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Speedmap Pack 57
Speedmap event 57 just ended and we have 9 maps to prove it! This week's theme was Episode 3 / Runic. One week left in our 'Four Seasons of Quake' Megatheme!

Total quality this week from czg, Distrans, Hrimfaxi, Leviathan, Moz, RPG, Xenon, PuLSaR, and myself!

You can download it here:

[edit: added PuLSaR]
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The Silent... 
Those scores are percentages, right?? 
Those scores are percentages, right??

Bitch :-p

I thought this pack was great. Anxious to see what the mega-episode turns out like with drafts like these, all were great imho except Moz's and Lev's.. and even they were neat for mindless gibbage fun.

Distrans' was my fav.. especially considering it was his first speedmap (i think)

Von & pushplay can also fack off 
Better And Better ... 
The latest SM pack continues the excellent trend of nice, small maps with fun gameplay.

My favourites were distrans' (really fun end arena combat with the four vores), czg's/pulsar's (both pretty tough) and hrimfaxi's (a bit too easy in the end due to monster positioning).

IMO, the only difference between these maps and "real" maps are the reduced size. Quality material, for sure.

Leviathan's would be a lot better if the ammo he added in the editor actually could be loaded in the engine. I also had to take on 4 shamblers with just a quad axe and reduced health ... Leaky map and fullbright didn't help either; I guess restricted time frame is at fault here.

Moz's map carried on in the same tradition of hoard/quad combat. Too bad both keys seemed to be missing and the exit was easily accessible without any effort at all (speed run, anyone?).

RPG's was also good but lacked a better weapon at the end combat (if you didn't find the secret). Also, very difficult to get 100% kills due to the elevator forcing the player into the exit portal too quickly.

Scampie's was fun too. No, you don't make crappy SP maps but pleeaase add the "-tjunc" compiler option ...

Xen's map was the only one with a larger outdoor area which is always nice. But why not use sunlight instead of delay 3 saturated lighting?

I just hope the next and last part of the episode theme isn't the last one to inspire mappers to such good results. 
check for my post upwards, I did 3 demos, among them was moz's map in 5 secs. I'll post the demos if someone's interested. 
The usual bollox, conveniently subdivided into:

- Those who blatantly cheated.

- Those who blatantly cheated and had shite gameplay.

- Those who obviously didn't cheat because their maps sucked so much.

Still, the excellent theme provided some minor relief from the tedium. 
Well, Shambler.... 
....I don't seem to get what you mean.... Those numbers mean that I rate (for my very personal taste and use) most of the maps of sm57 10/10, which is to say that I'll return to play these maps agin 'cause I liked them a whole lot....
And, not being a mapper and not really knowing how long it takes to refine such maps, if someone cheated I really would't have noticed...
BTW I think this is a good occasion to let u know that Your site is sorely missed and has been a major turn on for me to the world of Quake, thanks for that.... 
stop the hate

(these sucked actually) 
sm57_czg in 10 secs(not optimal):

sm57_moz in 5 secs, both nightmare and easy. optimal.

sm57_hrim in 6 secs. Can anyone do it faster, my fastest is 6.17 secs. 
How the hell do you do that jump on sm57_czg, I've tried over and over again, I made it once by sorta left starfing at the wall but what do you do after that? Keep strafing right? 
I Am Teh Ch3373r... 
Ripped out the .wad
Ripped off the theme
Ripped into the layout
Ripped up the time limit

...and had a ripping good time. I'm glad some people enjoyed ripping through it.

No sm58 for me, but expect an Insomnia/Q2 rip-off for the Turtlemap. 
Damn! These are coming out fast. Sweet. I'm going to put this in my Quake and frag it. 

start that. I've played the damned game so long I don't consciously think about how I'm doing it.

I strafe at an angle, then jump. 
Inertia/xen/other Capitalists 

Rebel scum Vondur 
Distrans The Ripper 
You might have ripped the whole thing - But you did it soooo good! 
You bet it, Distrans!!! We're waiting for more!!! We wouldn't mind a full scale, full blown, Takeaslongasitneedsmapping effort either..... Soooooo good! 
A Few Questions 
When is next speedmapping event? What theme is it? How long do you get? Is it SP only? Is there a website? Can I enter a map? What colour underwear am I wearing right now? 
Ack! Ack-Ack! 
Saturday. Episode 4. 100 minutes. No. No. I suppose so. Perv. 
Repeating What Kell Said In Detail. 
Yes Saturday, at 4pm Eastern Standard time. Timelimit is 100 mins, but it's loosely enforced. No, it's not SP only, but most people have been making SP maps for these last few themes. Speedmapping almost always is open gametype, unless theme dictates otherwise. There IS a website, but I've not bothered to work on it/get it proper done. is currently just a mirror of Paul's older speedmap site and packs. I'll be getting it together soon. Of course you can enter a map, either join the IRC channel at #speedq1 on at the time of the live event, or email me a map at . This week's theme is going to be Episode 4/Elder World, as the last 3 weeks have been the other episodes of Quake. Starbuck or myself annouce upcoming events every Weds/Thurs in the General Annoucement thread, so watch there in the future.

I'd wager to bet your underwear WAS white, but is not yellow from excitement now that you know how to enter the speedmap event! 
Er... And To Clarify: 
If you plan to email a map, I suggest doing it earlier in the week, as I release the pack as soon as all the mappers get me their stuff at the irc event. 
boxers so can't see the yellow. 
but it's there! 
whats a speedmap? 
I vote that czg be banned from all future speedmaps. He is too good.

This comment applies to sm56_czg as well. 
The Silent: ...patience pilgrim, curves take a bit longer. 
laugh and a half 
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