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Halloween Map By Scragbait!
Hey, the contest that I attempted wasn't a complete failure: We've got a map by Scragbait to enjoy.


Note: I have not played the map yet, but when I have (likely tomorrow) I will post my comments on it. Happy blasting and murdering!
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First Post, Hehe 
I played the map last night at 3am since I couldn't sleep. I thought it was very good, the most fun I've had playing Q1SP in a long time. It isn't a huge or spectacular map (though the outside is impressive), but it is neat, tidy, and well-designed, and gets the most combat-milage out of the space there is. This map reminded me of why Q1SP is so much fun - moody settings, interesting combat, exploration, and great atmosphere. It carries on the inside/outside coordination seen in Scragbait's estate, and though the text says the texture choices aren't good, I found them interesting and attractive, and the unconventionality of it I thought was good.

All in all, great map with nice areas, texturing, and good combat. 
'Twas fun. 
fun? its HARD!!
on normal skill its near impossible to finish! i had to do impulse 9 ; god in the roof. i still didnt play it on easy skill but it seems hell easy.. btw the rest is nice ;) 
Can you please tweak this map and re-release it WITH MORE BLOODY VORES IN PLEASE AS THERE WEREN'T ENOUGH ALREADY!!

Cool map, makes very good use of it's size and a novel idea. The combat got a bit wearing towards the end though, I RJed out of the roof and used fullbright in the cellar. 
Nice One 
That was fun :) Like Shambler says, good use of limited space. The pace ups pretty quick but its all manageable - ammo & health arrive just in time. Only gripe was the sticky clipping hull in the attic. Now I just need to figure out how to set those voreballs on the trick & treaters tonight >:) 
Morfans Demo 
On the Halloween thread, Morfans posted a demo of what looks like his 1st run through the map. He played on Nightmare and to my utter amazement finished without dying. Please try my map first before viewing this demo but Morfans played it very much as it was meant to be played - he used cover well - he progressed cautiously - he played aggressive where it counted and he was very deliberate in saving supplies where possible and going back to pick them up when needed. Awesome demo. His playing style is very similar to my own and I could see how he put survival first (as I do when recording beta test demos.)

From all my testing, Fall Cleaning seemed almost too easy after awhile but such is the case for the builder. Shambler's thread about difficulty brings up all the issues on trying to find the balance between challenge and frustration.

Sorry about the sticky attic gable but the whole house geometry would be disrupted to readjust this. I put the message in to let players know that the GK was in reach. This is a nit I knew about.

For sure the map did need more tweaking but who'll be trick-or-treating on Nov 1st?

For those that find normal and hard too frustrating - try easy and take out your anger on those hapless grunts. Difficulty levels where used to please as many of you as possible.

Thanks for the feedback. 
Vores Arouse Me. 
Thanks for the kind words above, Scragbait. Noone has ever called one of my demos "awesome" before :-) On to the map...

A very nice piece of work, if I might say so, with good exploration at the start and even though the rest of the map contained a lot of backtracking it was always obvious where you were supposed to go.

Criticisms? The sticky attic walls as mentioned above and a slight lack of ammo around the GL on Nightmare. Killing a shambler using just grenades is never fun.

Very atmospheric, very tense. Great fun.

On the vague off chance you're remotely interested here's a crappy Nightmare Run in 2:21 and an even crappier Easy Run in 1:40. The Nightmare one is much better and more interesting. 
Its A Very Very Good And Cool Map 
Its a cool map man but its very hard maybe to hard? 
It's A Good Map 
and it isn't that hard
i didn't get killed there
i killed everyone there istead
scragbait u rok! 
Nice Piece Of Work, Scragbait! 
Goood Rockin' map! On the design side, I (personally) don't like Quake levels too much Real Life (tm) Looking, but this was very well constructed and functional. I absolutely loved the gameplay,had lots of fun driving monsters against each other as they spawned (man, those Vores!!!)! The Cellar was tough!!! I always tend to waste ammo, so I had to telefrag a Shambler to get out of there... U rock, all the way! 
Thumbs Up 
I enjoyed, it Scragbait. Maybe you used too many different textures, but it ended up looking alright. I thought the exterior was great; it reminded me of the haunted mansion level in Enclave.

I thought it was a little too cramped, but it never was a real problem except in the gold key room (attic). I played on Hard and ran out of ammo once just after I opened the silver-key door, but that was the only problem I had with ammo. I just waited for the Shambler to wander elsewhere, and then jumped in, grabbed some nails, and jumped out before he could attack. I found the secret and explored all the areas, too. There may have been just a little too much health, but I think having too much health is better than too much ammo.

Anyway, thanks for the map! 
Oh And... 
Put more vores in next time, just to please Shambler.

Seriously, there were lots of vores, but I wouldn't say there were too many. 
Great Map 
I was very impressed by the outside, looks
cool and very moody.
Gameplay is quite tough,but its ok, much better
than if its too easy.I had some difficulties at
the silver key door; had no ammo so i had to pass the vore to get some.It was also the best part, the scrags sniping through the windows,
I felt totally surrounded. :)
Great map ! 
Very Funny Map 
Great work, cool looking and cool fighting.
The gameplay is very funny, I enjoyed it a lot.

but as Morfans mentioned above killing shamblers using grenades isn't fun.

But overall this map rocks :) 

i really like it! scary and all... :)
i also think the house looked great on the outside! rarely do you see a map which has both the interior and exterior completly done. very cool! lighting was also good, nice and dark. there were a lot of vores... that's good, but bad at the same time. vores are boring to fight too much, because it's just duck and fire.
shamblers were good though in the basement... and the vores there were fun to fight. :) 
Outside Looked Very Cool 
the interiors were ok, lighting and texturing werent too my tastes but others seemed to like it so blah.

I'm a crap player so I died a lot on medium, but that's probably because my playstyle is the total opposite to Morfans', I just go in guns blasting and on maps like these, I get killed a lot. I think it was a bit oo cramped though, some more room would have definitely made it mor einteresting, especially with those bloody vores. Thank god there was no spawns though, you're not a totally sadistic bastard. 
Good little blast although not that scary, except the scrags outside did give me that feeling of "someone's trying to get in" so I must have been getting into the right mood.

Still, the most Halloween-esque thing I did yesterday, so thanks! 
The First Fiend 
scared the shit out of me. It jumped from a completely black corner and hit me in the face before I managed to get my DBS ready. Some furious fights here, great!

Too dark for my taste in some places, especially the cellar. I also had extreme luck at the end where I managed to telefrag a shambler by accident ...

Fun map Scrag, but seriously, why are you still using qbsp256 - or even TyrLite 0.5? The resulting sun_mangle vector that you used (45 10 0) seems odd for that version ... 
45 10 0?
doesnt that mean the sunlight would be cast upwards? 
Yes, In TyrLite 0.94 
it would mean 45 degrees yaw and 10 degrees positive pitch, i.e. sun/moon shining slightly upwards.

But in TyrLite 0.5 it means an (x y z) vector that, translated into 0.94 format, would be about (13 0 0). This means a slight 13 degrees yaw and zero pitch, i.e. sun/moon shining horizontally, along the ground.

That is why there is a shadow halfway up on the left side of the house that is caused by the leftmost surrounding wall.

Nothing wrong with it, it's just the actual numbers that got me wondering if it was intended that way ... 
Someone Put Me Out Of My Misery! 
It's like I've forgotten everything I knew (if I ever knew anything at all) but why can't I download this map?

I have DAP installed, which sees a 13.7K file , but it only downloads a corrupt .zip file. I am logged into Fileplanet.

If I right click and use Save As, DAP still tries to download it with the same result.

I know you are all finding this very funny and very obvious but can you share a little something with me please? 
I Find It Hard 
to believe that anyone finds FilePlanet "funny" but it usually works as expected. I'm using GetRight and I have to disable its click and clipboard monitoring in order to get FP to work. You must probably do something similar in DAP.

After getting the final small download window "Click here to begin download", you must reactivate DAP again. With GetRight I use right-click and then select download to get it started.

The trick is to prevent the download program from reacting too soon (when you select server). It's the same principle on other sites that has some specific download mechanism (queues, server selections etc). 
Yes, you are right. I had to de-integrate DAP with IE and remove it. The link then works as you describe.

Thanks, I'll now let my mum play it. 
i am looking forward to "for my babies 10" :p 
you can press ALT and click on the link, that will make DAP ignore download clicks. so do that for the windowr, then let go of alt and click on the download link. 
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