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Playing The Maps We Make
As some of you may have noticed, I don't just [pretend to] map, I play quakeworld and cpm. But, alot of mappers don't really play the games that they make maps for. So I was wondering if anyone would be interested in pooling some money together to get a dedicated "#terrafusion" Quakeworld and/or CPMA server online. Since the demise of zzjohnzz's server on his adsl connection, we haven't had a place to play our maps. If we have our own server, we can upload all the custom maps we want, and play whatever mods we like (within reason, this depends on the host). I really have no idea about what companies/servers are good, so if anyone would suggest some ideas that would be great. There is also the issue of the ocean; perhaps we'll need a server on each continent, or maybe a really fast one on east coast USA or west coast europe.

Just makes sense to me to play the maps we make!
I'm prepared to coordinate billing, if you guys can handle letting go of a couple bucks a month. Prices for a 16 player Quake3 server go for around 60-80 USD per month. 
how you gonna collect? paypal? 
The better question is: how much interest is there really? I'd maybe play on this server once or twice a month. If that. 
true that. 
Interest Take Two 
Wrath: yes i suppose, paypal would work, although i know that is insecure... im not worried about collecting money so much right now as i am about actually seeing if anyone gives a shit

scampie: I know we have quake players in the qmap community, but maybe you dont count as one; im trying to satisfy the people who play AND map. 
if there were about 8-10 peeps on at around 10-11 pmest I would play this almost nightly. I'd be willing to let go of $5 monthly for something like this, as long as the quality threshold for getting new maps on isnt too high.

id rather it be vanilla q3 than cpma though 
>id rather it be vanilla q3 than cpma though

I think most people on this board will agree with you on that one. :) 
As Above 
me too. No offense, but I don't really want to connect every night just for the privilage of being owned by inertia at CPMA :P Besides, I play CTF mostly. 
To be honest, I do get more fun out of mapping than I do playing. The main element of fun for me is the "exploration" end of a good FPS, and that in turn makes me want to map ;) More to the point, wouldn't it just be cheaper to organize gaming meets so many times per month and let someone with a good connec host? I mean, if there is that much of an interest, mebbe you could set up a thread or just a post about playing when and the details. That way everyone who is interested can make a note and hoepfully get involved. 
Good idea biff, we could have a new sticky thread for that perhaps? I wouldn't play regular enough to warrant dishing out for a server, tho a dedicated server would be nice 
Problem Is.. 
if you're mapping SP you know how it's going to turn out when you play it. If you're mapping MP you have the upper hand at first becuase you know the layout. This sometimes killed the fun of mapping for me. 
Knowing the layout of one's own MP map is and advantage - for about 27 seconds. If your MP skills are less than your opponents', being the author of the map in which you're fighting is not an advantage. 
Hey, Biff, I love mapping for that reason too - exploration. I guess alot you guys _dont_ play what you map, and thats fine. There's enough casual play that I have opponents/teammates most hours of the day from #tf now anyway :) And just having some sweet person host a server would work too. 
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