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Screenshots & Betas
This is the place to post screenshots of your upcoming masterpiece and get criticism, or just have people implore you to finish it. You should also use this thread to post beta versions of your maps.

Need a place to host your screenshots? Upload them here:
Username: quaketastic
Password: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff


File size limit is 128MB.
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Thanks m8

Thanks a lot for the kind words. I'm really glad that you thought it felt like sock's style because that's exactly what I was shooting for.

I had initially planned for a lot more monsters but once I started adding them in, it felt like I didn't really allocate enough space for combat. Big open spaces and long lines of sight also made it hard to add monsters since that kind of forced me to teleport most of them in. 
this is vanilla? 
Got it, Looking forward to seeing it in action.

Did you convert any other chasm models? 
Yeah I forgot to include installation instructions in the readme, I just typed it up really quickly without thinking. Regular id1. 
Congrats on an excellent first map, here's a Playthrough for you. I'd say aside from some minor clipping, there's little reason not to release it outright IMO. 
Thanks a lot for the compliments and for the video. It's really rewarding to watch other people play through my maps.

Regarding the clipping, I had a really hard time blocking off that roof that you tried jumping onto without making it look really ugly. I actually added that wooden bar and a drape on the other side of the tower in order to try and discourage it but you were determined to try and get on there, understandably so - I'd have tried doing it myself.

Your play style is really interesting. You were really conservative with ammo, opting to use the axe on occasion. You also went in head first in the library and I got a little worried when you dropped down to 5 health.

I got a kick out of your in game comments and I appreciate you taking the time to write them while playing. I was keeping my fingers crossed that you'd find the lower library secret with the books. You actually found the hardest book by accident and you came so very close to finding the final one. Three of the books are illuminated and you happened to stumble upon the one that was barely visible. I was still glad that you persisted for a while and tried hard to find that last book.

Thanks for the feedback and for playing through. I might take a few minutes to fix some of the known bugs and then release it properly due to the encouragement. 
It would be really a shame not to release that great map, with its bugs fixing.

Don't stop maping dude, you have talent. 
Regarding the books, I think it would be best to illuminate them all consistently to ensure the player finds them IF he is looking for them. I actually noticed the relief before I noticed the spotlight on them. I thought it was a well done secret but I didn't want to spend much more time on it. Regarding the clipping, the faraway cave was a cool intermission screen, but seeing it from the player's perspective was obviously tempting to try going after! 
Thanks Barnak. I'll be mapping more in the future when I get some more time. It's a lot of fun.

jcr, the book you hit accidentally actually is illuminated but there's a nearby flame that kind of obscures it and it's hard to make it any brighter than it already is. I actually thought that the other 3 books were way too obvious, which is why I didn't do much about making the fourth book stand out too much against the torch light. You brushed up against the surface of almost every single book case except for the one with the final book. The biggest issue I noticed with that secret is that you thought one of the books might have been on the upper level.

Anyhow, that was supposed to be the hardest secret so I wanted the player to work for it. As for the cave, I remember RC playing breezeep's Mayan jam map and appreciating some unreachable details like distant trees, so that's kind of what I going for with the cave. It was also a shoutout to Orl's Ter Shib maps with how he had some details and storytelling elements in the far distance. In retrospect, I'd redesign the entire layout to ensure that the player wouldn't be in any position to even try and jump on top of the roof. 
I echo what everyone else is saying in that for an unfinished map, it looks and plays extremely well. I really enjoyed it, and I am flattered that it was a shout out to Ter Shibboleth.

If this map is what you consider to be unfinished, I can only imagine a finished map of yours will be amazing.

First run demo, hard skill:

Terrific work Poorchop! 
Skill 2 Demo 
Super Solid First Release 
got cocky in first run, will record 2nd run and send soon 
See post #15792. 
What a great map! Keep mapping please. I know you are busy but don't stop mapping. 
Thanks Everyone 
Thanks a lot Orl, ww, Drew, and dumptruck.

Orl, I'm honored that you played the map since Ter Shib was a big inspiration. Thanks for taking the time to record and send the demo. Watching it made me realize that I never closed off the library entrance after the player gets the gold key, which allows them to bypass the final shambler. Hopefully I'll eventually get around to making the shib3 inspired map that I initially had in mind before I made this one.

Thanks as well for the demo, ww. Your playing was really good and you're the first person to get the rocket launcher. You also have a keen eye because I think that you were the first to notice the secret books before accidentally bumping into one of them. The same book eluded both you and jcr and I was really hoping that you'd find it.

dumptruck, thanks for taking the time to check this out. It wouldn't have been possible without your help. Your videos were an invaluable resource and I always had them up alongside Trenchbroom as I was doing this. As fun as Trenchbroom is to use, I wouldn't have attempted this if not for your tutorials. I'll definitely map more in the future. 
Thanks - those are the types of comments that make the time involved worth it! 
I said it before and I'll say it again, I'm excited to hear you planning on building a map inspired by shib3. Heck I think the far east Asian setup would make a great theme for a speedmap pack, but that's not up to me to decide. 
Got A Trailer And Demo For A Quake Based Dreamcast Game I'm Making! 
Hey there! I'm making a Dreamcast game using the Quake engine and thought you guys might want to take a look at what I got so far! I have a trailer and a demo that I update with new gameplay and fixes every so often.
Check it out!
Here's the trailer

Here's the demo: 
I Was 
trolled appropriately. 
For Poorchop 
Want to reiterate - very strong debut material! 1st demo sober and cocky, dies poorly. next two demoes quite high so hopefully not too frustrating to watch 
420 blaze it fam 
glad to see you're still working on this and making progress 
My 2nd map :

Screenshots :

Download : 
Getting Some Maps Finished Up, Need Feedbacks 
Hey guys, looking for feedback for my map, it started off as a map for the copper jam, which evolved into an e2m5 remix, which evolved into the beast that it currently is.

Only one skill at the moment, there is a bit of detail to be added to some areas, and there is a lot of clip brushes to add.

Any playthrough demos would be awesome. Thanks in advance :)


If I had a lampoon fish, how would I make it glow in the dark?

I first tought fullbrights would do the trick,
but in complete darkness there's no light to reflekt. 
Fullbrights work in complete darkness 
Then at least the trick works.
I wondered how it look in a dark cave. 
It looks kind of like the Angler Fish from Rayman Legends, and it would light the way in the dark.

Also there is a trick you can use to keep the environment dark, but light up your models: Since the model adopts the light value of the floor, you can make the floor a func_illusionary (with clip/skip brushes for collision). Beneath the func_illusionary place a func_group brush with _minlight set on it.

This method will allow you to keep the environment very dark, but also light up your models. I used this trick to light up my seahorses and mermaid splash in this dark cave of water: 
For my clear understanding,
I made a map with the lampoonfish, but in dark I see no sign of fullbrights.
So I made a tex brush of quakepal to see if the lower range would glow in the dark, but they don't.
Do I have my settings wrong?

r_fullbright 1
r_fullbright 0

Sounds interesting, Redfield. Also a bit complicated, I remember I had to do such a thing to make the startrek model have a good lightning. 
some models in quake have a glowing attribute, like the lasers from Enforcers (newmis.effects = EF_DIMLIGHT;). Maybe you can copy that attribute and adapt it to your fish code, this way he will really glow in the dark, it doesn't matter the skin color. 
Thanks, Tribal. That could work, I was thinking of the moving_light code also. But after working with new models for so long deleting fullbright's, I just can'you see why they won'the appear now as in the example. 
Madfox: do you seen fullbrights on models created by other people?

If not, make sure gl_fullbrights is 1 
It works as soon as I made a subdirectory.
It seems my TmpQuark has got a bit diluted. 
Quark Is Best 
Madfox, Keep on! 
I remember how I got this idea. I lowered the triangles untill qmle could load it. My texturing is bad, when I had a good UV skin file I spent a week and now the midle ridge is meshed up.

A bit dark, but that's what this baracuda needs. 
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