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New Skybox For Quake3&2: Jajsundown1
A pretty beautiful sundown in the middle of the ocean. I hope you like it and use it. To see a preview, download it in q3 tga, q3 jpeg, or quake2 format, and see wallpaper versions in 800x600 and 1024x768, check out the skies page:
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There aren't many gold and brown based skyboxes out there. I assume you made it with terragen, how much effort did it take? I'm looking to include a couple new skyboxes with my next release of Quad ( ) whenever it comes out, do you mind if I include this one? 
nice :)
Do you use the registered version of TG? I wouldn't mind having a nosey at your .tgw files for that one... 
You have some nice skyboxes there. Thanks!

If only fileplanet weren't loaded to the brim... 
Pushplay: This skybox in particular took me a lot of time, first until i got what i wanted, i had to see many weird results at the beginnings, and secondly the render times were impossible, i had to render the sky part on my very ancient computer and the sea part was to be rendered on an another computer of a friends, a p4 with 1gb ram, i think it took about 6 hours to render each picture! and even more for the down shot.
Then i had to make some unavoidable and necessary retouches in photoshop.
It worths the effort i think :).
Of course, you can include it, i'd be very glad.

Kell: Thanks man!, i like your skyboxes too, they are really beautiful.
For the moment i don't think to release the tgw files (the ones i still have :)), understand me, it's hard for me, they are my babies :). Hmmmmm i'll see what i'll do.

Wazat: Aah Fileplanet... i had some difficulties to upload them all, but honestly it was a bit my fault too... too late at night... with a lot of caffeine in my veins...

Again, Thanks everybody! 
Thanks Jaj ! 
I had just imagine there is a few day a map style oil station, Your sky will be quite useful for me, moreover this is not the first jajsky that I uses! =) And as usual I am never desapointed by your work! 
Cool, i'm waiting to see that oil station, sounds interesting :). 
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