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Another SDA Movie!
It is my great pleasure to inflict upon you all the third in our recent series of Quake Speedrunning Movies... The Dimension Of the Gibbed!

This is the longest, the bloodiest and by far the stupidest movie we have ever done, but I had great fun making it and I hope you'll have just a little entertainment watching it.

It's available as a .pak as well as a sparkly .avi for those of you who, like me, prefer to watch these things using one of those "engines" you read about.

Enjoy. Because life's too short not to...
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"as well as a sparkly .avi for those of you who, like me, prefer to watch these things using one of those "engines" you read about." mean it's availible in .avi for all the people who don't have Quake anymore but may watch it if it's in a non-Quake format. Anyone can (I assume, unless some odd engine breaks compatibility) watch it in whatever engine they want with the .pak.

At least it's in a good format so I don't have to look at "pretty" (read ugly) effects. 
I appreciate the humor in this one. I get sick of rocket jumps after a while. 
Have to say, nice run and film. Enjoyed the extra Vore hunt plot and all the extra little bits of humor, very well done. :D

Would look forward to episode 2,3, and 4 runs if you were to make them. 
not bad at all! very entertaining, and i'd look forward to more runs as well. :)

the sparkly .avi version isn't half bad either. thank god there aren't any of the stupid textures in there, and i like model interpolation. :) 
It's available as a .pak as well as a sparkly .avi for those of you who, like me, prefer to watch these things using one of those "engines" you read about.

If i prefer to watch it using an "engine," why wouldn't i use the pak file? Unless your engine can play AVIs. 
Nevermind. The sentence is ambiguous and i read it the way you didn't intend. 
Ambiguous? Moi?

I do sometimes try to talk in spirals, it gives the reader that little sense of challenge and achievement when he/she makes it to the end of the sentence with their mind intact. 
Some top demos as always, and some parts of the subplot/cutscenes actually made me laugh out loud! Suberbly put together movie... nice job Morfy & SDA :-)

Hope you'll do the pak thing in future too, saved alot of time & space on my HD.. hell if i wanted sparkly graphics it'd probably take less time searching for the engine myself & running the pak in it :-p 
Very Nice 
Those people doing those runs are really good, I didn't think most of those things done possible. 
Well done SDA runners, it was educational and entertaining to watch. I doubt you can ask for more! (maybe dinero) 
robert de niro? 
You Talkin To Me? 
Are YOU talkin to me? 
A Good Plan Today 
is better than a perfect plan tomorrow. 
This Is This 
This ain't something else. This is this. 
I Yam What I Yam 
And that's all the I yam. 
You Can Get Farther With A Kind Word And A Gun 
than you can with just a kind word. 
need celebrity voice actors.... 
10 Years For Impersonating A Fed Huh? 
how come no one's after you? 
This Whole System Of Yours Could Be On Fire 
and I couldn't even turn on a kitchen tap without filling out a 27 B 6. 
I Think 
someone should just take this city and just...flush it down the fuckin' toilet 
It was a way we had over here of living with ourselves - we'd chop 'em in half with a machine gun and then give 'em a bandaid. It was a lie. And the more I saw of them, the more I hated lies 
I Got These Small Hands 
I got a little girl's hands 
We Can't Stop Here! 
This is bat country. 
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