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Speedmap Pack 57
Speedmap event 57 just ended and we have 9 maps to prove it! This week's theme was Episode 3 / Runic. One week left in our 'Four Seasons of Quake' Megatheme!

Total quality this week from czg, Distrans, Hrimfaxi, Leviathan, Moz, RPG, Xenon, PuLSaR, and myself!

You can download it here:

[edit: added PuLSaR]
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??? Scampie 
Why didn't you mention me in list here??? 
scampie is an elitist idbase CPMA box-map mapper. 
stupid vikings. 
speedmaps sucks 
Good Pack 
I especially like Xen's 
sm57_hrim in 6 secs, can anyone do it in 5?
sm57_lev in 26 secs, definately improvable
sm57_moz in 5 secs, optimum. 
WWWoowowowow! Guys!! This is awesome!!!! As long as I can remember, there's never been such a high medium quality in a speedmappack! And I played them all!!(SP, that is...) This really deserves great kudos!!!! When I play a map, I usually rate it, just to remember which one is worth replaying, so these are my votes for SM57 (as if someone gives a flyin s**t):
Xen, Scampie, Rpg, Czg, Distrans, all got 10+... these maps are a true pleasure to play!!
Pulsar and Hrim got 9... just because of the small size, awesome work nonetheless... Moz got 6&1/2 for the mindless carnage (didn't find the keys and rocketjumped to the end...) and finally lev only got 5 because of the way too small amount of ammo(you don't ever want to enter a roomfull of Shambs with only your "trusty" axe), appreciated greatly the "all dark" idea tough... Anyways great piece of job, guys, y'all!!! Packs like these make me hope one of these days I'll get off my lazy ass and learn some Quake Level Editing at last.... 
talking of speed... 
Oh Shi 
fuck, sorry Pulsar, missed you when submitting the news. 
As For My Comments 
An outstanding pack this week.

Czg's map was awesome, as always.

Distrans' map was a cool tip of the hat to the Wind Tunnel map in standard q3. I kept having difficulties with the 2 shamblers near the SNG. A little armor there would have helped.

Hrimfaxi's map was my favorite from the pack, only wished for a bigger map based on the same idea. Nice work.

Leviathan's map didn't have enough ammo, but made up for it in Quad's, Megahealth's, and Lightglobes in a fullbright map.

Moz's map was short and just your standard 'give the player a Quad and let them have at it' map. Still looking for the keys...

Pulsar's map is another of my faves from the week, even if I forgot to mention him in the news update. :D Biggest complaint here is that parts of the grateing over to lava are wide enough for the player to fall thru... and they're not clipped. Just gotta watch your step going down the hall toward the silver key.

RPG's map was well made and looked cool, but was short. Still a good map to play.

Xenon's map was pretty cool, some nice architecture and a neat outdoor area. No complaints.

My own map was blinky. Think I did well seeming as I'm totally crap at making SP maps. 
you suck 
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