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GM3Tourney1 Released
I've just finished a small q3a tourney map specifically designed for cpma. It uses Lunaran's mkoxide textures and was actually 99% finished & tested nearly a year ago but I got distracted & never completed it at the time.

It's called 'Until the Next Life' & hopefully it plays & looks okay!

Screens here:

Download here:
very nice map glassman!
nice detailing/lighting/texset ;)
a pity there is no ambient sounds tho... 
Reminds me alot of cpm1a in the layout... I'll play someone on this if anyone is game? 
Good Map 
I liked the yellow lights. They definitely kept the map from being too brown or too consistent. I didn't notice that the ambient sounds were missing, but now that I see Von mention it I think it would have helped. Maybe a nice hum with a little water splashing. 
CPMA Folks 
dont like ambient sounds.

Killer map glassman, I've been waitig a year to play it since I lost the beta in a HD crash. 
Ambient Sounds 
Sound cues are vital, particularly in a duel - ambient sounds can be distracting. It is a pity but there it is. Anyway, on repeated playing of a map, I find that looping sounds can sometmes become irritating.

Thanks for the comments. 
Fuck CPM as an excuse, given that there's an option to turn off ambient sounds 
I think working through that distraction should be seen as a skill. 
Poor creavtivity... it had so much to live for before big bad CPMA came along! 
I Dont Get One Thing 
whats CPMa about this map ?
doest it mean you cant play it in q3, is there green armor or item flags for different play modes? 
Well, there's an mh you can't reach in standard q3 without at least a pj. 
being a bit harsh arent we? Especially considering its one of those rare maps that looks great and the so called 'hardcore' players like at the same time. 
I was kidding. :D

This is an excellant map, my only complaint being that the yellow colored lights in the water are too bright. Would have rathered them a bit more of an orange color.

The texture alignment with curves and angled brushes on the ceilings is excellant stuff... true mapper porn :D

Good map glassman. 
...your on!

im so sick of the standard maps, I need this freshness

mmmmm delisio 
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