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Quake V Brainstorm
Quake 1 remade in a new engine, blending old skool atmosphere and gameplay feel with nu-skool graphics and technology?? I think it could be fantastic if done how WOULD it be done right?? One might not be able to trust a gaming company to do it right, but one could trust one of the last bastions of the Quake community to do it, right??

So post and discuss how you think it (hypothetically I'm sure, sadly) should be done...
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I would prefer what it's been called as "Quake V", that from what i personally have understood should be Quake1 evolved conveniently, using the latest technology available but also keeping the identity of the original game.
So it must be used an engine capable of doing what D3, HL2 or FarCry do... or even better.

But i think as the majority, that is very unlikely that this project will see the light some day... it would be very difficult and long, but not impossible for this community =).
Of course, if something would happen i'd like to contribute. 
The Thing Is 
The identity of the original game is something which grew out of the engine. Game design can't be neatly separated from the technology that realises it - look at Quake movement physics for the perfect example; unexpected, idiosyncratic, frankly bizarre, and utterly part of the game.

You could replicate the physics easily enough, but the point remains. Quake remade in a new engine would not be Quake - it wouldn't be part of the dodgy, wierd old bucket of bolts that is the Quake universe with it's flaky water and overbrighting and collision bugs. You might be able to shoehorn the odd bit of new tech like ragdolls into the Quake engine without affecting the game much, but I think that with a whole new engine the look/feel/play gestalt would necessarily be different. It would be something else.

I both really like and really don't like the idea of doing that to Quake. 
I Say 
don't call it quake 5 or anything quake but something completely different. Don't include anything from quake other than trying to capture the spirit and general feeling of the game.... easier said than done though. 
I Like Where CyBear And Blackdog's 
arguments are going. There are two parts of the discussion that can be handled completelely different: The world/mellieu of the game and the game itself.

Theoretically, you could have a RPG based upon the world of Quake that has none of the gameplay of Quake, and theoretically, it would not necesarily be complete shit. 
Aside: New Features, Fitzquake Philosophy 
FitzQuake will never (and nor should it) introduce new graphical features that were not supposed to be in Quake in the first place. (Exceptions to this rule are: skybox support, .lit support, but these are generally acceptable additions).

What I think makes new graphical features okay in fitzquake is that they only show up when the mapper/modder intended them to. If you play stock id1, it will always look like it's supposed to. If you load a map where the mapper added fog and skyboxes and colored light, then those new features will show up.

I look at it as a content viewer -- the content creators decide what it should look like; my job is to accurately display it. Like a web browser, or a NES emulator. Fitzquake isn't perfect in this regard, but that's the general idea. 
Quake V 
in my opinion, shouldn't be a perfect clone of Quake1. But even if that was the intention, i don't think it was possible, i agree here with BlackDog.

Quake V should be the natural evolution, also correcting bugs that the original game has.
The original style, spirit, they should be achieved as close as possible.

Also what cyBeAr has posted, opens another interesting option. 
You could add a bazillion of graphical features and have them be turned off by default... 
Just Another Idea 
The inclusion of a fifth world made in the egyptian style.
This new style added would complete the fifth vertex of the famous satanic star, giving a more... satanic feeling to the game. 
NO! NO! NO! 
Egyptian is by far the most horrific theme ever introduced so carelessly by Rogue to the quake universe. I will NOT in any way EVER tolerate quake/egypt crossovers. Same goes for greek, mayan, aztec, roman, whatever. 
Quake seems so far beyond ancient civilization themed maps. Although for some reason medieval fits, but whatever. I'd prefer to see something a little more original than copying Hexen 2. (Using some Hexen 2 tex in maps is OK though.) 
I agree that using blatant Egyptian (or Mayan/Roman/Whatever) symbolism is crap and totally un-Quakey. However, Quake's architectural themes are pretty vague at the best of times, so I don't think it's necessarily bad to build something that looks a bit pyramid-ish, or temple-ish. It's been done before, and it's been done well. Just don't make it too obvious and cliche. 
I take it you didn't like The Castle of Koohoo: then? 
i didn't intend it to be mayan/aztec/egyptian, leave it alone.

the castle of koohoo resides in the depths of raagoonshinnaah's realm, 3573 years before the great battle of geeheeb.

any relation to maya/aztec consider mistaken kthx. 
But, But, But.... 
... i didn't think egyptian style was so crap... ok no other styles then, i caugth the message =).
Although i personally like it, i have a bad taste.
Anyway, the four original worlds are more than enough. 
Koohoo has the feel of being built by netherworld creatures and not the feel of being derivitive of anything created by mere mortals. 
What Vondur said. Koohoo felt to me like something out of the Cthulu mythos, not something built by a human civilisation. 
It's all that Vondurian architecture that does it.

(Actually, I just wanted an excuse to say "Vondurian" again. Dag that word rocks.) 
/me Goes To Replay Koohoo 
Another Thing... 
... is related with the sounds and music.
Would be the original sounds used?.
I think yes.
Would it be necessary retouching them?.
I mean, in order that they had a better quality.

And music?, i dont't think it was necessary new music.

BTW, i've been told that Trent Reznor is going to release all the music that he was preparing for Doom3 =)............. 
BTW, i've been told that Trent Reznor is going to release all the music that he was preparing for Doom3 =)............. 
Nothing Official 
I've been told about it by a friend of mine. 
I thought mayan worked fairly well in quake. Also, I thought that rapture used egyptian theming pretty well... or was it OUM... I can't remember, but it was one of those. 
Rapture was DKT Norse. 
Finally I get around to posting my ideas.

First thoughts.

1. Should be a proper remake of Quake itself. Not a sequel, but Quake done proper stylee. Modern sophistication meets old-skool visceral atmosphere.

2. Overall layout: Should retain episodic stylee, but with 5 episodes. The HUB aka start map would actually be a section of the military base, from whence you could choose further sections of the base to explore each of which would be a first map in each episode in it's own right, and lead further into Quake's realm.

3. Episode 1 would be similar to Q1 E1, basically showcasing Quake's styles (including E4 and the new E5) through a randomish series of maps. It would be a compulsory Episode and completing it would lead to the choice of Episodes 2-4, each of which would have some description as to the style, so you'd know from playing E1 which style you'd like to play next.

4. E2-4 would be equivalent to Q1 E2-4, in similar styles to those episodes, and could be played in any order. Once all are complete it would unlock Episode 5 which would be......


5.....ZERSTORER STYLE OMG GENIUS. This would be the final episode laden with pure evile and gothic touches and leading to the final confrontation. Basically because Zerstorer fucking pwnz and it's the only thing that's out-Quaked' Quake for sheer atmospheric pwnage.

6. And that would be that.

7. Story. There would be a bit of a story. Something that's a combination of say D3 story with lovecraftian overtones. Maybe a bit of Hellraiser too. It wouldn't be story-driven but there would be more fluff and dressing to make Quake feel intriguing as well as visceral.

8. Coherence / realism / convincingness. This would be different and improved. No it would ***NOT*** be in any way a realistic game, but it would be more coherent and convincing. I.e. the military base would obey some laws of future-military-base sense, the individual Quake dimensions would obey their own laws too. There would be more purpose, stronger themes to each Episode. These would make the episodes both more convincing AND more fantastical.

E1 - as mentioned, a tour through the forthcoming realms of Quakeness including E5. It would be presented well, for example, you enter the E1 base section as part of a seemingly standard investiagation to find out what's happened in the base. Suddenly the teleporter technology goes SPAZZZZO and you are flung from realm to realm until you manage to calm down the source of this teleportic fluctuations i.e. Chthon and reappear back in the base to find it in an even worse state with portals opened up to 3 further Episodes (you SEE how Quake can be presented better and still just be Quake, YES?).

E2 - medieval baby. This would perhaps be the most traditional episode, involving more NATURE (suitabley warped of course) and traditional medieval themes. There would be hints as to why this exists, how it vaguely relates to Earth's medieval period, but no simple answers. I think in this episode, having some sort of WAR or CONFLICT going on would be cool. Some kinda background mayhem.

E3 - metal/stone/full on E3 shizznit. You know the score. Something that is infested by living beings yet not welcoming to them, not designed for them. Abstract and imposing. CZG's IDEA about it being part of a vast incomprehensible city is BRILLIANT and fits in exactly with giving the episodes more FLAVA whilst retaining Quakey vibes. I also think a certain amount of INDUSTRY would be cool too.

E4 - fuck knows but it would be a lot cooler than Quake was. No overriding theme, but large maps with a warped and disorientating nature would be good. I also think this Episode would be partly defined by it's GAMEPLAY, which would be more psychotic than most, more powerups and SHIT. Not harder but more MAYHEM.

E5 - Zerstorer and you know what that means, dark and GOTHIC as fuck. SPIKES. TWISTED WRECKAGE. DECAYING WORLDS. RUSTY EVIL. DARK ROCK THAT DRIPS BLOOD. Fuck yeah.

I'm supposed to read all that? 
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