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Monster Artwork
I was just thinking about how underworldfan's site has those drawings (by Ogro?) of Quake monsters. I've drawn game monsters on occasion as well. What if we had an event where you draw a monster then scan it, and we post them all somewhere?

One rule should be, you shouldn't have to explain what monster it's supposed to be, heh.
Time frame, 2-3 weeks maybe?
Stupid idea?
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I'm game, and I know there's enough ex-mapper drawing artfags (HI BAL!) in #terrafusion that you'll probabally find plenty of interest.

Here's a non-Quake monster by me: 
*maybe*. If you can convince me to draw again, it's frustrating. 
and here's an idea... rather than make this a contest or event or whatever with a time limit... let's just do some drawings for this thread as long as it's on list... no reason to limit to time to draw something, and with people posting any sketchs or whatever, others will get interested. 
Hey Scampie 
that's a good idea. I'll post some soon. 
OHNO! (let's Try This Again...) 
do shambler next, do shambler next! 
oh no! it's an orgy!!! 
Wonder Why Is No One From Tf Posting Any Drawings On Qmap 
I'll Show You Why 
Another Reason

funny angular head non-monster goodness! 
Vagrant Story... 
...had some awesome monsters in it that I'd love to see in Quake. One of them was a full suit of armor with nobody in it - carrying an awesome sword, too. Not to mention the various beasts and phantoms. 
And Funny Ogre 
Good Stuff Speedy 
at least some one is taking it seriously, unlike the DEMON-PUSHPLAY!!!! 
That'll teach me to try my best at something.

/me commits seppuku 
you be teh quiet, we're having fun. put up or shut up i always say. 
Accidentally Noticed This Over At Doomworld Forums 
These Guys Have You All Beat 
*** These are not created by me, but some very talented artists at forums where I used to reside at ***

Super Mario Bro's Toad:

DooM Cyberdemon: 
that last shot is awesome 
That Lost One's Been Modeled 
I saw it at the polycount boards. 
One Funny Death Knight 
i could host these pictures at my site. 
Here Comes Funny Vore 

uwf: that's a good idea 
Vore Experiment 
That last pic supports the theory that the vore was a genetic accident caused by chicken breeders trying to get an extra drumstick 
the things they hurl at the player? Eggs? 
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