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Grindill 2.0 Released
I have just released a new Q3A level entitled "Grindill 2.0". Has the look of an industrial base set inside a mountain during an approaching storm. Gameplay offers a few new ideas and twists to keep things fresh and fast. Good for 2-8 FFA or 2v2 Team DM.

Website and screens:
Download Fileplanet:
Mirror (thanks Hex):
From a visual standpoint, this map has a lot of nice little touches. The sky is one of the best i've seen in Quake3. Great use of high lightmap density for light coming through grates. Solid structure, nice angles. I have some small complaints about his build techiques, like his angled trims ( ) and he has some ugly LOD cracks on his pipes, but overall it's good. Oh, and i hate when people have a beam coming out of a light fixture, but the beam is the size of the entire polygon instead of the light emitting part (the frame should not be glowing!) 
Since you posted it yourself and read the board, i guess i could have directed those comments at you directly instead of talking about you the third person. Sorry :) 
To Quote Metlslime, "Nice" 
Good job. I haven't played it, but I was impressed with the visuals. Nice use of lighting, and the detailing is great -- especially considering the low r_speeds. My own nitpicks are that the water looks like it could have been tweaked to look a little better, plus what metlslime said about the entire light polygon having the light beam. I didn't notice any bugs. 
brushwork and detailing, very nice and beilevable indoor/outdoor transition. Also a "different" use of the HH3 textures for once is quite wlecome.

playwise, I've only played bots but it's enjoyable. The layout could produce some very good 2v2 or 3v3 matches though with all those pipes and dead ends.

Minor quibbles, you didnt clip some of the lower cliff ledges so if you fall on some (like ones near the bottom of RL cliff), you dont die. Also, some ledges near the top are clipped, when it may have been better not to clip those to allow some tricks. 
Good Map 
I think the layout is great. Looks good too. Best waterfall I've ever seen. There's a place or two around the pipes in the outdoor area where you can get yourself stuck in a pit and not be able to get out. Little things like that hurt an otherwise great map. 
Best Waterfall.. 
my favorite is the one in Mr. Clean's "Kihahu." Becuase it's flowing over that big rock, it's easier to make it look good. 
yeah I was going to say that too, the brown rock under the clear water really looked a lot better. Not that this one isnt good, the water texture itself could have used some more work though. 
The Devil Inside 
i imagine you lemmings running over the cliffs just to find the one unclipped spot... bwahaha, jump, my little servants!

nice visuals, no competetive gameplay. 
what about TeamDM? I think it could work quite well in CPMA TDM. 
for the comments. I'll admit, the gameplay isn't for everyone. I'm not much of a competitive-type player like CPMA, one reason it's not geared towards that :) 

This map is everything you'd want visually from an industrial map. Hanging pipes, cool grates, neat light effects... Plus the excellant water bits. Great job. The construction of the map is good, even if it's built without mitred corners that metlslime pointed out. I also noticed the LOD cracks on some of the angled pipe bits.

But, I felt the layout a bit dull, mostly because it's all just long drawn out halls with only a few areas to jump down onto other players... couple that with a few areas to go back up and it just becomes a one dimensional hall shooter.

Overall it's a great map. Look forward to more Quaker-X. 
Wasn't this session supposed to take place on Sunday? Then scampie said he'd host a Saturday "pre-session" for people that couldn't make Sunday's. But... yeah. How can you put Sunday's maps in the pack if you release it before they're built? 
Oops, Wrong Thread! 
Nice Map! 
I had Quaker-X 's babies you know 
The screenshot look very nice ... Test 
those that delicious little red X is so defining of a great map 
works for me. 
ignore pope... it sounds like he's drunk in all his recent posts here. 
lol, I have to agree after reading some of his other posts. 
Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg ! 
When I see that I don't want to make map anymore: this map is so beautiful that I am impressed by it, continuous Quaker-X I will be with return for your next map ;) I especially liked the water falls and the shape of the corridors 
Why would you not want to map more when someone does something 'better'? Just another goal to shoot for when mapping. 
this map is very beautifull , the work in order to make a same map is very huge !!! 
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