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Who Is The Hottest, P0rkworthiest, Mapper??
Votes please ladies and yeah ah um whatever.

Pictures please. No use just guessing.

I reckon Peej* is in with a chance. Maybe Bal** too with teh goatee of do0m.

* okay so I guess we're including ex-mappers.

** as in really, really ex-mappers.
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I'd Say Blackpope
Kawaaaiiiiii !!!!!!!!1!!!11
Lacey Macey 
Note his tiny little hands; good for better mouse control. 
I refuse to show a picture of myself until you post one of yourself.

Is that actually blackpope? I kinda guessed that he was a guy? 
Same Here 
the pic of shambler first! 
pic of shambler first :) 
Pic. Now. 
Pi. N. 
I guess this thread backfired. 
That is a guy, bbrrrr. Looks like Marilyn Manson after rehab. 
Yeah Right 
...I'm not a mapper. Ergo, my picture is entirely irrelevant. Nice try, Shambler quad-rails through the lot of you :P 
are you p0rkworthy? 
Well.. Might As Well Set The Ball Rolling :-p 
Blackpope Is Still Porkier 
My Old Arch Enemy, Warren Marshall

He is a level designer and other sordid tasker at Epic Games. Damn that piercing Byronic gaze! Damn those gorgeous locks! 
Damn that brooding, Jim Morrison like chin! Damn those crystaline clear eyes that belong in better quality anime! 

What a swell party that was... 
1993 -- the year that made the flannel shirt industry a fortune. 
Gib... better believe it, baby!

Anyway, this ain't a thread to get anyone (not just me) to post pictures when they don't really want to, I respect if people don't. Of course, you're not a contender then, but no worries. It's more if there's a public pic already available...

On that subject, I nominate Vondur in the "frightening but stylish" category. 
/me Nominates Fatty For Most Awesome Hat 
at present Sandy Peterson has my vote for hottest mapper, and even if he doesn't win, he'll always have my heart 
I've yet to collect decent pics of many mappers, but I do have several (topless) shots

but i vote for NANOSPAWN 
And Some Bal Footage 
in case someone needs something to help base their votes on

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