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Screenshots & Betas
This is the place to post screenshots of your upcoming masterpiece and get criticism, or just have people implore you to finish it. You should also use this thread to post beta versions of your maps.

Need a place to host your screenshots? Upload them here:
Username: quaketastic
Password: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff


File size limit is 128MB.
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I need a 2 minute intro video with lift muzak for a 1996 quality DM map like I need my arse being filled with molten iron and then a magnet attached to the bottom of the ocean. Perhaps the time spent on the video and music and somehow not even posting a direct link, would have been better spent polishing and refining the map??

Still if you want more feedback and beta-testing feel free to post it on here too when it's ready: 
That's the beauty of opinions. Everyone has one. The map has already been thoroughly beta and bot tested. Quakespasm, which supports the Omicrons and large maps, seems to be stable across all Windows platforms. About the only thing Quakespasm isn't good at is packet handling. This makes bad as a server, but okay when connecting to a DirectQ server in DM. DirectQ is a question with regards to Windows 10. I know it works fine in Windows 7 Pro, and doesn't work well in XP Pro. Since development stopped before 10 was released, and that's what most use I would think, I don't know if it's 10 compatible as a server. So if one wanted to beta test, this would be the best task. 
Inky Scratchy 
Not sure if it fits quake's bestuarium, but it just creeped out my mind. Something with a vanishing sprite fog.

I love it!! =D 
Cthulhu Approves 
so it certainly fits Quakes bestiarium.
And a real beauty it is, at that! 
Same Species I Suspect 
I've read that they have a brainpart for each tentacle and seem to be highly intelligent. Apart from that they have eyes with the seize of a bowling ball, and have extra uv sight like cats.
That a terrible animal can be so hiddious. 
Unreal 1/Gold Map Work In Progress. 
Skaarj base themed level.

Screen 1
Screen 2 
Marvelous ! 
Help me get up if you made that with the UnrealrEd v01. Never understood the crashes it caused.

Top notched screenies! 
Some Old Teasers, Warmed Up 
Whoa! Cool!!! 
Juicy Stuff 
As always. Looking forward to this along with AD 1.8 
we are tired of waiting!!! ;-) 
I've always asked myself how to do such angled brushwork, especialy angled arches. 
I Give Up 
That map I posted screenshots of earlier... I have no motivation to finish it. It's not even a matter of scale... Even if I scaled back my ambitions, I don't even have the motivation to finish even a much smaller layout, let alone populate it, test it, etc.... Whenever I open the editor I just get bored. And in general, I've been coincidentally steadily losing all interest in even playing video games since I started making it, let alone creating something game-related of my own.

And yet, I think it's a unique theme, with some potential. I don't want to fall prey to the sunk cost fallacy (and God knows I sunk plenty of time detailing tiny areas of this unfinished map) so I'm not going to force myself to continue, but would any mappers have any interest in having a peak at the scraps? It would take two minutes for me to drop the map file and the wad files I used into a zip or something and upload it or email it somewhere. Maybe someone will have mercy on my wasted time and do something with it. One can dream. 
That Sucks. 
But I understand.

We should have a general scrap repository on func... 
He's Done It 
#16330 Metlslime 
I agree. Smooth scrolling textures are incompatible with Quake's software renderer architecture, but they're worth it.

The easiest way for software renderers to implement scrolling textures without sacrificing lightmaps is to scroll them in the surface caches, similarly WinQuake scrolls the overlay of sky textures. A default scrolling speed of 32 or 48 texel coordinates per second could be very effective. WinQuake's sky overlay scrolling looks jerky because it scrolls only 8 or 4 units per second. 
yo mankrip, are you planning on releasing your engine anytime soon? or at least your SW quake improvements?

the world could use something better than engoo. 
There's Engoo, Super8 and MarkV. And the latter two have way better compatibility with community maps than I can hope to achieve.

For dithered software rendering improvements, there's Makaqu 1.5.2. It still uses the vanilla WinQuake rendering architecture, so its changes can be easily ported over to other engines. 
Yes, I'm aware. But I'm also aware of the improvements you made to RetroQuad and I wanted to make use of those for my mod.

I find it curious, since in your twitter feed:
> Nothing would make me happier than someone willing to create a new game using the technology I'm creating for Retroquad. Nothing would make me happier than knowing that my tech inspired someone to do that.
> There's nothing I crave more than that in my life.

But at the same, you're not sharing a page where we can buy the engine, or sharing the source-code, or anything like that. It's basically just yours, yet you want people to use? 
Just put up an page or something 
At this point, I should have completed at least the renderer. But I didn't.

I prefer to not give excuses, I'm lucky to have not died yet.

My life doesn't let me fulfill that dream.

I've got a vision for the Retroquad renderer, several other improvements have already been planned out, including some massive optimizations, and it pains me to see that vision being not fulfilled. If I managed to get at least the BSP renderer finished and fully rewritten, I could consider my "life mission" in this engine complete.

But I am lucky to have simply not died yet. 
Never Give Up 
Ok, sounds like the beginning of that kind of cheesy inspirational speeches, but heck, whatever.
There is that quote by da Vinci that "Art is never finished, only abandoned."
Maybe take a break from your engine project, look after yourself so you do not die, and later on when you feel the urge, pick it up again.

At least for me that often helped with getting things done in the end, even if there where years of halting the project in between.
On the plus side those projects often benfited from the new experiences and knowledge i collected in the meantime. 
From Twitter... 
holy crap that map looks awesome, so intricate. 
Love Those Pictures! 
Map looks awesome, can't wait to play it! 
Here's A Ceremonial Circle For You. 
I Really Enjoy 
the small brick variant used there. 
Thanks Drew 
It's one of the wall textures from Doom, modified to resemble the Quake swampy brickwork. I nicked it from UDOB. 
Beta-Testers WANTED 

After allmost more then a year my first mod "Adoria" is going to become finished.
Now I'm interested in what you guys think about it and ask you to help me to get the job in its final lap.

Every demo or review is wellcome.

You can download the mod here:

The mod has been tested with "fteq64" because Quakespasm 0.92 cause crashes with explosions on multiple custom debris.

You can expect a story, based on id-classics, different environments, different music tracks in one map, references to films and games

In the meanwhile my tasks are:

1. creating one more room "the greenhouse"
2. creating the final voicetrack that closes the story
2. polishing up the environment
3. polishing up some of the music tracks
4. polishing up the gameplay

best wishes! 
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