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Halloween Map By Scragbait!
Hey, the contest that I attempted wasn't a complete failure: We've got a map by Scragbait to enjoy.


Note: I have not played the map yet, but when I have (likely tomorrow) I will post my comments on it. Happy blasting and murdering!
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Very Funny Map 
Great work, cool looking and cool fighting.
The gameplay is very funny, I enjoyed it a lot.

but as Morfans mentioned above killing shamblers using grenades isn't fun.

But overall this map rocks :) 

i really like it! scary and all... :)
i also think the house looked great on the outside! rarely do you see a map which has both the interior and exterior completly done. very cool! lighting was also good, nice and dark. there were a lot of vores... that's good, but bad at the same time. vores are boring to fight too much, because it's just duck and fire.
shamblers were good though in the basement... and the vores there were fun to fight. :) 
Outside Looked Very Cool 
the interiors were ok, lighting and texturing werent too my tastes but others seemed to like it so blah.

I'm a crap player so I died a lot on medium, but that's probably because my playstyle is the total opposite to Morfans', I just go in guns blasting and on maps like these, I get killed a lot. I think it was a bit oo cramped though, some more room would have definitely made it mor einteresting, especially with those bloody vores. Thank god there was no spawns though, you're not a totally sadistic bastard. 
Good little blast although not that scary, except the scrags outside did give me that feeling of "someone's trying to get in" so I must have been getting into the right mood.

Still, the most Halloween-esque thing I did yesterday, so thanks! 
The First Fiend 
scared the shit out of me. It jumped from a completely black corner and hit me in the face before I managed to get my DBS ready. Some furious fights here, great!

Too dark for my taste in some places, especially the cellar. I also had extreme luck at the end where I managed to telefrag a shambler by accident ...

Fun map Scrag, but seriously, why are you still using qbsp256 - or even TyrLite 0.5? The resulting sun_mangle vector that you used (45 10 0) seems odd for that version ... 
45 10 0?
doesnt that mean the sunlight would be cast upwards? 
Yes, In TyrLite 0.94 
it would mean 45 degrees yaw and 10 degrees positive pitch, i.e. sun/moon shining slightly upwards.

But in TyrLite 0.5 it means an (x y z) vector that, translated into 0.94 format, would be about (13 0 0). This means a slight 13 degrees yaw and zero pitch, i.e. sun/moon shining horizontally, along the ground.

That is why there is a shadow halfway up on the left side of the house that is caused by the leftmost surrounding wall.

Nothing wrong with it, it's just the actual numbers that got me wondering if it was intended that way ... 
Someone Put Me Out Of My Misery! 
It's like I've forgotten everything I knew (if I ever knew anything at all) but why can't I download this map?

I have DAP installed, which sees a 13.7K file , but it only downloads a corrupt .zip file. I am logged into Fileplanet.

If I right click and use Save As, DAP still tries to download it with the same result.

I know you are all finding this very funny and very obvious but can you share a little something with me please? 
I Find It Hard 
to believe that anyone finds FilePlanet "funny" but it usually works as expected. I'm using GetRight and I have to disable its click and clipboard monitoring in order to get FP to work. You must probably do something similar in DAP.

After getting the final small download window "Click here to begin download", you must reactivate DAP again. With GetRight I use right-click and then select download to get it started.

The trick is to prevent the download program from reacting too soon (when you select server). It's the same principle on other sites that has some specific download mechanism (queues, server selections etc). 
Yes, you are right. I had to de-integrate DAP with IE and remove it. The link then works as you describe.

Thanks, I'll now let my mum play it. 
i am looking forward to "for my babies 10" :p 
you can press ALT and click on the link, that will make DAP ignore download clicks. so do that for the windowr, then let go of alt and click on the download link. 
When you get to my age you will realise that time is no longer on your side. I just cannot afford the time to spend on Quake mapping. I really did enjoy it but was never quick enough to 'bash one out' (a euphemism probably best understood by English speakers). The Speed mappers freak me out - how can they do that in 100 minutes? Maps took me months, even when I was using 50% of someone elses.

My Babies have long flown the nest and other things now take priority. I visit these pages whenever I can to keep in touch and little comments such as yours actually mean quite a lot i.e. one is remembered.

Top marks for those who keep Quakin'. I am amazed that people keep it going, especially the new mappers - Quake is 7 years old!

It still has something to offer and I have not seen a game since that has ever matched the atmosphere that a good Quake level achieves. And make no mistake, there are some excellent games that have followed Quake. But just like a first kiss (OK, first shag) the next one never quite gives the same hightened level of expectation and fullfillment.

No, hang on. I'm going too far here. I just like the game, the monsters (see, they're monsters, not enemies, not game characters; they're MONSTERS) and the infinite variety of layout. My only regret is that there is a clear hard core of Quakers who sometimes lose sight of the fact that 'newbies' still exist and lash out with lots of unnecessary verbage.

I also see plenty of 'holier than thou' attitude, which I find hard to take when everone hides behind pseudonyms: I'm a "say it to my face" kind of person.

Anyway, to everyone out there, keep Quakin'. 
I slaute you for a post well made. 
that would have been better if I hadn't typo'ed; bleh, too much blood in my alcohol stream. 
Necros And Kell 
Necros: thanks, it works perfectly

Kell: made me laugh, thanks. 
Don't Worry MW 
your FMB series isn't forgotten. In fact, I'm just going through a lot of old maps (including yours) and check out the lighting to learn more about mapping and atmosphere.

I think there are a lot of Keen Pilgrims out there, ready for the next Ambush ... 
Thanks All... 
For the postings - I'm very pleased with how the map was received. It had the typical nits that go with a somewhat hurried job such as texture, lighting and gameplay shortfalls but I'm glad that for most posters it provided some enjoyable seasonal carnage.

The sun mangle was a straight stab at some numbers as a start with the intent to play with the values until I got a good dusk-like effect. It looked good enough that I left it but I'm sure a few more tries would improve the look. I wanted to maintain the effect that did occur with the indoor lights casting some cool window outlines onto the lawn. For that reason the ground floor was somewhat overlit.

I'm thinking of recompiling a version for Shambler that has all vores on hard - a similar approach as I took for easy skill. He seems to want it pretty bad but I may have to wait until my QToo work is finished first. 
Good Fun Scragbait 
I am in the college and I cannot download the map but the picture gave me desire for throwing me on this map dice which I will be at home!!! 
Do You Think 
he means 'try his luck' ? 
he's planning to release an army of demonic dice on the map to beat it for him! 
thinking of AM ALice, crustacean 
I think he's going to design a bot to beat the map using quantum path finding. 
Nice !!! 
nice =) 
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