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Screenshots & Betas
This is the place to post screenshots of your upcoming masterpiece and get criticism, or just have people implore you to finish it. You should also use this thread to post beta versions of your maps.

Need a place to host your screenshots? Upload them here:
Username: quaketastic
Password: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff


File size limit is 128MB.
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Oh Yes. 
Very good. 
wooden caskets in a flooded room -- those won't last long :) 
Environmental Storytelling! 
Two options: either that room hadn't been previously flooded, or it has, and those caskets were never meant to last long :)

OP: I strongly recommend you set gl_anisotropy to the highest value you can, it will make your linear filtered look much crisper (no more blurring into nonsense towards the horizon). 
Retro-style Map... 
This map is a bit too retro for my taste, but it's okay (it's just me anyway).

I got stuck (ie "glued") on a moving wall, under water (the first secret in the start room). I had to use noclip to get away from that funny position.

I feel that the map is too "rectangular", too old school. It needs more broken parts, random bits, rocks or traps here and there. More "out of this world" details and weird decorations on the walls.

But hey, I'm a moron of epic level, so ... 
Thanks all!

@Barnak - was that inside of the secret area, I'm guessing? I'll try hitting it with some clip brushes to see if that helps. 
Good Map! 
Here is a demo with comments if you wanna check it out: 
Thanks Nolcoz! 
Downloaded, watched, and took notes! I noticed a few things that I hadn't before as well! Thanks a bunch! 
The Lost Tomb Released 
Thank you so much for all of the great feedback! I've released the map here: 
QuakeEd For MacOS 
First screenshot of the project that is at a point where I feel I've done something worth the effort: 
That's pretty cool. Need a tester? I use Macs at work and would be happy to help on occasion. 
That would be great! I'll work on bringing up a release as soon as possible. There is still some code that needs to be reenabled, tool views and command-line tools to finish porting. But I'm confident I will be able to do it soon enough. 
No Rush 
But happy to help when you are ready. 
Making A Quake Vanilla Episode 
Dat Shit Is Looking Interestng 
that ladder out of the lava looks useful. :) 
Psychedelic Jrbase1

This is obviously wrong. Yet, this is proof that QuakeEd for MacOS actually works - all strange things you see happen only because 1) I'm using fake, wrongly built textures and 2) I exported a map with entities randomly taken out.

At some point today I'll be posting v 1.0.1 of the application, the test_maps folder and the engine executable, so you can also create and run an instance of this... masterpiece ;D 
Test Map: Lots Of Doors 
This is a test map I created using QuakeEd and a modified qbsp to allow more than 256 entities to be generated:

It's a plain floor, with about 240 doors, of the common, run-of-the-mill "approach to open" variety.

This, obviously, won't run on vanilla, unmodified Quake. I was, however, curious about the other engines. Can I convince you guys to open this map and tell me if it works as expected? 
Works just fine in Quakespasm. 
My first attempt to create a forcefield for Quake1. It is still a bit chunky, it needs more variety in surface. So far it is more checking out what works, size and appearance
I won't force youtube to field my access! 
Could Also Double As A Swarm Of Bees. 
You may want to make the particles little crosses with a dark, medium and light variance. Similar to this. 
is this a finger in low res? 
I thought someone might see that. No offence intended. It's a sprite from extras_r4 particles. 
Thumb Up! 
Some particles are a bit shattered, but it is getting close to what I intented to. The fine structure gets lost in the copying proces.
I started with four splined vertices, but some of them stick together.
So it is wrenching like a spike in a haystack
New Screenshots Map Adoria 
Some new screenshots of my work in progress.
I would say 1/3 has been done.
There's a story that conects all the id-fps and some easter eggs, related to them and other oldschool games too.
Still there's a lot to do and I'm trying to don't play to much with progs_dump. It's such an amazing tool. Thanks to dumptruck again.
Hope I can make some progress in the near future. Theres a prison level to do and that means a much of logical work.

best wishes. 
Neon Lights 
Those neon lights labelling the control room/quarters are hella cool and you should get as many of them into the level as you can get away with.... 
Pretty epic shots. Looking forward to this bad boy. 
Cool Atmosphere 
I especially like the vibes in the prison screenshot and the preceding screenshot. 
Re Screenshots 
Thanks for the positiv comments.
More neon labells are in work. :) 
Slowly But Steady 
i'm mapping, adding a thousand shortcuts and broken tiles along the way.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2.otpsuxdik

Thats a screeneffect you see in shot 2, by transparency. 
i also uploaded another noclip shot which i wont link now because the weather is just nuts here and idc. 
take your time. looks wonderful and worth the wait 
Looking Great As Always Mfx! 
Looks amazing mfx. Can't wait to play, your maps so far have been some of my favorites of all time. 
Rockwork Looks Great In That First Shot. 
how far along is this approx? 
3-4 Years 
I have several maps In the works, need to figure out how to tie them together.
Episode or just hub style.
We‘ll see. 
2023's gonna be an awesome year for quake! 
Nice System Shock 1 Beds There GunSgtHighway! 
Looks nice, bit dark in some places though. 
My first map, a super short techbase thing. I learned a lot!

trainstation.bsp, used progs_dump which is included. 
Sweet Looking Shots 
congrats on the first release

I'll d/l this tonight and take a spin. 
For a first Quake map it's really beautiful and highly detailed. Most importantly, it's fun. I loved the floor grates etc. Quick little map on the easy side, nice usage of the progs. I believe yours is the first single release using progs_dump.(?) There have been two jams already but this is how I intended the devkit to be used. So thanks for trying it out and congrats on the results!

If you are planning to revise this, my only suggestion is the ammo balance is a bit off. There are sections where I ran out of ammo but I am a pretty terrible player.

Here's a demo that should be compatible with Quakespasm. 
Thanks, I really appreciate seeing how people approach my map. Got another demo on discord and I can see what worked and what didn't. 
Great first release. It's indeed a tad easy, but there were moments I was low on supplies, and after clearing a room I got some breathing space to restock. Good atmosphere and overall theme, although the monsters weren't that varied, but meh - base maps right. You've given me more reasons to finally finish map_1a_final_2b_final_final_forreal.bsp 

Hey, I've been working on this Deathmatch map for a while now and I think it's finally ready for some public feedback. It has reaper bot included so once you move your PAK files to Id1 you should be able to just play from the shortcuts, no friends required. Also Explore has no bots so you can just look around and practice your sick trick jumps.

I also want to thanks to the Trenchbroom community and especially their discord channel for putting up with my questions and just being awesome.

Please let me know what you think, I'm really open to any feedback you have. I'm new to quake mapping so I'm sure there are some embarrassing mistakes for you to find. Let me know and I will fix them as soon as I can. 
Seems you're the first to find out. :)

Can't say if the room is to dark. On my screen the lightbalance looks ok.
On old Monitors I would calibrate my RGB-settings.
Do you have any idea to do this on modern flatscreens? 
Hi all,
Recently got back into mapping for Quake. Last time I did anything like this was probably back in 2000.
I have been working on and off for the last 2 weeks on a Duel / 2on2 / FFA map using only the Metal.wad.

I've always been a fan of DM4 by American McGee and it started out with a lot of inspiration from that.
As things went on, it changed a lot!
I've uploaded the map to Quaketastic and would love some feed back.

Weapon / item placement
Lighting (gamma 1)
Any modifications to the layout to better the flow of the map.

Thank you! 
A Link That Works! 
@ ORuin 
I don't see any fog in your screenshots but if you added it after those were taken it is waaaaay to strong.

Jus' thought I'd let you know.

QS shows density as 0.600000 
I See What Happened. 
From your map:

"fog" "0.600000 0.500000 0.400000"

A single line fog command is formatted as such:

"fog" "Density | Red | Green | Blue" 
DM4 is a good look! I'm sure McGee would approve! 
Fimmy, I forgot that I recorded a first-run demo of your trainstation map. Better late than never?

Demo is here. It's protocol 666 (QuakeSpasm default), Nightmare skill.

I wouldn't normally do a first run on Nightmare, but IIRC the readme made it clear that there wouldn't be a difference between Easy/Normal/Hard, so I figured that if I played Nightmare, I'd at least have the faster monster attacks to keep it challenging.

It was a really nice map! Short and sweet. With the textures and theme, it felt like a good Quake 2 map, but with some modern design sensibilities and attention to detail.

Random points of constructive criticism / feedback:

* The first secret felt rather too easy.

* The medieval knights felt out of place in the high-tech setting.

* The grenade launcher felt like it should have counted as a secret.

But those were minor things and overall this was a very positive play. It felt like it could have been the first map of a Quake 2 style episode, and I would have been happy to play the rest of that episode.

Keep up the good work! 
New Map For QuakeWorld 1v1/2v2: The Catalyst 
Thjs map is fantastic!

There are about 48 textures missing (message in the console while loading the map).

I noticed a missing texture on the side of the last door (exit slipgate).

I believe the lava texture could be much better. Currently, it's looking like vomit (low res orange-yellow lava texture).

Also, the texture used on the teleporter could be better. It is too low res!

Also, once we fall on some parts, there's no way to get back. Especially on the large pipe under a floor. It's looking like hiding some secrets, but we can't walk on the pipe.

Despite these first crittics, the map is awesome! Nice new ideas in there. 
That Looks Fucking Ace In The Shots!! 
Looks very interesting 
Not Used To Hard 
So these demos are going to be frustrating to watch. But beautiful, stunning brushwork, texturing and lighting! I think you will see a lot of areas where game play could be improved. I was cheesing enemies form a distance much of the time and that's kinda of boring BUT I think you can get this baby purring with some tweaks. 

I love this map.
The design is awesome. the interior and used textures in colour and dimension look great. The whole level with its big rooms feels great to play. A little more contrast on lights and shadows would give the map more depth and make the structures mightier. 
Beta Map Neonquake 

Have a little sideproject called neonquake.
This mod was created with progs_dump and has a START map.
For now there's one episode with 7 levels platform jumping.
Three different games are planed. Number two is in progress. Two more episodes for the first game are in work.


Nice work.

It's a bit repetitious but I got hooked and wanted to conquer the 7 levels. Do you have any plans to make other "flying" blocks for the player to dodge? I think that would add more of a challenge.

Also, do you have lookspring defaulting to on in this? And I noticed something about jumping forward too. 
Nice! Bearing in mind that I'd already got the hang of the gameplay from playing that one map with the train issue, I didn't have any problems getting through the other maps.

The arcade machine in the start map was cute. I liked the appropriately-retro music, and that the music gets more frantic as you progress.

I'm seconding dumptruck_ds' sentiment that the gameplay is a bit repetitive, but on the other hand it didn't take long to play through that first episode. I guess more variety could be included in the second and third episodes?

I noticed a few purely technical issues:

* The zip file contains a copy of your config.cfg file; I'd strongly suggest removing that, because it'll cause players' settings to be overwritten by your own settings. I expect this is why dumptruck_ds was having the issue with lookspring.

* There are a couple of files with uppercase characters in the names; this can cause issues for players using operating systems that use case-sensitive file systems. It's better to make all files have lowercase names. Relevant files are "GSH_neonquake" and "START.bsp". The "map" key of the trigger_changelevel in ep17 would also need to be changed from "START" to "start" to match.

* In the first three maps, the edge of the first big train pokes through the wall after it stops moving, so the player can cheat by standing on that until the end.

* In ep16, the curved corners at the edges of the map don't line up with the outer walls (look to the left/right on map start to see).

* In ep17, the player can trigger the "You succeed" message early if they aggressively jump forward across the platforms. This could be solved by putting the trigger behind the door to the exit, or by making it so the message is triggered when the door opens instead of when the player touches a trigger.

* ep17 ends with an intermission screen, but the map doesn't contain an info_intermission for the camera view, so the viewpoint just defaults to the info_player_start, which isn't a very good view.

Hope this is useful. Keep at it! 
Looking For A Skin Tailor 
Not so familiar with the seize and behaviour of the chasm monsters.

Can you please some quake monsters along side them to see how they fit together? 
Chasm's AI is pretty garbage, so I think simply watching the gameplay and getting in close enough will do. 

Yes theres repetivity. In the first way I had to learn how to place blocks. In the second I want players to get used to the sorts of blocks.
I have plans for shootable blocks and walls to walk and maybe three levels of platforms for using the 3rd dimension to.
Dodgable Blocks would also bee nice and I'm working on that. Have to find out how to stop a player stopping all trains by getting in between a train and a wall.

what do you think about lookspring and strafeing? Should it be activated? 

Yes the repetivity is in it. I had to learn how to use the trains and look forward to create more interesting levels from now.
Thanks for the technical hints too. I'm fixing that.
Looking forward for a more cleaner episode two. :) 
@dumptruck_ds @wi 
What do you think about smaller trains?
I also think about a shorter starting platform.
Now its 6 Units. What about 3 to 4?

Best wishes 
I'm not sure what you mean by the starting platform being 6 units?

As far as smaller trains... if you mix them in with larger trains in more advanced levels why not?

Also I wonder if you could use the code from func_fall in some way? Those are platforms that fall out from under the player and fade away. Newly released in 1.1.0 You'd likely have to combine a train with that code the way the mod works. Also in 1.1.0 there is metlslime's "retrigger" spawnflag for func_trains. I bet you could put this to good use in this mod. 
The models from Chasm_theRift contain as double as much frames as the Quake asset. They also have more extra subroutines like victory and shout. Here some screens of howfar I've come.


haha, they fit very well together.

The chasm monsters still do not have AI? 
Madfox, can I share the video on another site? 
If they didn't had IA they wouldn't appear in game.
Share whatever you want. 
Can you make an video on you fighting a chasm monster?

Or chasm and quake monster fight each other? 
i love that color palette 
Poor Man's Luck 
I'm fighting a chasm monster?
Looks more as it is fighting me!

Can you make a yhe1 demo and show how you fight them? 
It said H-scor.mdl not found 
Some screenshots from Quake Mapping Discord.



Yes, I thought I had disabled it.
Here is a better one.

It is good, although I think an analog for the stratos weapon can be found in quake malice 
Do you still have the links to that site of panserkreuzer?
I'm searching for the monster sounds, but I can't find them. 
Thanks for the screenshots. The Heresy one looks particularly interesting, but probably will need to put something after the door or block more of the door frame with it 
Madfox, one other thing, the faust's rocket can homing in, so you may want to check the code of the Quoth or AD rocketeer 
The stratos also has a kick attack when he is close to the player 
Lame attacks, small amount routines
My qc isn't the hat of the wizard, for sofar I'm comparing the seize, not the attack or weapons.
Some parts of the poseframes in the models look almost identical. 
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