy the dvd, which I swear one of these days I'm going to do, honest. 
Becksinski indeed kicks ass. One of the greats. 
Painfully beautiful stuff. 
there's no c in his surname.

Anyway, I don't like such gimmicky pages... was bothered to navigate and watch three pictures. Ok, but nothing earth shattering. 
Beksinski Rocks 
a pity he was murdered year ago :( 
Stabbed to death by the son of a long-time aide when he wouldn't lend the little shit money?!

I hate people. 
oh i misread, you actually read about it. yes, the reason of that murder is pathetic...

I Googled it. Thanks though.

Just such a senseless and stupid way to die. :(

Here, this might help.

Or, it might just make some of you throw up, or die of diabetic shock, dunno. 
More Chernobyl
The photos of the trees from the top of the tall building towards the end are really beautiful. 
Wind Tunnel QTVRs 
Art Landscapes 
Big Machines 
No idea what they're for... 
Re: Big Machines 
this one looks like a prototype stargate... 
they're detectors for particle accelerators. They crash commonplace particles into each other at high speeds in an attempt to create exotic, short-lived particles and observe them before they turn back into ordinary matter. These observations help support physics theories. 
Fermilab rocks. Nice find. 
Prototype Stargate (CDF Detector) 
But don't you just love the way the ladder is propped against the wall... just like HL2! All lazy and just waiting for an accident to happen. 
I Saw ATLAS Being Built This Summer 
(I was at a conference at CERN).

It's BIG, but a bit cramped for having a DM in, I'd have thought... amazing gigantic almost Victorian-style machinery though. 
Animators On Substances 
Oh God This Shit Is Classic 
That Was Awesome 
thanks Lun.

Of course it's all gonna go tits up once the manned missions begin and we start the excavations... 
Awesome Indeed 
I actually think the fifth video in that series is the best though for the pure speculation and apparently drug induced imagery.

Living creatures with heat rays and ultrasonic weapons? Rock on. 
Ok, Change Of Mind. 
While the fifth video has plenty of wtf moments, the sixth one is cool because of how close to a lot of modern thinking the journey is accomplished. 
you are physicist? 
No, mathematician/computer scientist, I was at CERN for a computing conference. Did some particle physics in my degree though, so I knew a bit about what I was seeing (the best part of the tour though was having a real live CERN scientist as your guide you could pester with questions). 
nice! i'm going to into math and compsci myself (AI) so perhaps we will formulate devious plans together.. 
Enough Math Talk 
I would seriously buy a few of those if I could 
^^^ Jacek Yerka 
Architectural Inspiration Using HL2 
the last comment says it all - "Looks nice but I keep expecting someone to pop out and start shooting" :D 
Yep, I agree !! 
Very interesting; for me it serves as a perfect example to demonstrate how using real-world scale always feels too small in games. 
Dunno If This Has Been Posted Before...

although this leaves little room for creativity, you have to admire the skill and attention to detail that (good) technical illustrators have.

Look at this ship ffs... 
I love this thread. 
Only a few of these can be considered level design related, but all of it is cool: 
I Am So Impressed 
(Paper) hats off. 
Pay No Attention To The Rapperist 
A Bit Of Learning To Be Had

note: the pages go on in chunks of 200 terms at a time. 
Excellent Refresher Material 
oh, the first time I learned to put up a post! 
More Big Machines - CERN 
More accelerators and particle collisions: the CERN photo collection

CERN is the European version of Fermilab, featured in Dan Brown's book Angels & Demons. It is also the birthplace of the WWW - yup, the web was invented to do particle physics! Go figure. 
Lots Of Old S-f Mag Covers 
Some really weird stuff. Hard-to-navigate-site though. 
Ooh, Yeah Spirit 
Some Skyboxes... 
.. I found from a french Quake community website...

Enjoy !! 
I've just opened the equake rar file containing the skyboxes mentionned above (see previous post), and skyboxes are in png format. Furthermore, the end names (i.e _lf, _rt, _bk, _up, _dn, and _ft) are not correct... I'm currently working on thesse files in order to convert all the stuff into .tga format, and also to restore proper end names... I'll post a link with the modified stuff later... 
I bet many of these are from Kell. Check his site before you do extra work. ;) 
No, none of them are mine. I think a couple of them might be sock's.
The panels are only 256x256, instead of 512 or larger.
Most of them aren't very good either tbh. 
Too Late... 
.. already done... Nevertheless, I saw, where I found these skyboxes, that Kell's skyboxes are also referenced... I hope it is not coming, or even copyed, from Kell's skyboxes...
Note I didn't verify deeply: I just didn't find any matching names between the 2 sets... ;P
So I apologize a lot in advance if Kell would find something that would be his own work, cause it it is not my intention to stole his talent... ;) .. I only modifed what I found as is on the internet..
Anyway, here is the link (22Mo file !!):

Enjoy !! 
Crossing Posts... 
... Anyway, I noticed the size was not correct... and I didn't changed the original size in the above link... I will not perform all the job guys, it's up to you now ;) 
png is a good format... doesn't fitz support it? 
The Question Is Do All Engines Support It 
the answer to that being no. I don't think png support is one of the implied standards. 
Png And Jpeg 
are both things that would be nice to support, but since they required dlls, i was somewhat reluctant to do it.

However, i realized it's possible to make the dlls optional (disable the feature if dlls missing) so it doesn't sound so bad, then.

But yeah, only pcx and tga supported right now, and not very well either (no way to override liquids, or sprites, or skins, or HUD elements etc.) Plus I think there's a bug with some tgas being loaded upside-down. 
i absolutely love the png format. 
Ruhr Area

There's quite lot of it but there's nice stuff in between. 
Tron Posted This In #tf 
That Rocks 
Thanks for the link 
i love this thread. 
50s Design 
Cars, interiors, products, everyhing from the 50s. Pretty cool "sci-fi" stuff there. 
Spirit, you continue to rock this thread =D 
totally beautiful. I hate most modern cars because everything seems too look too generic and functional.

I wonder if that style will come back at all. I think Dodge may have made a couple of interesting cars with a 50s influenced look, but I can't think of any others.

Not a 50s or car buff though, so what do I know? ;) 
A Friend Of Mine Visited Bannerman's Arsenal 
Fuck Yeah

This is an extensive set of pictures along the LA River which you may recognize from Terminator 2 and other TV shows and movies. I bet any money that the guys from HL2 were checking these out when they were doing the boat chase stuff :) 
cool. Quake 4's Aqueducts were a bit like that, minus the water (and interesting gameplay ;)) 
They Paved Their Entire River? 
ok, they're just going out of their way to make LA depressing. 
Metl Has Competition 
Great Ceasar's Ghost! 
That Wasn't Funny At All 
written down. Retraction. 
i've seen a lot of canals like that around southern california (even as far north as santa cruz.) They are almost always dry or have a tiny trickle of water in them, and I think they are usually more for flood control than for aesthetics.

But they look cool. 
We have some of those back home in Adelaide, they are dry most of the time but are more an emergency measure in case there is a lot of rainfall. 
We don't have those in Perth, to my knowledge. Perhaps our drainage is more favourable? 
Your Mom Has Favourable Drainage 
I'll Be Sure To Let Her Know 
Giant House In San Francisco 1896-1907

Also check out the "maps" and "blueprints" pages.

Bonus Link: here's a aerial photo panorama of san francisco after the earthquake: 
Thats A Very Big Photo 
Historical Note: 
architecture in america at that time was very much "take europe's buildings and make the windows bigger," which shows in those images pretty well. 
Q3map2 Jiggery Pokery

Pretty cool article about how a map author modded q3map2 to allow for all sorts of new mapping techniques to be used.

Nice screenshots too :) 
I Dunno.. Worth A Peek 
Hmm Abandoned stuff, mostly in b+w. Pretty cool. 
Oh, Also 
Almost forgot 
Some good stuff there... 
is just plain ridiculous! 
So Is This 
I yelled in unashamed triumph from the depths of my chest for every drop of Niagara's sweet bukkake that stung my face and trickled down my cheeks. 
Nice Portfoleeoh 
Nifty Schnitzel 
That Cement Plant Near Berlin
Lots of images, single page, ~12MB. Your browser might freeze for a moment. ;) 
Silly humans polluting decaying factory with dumb graffiti. At least have the decency to paint about azathoth and the old ones. 
it's too bad becuase they reduce half-life-2-quality inpsiration down to kingpin-quality inpsiration. 
Isn't that the game from 1997 made by Markus Fly? 
This guys goes into a crazy amount of detail in designing these alternate Earths, and other fertile planets:

(ignore the fact that when he gets to the "biology" section, these planets always seem to be inhabited by furries.)

A lot of it reminds me of my days playing SimEarth in high school. I also liked to draw imaginary land masses and coastlines and stuff, and loved the made-up maps that come with fantasy novels and console RPGs.

And since I'm working on an MMORPG, i actually got to imagine and draw maps during the early pre-production phase of the game.

Maps are cool. 
Post #666 
postin' in a legendary thread

FOR EVIL >:{} 
Ghost Houses/places 
San Francisco Armory 

So apparently it was bought by a porn company, no doubt because it's full of dungeons and stuff.

If they open it up for tours, maybe I'll go there sometime. 

thanks for the link, blackdog. this site is amazing 
More Free Photoreference

A few hundred pretty decent refs. 
And Another

Pictures taken from literally every corner of the earth - the idea is to have photos from every point where longitude and latitude degree lines meet (that is on land).

Who the hell comes up with this stuff? 
Yet Another Moebius Link 
I know I'm a one-trick pony in here, but this is some cool panoramic stuff I've never seen before: 
are there any good moebius art books? I've looked on Amazon etc. and they seem only to have comic books... I was hoping for a large coffee-table style art book... or even something smaller, if it has enough art in it. 
I've got one of them, entitled CHAOS -- it is really nice, covering a lot of his early output and two of his more recent series: Wonders of the Universe and Stories Inside Something -- the latter which led to his more abstract art. What's more, its got a look inside of some of his sketchbooks, which I really dig.

I'm sure there are more, but God knows where... 
I'll check out Chaos. 
There are some other unofficial artbooks lying around I think, but best solution is still to buy all his comics weee! 

Lots, and of cool places. Check out Syria 05 for some amazing ruins. 
Ooh, really nice stuff -- I can't resist hi-def pics of desert ruins =D 
Wierd Soviet Buildings

These are awesome; I wish there were more/bigger pictures. 
Continuing The Theme... 
So, 1960s futiristic architecture... I want to find more real-life examples. What I have so far:

The Space Needle in Seattle:

Pacific Science Center in Seattle:

Space Mountain in Disneyland:

BONUS LINK: Space Mountain concept art:

Habitat 67 in Montreal:

More pictures from Expo 67:

That's all for now. 
Phaeno_Museum Zaha Hadid 
If you like modern architecture, have a look at this building, a new sience museum in wolfsburg (home of volkswagen), by the great architect Zaha Hadid. 
Oh Wow That Museum Looks Awesome 
Why are crazy designs like that usually reserved for museums and art galleries? 
Because it's too expensive for common mortal we are, and also because such architecture is not good for real life all days usage... 
I Like This Blog
Haven't really understood the purpose yet. But there are interesting things (some rather NWS). Inspiring? For sure! 
National Olympic Stadium In Tokyo 
This one is confusing. I have a photo if this in a book I have at home and it looks really cool with a huge suspension roof and everything sort of curved and stuff. But all my google searches turned up a boring open air soccer stadium.

Turns out they must have removed the roof, though I've seen no mention of it anywhere. The wikipedia entry is notable silent on the fact that there used to be a roof, and that the roof was the fucking NOTABLE part of the building.

Anyway, here's a page with photos of the original structures:

And here's a google maps image of the same site -- notice the roof is missing on the big one, and all new on the small one:,139.713746&spn=0.005055,0.008669&t=k

And here are some typical photos: (where's the roof???)

Wikipedia page: (not very informative)

Totally unrelated, here's a cool stadium in montreal built for the 76 olympics: 
Olympic Stadium Cont 
Here's a page with good color photos of the stadium with roof from various angles... 
Very interesting metlslime, thanks for posting. 
when someone actually gets paid for something like that

I'm reminded of the Bloom County strip where an idea for a protective shield is built around the Earth using 40 billion dollar bills laid end to end is pitched to Congressmen, and a head line caption reads: They Bought It! 
Strike The First 'is' 
can't proofread for shit 
Wrong area on the map, it's a bit under than the stadium, right under Yoyogi park, kick ass place to spend your sunday afternoon (various animations every weekend, lots of amateur musicians and stuff).,139.701161&spn=0.006494,0.010042&t=k
My camera was out of battery when we got to it though... =( 
ah, that explains it... but considering how many photos of an open-air stadium when searching for "olympic stadium tokyo" i wonder... what is that other stadium that everyone seems to think is the olympic stadium?

Wikipedia's page is completely off the mark in this case, it seems. 
it's the Yoyogi National Gymnasium it seems, it was also built for the Olympics, so not surprising it can be confused.
Wikipedia has it right: 
Would that be "Contemporary Japanese Architecture", by Botond Bognar (one of the coolest names evar), by chance? If so urok 'cause I got the same one =D 
actually it's "Annotated Architecture" by Neil Stevenson (no, not the Snow Crash guy, that's Stephenson.)

And apparently Neil didn't do his research, becuase as Bal says, it's actually called Yoyogi National Gymnasium or something like that. 
I do have Stephenson's Cryptonomicon -- need to get further into that one. 
More Architecture And Design Blogs 
Miniature Buildings In Park In Austria

It's a lot of buildings we've seen before, but the pictures show a good aerial view and there is a nice variety of architectural styles. (3 pages of images) 
Indeed, nice photos of various famous site of the world.. 
There's something like that not far from where I live, it's only silly french buildings though... =(
It's a shame they don't have the names of the buildings, some of those are nice and I'd be interested into looking into them a bit more. 
The Big Disney Castle... 
(reminds Than Of A Painkiller Level) 
fairly certain that's the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.
Don't know about the rest though... 
#2 is the Sultan Ahmed Mosque or "Blue Mosque" in Turkey: 
#1 Castle Chenonceau at the river Loire (France)

#3 Einstein Tower, Potsdam (near Berlin, Germany)

#4 looks like a building in Sanaa, the Capital of Jemen'a

- the other ? 
#4 is not in Sanaa, it is in the
Wadi Dhar in Yemen and it is named
Dar al-Hajar (the Rock Palace)*Dar_al_Hadschar*34099
scroll down at this site, there you can start a slideshow, with very impressive images of Yemen! 
wadi freakin dhar 
Live In Yemen Seems To Be No Fun 
nobody laughing, everyone on drugs, but nice architecture.


found #6

Laxey Wheel 
Know Number 8? 
it looks early eastern roman empire. 
#8 = Castel Del Monte 
Submitted For Your Approval 
The time is here. The place is now. The journey, every episode of the twilight zone ever. 
Blue Mosque 
hmm.. think I've missed that one until now and yet it was sitting next to Hagia Sophia all the time! With both of those next to each other it seems like a really fantastic place to visit.

You might have to dig through a lot of text to find them, but this site has a ton of pictures of dead/dying/demolished shopping malls along with their backstories. 

You may notice it was redone for the Twilight Zone feature film (by Joe Dante, no less), but not nearly as good. 
Turkey Cinemascope 
Thanks For The Link Lunaran 
I've spent a lot of time in Istanbul and travelled throughout Turkey but I never captured it quite like this: wonderful photography and outstanding presentation.
Gukanjima is an island near the westernmost shore of Japan.

It is an island built upon a reef in the early 19th century because of a coal mine in the reefs and quickly became a densely populated island 1 km in diameter and 5300 people living packed together, working the mines.
Someone posted about Gunkanjima a while back, this site has more photos I think:
Great place, wish I could visit it. 
NY And DC After Greenland Melts 
Turkey Stuff 
GODDAMNIT 3000euros per print

sigh. So much for being able to appreciate something nice in my own home. 
Slovakian House 
This is what the doom3 engine would do to a nice house: 
At least it's shiny. 
Dunno if this has been linked before, but I found it in the latest Rue Morgue mag -- wicked stuff: 
that reminds me of my first day with worldcraft. 
That House Looks Like Heresp4! 
well almost. 
Architectural Designs, "masterplanning" 
You Know Those Giant Bucket Excavators I Keep Fapping About 
Oh, More Cool Galleries From Same Site: 
Big Boats, Cranes... 
This appears to be one giant crane being dismantled by other giant cranes:

And then at the end, they put it on a big boat, like these: 
I like how pieces of the Kockums crane are delivered by the Fagioli trucks. 
the big boat in that first series IS pictured a few times in the second one - you can see the name Mighty Servant 3 on both. 
Those Crane Photos 
There is some serious crane-fetishism going on on func... /me saves all the images. 
That's my hometown where the Kockums crane used to be ... 
And A Wierd Creature Gallery 
The Skellewags 
that is really cool.

Now to edit them out to get some good concrete textures :) 
Reminds me pleasantly of The Neverhood. 
Castles O' Scotland 
Awesome, Pope. 
Those castles look like they're made out of banana walnut brownies. 
What The Fuck? 
Goodness, More Chernobyl Pictures 
After porn and poorly spelt forums postings, pictures of the abandoned modern ruins in Chernobyl are the most common thing on the internet.

Ignore the first few pictures which are of an entirely unrelated party. (As the name suggests the gallery belongs to one Mr Biffo, who will be known to some UK bods as 'the Digitiser bloke' and to more as 'that Edge column bloke.' The weirdness of the first few pics makes perfect sense once you know it's Biffo.) 
Blocky Void Islands 
i hope you will not use the same colors ! 
The Painted Houses Of Ramenskoye

I just scrolled past a post somewhere up there that said heresp4 and it looked like it said herpes4. that's kind of unfortunate. 
i think those islands are resting on smooth water, not floating in void.

reminds me of a sauerbraten map: 
He He He 
It's like playing Quake in "legoland" ! 
Can't Believe This Is "new"
sewers, drains, power generators, underground, cool stuff! 
Lost Cities 
Labyrinth (1986 Movie) 
HELLO. First post here. Couldn't help but come after playing ant.bsp! I still love Q1 and have just now been looking into how to build maps. One of my first ideas was for a labyrinth... I thought, wouldn't it be cool if a SP map looked like this??

then I realized how fast the strafing and running is in Q1, and you almost never see tight corridors. So I can't decide, but if I knew of other maps like it (surely there's been a lot of mazes for the Quake series, DOOM, etc?) maybe I can see how it works. The Doom games had more maze-like levels... but i'm mostly interested in Q1. 
I'd caution you about trying to build a maze in quake. For one thing, well-designed maps have a good sense of place and make navigation fairly easy. Mazes are intended to confuse and make navigation hard, usually. Getting lost in quake is generally not fun. Second, "maze" levels are generally boring because everything looks very similar, and feels very copied-and-pasted.

I'm not saying it couldn't be done well, but it would be a challenge.

Ways I would do it well: 1. make only a small portion of your map a true "maze." 2. Have obvious landmarks like towers rising above the walls. 3. Have fewer dead-ends and more loops and multiple valid routes to the goal. 4. Try to have unique details in each hallway and intersection, such as decorations and debris, and texture and lighting variation, so that people can recognize various parts of the maze. 
5. Get Jennifer Connolly involved somehow. 
Re: Stalepie: 
This was my problem. I realized that putting up posters of Connolly (i.e. Hitler in Wolf3D) would make her look too pixelly (ugly). i hate glquake. looks like n64 graphics. 
I think you're right about the problems with mazes in Quake. Better work on a tower of some kind instead. 
Sorry For 3rd Post In A Row 
Actually, perhaps what I could do is make a tower level (by which I mean a stone tower that you scale from outside, round and round, jumping on slabs that slide in and out of the wall, trying not to fall) and down below, circling the tower, is a vast Labyrinth-the-movie-like maze. Depends how big Q1 maps can be. I'm a total newbie here and it's the year 2007 :( Um, the maze would not be something you're supposed to enter, except if you're doing bad and need to get extra health and ammo, perhaps. But the further you go into it, the harder the enemies get, kind of in a mathematical way, step by step, until you're just faced with a ridiculous amount of those big white abominable snowmen guys, and anyone who tries to make their way through that is a total fool. It's like "what're you doing, turn back, ya schmuck!" Anyway, what's better to use... WorldCraft 1.6, WorldCraft 3.3 (with Quake settings), QEradiant, or what? I found the WC Tutorial at planetquake, so I'm trying that. bye. 
I'll Be Completely Honest Here. 
This is that kind of idea that sounds completely awesome in your head, but when you try to start making it you realise all the limitations of the engine and also that this isn't actually very fun to play, and then it will either never be finished or it will be finished and it will be rather terrible. 
Was just browsing your site and tried czg00. Pretty short and I know, but i saw the screenshot with the tower, so i tried it, and that's a lot like the kind of level I wanted to do! probably better than my ideas, actually. heh. oh well, i'll see if i ever finish anything... 
Mexx9 ? 
didnt that have a very very nice tower type level ? 
Ooh Yes Definitely 
But you couldn't walk around on the outside of the tower in mexx9.

Also in Prince of Persia: The two thrones, the last level is climbing around on scaffolding at the top of the tower of Babylon.

Let's discuss towers in games!

The Adventures of Lolo! 
Well, the coolest tower game I'm aware of is Tower Toppler (DOS). There was also some cool levels like that in Pandemonium and Castlevania Bloodlines. 
Ys, Too 
anybody here played Ys? Somebody should make a multiplayer deathmatch version of Ys. that would be k-rad to the max. 
Towers Are The New Pipes 
Tower Games? 
Rampage. Thank you. 
You Know What Else Is A Tower? 
the Sears Tower. 
Leaning _____

I'm not saying you should build a whole, friggin' LEVEL around it. I'm just saying you could have a few of those in the background of a Q2 map and it might work. 
go and play Nebulus 
Hi, I am after some source code for QRally or Quake Rally. Has anyone got them on a dusty harddrive? Cheers 
That HalfLife 2 Game Had A Neat Tower In It. 
They called it a Citadel, but everyone knows those are shorter and more crenelated. 
The inside of the tower was quite disappointing though. 
As Im Sure Others Here Do 
when I get bored i sometimes read up on famous pieces of architecture/landmarks/and monuments of grand proportions.'_d'Oro
hell yeah
I don't care what it represents or that it was cast from Hussein's own arms, it's rather impressive (stainless steel :o)
yeah it's not architecture so what. Can one not be inspired by a legendary place such as this?
I think other images of the Hoysala temple have been posted, but imho reading up on these places just makes them even more interesting.

fuck while you're at it just check ALL the shiva temples 
Axel Torvenius

gothy freelance artist/illustrator, skilled in a range of media and styles


older portfolio, which includes a 'summon your own demon' flash game:

Also, while I'm about it, here's John Coulthart. Also gothy, also highly skilled in a range of media. Friend of Alan Moore, and creator of what I consider the best visual depiction of Cthulhu. 
"summon a demon" is really cool.

Cool artwork in general. 
"summon a demon" is really really cool ! 
Navigation On That Last Site 
is annoying as hell. My first thought when clicking a link should not be "gee I wonder what this does."

Summon a demon is nice and creepy. You could create a whole game menagerie with the 'random' button. 
Stuff On Fire, Exploding, Etc

Basically, this is an Australian guy with a camera and an insatiable curiosity about what happens when you put a bunch of electricity through things. 
99 Ruums

old, but i don't think its been put up here since it predates this 'ere thread afaik. 
Architectural Concept Art!

X2 and Constantine. Hells yeah.

That's more than one hell. 
You Know What? 
You rock Lun -- as do all of those guys. 
Chinese Glass Artist 
it's zombieland :P 
That reminds me of that movie The Cell where the horse was split up into slides =D 
Cool Engines 
what's that big round thing they're standing on? makes me think Blade Runner. does the translation say? 
header, tunnel(ing) shield, shield, tunneler, tunneling machine 
That thing reminded me of the Millennium Falcon, actually =D 
nice stuff in that guys photos btw 
This Is For Vondur 
thanks! i have a cd of Alan Lamb ( ). He uses the sound of electro poles in his album, sounds almost the same as on video, but with additional treatments. 
Living Utilities! 
That's pretty wild! I've experienced something similar - in Land Surveying we use magnetic locators a lot (e.g. ) - kind of advanced metal detectors for ferrous metals - we use them to find old monumentation for parcels.

When they are used over buried utility lines or under power lines you can hear a strange, creepy modulation much like in the youtube link - but the power line "hum" imposes itself over the standard detector beep/whine. It also works on underground telephone and IT cables, but to a lesser extent - and mass transmission lines give the best (and creepiest) effect.

Next time I hear it I'll try to get audio and post it. Neat links, though! 
Japanese Sewers 
thanks for reposting that, I had lost those pictures when my hard drive died. 
Awesome Awesome Site

One problem - their galleries are all flash and thus you can't save any images. :/ 
isn't there some program out there to rip images out of flash files? 
English URL, French(?) content. Weird.

Print Screen's pretty good for taking images from flash/right-click-disabled sites. 
Oh It's Got Both English And French(?). 
Dur me. 
you could always just grab xnview and set up the screengrabber to take shots when you press a key. Pretty easy, though you'll end up with unwanted parts of windows etc. 
Concept Art... 
apparently includes Quake 4 concepts: 
Re: Flash Image Leeching 
try out GadWin Printscreen. You can set it up so when you hit printscreen you just drag out a box shape on your screen and it will capture that to a folder for you. oh yeah, its all free! and works fantastic for all sorts of things. 
Paul Richards 
is an awesome dude and I saw him this week. He's in Austin now doing far better work.

One of my favorites of his (from his oceans-of-disturbed-beatin'-off-material page): 
beatin' off material
Lemme Make Up For That 
Boob Helmets Rock 
Is That The "let's Flood Half Of China"-dam? 
If you look carefully at the third picture, I think you can see Dorothy and Toto!

I feel a song coming on... 
"Photos" Of Post-apoc Tokyo 
try this

click on the links below the picture and the other links 
Tokyo VR 
Speedy posted this in #tf.

Click around and you can get some 360 quicktime panoramas of various places in tokyo, some in cool underground tunnels. 
Cool Lego Models 
Next Speedmap Theme 
make a map based on a lego model :)

You'd get a selection of pictures to start off with and mappers would be free to choose a model to base their map on from those pics. Either that or just look for a cool model themselves. Pics of the lego version must be supplied in the speedmap zip or as a texture in the map.

Love that castle, btw. 
That Spaceship Is Hot 
I love finding stuff like that on brickshelf and saying as I scroll down the page "oh that's cool I like how he's got the different hull pieces fitted together HOLY SHIT IT HAS AN INTERIOR?!" 
Boat Boner And Industrial Decay Boner In One Great Package 
interesting character designs (and their mobility)

bonus chtulhu babies 

for you space fags.

stars and all that shit 

for you space fags.

stars and all that shit 
Oh Hey

something good actually comes from Portugal 
Russel Croman Astrophotography set should be re-used to create some skybox: the photos are awesome ! 
Strange Architecture 
dunno if this has been posted already:
some pretty cool buildings 
Seems Like Some Photoshopery Too: 
That second one is 'James Bond Island' in Thailand.

This is the most blatant and shoddy photoshop. I assume it's a joke: 
some may have been photoshopped, but they are still good for inspiration. 
Wasn't That A Worth1000 Contest A While Back? 
I seem to recall the phong nga one with a different watermark ... 
I Only Say That 
because it means they exist in higher res somewhere :) 
Some Russian Signage I Collected

No idea what they say, but 'octoporno' is caution. (ps it's not really 'octoporno') 
Now I Do Courtesy Of Vaughn 
1. no smoking
2. zone
3. strictly prohibited to enter during the work of the machine
4. Caution: 360V
5. CIVIL DEFENCE: The complex of measures for protection of population, wealth and culture values on the Russian Federation territory i case of the danger caused by the war actions
<Vondur> something like that (b0rked translation but hope u got the idea)

6. Spare parts for the correction module
7. alot of "Responsible for the machine: name"
8. Shower only for the workers of the trolleybus park. Show your pass.
9. Dacha N1. Responsible Tarasov
10. Zone for conservation and reconservation
11. Zone for documents packing and unpacking
12. To Finland railway station
13. Keep your work place tidy.
14. Potable water
15. Shelter
16. LAboratory. Unauthorized persons not admitted 
More Like 
360 tentacles 
Random Model Inspiration D3/Prey-ish Style: 
anyone else think of the sealab2021 episode with the stimutacs? :D 
Riiiiiiiiiiiiide The Stimutax 
Submitting This
Some more industrial photos 
Modern Military Ruins Of San Francisco

I've only been to a few of these places. There are also a lot of them in Puget Sound up in Washington State, and probably many other places along the west coast of the US. 
C'est Derelicte!

i thought this had been run through here, but a search tells me no. So here it is, shitty site layout, but some gems inside. 
Mugato Invades

more i didnt see posted already.

japanese derelict stuff 
All Aboard 
Raging Boat Boner 
Uh Hunh 
Austrian Visit 
Can't Stop, Won't Stop 
those hot libraries are really cool. i should have seen this page before! very inspiring for arcane project. 
Vulcan Foundry 
Uncle Sam's Photos 
Pictures of the Yucca Mountain Project (construction of a nuclear waste storage site):

My favorite pic:

Found on this site, which collects links to US Government websites that contain public domain photos: 
That Is 
a really cool door =)

Thanks for sharing. 
Great pics metl.
DaZ, that's not a door, it's a tunneling machine, use the same type to make subway tunnels and stuff. 
You Are Wrong 
Can't you see it's a gigantic donut? 
Interesting Pics Of Demons From Old Books (found on drawn blog)

I'd love to see a game with graphics in the style of these pics - there is something very haunting and horrible about them that I love. 
Excellent Stuff. 
Yeah, those old woodcuts and lithographs rock so hard. 
From One Of Pope's Posts: 
Wish more abandoned places had as large amounts of pink as this Japanese place: 
You All Hate My Posts 
I Don't Mind Your Posts... 
In fact, that one is kind of awesome.

I just hate you. 
Okay Anyone Near London Village... 
Do go to see Anthony Gormley's "Blind Light" exhibition. Very good, one of the best art exhibitions I've been to. It's exploring the space around and within the human form through a wide variety of mostly sculptural work, some of it harsh and metallic. I thought a lot of it was great on many levels.

Relevant to this thread, my favourite piece was "Space Station", a massively imposing 27 ton construct of perforated blocks chaotically joined and perched at an esoteric angle that does indeed evoke the atmosphere implied in it's name.

It was well lit from an adjacent exhibit, and I found it particularly rewarding exploring the dark side of the piece and finding all the random "passages" through it.

I defy anyone to go there, look at it in detail, and go back home and NOT open Radiant/whatever! 
Metal lego's!

Dunno, looks a bit random to me, but interesting none the less.

Also (sadly), I did not get the urge to open a level editor after looking at this :( 
I defy anyone to go there, look at it in detail, and go back home and NOT open Radiant/whatever!

Did you? 
Oh Sorry... 
I meant looking at it in reality. The pictures are like, nothing, compared to wandering around it.

Wrath: I got the urge for YOU GUYS to make some map with a similar theme :D 
Nice Digital Art Pix 
go map 
Lots Of Vintage Mag Covers
Weird navigation but you'll get to them. 
Da Plane Boss! 
Good Enough That You Might Lose Your Virginity 
That's A Cool Site. 
For a bunch of reasons.
He He 
lost mine on top of the hood of a Mustang.

Some interesting design here: 
Dubai like a hive of utterly mental construction projects these days, that hotel is just one of them. 
Competition For Method 
Yet Another Urban Exploration Site 
Mines, Caverns, Underground Rock Formations 
Explore The Cathedral

flash site, pretty pics, nice atmosphere...

stop hating me 
Quite cool indeed... and what news from the brush work project ? :P 
Hi, I have a new textures site:
Russia - 100 Yrs Ago 
Abandoned Island 
Enjoy Wasting Some Hours 
Be warned, massive Comic Sans Serif usage and terrible site design ahead: 
The Weird Rocks Of Turkey 
Ice And Penguins 
Oh, And 
seal pictures suitable for i can haz bucket macros 
Urban Explorer Interview 
Interview with urban explorer, contains many cool photographs: 
Actually Found By Cardo 
We've seen it before, but here is a site with some different photos of the same underground flood control system under tokyo, and some related tunnels: 
Launching Gantry And Bridge Highway Construction Pictures 
Wtf Gifs 
that second one is that early room in doom3 with the crane, all over. 
Another Hotel 
It looks like something from an old Gerry Anderson show. 
Mo Crazy Lego Mofoez 
Dear Lord, Pope! What a fucking fantastic find. Those are brilliant. 

why do photographers do this? 
why do photographers do this?

I don't know why this photographer loves 360 degres photos, but in anyway there are nice shots from London ! 
Silo Fever 
Great Library Pics!! 
Holy shit.

My inner bibliophile got an instant massive hard on at the first pic.

Which then exploded as I continued scrolling.

Island Porn 
Lots Of Old And B-movie Movie Posters 
Holy Cow 
More Iakov Chernikov 
that book:

apparently his books are called "cycles" so click on that 
The Mapping World 
Needs more hardcore boat lifts
Big Chute Marine Railway - Ontario, Canada
Strepy-Thieu Boat Lift, hainaut, belgium
niederfinow boat lift, brandenburg, germany

And the best for last...
Falkirk Wheel in Scotland 
Catacombs Under Paris 
Link Says Access Denied^^^ 
Holy Shit! 
Ive never seen anything like that! Is that place open to the public? I'd say obviously its real, how old do you think those skeletons are? 
Middle Age I think... but I'm not sure... 
*Saves Up* 
French Blade Runner 
Seen It 
looks cool in parts. 
Nowhere near as good as Blade Runner though. 
Is It ... 
really a french blade runner, or is it a different movie that happens to be comparable to blade runner? 
its just a futuristic noir with a really bad story but with some cool black and white visuals. 
What nitin said, the script is really poor, and the black&white rendering was slapped onto it towards the end of production cause they didn't quite figure out how to do what they wanted, and it ended up hiding 80% of the awesome facial animation work that was done for it.
Some of the settings are quite nice, especially if you know Paris, and I guess the style is original enough to make it worth seeing, but it's definetely not a great movie. 
Classical Architecture

Very specific diagrams and measurements on the Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, and Tuscan styles of classical architecture, which are recycled a hell of a lot throughout history.

probably too academic (and not on a Quake scale) for most but it's damned handy for me at the moment. 
At The Complete Opposite End Of The Timeline 
This Might Be Stretching The Thread A Bit: 
1968 French nuclear test (four photos) 
Lots Of Photos Of Modern Cargo/supply Ships 
Vondur Posted This In #tf: 
Architecture Paintings 
very cool 
Mondo Spider 
I Haven't Seen It 
but i have seen better walkers. there's this (norwegian?) forest walking machine that walks really awesome and smooth 
You Might Mean 
the finnish mecant.
It can be seen in the scifi-movie "Lipton Cockton in the Shadows of Sodoma" as well. The director said when they were filming that scene, everybody had to wear hearing protection since the noise from the machine was so horrible. 
Naah`Im Sorry Like But The First One Was Much Better!!! 

Is the mondo spider, does look a bit jerky, but faster than I expected as well.

Couldn't find video of the MECANT. 
looks a lot more flui9d and lifelike in this video: 
Even though it sounds like it's gonna explode.

Very nice piece of machinery; flashbacks from the terminator films. 
I Don't Know If This Was Mentioned Earlier 
I posted some new photoalbums on my site, maybe some of them could contain some ok reference material. Most interesting is Pierrefonds Castle:
But there's some ok stuff from Honfleur and La Rochelle here too:

Bambuz, that scifi poster collection is awesome. 
Nice photos indeed ;) 
Models Perfect For TF2 
The Exoskeleton 
This a stroggified beatle !!! 
Magic Highway U.S.A. 
Germany From The Air 
Magic Highway 
A real gem!

It's really striking how the vision focuses on what could be possible while completely ignoring the cost of realization. 
Yeah And 
how horrible and cold it would feel in everyday life with the vast barren areas. No real possibility for walking or bicycling either. Effortless shopping - makes you fat too.

Of course it's natural to realize what problems are created only after you have created systems resembling that, and operated them for decades. 
This guy has some nice work: 
Inspiration And Reference 
I need some!!!

I haven't made much since The Hand That Feeds You, dont really know what to do!!
Anyone wanna callaborate?
Or what would be a cool idea?

non base map perhaps? chnage of style might be what you need for inspiration 
reading the previous 951 posts :) 
Thanks Dude! 
Thats inspired me to sack off mapping in Q1, go and buy a better PC and start mapping in Q4/D3...

...all I need now is about £6-700...

what game is that from again? i think those symbols were your lifes left, or something. Duke Nukem 2? 
That was the sound of Obi-Wan Kenobi farting in his ethereal grave. 
Ydnar - Impressive Portfolio 
that whole site made my skin crawl 
Nunuk And Bal Would Cream For This Guy

and so did I

new quake3 map starting tonight 
Maybe already posted: however full of cool textures that could be used ...

BTW: I'm looking for a cool tutorial for blood splashes create onto wall / ground textures. Any idea where I could find some ? 
I can send a few that I made over tonight (I'm at work) to show you how I did it - they're nothing special or fancy but might give you some ideas. Also answered on the other thread. 
The Japanese Men 
Must be under huge pressures. Not only do they have to work long days, their beautiful women are constantly threatened by western men and space aliens. And lately, even...

Yes. Did you ever think why your cute spouse insisted on getting a household robot? Men, leave work early and spend some more time with your loved ones! 
RickyT23 make a mediaval map this time :) and ID1 please!!! 
Book: Persuasive Games

"Bogost creates and writes about serious games, seemingly simple diversions that deliver educational political and advertising content alongside entertainment. In Persuasive Games, he offers an academic but accessible introduction to their potential, and it is very meaty reading for anybody interested in where the interactive arts meet real-world topics."
-- Scott Colbourne, The Globe and The Mail
cool, but why this thread? 
y not? 
Pretty Sweet Fantasy Type Stuff Come To Life! 
They are breaking down(?) that awesome cement plant I visited autumn 2006. If you like industrial ruins and graffiti, here are a lot of pics:
My pics of it are somewhere above. 
The artificial spaces video: the spheres, metropolis and artificial space parts were bloody awesome thanks for posting! 
Once Again Nature Screws With My Mind 
That skull in the worms is just too beautiful.

I would've never thought I'd ever say that. 
High Detail Sci-fi Art Renders

half of 'em look like rooms in quake4 
Thats Really Great Stuff! 
Shame you cant save the images...Grr and im too lazy to PrtScr :) 
Czg - Lunaran 
Both very interesting!! Lunarans discovery just looks cool, but that stuff that czg found is kinda like WTF!?!! On a closer inspection tho it is pretty cool. 
nice. Too bad the images are so small. 
and lunaran's post is much cooler now that i'm on a browser that supports flash. 
Click the "I" tab at the bottom of the screen, then select "view fullsize". The pic opens up in a new browser window. Whee! 
Thanks Mate! 
Sorry If It's Already Been Posted But... Submarine Base

a few pretty fucking cool pics in there 
I agree. 
Pixel Art 
random guy with cool pixel art: 
A Few Shots Of Brutalist Architecture 
Rough-hewn awesomeness, bam =D 
how are either of those rough hewn? 
Bad Choice Of Words? 
Go play my base pack map, Kell. 
Alien Life 
whats that little bastard got to cheer about, he looks the the bastard child of a hula dancer and a orange elephant! :) 
In April 1998, an aggressive creature named Tyson smashed through the quarter-inch-thick glass wall of his cell. He was soon subdued by nervous attendants and moved to a more secure facility in Great Yarmouth.

So that little bastard has one of the fastest punches in nature. Plus it can see and differentiate circularly polarized light, even clockwise and anticlockwise. You can't do either of those. Among many other things. 
Looks Like Dougle 
from the Magic Roundabout... 
A First Hand Account 
on encountering bigger-than-man Humboldt squids.

Strange things exist in the sea. 
First high res pics of Phobos 
I think I can see a CyberDemon :o 
That's Going Straight On A Gui 
(in my map that may or may not ever be finished) 
I thought I saw the chinese flag!

Better double check. 
Stills From Some Anime: 
Awesome stuff! 
Tekkon Kinkreet. 
Awesome movie.

I have both those artbooks, with all the scenery sketches and paintings, amazing work, and very inspirational, 100+ pages of that kind of art in both of them. 
The second artbook is full of sketches like this:
Which are also amazing. 
extreme talent, extreme ambition. And diligence.
I don't know that movie but some anime things really go the extra mile in detail, something that is practically never seen in "for kids" western animation. 
In the 'west', Pixar definitely go that extra mile too. 
I Don't Like Pixar Too Much Though I Should Watch It More 
Best western animation to me is probably the forties Donald Ducks etc. They're comedy but anyway you can feel identify with Donald so much in his hardships.
Bugs Bunny etc are cheap and nonsensical instead... 
Have You Seen 
Ratatouille (sp?)

That movie almost made me cry. 
Even if you don't enjoy Pixar movies, you can't deny their creative process is very in depth, the ammount of research and concept art they make for each movie is amazing. Everyone of the "The Art of..." artbooks released for each Pixar movie is great.

And yeah, Ratatouille is great, can't wait for Wall-E. 
Ratatouille... a great movie, as it speaks very well of French cuisine :D Yummy !! 
Excellent Stuff Speeds 
when will there be a postapocalyptic grand artsy adventure game? and I don't mean Fallout.

Maybe the assets are just too demanding.

I just absolutely love that concrete isogrid building. 
At Last Someone Did This 
There Are More 
Shambler Remake 
Best shambler remake ever:
(Posted by Sectaurs on polycount.) 
That looks like if Shambler and Eric Cartman had a baby. And more Tekkon Kinkreet, Bal =D 
no paws! Or hands. What u call em? 
That Looks Funny! 
Like something out of Serious Sam! 
LOL! This is part of same game or something? 
New Fallout 3 Concepts 
I Feel 
that kind of style would be extremely hard to do with 3d graphics. Since modeling's mostly limited to the axis of more cheese or less cheese, especially when animated. Ok, kidding slightly with the last sentence. 
Sometimes Reality 
is beyond concept art.
Check out that absolutely huge spinner. It's like a caricature. Nobody would have the guts to make such in a movie 
they look like little sweeties :3 
This Reminds Me Of Cthulhu 
Nice Thread On SA: 
it proudly glistens like a resplendant beacon of manliness. 
Tech Details 
Age Of Conan Ctf Level

Spotted this after Metl linked to the guys site for some GTK article. 
nice model:

seems like he was inspired by the Q1 Ogre! 
He did one awesome model, lots of other nice stuff worth checking out in this year Dominance War finalists: 
Soviet Flying Bedstead 
People Cooler Than Me Have Seen This Already 
people cooler than me can suck my dick 
Take Your Pants Off. 
Yes that blog is cool. 
is it just me, or most of the art is charachter-centered, while finding inspirational environment art is much harder 
plus, it's mostly chicks aged 18-24, and a smattering of weird monster characters...

few artists seem interested in painting men, old women, or children (unless they are disturbed and-or sexualized girls.)

These guys do have a lot of talent, though. 
Chicks And Monsters 
Are the bestest things to draw, metl -- EVERYONE knows that

Excellent stuff, Lunarol. 
Oooooooh - Bengal Doing Spiderman 
not that I really care about spiderman but bengal is cool. 
The Architecture Of Alfred Hitchcock 
stairs dammit, stairs 
If Stairs Are Suspense 
then a ceiling fan is horror.
And couple em, you've got twin peaks. A girl told me she remembers only that from watching it as kid and it was a strong experience. 
I Love Stairs. 
Staris are like one of my fave tings to map in maps. I really have no idea, why -- but I always find them appealing in games, and even in architecture. 
Beyond Gritty 
Not Quakey In Any Way: 
Looks Like 
The Buenos Aires Italian Qaurter. When the immigrants came off the ships they had no paint for their houses, so bought it on the docks. The paint was all for ships, so the colours were from all over the spectrum. 
I Dunno What I Like More, 
that every house in that shot is a different color, or that every house in greece is whitewashed with a blue roof:

So Mediterranean. 
you're thinking of Camino street in Boca. What you say is right back then, now only one street (the tourist street) has house like that. 
Fair Enough 
I was there less than a day. 
Yay, Precarious Heights. 
Truss Reference 
Warren Spector Master Class 
These are some great (and long.. over 2 hours each!) videos of Warren Spector interviewing a bunch of game industry people for a master class at U Texas.
mirror of videos:

I watched Hal Barwood, Richard Garriott, and Tim Willits which were all quite interesting. Willits kept calling Quake a "mess", and seemed to like Q2 more. 
Into The Pixel 2008 Winners

Some great artwork by game developers, very nice to look at!

Sneak peak of a possible theme in HL2 ep3 (could perhaps be seen as a spoiler). 
Tim Willits Was Only Interesting Due To.... 
it showing how fucking retarded he really is. 
Watch Seamus Blackley 
It's awesome. He's awesome. 
I Drive 
Which Shooters 
Have a sixties military laboratory environment? 
The Awesome 
No-One Lives Forever
I guess. 
Parts Of Half-Life 
seem a bit 60's techno retro. I only recall a few labs in No One Lives Forever (btw, it was awesome), a sub base in the second, a chemical lab in the first, but neither had much technical detail. Most of the places were groovy instead, like the club in West Berlin, the shag carpet and corkscrew stairs in one villain's hidden private quarters -- good stuff. 
Fly Like An Angel 
Welcome To Mike Tyson's House Of Gaudy Excess 
Neat. I love the idea of procedurally created things, because they can come up with content you may never have thought of or just provide a feeling of 'randomness' within limits. I'm a big fan of controlled chaos, and procedurally generated stuff fits in so snuggly with that.

Cool find. 
i've wanted to make a game with proceduraly generated worlds for a while. Partly because it's a cool artistic/programming blend, and partly because 1-man teams can't rely on lots of content creation. 
As game worlds require increasingly more content, teams using procedural generation can (arguably) always be smaller than teams that do everything "b hand" as it were.

I'm curious, where is the boundary between procedural generation and just really good tools? 
*"by Hand" 
that's what i was going to say -- the ideal tools from an efficiency standpoint are probably using some procedural generation layered on top of designed content. 
Looking Back On The Futuristic Technology Of Tomorrow At Kennedy Space 
Nice Weather Over Here Today. Some Interesting Buildings: 
Lovin' Those Greebles 
We need more Greebles!!!
Note to self: Put lots of greebles in next map! Like the "superpipes" tex from Doom3! 
Nurnies Vs. Greebles 
Round 1

I Vote For: 
Portuguese art!!!

someone make it :) it even got the plans ;) 
Large Hadron Collider 
I Get Hadron Just Looking At That Thing 
But Are You Enough Of A Nerd To Wear This 
Particle Accelerators 
i love the amount of HL related comments :p

some of the shots remind me of terminator 3 too 
Never Was Penned A More Accurate Treatise On Modern Architecture 
Hey, This One's About Video Games!

man I have a new favorite website 
Shit My Pants That's Good Stuff 
Yeah, nice find Lun. And the links are awesome, too! 
Hadron Shenanigans 
By Hadron Shenanigans 
I thought you mean the earth turning into molted slag, but that video was far worse (though I still liked it).

I know, the researchers will tell you the same class of particles being investigated routinely bombard the earth so you could sleep peacefully on your pillow tonight, unless you read this . . 
Oops, Borrowed That 't' 
for a round of golf tomorrow morning. te-hee 
Oh MAN Lol 
that "one about video games" is so awesome

I remember one (similarly sarcastic and hilarious) night manager talking about "strategic soul-crushing" when I worked at a fast food place in 2000/1.

btw Lunaran, you have a damn awesome attitude.

The games industry has almost no interest for me anymore. I really look back fondly on the days when playing computer games at all made you a social outcast. Now a massive economy is based on various internet social networks, and they actually make games like The Sims, in fact most games are based on some other pop culture shit, games are exactly like movies now. Not only are the days of 10 nerds brainstorming in a bar and making an awesome game gone, but the days of ANYONE making an awesome game (by my taste) are also gone.

I think my entire life is me frantically fleeing the influence over culture that the average person has. As George Carlin said, "Think about how stupid the average person is, and then realize that half of em are stupider than that." 
To Be Fair 
There are still a lot of very good games being made, although I obviously have to agree that the industry as a whole has been moving in the wrong direction (from my POV) for some time now.

Metal Gear Solid 4, Unreal Tournament 3, Gears of War, World of Warcraft, Stalker, Oblivion are just a few of the games I consider to be true gems of the past few years. That being sad, the noise to signal ratio of good games to shit games has been increasing at a sad pace. 
World of Warcraft is only a good game in the same way crack cocaine is a good way to release and relax. 
if you like me you'll love Daniel Clowes 
I Enjoyed That Link 
I think what I like about your attitude is that you're in the industry, but you're anti-commercial
but,you're anti-commercial, without being pro-pretentious-asshole-

you're anti-that too,as is well called for.

cheers, as they say in the land of poisonous snakes and kangaroos. 
but,you're anti-commercial, without being pro-pretentious-asshole-

You don't know him in real life. :) 
Modern Materials 
And More 
Dear Mr. Fribbles 
Play less Engineer. Seriously. It's mindboggling. Go play Soldier or something fun! 
I thought this was General Abuse... doh. 
Bradley was a Pussy.

Wait, wrong thread. 
Rich People's Rooftops 
I want to live there

Check out the full set, pretty awesome. 
Cool if it wasn't Flickr which makes me not bother... 
Yeah That Flickr Is Such A Poorly Designed Useless Site 
All The Pictures You Want 
of the world's most penisy building 
Georgian War Photos

very slow and instable, but nice stalker like pictures. 
that's pretty gruesome 
Those Are 
quite harrowing. A warning to people of faint disposition may be appropriate with a link like that.

However, it's good to see Nike sponsoring the boys, and Christian Bale doing his bit for the war effort. 
Nice Photos, Disturbing Subject Matter 
I like how Russia's like "Don't worry, we're following all the laws, we're making a truce, we're about to pull out, we're on our way out, we're not even there anymore" as their soldiers fortify their positions and reinforce their presence.

not blaming the whole thing on them, but Russia seems increasingly sinister these days. About five years ago I had a Russian history professor who said "Every year the gap between Putin and a dictator grows smaller," and that was before plenty of the shit Russia has done since then. 
it's both sides pumping out propaganda. 
At Least Ew Zealand Rocks

Now there's some inspiration. 
Russia is VONDUR, and is therefore awesome.

Russia is also this which is also awesome:

There is no propaganda, there is only... VONDUR. 
That was indeed awesome. 
Holy Shit 
that is one of the best links ever posted on this board. Every frame of it ruled. 
that's as good as the chainsaw maid video someone else posted. 
yea this is a nice video :) 
Place Sounds Tronynesque 
Stuff You Probably Know About: Coolhunter

Architects who design residences like steel-and-glass skyscrapers, only tiny!
The pain of residents with no privacy and massive electric bills! 
Re: Mayan Underworld 
Well, even though it IS a "Portal of Souls" as in The Night Journey, the style might not be so much my style - if a similar underwater maze partially submerged was found in Europe, that might be more like it. I've never really done Mayan or even Egyptian stuff, which seems like a more simple architectural style than (Medieval) Arabian or European - but of course in any Quake map there's a good deal of "make up whatever the hell you want." I do admit to the underground mazes tendency though - lol, just wait for Arcanum.

Re: Lunaran link
I still don't understand why there aren't "stylistic" buildings that are just totally reactionary. I guess every huge company just has to go with the modernism/futurism style in order to seem cutting-edge. 
Holy Shit 
Holy Shit Indeed 
Those pics remind me of Kowloon Walled City on a ridiculously grand scale. Obviously the density is much, much less, considering KWC had 50,000 inhabitants on 0.026 km� before it was razed, but there's something just...busy feeling about those pics that gives that same vibe. Lots of people in a (relatively) small area...

More cool KWC pics + info here:

I highly recommend the book. 
Man WTF 
I had no idea about Kowloon Walled City! Sounds like something from a SF book... 
looks completely badass. o.o 
Try to forget that I'm linking to a site called 'pink tentacle.' 
I love tetrapods, too bad they are actually useless... =\ 
too bad they are actually useless

That's what they said about crates... 
and triangular lights 
RC Plane With Camera Flying Over New York 
Ok, it's not great but brings some nice ideas perhaps... 
Truth Vs Fiction Part Xxi

A masculine huge-jawed hero testpilot and his comic sidekick small mechanic guy test fly a german war booty aircraft.

A woman is involved too.

But the real beauty is the aircraft, perhaps the best looking ever constructed in the history of aviation. 
Oh Forgot 
Today's Post/modernist Architecture Link 
at the other end of the timeline, Opacity hasn't been killed in the collapse of an old insane asylum yet and now has 100+ albums: 
Re: Coolhunter 
This bank:

It's like walking around in an ipod 
That bank is SO not going to go bankrupt. It probably has its own time travel device built into it to prevent such catastrophes.

Also, to get an account there the bouncer has to think you're cool enough. 
Lovin It 
Plastic Bank 
Shit won't stick on it.

Sadly, what happens when that surface is tarnished? You can't change any panels or grind out or anything, since it's monolithic.

And it also probably turns yellow with time.

Plastic summer cottages were marketed in Finland in the sixties. You don't see any around...
But there were different ones... 
*Melts his way in to the safe.* Muahahaha. 
Cat Tracks! 
List Of Rotary Steam Engines 
Lotsa great inventions here... except that most of them didn't work out too well. 
Have No Fear
The future is here. Hovering rocket vehicles popping all over USA. Showdown in November.
Soon, space travel will not be the same as it used to be. 
Random Suggestion 
suggestion for someone else to make for Q1SP, maybe speedmapping session:

Pyramids in Antarctica (as in, they were built so long ago that it was tropic there at the time), as in Lovecraft's AtMoM, or even (maybe) in the Bob Dylan song Isis. 
In The Bob Dylan Song Isis. 
One of his best 
Stuff You Probably Know About II 
Holy Shit 
Some of those pics are really great! 
Great Link 
I'm now inspired to go travelling again right now!

amazing pics. 
Home Sweet Home 
Site Of The Guy Whose Pics Lun Linked To 
heaps more photos here, sorted by country. 
Shop Till You Drop 
A Few Futuristic Transportation Themes 
Rollercoasters are the way of the future - you can do tight turns with high speed since the track can be tilted.

There's been a huge number of fascinating concepts for mass transit but something always comes in the way:

Here's a more general history with a huge number of cases 
Finely Lacquered Hardwood Crateware 
That does not inspire me. That makes me suicidal. 
Wuppertal Schwebebahn 
Now Zwiffle, 
as the computer game industry grows, more specialized niches will spring up, and virtual crate designers are bound to be high in demand (ever seen a FPS without one?).

Of course, gazebos are my thing. 
from teh 31st century! 
Frank Frazetta 
is the man. He's always been one of my favorites, and is often imitated, but few artists have the sheer talent and style to get away with it.

More here: 
apologies if this has been posted here before, but I hadn't seen a lot of these:

Be sure to go on to part two. 
Not sure if it was mentioned in your link, but I heard Frazetta lost his right arm (his drawing arm) to a stroke or somesuch, and re-learned to draw with his left arm.

Fucking gosu. Props. Mad props. 
seen about half of those.

but WTF... they listed Agbar Tower twice! (ones as "Torre Agbar") 
Stefan Hoenerloh 
I saw a poster of some picture of this guy yesterday because there will be an exhibition in Hamburg. Thought "BANG! Inspiration!". (a bump actually, it was posted just a few hundred posts ago. But it's so level designish.) 
That's pretty cool 
Yeah, I've seen those before. They just SCREAM Quake level to me. So nice. 
Those are very nice, thanks for the link. 
Those Are Awesome But 
Who Needs English Anyways 
Nice Photos But... 
NOTE TO PHOTOGRAPHERS: step away from the high-pass filter. Your fake HDR does not impress us. 
That's Not Fair 
It depresses me, at least. 
Strange But Nice 
Vondur Just Posted This 
Michigan Central Station 
that already looks like CGI! 
That's Because 
it's shitty fake 'hdr' 
Oh, nice arches and curves everywhere inside the station... very cool place that gives me plenty of idea for my next map :D 
The Sixties 
Somehow that was the apex of cool technology.

Inflatable space radio reflectors, Echo and Pageos. Brighter than most stars viewed from Earth's surface. 
Oh Forgot Link 
Nice Concept Pics 
It's Fake HDR! 
we all already know this with our own eyes. Why must somebody inevitably always, always, always make a point of mentioning in the post after that something is phoney photoshopped HDR like effects? We get it, comment on the actual pictures themselves if you're gonna.

and to contribute some pictures that are unrelated to my whining.

a little bit bright for our FPS tastes, but the idea is there. 
To The Whiener 
How many times have we complained about bloom? :) 
Hey Everyone 
My HDRs are far from fake its nice talking shit behind peoples backs if you have some constructive crit to give then give it 
your HDRs are fake behind my back i feel totally good saying this and not making a point the third one linked is particularly fugly sorry but i miss any contrast there it is still a nice picture the first has some serious glow around the building which screams i edited too much hello somebody 
Some Old, Some New 
The same link was posted a week or two ago. 
How Bout This One: 
No Reason To Get Excited 
It's just a completely regular pump action shotgun. 
Very depressing. Some look like certain areas in Berlin to me.

Built on lies, delusion, and fake grandeur, and sadness after failure.

Bloodthirsty Heathen War Machines

Dunno if ijed or someone else posted this already.

Notice the harbour defense one - yes, they're pulling on the trigger rope in that pic! 
Rome Pictures 
Link to 5 photo albums:

Main Index Page:

Back in August I went on holiday to Rome and took a crazy amount of pictures (about 2000) which were not really organized into any special order. Over the last couple of months I have been trying to group them into relevant topics and gradually realeasing them on my website. The last set above took the most time to compile because it is a series of pictures I took for architecture reference / inspiration reasons and I wanted to explain why I liked them in the first place. Most of the pages (on the last picture set only) contain links to additional relevant images so the initial index of pictures is just a header to more.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and if anyone finds them useful I would love to see what they create from seeing them. Also if anyone finds any spelling or grammer mistakes please mail me because I would like to correct them.

All use of my digital work is covered by

you release all your digital work under CC?

nice. Nice reference shots, too. 
Egyptian textures are GPL2 -
Everything else -

Egyptian stuff was switched over to help out a GPL mod for Q3 so the mappers had more textures to use. 
A Bit Generic Maybe 
florence and san francisco 
Trinkets In The Curio Shop Of Earth 
Real Space Grit 
In English Russia, 
wood windows you!!! 
Just Got Off The Phone Two Minutes Ago With Ma 
and I complained to her about her recommendation of the movie 'Stepbrothers', and she said, 'funny is in the eye of the beholder' and I countered, 'well, ma, there is a reason Chris Rock gets HBO specials and Yakov Smirnoff has disappeared into obscurity.' 
Your posts are gold. 
I only wished I had the free time to contribute much more than I do, but what I do to keep the heat on and food on the table can be fun at times
too, so I shouldn't complain. 
Nice pics, but now I have HDR-rage. 
Is that like 'It's Not Q1'-rage? 
'well, ma, there is a reason Chris Rock gets HBO specials and Yakov Smirnoff has disappeared into obscurity.'

The fall of the soviet union? 
My instincts say 'no, that's not it', but let me take a few shots and give a proper mulling over before any conclusion is reached. 
He Went Into Vodka Production Instead? 
No, he retired to live in his iceberg of solitude, like all Russians 
Closeups Of The Brown Medusa 
Great Stuff Here 
wow ! the city_engine is really amazing ! 
Happy Holidays

fill them with Bacon you gits 
First- And Second-order Logics, Genocide And Esionage! 
Abstract 3d Art 
Fantastic Industrial Stuff

Check out the entire forum, its the best uk urban exploration site apparently, I had not heard of it until now and there is tons of good stuff in there, 
Cardboard Caves 
that look like we built them 
Not really level related, but still pretty awesome:

That was me, sorry. I was logged out for some reason. Thanks Chrome! 
Mmmmmm - Ice Cream! 
I gots to get me some of that Ice Cream..... 
The Cardboard Caves 
...are pretty cool! Any backstory?

I poked around and found these:

but they don't seem to be the same thing? 
--> Post #1230 
not really good ! (or new)
lot of this so called "web-artists" steal their
stuff from real artists.
in this case from robert longo.
--> link: 
I see no 'colorful exploding heads' drawn by robert longo. 
Or Ice Cream?!?! 
Real Human Mutants 
I Remember 
a segment on 60 Minutes about the aftermath of a nuclear accident in the old USSR back in the 60s. They showed a fetus preserved in a jar that had been born a cyclops. Doesn't get more fucked up than that. 
I Saw 
some of the agent orange affected foetuses and people in vietnam last year, it can definitely get more fucked up than that. 
I've seen the result of the effects of being exposed to the most dangerous substance known to man. The person in question was unfortunately exposed for 10+ years. He is the most deformed individual I personally have ever seen.

His name is czg and he was exposed to Quake.

/keke \o\ '-' 
I've seen reports on Agent Orange where their were cases of organ inversion and external organ growth. That is very fucked up, as well as the circumstances where that occurred.

I recall with the cyclops having a hard time getting my head around the idea that it was real. Up to the point late in in the gestation period, it was alive as you or I with that one eye.

Two-Headed Mutant 
I can hear as you tap on your jar
I am listening to hear where you are 
HT Wait 
Aren't you a republican? Aren't agent orange stories just leftist lies? Dioxine doesn't do anything. Neither does mercury or radiation, they're just environmentalist myths... 
I Hate To Shatter, 
your poorly conceived misconceptions, Bambs,
I haven't voted for a single Republican since 2000, and I regard the top of that ballot an epic mistake.

I pretty much vote a straight Libertarian ticket when I even bother to vote these days.

Besides if I was a Republican, what would it matter. Who started the Vietnam War, who escalated the Vietnam War, and who ended it (though
later than necessary)? Hint, it goes D D R by party affiliation. 
People For The World 
Not The Shubby We Know 
Stumbling through a fantasy art site, I found this:

Does anybody know anything about the Cthulhu RPG's, and what description this picture might have been based off of? Or is it just random... I certainly don't remember HPL ever actually describing Shub. 
he did describe shub in some story... she looked like a wide, squat tree with lots of ropey, flailing branches... so actually, id software didn't completely miss the mark. 
I Think I Remember 
That's from a rpgish Chtulhu based board game. Can't remember the name :(. And I'm pretty sure it's NOT shub. shub had a redish picture that looked remotely like the shub we know. 
Urban Exploring 
Many places, over 150!
All abandoned....
pools, factories, castles.... 
As I Remember 
It was on eof the Mythos authors who described Shub - Ramsey? Something about a wax museum in the name, but I'm translating there.

That looks like a Dhole not AFAIK a Drole is a Quoth invention. 
This Is Cool 
Nah Thats Just Gash 
I mean why bother?!?!


Have you been on that ride Necros? 
Necros, that reminds me a lot of certain parts of your maps, perhaps your older ones, or the coagula-style map. 
i love huge heights like that. :) 
Underground Alien Colony 
Russian Supersonic Grit 
i've been looking at a lot of old cockpit pictures recently; these are cool. 
Holy Shit 
the ant colony is crazy o.0 
The Awesomity 
lol have you seen Man on the Moon where he reads The Great Gatsby? 
for some wtf moments in game environments. 
Missile Defence Site Ruins 
Timbrel Vault

The result defies common sense, because a timbrel vault is very thin compared to a Roman vault, while at the same time it is capable of bearing much higher loads. 
wow, some beautiful stuff there, thanks. 
Detroit is such a dynamic flashy place,29307,1882089,00.html 
National Ignition Facility 
The story is kind of cool (another attempt at a net-positive fusion reaction) but the photos are pretty sweet: 
Honestly, this might be a decent way to spark up speed mapping again. Or, turtle maps at the very least. Post a picture and let the picture be the theme. That picture conjured up a bunch of stuff in my head when I looked at it... 
Some Of The Others Shots Ont Hat Site Look Sweet Too 
Thats Pretty Cool 
Post some pictures of the salt flats and stuff, probably tommorow.

It looks like ice but it's not, reflections being the only thing outside of the Q1 scope, for now at least. 
from where? bolivia? 
Ive Seen The Images Of Those Before 
its quite odd looking first time seeing 
San Pedro 
The Chilean desert, basically. 
that's crazy if it works as advertised :o 
Shots From The Top Of The Mountain Behind Look Even Awesomer IMHO 
Reservoir Riders 
That's all I have to say about that. 
A big hole with slanted sides. Inspiring! :) 
A MoNster!!! 
<h1>Hacked By 
great links, thanks.

The architecture blog looks especially nice. Some sexy stuff there. 
Tron Much? 
Sweet Links Vamp1re 
unfortunately no floor plans. 
Very very nice !! 
Tokyo View 
Too Much... 
... smog ;) 
I Still See 
Tron for some reason, i think its stuck in my head :S 
Speaking Of TRON... 
Valve's Development Method

(thanks HN)

Fortunately, the game had some things in it we liked. We set up a small group of people to take every silly idea, every cool trick, everything interesting that existed in any kind of working state somewhere in the game and put them into a single prototype level. When the level started to get fun, they added more variations of the fun things. If an idea wasn�t fun, they cut it. When they needed a software feature, they simplified it until it was something that could be written in a few days. They all worked together on this one small level for a month while the rest of us basically did nothing. When they were done, we all played it. It was great. It was Die Hard meets Evil Dead. It was the vision. It was going to be our game. It was huge and scary and going to take a lot of work, but after seeing it we weren�t going to be satisfied with anything less. All that we needed to do was to create about 100 more levels that were just as fun. No problem. 
"RemakeQuake's Development Method" 
<- Blue For Ice

would be cool to make a map where you fight your way into an iceberg (not vondur's...) and there's lot of ice tunnels and air pockets and then you discover a tech base inside or something so it's frozen base + leaks.

someone do that. i command you. 
Why BSP Is Being Phased Out 
Oh Nice Find Willem 
Do want. 
Needs More Colour Variation 
This Is So Damn Cool 
concept for a Sci-fi ice world setting, where mecha robots roam free
Now That Looks Amazing!! 
is that seriously one guy's work? reminds of some of the cambodian ruins outside of angkor wat in the jungle.

great find willem. 
RE: Willem 
Personally, I find stuff like this a bit depressing. I mean sure it look very good and all that, but seriously, how the fuck am I supposed to compete with visuals like as a fellow mapper?

I want to be a level designer, not an environment artist, but I still want my maps to look good. I just neither have a few chinese artists on my payroll, nor the extraordinary talent of a few people out there who can not only make good gameplay but also make it look stunning as well and to top that off, they can do both at a ridiculously fast development pace. 
It's a rare individual who can do that sort of thing as a one man show. We produce levels here that look that good on a regular basis, but it's generally a team effort. I do the shell layout, someone meshes it, I go over it again as a second visual pass, an artist adds ambient effects, etc. That's the normal path of progression.

Those shots I posted look amazing but that's not a level yet. It's a screen shot maker. 
The Best Levels In The Industry 
Are always built by more than one person. 
Makes no sense.

Need more coffee. 
In Praise Of The Sci-Fi Corridoor

Great subject matter, but i wish the article was 10x longer and had 10x more pictures... and the pictures should be bigger... and more info about designers and stuff...

Basically i wish the blog format didn't suck so much. But I guess business is business. 
cool websit i love it 
cool websit i love it 
nom nom nom om nom 
What Are You Eating? 
Photorealistic Portrait 
Nice find indeed, but I'm still having a hard time believing that all of the other images weren't reverse-engineered from a photo, it's that good. 
Saudi Arabia Seaplane 
Giant Crystal Cave 
Holy Crap, That Is Scary 
Holy Shit 
miss the news for one day and you miss out on your neighbouring state impersonating Mars. 
Spirit first link gave me a malformed video ID error

The rest are fuckin' top notch 
Spirit first link gave me a malformed video ID error

The rest are fuckin' top notch 
Math For The Quake Mod Player. 
Darkplaces mod + Quoth = AWESOME + AWESOME = GODLIKE! 
DP = MOD? 
DP is an engine.

Also I can never get the reflective and realistic water to work in Darkplaces.......... 
hey does any one know any goodplaces to rent a jumper 

I particularly like the third shot. 
Yeah Man 
I only ever been to Syke once, and its amazing. Love to go back some day and actually climb some mountains :DDD 
Math For The Quake Mod Player 
DP used to include a mod too, which i *suppose* could be run alongside Quoth, but don't know what he's talking about really.

Like his math though ;> 
Re : Willem+Jago

That is mostly default crysis assets, there are some new objects I don't recognise (mostly stone ruins) but overall that is out of the box stuff. The quality of the props that the crysis artists made were unbelievable, plus add in some cool engine lighting system and voila you have amazing looking stuff.

Now actually moving around that as a working level that does not need deep blue computing power and AI fighting across all those props is something else. :P 
Quake Fanart 
Linked from the spectrum quake picture, found these quake monsters that I'd never seen posted here before:

There are a few more I didn't link if you explore the gallery. 
those look really good. the knights especially look quite evil and the scrag translates the direction of the original model quite well. the fiend looks like it's smiling though, but i suppose it's happy as it's probably going to eat you alive. (there's also the death knight and vore too, equally as good)

i think what i like about these is they are very faithful to the original look. (or they just align very well with my imagination for the original models :P ) 
The characterisation was very strong in the originals. Those scant verts were very well used alongside the animation to give the creatures personality.

Nowadays it tends to be 'meshsmooth'll fix it' but a really good low poly mesh can capture the imagination without the need for hirez.

The work is very crisp and suggests motion; I like the strong lines. Even if some of the characterisations look a bit twee - for example the Shambler looks like a deformed kitten, to me.

Excellent all the same, especially the Ogre and Knight(s). 
yeah, i'd say the shambler is the weakest looking one of the bunch. i think that's mostly due to the fact that there isn't really much to see in that image. just a giant fur head, teeth and a bit of a claw. (otoh, that's pretty much what the shambler is, so...)

i'd say the shambler is probably the most difficult to translate from it's original model. it is more vague than the other models and it's look is not immediately obvious.
in fact, while i always thought the shambler was covered in fur, it's possible to interpret the texture as wrinkled skin as well. (and if it is fur, than it's actual form is hidden and we don't actually have any idea what the shape of the actual shambler's body is like under the fur).

things like the ogre and zombie are probably easiest as zombies are really just dead humans and ogres are just malformed/grotesque humans. both have an easy point of reference. 
Yes, those are amazing. There are a couple more, bottom of currently. 
that dude should go make some skins 
Long Read, So Far I Only Looked At The Images 
The Kawaiik dude posted some game concept: 
Oh Dear 
Chibi UFO.

I guess a good time to go play some more UFO: Enemy Unknown though. 
found this:

there's a shambler and rotfish, but the vore is the strongest image, i think. 
he also has an enforcer which is sort of interesting... 
3D Mandelbrot 
OK, that's crazy awesome! 
Yes, truly amazing images. Don't miss page 2. 
bah, I was just going to post that!

I would like to see a fancy building with that kind of fractal decorations everywhere, it would make rococo cry. 
Postcards From The Hebrides� 
A new benchmark in user created source content 
As postcards, those are horribly underexposed and too uniform and boring in color. As in-game shots, pretty gorgeous. 
The original Dear Esther was kind of interesting, these new shots look gorgeous, should just stick this in L4D... :D 
Polygonal Halloween Costume 
Movie Ui Design 
Large Graphs 
Where's Your Orlyonoks Now? 
Is that? 
Is essentially a fuckoff huge hovercraft. 
Actually A "ground Effect Vehicle" 
which is basically a plane that flies so close to the surface that it gets extra lift from the air being pushed back up from the ground (or water.) 
Gorgeous Math 
Math is pretty.

I'm still going over calculus =/ 
Does remind you of firefly at all? =) 
hi am am happy 
Fuck Ya All 
son of babith, fucker... i dios... 
Good Night 
if i had 22gb to spare, i'd totally get that. :S 
I Typed 'half Life 2 Stairs' And Got This, Lol

click 'archive' at the top and look in the list for the architecture section for more stuff 
Nice Finds 
shot 1 and 2 reminds me some Tomb Raider maps... looks cool ! 
those ruins are always cool, especially with the giant trees growing on them. 
i've wanted to do an angkor wat map for a while but i can never do the vegetation justice. :S 
This is because that place was actually used to shoot some scenes for the Tomb Raider movie. 
I Have Loads Of Cambodia Shots 
including some lesser seen wats, one of which has much more foliage than Ta Prohm. Also have plenty of shots of the Shining hotel from pic 4.

Will put them up when I eventually sort out my japan photos and combine them with my sth america ones. Need to look into some free hosting too as there's a lot of photos. 
I was refering to Tomb Raider 2, not the movie :P

Anyway, thanks for the info ;) 
thanks for reminding me! i picked up a new hdd yesterday, so i have plenty of space spare now. :) 
British Landscapes 
Holy Shit

Make you feel cold just by looking at it 
That's a pretty good snow-themed TF2 resource as well (hint hint, cardo, hint) 
And, err, some sci-fi things!

Oh Yeah... 
just found that blog a couple days ago, it's pretty cool. 
Le Roi Et L'oiseau 
I was just watching Le Roi et l'oiseau on youtube and it has some really nice exaggerated castle designs 
i forgot how smooth the old animations used to be. that looks like 60fps there. 
just watched that whole movie. Love the illustration style, the colors, the lighting, the composition, etc. Feels very mid-twentieth-century, sort of reminicent of Salvador Dali, the Jetsons, etc. 
I Cant Recall 
does anyone know what the dome like structures are that were designed to alert the mainlands of sea battles (or was it to other way around?) i want to say they are in maybe southern Europe perhaps?

if someone could help me recall and maybe include images that would be great, google is no help when you cant remember the names of things :/ 
Hmm No 
i don't think they were turrets of any kind, perhaps i explained it wrong. they are dome shaped and meant for bouncing sound waves (i think i forgot that crucial part in the initial post :S) they're kind of satellite dish looking, but are not satellites like the radio signal space thing in Puerto Rico. there like sideways, err maybe to be described as north or west hemisphere?

those things are interesting though, remind me of that paplon (or whatever, butterfly in french) movie 
Ya Those Are Them ! 
thanks guys :D 
Someone Posted This At DW 
very impressive 
I Made A Tree With Blender 
valve sure knows how to play their fanboys
and their fanboys are talented like hell 
Re 1401 
he better hope he didn't miss anything up near the top. :S 
The blog itself seems like something for the BIFFmassa but this should be for everyone:

S. Petersen's Field Guide To Cthulhu Monsters, 1988 
AWESOME find! 
So Wrong 
Unless that guys is the actual author of that book, publishing copyrighted material on blogsites is wrong. Yes the images are amazing and yes I am sure people want to see them but nevertheless they are copyright material. I am sure friends share this kind of stuff on the internet but a blog sites are the wrong place to do it. 
It is out of print. Personally I do not have much sympathy for copyrighted material that is not even available for purchase anymore. If something like this keeps "collectors" from paying/receiving disgusting amounts of money for an original, then I would be glad. 
I pretty much agree - if it were still in print this would not stop me from purchasing a copy for myself. All it really does is allow people to see the material that they otherwise would not have access to because of the lack of availability. It's not as if we stole a book that was readily available to the masses. 
- this would not stop me from purchasing a copy for myself, it would make me more likely to purchase one for myself. The book looks good enough that I would want to own a copy.

For example, here at work we have a copy of The Art of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos - I can have access to it anytime I want, but I still own my own copy because it was such an awesome book. 
Cool photos here...

Specifically, click on Bannerman's Island. I swear there's a Quake level there. 
Nice find! 
yeah, holy fuck.

if glassman could make that map, I'd shit my pants.

especially if it had swimming fiends. 
has anyone seen the 'real themes' thing going on over at planetphillip? pretty cool 
I run and want it to be known that "S. Petersen's Field Guide To Cthulhu Monsters, 1988" has been out of print for 22 years. Because of that fact I felt more than comfortable posting the majority of that book on the blog. It is better to be seen than not. However I do have an open invitation on the blog for any copyright holders of any works posted on the blog to contact me if materials posted are against their wishes. 
i think it was great that you shared such a rare and difficult to obtain work. this is completely different than if the book was only a couple of years old and still easily available in bookstores. 

I got some weird blocking on some of the images though - might just have been my firewall but was unable to view some of them. Specifically I wanted to grab all the jpegs for backup.

Do you have a zipped archive uploaded anywhere?

Can understand if that's not in your interest to provide, just thought I'd ask. 
Trying Again 
It seems the same images appear only partially - maybe half of them. 
Maybe Not Good For Quake 
but pretty interesting anyway 
... just missing textures :P 
Random Cgsociety 
Those Are Great! 
especially the 1st one, jesus! 
The First One.... 
... the Jesse Van Dijk who made the runner's delight episode? Seems like it. Small world... 
Woah, nice catch! Yes, that is him.

Now, how do we get him (and fs-razor and who else is an uber-artist in the (ex-)Quake-scene) to make some Quake speedpaintings as concept art for mappery... 
Some Abandoned Stuff 
Nice bunch of shots from US Navy ! 
uwrf is right. 
That Looks Like 
My home town. Don't think it is though. 
Creature Blog 
RPG-based creatures, but some cool illustrations 
This one

Reminds me of the Ghast description some. The Fiend's original inspiration. 
Scroll Down 
Some Quake re-designs but a guy on conceptart, scroll down or Search for "quake" or something 
They're Great 
Although - the Fiend has a cock now? 
The fiend's always had a cock.

It was eyes he didn't have. 
Of Course He Has Eyes 
And if he's got a cock then he gets an extra one, with a racial epithet. 
Now that I think of it, the shambler should have a cock. I mean, He's a 12 foot tall yeti. And the yeti are known for their extravagantly large penises, am I right?
It would definitely make the dude more intimidating. 
It would definitely make the dude more intimidating.

cause it would be at head height for the quake guy? o.0 
I'm sure this has had to have been posted before, but whatever: 
Keep going with the posts. 
The Other Stuff As Well 
Everyone is posting clever stuff that's worth thinking about recently.

Or maybe just my impression and I've been stupid-er for years. 

loved those Quake monster concept re-designs posted in #1437 - some are really different but there's a load of good ideas, especially liking the knights and the ogre. 
I'm Sure You All Know About This

Spent a good half hour going through the Cantabria region of Spain - so many awesome pics. 
The latest MtG expansion, Rise of the Eldrazi, has a lot of cool Cthulhuish creatures and some really awesome labyrinth/dungeon designs. 
Oh Cool 
Somebody else on this board likes magic, heh.

Check this out, some of the same pictures, but uber high res:

Also worth noting is my favorite magic artist, Mark Tedin:
I find some of his concept art very "Quakey" - large scale, polygonal, cyclopean, with good textural detail. 
Cardington Airship Sheds 
Has Everyone In The World Seen This Already? 
Disturbingly Awesome 
it's disturbing that that doesn't disturb me.
i remember thinking the bone pipe organ in goonies was the coolest thing. 
Art isn�t Disturbingly! 
... is back :D 
:) i donate my bones to art like this :p 
Donation not accepted :D

with extreme prejudice >:( 
i'm totally doing that first shot. 
Nice find! 
Art By Tony Diterlizzi 
Love stuff like that. 
very evil art by the Unspeakable Vault maker: 
Oh fffffffffffuck! Awesome find Spirit! 
I came across that before but couldn't remember it's name. 
Space Employment Ads From The Sixties 
Empire Exhibition, Scotland 1938
This time's architecture was the best. Disregard the circus stuff but look at the actual buildings.
After this came the war and the British Empire crumbled. 
third shot is especially otherworldly. 
reminds me a little bit of Bal's "Malfunctioning Nanoconstructor" Q3DM space map. 
Hehe, yeah I thought the same, nice images. :) 
Some Sort Of Truck Loading Warehouse: 
Neogothic Photo Stuff 
The Buda Reformed Church

I always try to take a ton of pictures of places I visit and this is one church I have loved since the first time I saw it 2 years ago. A beautiful church with an unusual floor plan crowned with vibrant coloured tiles and various architectural symmetry lines. I have been wanting to create a photo album for this church for some time, but only recently got all the background information I needed.

The Great Market Hall

Carrying on with my fascination of Neogothic Hungarian architecture is the Great Market Hall. Even thou it has been repaired recently it still looks awesome with richly coloured brick patterns and classic Zsolnay tiles.

St. Elizabeth Church

Here is another hidden treasure of Budapest which I found while wandering around the streets looking lost. What surprised me the most about this church is that it was built by Imre Steindl who is more famously known for building the Hungarian Parliament. 
Wow that's so Quake, it's like they took those buildings right from the game. 
More Stuff 
Berlin Aquadom

A tranquil home for 2600 fish and 56 species swimming around in over 900,000 litres of seawater. The feeding of the fish and the cleaning of the fish tank is performed daily by a pair of full-time divers.

Pergamon Museum

The Islamic Art Museum is housed in the upper part of the Pergamon Museum and contains a wealth of fabric and ceramic exhibitions including the famous Mshatta facade. The ceramic pray altars were a breathtaking sight of beauty constructed from uniquely designed glazed tiles perfectly locked together.

The Hungarian Parliament Building

This magnificent landmark is the crowning jewel in the architectural landscape of the city of Budapest with a symmetrical Neogothic facade, a sea of windows on all sides and a towering dome in the middle. (Plus it is free to get inside if you are from the EU) 
That Berlin Aquadom is sooooooo damn cool. Anymore stuff just like it?

The others are good too, but that Aquadom just fits with a project I'm working on. 
Abandoned Czech? Buildings 
Military Aviation Equipment Porn
The old stuff is best as nowadays everything's solid state. 
I found the Aquadom a long time ago on the web and was planning a trip to see it for ages. I don't often bother much with modern buildings, nothing new seems to have any architectural soul for me.

I found this last night and made me laugh ...
Personal gardening taken too far? :P 
Now Thats Commitment 
surprised the lightning did not toast it when it was still a twig in the dirt:O 
Monster Concepts 
... it is frightening. Poor birds... 
Random CA Art 
Surrealistic Paintings By Tetsuya Ishida 
Now That's Fucked Up 
is that an accurate depiction what japan is like nowadays? 
Stephen Gammell 
i always hated those covers, they still give me the creeps 
Not Sure Where To Post This.... 
bone's wife? o.o

unfortunately all pics were ruined by photo editing software. 
"unfortunately all pics were ruined by photo editing software"

Catch up gramps, we're all waiting for you. No, not towards the light, gramps, nooo!!! 
don't tell you don't see ecstasy candyland there. 
I Agree With Spirit 
I'm not against processing photos in general, but in this case the result doesn't fit well with the theme. 
Catch up gramps, we're all waiting for you. No, not towards the light, gramps, nooo!!!

I'd rather stay in the past if photos in the future look this horrible. 
Oh, save the tears.

Seriously, with the amount of crying you guys do around here we could supply the oceans for centuries. :) 
Seriously, with the amount of crying you guys do around here we could supply the oceans for centuries. :)

Says Willem. 
Seriously, with the amount of crying you guys do around here we could supply the oceans for centuries. :)

oh really 
He saved that? WOW. 
Maybe he was hoping it would have been the last time you made an ass out of your mouth! 
A lot of photos that use HDR look amazing. Things just pop out and make the pics look that much better. Saying something like I'd rather stay in the past if photos in the future look this horrible. is just a lazy blanket statement based off a small set of photos that look bad. Sure, we all make lazy blanket statements, but it's true in this case. 
I Actually Like Them 
however i'm not going to act like a cock because people disagree with me 
They're Alright. 
i personally prefer stuff without any processing at all beyond levels tweaking. i like to see stuff the way my v1.0 eyeball sees it, i guess. 
What's Wrong With You? 
however i'm not going to act like a cock because people disagree with me

You obviously know nothing about posting on the internet.

Also, your mom, and stuff. 
Color Cycling With HTML5 
Quite Awesome 
This Is Cool 
Something of my homekitchen...
hello earth...
Hall, will you please open that cargodoor! 
Love Those Color Cycling Pics 
Those make me want to play some old adventure games 
Traps And Puzzles

I believe it's my job to make the player feel smart for figuring something out, rather than making myself feel cool for outsmarting the player. I've played way too many games that followed the latter philosophy to make that mistake.

Something similar can be said about excessive difficulty, btw. 
and also,

Just trying to figure out how to reach a certain ledge or room was often hours of gameplay. Surprisingly, we found that this approach to design still works in 2007.

The guys from Crystal Dynamics are pretty good with this sort of stuff, the game does have developer comments for every level, sometimes several, as a bonus feature, which can probably be found on youtube. They were sometimes pretty insightful. 
Is It... 
Link=> GarE Maxton 
Cliff Village Walk!

Kind of reminds me of a level from that Might&Magic fps. Awesome scenery and its screaming for a source engine map to be made from it :) 
what the fuck, that's is insanely cool. :o
and that little settlement or whatever at the end with the stream going between the two sheer cliff walls with all the broken stone at the bottom... oh em gee!

also, i absolutely loved the cliffside village that you're talking about. dark messiah, it was. 
Wow that is rad. 
Awful music but beautiful canyon images. 
i switched on my sound in the middle of the movie and it made me laugh, because it really is so hilariously bad. awesome. 
That Looks Like A BAAAAAD Idea. 
could be used as controlled prison islands, when one gets too full just open the floodgates to lessen the population of that island, pump the water back out, and restock. 
Some early RTS talk and gorgeous free tiles: 
High Res Photos From 2001 
Those aren't high res at all, the quality is horrible, best to check out the remastered version from the bluray: 
The set photos are nice though. :) 
It Was A Trick... 
to get you to post a better set of screen caps :) 
2001 HAL900 Screensaver 
oops - one zero is missing [HAL9000] ! 
All The Download Links Appear To Be Broken? 
A Single Shot 
Concrete/Asphalt Texture References

more to come. Where do I post this for more interest? 
Nice One Spirit.... 
These guys really make me stimped with my wide eyes of remarkability compared to my poor creative attitude. 
Found this thread on conceptart, really diggin this guy's stuff 
That's brutal. 
Flying Lotus - Kill Your Co-Workers 
Lego 4 Dead? 
Mazette !!! 
It's cool !! 
Pretty Damn Creepy 
Reminds Me Of 
the Carnival map in MW2. I hate that fucking map. 
Lovecraftian Creatures 
Abandoned Frozen Ships

Reminds me of this book cover, one of the cooler/creepier images I've seen, a real 'ends of the earth' feel: 
Tiny Creatures On Your Skin! 
Holy Cow! 
I'd Milk That 
The English 
HPL Commonplace Book 
this looks awesome:

"This book consists of ideas, images, & quotations hastily jotted down for possible future use in weird fiction. Very few are actually developed plots�for the most part they are merely suggestions or random impressions designed to set the memory or imagination working. Their sources are various�dreams, things read, casual incidents, idle conceptions, & so on.
�H. P. Lovecraft" 
It provides a bunch of ideas for maps, speedmap themes, map contest, etc...

Good link found ! 
Herge And Lovecraft 
those are great! man, i grew up with tintin... would have been awesome if herge had penned some of those... :P 
I saw that 1st one somewhere, I was blown away!! I totally thought it was some crazy real book I never knew about, hahaha! 
Surreal Architectural Line Drawing 
This is so delicious that I might actually be inspired to lay a few brushes:

Reminds me a good bit of Piranesi, but I think it is a modern work. 
Above Website Doesn't Seem To Like External Linking 
just load the page again after seeing "403 fobidden" and it seems to come up. 
Not For Me :( 
copy the url manually.

and yeah, that's pretty awesome. but it would be a nightmare to compile, i suspect. :S 
Escher going Piranesi, sure.
Always hate my lack of creativity seeing those pix! 
Make That Map Grahf 
pretty intimidating idea though! I've been too blocked to even map a hallway lately! 
Like Old Fodrian

oh, i halfway did make that map... and it didnt compile, yet... 
The drawing reeks of knave. Smells good to me. 
403 Forbidden 
Cannot have a look at the shot... so cannot comment :/ 
you are a silly-billy. 
Holy shit, that IS Fodrian. 
I wrote myself a "set national geographic's photo of the day as desktop wallpaper" script some time ago and it is such a pleasure. 
Awesome ! Where is this place ? 
Sorry, Forgot 
Thanks !! Really a cool place actually !!! 
those must be powerful spotlights to illuminate the whole place... i mean, look at the size of that cavern. o.0 it's mind boggling. 
I Missed Going There 
when I was in Vietnam and I've been tempted ever since to go back just to do that bit. 
Me Too 
I did go to Tham Lot in Thailand though, which was pretty cool - didn't seem as amazing as this though!

I'm kind of worried about how that dude's gonna get down off of that rock... 
Tron Movie In The Other Thread Reminded Me Of This 
thing some greek guys did in their basement in 2009...

Hiding simple things with generous effects can still look cool. 
Awesomely Tron-ish ;) 
thing some greek guys did in their basement in 2009...

click click click 
didn't finish watching, it started very promising up to the motorbike and weak guitars came into the picture 
Haven't Read This Yet, Maybe Someone Else Does And Will Comment? 
How Ugly Can It Get 
If cars were stroggified:

Studying US automobile design is not meant for the weak-eyed... 
The to the left is nice. 
Cave Videos

some of these videos are really cool. they're recording the interior of caves in nottingham with a laser scanner. 
that is awesome. i live near the castle; it's crazy to think i've walked past/above some of those hundreds of times not knowing of their existence. cheers for posting! 
i didn't know that kind of thing was possible. o.0

it even picked up the colours. 
Abandoned Russian Nuclear Silo 
....with A FEMALE S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 
Gorgeous pixel-art from the development of The Dig, warning, lots of images; 
Re: Stairs.

wtf is going on there? 
...not Sure What You Mean? 
They're just enclosed circular stairs. Albeit cool ones. Some of those pics are amazing though. I love the sheer style of the trees-into-railings. 
Amazing stair boxes :) 
Stair Boxes = Source Engine. 
Elusive Combine Technology. 
Czg Posted This In Chat 
was some of the most awesome architecture/industrial photography I have e....tits!

But seriously, that's 5 pages of awesome right there! 
That's Good Stuff. 
looks like that scene in Alien before Dallas buys it. 
It's My New Wallpaper 
What The..?? 
Is That 
a red army symbol on the ceiling? 
What/where the fuck is that? 
Makes Me Think Of 
Russian UFO's! 
strange encounters of the communist kind. 
That was one of the craziest!
there was a link in the comments on that blog (awesome find btw), apparently it's the house monument of the Bulgarian communist party: 
Here's More 
that's so fucking badass.
looks way cooler in the 1st shots though. 
More Of That Neogothic Physics-defying Stuff. 
I'm unsure if those sankakucomplex links NSFW so I will just not click them while I'm at work. 
"I will draw a huge, detailed and impossible city scape. Now... I can rest. No...wait... its missing something... ah! Yes, anime school girls within a millimeter of juicy pantie shots."

Might be petty but shit like that really takes me out of a picture. Not that western fantasy crap doesn't do it too. They draw a wonderful landscape, set a great atmosphere, then put in a crack-whore wearing what must be the world's most painful set of underwear.

Vote Giger etc etc. 
"I will draw a huge, detailed and impossible city scape. Now... I can rest. No...wait... its missing something... ah! Yes, anime school girls within a millimeter of juicy pantie shots."

Might be petty but shit like that really takes me out of a picture. Not that western fantasy crap doesn't do it too. They draw a wonderful landscape, set a great atmosphere, then put in a crack-whore wearing what must be the world's most painful set of underwear.

Vote Giger etc etc.

Quoted for truth. I used to be rather fond of the Anime style until it started cropping up all over the place. A few months back I was searching for good tutorials on creating character concept art and 99% of my results pointed to shitty off-scale line drawings with tiny cheerleader uniforms and giant watery eyes. I also recently visited a primary school and as I walked down the main corridor all the art boards were covered with anime faces drawn by the six and seven year olds, so I guess we can expect the same rinse and repeat rubbish for another eighty years at least.

Geoff Darrow Is Insane 
That's just bananas. 
For You Art Monsters Out There 
Bike Race In Chile 
Pretty awesome, limited visibility but it might inspire you 
That Looks Like 
The principal port town, Val Pariaso.

I like the 'stray dog' special event, perfect for games. There's strays all over the place in Chile in general. 
There's Actually A Game For The PlayStation2

There is a South America level but I'm not sure where it takes place. 
The Bike Race Movie 
Great stuff.

Some of the jumps looked pretty impressive and the sense of speed was there the whole way. 
Bulletstorm Concepts 
Some particle accelerator pr0n, awful quality thanks to sucky phone cam.

That's some of the shut-down HERA. 
Some particle accelerator pr0n

You weren't kidding 
How Can I Unsee That Now, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 
Appropiately that unit's purpose is to widen or tighten the "beam". 
Some Tech Ref

this is testing device for space equipment near moscow, russia 
Military Gun Bunker Of Old 
makes me want to play stalker again.
also, 2 and 27 are fantastic shots. 
Fuck You Ethan 
For Spirit ;)

Seriously though that's not far from where I live - about 20 minutes walk from my house infact :D 
Psygnosis Cover Art 
man I totally bum those old airbrushed covers. I'd love to see a game that tried to capture that style. Especially the alien landscapes. 
Headfooted Things Aka Cephalopods 
in an old book in the biodiversity library: 
For Cardo 
Pretty Awesome Indeed 
if a bit lacking in originality. 
the skill involved is impressive, but the theme not so much. :P
still, i'm in awe at all the detail the guy put in on all that stuff. 
Cthulhu Monster Blog 
Nice Find 
I need more time to read more lovecraft. 
Great Blog Name 
Great Subtitle 
"Eldritch Stygian Horror" 
i just found out from a work colleague that wollaton hall in nottingham will be used for exterior shots of the wayne manor in 'the dark knight rises'. couldn't find any official news verifying it but it's an awesome looking building and would seem like a great fit: 
Looks Nice 
Sure it isn't the same building they used in Begins? Looks almost identical :) 
i had to check! very similar style, different shape & setting though: 
Ahh Yes! 
The lack of huge motherfucking stairs infront of the house should have given it away :) Silly me 
That's Weird 
Because the stairs weren't burned down in Begins :D 
Those look like they could be really nice super meat boy levels. 
Just A Reminder 
I'm pretty sure I posted this before, but in case people forgot/missed it, this subreddit is pretty spectacular 
Castle Hexen 
Castle Hexen in Minecraft. 
That second picture needs moar statues. 
1st One Is Terrific! 
looks like a tronyn map 
First What Reminds Me Of This Wat: 
Me Too! 
I've been there, was trying to remember the name of it! 
I Was There Too 
around five years ago, it appears to be much more complete now from the google images than it was then. 
That mountain is tryuing to eat the castle 00 
(has idear.....) 
Castle In Cave 
It's in Slovenia. Damn missed it. Have to go back to that country for at least a week. 
Maybe This Will Inspire Your Mappery 
that is really fucking ugly :( 
I Want This In My Apartment 
There needs to be a monocle icon. 
It annoys me to think just one of those dusty old books is probably worth more money than everything I own. 
If you have some free time do dive into the game screenshots at

If I was making a game, I would hire this person to make screenshots. Gorgeous art. 
those shots are really good :D 
fucking awesome. 
Amon Tobin : Isam Live

An old buddy of mine from high school was one of the lead programmers on this. Super impressive stuff, fascinating technology. 
yeah, hope it's cool, i'm going to see it in october. 
that was amazing :) and he's coming to London! (if London hasn't torn itself apart by then :( ) 
These shots are awesome, despite they look like giant flying jellyfish... :P 
Doom And Architecture 
Came across this, figured might interest some here, not sure if its been posted before, too lazy to search : 
I've Seen That Elsewhere 
I skimmed over that but remember zero valuable information in the article, is there anything in there? 
yeah... i remember that article too. He went to a lot of effort to document stuff that he basically doesn't understand, so there's not much insight to be had. 
Playing Through Painkiller: Overdose 
Which isn't a very good game, but it is very pretty. I've been taking screenshots as I go through for my own reference, but if anyone else is interested here's my Steam folder. I haven't uploaded all of them yet.

My Steam Screenshots

Should just hire Necros and be done with it. 
i wouldn't even make it to the first milestone on a commercial team. 
also, those screens are beautiful. never played the expack. 
I have a load more shots btw will upload them soon. The game stresses the engine and crashes quite a bit (and load times are immense) :E

Also for some reason it stops taking screenshots after a while. Kinda annoying. The last level is pretty awesome though :) 
Been Watching And Looking At Big Mountains A Lot Recently 
I watched Everest B.T.L series 1, 2 and 3, Touching the Void, K2 the Ultimate High, Alive. During reading on google I found this:

Meant to be the most dangerous mountain of all. A lot of mountains are known in local folklore to be the homes of gods and evil spirits.

This is not the best reference, but it contains a load of names for Mount Everest, and their meanings:

Could be a good theme for a map - evil mountain spirit. Although I think Necros probably already won that one! 
Apparently 1 in 3 climbers to set foot on K2 die. 
Touching The Void 
complete madness! 
Ricky I would bet that 3/3 climbers to set foot on K2 die. Everything dies. :( 
I mean they die on their expedition. They go onto the mountain in that instance, and perish the very same trip. 1 in 3. That's a lot. The mortality rate for females climbing everest is (or was anyway) 100%. Something like five women atleast, all died. 
Not Everest, Sorry 
I meant to say K2. 
Sounds like they were dying to get up. 
... wins the honorary top-voted-Reddit-comment of the day 
High Altitude Mounaineering Is Crazy Shit 
At least the people doing it usually know the risks though. 
You mean I
made it to the top? 
Yeah But The Top Is Only The Half Way Mark 
80% of accidents happen during descent. 

*Tries to click upvote button* 
Chernobyl Pics 
And Obligatory HDR... 
got some nasty sharpening on most of them too, but i'll forgive it as it's more chernobyl porn for me ;) 
Sedlec Ossuary 
For those who don't know, Sedlec Ossuary is a very popular burial spot, so popular that bodies had to be exhumed to make room for new burials, and the bones of the deceased are used to decorate the place. 
Would be sweet if you could specify a design you wanted your own bones to be placed in.

"Could you arrange me in a sort of pile with five bones poking straight up? Make the middle one taller too." 
Waterfall Thing In Lebanon 
Seems to be called "The Balaa Pit" 
It's not much to look at right now, but with a little more drab and less lighting it could be a pretty cool area. 
"Now I feel poorer"<\q> 
Dude Makes Cs_italy For Lover 
Aluminium Plants In Russia 
Massive concept art dump, lots of which can be found at other places but still a cool thread 
If this doesn't look like a new FPS I don't know what does. 
a blog with lot`s of game related stuff, very nice illustrations and designs. 
The Biggest Battleships Ever Built 
Yamato and Musashi. Yamato museum in Kure city, Hiroshima prefecture.

AFAIK they used ship model kit greebles in Star Wars models. 
Cool Towers 
huh... looks like something out of minecraft. :P 
Fear Of Heights 

don't let me hang there.... 
You Are... 
... already living there man.... :( 
What If I My Keys Drop Down? 
That Looks Amazing!!! 
Really, really cool. Reminds me of Blood for some strange reason, possible the UI design. 
Old Armenian Church 
Wow that's like a Quake level in real life with inappropriate lighting. Nice find. 
Haven't read this yet, might be bollocks, might be good:

Anyways, be careful with that link. There are multiple game design related posts by different developers each day and you can lose a lot of time. 
read it and I recommend it if you care about boss monster design (should have mentioned the topic above). interesting tidbits. 
Nice Catch, Zwiffle 
I admire Giraud a long time. His strips are realy outragious, and cumbers on the edge of imagination. 
Is it bad that I look at that Armenian church and all I see is the over done HDR? 
MWH - Yes That Is Bad 
Zwiffle - the seamonster is one of the coolest pictures evar!!! 
I Dont Come Here Much Anymore 
but i found some concept art i thought you guys might like. 
Oh yeah I love that guy's art. :) I have his airship stuff on my phone, never saw that castle of the damned pic or whatever. That is awesome. 
very quake-ish i thought. 
Flooded Temple 
Diablo2 Act 3 Before The Last Dungeon 
Some More Moebius Oh, what would have been. Not that I don't totally dig Lynch's version of Dune
Great Site 
Nature's Jaws

Did you know that the moray eel actually has a second set of jaws 
Dunkleosteus Win 
Chartres Cathedral Roof 
Impressive !!! 
I Like Nature Wants To Eat You 
If it is not a fake, this is awesome... really beautiful ! 
Don't Look Faint To Me 
and almost Space Odessey! 
I Find This Inspiring 
Don't we all.

Just a bit of lighting reference I s'pose. 
Maybe More Lighting Ref 
Monster Design 
Storm shots are amazing...