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Screenshots & Betas
This is the place to post screenshots of your upcoming masterpiece and get criticism, or just have people implore you to finish it. You should also use this thread to post beta versions of your maps.

Need a place to host your screenshots? Upload them here:
Username: quaketastic
Password: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff


File size limit is 128MB.
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ok, i'm going to retire my pimp hat for a while, as i'm running the risk of overhyping this.

i very much appreciate everyone's crits/comments - i will look into improving the lighting and it looks like i'm going to have to say goodbye to my lovely Q2 arsenal. the Q3 textures are here to stay though - as many people have got away with that in the past ;)

headthump - thanks for the weapons suggestion, but i will probably go back to the good ol' classic quake guns.

kell, our names are similar :) - mine's short for Kinnschmerzen, which is german for "chin ache" ;) 
very nice map you got going there. everything is clean and put together well. the texture choices are sharp and the theme is executed nicely. that ankh shaped mirror is really cool the placement makes me think there is another path there instead of a mirror. excellent sky color too.

here go my suggestions:

-the map fits sort of an ancient ruins theme, however it is in pristine condition, i'd like to see some broken tiles, pillars, supports, exposed dirt/sand etc scattered around a bit.

-also i was thinking you should add some 6-12 unit thick circular details like handrails or something to that effect, just to bring some of the large architecture down to scale with the models sizes. right now i just feel a bit too small in that map in relation to some architecture.

-i feel the blue lighting color is too strong, try desaturating and darkening it a bit and see how it looks.

-maybe a nice mapobject or two from here

ill shuttup now, cool map man. 
pushplay's comment the other day made me remember I said I'm make a map for that burial grounds contest... not sure I'll finish, but here's 2 nights of mapping... deadline is 'before sunday'... :D

ill shuttup now
No! The more comments the better. Thanks.

I'm a little bit down on decay and magic cause I think they've been done. You'll notice I chose a shader-free jumppad. I think I will throw some more sand around though, and the hand rails is an excellent idea. I'll desaturate the large blue lights too.

The big wooden thingy(?) that circles the centre room connects to the wall in two different ways. One side is done with brushes and looks ok, the other side is done with meshes and looks great except for cracks on the inside bends which I can't get rid of. Got any opinions on that section?

Scampie: looks like a good start. If you crank out a good map by Sunday I'll be helluva impressed. 
dude, i like what you have so far! i'm guessing that's q3 judging by the presence of nodraw textures... that would make a cool looking q1sp! :P

i want to check this out when it's done, even though it's q3dm. wicked dude! 
I know I said I'd comment but unfortunately a whole buttload of stuff has been dumped upon me. Some quick comments after a brief runabout though :

I'm with eggman on the lighting, too strong and needs to be implemented better.

Texturng and detailing are good in general but perhaps break up the monotonous color tone by mixing the grye brick textures with the yellow brick ones.

Layout wise, cant comment too muche xcept that it felt odd in scale. Too cramped in some areas and a little too big in others.

I got noticeable slowdowns in some areas. I'm no mapper but it seemed as if stuff was being drawn even when not in view. Have you hinted this fully?

Overall, I'd say it's fairly solid on first impressions but I dont know if this is really going to be appreciated by the BG people. From their mappacks, it looks like they're after heavily themed maps that suggest a sense of place. Whilst, this is a pretty solid map, it does seemlike another egyptian textured DM arena rather than a proper egyptian place.

anyway, just my $0.02. If I get some time, Iwill try to offer more detailed feedback. 
Do you mean the large blue lights or the lighting as a whole? Can you be more specific?

Maybe I should mix the yellows and greys together.

I've barely hinted the map, I thought that was vis' problem. Is that something I should be looking in to, or will the final vis do an adequate job? 
Yarrr Matey...

knave textures, never tried those before. 
sorry in advance for the quick response, dont have much time.

I meant the large blue lights mainly but you could have some really funky shadows etc given some of your roof architecture and the new features of q3map2.

As for hinting, like I said I'm no mapper, but from what I understand, hinting is very useful and quite important to keeping FPS up. I'm sure some of the people here can help you out.

As for pure technical ffedback, post over at Q3W, could get some useful answers there. 
that is the most bizarre screenshot I have ever seen 
That is so... Lovecraftian
looks ..wonderfully twisted.

make it twisted. like the tree-like thing in the middle of the screenshot, on which i really like that deep dark red color. 
necros: you truly have a florid imagination :)

Kinn: are you taking the piss? :P 
Not At All. 
no, i'm not taking the piss. it looks to me just like the sort of mix of arcane architecture and alien wierdness that HPL would describe.

although i think the overhanging curve thingies might look better joining at the middle perhaps, like ribs joining a spinal column. 
What custom engine is that? Is it Fuhquake? And will it be a single player map? 
It's John Carmack's Quake 3D engine or something like that. It's botmatch. 
Gotta love those textures! finish it scampie :D 
I like that scampie, but I think the lightcasts would look better red. 
there's enough red lighting, a little dab'll do ya. 
Nice, quite impressive. It even looks like a BG map. 
Love That Light Sampling, Scampie 
On those Head Hunter 3 textures, it looks really sweet (not in a pinko commie way, but in Ferrari sort of way). 
Looks nice scamp, although the support pillars for the walkway in the first shot look too flimsy. How about making them thicker (and Y shaped single supports to avoid the tiny gap left in between two thicker pillars) 
Betatesters Needed 
I need some betatesters for my new Q1SP map. Everyone interested mail me at pulsar_2001 -=at=- mail -=dot=- ru for more info and download link. 
Hey, nice looking map you have there. You always seem to have funky big cool looking maps.
Just a comment though: I'm not too keen on the repitition of the hexen2(?) brick runnign around the back edge. Though this could just be because I used it quite a lot :)

The organic looking stuff is tres tres great. 
did you get my mail? 
Uh, no. 
check your mail now 
Oh there it is. Sorry I didn't see it, but it's way at the bottom of my inbox. It would be easier if you weren't sending e-mails from 1997. 
I also noticed that there seems to be something strange with some emails from you. I recall seeing year 1997 somewhere and my ISP seems to have problems with them as well; emails are delayed.

Can you please check what's wrong? 
I also noticed that there seems to be something strange with some emails from you. I recall seeing year 1997 somewhere and my ISP seems to have problems with them as well; emails are delayed.

There's a badly written science fiction story in there somewhere. 
1997 is my PC's time right now.
It's been even 1991 two years ago. That's because I needed to use shareware program with 30 days time of use. Then I found it fun:)

I didn't know it has any effect on e-mails 
I still need some more betatesters for my map.
RPG, don't you want to betatest it? 
Alright. Can you upload the file temporarily to your website for me to download and then e-mail me the URL? Files generally do not pass well through my e-mail. 
already uploaded:) but my main mail server seems to be down now
I'll try to e-mail it from another one. 
mail is sent. And please reply me on my normal e-mail (pulsar_2001 -at- 
Alright, PuLSaR 
Likelily Story Pulsar, 
Admit it. You are a spy from 1997 sent here to spy on us future folk and learn our ways. I'll sum it up for your little report -- computer graphics and internet speeds much improved but no mass production of hover crafts (yet). Oh, and burritos still taste like burritos. 
Like Lily? I Don't Like Lily At All 
learn to spell, AssFace 
Order In Space 
How did you find me? My mission is failed...

Casinni's Last Stroke 
I know you're out there somewhere Hall! 
I Know Our Sophisticated Humor 
might be difficult for a 1997er to comprehend, but don't try to kidnap me and send me back with you since I am only kidding. 
Is that your tribute to the Little Prince? 
it reminds me of the speedmap i did for the dm/voidmap during last qexpo. 
Calisto More Greasy Than Triton 
pictures are sweeter than scorn 
Did you get my mail?
or is it also delayed due to my 1997? 
It Took A Few Hours, But I Got It. 
I'll send feedback a little later. 
More Screenies!!! 
this almost looks - mapping help -

some skinning advise for these two andro�ds... 
for the dinosaur: give up and use raptor
for the orbb: looks fine, maybe de-saturate it a little but other than that I dunno. :) 
Try Yourself & Tell Me Again 
for the Orb, download and set in progs
for the Dino, don't use others stuff before trying your own... 
Well . . . 
'for the Dino, don't use others stuff before trying your own...'

You have to admit, you have a lot of Id media in your levels.

If you really want to be a purist abput it. 
As Always 
I was reffering at-
#899-for the dinosaur: give up and use raptor

but at least you gave it an ironic swing
in stead of your answer 
I Assumed Your Raptor 
was a work in progress so I wasn't inclined to a response on its quality. 
Moved The Trash 
then why do you answer?

to blame me using a lot of ID media in my level(s)?!

I wonder who's the purist! 
What's your favorite radio station?

The Prodding Joke was two days ago; time to move on. 
An Opinion I Was Asking 
...not youre assertivity...
although now I don't know about which subject we're talking.
Let's say screenshots...

and don't miss the func_trains.... 
Alrighty, A Truce Then, 
Not sure if we were in a flame war or not -- I'm confused about it actually, but in case we were, meh apologises.

What are your plans for the astroid or lunar creations? 
Test Map 
A couple of shots from a smallish map I'm making. It's something of test run for me of newer engine features - replacement textures at .5 scale, coloured lighting etc. Shots taken in Fitzquake. Ignore the tree. 
that rocks! :) 
Looks Good 
if a bit plain, but that's some of the much better colored lighting I've seen implemented in q1. 
can I kill you ? 
looks absolutely stunning glassman. I've always been a fan of your maps. keep up the good work! 
there something in the water around here? everyone has nice looking maps lately. 
Really nice screenshots... congratulations !! 
that does, indeed, rock

Nice lighting, very soft and moody. Half-timbering is great. 
Nice, but I think you need to pick either contrasty textures or contrasty lighting - together they're a bit overwhelming. 
Those A Beautiful Glasman 
Poster art quality. 
Thx Guys 
Glad you like them.

Maj, it's late afternoon, low, bright sunshine, dark faintly blue shadows or maybe I boosted the contrast a bit too much in PS.

I'm gratified that nobody seems too phased by the custom engine stuff. I'm not sure if the map will end up being playable in the standard quakes due to the large size of the textures which, anyway, look crappy in the quake palette. I'm aiming at Fitzquake; my only regret is that there isn't a s/w engine that does external textures. 
i'm phased actually, but i sincerely hope the map will be fitzquake ready when it's done :)

(/me still hates colored lites in quake) 
I put that badly - it will definitely be fine in fitzquake which does support external textures (although not on models or sprites unfortunately), skyboxes & coloured lighting; it's the original glquake & winquake that may not work.

Coloured lighting will be as tasteful as possible :) - I think it looks okay with 24-bit textures and you can always remove the .lit file if offended. 
Good Good 

"...if offended" sounds exatly like i feel every time i see colored lite blasphemy :D 
Just a few questions, what is your level editor ?? I'm currently using QuArK, with something like your features (i.e <quote> replacement textures at .5 scale, coloured lighting, <quote> etc..) and my map seems not to be as good as yours... Or did you make some modifications on your screenshots ??? 
I don't have much of a problem with the lighting (although the first shot could do with a bit more radiosity down low). It's just the high contrast textures in the first shot tend to overwhelm it and reduce the impact. Our lead artist backs me up too ;P. Then again, maybe it looks different in-game. 
I'm using gtkradiant 1.4. I just increased the brightness & contrast of the shots as the histograms were almost entirely in the 0-128 area. 
The Map That Won't Be Finished 
I'm putting this on the back burner so here are some screenshots. 
I think you meant to say "I'm not going to finish this, so I'm just going to tease you and make you hate me." 
that's exactly what I meant to say 
Cool Fern 
I love seeing new geometry with classic textures. 
" I'm gratified that nobody seems too phased by the custom engine stuff."

Well I prefer as plain as I can have with Quake (but I'm using Fitzquake for its built-in gamma support) so... but those shots do look nice. 
You All Suck 
Glassman's shots look beautiful, and a pox on all of yous who complain that it won't run on software/GL original. 
But it should run in standard GL/software. It's Quake you're editing for. If you want a shiny new engine, map for a shiny new game. 
Quake Was Designed For Flexible Modalation 
That is why there are thousands of patches, hundreds of Partial and Total conversions, and Id released the source code so the engine could be modernized and these factors I listed have everything to do with why Quake is still a living game now.

The minimum system requirements of FritzQuake are low, and I doubt if there is anyone on this board who can't run it. I could be wrong on that score, but it doesnt change the fact Glassman is doing us all a huge service as well as Tigger-On for bringing Quake design forward in time.

Also, given the fact that a modified engine team can put the latest hard ware acceleration and software features in their product in a short time where as any commercial venture will have to take at least a two year development period to put their product together, it gives us end users a glimpse of the latest technology in game before it becomes commonly available in commercial games.

On top of that, it gives model makers, mappers and sound artist a headstart on keeping up with the state of the art in their fields by being able to use the technology and being able to express familiarity with it when they apply for work in those fields.

So, right on Glassman, keep at it; purist be damned to DosQuake. 
P.S. I nearly wet myself at the first shot. 
I fart on your eye Headthump. People who like Quake don't want new technology bullshit crap that doesn't look nearly as cool, they want more fun. 
what a intelligent comment. Impressive. 
Time Marches On! 
The Complacent will be crushed. 
If you are against modernization in Quake, you should refrain from playing Glassman's level or Industri when they come out. But I don't really expect any consistancy from those flapping there jaws or lubicated sphincters against it. 
I'm A Little Slow, But 
i just realized this: glassman said those shots were taken in fitzquake... since when did fq support skybox and highres texture replacement? O_o 
Ha! I Had The Same Double Take 
a few months back when I noticed replacement textures I had made for Dark Places were being used while playing ye ol' Elektra Complex in FitzQuake. 
It's All In The Readme. 
You DO read the readme, don't you??? 
No, Not For Engines, Actually. :) 
it's usually just boring bug reports and such... :P 
Well, I Did After That 
Thumpy bows his head sheepishly.

It is so much easier to ask you in the forums, Metlslime than it is to open up a .txt file.

BTW, is the coordinate system extended in Fitz? Okay, okay I'll look it up . . . . 
Fitzy Skyboxing 
I DO read the readme...FQ deserves the attention.

metl: I noticed in using one of my custom skyboxes ( darkmatter, incidentally ) in my SP map, set in the worldspawn, that texture errors are produced.
Some of the skybox panels ( I haven't looked closely enough to see which images ) appear on doors and buttons. Haven't see it on any other funcs, but it happens on several different bmodels through the map.
I don't know how aware you are of this error. The skybox has been removed from worldspawn now, but I can reapply, run and detail the error more specifically if you would like. 
More On Skyboxes 
I've also noticed that Dark Places & FitzQ align the skyboxes differently. I think DP is 90 deg left compared to FitzQ. I'm not sure if there is a standard on this and whether either are "wrong" but it would be nice if there were. 
Hmm.. (skies) 
I tested my engine to be consistent with Quake 2's sky mapping, since a lot of skies are made for it. I think i also tried a quake3 sky, but i can't remember. Anyway, i think mine is right, but i could be mistaken :)

Kell: which version? Sounds like a texture manager problem. If you have 0.75, and you can reproduce the problem, it might be worth it for me to investigate. But, i'm in extreme pre-E3 crunch mode right now, so it won't happen immediately :P 
fitzquake at e3!? will it have japanese booth babes? 
And After E3 We Can Look Forward To A New FitzQuake? 
I like the sounds of that. 
But Fitzquake2 will run at half the speed, add custom weapon switching times (slider between 5 and 20 seconds), and will add switchable colored lighting.

I ain't looking forward to it. 
Switchable Coloured Lighting? 
O_o you mean switchable in game? that would be kind of cool... 
Well, I Trutst Fitzgibbons Judgement On That Score 
though the thought of custom weapons switching speeds turns my stomach. Same with fog effect controls. The mapper should have complete control over those factors. If the end user wants to customize let them learn it the hard way the way we did. 
metl: yes, 0.75. I can demo and screenshot for you at some stage. I didn't expect a quick fix. It's not a major headache anyway, I just thought you'd want to know.
E3-crunch, eh? I envy you and pity you at the same time :P 
Switchable Coloured Lighting 
Only if it is a mapper controled function then there are some cool ideas you can come up with for its use. I'm usually the most stridently anti-elitist person that I know but mappers work too hard to make their work look good for the end user to just flip a button and make it look like shit. 
you've got it the wrong way! :P

it's when people make crappy coloured lit maps, then you switch it off, and it goes from shit to decent. ;) 
Switchable Colored Lighting... 
Already on my to-do list :)

And no, it won't be mapper controlled. 
Ohhhh, I was looking at it the wrong way!

Metlslime -- will it be a cvar then? In that case there are still work arounds . . . 
I was thinking more along the lines of strobing randomly selected colors 
You Mean Like This? 
I'm Having Contrary Responses To Those Pics 
at the same time.

My first one -- Oh my eyes! Run from this heresy.

The second -- hmm, now, how do I incorporate a Disco in a Quake level?

Surely the first response stems from the reptillian, primitive side and the second the more evolved higher end. 
That Bottom One 
Looks like an old Sierra parser game in 3D. 
If I Had To Guess 
That pixelated daydream is either from Coagula or it is an orgy scene from Coligula with the jizm splatter being interperted in multicoloured particle effects. 
...looks like a typical custom engine there :P. 
Those are all screenshots i took during fitzquake development, when things went so catastrophically wrong that i thought it'd be nice to keep a memento. 
WooOOoowww... your screenshots looks like as if I took some drugs... cool... 8))
Does your quake engine works using heroin ??? ;-) 
when things went so catastrophically wrong that i thought it'd be nice to keep a memento.


Coming Soon: ksp2 - The Disco That Time Forgot... 
Does Your Quake Engine Works Using Heroin ??? ;-) 
That's more of a 'shroom moment there. 
I Can Imagine 
A whole set of drug triggers for mappers to play with.

trigger_drunk -- movement become exagerated, foggy vision
trigger_shrooms -- unfocused, fuzzy but hallucinogenic
trigger_acid -- sharply focused, sharply defined, moving objects have trailers, colors exagerated, throw in a little telekenisis while you are at it.
triiger_heroin -- I have no idea what that is like. 
... is very dangerous, like trigger_crack: it involved a lethal dependence !!! Too uch use kill the player... so use carefully... 
A substance that makes people look like zombies (hey, perfect for Quake then) yet so addictive people do it anyway I don't want any part of.

I can imagine using the trigs I mentioned as powerups instead for a post apocolyptic version of Quake. Something to mull over while I'm bored and supposedly working this afternoon. 
Screenshots Huh? 
...those Were Too Small... 
I Knew I Would Screw It Up! 
Please forgive me! I'm not familiar with these boards and was hoping to edit my posts, but as is the correct urls. Sorry for the spam! 
looks fresh
is it dm or sp or what?
looks like q2 map
what's it?
more info pls :) 
Druggy Trigger? 
Like the fluffy things in Yoshi's island?
(Doesn't show up too well in that screenshot, but the entire screen starts twisting and being weird when you touch those white fluffy things, and Yoshi begins to stumble and the controls go sluggy.) 
More Info... 
It's a Q2 DM map using Sock's egyptian themed textures. Maric at Backshooters has also created an Awaken II version of the map with a tweaked item placement and loadout specifically for that mod. If you're interested in trying it out, you can DL it from the Backshooters map repository or from here: 
rather nice duel map!
maybe a bit too symmetrical, but still, it's cute :) 
That makes me happy just looking at it 
Panzer: looks great, except the blue volumetric lighting things look out of place without blue lighting coming from them. I'd suggust using just a slight blue light there, don't go overboard with it so it's overbearing, but just a nice light blue to make it look right. 
Let There Light? 
I actually tried the blue lighting in an early version of this map (this one is final now) but it never looked quite right to me. It might have just been my opinion but the white lights seem to keep the textures from looking murky. BTW Vondur...good call on the 1v1. This map started out as a 1v1 level for Snake from the Backshooters community =) Thanks for all the comments. They will certainly come in handy in my next map. 
Is this the same map that was at The Pipeline since ages ago? I recalling seeing a map looking very similar to this, dunno if it was the same one.

Is looking pretty nice, and yeah scampie has a point about the blue lighting, might be nice to throw a bit of that around, give some contrast to the orangey feel of the map.

Keep it up! :D 
As A Matter Of Fact... 
This is the same map with a little more scenery thrown in. I thought since it was originally designed with 1v1 play in mind, it could handle a little more detail to make the hunt a little more bearable when you keep missing each other. 
Just set v_idlescale to 20. That's drunk enough for me. 
Cliff Test Please Comment
I'm fiddling with a map that has this cliff,
please comment.

I am planning to "round out" the top part of
the cliff. 
My Suggestions 
for rockfaces that need to be very vertical, use lots of little lights (about 120-180, no special attenuation settings) and just slather them all over the rockface at random intervals and heights. this way, you get a more interested rock, instead of flat lighting.

also, i suggest you upscale the textures to 1.5x1.5 or even 2x2.

taking a break from mapping...

i love pk. ;) 
I'm re vis-ing Ne_lend. It is at 53% guess I was little optimistic that it would be complete in 8 hours. Did you get the first impressions e-mail I wrote when I completed playing it the first time around? Or is that one lost to the Gods of the Internet.

Dont blame you about taking a break. I test played a bunch of levels last night and got a pinched nerve in my shoulder out of it. It's all shot games and watching boxing tonight if there is a half decent fight on. 
i did indeed get your email. thanks for the preliminary info. :)
when i tried a fullvis for lend, it took about 5 or 6 days...

besides, i was meaning to do the painkiller stake gun for a while now, and since i had some free time... heck, i even got Pain in there, and working on Killer. :D 
Stake Gun 
Necros, fancy a proper model for that thing? Weapons are much easier than monsters, frankly. 
Heh, Well... 
i ripped the stakegun sounds right out of painkiller and synced the rotation of the sng to the noise and removed the muzzle flash from the other barrels except the one. and those stakes are the center part of the quad damage. :D

i've been trying to come up with something along the lines of the one from PK:
i can do the modelling fine, and import it into qme, but i have no idea how to make the cool skins, even though i've read about doing it.

Preach, if i were to give you a finished model, could you make up the skin coordinates? i'd give you credit and all that, although, since we're talking on a public board, almost everyone who does use/play it will know about it. :P 
well, how's this look? tried to keep the quake mood, so it's a strange looking gun and asymetrical. i only realised later that it's more of a left handed gun than right handed, but that's easy to change. 
i left the 'stake' (more of just a placeholder at the moment) in the first shot to give an idea of where it goes. it won't be textured like that in game, probably will be metal or wood (duh :P) 
Yeah, I can do that, just send me or give me a link to the model, but make sure you have everything that you need in the final model all finished before you send it. Once it's skinned, it's a real pain trying to add new parts to it. 
You'll probably end up going w/ his skin but can I have all I need to skin it as well, I wanna give it a try. 
but that's later. ;)

is there a site that explains how to properly import a model into qme and how to animate it from outside of qme? (so importing the frames too) for some reason, the stake doesn't appear in qme... 
Importing Animation Frames 
Usually I just import each frame as a 3ds or dxf file. If you're using QME 3.1, then you can select multiple files and import them all. Presumably the program that you're using to animate them can export single frames of animation, try a different format if that doesn't work. I don't know too much about the process though, as I usually animate using QME anyway.

One more thing...If you're gonna export the frames from another program, save the files you create. When I skin the model, you have to import the frames again, you can't add the skin to an animated model(although if you have an animated .mdl, you can export all the frames and then just import them to the skinned version) 
The old Quark4.07 has a way to copy files to eachother as you start the model-editor twice.
So you can select and deselect them mutual, as long as you rename them.

Finding the garavity 800 key can't resist me to make another level...thanx necros. 
if i give you a .md2 with all the frames in there already, will that be ok to do the skinning?

i coulnd't figure out to export specific frames into individual files, so i opted to get this thing called QTip which is a plugin for 3dsmax and export to md2 automatically... 
Post Gravity #999 
That is shaping up to look interesting. I like the supports in particular. 
Yup, I can do it from that, send it along. 
Put some trim around the top of the arch. It's looking good. 
Never liked lava in base maps myself. 
has its context, friend. 
I Haven't 
seen lava in base maps, or arches, so I wanted to do that. 
Rusted Base 
if it's *slime in a base map, it's called 'toxic waste'
if it's *lava in a base map, it's called 'molten metal'

I cannot self-terminate; you will have to lower me into the steel. 
/me lowers Kell into the steel. 
/me gives a last thumbs up as my screen goes blac...* 
The unwritten future rolls toward us. I face it for the first time with a sense of hope, because if a poster, a Kell, can learn the value of human life, maybe we can too. 
but unfortunately when this future arrives it is in the form of a mediocre cash-in where the only truly good part is a truck chase scene.

...doh, kill me now... 
/me kills DaZ, now. 
I should have realized it was never our destiny to stop pointless posts - merely to survive it, together. The Kell knew; he tried to tell us. But I didn't want to hear it. Maybe the future has been written. I don't know; all I know is what the Kell taught me never stop fighting. And I never will. The battle has just begun. 
Pushplay, Uhm 
you do plan to post a level pic with this battle on it right?

Kidding man. I'm just afraid someone will fallow up by posting Trinity's 8 minute dying speach from Matrix:Revolutions.

Witch Craft Battle 
I guess you're supposed to be in space in those shots, but it looks like you're fighting a microscopic Shambler on a falling snow flake in the middle of a snow storm... Which is a cooler idea really. 
Microscopic shamblers.. that reminds me of editing in BUILD when you could easily change the size of enemies and fight them that way, if I recall correctly. 
i remember that. i hated how a lot of stuff was handled though, they made setting up triggers and stuff so complicated compared to editing in doom. 
Serious Sam also had an easy way of changing monster sizes. Was fun to make a headless bomber 20 times it's size... too bad the explosion doesn't scale. The running bull monsters were also cool to make 2/3 the size so they were like minipoodles that would blast you across the map. 
2 Screenshots 
Of my new map, at Underworldfan's site. 
Almost Escheresque; sweet, I like the terracota.

Tronyn: I remember you asked about custom textures recently. I can do a bit, but I have a lot on my plate atm what with the monsters, Black Belvedere, my own Q1SP, lack of net access and lack of site ( /me plays little violin )

Give me a rundown of what you're looking for, either here on Func or at my new ( apparently w0rking ) email - monster_kell AT hotmail DOT com.
I'll see what I can do. Warning: all of the multi-layer .psp originals for the knave textures were lost when Signs Of Koth died :~( Though if that's what you're looking for modifications of, there are surplus means by which to flay a feline.
It's not that I don't want to do any more textures - I do. But it's unfair if I agree to do something specific and then procrastinate....poor R.P.G. is still waiting for his texture ( it's done, I just haven't had a chance to mail it yet ;) ) 
Jack Carver Is The Road Warrior!

of course, i doubt i'll ever release this thing... it's really just a huge terrain with a hummer with it's hitpoint setting skyhigh and a bunch of other hummers with guys in it. it's fun getting them to chase you though. ^_^

if i get better at the farcry sandbox editor i might actually try to make this an actual map.

(you can see i didn't even bother to give the terrain more than 1 texture :P ) 
When I look at that it makes me think of the Long Version remix of Lucretia by The Sisters Of Mercy. Pedal to the metal.... 
never heard it. :P

i just finished watching road warrior two days ago and i wanted to recreate that last chase scene with the truck and all the dudes. it's not working out so well.

now i'm just goofing around and piling enmpty trailer boxes skyhigh and setting explosives to knock the whole thing down.

plus there are some guys at the top of the pile of boxes. >:D
and holy shit! you can run maps as they are in game right from the freakin' editor! whoa! 
gravity 800 needs so much space.
this one is 3.5Mb, but argh... that texture and brush alignment.... 
Nice Brushwork Madfox 
you are getting good at this. One question, low gravity and flowing water canals? I guess we have never raised a stink about low grav and active magma in the original e1m8 either! 
Thanx HeadThump... 
In this map are also the 8 round brushes, turning in space. But it needs a sync_func_train, and I can't find it anymore on Inside3D!

I just came to these corridors by accident, covering the outside space of it. The water is thin, so you fall through it into another same corridor, under it.
When jumping aside on the sidewalk, the wall leads into the middle, and falling into it.

Maybe not a good ID to put water in a low gravity map, as weth clothes won't lift up. 
I Looked Around Inside3d Forums 
for that the other day when you first mentioned a need for it, and couldn't find it though their archived boards go much further back then I checked. Have you checked Custents for similar functions? 
i don't remember if the entity was actually called func_sync_train, but there *is* an entity like that in custents. it will keeps it's place in relation to other trains even if you block it, and such...
i actually used a variation of that to get the func_trains in "Emptiness Without" to get the trains to move properly. you can use the duration key to set how long it takes for a train to go to one path corner instead of a speed key. 
custents is the place to seek for the "func_train_syncer". 
...that shot is looking better than almost all your previous shots. Keep playing around, I think you're getting somewhere with that one. Grand architecture and curves are good, as is a consistent texturing theme. 
Devotion To The Antiques... 
I am only crumblin' with that nasty habbit of the compiler to decompile right brushes. At least, that's what Quark aims...

Here is one from "Cicade", endlevel-2 part#6. 
Ogre Can't Stand Loosing... 
Submit that one to PlanetQuake! 
Rock Textures 
the images are extra dark, i cannot see a thing, sorry.... 
3 (or 6 If You Really Have To...) 
...the stratification in the other textures doesn't suit some of your outcropping. 
Yeah I should have run them through PSP and made them brighter, it's just that they'll look darker unless they're viewed in fullscreen. 
I'd go with #2 

was bored so i decided to put some screenies up of the maps i'd been working on since mid 2003. i havent gotten much done. i usually sit down and work on these for liek 1 hour every month. :)

the lighting/textures migth be all fucked up in some. 
Looks Pretty Good 
Keep it up pdcitter. The Egypt one looked kinda smallish in scale, but still nice. 
i like the base one best. but both look like they'll be nice maps when they're done.

also, it's the first time i've seen what quiver looks like. whoa. 
Ut204 CBP 2 
I need some testers to help me :
screenies and download on : 
I haven't skinned before so I thought I'd start off with Q1. I need to skin the gun and the back yet. Also I know the arms appear glossy, that has since been removed. He is also too pale. I'm thinking of redoing the sounds to. I see this skin fitting in better with grimier, dirtier sewer maps perhaps: 
that's actually pretty good dude. the faceplate gloss is a bit strong, maybe reduce it a bit, and get more of the grunt's face on there.

not bad for a first skin! 
I look forward to doing a Q3 skin since you can see the detail more, I don't think Q1 justifies my capabilities honestly. 
It Looks Good 
(don't give up!) 
Just Checked The General Abuse Thread 
looks like you didn't, congrats :) 
Thanks :) 
Unreal Engine 3 Monsters 
The end of the U3Tech video definitely got me a bit moist, when the 'beast' came over.

I love a good monstery monster =) 
Ooh, U3 Monsters 
Those monsters look much much better in high detail shots. Don't get me wrong, they looked good in the video too, but you can see their pores in these pictures.

The 'glow' effect works really well on the overbright sections. Actually, just having those bright, near-white sections created by lighting puts them ahead of most 3d engines... I've always thought that to be one of the biggest differences between 3d game engines and reality. I imagine it's probably pretty hard to do well, but I can't see the people who made Unreal 2 putting a foot wrong, or making some sort of mistake. Cough. 
Unreal 2 was developed by Legend, not Epic.

Also noteworthy is that Legend has been closed down by Atari. 
But Conversely... 
I genuinely couldn't see the people who made Wheel Of Time (and the Unreal mission pack) putting their feet wrong or making some sort of bloody obvious mistake. Yet somehow...

Politics, I'm sure of it... 
So, are these actual designs for Unreal 3 or are they just for the engine demo? 
I'm Learning Stuff 
I really didn't register that Unreal 3 is being developed by Epic. Surely that's something to get very excited about? A true sequel to the original Unreal. As long as there isn't any bloody politics :) 
Im just getting into mapping.
check out my screenshots! 
ZSP2 Early Screens @ Pipeline 
Groovy Pics Zwif 
What texture sets did you use. I believe I saw some from Armagon and Metlslime's. 
It's mainset Speedbz with some Armagon in there for to add contrast to the mostly darkgreen/darkbrown camo walls in there. 
hey, it looks good, go complete it! :) 
It looks like you have a good start there on the architecture. The lighting in some of the shots (especially the third) seems a little flat and uninteresting, IMO. It looks like adding a little more contrast and throwing in a few alternate lighting styles or sources might help it out.

Good work, though. Is this your first Quake map? 
I forgot to add that the purple lighting in shot 4 doesn't seem to fit very well, IMO. 
Dazka - looking promising there for the early stages of a map. Interesting take on Egyptian textures and nice to see that style done at night. Some interesting looking architecture e.g. in the first shot. Need to work on architectural consistency and more dramatic lighting, though.

Zwiffle - looking good there, a strong style and good build quality it seems, and not too dark for a change!! Personally it's not really my style, I'm not so keen on that brown used in a smaller scale (I think it works better for big designs), but the green pipes liven it up. 
Thx Guys 
I think being able to create maps is one of the coolest things you can do with a computer. Ive been tooling around with them for about a year but havint come up with anything worth showing off. If i ever do, i'll be sure to let you guys know. 
Thx Guys 
Thanks for the advice guys.
I think being able to create maps is one of the coolest things you can do with a computer. Ive been tooling around with them for about a year but havint come up with anything worth showing off. If i ever do, i'll be sure to let you guys know. 
personally, i prefer the trim textures to be more of a contrast to the main texture, just an idea. 
I am using speedys EXCELLENT andromeda textures for this:

Please come with some suggestions. btw the ghosts around the map are cpma indicators for spawnpoints 
Err. There's not much there to offer suggestions on. Have you started with the details yet? If you have, it looks like you need to seriously re-examine what you've done and add somemore.

This article is for Q1, but it's still quite applicable when it comes to adding detail for most games:

If you have not started detailing yet, then please pardon me. But if so, I don't understand why you posted this... 
And Err 
Slightly smaller images would be cool, too. 800x600 is usually big enough to get an idea what it looks like. 
yerr... looks a little plain, esp for q3, no? 
Thanks For Response 
I have detailed a bit, but I am looking for help with the detailing ideas, thanks for that guide tho, will be of some help. If anyone has any ideas for little details they think would fit please tell me :D 
Play Metroid Prime 
There's some incredible detailing in there. It's quite inspiring. 
Err, Yeah 
Do you want Quake 1/2/3 style details? Play through some levels that you thought had good details and note some stuff that you liked.

Do you want detailed machinery and other sci fi paraphernalia? Check out some drawings from artists' websites for inspiration.

Do you want something more in line with modern architecture? Try some architecture websites or books. 
Dang, RPG 
I'm going to have to get a console. You are making me envious for some of the console titles. I was very PC-centric until I spent a cloudy summer vacation at a friend's place playing Siphon Filter 2 and found the experience to be quite satisfying. 
I like the layout, but I'd consider adding a bottom (with maybe some lava/slime) to the pit-o'-death in the middle. This would allow people to rocket jump out if they were quick instead of making it instant death. If you do this, perhaps consider suspending a good item (RA?) over the pit.

I'd also consider adding a YA, or at least a bunch of shards, somewhere in the map. Right now, the RA is pretty much what the entire map revolves around. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I'd certainly get a lot of playtesting to make sure it works.

I like the grate near the PG to jump over, but you could make it a little more interesting by raising it ~16 units or so, and adding a crate or geometry on the wall on either side to allow players to make the jump--or, if you don't add anything to one side and make the jump one-way, put something quite good in the dead-end. :)

You have verts off the grid on your rock ceiling over the RG, causing the sparklies there. An arena file in the pk3 would be nice too.

More detailing is certainly necessary. My suggestion: 
A Slight Update 
I updated the map a bit, and took some screenshots and didn't read this post until I had uploaded everything. I will correct the map accordingly tomorrow. I want to thank everyone, you have been very nice and thrown good ideas my way.

Future plans as of now:
-Change the RA to a YA as it proved very dominant during playtesting.
-Throw in some cool map models from the FPS site.
-Further detail the boring walls with brushwork.

Anyway, update @ (still huge screenshots, will make them smaller for next batch)

Once again, thank you everyone, (especially pjw and RPG) 
Accidentally mistyped the url in the last post (edit function REALLY needed!) is the correct url 
it's getting there. i still think it needs more detail... more action in the brushes, whatever :P this looks like a a tech map, so some pipes wouldn't go amiss. i think you can use q3's curving brushes things? O_o

maybe make some alcoves in halls ways with some pipes running along from ceiling to floor, and maybe cut a trench along the ceiling, and fill it with pipes as well. maybe put some trim along the edge of the floors, ex:second screenshot, the left and center raised floors could use trim there.

shot3 could use those alcove with pipes i was tlaking about on the left side,

shot4 is kinda neat, but could use more electrical things behind the curving light brushes


keep it up, dude! 
necros forgot to mention it, but you could put some pipes in, too. 
well, pipes wasn't the only thing, but it's what comes to mind first when thinking about tech. i guess some computer panels and whatnot, with exposed circuitry and such would work fine too.

try pushing the light brushes back maybe 8 units to make the wall more 3d too... umm... yeah.

map on... 
Hey RPG! 
i think YOU should put some pipes in your next map. :P

or make a Q1SP map based on a metroid prime environment [is that possible?] 
Wow, nice screenies, really... 
The major structures and big forms should be more important and then the details should just add some extra spice to the stew! Far to often people just add lots of details to hide the uninteresting underlying architecture. 
The Cybernetic Ursine Is Too True 
It looks like what you have there is a collection of the most common elements from sci-fi themed maps. Most good maps have some unique feature which ties the map together, I think you need to look for your's. 
Need Some Help 
I need testers for this map for the style and the gameplay,
I need comment

screenies and download : 
I feel sad I can't check out the map, my ISP is rather fucked up now and won't let me look at any gamespy sites 
Improvement happening. I like the nighttime/neon feel more than the original.

pushplay raises a good point re: theme. It's improved, but it still feels like a lot of other techie maps. I like the bars/columns that you have in a few places (e.g. near RL/RA) maybe add something similar in a few more spots? Some over/under areas with barred floors often provide interesting combat--it would be pretty easy to add a room under PG with a barred floor, accessible from RL area and from central courtyard somehow. Ignore me, of course, if you don't want to mess with changing layout at this point. (But if you did, you could maybe *add* a YA instead of switching RA <--> YA . . . :))

I'd also consider narrowing the space between the bars, at least at RA, to force people to go around, rather than just jumping up from the floor.

Teleporters seem a little blah. A good place for maybe a model of some kind? 
Not Quite Screenshots, But... 
still a preview of whats to come:

they're not perfect, but I just wanted to get the ideas across. I could do better with more time if I needed to. 
I'd offer to help out on your mod, but "I don't think Q1 justifies my capabilities honestly." 
it's fine. 
The map is updated! Check it out at

Decided to follow a lot of the forum members crits, but I am not sure about the MH, maybe there should be a YA there instead? Also, if anyone knows any cool teleporter models I would appreciate if they threw a link my way. I would also appreciate some good C&C about it. 
Looks Better 
But do you think you have enough lights in shot0021?

It looks like you could work a little more on the theme, too. But in general, this is a problem new mappers have, so don't worry about getting it perfect on your first attempt.

It looks like you're trying to put in too many colors, too. Blue, yellow, green, and red all in the same map? It might work out okay, but there are several areas that feature three or four of those colors (shot0019 and shot0020).

The curved beams in shot0021 look thinner in the middle, but that might be an intentional stylistic choice.

You might consider adding some additional details on the floors -- it looks like shot0024 would especially benefit from that. Somemore contrast in the lighting (such as spotlights) might help in that area too, but at the moment you might be more interested in architectural details than lighting. 
It Just Occured To Me 
Alcatraz used to have some excellent column entries detailing his experience building his first map. Too bad those are perhaps eternally lost to the internet daemons. 
Restarted Work On This: 
This is one of the last few areas I've had to finish. This shows last night's work, and is still a ways from finishing.

This shows various additions to the exterior area since I last showed screens here. 
2nd screenie looks ace, 1st screenie shows nothing. 
2nd screenie looks awesome. I love the differing subtle texture and light shades in the shot. 1st shot needs more vertical elements, white lights, broken pipes/water pools, and that greenish/yellowish texture thats in the lower-right of the 2nd shot. although if you really wanna do something, the base is built into a mountain righ? build an interior area that has suffered a cave-in/collapse, with exposed rust/metal cross sections of walls cielings and floors being cut open by large rocks.

Keep the sky, love the color theme. this one looks to be shaping up very nice 
Looking Cool 
No Beta Yet. 
i'll put you on the list though. want to try and get things together for a beta before the speedchainmap. this map has sat for far too long.

eggman, nitin: white lights will def. be in. the lighting there was just lights I copied from elsewhere so I could see. and yeah, I'll do some rocks there. Not much there really, the only major thing there I really wanted to show off was the angled stairs and trims. :D

thanks for all the comments 
While we're on the topic of self-pimpage, I thought I'd break in and offer some screenies of a map I worked on for a bit last year.

I really like the architecture and some of the lighting, but r_speeds were getting too high so I decided to start over in a different set. Maybe I'll re-use the architecture in a SP map some point. 
Eggman Said It Best 
I'll just second him that that is shaping up nicely, Scampie. 
I Was Reading About QRad, 
a utility that I am not familiar with on Fatty's site the other day. It allows for Quake 2 style texture lumination in Quake. It looks like your map may be the perfect candidate for that approach, RPG. 
Speaking Of R_SPEEDS... 
What�s considered to be "good average" and "max peak" r_speeds these days? 
Some people still stick with 600-700 tops. SP maps are much less likely to adhere to this guideline. DM maps usually stay below 700. 
New Pimpage <- has new screens and beta in it.

I want to send out "GJ" packages to scampie and rpg for impressive work :D (especially scampie) 
Redone Concept 
...looking good! That misaligned yellow light texture in the first shot is on purpose, yes? 
the lighting there was just lights I copied from elsewhere so I could see.

already removed as of tonight. 
See And Test ... 
I have made this q1sp
juge ... 
the brushwork looks good, and i like the textures. don't know where they're from...

lighting could use a bit more 'attitude'... i'd suggest these settings for the wall torches:
delay 5
wait 2
light 330 
i agree that the brushwork and texturing look quite good, and this shows good potential, but that lighting really needs work.

It's hard to define 'good lighting', but I feel it's important to get the right balance between contrast and plainness. That is, you shouldn't have areas which are all the same brightness; even if the area is outside, try to include some other light sources, so the light level varies. Also, you shouldn't have excessively contrasting lighting... lighting can be dramatic while still looking smooth and having gradual changes in brightness.

or something. 
Nice architecture and textures, but lighting is awful. Fullbright next to pitch black will not promote anything in your map except headache, especially with the bright snow theme.

Just to get a different view, try relighting it with the following line:
light -fast -soft -extra4 -light 40 -addmin -range 0.15 -dist 0.9 heresp3

Or even better, follow necros' advice by using better falloff formulae, e.g. the new delay 5.

Gameplay was pretty good, maybe a bit too much teleport ambushes in really cramped corridors. Also, I'd suggest changing the now partly solid sky brushes into real sky by using the sky texture on all faces. 
Nice screenshots !! But like necros, I just ask me where did you find this cool grey brick textures ?? Did you made it by yourself ?? 
ok, thanks I take advices and go map =)

I think u know these textures. ( I steal it on rtcw ) I know I haven't the right ... but the render is cool ...

I will be back in a little moment ... I put new beta edition when i finish it ... 
Some texture observations.

Firstly, What texture scale are you using? It's difficult to be sure, but they look kind of hi-res. I would advise against using scaled down textures if poss.

You mention using RTCW textures, which are designed for a higher texture resolution than standard Quake. I would recommend resampling the textures in Photoshop (or whatever image editor you use) eg. 256x256 -> 128x128, before you do the q1 palette conversion. You can then use them in Quake with normal 1:1 scale.

RTCW textures are notoriously grey. If you have oodles of time to spare, you may also want to "brown-them-up" with a levels correction and/or brightness/contrast correction before fitting them to the q1 palette, although that is a matter of personal taste.

Also, looking at some of the wooden beam structures, it looks as though you need to rotate some of the textures 90 degrees, to "align the grain". The ceiling beams in the first screenshot for example could use this.

I won't dwell on the lighting, as much has already been said, but it needs to be completely redone. 
Forgot To Add 
I haven't actually played the beta yet, so all my comments are based solely on the screenshots. 
Another Version! 
The Curved Lights Still Seem Too Bright IMO 
Well, The Obvious... 
align the texture... 
I'm becoming fond of this map. :)

Also, I'm still a little hesitant re: item load and health load . . . it certainly seems like there's too much health in there now for a tourney map (mega + 2x50 + 25s), and I suspect that two armors + a mega might be too much (in combination with all the health) for this size map. Plus the +50 right above the mega is a little weird . . . I wouldn't mind seeing the mega a little more risky to get as well--it's easy enough to snag it and teleport right out to a tele_dest that gives a lot of movement options as it is right now.

If it were my map, I'd try the following (in other words, feel free to ignore this part if you don't want blatant opinion)
a) remove the +50 above the mega and put a few shards there instead.
b) move the tele_dest for the mega tele to a slightly more dangerous place--my first inclination would be to make a short passage sunk into the wall off the bottom outside room (where the SG ammo is) and put it there. Make this a one-way tele.
c) replace the YA near the RL with some shards (and/or a CPMA jacket armor).
d) remove the +25 near the RG. 
Ghost Recon 
Not really you guys' cup of tea, I know, but I've been doing a lot of mapping for Ghost Recon. Here's some shots from a few different maps I'm working on. I did not build the trees and shrubbery in the last shot, they're included with the game. 
I liked Ghost Recon.. I've never played around with the editor though. Let me know when you finish this. 
The Maps 
will go into the Tactical Gamer 3.1 Mod Update ( when it's done. 
PJW-improved New Version! 
Took most of pjw's suggestions into mind and made a new version:
(too tired to arse up new screenies and shit)

I want to send a hug your way for all your excellent and wonderful tips :D

(I am aware that you can get in between two of the bars, this was a mistake, but not sure if I want to change this, very hard to go in from below this way anyway, since it is just big enough to fit a player.) 
Screenies <- got my arse in gear and took some screenies. 
Industrial Pictures 
taken from an abandoned cement works near were I live...

Inspiration for mappers mainly... Very STALKER in style. 
Shouldn't that go in the Inspiration and Reference thread? 
Good Point 
just had to find the damn thread... Need a search function :D 
...your humility is an inspiration. Keep up the good work. 
Beta 7! 
Another beta is out! This is quite a bit improved IMHO, it can be found at as usual.

Thank you for your comments as well distrans. 
Inspiration for mappers mainly... Very STALKER in style.

i also have many pictures which are Stalker in style. Probably not the same kind of stalker though.

But she was so pretty. 
... to the mao :D 
Starbuck, post in the 'inspiration' thread 
Guess my goodbye was aimed more at tf, as func msgboard has helped me alot during the making of this map, and it wouldn't be the same without this thread.

It can be found at once again. Added a new route and I ALPHABLENDED the terrain outside. (New small screenshots as requested) 
That's The Way Voodoo 
Hang in there, Func_'s a good place to be 99% of the time. Generally a cool bunch of people, and IMO, some of the best mappers around, for any Game. Looking forward to the final version of your map. Looks good 
Update Again 
This thread has slacked off a bit I've noticed? Once again an update, with some touch ups and fixes, and another new route. as usual. 
You do know about the missing sound file for the lift, and the missing textures? like those 2 pipes in the 3rd screenshot, and on the larger of the 2 pipes near the yellow armour, that run around in the wall cavity. 
Looking a lot better voodoo, the lighting has improved A LOT imo. The 1st and 5th pics blew my mind away, the details are also starting too look a lot better. keep up the good work 
hey cool! i thought you were leaving? i'm glad your not though. your map is starting to look pretty good. the lightning is much much better now and i like the funky light design on the wall. 
Thank you for your comments, sorry about the missing texture, will be corrected! 
Updated The Link Now 
Fixed the missing textures(I think!) and the link now points to the fixed texture version, dl if you feel like it. 
Looks Much Better 
than it did at first. Shows that just working on it a bit more can change a map from being just 'ok' to actually being good, congrats.

Generally i still get a feeling the theme isn't fully coherent, not enough continuing underlying elements to hold it together as well as some maps. But... its not worth redoing stuff for, the next map will be better still anyway.

The one thing i would suggest is making sure you have some variation in height in areas which are open to the sky... it looks like its all the same height in some places... you could raise the wall over the doorway for example, or add a few towers behind the edge. Good work though, carry on! 
The lift sounds and the pipe textures are there now, just some missing textures, sought of outside the map, behind the lift area. 
Missing Textures? 
Thanks starbuck, will try to add some variation in height!

I am not sure which area you are are describing, would be very happy if you felt you could take the time to take a screenshot of which areas are missing textures? 
Missing Textures 
If you stand facing the lift, with the yellow armour behind and to your left, you have 3 openings/windows, to the outside on your right, if you look out the opening/window, closest to the lift, you should see what I am talking about. I will send you a screenshot, but I can't do it now, but will in about an hour from the time of this post.

The only other problem for me is there seems to be a lot of dead ends, hindering the flow. One in particular can be problematic, at least with bots. If you are down in the section below the lift, where the mega health is, and a bot decides to hang about at the top of the lift (which they tend to), the lift will remain up, and you are stuck down below with no way out. 
Voodoo, I sent off the screenshot to the email address you used to register with. I dropped the quality of the jpeg down alot to make the file size smaller.

there seems to be a lot of dead ends Sorry about that, there are only 2, but being a small map it felt like a lot :). But after playing some more, it's not to bad. Except for the little prob with bots mentioned before 
Rather good screenshots... Cool lightning effects and archtecture..
Keep it up !! 
Thanks For All. 
Thank you for the screenshots and everything, if you play the map in cpma you can pull a doublejump off of the little box-thing on the opposing side from the elevator. Don't know how to fix the bot being bad with the elevator, but will botclip some and make sure they act better with the YA and stuff as soon as I get it back from pjw.

Thank you for your compliments jp, is your name taken from SiN's main character? I think his name was JP Lambert? Or maybe it was JC Denton? :D Can't remember :/ 
No, this is my real name: Jean-Philippe LAMBERT... I don't use pseudo... and I didn't play SiN game.. sorry ;-)
Ah, parleur francais? Je francais se mal :D

Guess the sin dudes name was JC Denton then :D 
Wow... Nice try, but I hope my english is better tahn your french.... sorry.... 
CPMA, yes, I stoped playing that a while back, just play vanillaQ3 now. Guess you can't please both crowds, but it's no problem if you have the RL. Hope you can pull those bots into line ;). 
sadly, my harddrive died about 3 days ago, being as dumb as I am I didn't have any off-hd backups, and the .map file is now lost in eternity :/

Development of the map will stop here, and I will probably start anew with another map soon.

Thank you for all your tips and feedback about the map, because it has not been in vain, you have taught me alot and improved me as a mapper, expect more stuff in the future. 
HD failures really suck :(

Good to hear your still gonna keep mapping though! 
Sorry To Hear 
But didn't pjw have a copy?
but will botclip some and make sure they act better with the YA and stuff as soon as I get it back from pjw.
Or am I misunderstanding?.

Thankfully I have never experienced a HD failure, I have had a couple start making a few odd noises that I thought were going down, so I replaced them. Now days, apart from regularly backing everything up on a DVD, every 6 months I just rip out the old HD and replace it with a new one. Kind of puts the odds in my favour a bit, cutting down the chance of loosing everything.
Anyway look forward to your next, best of luck 
He Did. 
He did have a copy, but I had built quite a bit since then, and I really don't feel like redoing about 5-6 hours of work all over again, maybe some other day. 
doing anything? feed me screens! 
Screen My Feets 
You Better? You Bet 
Bastion II: The Marcher Fortress 
Time for a little pimpage of my next Q1SP map. As it stands, I'm afraid this bad boy will probably have to be custom engine only, but in any case, I'll supply an engine with the download to at least ensure a consistent experience (a lesson I learned the hard way with the first map). I'm currently finalising the architecture and lighting; I haven't added any monsters yet, but you can expect a similar type of combat to the first one.

The main differences this time around are the terrain elements, less linear exploration, and more epic architecture >:D

Here's a quick trio of screenshots - I'd have more but the lighting is still being worked on in most places. 
that first yellow road tex is ugly tho 
good point re: yellow texture. It does tile badly from a distance :/ 
uhm that water is like really bright... 
oh that's just the contrast correction i applied to the screenshots. It looks normal ingame :) 
Pic #3 Is A Beauty 
Pic #2 Is A Beauty 
Er, I Can't Decide 
I meant #2, I tried to erase #1176 before it posted 
Shot 1 is truly epic, amazing stuff SB!

I am eagerly awaiting release. 
I Told You 
i cancelled the project, it was too GAY 
what the fuck is wrong with you? you must be possesed by the devil to map in such a fasion!

whatever you do, don't stop! ^_^ 
Err Lol Etc 
Of course I meant Kinn not starbuck, I think I am going insane... 
sorry for that outburst but considering that's q1 and handbuilt terrain u say! it's stunningly erotic. Probably the most amazing q1 outdoor screenie i've ever seen. Keep up the stiffy! 
Kinn and starbuck have the same sorta nick colour, thats why I got them mixed up...

(what? you mean the strange squiggly lines have something to do with it too? Gah...) 
Thank You Guys 
Yes the terrain is all handbuilt. It's actually hollow (i.e. there's an underground cave network), so an "instant terrain" tool like gensurf would have been of little use. Besides, I much prefer the level of control you get with handbuilding terrain vertex-by-vetex. 
vonsp1 is bettar 
Hip2m2 by Levelord is better, but only in the third main area after the second Shambler. Otherwise, Kinn has us all beat. 
everyone's job is to outdo Kinn. 
Levelord is talking at 3DRealms.COM forums. 
All Right! Thanks For The Heads Up Phait 
BTW I love what Kinn is doing to extend the Quake mapping scene, but there are a number of mappers who are as talented.

I recently played some levels by Than and Kell that blew me away.

I'm just glad to be in the vacinity of some really superb artist.

This Scene Ownz!! 
It seems like Kinn is a refreshing mapper or something. I haven't seen that kinda praise in a long time or ever. 
Nice. If you're going to be using a custom engine though, you might as well do something about q1's ugly water texes. 
i was wondering it it'd work in fitzquake.

technically, it is a custom engine, but it still shares some of the limitations of the original glquake such as the 600 edict limit.

also, upon furthur lookage, i find the third shot decidedly underwhelming when compared to the grandeur of the first and second shot.
i think a bit of something is missing in the third shot to make it consistent with the level of visual quality present in other areas of the map.

good map. ;) 
Custom Engines Etc. 
Well, I got the latest build to load in WinQuake, so it may be cross-engine after all :) although obviously you miss out on Kell's lovely skybox. Edicts shouldn't be a problem, either - I'll just do Bastion-style spawning if they get out of hand.

Necros - appreciate the comments. The third shot is from inside the fortress; the architecture becomes more traditional there. Overall, there's a quite a bit of variety in the architecture, with some nice watery areas, caverns and dungeons to contrast with the epic hugeness of the fortress exterior. 
Does Look Very Impressive 
but the lighting does need a lot of work. 
Shot 3 is a bit less impressive than the others -- it only looks slightly grander than gmsp3! 
Ah, dude. Welcome. I lay down the carpet of red viscera for you. Finally, someone who can outgoth me ;)
Superb handling of the proportions of the fortress exterior; reminds me of Bruegel's Tower Of Babel. A tangential influence maybe?
On the subject of textures: if you are going to use the Q3A gothic wad, please delve as deep as you can. There are some superb gigeresques in there as well as multiple trims and such. The blandness of the same blocks_c texture covering vast acreages of brushwork unrelentingly was my only disappointment with Bastion. Palette conversion is always a limitation, but there must be more you can get out of the wad.
Also, if you're going to have pools of water on a brownish landscape, near brownish buildings under a brownish should consider having brownish water. That clean blue id water makes for a visual oxymoron, since there's no blue in the sky that it would be reflecting.
That would be the mpterra1 rock tex on your terrain too. Not a bad choice I must say, though palette conversion seems to have messed the saturation about. There are plenty of others available that may be worth trying on your terrain. Many of them on my HDD as it happens :P
Finally: it's very satisfying to see my skyboxes associated with such impressive mappage. Regarding dragonheart specifically - it has hills in it that will be parallaxed behind the actual brushwork hills of the map. this may be your intention, but if you'd like I can always re-render the sky sans terrain. I also have a couple of other 'infernal' skies you won't have since SoK went down, which may be of interest to you.

You are a man after my own heart. On a spike. Over a gatehouse probably. Mmm, mapobjects... 
Cheers Kell! 
Great post. I'd never heard of Bruegel's Babel before, but a quick google yielded this pic:

Actually, I was influenced more by the LOTR films, specifically Helm's Deep (the valley and the stone road up to the the main gate). Actually, the road undulates quite nicely, a feature not readily apparent from the high vantage point in that shot. The tiered construction of the fortress was a nod to Minas Tirith, whilst the huge beacons were inspired by, well, the beacons. Only just visible on the grassy court above the main entrance, partly obscured by the spiky turret is The Brown Tree of Kinndor >:)

Totally agree with the points you made regarding the textures. I'll definately work on getting some more variation in there. My biggest problem with the Q3 textures are that they aren't the best tiling textures in the world. Take the yellow road texture for example; it's scaled 2x in both axes on the road, and the tiling is still pretty bad; i'll likely replace that. Damn good point with the water as well - that'll be replaced.

The rock texture will stay as it is; in fact I think it looks even better from the ground, and it really blends in nicely with the mountains in the skybox, which I think is perfect as it is :)

Of course, I'd love to see some of your recent skies, but I think I've settled on the sky for this map. 
Cool. Glad to see dragonheart used anyway :)

I'll mail the other skies I mentioned for you to peruse. Might provoke some inspiration.
The Q3 textures do have a lack of tileability ( is that a real word? I'd say 'tessellation' but then I sound pretentious ) which is due to the double scale of the engine. I'd offer my Q3 kothic wad as a substitute, but it's too limited to really add much more variation :/

Of course, I can see the LotR influences now. Odd that Minas Tirith didn't occurr to me because I mucked around with a Q3CTF terrain map using white terraced architecture. Must be all the daemonic redness in your map.

The Brown Tree of Kinndor

Probably a species related to the Black Ash of Kelluria

xi dingir xul kanpa 
only just seen Kinn's screenshots, 1 especially looks amazing.

I think you may be joining the rareified company of glassman, kell, et al. hehe. 
so what happened to ??? 

fov120 had a hard drive crash and it is currently in repair 

A little something I�ve been working on for a long time and something I will probably continue to work on until the cows come home. 
Looks Solid 
i hereby give you the title of 'ikbase hero'.
Also, did you noclip into the floor to take that shot? :) 
Stars In His Eyes 
tall base structures make me swoon, looks good :)
i'll forgive you for using ik over idbase though. 
I Like It, Jago. 
Although if it were my map, I would be tempted to add more detail. Some of the walls look kind of plain to me. 
Q3 Map Screenies 
hey ppl.. been away from mapping for quite some time, and well I'm cooking up a port of my Q2DM map - Deep Freeze for Q3A. The level is getting quite an update, better architecture, improved layout, ect...

Here are 2 pics: 
Looks good. I like the trim on the walls, but I'm not crazy about the use of brick texture on the ceiling in shot 2. I can't think of when I've ever seen exposed brick in a building on a ceiling. 
limburger,american and of course chedder. 
New Quake2 DM Map With Almost Finished Structure 
Hi all Quake fans!

In a post before (two weeks ago I think) a guy here (Zwiffle) told that my new map is totally bland and the grayscale colours also sucks.
So, I replaced the lights with a smoother, warmer colour, and put in a few more details.
Check out, tell me everything about them! Good and bad points are all highly appreciated!

Here are the pics: 
Quake 2 Map 
Epic gothic map for Quake 2, with Q3 textures ??

Could still need some more ornaments.
Glowing gothic crosses, maps like this one need
tons of glowing gothic crosses :)

Or pentagrams and stuff ...

It still looks a bit empty. 
Let's be honest and blunt.

The textures you've used are completely bland and boring and you've used them as such. The scale is hideously huge for no reason and everything looks empty. Beta4 shot is the best one becuase it shows some detailing and has a somewhat interesting peice to look at.

Sorry, I just don't like the pics at all :( 
ditto what scampie said. the thing is, aside from the crosslights, there doesn't appear to be any details whatsoever... definatly needs more texture variety on walls, some trim here and there, maybe some curves, or at least some angles other than 90.
plus, the lighting on the crosslights is just bad... the light appears to be emitted 16 units above the actual source, and the source's texture is dim while the wall is bright. lower the lights so that they are near the source face as a starter. play around with attenuation to get a more realistic falloff.

right now, you've got the barebones -- let's see some meat. :) 
In-editor Short Of A Work-in-progress:

This is the same ikbase map I posted am in-game screenshot of about 25 or so posts ago in this thread. 
What Version Of... 
Radiant is that, that you were able to load the .wad?? 
RE: What Version Of... 
GTKRadiant 1.5 has had WAD support for a long time now. 
Commnets On My Map 
Hi. Thanks your comments Grieve, Scampie and Necros!

Need som more ornaments and detail? Ehh. I can do that maximum with the textures, because the r_speeds already touches 1500..., so I can't really put in more detail.

The scale is not so huge, just the shots shows that, because I used fov 100 to make a better view of the areas.

There ARE curves, though You don't see them on the shots (and remember, it's quake2 and not so much curves are enabled in this engine...), but there aren't really trims and texture blends, I see.
And don't be so clever with those lights! They are texture emitting lights, so don't tell me craps like "emitted 16 units above the actual source", because the engine makes them look lke, but they have a little trick, that's why they look a little weird. So I can't lower them (lower what? Attenuation? Craps. They are naked texture lights!). Maybe they aren't realistic, but they are interested!

Anyway thanks. That's the maximum I can do. I'm not a professional mapper, so this will be the map You will download and play free, or You will skip it! Maybe the next one will be more good...

bye Quake fans 
That's the maximum I can do.

Maybe the next one will be more good...

Well, if the next one might be more good, then obviously this might NOT be the maximum you can do... 
A Couple More 
In #tf, Blitz requested a couple more shots of the fortress exterior; I figured I might as well post them here as well:

Note that the water and the road texture has been changed from the previous pimp shots. 
Kinn / Blitz 
Wow... Nice screenies really... I like the architecture, and the textures use, even if it's a little bit too much "red"... This sensation is reinforced by the red-falling sun-sky in the backward... and I feel a "bloody" after looking at the screen... Anyway, I hope my rookie comments are not discouraging you... It's a nice work however... Keep it up !! 
Shots 2 And 3 
are fantastic! 
Omg Kinn 
you rock! 
Teh Pwnage!! 
Personally I think #1 is the best as it shows how really impressive it will be when you;re actually approaching it, plus how well the lighting works with that skybox (might even have to try custom engine shizznaz for this one).

P.S. Vondur get back to the dark forests :P 
Thanks Guys 
Shambler - that's very true - #1 (view from the road surface) is representative of an actual in-game view, whilst I flymoded to take the others.

A couple of people have mentioned that coloured sky lighting may further compliment the scene (although the brownish textures give the illusion of coloured lighting to a certain extent anyway), although I don't want to stray from using aguirRe's light tool (which currently doesn't support colour). 
i don't think coloured lighting is needed. as you mentioned, the textures already lend to a orangeish appearance. making the sunlight yellow or orange (i'm guess that's what you'd do...) will probably make the textures look over saturated or something.
but either way, good work :)

i like the new texture used on the path's floor. tiles nicely and looks good.

am i looking at external tga textures? the green in the 2nd and 3rd shots is really vibrant and seems to be colours missing from quake's palette. 
no externals - just a standard q1 palette. I did a gamma correction to the screenshots before exporting to jpg, so that may be the reason. 
More Work-in-progress... 
Lookin' Good 
If you are going for the low lit IkBase look that Than perfected, Jago, I'll be very pleased to play it. 
Oh, Kinn, 
I am soooo jealous looking at those pics . . . 
Interesting. I haven't before considered combining SpeedBz and IKBase. Your results look good enough, though. It might not look good in large quantities, but I'm sure your judgement would distinguish between good and bad. 
What RPG Said 
...Kinn rocks my world.

Jago: considering all the rust and drippage off those walls, do you think a murkier water tex might be more appropriate? BTW, I'm really looking forward to jqsp1 (?), your interpretation of 'base' looks very impressive. 
Doom3 Dm6 Remake 
Yes, I agree with you, these screenshots are really cool.. Just a question, when you say Doom3 Dm6 Remake, you told about dm6 from which game ?? 
Quake 1 ?? Really ??? I will take a look this evening, cause I don't recognize the map... It seems that the architecture layout has been modified a lot, by adding extra pipes, lights, ... and many others things so ... Anyway, thanks 
doom3 mapping crisis is over! 
Looks Good... 
...looks nothing like DM6. 
Good Choice For A Remake Though 
maps that good already?!
truly depressing....

I mean, I thought we might have a MONTHS grace. 
Remember, people have been mapping for Doom3 since the leaked demo - also I would imagine a lot of people have been making generic maps in the Q3 format, with the intention of converting them to Doom3 when the game comes out. 
is there a dl link for that map? 
Dm6 Remake 
that remake is of Q3DM6.. :) 
Dm6 Remake 
that remake is of Q3DM6.. :) 
woops.. double post. And according to the Quake3World forums, the map isn't completed the author believes it will be over 1 month till he is done with it. 
Almost Stopped Mapping 
After seeing Kinn's screenshots.
It felt as seeing Quake3 architecture in Quake1.
Surely did a good job!
A much simpeler example: 
Courtesy Of Friction:
I am not so sure I would open that... 
MadFox & Jago 
MadFox: I've just took a look at your screenshot, and it's not bad at all... I agree with you: it reminds a Q3 architecture remake for Q1, and I like this gothik-like castle, with its central huge area, its many pillars, and its "head" in the bottom center of the screenshot... Texture use is cool as well... I just feel a little desappointed by lightning effect that shouls be really better... Anyway, nice work...

Jago: are you afraid of bees ??? 
MadFox & Jago 
Madfox: Looking a lot better than your usual esoteric work, the strong theme and much better textures is an improvement. The face is a bit naff IMHO, but this is showing a lot more promise.

Jago: ROFL!! 
better architecture, better texturing.

Lighting still needs to be better, seems to be either fullbright or fulldark. 
The bees thing is an "inside joke" from #tf. 
.. I've understood it was a joke... Anyway, I glad to hear you are not afraid of bees... 8P 
"Bees" is a joke? Then what the hell have I been playing for the last week? Bees III rocks! 
Stop dreaming please, wake-up !!! Bees are really bees !! you are just sleepping into a honey apiary ... 
come on, jplambert! there's no need to be insulting just because you haven't been able to play Bees III yet. 
Necros... And Others As Well.. 
Oh, I'm so sorry if I hurted all of you guys who play Bees III... That wasn't my goal.... Thousands apologies...
Now seriously... where can I download Bees III game ?? And why I didn't heard about Bees ans Bees II ??? ... ;-) 
Download It??!! 
You've got to pay for it like the rest of us, sonny jim. 
.. could you find me a "sale point" in France please ??? 
Page URL Not Found 
me want screenies :( 
Edit 2

I might change the floor texture 
i think i like it... hard to tell because the high saturation looks wierd... but fairly nice brushwork nonetheless. ^_^

lighting looks bland, but i think that's due to the high saturation...

maybe go a bit darker anyway though? 
Skyscraper Captains Beta 2 
Amazing screenies !!! The lightning effects are really cool, and the architecture of this egyptian-gothik temple rocks !! Great job... 
that looks infinitely better than the last beta. I'll let you knwo some comments when I've had a run around. 
Pretty hard to get the vibe of the map just from that small shot. However it shows decent build quality and theme so that's good.

I like the alcove in the distance, that works well and is quite effective with the lighting. However I don't like the texture combination over all, with the base + orange bits + blue floor - doesn't really work in the foreground.

Keep it up though - go map =). 
Looks pretty good however it doesn't really do it for me. Hard to get a grasp why but it's probably a combination of the arbitraryness of the architecture and the funny blue detailing on the textures. I prefer my Egyptian style to be a bit smooth texturally with more traditional designs.

Having said that it does seem well built, well textured, well lit etc etc. I find the blue lighting a bit strong but the yellow/orange lighting nicely warm and subtle. The first shot is the most appealing. Looks like it's pretty easy to get around too. 
I agree with SHambler, it looks OK, but not really good. Architecture seems random and usually out of place in an Egyptian map to me. The layout also seems random in places; take the third screenshot for example. THe stairs are at a 45 degree angle leaving the pillar in a very wierd relationship with them. It doesn't quite line up, so part of it is sticking out of a stair that it doesn't seem it should be doing.

I would try to make things a little more coherent, focus a little more on a particular style, and not spread thin on a mishmash of interesting-but-wierd details. GL. (good luck) 
Screenshot Of My Inprogress D3dm Map! 
please don't post pornographic pictures.

in fact, please don't even post until you have something to add besides your idiocy. thanks. 
excellent use of corpses, scampie. ;) 
Kell: you're not helping encourage our community! :( 
I think slagging off Scampie IS encouraging the community =). 
Ok Ok :D 
for real now.

before I added the bridge:

after the bridge:

there's been a slight bit more work done to it, but nothing much more screenworthy. Going to be 2 floor, 3 room affair. Pretty standard DM fare really, just as a way to get into the editor and quirks of the game. 
awesome use of bees. What game is that for? 
that looks really bland, dont what it is exactly but the whole looks isnt too exciting. 
Yeah, screenshots looks good, and sure it's for DooM3 !!! (cause of UAC logo, etc...) 
Well, It's A Start... 
...but as Nitin says pretty bland at the moment. But hell you know that and you know what to do to make it good, I'm sure =).

Quite like the "pod" wall lights. TBH don't find the bridge adds that much to it, kinda looks intrusive given the rest of the room is high. But if it's a proper bridge then obviously could be a good gameplay feature.

I think with such grey textures, very subtly coloured lighting could be good. 
Shambler: The bridge is part of the planned layout. 
Fuck Subtlety 

The blinking red and blue lights and yellow spotlights with cloud effects are what really make it. 
You're Wrong 
it's where the red and blue lights overlap to produce crimson; now that's class ^_^ 
Yet MORE Work-in-progress... 
I Like The Cut Of Your Jib, Jago. 
And I like the way you cut gibs even more >:D 
RE: Like The Cut Of Your Jib, Jago. 
Lighting needs work there. Too bright up top, too dark at the bottom. That architecture could be very interesting depending on how it's lit.

Also, if you knew this, please excuse the obvious. 
Just stating that I appreciate a well-cut jib when I see one, really :)

(btw, nice screens :) 
looks good! i actually like the ground being dark... maybe a few lights on the floor here and there could be nice, but for the most part, i'd leave it like that... 
That's looking good, more interesting than before.

Sorry can't comment much more my retinas are burnt with D3 goodness. 
Cough Cough 
evilness, Shambler, evilness! 
Perhaps... APSP1 killer?

/me runs away quickly. 
Beta - The High Place - Pjw3tourney4 
Hi folks! This is probably my last Q3 map, before I move on completely to Doom 3 engine stuff, but I wanted to get it finished up.

It has two completely different item layouts for Tourney and FFA. FFA has Quad, RG, and an extra YA, while tourney does not. The map is so open that I figured tourney would be completely about the RG if it were included, and thus much less interesting.

This is far from your typical tourney map, and may not be very satisfactory to "purists", but I had a lot of fun on layout on this one, and the RA placement shows that. :) There are various obvious and not-so-obvious movement tricks and possibilities that can be discovered.

Props to Evil_lair for the textures, ydnar and Hipshot for the sky, Rungy for the waterfall, Death2UAll/RKone for the waterfall sound, and Finko for the ceiling light.

Still to do:
-some detailing
-some bot optimization
-improving lighting (which is a little assy atm)

Let me know what you think re: movement/layout and item placement (and please specify if you're talking about FFA or tourney play). Any feedback is welcome.
(~2.3 meg)

A Quick Note . . . 
pjw3dm6 ("Guns") was a tourney map in it's early stages . . . pjw3tourney4, in fact. So if you already have a "pjw3tourney4_b1" in your baseq3, delete the old one; it's senile and starting to become stinky. 
i must say very interesting map, not really my style but I can see how some would like it. I played it FFA with some bots, its a fun map and they play it decently.

My only complaint really is the kinda bland texturing in some of the hallways. I assume you want to keep the walls pretty much flat, but maybe some trim or something to make it look a little more interesting. Or maybe some of those hallways with the 90 degree turns, you could do this -- ?? My brain is falling asleep and couldnt describe it so just decided to map it, LOL.

But other than that, I felt it was good.. a nice change from most of the other maps I've played. 
Bloody Hell 
I thought either you'd got the URL wrong or my monitor had decided to display some random image off

Well. Very original obviously. Indeed. I think it looks pretty intriguing, I'd definitely give it a look if I had Q3A. Looks like it would play pretty fun as long as it's not too easy to fall down the chasm. I quite like the style. The one thing I'd do, since it's like some weirdo fucked up temple thing, is try to accentuate that a bit with a bit more "realism" in designs. For example, the ramp thing looks a bit out of place.

Nice one anyway. 
This map looks... uhm... interesting to say the least. From the screenshots it looks like you've been on crack while mapping this but I hope playing the map will prove me wrong... it was acid after all, wasn't it?

I don't have Q3 installed at the moment but this screenshots might make me do that. I'll see if I'm able to look at this later today... 
D3 Wip 
I already posted those on #tf and on doom3world but for those of you who haven't seen my Doom3 work in progress screenshots... here they are: 
...but effective. Has appropriate D3 feel. Good start. 
Gom Jabbar 
Well, architecture looks good, even if rather "simple".. Texture use is a too much "flat" IMHO... As well, i think that lightning effects can be really improved: it's a little bit dark I think... Anyway, for a first D3 map, it's a good start... Keep it up !! 
Thanks Guys! 
Yeah, the design is a little . . . "different". No drugs involved--more just not really giving a crap about it looking like anything in particular and just mapping for the fun of it and playing with layout.

Shadowdane--good suggestion. Yeah, more detailing needs to be done, but since there's not much vis-blocking, I'm trying to keep things lean.

I did notice while playing more last night that it's pretty quick to go RA --> MH. I'm thinking about removing the MH, from Tourney at least, and maybe altogether . . . 
the good: the waterfall, the rocks, the broken path is convincing
the bad: a lot of platforms feel poorly defined because of a lack of trim, holy 90degrees batman
the ugly: that damn grate texture 
Thanks Pushplay 
Yeah, the lack of trim and the 90-degreeness are both the result of making the map too damn open. :(

I'll try to dress it up a little more before it's done. 
New Pics 
Shadowdane, pics look cool, but possibly a bit dark overall (almost certainly so, if those were taken at anything but r_gamma 1.0). 
Sexy Is What Sexy Does 
Nice looking map, Shadowdale. As far as I can tell, as someone who has downloaded about everything from .:lvl over the past three years, this is an original looking map. Bluish lighting and brick, very sedate mood like shooting skeet in the Bunker with William Burroughs while throwing back some whiskey and 'ludes.

One slight quibble. In the upper left hand corner of shad3dm2_pic2.jpg two adjacent textures that do not match up well. I would suggest lowering the texture with the square patterns down to where they meet the adjacent texture's verticle line. It may be just a visual trick from that pic's perspective but to my eyes it calls attention to itself. 
"Shadowdale" = Chip's evil *other* buddy, created by the anti-Disney. 
yah the pics are at r_gamma 1, I do all my mapping to look best at that setting. The light levels pretty much match that of the stock Q3 maps. Except for the basement area, pictured in pic5.. I want it to be dark.

Also the level looks darker in screenshots than it does in game.. dunno exactly why. 
Nice style, slick execution, great lighting....but get rid of the damn bricks on the ceiling structures :P 
Diffenently looking better. Screens look a little dark, but thats already been adressed. Keep it up. 
Re: Shambler 
I assume your talking about pic #4 right with the brick on the ceiling. Never really liked it myself, and couldn't figure out what to do with it so had left it for a while. But finally re-worked it slightly, better/worse?
(its from a different angle, but u get the idea) 
Release Candidate 
Okay, I worked on the release candidate all weekend and it is now uploaded.

Changes include:
-better framerate
-better lighting
-better item/weapon placement
-various bot optimizations
-all grate areas except the two large ones changed to solid to make RL/GL more useful
-MH is not as fussy to get
-no more MH in Tourney
-more detailing
-misc. texture screw-ups fixed
-custom bot added

Bots will now go for the RA, but still get retarded and fall to their deaths upon occasion. Human players probably will too, until they get a feel for things.

Oh yeah, and I changed the mapname. It's now "Cremaster Conditioning", which is a bit of an obscure joke . . .

Let me know if something sucks; I'll probably wait a week or so before going final. (~2.5 meg) 
May The Bee Be With You.

It's exceedingly silly that the cable doesn't follow physics properly, but i'm a silly mapper like that. 
Now that looks sweet. Respect the uberpipe! 
Sexy Even 
Looking good there Friction. Quality stuff, got any more shots from various locals within the room? Looks like there is some quailty pipe work and I'd like to admire it more. Feed me more. 
It needs barrels. 
Shadow - looks better, a little plainer of course, but more natural if you get my drift. Bricks aren't a prominent ceiling material...

Fric - cool stuff, like the brown theme. Do you have a "big pipe" fetish eh boy! P.S. If you release a map WITHOUT the Bees crate, you will be forever ostracised from the mapping community =).

Jago - good stuff, coming along nicely there, keep it up. 
*AHEM* More Q1SP Mappage... 
I've Got The Blues 
This might end up in a separate map. I've been using quite a lot of textures so far. People like multi map SP missions better anyways. Right? Right?? :( 
Same As Before... 
Jago, looks good. I like the white lights although they need to give off a little more light.

Fric, looks good, for a small area. Looks "convincing" which is important in D3... 
Friction: Nice. Again.
Jago: Post pics of different areas please. But looks good. 
Re: Screenshots 
Friction: Nice.

Jago: Nice also. I really like that area. 
biggest issue I have is with that ladder... looks way too bulky. perhaps if you either made the siderails smaller, or did like in efdmX maps and chopped the outer edges a bit that would help. 
definitely the best looking custom d3 shot I've seen so far. SP or DM?

Either way, at least it's not for q3 :) 
what i've been noodling with...shots are a couple days old now but you get the idea 
friction, I saw your pic on the d3world forums when browsing through some of the tripe there. And thought to myself... well this 'ere looks like the only thing worthwhile so far...

I didn't bother to check who posted it at the time... 
Looks pretty Q3ish. I think you need to ask yourself what the purpose of this building is. We don't need to necessarily know what goes on here, but it's nice to get the impression that this really is a useful building. 
That Looks Suspiciously Like Pope4 
it looks like the quake map it's a remake of! 
reminds me of jesus 
You knew Jesus? 
I Knew Him On A First Name Basis 
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pope: the doom 3 stuff looks solid, maybe needs more contrasting lighting? More detailing/pipes/crates/crates/pipes? 
gets worse with every map
that a ture phenomenon 
go map please 
after shambler 
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Oh, Case Solved, Everyone Move On... 
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<scampwork> this is after Speedu claimed not to know the architecture article and that he doesn't read func_qmap
<scampwork> i had searched google for lightR's ip, just to see if he was a troll on other places or something... only results I got were old posts on func_qmap by speedy

At least it's one of our own being an asshole. 
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well, posts here are real (if u only had a clue shrimpy) , the other thread is obvious trolling, but that article sure needs pics neway 
oh no! internet police got me! haha

well, posts here are real (if u only had a clue shrimpy) , the other thread is obvious trolling, but that article sure needs pics neway 
Dupes Rule 
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gets worse with every map

Hope that helps. 
I'm Bored Damnit 
I demand somebody up a Q1 SP beta map immediately. 
RE: I'm Bored Damnit 
I would... if I had some webspace to upload the map to. I might want to spend some more time working on the first few rooms of the map (improve lighting, texturing and add some more detail), but my Q1SP I have in the works is geometrically about 70% complete so I want to have a couple of people give me some feedback on it. 
I Can Host It If You Like. 
I have just got admin back on my site, so I can host your beta, and finished map too if you want :)

Mail me : megazoid (�) 
Yet More Work-in-progress... 
And More... 
i have a map that needs beta testing, but i'm too busy with other projects to care about that right now... 
wtf is wrong with you people :D

yes rpg, your observation is correct 
Nice screenshots !!! When it will be released ??? 
wtf is wrong with you people :D

I can only speak for myself, but I was dropped on my head as a baby. I still have the stitch marks. 
I have some beta-ish q3 maps that have been lying around for awhile; I'd probably better polish them off (or release them as-is) before I get totally distracted by Doom3. Two small DMs, one old CTF, one rail arena; comments welcome: 
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This delightful little painting seems appropriate here: 
Thank You Kinn 
trucks are people too, and we should respect them 
I checked out the two DMs, and I'm quite fond of Hothouse--pretty cool theme you put together there, nice layout too. It's late and I have other shit to get done tonight, but I'll get you some decent feedback sometime in the next day or two. 
Cool screenies nb. I like more the first one than the others, which are less beautiful, IMHO..
In the first screenshot, the yellow/orange walls with its top glass ceiling is a cool idea...
The second screenshot is more basic, and I rather see nothing of the level.. not more than the external part...
About the third, it remind me a Q2 like base, but the lightning effect are really well done on this multi-platform grey architecture..
The fourth and last one offers a good overview of the global architecture...
Well, even I'm not able to play Q3 levels, it's rather good.. go mapping now !! 
A Bit More Hothouse Feedback 

1. You're missing a texture--the one on the end of all the small lights. Let me know if you need a name and I'll check.

2. You can rocket-jump up from where the MH is and stand on the very lip of the glass, and jump up from there and see various ugliness. Just need to clip it a bit cleaner.

3. I love the jumps up to and up from the RG.

4. YA seems a bit close to MH. If you don't want to change map geometry and make a farther-away area for it, I'd at least consider moving it on up the stairs and in that highest perch.

5. The water bugs me. Granted, Q3 isn't exactly the icon of realistic physics, but how about having water in the lowest part of the level only, and adding some sort of flow marks or decals or something for the rest of the area where the water is now (and maybe some pipe outlets at the top)? Slanty water is bleh.

I love the layout and look of this level, and am looking forward to the final. 
Some moss here and there in the channel where the water is now (and water at the bottom)? 
Let me know if you need a name and I'll check
If you could, please. I can't reproduce it, which means it's somewhere not very obvious. There's always one...

Water - I was planning on at least changing the shader and making it flow downhill; probably adding some grates at the top too. Drying out the upper area and putting stain decals or moss there is an interesting idea; I will investigate further. I think I have some moss photosources somewhere...
MH clippage - noted; thank you.
RG jumps - :D, pity the bots disagree. Though the jump from the RG to the current YA carries a serious risk of bumping one's head on the low ceiling, which is kind of annoying, but the geometry seems to work so I kept it. 'Known issue', I guess.
YA/MH - Mm, true. That'd be whoreage waiting to happen in a 1v1. The high overlook should do for now; it's quite exposed to the main room, which should make things a bit more interesting. 
An Old School Beta... 
The func_msgboard be thanked for this.

I don't know where to start, in fact I can't stop at all.
You can find me on the Anapurna, considdering what I have done.

Hope to become an alpha soon. 
this one won't use GL, pure Quake1 as it is. 
...nightbringer might release!

More importantly 0.00 0.00 and -1

To be expected from an egoist. 
Forsooth, the clenching brings me, to the extrapolating of a Demon? That is the gift, if indeed a truth.

I'm Shocked 
I just don't know what to make of the world anymore. 
looks nice new with the thinner railings like we spoke about earlier tonight. good work. 
Very Nice Nonny 
We need more inspiring shots like such in here 
Yes, looks nice... but just a question: what the "yellow logo" on the platform ?? Is it a lightning effect or something else ? 
Missing Light Texture 
Never mind; found it. nblights.shader missing from the pk3. Still, better than the previous beta - I forgot the sky... 
The screenie looks quite nice, I just can't say anything about the ceilingdesign because it's a bit dark up there...

One thing that looks quite odd to me is the railing. I don't like how it's seperated into three parts (bended one at the platform and two for each stair section). Imho it would look better if it's one continuous railing. I hope my babbling makes sense to you...

That "yellow logo" is a glowing rune, something quite common in D3... 
Gom Jabbar 
Thank you... I didn't know glowing rune, because I still haven't found time to buy Doom3 :( ... but it will come sooner... I hope... 
Yeah, it's one of the large set of runes in the decals folder.

And happens to be being used as my RL marker 
Large Areas Consume My Soul

Old shot, looks better now. Honest. Crates. 
Nice one, certainly tis' a large area, larger than most in D3. Good style. Brown is the new brown. The crate entrance looks ominous. This one is looking good. 
Looking Good Fric 
Nice stuff there. Like sham said thats larger than most indoor bits in D3 that I can remember. Keep it up. 
looks good mostly, but i see the same problem with the lighting that i saw in some of the id maps -- you have a large area lit by a whole bunch of really small lights, and the result is that the screenshot doesn't gel as a whole. We see a bunch of little bits of architecture, and assume they are connected, but to me they look like they are all sort of swimming in this black soup or something. Like they're a collage put together from various screenshots.

Fewer lights that stretch farther would solve this problem, but i understand that there is a tricky balance with how many light volumes overlap and how many passes there are on a surface. Anyway, that's my complaint.

P.S. I noticed the alpha labs and levels in that part of the game seemed to have the worst problem with this, and starting with the delta labs things seemed to improve a lot in this regard. Not sure if it was just a different mapper or what.

Anyway, if you want more info about this, i can try. It seems like a pretty important part of getting lighting to look good in doom3, but it's hard to explain exactly why it looks wrong when you don't do it. 
I Know Exactly What You Mean 
And i've taken some measures to fix the issue already while doing light optimizations. Color of the day is GREEN and lots of it. Using huge lights with flares up at the ceiling and then illuminating the floor area just with one non-shadowcasting light gives quite good illusion of proper radiosity lighting. Especially when beefed up with shadow casting local lights at logical places. This of course won't keep lightcounts in the red, but careful planning keeps them at least in the green zone. The walkways surrounding the lower area are actually much worse offenders than the pit, pillars or ceiling, but it's not that apparent from that (old) picture. 30FPS at worst at this point.

Btw, ID kinda cheats and uses fog in almost all really large spaces. And go totally overboard with lightcounts at times. 
Been Fixing The Issue, Not Done Yet... 
...but better. (levels adjustment done in photoshop for those unlukcy ones with shitty dark monitors) 
If you're using D3Radiant, how do you align textures nicely? I've only played with it for a bit, but it seems overly reliant on fit-to-brush. Not being able to move textures texel-by-texel is irritating. 
You Can Do That Actually 
Shift+arrow moves the texture unit by unit to desired direction. Works best on single faces. Rotate with 1 or 0.5 degree increments and then adjust the texture. Scaling is broken on angled textures tho, so you have to do proper scaling before you start to rotate (If you need scaling, that is). 
You can also use FIT to get texture to fit (duh) on slanted faces that don't encompass the entire lenght of the texture. like those warning stripes. FIT 0.75 vert there i think. Then just fit the straight part with 0.25 and see how they line up perfectly. You might have to do some flipping if texture is mirrored. 
Shift+arrow moves the texture unit by unit to desired direction.

I think I've broken something in the config; shift+arrow moves in grid-size unit increments.

Scaling is broken on angled textures tho, so you have to do proper scaling before you start to rotate

This was what was confusing me, I think. I hope the patch fixes the editor as well as the game :\ 
I think I've broken something in the config; shift+arrow moves in grid-size unit increments.

That's a nice feature nb, get used to it and it will save you a lot of time... however, if you don't like it that way, look for an option like 'texture increment matches grid' in your preferences. That way you can use whatever increment setting you like all the time.

It would be worth getting used to changing grid sizes as needed to more or less finely adjust the texture using the arrow keys, its pretty fast considering that you can just use the 1-9 keys to quickly adjust the grid setting. It will save you time in the long run. 
Things Learned In The Last Five Minutes 
however, if you don't like it that way, look for an option like 'texture increment matches grid' in your preferences.

Since I'm using D3R, such a preference doesn't exist. I figured that the num-keys were the best thing to use; certainly easier than hammering []. 
I Need 
some testers for a Q1SP beta. System requirements are fairly high for a Q1SP. Please post here or email me (, as I'll need to make sure the public finds the map playable before I release it. 
nb, just memorise 1/(2^x) for x from 1 to 8 
RE: I Need 
I am up for it. 
email me with whatever. 
Sorry to hang out the dirty washing but my e-mail is kaycuffed.

Following error occurs:-

'mapversion' is not a field
'mapversion' is not a field
call1 464(precache_model(precache_model ()
demon.qc monster_demon1
(no function)
pf_precache_model: overflow
host_error: program error

I remember SOA now I've seen it! 
Old QMap thread 2001 (also available zipped at my site), GlassMan posts:

too many precached models. Only 255 allowed including brush models. Remember each individual func_movewall, func_illusionary etc etc will count towards that maximum. Use mcache to list them. The items marked *1,*2, etc are your brush models.

it will include all the weapon models, health etc etc..use mcache & you will have them listed. 195 is a _lot_ of brush models.

Also Includes trigger_* brushes

The limit is not 256 'bmodels'. Its 256 models of all kinds. That includes sprites, each type of monster, monsters heads, the bsp of the map itself, weapon models, the rocket model, the nail, gibs the lot. I doubt you would have enough space left for all these models if you have 200 'bmodels'.
I don't mind. See on my system this map runs perfectly fine under Darkplaces without lag or errors, and when I play it it seems like the difficulty is reasonable enough... hehe. See, that's why I have testers, as for everyone else it's undoubtedly buggy and impossible :)

So, I guess I could try to reduce the amount of models in the map, but given as it has so many monsters and it is so large, I don't know if it's feasible. Hmm. 
fek, looks like i'll need to use darkplaces too... 
As I mentioned in my email (to Tronyn), DarkPlaces was the only engine I found that could run this map. 
Newest Work. 
Here's my newest quake3 work. Been using the oxide textures from Lunaran.
Enjoy :P 
The walls in the first shot are a bit too grid like imo, try making the insets wider than the supports, atm it's too many 64x64 panels which make it look overly repeative.

Second shot looks nice, but you might want to think about making some of the insets a different colour (especially the set in curved bit going down the wall and along the ceiling on the left corridor), again to break up the repeative look a little bit. 
What Nonentity Said... 
...but I would add that the theme, build quality, and lighting are all looking good. The second shot is particularly sweet lighting-wise.

But yes, a less panelled look is worth striving for. 
did you get my feedback? 
Shad3dm2 - Deep Freeze (Beta 1) 
Well my Q3A port of my Q2 map - Deep Freeze is finally ready for testing!

This is a beta release, as a few things aren't quite completed but I wanted to get this out for a bit of testing to refine it before going further.

- Layout
- Architecture/Details (May add a few more details/effects)

- Clipping (Clip / BotClip Brushes)
- Ambient Sounds (There are none)
- Lighting (Nearly perfect, but might need to touch up a few areas)
- Bot Optimizing
- Weapon / Ammo Layout (Would like suggestions if any on this)

has it been optimised? I get severe slowdown in the main atrium.

I like the layout and look though, nice detailing and brushwork. Texturing is pretty well done, it's good that you havent restricted yourself to just some of th emore common textures from that set. Lighting wise I think the blue lights could be 'colder', they dont lookr ight ATM.

I didnt play it, mainly because of the slowdown I mentioned above so cant really comment on the items. 
Thanks for the comments noentity and shambler. I'll take them for revision ;) 
yeah its about at optimized as its gonna get.. Due to it being pretty open level r_speeds average around 10,000 - 12,000 in the main atrium.

What kinda hardware you running??
I get no slowdown at all

about the blue lights being colder, what do you mean by that? More blue, softer, more saturated? 
darker and more blue.

I'm running a p3-733 with a GF2, pretty old stuff but most q3 levels run fine on it. 
cool.. I'll have to adjust the lighting that and see how it looks.

I'm still going to tweak things a bit, see if I can bring down a few hot spots. There is a few spots where r_speeds can jump to 20,000+ O_O

But honestly I was aiming this level at a more mid-range to high-end setup. But I'll see if I can bring r_speeds down a bit without doing anything major. I really dont want to cut detail or change the layout. 
Yup, Necros, I Got Your Feedback 
& thanks for it 
New Q1SP Preview 
Well, after 6 months of work, please find here 4 screenshots about my new incoming Q1SP map... There are not yet monsters even if some life and ammos are already present, perhaps layout and lightning effects can be improved, but the global architecture is fully built...

All feedback and comments are welcomed.. 
hey man, looks really cool.

you should rip some HL textures or something and put some vehicles in there (parked of course).

looking forward to it. 
Interesting, some good design features in there. Obviously not particularly quakey but suitably gritty and grimy so it should work.

I think you could improve the consistency between the shots tho, some of them don't seem to be related to the others, thematically.

It's a good start though. 
Shambler / Tronyn 
Shambler: To explain a little more: This map is a base-based map. You start the level from screenshot 1, and you have to progress throught different level (0, -1 and -2, using a lift) to screenshot 4... and this relates only the Silver Key Card search... 1st and 2nd screenshots show the first part of the map (the "chicane" entry and the "garage" parts).. here you are at level 0. The 3rd and the 4th screenshots show respectively the room with the Gold Key Card Door and Silver Key Card location (level -2 and -1 respectively).. As the scrennshots relates some different zone of the map, it seems normal that they can't be related to the others, thematically ;)

Tronyn: Very good idea !! I found some good prefab on the web, and sure I will try to add them ASAP

Thanks for the feedback. 
sorry I dont really like it much. It looks a little plain, maybe its just the areas in the screenshots. 
ppl are still making quake1 maps 
Shut Up Speedy 
Nice, Subtle Use Of Angles, JPL 
On the first shot.

Lighting is layered in a very pleasing way in the second shot. Like Tronyn said. it has a Half-Life 'realism' feel about it.

Third shot looks like a classic Quake base design on the lines of Jawbreaker or Genetix. Maybe that explains the transition of theme effect Shambler mentioned. I kind of see it too. However, the lighting and textures are of the same variety so in game will most likely still be consistent.

This is high on my list of levels that I am loking forward to. 
Keep The Q1 Mapping Strong! 
Rather "pale" in texturing, but quite spacious.
You're on the right way, JPL, looking forward to it.

Talking of textures...the people of Tenebrea did a tremendous job retexturing all those Q1
textures! Really thanks for that! 
can't say i really like it... sort of like a lesser half life...

walls are plain and bare, chunky and fat looking...
the lighting is pretty good though. nice shadows and such.

sorry, :\ 
as others have hinted at, i think the texturing might benefit from more detailing and variation. 
Thanx for comments and advices... I will try to add some detail to "break" plain walls, by adding some details, or retexturing some part of it... I tried to do my best to build a base as more realistic as I can.. Concrete walls (like in the 1st shot) have for sure the most boring look of the map! ... Anyway, I will make some tries to improve the stuff, while I think it will be rather difficult to do something good with huge areas...
BTW, Tronyn give me the good idea to add some vehicules (car, truck,..) in the garage part (2nd shot). I found some good prefab on the web, but all dedicated to HalfLife... Is there anybody how knows where I can find this kind of prefab (car, truck...) for Quake ??
Thanks again... 

Has a good collection for Quake 2 & 3, Half-Life and KingPin. Only a handful are native Quake.

All of these can be used in Quake. All you need to do is strip out the entity definitions that the brushes have. In GTKRadiant it is easy to do without losing the brush.

Also, if it is a Quake3 prefab, the texture scale will be .5 instead of 1.0 on the brushes, something to keep in mind but shouldn't be a problem. 
One More Thing, 
Dont go to that site without a good firewall. Mine was just having a field day when I double checked the sight. 
I made some try yesterday night with other prefabs found on planetquake, but the major problem I found is the loss of textures, because I don't have Q2, Q3, HL on PC.. so textures are unknown... I was able to reuse the map file, but I need to re-apply texture to polygon... but only Q1 texture, not the real one...
So what I'm looking for now is prefab with .map and its corresponding .wad file !!
Anyway, thanks I found the website, and I will take a look as soon as possible.. 
prefabs must be prohibited and destroyed.... 
More Q1 Preview 
Some pictures from a base map I have been working on. The map became so large I had to split it in two. The pictures here are from the first map. 
Excellent, looks very good throughout pretty much all the shots.

The only issue I can see is that the large amounts of metal trim and those small pillars can get quite repetitive, especially in the 1st/2nd and 4th/6th shots.

But overall very good. 
Nice screenshots !!! 
Shot 1: I agree with Shambler on the metal trim issue, it's too repetitive. Look into introducing more texture variety. I would also change the rock texture to a darker one and introduce some "floor terrain" variety on the Z-axis.

Shot 2: Again, needs more texture variety.

Shot 3: The white trim/pipe/whatever texture seen in the top-left corner of the screenshot looks out of place, you might want to try some other texture there. Also, the areas in which the ceiling texture meets the walls look akward. I would suggest either adding some detailing to those areas near the ceiling or change the ceiling texture.

Shot 8: The ceiling details look to repetitive. Try introducing more varied geometry in that area. Also, the big wall at the back is using only one monotonous texture.

Shot 9: The rock "wall" on the left looks just like a "wall" and not a "rock". Add some geometry variation to it.

Other than these issues, looks pretty good to me. 
Pipes Are The New Crates 
RE: Pipes Are The New Crates 
Friction: Out of all the screenshots you've posted of your D3 map, this one looks to be the most atmospheric. 
you're making progress. 
I like the pipes into the lift cage. The light with this kind of "foggy effect" are really cool too !!! Very good !! 
Friction makes babymappers cry
u are too good 
"babymappers" don't cry... they are just very interested by these kind of very good screenshots.. They realize they can really improve their "mapping style" and it really motivate to be as good, or perhaps one day better, as (pseudo ??) pro mappers are...
I guess I'm not talking just for me here... ;) 
Babymappers... Or I Might Say [] 
.. is again a jackass which have not enough bollocks to stand in front of me and use his real name... meany bastard you are.... 
*pulls JPLambert's hair and cries more 
*poos in his potty and then picks up the poo 
Empty Can't Be A Title 
Doesn't stand for funk_name and brushes its shoe 
He He He .. 
babbymappers had his bottle of milk, made his belch, his mother changed his napkin, and then put him to bed... sleep baby sleep... 
FMB100: Nearly There 
Spooky thing going on there with the faces, nice features. All very palatial and neatly structured. The terrain has piqued my curiosity too. 
Looks good so far - not fantastic, but that's obviously down the architectural bits your working with. But definitely good, the 3rd and 4th shots being the most appealing, I like the gothic touches in 3 and the proper temple shiiz in 4. Like Kell, I like the faces too, their quite unnerving.

Nice one, look forward to it. 
Good stuff. Pretty much each subsequent shot is better than the last. I don't like your choice of a rock texture, though. 
No, Me Neither. 
the terrain itself is nice though.

yay, spikes! i wouldn't say the map looks spectacular, but it does look consistently, decently good. nice work. 
I forgot I had this site up when my main host was down: 
Point me to some nice rock textures then...

What you cannot see in the screen shots is the sandy shore. This grates badly with the brown/green Quake rock textures, which is why I stuck to the one shown. But hey, I'll change it. 
Re: Rocks 
Mike, what about the one from RPGDM1? Similar color, but it doesn't look as camp (which is expected from a Lunarian-based texture). Here's a screeny from RPGDM1 where you can't really see the rocks at all: 
I Liked The Rocks 
actually ... 

The only thing is:-

1. they don't go with the beach so I will have to change that

2. do we really want to upset aguirRe, of all people? 
08 is the best imo ;) 
Can't see those shots, mate. 
Copy And Paste 
To see with haste 
I Thought The First Rocks Were Fine 
but shot 08 is also good. 07 I think stands out way too much. 
I Quite Like 
#6 myself... 
Nice screenshots indeed (I've just seen the first 4 ones...)!
Relating to rocks texture: the better shot is 07 in my humble opinion...
Keep it up ! 
Sorry but related screenshots link doesn't allow us to view them... Using your first link (see post #1452), it works fine...
Id rather prefer misc2 shots than misc1 shots.. They remind me more standard Id quake levels than first serie.. 
Bottom Of The Thread 
impressive looking new q3 level from sock. 
Sock's Map 
Is definitely cool looking. 
Sock's Map 
That first pic reminds me alot of a UT2003 or 2004 map, can't recall it's name though. 
Needs To Be Darker... 
...I can still see stuff...just... 
Gom Jabbar 
Get your own style please. Thx. 
zwiffle, be helpful and try not to be a doom3 map troll or you'll go on 'the bad list'. 
it looks very q1 baseish to me. Coul do with more etailing though, but nice start. 
Both the lighting and the architecture look Quake2'ish. Which is NOT a good thing. 
Gom Jabbar 
It's perhaps a little bit too dark, but rather nice job: It reminds me the Nostromo lightning ambiance..;) But like the other guys, I think you might add more details to avoid this sensation of Quake (or Quake2) "deja vu".
Anyway, nice screenshots indeed, and a good start for a Doom3 map.. Keep it up ! 
Well Then... 
I know that those shots are very dark but you reach this part of the map during a poweroutage (OMG! Innovative!) so I didn't want to put alot of pretty bright lights into it.

Drink a bottle of ricin please. Thx.

nitin / Jago:
Could you please be more exakt on what is looking Q1/Q2-ish? I know that I'm still not totally into the D3 look so knowing what exactly is wrong would help me a lot. 
Gom Jabbar 
I have googled ricin, and I find your comment offensive. Surely I am of cyanide-class poison.

Scampie: Clarify your doom3 map troll comment, please. 
Yeah you are but I didn't want to deprive you of the joys of googleing. 
Gom Jabber 
I am absolutely jealous of your FPS rates. 77! with Doom3 -- it is unfair, unfair, unfair. 
The first thing that SCREAMS Quake 2 at me is the yellow lighting. Pure yellow lighting just looks bad. You could change the light color and add some smaller yellow lights here and there, but having yellow lighting dominate entire areas is plain ugly.

The most Quake2'ish screenshot of all 3 is the last one. The design of the computer panels reminds me of some stock Quake 2 base maps. You would also want to do something about the upper part of that room being pitch black. You have a room with computers, with yellow lights on the floor and pitch black in other parts. How does that make any sense? Would anyone consider actually working on a computer in such an area? You could argue that "stuff has gone bad in the base", but static yellow doesn't work well as alarm light.

Hope this helps. 
Yeah, that helps a lot, thanks. At least I know what you mean now :).

I'm gonna check into the things you mentioned and see what I can do about them. 
Yellow Lighting. 
I like it in this case. Hush Jago :P. 
I popped a new page onto my site with some backstory for the episode and 11 screenshots (you may have seen them all already if u browse 
Fuckin A, Daz 
excellent plot line, make sure you include a holodeck too. And fill it with virtual hookers. 
I just talked SleepwalkR into fixing pipeline, so now it's back up. 
Some Progres... 
I've made some slight progress on my Q1SP map, but please, stop asking me for release dates. The only release date I cannot possibly miss is "when it's done". 
The only release date I cannot possibly miss is "when it's done".

Bal has missed that date on Bal3DM5. 
Looks Nice! 
i think some small 32x32 (or 16x16) lights running along the edge of the floor where the trim is shining upwards would look good and help to equalize the lighting. right now, it's super bright up top and the floor is fairly dark which looks odd.
i like the detail on the trim on the ceiling. not many take the time to extrude trim like that and it really does make stuff look better. 
Bal has missed that date on Bal3DM5.

Now go away, you seely eenglish peeg dogs! 
Bal has missed that date on Bal3DM5.

Low blow! But one that had me laughing out loud, nice insultry, RPG. 
/me Hugs 
his blackmarket beta of bal3dm5 
More Progress...

And yes, I know that ladder has to be redone. 
That celing on the right of the ladder looks like it needs more support, I'd whack in some poles or something there to look like they're holding it up. Its not a big deal but its a tad unrealistic as it is now. 
jago that looks good and what mister fribbles said... 
It looks cool, and it's an interesting architecture... I just chave to omplain about the lack of light near the floor, whuch is a little bit too dark IMHO.. Anyway, it's rather good... Keep it up ! 
I win because I deleted my blackmarket copy because I thought it would be released soon... 
Still Got Those Dark Floors... 
still recommend putting some spots shinning upwards along the walls there. ;)

rest (besides the ladder) looks nice. 
CyBeAr Is Teh Win! 
I win because I deleted my blackmarket copy because I thought it would be released soon...

LOL kthx. 
Worst Ladder Ever. 
Ten dollars? I laugh at you. Please to note that this is no ordinary comic book. 
Progress Without Ladder... 
actually look pretty ok. Break up the flat walls with some angles to avoid repetition. 
it's a normal madfox map! cool!

is this a new map and not one of the older scraps? 
There's a bridge-walk in the middle, which I left out. Reason it looks rather flat.

...if you played the older scraps you might know...if it's worth mentioning. 
Rather nice screenshots with cool lightning effects... Perhaps you should use a different texture in the middle part of the walls to break its uniformity... Like nitin, I also think that some angles will increase the map design quality... anyway, it's a good work... 
Carving Like A Piece Of Cake... 
It's my first attempt on working grid-attitude.

I wondered, how it would look like, if the texture design was carved out...and at the same time create decent "inner" textures.

Creating good carving tools, ie texture sides. 
Don't use the carving tool. It will only cause grief. What editor are you using now btw? 
that is something you have to learn from experience ;} 
we're talking about madfox here. 
Because, MadFox, if you're using that piece-of-shit "Deathmatch Maker" non-editor, like you implied earlier, then no, you are NOT using the grid.

Deathmatch Maker doesn't use the grid, it uses it's own arbitrary decimal grid (i.e. increments of 10), with no way of changing it, because the creator obviously assumed that it's users would be too stupid to understand the concept of a binary grid system.

Deathmatch Maker is useless for mapping. Don't use it. 
Oh Well... 
Thanks for your response.

I am making the best of the less. I bought this Deathmatch maker, because I thought it would comfort me in mapping. Now I worked some time with it, and it surely has a bunch of tricky errors in it. But I must admit it's more than the Qmap I was working with in that time.

So now I am gathering the goodies in it, like the bright textures, and the prefabs, which are realy worthwhile.

The carving tool, I was making, relates to Quark. I hope this editor uses the grid well.
I got some interesting results, with polygons
extracted from leaks.

Is it true that the carving tool only causes grief? I thought it works quicker carving a cube, than adding six walls.
Or are you reffering to the fact, they could cause microbrushes? 
We're all behind you!

/me waves a little flag 
The First Rule Of Carving: 
don't carve. 
Don't Listen To Them! 
...nothing wrong with carving. Know your scale, know your shape, know your editor, and carve and be happy.

This is carving and NOT subtracting. 
what's the distinction? 
I Use Worldcraft 
I use Worldcraft (very occasionally) for Quake 1 level building.

They do say in their tutorial - " Carving, or subtraction as it's sometimes called, is a fundamental feature of any Quake editor. However, it is also the most likely to cause map errors if used wrong, and sometimes even when used right. The most experienced level editors tend to avoid this feature whenever possible. "

Links :

Actually, I've been trying to find WorldCraft 1.6a Registered on the Internet and it's impossible to find. I'm uploading it to my website when I get home. It should be freely available now concidering you can't actually buy it even if you wanted to. Stupid :P 
Well, as far as I know, the only situation where carving (or "subtracting" if you like) produces desirable (or predictable) results, is when you want to punch a simple rectangular hole into a simple rectangular brush.

And quite honestly, in that situation the end result would only take a couple of seconds longer to build the usual way. You're far better off using the clipping tool. 
What I've Lurnd From Experience 
Carving: :(
Clipping: :) 
they only place where i found it useful was for taking corners off of square brushes. but then i started using gtkr and i could use 3 point clipping which totally roxors. 
OK, this is where the editors seem to use different terminology. In BspEditor you have two distinct functions - Carving and Subtraction.

Carving is the act of determining two points on a face of a brush and 'slicing off' the denoted section, as per necros above.

Subtraction is the act of removing the shape of one selected brush/s from an overlaping brush/s.

Carving affects the one brush only and is therefore not in the slightest bit dangerous (besides, you have an Undo in the Edit menu?).

Subtraction can be a dodgy tool as it (usually)affects several brushes. As an example, in Fmb100 I inserted Tronyn's map VII right into my terrain. The terrain was larger than the imported map and therfore blocked the passageways in the buildings. So, select everything in VIII (it was imported straight into a Group and was therefore selectable en'masse) click Subtract and the shape of VIII was 'subtracted' from the terrain. The passageways were still blocked, but only by the parts of the original brushes that had not been subtracted - this was empty space before and not affected by the 'subtraction'.

Now, move through the passageways selecting and deleting the bits of terrain that were blocking the path. Very quick, and besides, you didn't think that I fitted all of that terrain to the buildings did you?

So, carve and be happy; subtract with care.

Not really a Scrrenshots and Betas topic, sorry. 
Subject Receives A Ladder Of Progress... 
Thanks for your pricisly subscription of the subject. Makes the mapping help toppic great!

In my screenshot i had a stamp sized in the shape of a walltexture. This were two polyhedrons, used as a stamp group, which i carved into a new cube of the same texture.
As long as the 2 poly's of the stamp fit exactly, they create 4 new with diagonals.
If they don't fit, they create triangle poly's
and microbrushes which mostly create errors.

Reading more of this subject encouraged me, because when the stamp is textured well, it makes pretty sideblocks. 
Oh My God 
So, select everything in VIII (it was imported straight into a Group and was therefore selectable en'masse) click Subtract and the shape of VIII was 'subtracted' from the terrain.

/me turns pale and begins to shake

somebody hold me 
Oh My God II 
Jesus Christ on a bicycle, Mike! o_O - Do you think that might have had something to do with the #clipnodes problems you were getting? 
Oh My God III 

*hahahahahaha (etc) 
Oh My Fucking God IV 
oh no!! that's ... uh fucking satanic!

/me faints 
Rockys Revenge 
Kinn Et Al 
No, absolutely nothing to do with the clip_node problem, which I believe is related to the complexity of the terrain brushwork and the limitations of the compilers, not subtraction. This is bourne out by my experimenting with terrain over the last nine months.

The clip-node issue is clearly apparent in a terrain map long before any other brushwork is added. Once extra brushes are added the clip-node problems either remain or REDUCE. I did not find any clip_node problems remaining in Fmb100 during testing, although some were reported by necros after release. (Mind you, he was probably using the ramp on the island nearest the third building and is misunderstanding the power of the launch - it's easy to overshoot)

The only real issue with Subtraction is the possible creation of extremely small or acutely angled brushes, which the compilers do not like. But these can be routed out by the Merge Brushes function or by manual deletion.

Have a look at Fmb100 in an editor and check out the brushwork: delete the buildings, compile and count the clipping errors. Reinstate the buildings, compile and count the clipping errors.

Subtraction is a tool, not heresy :-)

But then, I never did wear drainpipes either! 
Me Marvels At Woodham's Balls 
Even as a newbie mapper I have to stare in awe at somebody who would grab somebody's whole map and use it as a carving tool - lol. 
i noticed a bunch of the "invisible wall" things when climbing the terrain in the first area. 
Sorry, I just don't believe that basically butting two whole maps into each other and subtracting one from the other will not lead to thousands of extraneous splintered brushes, and horrific compile problems.

How many brushes did you say Fmb100 had in the end? 
See my previous post on the subject of the use of clipping_brushes to reduce clip nodes. There is extensive use of these where I did not expect/want the player to climb.

You can climb up to the LG and you can climb from the LG to the narrow (slightly hidden) path to the second building: or you can slide down the terrain without losing health and use the secret short-cut. You can also climb from the second building all the way round to the roof of the third building and drop down onto the platform. You cannot climb around from the third building to the back of the first building. You cannot climb from the LG all the way to the roof of the first building. Lastly, you can jump onto the island and then onto the platform of the third building.

If you look at the map, you will see that this is very deliberate.

The only clipping problem that I found prior to release was between the health and the rockets on the 'beach' area. This was removed by the addition of a clone brush - you will see that there are two triangular brushes jutting-out slightly, whereas there was originally only one.

I have yet to find a clipping error on the map but I cannot say that there are none. I can assure you that I could provide a non-subtracted version of the map that is rife with clipping errors and the final Fmb100 has so few(?) that I still cannot find one.

Any-road-up, subtraction can be used with care, is not heresy, and can by beneficial without side-effects. I will admit that my use of it in Fmb100 was extreme but this is what happens when you play around with completed maps as there was no other way I could have achieved the joining. Note that I join maps, I do not build them from scratch and haven't done since Fmb1. I have used subtraction since Fmb2 and I had my pointed tail long before that!

If you enjoyed the map, all well and good. If you did not and the clipping errors spoilt it for you, I am sorry. Will I stop Carving and Subtracting - I guess you know the answer.

And what a long post again... and still in the wrong area :-) 
I Enjoyed FMB100 
and I don't think it matters much how you built it, although I must admit it's an unusually bold way of merging two maps.

I've actually done similar operations to test the compilers. I've taken several huge finished maps and just merged their brushwork sections (not entities) in the text map file to produce gigantic brush-heavy scenarios. The biggest had around 28k brushes and still compiled, although with excessive memory consumption, processing time and bsp values (clipnodes etc). The resulting maps looked a bit odd in-game though ...

I'm still surprised at how well most compilers can handle "messy" maps, i.e. maps off grid or decompiled with a huge amount of microbrushes, gaps and warped planes. I guess it's the same reason that the build process is a bit fuzzy; it's not entirely deterministic and therefore even clean and tidy maps sometimes have build problems that can't really be explained. 
...that's another good point: I never build/join off-grid. When adjusting maps for joining you may find that a non-rectangular brush (chamfered, bevelled and/or tapered) ends up off-grid. So, and this is where I also use Subtraction, you line up your joining brush on-grid and overlapping the off-grid brush, and subtract. You now have two on-grid brushes with no visible join in the map. And is this not one of the things that compilers like? 
an 'invisible wall' clipping problem is where you can walk past an edge, but can only jump over. the barrier is only present when you are in contact with the floor. this can also happen on walls. you jump, hit the wall and start sliding down the side, and all of a sudden stop moving, seemingly hovering in the air.

i wasn't talking about running into clip brushes. come on man, i'm not that stupid.

also i liked the map... no need to get hot and bothered... O_O 
problem is where you can't walk past an edge 
Not Hot And Bothered, Don't Worry... 
... I just can't find the clipping errors and without finding them, I can't correct them.

And I am assuming here (I know I shouldn't) that we are talking clipping errors generated at compile time and not simply getting snagged on brushwork where the player 'expects' the mapper to have put handy clip brushes in the map to stop the snagging?

I mean, if I have left a jutty-out brush in the map, I am happy for you to get stuck: it may aid MY monsters in killing you :-) 
Aguire Said It Best... 
"...I must admit it's an unusually bold way of merging two maps."

You did it without giving up or going insane, more power to you. 
Now I Really 
want to play FMB100. It is only a matter of finding the time. 
And I 
want to play [and review] FMB100. It is only a matter of finding the time. 
From A Non Mapper Point 
FMB100 was a very enjoyable and good looking map no matter how it was built, and it was relatively bug free unless you went looking for them. Frankly, if you go looking for bugs specifically, you can find them in any map. 
So Like 
screenshots should be posted in the fmb100 thread, to keep everything balanced. 
Screenshots Are At The Top Of The Newsthread Q1SP FMB100 
no, i mean screenshots of other maps. 
Ooops! I'm a bit slow. 
That Great Quake Engine... 
Changed the progress status to released in the
Now everything is vanished, strange work in the pipeline... 
3rd Pic 
looks decent, but break up the texturing because it looks repetitive.

1st and 2nd pics also look ok, but remove that stained glass texture or whatever that is from the 2nd pic. 
I really like 1st and 2nd screenshots: The red-base texture is used in a cool way.. The 3rd remind me more some "metal" world from the Quake's episode 3... Well, it's ather a good work, so keep it up guy !! 
I Like That Third Shot. MadFox 
Empty Titles Don't Like Me 
Very nice. Light the floor and you're golden. 
i think every screen shot you've posted, someone has mentioned that the floor needs to be lit. ^_^ 
in my case they always say the mapper is lit, so you are doing good. Those Ikbase panels look good enough to eat off of, Jago. 
Maybe some fribbles inspired floor washers would do good, from each side of the room. 
Doom3 XP Screens 
I'll post it here cuz it seems the place to go.
Looks good to me. 
Looks Quality 
I just saw those myself. They look good, it might be the first expansion pack I ever purchase. The one monster, that stands upright and has the things hangin from the torso, I think I've scene ealier Doom 3 shots with him in it. Looks like they might of pushed him out to the expansion and used more imps instead.

Besides that, looks like it's full of quality mappery from what is show. Who else will pick up this? I am the only one that doesn't like expansion packs? 
There Are Some Good Shots In There 
The problem with fps expansion packs is that it almost always means more guns for the sake of having more guns. If you're holding ten weapons at any given moment, at least five of those are useless unless ammo supplies dictate otherwise. I'm worried that the D3 expansion will follow in the footsteps of Turok and have increasingly ridiculuous weapons of armagedon-sized levels of destruction, but with ammo you can only find if you're so good you didn't need it anyways. 
There Are? 
That link has no Doom3 screenshots whatsoever.

The one monster, that stands upright and has the things hangin from the torso

Uh ... maybe it's best I not see this? 
Doom3 W3rdage... 
Shots: Yeah they look cool to me, looks like more doom and some nice enviroments and cool monsters and stuff.

Prod: You didn't buy Scourge, The Reckoning, and Na Pali?? Shame on you boy.

Push: I agree, it is a worry for me that this will add more shit for the sake of it, in fact I get that a lot with mission packs, the stuff added never quite feels like it blends in, it always feels a bit extra. Scourge was probably the best at avoiding that, everything it added was different and worthwhile. Well, we can hope....I'd just rather have more D00m3... 
Apparently the article has moved. It was there yesterday. 
New QW Mod And Map Running. 
Day\nite cycling, helicopters, AAGUNS, laser ball...too much to list check it out.

parachute = bind key to chute
flashlight = bind key to flashlight 
Ummm Yeah. 
That makes me want to uninstall Quake and then commit suicide. 
Never Know... 
I'll play the Devils advocate here and say - It might play more fun than it looks. 

Doom 3 Expansion Screens - The Revenge 
I was one of the ones who missed these on Gamebiz the other day... I just noticed that Tiscali Games also posted a set of images on the 8th, which I presume are the same ones. So for the benefit of anyone that hasn't seen them yet:

Hopefully it will have helicopters and parachutes. 
I Must Say 
I love that TV-Mouth monster thing. Reminds me of the meatbag people from silent hill 3 sort of. 
Hopefully it will have helicopters and parachutes.

New Texture Set 
industrial type stuff. Tex set is for UT1 and UT2004 but I'm sure its easily portable.

pics :

info : 
Yea, Helicopters,parachutes And Mini Subs 
It supports mini subs too. I just need to make
the map...its coming

Next is tanks....just need to make maps 
mini subs?

so these arent like... full footlongs? 
Ut2k4 Maps Screens 
A Night At The Opera 
That map looks like something Glassman would make.

Cool stuff. 
Very Nice 
especially the first shot. 
looks like a painkiller level 
Small Concern 
I've updated the Abandon sequel, the secret level wasn't playable in FitzQuake.
So now the whole thing can be played within that modification.

Thanks to Aguire, who scaled the brushes, so after some retexture it all fits well.

I didn't give it another version name, otherwise the links are dead. Tried to start a new toppic about it, but my messages were bounced.

More for my curiosity, I was wondering what youre opinion was, best level, worst texture...
If I see what people are talking about one level, I could use some feedback to enhance the PAk file. 
Abandon Sequel? 
hmmm, I must have missed something. 
for being sick and twisted, but I'll be your good laugh...

if you turn 187 posts back. 
find #1370
thank you. 
Some Pictures From My Q1 Level 
looks oldskool but quality ;)
go finish and release it :> 
Well, it looks cool, but you should increase kpeg gamma! Your shots are very dark and its pretty tricky to see anything without increasing screen brightness up to its maximum... 
I can see them just fine. 
So I've to change either my screen, either my glasses ... BTW I don't have glasses so perhaps I need ones 8/ 
Some screenies look good, some look quite bad however. 6 and 4 look awful to me, but some of the others look really good. It doesn't seem like the map stays consistent, but you can't really judge it from screenies anyway. So, do what Vondur said and release it. Oh, finish it first, of course. 
DKT Compo Map

Finally got started. I am not sure I'll manage to meet the competition deadline :/ 
what's with the disco nailgun? O_o 
Shots look okay overall but need some improvement.

But man, your weapon models and HUD are fucked, that's some serious glitch/bugs you got there. I'd reinstall Quake if I were you! 
1000brush Map 
I'm betatesting for my 1000brush map if anyone would like to help.I just need 1 or 2 people to help go through and squeeze out anything that's not good, and scrupulously desolve my self-esteem by pointing out mistakes I've made. Any takers? 
Vondur - it's oldskool i think, made with worldcraft
Zwiffle - I will check if another texture mix in shot 4 can help.
Shambler - those are different models than the standard ones. Have installed them recently. On the shots the HUD is hidden. Only the speedbar from qdqstats is visible.

Thanks for opinion.

PS. From this moment "Ankh" :) 
To The Artist Formerly Known As "Ankhgod": 
I hope that custom model/engine stuff is optional - that kind of jazz doesn't usually recieve a very warm reception 'round these parts. 
Custom HUD 
doesn't usually recieve a very warm reception 'round these parts

Don't worry. The models won't be included. These are only for my viewing pleasures :). The release will contain bsp and txt file.

If someone however likes the models you can find them here 
Err, I probably shouldn't, but I might be able to squeeze in some beta time on your map. 
...I'd love to help you betatest your map, if the ranks are not full yet... 
Some Progress On The 1000b Map... 
And Some More... 
It looks cool... good work.. 
Zooloo-Mooloo: 1000b Map 
You changed it! I hope it's a little tougher now. 
This Looks Promising... 
can't people ever come up with new ideas instead of doing remixes of previous games? 
You should have been there for my rant on "new ideas" in #tf. 
To Be Fair 
the newer shots for this look really good. I've nothing against conversions if the team actually puts in a bit of effort. Of course, it would be better if they put that effort into an original idea. 
Re: Why Not Do An Original Idea? 
Becuase everybody has their own original idea. By doing a remake of an existing game, you have a better chance of getting a team of people willing to do that instead of pushing for their own ideas. 
Waste Of Time. 
Hexen conversion for D3 - go play Painkiller. Plus, how many set-in-stone die-hard hexen fans are around these days? 
Me, for one. I love Hexen. LOVE IT. Like a significant other. Almost as much as I love Quake.

Scampie, go make Hexen 3!!! 
I loved all the Hexen and Heretic games. 
I Stand Corrected 
lol :D 
A Cool New Area I Am Working On: 

read it, love it. you got so many things off grid in places, which will only lead to more polygons being created. 
dude, i've never seen that tut before. sweet jesus that explains a lot! thx a lot 
great answer meltlslime 
Hexen!! people do care about hexen, even if its 2 :) 
I Don't Get This... 
I open a .WAV file in Soundforge, went to Special / Edit Sample, make the file a Sustaining Loop, saved. Opened a map using the file as an ambient sound in FitzQuake and it complains that "FILENAME is not looped". 
Its not fitzquake AFAIK. I had a hell of a time getting custom sounds to loop in quake. It involves setting some sort of flag, and a bunch of programs had the 'loop' option but i think I ended up using cooledit pro which somehow made them work looped in quake. (Isn't soundforge the new cooledit?) 
adobe audition is the new cooledit pro.
Good program, by the way. 
looping sounds in quake has nothing to do with setting sustaining loops. you must set two cue points as a region to enable looping in quake. 
Hi Necros... 
...could you expand a bit on that, or point me to a tute?


The other thing, I seem to remember someone in Qmap days explaining how to link mp3 files to quake. Was that ever made into a tute? 
...and Sorry All! post should've been in the mapping help thread. 
Cue points, or something like that. Do elaborate, necros, as I'll be needing the info soon too 8-) 
well, there's really not much to it. you put in two cue points, one for the start of the loop and another for the end. that's all. it's just that there's a difference between the markers that he's using and these ones.

i don't know what the difference is, except that quake looks for one and not the other. 
What sound programs are capable of doing that? I didn't see an option in audacity. 
What sound programs are capable of doing that? I didn't see an option in audacity. 
I suck. 
CoolEdit2000, Sound Forge, Goldwave(?)
these are the ones i am aware of... probably others.
don't know about audacity -- never tried it. 
Shot #1 looks interesting, even though you obviously haven't done any lighting work yet. I am not sure I would rotate that rock texture 90 degrees like you have in the middle though.

Shot #2 shows that you need to lit your floor better and also I don't think that the floor/stair texture you are using fits in with the ikblue textures you seem to be using. I would either add more non-ikblue detailing or change the floor texture to some blue one. 
Very Nice 
pretty stuff. I always like the more traditional gothic style. What textures are those by the way? They look great. 
like the UT set chicoruins to me. 
Most textures were ripped from 'schloss' map after I downloaded it a few days ago.

The lighting isn't finished just yet still experimenting.

However, I will be going away for a week, tommorow and mapping will be on hold, but I think I should be able to finish this map when I get back. 
Did you get my e-mail reply? 
Ah yea jsut noticed, ta 
shot1 look really good. I like such a theme and texes. Shot2 is also rather nice, but I also think that floor texture doesn't fit the whole texture style good. 
Uh Huh 
Same comments as above, except I also have doubts about the wood texture in shot2.

I quite like shot1. 
Photography And All 
How Is This A Map Screenshot Or A Beta? 

"This is the place to post screenshots of your upcoming masterpiece and get criticism"

the photos are digital, so they were on my screen...

hehe, feel free to delete the post, whatever :) 
Nice Shots Though 
what sort of camera are you using? 
minolta dimage z1 
I posted this in sm40, but I need 1-2 testers for my sm40 map before I ship it off to RPG for completion. I probably won't change too much, but I'd like some feedback and any bugs people find. So lemme know if you'd like to test, thx. 
The Sands Of Time

Not my map, but I thought this shot made Quake look like Prince of Persia: Sands of time. You know, when time goes back and its all glooooowwwwwyyy. 
when time goes back and its all glooooowwwwwyyy.

Coming soon to a bloated custom engine near you! 
For FUCKS Sake People 
We've been discussing this in #tf some these past couple days, but this shot is just another example of a graphics feature getting out of control. Light blooming, when done correctly can add to a games experience and atmosphere. When done as above, it detracts from the experience and only hampers the players eye sight. That shot would look much much better had the bloom been reduced to near nothing. It should be used to accent certain features within the gamespace, not washout the playing field. Guild Wars seems to be another huge offender when it comes to the bloom effect. This feature seems to originated from graphics focused consoles, where every wiz-bang feature is needed to set a game apart from another. However, it would seem some console developers have gotten a grasp on how to utilize it properly. Examples of bloom done right include the Splinter Cell series, Rainbox Six, and more recently Burnout 3 on the road surface in the far distance because of the sun. Tenebrae used the bloom effect pretty well, I was suprised that we didn't see it in Doom 3. Regardless, people need to see that this is a graphics gimmick, just as the sun glare was years ago when it appeared in ever PSOne title.
/Rant Off 
while you exhibit no lense flare of your own, you are positively incandescent :) 
The Bloom Effect 
heh, should have mentioned that the shot was produced by me messing with settings, and actually looks fucking amazing when you run around with that on. Obviously that would only be used for a dream sequence, or using the dagger of time.

I took the time to take pics of the bloom effect being used more moderately. Before and after pics at: 
those first 2 shots are my map :] 
DarkPlaces I'm guessing, yeah? 
For an engine mod visual gimmick, that doesn't look half bad. 
In Bloom 
It kills the illusion of depth. Where the light effect shines on the textures, they only appear flat or painted on. 
It Could Work 
in monomaterial geocomps pretty well though. For it to be effective here, you would have to account for the individual darkness/contrast of the pixels to sustain the depth, and there you go: per pixel shading! 
Yeah, what Kinn said--what engine?

I might have to use that for gimmicky shots of my maps on a future design of my site. 
That's the latest beta of Darkplaces. AFAIK, it's not avaible on DP site yet, so ask LordHavoc for the download URL. 
Yeah Its The DP Beta 
headthump: dude, huh?
the shots with bloom on are the 1st, 3rd, 5th...
It just gives a blurry glow around light stuff in the engine, like a lens flare (ish). Doesn't 'kill the illusion of depth' at all. 
how does it know why textures should be bloomed?
does it go by contrast or are there texture settings? 
why = which 
i think it works it out itself, don't ask me how. Just seems that a fair bit of light on a really light surface will cause it. 
Take a screenshot into photoshop. Duplicate it to make two layers. In the top layer, use levels to cut out the dark parts, blur it, and change the blend to "screen"[*].

That's roughly how bloom works in most engines... and your eyes.

[*] At least, that's what jherax assures me. 
I'm Guessing 
A bloom alogrithm takes takes pixel information from around a light source, and saturatuates the light onto the pixel and so many pixel around it. At least thats what I'm guessing. For lighter colored textures, you'll see the light and texture bleed together. I think. I'm just guess it's through a pixel shader type thing, more specficly a opengl fragment program (or fragment shader or whatever they are called). 
I should have been more specific. The results on the Ikbase are pretty subdued, so no harm done and could be counted as a visual improvement, but the Slipgate Complex, well . . . maybe it is a judgement call but it appears to me the contrasting materials on the walls and the rivet supports bleed into one another. 
Although, To Be Fair, 
take a look at the wall furtherest to the left on the slipgate shots with the rivets close by you. There is not much illusion of depth built into that texture in the first place ;) 
think i see what you mean, on the ceiling, right?
pretty minor to be honest... not something i'd notice ingame. You can also change the amount it blurs and the opacity of the effect so you could adjust the effect till it suited you. 
I Would Agree 
the trade off is only a slight one. What I said before was overkill.

Does the new Dark Places beta support pixel shaders as ProdigyXL mentions above? 
another empty post in the Arcane Wizard thread... 
wrong thread 
Take a screenshot into photoshop. Duplicate it to make two layers. In the top layer, use levels to cut out the dark parts, blur it, and change the blend to "screen"[*].

Or duplicate a layer, gaussian blur it and set it's mode to Lighten, get a dreamy/glowy effect. 
It wouldn't support pixel shaders as it's an Opengl rendered. In Opengl they are called fragment programs, or pixel fragment programs or something. I can't remember the name off the top of the head, hope I didn't confuse anyone. 
I thought it sounded like it was either a bit of a departure for where Dark Places was headed, or they were integrating Opengl 2.0 compliant code that I have not as of yet read up on. 
My Next Q1SP Project 
I've been torn recently over what Q1SP I should be working on. I've got a few projects with a substantial amount of work poured into them, and I'm currently flirting with all three, rather than sticking to one. So... I'm asking you to choose for me which one should be completed first. Cheers for looking.

P.S. It feels weird, using this thread for its indended purpose. 
The last one; the evil doomy gothic thingy. Hands down. 
I vote for Oxymoron or Necromodai. Oxymoron looks like a sleek update to original Doom levels - it has that style with the slime and stuff, and I would personally love to play it. Necromodai also looks really good, and it's not a base map, which will be fresh. Not a fan of egyptian, so I won't vote for that one. 
The first one, the evil overscaled temple thingy.

If only because I like the sound of 12 secrets =). Nah seriously more temple would be cool. Also, you will get it out sooner which will give you confidence to tackle the others. 
I Agree, 
the one that will take the shortest ammount of time to finish is the one I would recommend working on.

Though I too like the sound of the 3rd project the most in terms of personal interest. 
The Evil Temple Thingy.

I'm not a fan of egyptian texture themes either, but based on the screenshot and description it seems like the one that will offer a good solid chunk of mappage with the least additional fuss. More bang for the 'buck. Ahem.
Whereas Oxymoron with its complicated inception has a number of different elements you're trying to achieve that, while interesting, will take more time to consolidate. I'm also not desperately keen on a Doom-textured Q1SP, but that's merely personal preference.
Necromodai sounds like a major project, one that will require some heart and soul. It would be my advice/experience that you shouldn't try to get as committed to it as you'll need to be while unfinished bsps remain on your drive as distraction.

So, finish the Evile Temple Thingy where it's at. Refine and polish. The texture theme can be expanded, modified or completely changed more easily than brushwork and gameplay and it looks like there's still some flexibility in what you can do with the design.
I absolutely guarantee that you will learn something from completing the map that will aid you when you eventually come back to Necromodai. 
#1: Temple
#2: Oxymoron
#3: Necromodai

However, you _REALLY_ need to work on lighting in Oxymoron. The shot of the map in it's state "a couple of years ago" looks heaps better than the newer one. 
RPG Spreads Wisdom From The Frozen Northern Lands 
Do 1 or 2 first and then do 3. 
I'd say finish them in the order you've list them.

From what you've said, finishing up the first one shouldn't be too much hassle, then fix and finish oxymoron, and then you can freely concentrated on the big project.

(Although in terms of how much they intrest me, it'd be the reverse order).

Oh, and Oxymoron is that map that it took half of #tf to compile right? 
They all look good to me.

Found the miracle of colours in fitzquake. 
of all the engines to discover it in, it was fitzquake. hehe 
The thing of miracles is that they're miracles to some, and bad luck to others. Be careful how you use those things, k? 
Way To Go! 
hover that green over some liquid and it will make for either some icky looking slime or some yummy Mountain Dew. 
Ban him, now! 
Thanks For Input 
i will take the popular advice and complete the maps in order, Temple 1st, then Oxymoron then Necromodai. 
Looking forward to it :) 
Yes Starbuck 
go map! 
That temple map looks awesome! Not enough temple maps being made, bah to all of you! My 2nd pick would be the cool gothic thing at the bottom, looks awesome! Then oxymoron, it looks nice but the other 2 grabbed me more. 
bottom one is the bestest, nice textures

oxy - everyone seen it. some even played it
not worth really imho

top one - boring style

madfox, sorry for u
go get some clue 
They all look good to me. 
i had no idea fitzquake could do this. 
I guess I can stop writing such detailed documentation... 
oxymoron looks very cool to me. 
PH8DM2 Nearly Done... 
Just waiting for testing from some of you in #tf (yes I'm actually caring about that now). Anyway, I've finished the rough layout, which has kinda became semi-rough. There's still some details to add and bits to fix and spice up, but here are some shots: 
Just a couple of things:

In shots 1 and 3 there are 64x128 surfaces with 128x128 'hexagon' base textures on them that are cut off at the halfway line. Retexture those surfaces with a 64x128 riveted panel, or if you can't find one, use the 64x64 riveted panel instead. There's something similar in shot 4 as well, either side of the ladder aperture. Texture alignment is a good thing.

Ramps are completely different to move over than stairs, and I would imagine are especially annoying when the walkway at the top immediately turns a corner after only 128 units. Make teh stairs kthx.

Other than that, looks very swanky - I especially like the skylight trim. 
Oh Yeah Forgot To Mention 
Kell, firstly thanks for the feedback :D

The 64x128 textures suggestion is a good idea. I was thinking of either editing them and having them have a bevel/shadow along the halfway mark where they cutoff... but was still skeptical of how I was using them halved anyway.

The ramp, which comes down on a few steps ahead and to it's side - I was at first wondering if that whole idea might be annoying too - I'm going to try all stairs like you're suggesting.

One thing you may notice:

Walkway on left just hangs there and meets w/ the 64x64 riveted texture, doesn't look right of course. That is currently how all walkways are in the rough, but I'm going to add a layer inbetween as you see on the right walkway - just logical and looks better.

I think this layout might have some good potential but I'm still waiting until it's tested. Either way it's gonna top PH8DM1 (pah!). Thanks again for checking! 
Looking promising, the textures need some serious fixing as you know, but it's looking like a good start. Stick with it man. 
Glad to hear, thanks. 
Xl Posting Screenshots... Is This Right? 
Hey thought I'd show of some shots of a test d3 map I'm playing with. I dunno if anything will come of this, but I'm starting to feel really comfortable with some textures and the editor. General feed back would be appreciated. 
1. Any worthwhile D3 maps will need to break free from the constraints of dark-ish, tech-ish corridors that the game itself did plenty well enough.

2. See 1.

3. Looks like the actual build quality is fine though. 
Looks Alright 
doesn't look very inspiring, but the architecture does the job, quite solid looking map. I agree with Shamblers sentiment about how breaking the boring dark corridor convention would make the map more worthwhile, but it's often a positive experience to follow the norm once, just so you have a solid grounding when you deviate from it.

I say run with this, don't worry about making anything groundbreaking, and then next time start experimenting. Map on! 
On Textures In D3, 
do they need to have bump maps and specularity things and all that stuff, or would a texture in d3 look ok with just the diffuse part provided it was high res enough, say like 256x256 or 128x128? 
You can simply choose to have the lights not cast the bumps and specularity textures, but it's not pretty. Much of the textures look like ass (usually) without them. I'd recommend at least 256 if you weren't going to create bumps or specs. 
well the textures without bump/spec maps would stand out like the ugliest of sore thumbs! Thats for sure. 
say all your textures were like that. 
The map would look pretty bad, doom3 lighting doesn't feel so good without the bump and specular. =\ 
Ah, Ok. 
i was affraid of that.
i guess i'll have to wait until some nice non d3 style texture sets come around with their own bump mapping and such. 
Just dig deep in the D3 texture set and use your creativity... 
i'm not really a big fan of d3 textures... granted i haven't looked at every single one closeup, from what i remember in the game, none of them really were what i was looking for. 
One Possibilaty, Necros 
is to use a displacement vertex painting script on an existing texture set that you do like.

line the texture up neatly on a flat plane, work the shape over until you get the results you are after, and either take a high rez targa shot of it or export the new base model.

I haven't used this methodolgy with D3 but it works well with Irrlicht. 
actually turning of speculiar on some materials makes sense - gives more natural look instead of the usual plastic\metal of d3

btw turn off bump and spec in game prefs (dont have to vid restart) and see

HeadThump: need to fuck with Blender3d ?
necr: u want gothic texes? 
The material support in the 2.3x releases have been great for my texture creation, but the interface is still not the most intuitive in the world.

of course, if I could afford zbrush 2 I would pretty much ditch blender3d. A lot of the import/export scripts are buggy to put it mildly. 
Specularity II 
actually turning of speculiar on some materials makes sense - gives more natural look instead of the usual plastic\metal of d3

From a texture artist's perspective, that's a no. Everything has at least a tiny bit of specularity to it, even wood and skin. Fleshy bits and the admittedly rare wood surfaces in doom3 all do have specular maps - the histogram never reaches above 8% for any of them but they are still there. 
still, less specular would help to achieve more realistic look
btw in a game world u could pretty much round off small values since its not near perfect simulation 
Q1 DM Beta Testing Needed

I was about to beta test this in #tf but that did not happen. I need 2 people if Kell is still able to help, else I'll need 3.

Anyways, in it's prior version it was beta tested between pope, blitz and zwiffle and I got some suggestions and have implemented most. Right now I am thinking of what to do with the main room as it's kinda bare.

If you want to help beta for the revision, you can message me:

AIM: itsphait
Yahoo: phait_accompli

i'll help test. i don't have the first two message services and you aren't on msn.

but yeah. i don't get to play q1dm often, so it would be fun. ^_^ of course, _when_ you plan to do the test would matter... 
I can't test your map now since I don't have access to my PC atm (and won't have for at least another month), but shots 5.jpg and 7.jpg are showing much promise in the layout and style departments. 
Blitz & I Went Through It... 
In a nice style throughout discussing possibilities and definite improvement/fixing suggestions. I'm going to work on that about a minute from now and then I'll be around throughout the day on and off to test. I get some bad ping though (120-200+) so I dunno... I don't recall having that problem last time I QW'd last year. 
Really fixed up that bare skywindow: 
I've just took a look at the screenies, and yeah, it's really promising !! Nice architecture, good use of base-based textures, cool lightning effects, and good open area for DM contest.. Release it now please !! 
When It's Done. 
PH8DM2 Beta Test 3 
Anyone interested again, it's 5:14 PM central I'll be on for a couple hours. There is only a few things I forgot to touch up in the map: a light stuck in a wall, 1 missing light source and some other trivial bit.

Again, contact me here, thanks:

AIM: itsphait
Yahoo: phait_accompli
...that's looking very cool. Solid, clean lines, detail at all levels. You will of course add some outdoor sections and some more built areas as you expand it into an SP adventure.

Glad To See You This Focused, Phait 
keep up the good work! 
Although your contact details put you out of my reach for playtesting, I had a run around in the map yesterday. It's a very nice piece of work, lots of cool details as well as an overall flow and continuity.
I'm with distrans - an SP map like this would be great. 
New CTF Map.. 
As I strive to release a new beta of Fjo3tourney1, I started working on my first CTF map.

Bear in mind that there's not a single light entity yet, so the lighting is a bit cheap. :P 
Looks Funky 
where is the q3 dm commuity hanging out now that q3w forums is gone. 
Ok Lunaran, you rule. 
Busted :P
Altough I don't see the reason why I should want to post old radiant shots. :P 
Well, to make you feel better about the old Radiant shots...

Now everyone tell metlslime to hurry up with that last bit on SM69 so I can get started on the gameplay. 
Hehe, thanks. :P

nitin: some of them are at and others are at
The rest, I don't know. :( 
What is with people not gamma correcting their shots? The first is entirely black, the last 2 could use a little brightening. 
#1 is indeed way way too dark. #2 and #3 seem fine here. There's just not much contrast to begin with due to no lighting. 
Another Thing... 
viewing dark images on a white background affects the light/dark perception as well. Not that you need to create black pages for your preview images, but it'd help :) 
go map plz 
Who the fuck are you telling to map, when I am mapping, and you're not? 
go map plz


Go map. 
Everybody should go map instead of blaming Phait not to... ;) and me as well I go map, I know, I know.... 
Every Time Someone Says "go Map" 
I kill a kitten.

so please, think of the guy that has to clean my carpets 
Go m....oh nevermind =/ 
Go map. 
Grunt ! 
Shub-Niggerath winks at that! 
That is pretty disturbing lol. 
...grunts and enforcers that suddenly morph into fiends and shamblers! There's an idea for QuakeV 
Posted 4 shots of another test map. 
You might want to add a bit of color too all these doom3 shots, too much black and white in my opinion. 
and more detail too

Shub-Niggurath: go map! 
for some reason, i really like the look of the second last shot in there... the white on grey... reminds me a lot of system shock 2. hm... that could be a good theme for a d3 map... 
Well, here are some screenshots of my last map. It's currently build by 40% 5it remains me the main castle to start...), but I would like your opinion about it.
It was previously started for DKT3/Winter Pack, but due to many reasons, I was not able to finish at time...
My main idea is to have a night/foggy map, so it will be a little bit dark, so close the lights around you !!
The fourth screenies have black fog effect.. the last one have no fog, just to show as far as possible the overall layout of the map, and the terrain around 5built with NTG).. 
Well, judging from the few non-pure-black pixels in those shots, i'd say it's looking rather tasty so far :D 
What Kinn said. Also looks a little blocky in places, but good in others, nice arches and stuff. 
Hey Guys 
This is a shot of a character model I did for Doom3: 
That Is Very 
Low BROW humour, even coming from THE BROW 
doesn't look the real Floyd to me.

A good old medieval castle, I see.
Reminds me to the mist brush the Virtus wad had. Only strange to leave the mist with water sounds.

Black fog, my poor screen.
But yeah, map on! 
Lunaran: Hey !! It's me just at the end of a big party, the last huge one before I got married !!! BTW this photos is 7 years old, so just add few white hairs on side, and it's me today, not drunk any more ;P

Kinn, MadFox, Shambler: I'm glad the dark fog effect didn't hurt you. I was afraid the low level of brightness of the shots will not let show anything about the map..
I'm still trying to find a good trade-off between sunlight level, minlightlevel, and fog density/color.. And I'm still trying some stuff... Thanks for the feedback.. 
Nice werk mate. You've got some good specular going on with that skin. Perhaps the look of the character is a tad "cartoony" for D3, but otherwise, yah, looking groovy :D 
Yeah, Not Bad Lun 
I like the HDR above the ravening daemon's head. Qualitay.

Model's a bit ugly though. 
Don't Be Mean 
it's an NPC you guys 
Don't Be Mean 
it's an NPC you guys 
metl, that icon thing isn't fixed 
Yes It Is, 
becuase your posts all show up. 
Well It's Not My Fault! 
So it must be yours!

Only The Real 
luna ran for the eternal floyd mascotte, and now he got it, he's realy tacamotsushi-ed. 
Your search - tacamotsushi - did not match any documents.
No pages were found containing "tacamotsushi".
You Even Bothered Searching? O_o 
MadFox / Kinn 
Is it tamagotsushi instead of tacamotsushi ?? A genetic modification using tamagoshi DNA and sushi DNA ?? Is it really possible ?? ... weird thing indeed... 
tamagotsi, but my memory left me.
SushiMaster and the Ape - Frans de Waal.
human behaviour. 
what does any of it have to do with me? 
No Thing 
just wondered why you're not content with the icons things. 
Some Screenshots 
This are some pictures from the starting outdoor area of my new map. It just shows the basic idea. Texturing, lightning, details and so on not done yet. Level will expand below the surface into base style architecture. 

P.S. map style looks nice. Roll on another map, w3rd/ 
Evile. I like the concept, but I think it would look better if it had more of a visual flow to it, and the brush shapes were less recognizable. 
yeah... the brushwork seems ok, but the brimstone texture is terrible here. it's repeating all over the place. either use a bigger texture, scale it up 2x, (or 1.5x) or make more indentations into the rock to make lighting change more along the surfaces.

i do like how the light is low and close and you can't see the ceiling or walls. it makes it seem very large when it could be only a little bigger than the area itself.

keep it up! :) 
Betatesting (duh?) 
for my Lost Chapters map currently. Please have the necessary chapters files so you can test it properly, no offense to distrans but being able to fight the monsters is mandatory. :)

Preferably someone who has also worked with the content so that those who aren't making a map for it aren't exposed to it prematurely.

I should only need one, maybe two at the max to help betatest. Thx. 
I'll Beta Test. :) 
but being able to fight the monsters is mandatory.

yes... although it can be funny at times. ^_^

email me at the email listed here. :) 
Shambler, R.P.G, Necros - Thanks For Feedback 
Necros you are right about the brimstone texture, I will have to find another if rescaling won't give good effect. Maybe someone can suggest a better one. A set of red textures would help me a lot. Additional indentation would be problematic due to r_speeds I think.
Shambler don't worry about my HUD. It's ok (in the right corner you can read the time, kills and secrets count, the other parts are hidden). 
I agree with necros, you should scale texture up by 2, in order to break this unifromity feeling I had when looking to the screenshots.
IMHO, some light effects near the ground with fire, or torches near pillar will help the player to find his way in this dark cave..
Nice work realy, keep it up ! 
Title Goes Here 
Blue & yellow wire texture sucks 
use less textures please.
Also, go map ;) 
I'm Using Too Much Texture Memory 
And it feels so good. 
That's a really good start, but make sure you make the floor darker so the player has an even harder time seeing where he's going. 
Friction that looks like some kind of evile space station/spaceship. It looks somehow different from the rest of the Doom 3 maps out there...I think it might be the ceiling/upper wall detailing...anyway good work, keep it up. 
Did you get my email? Just wondering, I don't think I've received anything from you yet. 
I Got It This Morning. 
i'll play it tonight and let you know tomorow. 
Like Blitz, I think this screenshot if so far the best I've seen for Doom3. Nice complex architecture of a spaceship/lab/or something like this, but really nice ! Well... as usually said here: go map ;) 
It Broke Down. 
Still Think Those Colorful Wires Are Gay. 
And since we know you are awesome Friction, we can be really picky with you. That texture in the top left corner is sad.

Not going to fawn because you know it's awesome yourself without me telling you. 
even more little debris, and some debris/dirt/bitgs decal on the floor and such. 
bits, not bitgs 
finaly, a d3 screenshot that isn't so dark i can't see anything!

some of the wires should hang down, possibly with some ripped completly out and sparking and swinging around. :) (if that's possible o_o)

the rest looks fine to me. 
Swinging wires and sparks definitely are doable, but as I just broke 100.000 r_speeds in that area, I'm bit worried about adding extra detail.

What are acceptable FPS rates anyawys? Did the ID maps cause framerates to drop below 20 when not in combat for anyone here? Because that's what happening here.. 
I would say try and keep fps at around 25-30 minimum..

The hard thing is that performance varies A LOT between each generation of graphics cards on doom 3 from what I have seen, and the best way to keep framerates up on lower gen hardware is to keep the lightcounts per face down as much as possible (yeah... duh).

Sounds obvious, but from all the systems I have tested my map on (geforce3, geforce4mx, radeon 9800se, radeon 9800xt) that seems to be the best way to keep fps up. good portaling comes next, followed by actual scene detail levels (polygon wise) ...

Err hope that helps someone! 
Random Doom3 Mappage 
These are from a map I built over the past week for a design test. The spec was to build a Maginot-Line-style bunker in Doom 3:

Overall it's a bit plain, but it's hard to make a map like this without lots of sppopriate models to scatter about. Oh, and the hazard striping is goofy as hell, I realized.

Note: textures are mine, too. 
Wow, really good screenshots. I visited in my youth a part of the Maginot-line (I'm native from North-East of france, so, it's a part of my "cultural" knowledges...). I found the screenshots very realistic, as far as I remember !! Nice textures as well...

Just take a look at (it's in french.. sorry...)

The last web site is slow, but full of interesting photos... ;) 
Nice textures there, subtle. With some more detail and junk thrown about, it would be quite HL2ish. 
Lonely Q1 Screenie 
I Like The Shapes ... 
But some will peck you to death about using the same tex on walls and ceiling.

Do as you want, I say. 
On The Floor Too, Actually 
wizmet1_2: the gift that keeps on giving.

I'll try not to overuse it. 
i like the ceiling details and the 45 degree angles. :)
lighting is fine 
I Like That 
looks good blackdog 
45 Degree Angles Make Everything Better 

Lovely corridor that, but I want to see a junction and room entrance next. Making them to look good while using complex corridor designs is the hardest part. 
Awesome work! 
Lighting Needs More Drama

Shame I didn't think of adding floor height variations here before it was too late (read: can't be arsed to re-map that much anymore) 
nice, it's not completly pitch black like most of d3's maps. ;) having proper lighting gives the chance to show off the brushwork a lot more.

also, the style feels different from the original game. still feels like doom, but not typical delta/alpha labs stuff. well, that could just be the lighting. ;)

nice work. :) 
Looks cool, rather a nice space-ship/base corridor, I like it ! ... and now go map.. ;) 
It Could Just Be That Angle And All The Bumpmapping 
but that looks like it suffers from what I call "ut2004 syndrome". By that I mean that it looks 'overdetailed and cluttered' if there is such a thing.

then again, I havent played any new engine games so maybe they all look like that. 
Nitin Has A Point 
I know I've went overboard on some of the wall details due to the lack of planning. Different kinds of trims and wall extrusions too near eachothers, especially in the corridor on left. I'll fixx0rate. 
"Different kinds of trims and wall extrusions too near eachothers, especially in the corridor on left"

thats what I was trying to say. 
Looks very, very good; especially the lighting. I think I also agree with nitin, in that the wedge wall extrusions on the left corridor might be a bit too much. 
Looks like the Happy Days of Doom3 maps. 
MP Thomasc Teaser 
really like the look of that T_Creutzenberg!

Are those new textures? I dont recall seeing them in doom3, and they are very sexy indeed.

Love the colour scheme too, very monotone but with the red lights adding some colour, makes the map feel very bleak and harsh.

Be sure to post back here when its released eh! 
Looks nice, T :)

I'm glad we're starting to see some quality coming through now for D3 
That Is By Far The Coolest Looking Doom3 Map 
that I've seen pics of.

how does it run though? 
The screens look great. I was just wondering how much of that comes from existing Doom 3 mapmodels and how much is new - did you make much in Max/maya/whatever? 
That Looks Great 
But it's MP, so I don't care. 
Looks Nice 
for high spec machines

Meaning "I can't be arsed to optimize properly" I assume? 
Thanks For The Comments 
DaZ: It's nearly all Doom 3 textures, I created a lot of decals myself though

nitin: It'll run a little bit slower than the multiplayer maps shipped with the game

than: I used a few model from the original game and created all the rest in Doom3Ed myself

Lunaran: Why not wait with such comment until the map is released? The map file is included and you can then check yourself what else to optimize. 
Like I Said In D3W Already 
Kickass! I'm so going to stea... borrow your idea of decal usage.

That barrel trap is pretty neat idea btw. 
Why not wait with such comment until the map is released?

Because I'm commenting on what you said. Simply stating "this is a map for high end systems" is a copout, and it reflects the attitude of the mapper to go gonzo with looks without taking the responsibility of ensuring the map runs acceptably on the same spectrum of machines that the original game does.

Also, since I don't have a high end machine, maybe I won't be checking? 
Don't Listen To Him 
you just deflated his e-penis a little bit 
it's designed for high-end vaginas 
Oh Poo. 
I somehow can't believe that map would be slower than the ID originals, atleast not when compared to some SP maps. Hell, i got less than 10FPS in combat at times. Looks it could be portaled up quite nicely, which helps a lot. 
try cubemaps on lights or swinging hang lamps? 
croud is demanding SP version!

('Large' and 'high spec' sounds scary tho :))
btw, are there any d3 servers for large player load (more than 4 per map) running 
Well ... 
Lunaran: Well, then don't check it.

Friciton: id mp maps run with about 40 to 65 fps on my machine, mine does with about 30 to 65. 
Who cares if the map is aimed at machines higher than Doom3's recommended spec? I know I certainly wasn't gunning for a Pentium 75 when I made my Quake maps :P

Anyway, T_Creutzenberg is a pro and I'm sure this map will rock. 
Yeah, well, Quake wasn't released six months ago.

I'm not debating that the shots look nice - you've done an excellent job and I hope that when I finally have Doom3 maps to show off they look that nice. But saying "this map is for high end machines" says to me that you're either seeing slowdowns in-game and don't want to take the time to do anything about it, or you're covering for doing so in the future.

It's obvious nobody wants to make the mental leap of actually listening to me so I'll quit posting. 
that's not necessarily true.
if the original vision of the map was something that called for larger spaces and more "stuff" (let's use a general term here ;) ) than the original id maps, then no matter how much it is optimized it will still run slower than the id maps. it's just that optimized it might get 35fps as opposed to 25fps unoptimized, so you're argument isn't rock solid anyway. 
Another Thing... 
if the map is designed for large player counts, then it must be designed to be played using mods which allow them, since the max standard player count is just 4 (unless a patch has changed that.) Obviously there must be an audience with pcs to run the map with lots of players.

I don't really see reason to criticise on the grounds that the map is designed for high-end machines anyway. Doom 3 doesn't really run acceptably on the p4 2.2ghz 512mb gf4 system I use at work - even in low detail 640*480. I consider this machine to be a decent enough games machine, but id obviously doesn't. 
Just For Clarification 
by "optimization" I meant all the different mapping practices that fall under the realm of ensuring good performance, including designing and building from the ground up with an eye on such. 
You know people have been putting that in their readmes since the days of Quake. Some people just like to build high-poly stuff, and there probably isn't too much he can do to comprimise r_speeds without the looks taking a serious hit.

Nehahra, for example, might have caused a slowdown for some on lower end machines, but would it be prudent to accuse them of laziness just to cater to the minority of people?

Unless Creutzenberg means that we need an X850 512MB to play the map, it's not really fair to say that he isn't doing his job as a mapper, just because the r_speeds are a little higher than normal.

fake edit: I see Kinn basically said the same thing in far fewer lines. He will receive a gold star for the day. 
I was about to make the same statements Lun made. Thanks Lun for being a witch instead of me! 
I Don't See That It's A Big Deal Either Way 
People have been doing it a long time--czg himself with czg07--and if someone wants to map that way, let him.

However, having said that, poor optimizations (if they exist) and making something that is only playable by a small portion of the potential audience should be the foremost concern of all designers. 
... how's the optimization on sm82 going? 
For Some Reason... 
Mentioning the fact, that a map requires bit more beefy computer than usually tends to make mappers go silly.

I wonder if there is any "I MAKE MY MAPS TO RUN SMOOTHLY ON A SHOEBOX, WHICH IS ALSO MY COMPUTER" factor in it. 
Bleh ! 
Shoeboxes suck... go map ;) 
Well, your crazy Australian question has misled me and instead of actually answering your question I've typed this otherwise unreasonable response. 
I Just Answered That Blitz 
You five posts ago: Nehahra, for example, might have caused a slowdown for some on lower end machines, but would it be prudent to accuse them of laziness just to cater to the minority of people?

Me five posts before that: Yeah, well, Quake wasn't released six months ago.  
good point friction

btw gf4 was obsolete even at the time of doom3 release (if not before)

increasing load on the PC is fine if its justified by the enhanced visuals (or features)

Lun must be calmed down 
Looks Cool 
looking forward to this (kinda, it is doom 3 after all :( ) 
doom3 rockes!
(just set g_kicktime "0") 
doom3 rockes!
(just set g_kicktime "0") 
Shame on you, there is no merit to fight with an old woman... doh !!! 
But what if she's possessed by Cthulhu? Is there merit to kill her then? 
what is that?
i don't recognize it. 
That's The Moneylender 
from Crime and Punishment 
Oh, if she's possessed by Cthulu, I have to apologize... Let's kill all Hell's gran'Ma ;) 
Is the moneylender wearing a vinyl vest? 
Mixom Performance Racing Exhausts 

I and a friend called Fjoggs are making this, its of course a WIP. Its a 2vs2 for quake 3 CPMA.

Btw, very nice engine there Friction. 
That Looks Good 
Being a WIP, I won't point out that some halls look kinda bland, cuz I figure you guys will fix that. But looks quality so far, gl with it. 
Some interesting textures there - some look almost kothic-ish. Where are they from? 
flamel by
(ut textures) if anyone wants them in jpg, just ask.

And then some textures by mixed from all over his maps.

I love kothic, but its a very narrow set, I would like a follow up someday :D 
or an expansion! 
wait, I mean the textures for 'the color anger', the q3 version. Sorry for being stupido :D 
Fric, awesome! And pipes and everything.

Voodoo, you got some good ideas and nice designs in there. You need to work on the consistency so quality designing is prominent through the whole map. 
Vodoo.. Etc.. ;) 
Screenies looks good, really nice work !! And thanks for the texture links !!

Oh, and welcome back on Func_: there was a long time you didn't post here ;) 
I haven't really have anything proper to show until now. But yeah, consistency is being worked on. Thanks for the comments. 
the texture from Color of Anger are called Kothic.

well, at least, kell didn't correct me when i was calling them that. O_o 
haven't pimped in here for awhile now so I thought it was about time ;p
My "latest" map, Fjo3tourney1 is nearing beta3. (It's not my first map ;p)
A few screens.

Think i'll have the next beta ready in a few days. 
More Pimp 
More pimpage by Fjoggs(and me).

No new screens, but a new beta for invertedpenguin is up at

Still a WIP, so some areas are very sparingly detailed. 
Fuck dude, looks nice... now my own map textured the same will look ass whenever I decide to finish it :( 
Quite Neat Fjoggs 
How about adding some pipes? Gotta have pipes! 
I tend to agree. Pipes are needed. Looks good although I personally find the texturing a bit....heavy. But build quality and lighting and all look great so that's cool. 
Damn, Fjoggs 
Are you still grinding away at that map? 
Huhey, good to see you again.
I'm missing you on q3w (it's back up) <3

Yeah, I took a break on it for like 4-5 months, due to the .map file being borked three times so I had to decompile it and clean it up alot. :|

Thanks for the feedback. :)
Regarding the pipes: Not sure where I should actually place them and prevent them from looking totally out of place. There's a few pipes in one area, but I can agree that they'r presence is missing. I'll see what I can do. ;) 
Omg Czg Is Making Hentai Doom 
Hentai Hardcore 
czg will you be modeling the schoolgirl, or making her out of patches? My suggestion would be model, as you could make some hawt animations, more wank-factor on her that way. Btw a bukkake button is probably needed too. 
I Won't Try To Follow The Mighty Levelord In This 
Hahhahahahaahahhha, I wonder how many people missed that one :D 
OMG Tentacle Pipe Pr0n 
Friction you just got out-piped so badly I bet your ass is bleeding! 
Typo Mismatch 
I should have been named ASShole, rather than ASSault...
doh !! o_O 
Oh... And 
it also looks like a "spider head:.. like tarentula mouth... 
Cheers for that JPLambert, but I think the "ass" joke was kind of implicit in the original title. 
He He 
I also have a thought for guys who understand quickly ... but after many long explanations... bleh... 
... And Many Often... 
.. I'm one of these "slow" guys ;) 
No one missed it who played it... the phallic jumppad used shooter_plasma entities for a spermy suprise for anyone bouncing off that way. 
...much Like This Map 
hahah, where do I get that? :D 
You're all just in love with the original. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

czg: pipe hentai porn? Cthulhu would be proud. 
Splinter Cell 3 Screenshots

There are less "ass-dick-cum", but it's rather interesting... ;) 
I Just Passed... 
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
It's way too short and not too replayable, and multiplayer interest seems to be lacking. From what I read Chaos Theory is supposed to pick up the slack with less linearity. 
Hey peeps, check out my beta HL2DM map. I'd like to hear from you fockers before compiling the final build: 
Hawt! It's on fire! 
Looks Good Slipi 
I like what I see so far -- a nice interweaving town style DM map. The shots seem to have a competent build quality and well executed style. It looks like you're getting some advice on the Steam forums too from people that went through and played the maps. I read some of the commentary and I agree with what's being said -- the fog contrast against the tree models in the background doesn't look so hot, and you do need to optimize things for those on lower end machines. Other than that, it looks good and I can't wait for the final build :) 
Carousel (final) 

The fog is taken care of, as are most of the issues brought up during beta. I am testing the final right now, should be up within six hours. 
Re: Carousel (final) 
Cool That Its Done... 
but can we have non gay download link that doesn't require me to signup to something shit please? :)

Map looks nice though, will comment more when (if! :D ) I get it 
In Time 
I am still waiting for mirrors. Just keep checking the thread, I'll update it when people add their links. 
Carousel Mirrors 
Thank You :) 
Tubular Thingy 
I don't think Friction really needs more comments telling him how good he is.

Thanks for sharing, Fric. :) 
Friction You Suck And We Hate You 
go back to espoo finland 
So that's why you asked if I still live in Espoo. 
No, That Was Just Curiosity 
It became relevant because it was still in my short term memory. 
I made a demo for the first map of The Abandon - Beta.
It's just my own way of playing the level.

Happy Easter! 
Where is that Demo Toppic? 
Fjo3tourney1 - ECP - Beta 3 
Forgot to beta this last time, so I'll make it up now. xD

Hope this will be the final beta, starting to get tired of it.
Did alot of bot and player optimizing.
VIS is complete bollocks, due to ass construction in the beginning leaving it near imposs to hint and I honestly can't be arsed to do something about it.
Also did some work on the item placement, which I feel is quite good now, thanks Todt. :)


Download link: 
Re: Fjo3tourney1 - ECP - Beta 3 
Clipping on the grate under the rotating thingy is a bit weird.

The sound the platforms make is a bit weird, especially the stopping sound, and especially on the lift up to the RA.

Lighting is a bit flat.

The rocky corner area has what appears to be some brush cracks up towards the top, which brings me to...

I tried to noclip up there to see what was going on, but Quake 3 crashed with some error complaining about max_num_sky_vertexes or something like that. I dunno what's up with that.

I had a look in your pk3 file and you should sort out your textures and scripts folders. There shouldn't be anything 'borrowed' in there.



Nice map, Fjodor. 
One Complaint 
One complaint from the screenshots: The walls are all brown, and the floors are all green. It might work well to add a bit more variation. 
Q1 SP Screenshots 
I'm not really about to finish this new map, but here are some screenshots of my last Q1SP... There is a foggy effect which I improved (I think) compared to my previous screenies... It's not dark any more, but more (dark-blue/green, with a lower density..)
As I already explained, this map was initially started for DKT3 Winter Pack, and because I was very (very very... etc..) late, I turned it in a bigger project..

So, verdict ?? 
Links are broken JPL 
Shit !! 
Looks Good 
I like the design, but the shots are kind of disorienting in that I can't really tell what's going on. I think this might be due to the fog, but it looks like it's underwater or something, and I can't really tell, but everything looks kind of disconnected.

Shot 2 looks the best because you can actually see the brushwork the best in it. That weird arch in shot 4 seems out of place with the style of the building.

Good work so far it seems, but try and take some shots without the fog, and also try and take a wider perspective shot, so we can get a better sense of what's going on. 
Q1 Shots 
for screenshots, could you cut the fog density to about half? it will probably work good ingame with the setting you have now, but for static images, it's hard to make stuff out.

i like the 4 shot with the cool pillar thing. 
fog is too thick 
fog is too thick 
More Infos 
Fog is set to 0.05 0.6 0.8 0.8 (density-R-G-B). Due to its blue-green color and density, and for sure also due to the fact I increased brightness by 80%, it looks like underwater screenies... well, I will set fog density to 0 for future screenshots...
Concerning the pillar things, they have rather to be called "buttress"... It's typically a gothic design.. I try as far as possible to "match" the concept... I placed many of these around the "castle"... so even if you see one which seems to be alone... there are many others, and just one above the player in screenshot 4... ;)
Anyway, I will post more (better I hope) screenies later 8D
Thank for your feedback.. 
Looks Good 
you need to texture that flying buttress better, but I guess you knew that :)

Is it based on any particular church, or just general gothicness? 
It's based on general gothicness, and the idea came when I saw Bal photos gallery.. I found the idea rather interesting... 
They look really nice! Good luck with the mapping! 
well, for example, i have an outdoor map, and the density i use for fog is i think around 0.006, which makes a thin haze at around 800-1000 units and makes everything beyond 1000 blend smoothly away (instead of creating a thick wall)
but a thicker fog can have a more oppressive atmosphere, and if you don't mind shrouding your brushwork i'd say leave it as is for the playable version.
anyway, since you can change fog density ingame, it's not a big deal to simply fiddle with settings. 
screens look very good. I like the theme.

Also it seems to me that you use the hexen2.wad. If it is so, I like your choice. 
Necros / PuLSaR 
necros: A good fog effect is effectively quite difficult to find, and it's a trade-off between visibility and ambiance... I made many tries before finding these settings (fog 0.05 0.6 0.8 0.8). I think I will not change the fog RGB (dark blue-green color), but for sure the density should be decreased a little bit... As you said, it's really easy to change fog settings with the console command ingame.. Nevertheless, I will made further test to see how I can improve it ;)..

PuLSaR: I started the map for the DKT3 1000 brushes Winter Pack (launched in October/November 2004). I missed the "delivery date" in early December, due to the birth of my last daughter.. :) So I decided to follow the idea of this pack: mapping with only DKT3 texture set. But here I forget the 1000 brushes limitation... (I'm rather near 4000 now !! he he he...). Furthermore, there are no Hexen2 textures in the map, only DKT3 textures, and one extra textures (for "rockish generated terrain") coming from a wad file I found on "geneticrose" web site (which doesn't work any more...)...

In anyway, thanks to all for your feedback.. I will post more screenies later, with a better quality I hope.. ;) 
jeez, turn your brightness down :(

When someone with their brightness where it's supposed to be plays that it'll be dark as hell. 
Linky no worky for me :( 
worked a few mins ago, sure it will be up in a short while... 
It's Empty 
looking great as always. Is it a single map or a whole episode? You've been posting shots for a while now :) Don't think I've seen the same areas many times either. 
I Take Too Many Screenshots 
It is more than just one map however. 
"Iv made a picture of many cool loking map screenshots tiled together. Custom maps from different fps (quake, q3 and ut mostly)
It looks nice, can be your backdrop, give some inspiration or just make you wonder what maps are those.

1280x960 (get this)"

Thats cool Vodka, wow even one of electro+I maps on there :D 
Also a shot of a map I never released hehehe 
the link it totally fucked :(

Killaz fix it now moran!!!! :D+ 
welcome back!

now fix your fucking link you twit. 
Invertedpenguin "final"

This is what I would like to call a final, if there are any issues, please report. Made for cpma 2vs2. 
lol @ the url.

But can we have some pics please? :) 
some semi-new ones at
Lighting has been updated, and the corridor with blood under the fencing has also been updated. Will take new screens when I can be arsed. 
You've got some good (albeit typical) details going on. However, I really don't think the theme is consistant enough; especially with colors and lighting. The textures include a lot of oranges and browns, but there are also lots of greens, blues, and reds.

And the lighting is predominantly pure white, but it also includes orange and blue. This is bad. In Quake 3, pure white lighting is a no no; and having such a wide variance in colors is rather gaudy. So if your lighting was mostly orange with a few complimentary colors spread around (maybe red or yellow) it would not only look better, but also more consistant. 
A Lot Of Those Look Cool 
Though they mostly border on nonsensical...

They still look cool though. 
TEU died? :(

Shame, there were some nice maps in that 
they are some fantastic shots. What was the project? Mp or Sp? 
Really nice screenshots !! But we need more informations, like required nitin.. Which games (Doom3 I guess...), which project, etc.. etc.. ?? 
Does that look like Doom3 to you?

Klz, very nice looking. Also requesting more info on this TEU thing.

Also, can we steal the textures? 
It looks like alot of it is the andromeda set by Speed, but I dunno about the lower grungier areas. 
hmm. a few nice shots, a few crap shots. a month of polish on that and it'd look fantastic killaz 
Overall the texture set is too monochrome for my taste, but otherwise the map looks nice. Are you planning on releasing this? 
was a project that a year or so ago me, killaz, electro, etc were mapping for. All the textures are by speedy so if you want them then mail his arse :)

Shame the project has died, but when I left there was a certain amount of arguing going on so sadly it doesn't come as much of a shock :(

Shame to let the maps go to waste tho! Do something with it eh Killaz :)

err the TEU website (if its still up) : 
Engine was basically a Q2 on steroids with the most subtle bumpmapping ever! Everyone told me it had sweet bumpmapping, but I only managed to witness it on one texture and even then only by splitscreen comparision. I loved to harass people about that. 
If Killaz's Shots 
are in the q2 engine, then they are even more imprressive. 
That's why I was guessing it was D3/Q3 screenies ;) 
Y'know, it seems like a crime that almost all the team projects you've worked on or led, which all look so awesome, end up not working out. Why must you tease with your pretty electronic flowers? Think of all the awesome gaming we do not get to play, but can only wonder about how awesome it is. THINK OF IT AND WEEP!!! 
I am a bad luck charm obviously =)

And to clear up confusion, that isnt the q2 engine, its completely ripped up and rebuilt q2 engine =) using q3bsp and curves etc. and shaders. Basicly its q3 with some added knobs on :D 
u rok 

Good job, but please make something that can run on my computer. 
Could Just Be The Shot 
but the foreground seems much more detailed than the rest. DO you have a different shot of that area? 

Seriously though, it looks good (although I've being seeing shots of this map for so long now, I almost feel as if I've played it ^_~)

Looking forward to it :D 

I guess I'll take a short break from abusing the F12, this is getting excessive. 
now I *know* I've seen at least three different shots of that area now. 
I've Handed My F12 Key To CZG 
Hope he's careful with it. 
The map looks quality, but the light looks over bright for the room. I'd tone it down a bit, but besides, thats great sexiness. 
Really nice screenshot ! I love these blood splashes on the ground... terrific !
BTW, I agree with ProdXL, lower light level would increase insecurity feeling ... thought... ;)
Keep it up ! 
That's it, I vote that the name of this thread is changed to something more accurate, like Friction's Screenshots
You Know There's Something Strange Going On 
When a Doom3 map is being too well lit. So beware!! 
2nd Shot 
is much better at showing off the room. The lighting level is not the issue IMHO, it's just that it seems to be at a constant level throughout the room. Otherwise, it looks very good. 
Walls look a bit bare imo, maybe its just a dull texture to use? try slapping some posters or anything to liven it up a bit perhaps!

Trim on the raised floor looks a bit too thick as well imo.

Lighting looks a tad dark, maybe move the spotlights closer to the walls to get some cool "V" shaped spotcones hitting them.

Hmm overly negative I geuss, but all easy to fix imo. GG 
Point taken on the trims, lighting is going to be relatively unchanged, gg. 
I Must Say 
I'm not impressed from the Screen shot.

But, like DaZ said, it could be easy to fix and add some detail. I would add yellow-ish lighting to it. Because I'm cool like that. 
I don't really have any complaints with the lighting, but I have to agree about the walls. Too flat and not enough details. It seems awfully clean, so maybe some additional slime decals? 
I Like It, 
to me it looks uncluttered which is the opposite of most HL2 dm maps. RPG is right about the flatness of the walls. Something as simple as raising or lowering that right sided wall could help it feel like a fuller volume of space. 
Some Stuffage 
Nice and dark instead of the usual bright and shiny stuff. Maybe could use a bit more brush detail on the supports and non-mechanical bits. And the floor is really dark (seems to be a problem with most screenshots of Doom 3 custom maps).

Now go finish the rest of this WIP! 
Why Haven't 
People tried to do anything different apart from the usual Doom 3 base stuff? 
doom3 is mostly base stuff 
Yeah But 
Isn't anyone doing any new textures, or is it too much work? I mean, I know it's alot of work, but with all the other texture effects and stuff it's even more... 
Isn't anyone doing any new textures, or is it too much work? I mean, I know it's alot of work, but with all the other texture effects and stuff it's even more...

I'm doing two new texture sets for my ship. And yes, it's a metric fuckload of work. :(
You'll get all my sexy spaceship textures, of course, when Byzantine is done.

Also, Kinn, please fix your monitor. If there's nothing wrong with the monitor, fix your brightness in Doom3. If there's nothing wrong with either of them, then you need to look again because as I said I cannot see a single thing other than light fixtures in any of those images. 
Dark Floors 
This is actually because of the uneven lighting model of Doom3 stock lights. Light that extends 16 units beyond a wall, light up the wall much much brighter than a light extending 16 units into floor. So make those lights extra tall! 
What's Wrong With Base Stuff? 
It rocks! Only thing it's missing is a full rust/waste set. The enpro/outside/recycle isn't quite enough. Also some 512x512 concretes. Then i'd be happy. 
Nothing Wrong With The Base Texes Themselves 
I just haven't seen anyone doing much different from what we already have in Doom 3.

Except for that one outdoors DM map. 
I Cant See Much Either 
so yeah what lunaran says. 
The angular parts are nice, you've got the right ideas for the lights and the normals are brought out fairly nicely, just need to light that floor up a notch and it'll be nice :)

Other then that, make more god damn it!

My Kingdom For A Sword 
replaced the axe in Quake1.
texturing is hard, because of no base dxf.
but it soars already. 
have a try, and tell me. 
did you try playing with gl_flashblend set to 0? that yellow globes around dynamic lights sucks, isn't it? you can disable them. 
More Screens


still chugging away on my HL2DM! 
Nice screenshots.. The "green-slimed" fog effect is really impressive. even if concrete texture used in this bunker-like architecure seems to be.. let's say too much "flat" IMHO.. but lightning effects, while there is not amount of lights, is really good... It sounds good ! 
for the comments way up there... yeh its a shame the project died but I guess that happens a lot with online projects, small teams etc.

I don't really know what else I could do with those maps now anyway.. I guess they just stay as screenshots! 
Not bad, but why must all the dirt and grim remain at the bottom? 
Is that a sword? It kind of looks like an uncleaned barbecue stake. 
Drunk Thread 
Thanks for the advice Vondur, I'll try it.
Now I have my base frame textured I start up in quake spinning like a wheel.
Could it be the *.mdl is placed to low? 
This one looks better ! 
the great Catweazel be thanked the surrounding has stopped spinning. 
Final One 
I had a lost vertice in the dxf which screwed up the hand. This one is better, although you'll have to push the refresh button, i think. Rather clean sword, but it is still brand new.

Vondur, I tried youre gl_flashblend in the autoconfig.cfg and the yellow globe disappeared
but starting up again it was back. 
Test Request... 
... after a furious couple of mapping sessions involving a near complete QSP, I find myself with a QDM 4v4 level ready for tesing (don't worry Scraggy it's not one of the QT levels :)

I need a few experienced DM level builders and experienced QDM 4v4 players too offer criticism before I involve Apollyon and some of the Smackdown clans in full blown testing.

yes I will be releasing a QSP version of the level that includes slightly more brushwork. So SP only players can give me hand then. 
Send the detailed info to my e-mail if you can't get on IRC. Also, I saw that screen that you DCC'd to said 'd3dm' but it looked like Quake...unless D3 means distrans 3 and not Doom 3 :D 
... Doom 3? Quake? We'll see... :D

I'll email you the level. Anyone else? 
send it to me. I (kind of) play in nqr, so i know alot of decent 4on4 players who could offer criticism 
Base :o 
A little 'sumthin 'sumthin.
Always wanted to do a base styled map, so I tried something a bit different then what I've seen.
Lighting is a bit bright, as I haven't done anything with it at all. :p 
Thanks Inertia... 
...will do. 

You don't see walls like those every day . . . 
beautiful stuff :O

i'm interested to see how that style transfers to larger, more open areas. really nice work so far. 
light that properly and it will look excellent.

Also, if you have shots of larger areas, I like killjoy am interested in seeing them. 
What nitin and killjoy said... Interesting design, and good work... We want more screenshots ! 
Sexcopter. I too want atria and not just hallways.

Also, check out rpg3dm2, you might like the textures. 
Someone done went and p1mped RPGDM2! 
I pimped the textures :) 
the architecture looks interesting, but those textures and lighting make me want to barf :( 
What is this supposed to be? 
I think it's supposed to be some kind of flesh processing plant or slaughterhouse-y type thing. 
Which I Might Add 
would be perfectly suited to a bit of Pete Parisi's BadMeat texture lovin'. 
Continue with it. It looks promising. 
yes should be a kind of slaughterhouse
btw just own textures and shaders, scampie ty :o( 
what means "barf"...couldnt find it in my dictionary (/me german) hmpf
since D� im a little bit demotivated to map on in Q3A...i dont know if i finish this map
btw this map contains no models/mapobjects
(because of questions like "where is that model from" etc) 
"Barf" is an informal word that means "vomit" or "throw up." 
Zum Kotzen 
ah...ok ty RPG 
still much work to do here 
The beta for dm_ortho is out! Get it here:

A screenshot can be found here: 
Got it, I'll try it out with you later tonight sometime if you're free. No school tomorrow, so no worries. 
Grrl Crazy 
poor quake 
Please never stop posting. 
I'made a new map I need some advices :
map for RTCW MP and size : 27 megs
Anyway if u are too lazy to dl it you have the screenies.

Give me your feelings. 
I can't check the map as I don;t have RTCW installed, but looking at the screenshots I am impressed. Visually, and theme-wise, it's a LOT better than the other maps I've seen you post. A lot more stylish and consistent. It looks good - nice theme, nice atmosphere, nice lighting.

There's one obvious improvement you should make, though: Put some different brick/stone textures on some of the buildings. With all the same texture it looks artificial and unconvincing - if you have some variety it would look more like a real lost city.

Also, in the second shot, the curved ledge on the left should have a texture to match the cobbles on the side of the ledge - at the moment it just goes straight into brick which is wrong. And, you could do with less crates, or at least more variety of crates, in that big cratey area.

Good luck! 
Small Chunk Of A D3 1v1 Map That I Doubt I Will Ever Finish 
Nice One Dawg 
I hope you do make progress with that because that little bit so far is looking good. I like the style, with some nice angles and a hefty chunk of rock to break up the baseness of it all. I do think a bit of colour in the rocky area would be nice as it's quite stark at the moment. 
ROCK ON! \nn| 
Wow, that's some of the best rock that I've seen in a while. 
finish that map! 
Q1 Monster 
A try to make the Q2-Grrl look good in Quake! 
Dog, Those Rocks Good Enough To Fuck 
Hrmm, Rocks *are* A Bit Bland Colour Wise 
I think I can fix that with a bit of blending.

And Headthump, please don't fuck my rocks. 
I'm just saying those are some good looking rocks. 
I'd say please don't fuck any rocks. 
Get your rocks off, but don't get off on the rocks. 
It's Just That They're So Hard To Clean 
HeadThump: <3 
Hey, I'm Not Madfox... But Have Cheap Lols 
Cant Map 
I vote colored lighting the best games industry invention since texture mapping. It makes everything look so much better. 
Oh Man! 
I laughed out loud when I saw the face in the corner on the last image.

Absolutely brilliant. 
Can't Map 
what the hell is that from?!? o_O 
That face looks a lot like this really (really) old image I made: 
Okay I think this will be the last beta before final.

I took many of the suggestions given by biff, Shambler, Daz, pope, and I think it is much better now.

About the jump pad works fine as long as you don't stand still on it -- in HL2 you need to keep moving in the direction you want to go. So when you're attempting a jump, the best way to go is just to run at it in the direction + launch upward you want to go.

Also, there is a texture misalignment on the inside of the vent fan, I already fixed it my next save, I just didn't noticed it after I did the compile. 
Love The Rocks But Don't LOVE The Rocks 
You didn't listen to any of my suggestions? :( I'll give it a try tho. 
Zwiffle too. Mea culpa. Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa. 
Some Shots From Jq3 Ailbreak 
that look very very good :

Scroll down to see the shots posted by scrotch. 
The last screenshot is so far the best ! 
Blitz, will check later.

Nitin, well pointed out, those look really good. 
Hi Again! 
I just realized its over two years since my last login...time flies for a newborn father I guess.. forgot my pass and changed my e-mail as well :l

Found a Q3 map I just about finished before my daughter came and realized it's not all that bad... a little dusty but still...or? 
Scrotch Shots! 
After looking at scrotch's shots mine are dusty in deed :l
Beautiful work there! 
Why Hello! 
Snaga: it looks like you've got some good shapes, spaces, and lighting going on, but the detail level in several spots looks more on par with Q1 than Q3. Also, the textures seem a bit plain, and although that's not bad in itself (e.g. geocomp maps) it just exacerbates the situation with the details. About half of the indoor stuff looks tasty, though. Such as shots 5 and 8.

On the other hand, pro gamers will probably prefer the sparseness of details. 
Some Of Those Shots 
have killer lighting.

But rpg is right about detail and texturing. 
What They Said... 
Nice clean style and great lighting, good build quality too, but a few stronger designs would be good. Not that it's not good at the moment, that is. 
I'm going to go with the general consensus and say it looks really good but needs a little more love.

Personally, I quite like the textures. Slightly more detail on some of the panels might work, but it's funny that you jokingly talk of the design seeming dusty, because there is indeed an interesting dusty abandoned base look to them, and I think it might be cool to play to that more by having cobwebs here and there (look to RtCW's cobwebs for a good way of doing these), and giving some lights a subtle volumetric effect with scrolling dust motes. Slightly less saturated colours on your contrast lighting might work well if you play up the dust aspect.

Also, get some phong shading on those rocks, it'll make them look much nicer. 
Thanks for input yall:)
I do agree with you in the lack of detail in most pics. My intention from the start was to make the map fast in game, beeing sparse with detailing. But I guess that, as R.P.G pointed out, can only be pulled off by fooling the eye with more detailed textures, or making stunning architecture.

I don't think I have it in me to finish the map but it's always nice to get feedback on something you done. 
Surely, it just needs a few crates? 
release a beta? 
Looks good, u 
It's Dagnabbit hunting season soon! Just let me crossbow and head out into the highlands! 
I Will Work Now =) 
thanks shambler

I understand what you mean and i will work again on this map after my exam... for another texture I will use the "jackboot pack" the bricks are green but i can filter it in red. I m agree with u I must use irregulary brick textures. I will work. 
Ugh, Editor Shots :| 
ke, here's some partly artia shots, but it's kinda small sized artia. :p
Not all that satisfied with it, but i guess it's ok.

And for no reason: 
Very Funky... 
...completely nonsensical, but very funky =). 
Neat. Quake 3? Looks good. 
It Looks A Bit Balish To Me 
New Textures If Anyone's Interested 
Industrial style, made of UT series but I'm sure can be used in any game : 
Here are some screenshots from my last project... It has been started since Winter contest pack.. remember...
I already sent other screenies 2 month ago, and now I'm working to improve the gameplay...
I hope it will be released before the end of June... ;)

Enjoy ! 
Lookin Good There 
JPL, the butresses look great. Only crits I see are:
1.) Some areas look fullbright. May not be a problem, I tend to make darker maps so fullbright gets on my nerves.
2.) You might want to scale up the lava texture 2x2 or 3x3. It tends to help prevent the feel that the lava is fake. 
though I have not played any of your other maps, this one looks so much better than your past efforts, build wise.

As Zwif said, the indoor area is too bright imo, try fiddling with the lighting some, and ditto with the lava texture. 
very nice!
go finish it!

little hint: to make proper screens disable gun drawing by typing r_drawviewmodel 0 and crosshair 0 at the console. 
Sexy Stuff There JPL 
Looks very good!
release it soon! 
More Informations 
Thanks for encouraging me, I hope the final release will give you a max of fun !!
Some more infos: the map has originally fog density set up to 0.08, and here I dicreased it down to 0.04, in order to see more stuff in the screenshots. As well, I tuned gamma correction to 1.6, which seems to increae fullbright effect... during "real" play, it's not so bright... I played the map in DM mode in order not to be disturbed by monsters.. The map is an SP map, and right now there are 117 monsters.. I have to improve gameplay, add monsters, adding skill setting features, and it will be ready ;) Wait and see, be patient...
Oh ! Thanks Vondur for the console command ;) I didn't know it.
Zwiffle, thanks for the advice about the lava texture scale, I will try it this evening ;) 
Cool stuff. Are those Hexen2 textures? Some of the shots remind me of the last bit of hexen 2 (which I've just played for the first time -- slow on the uptake, me?). 
What The Other People Said. 
Looking good baby, it's obvious what to improve. P.S. There is no fog in Quake - maybe you need to update your video card drivers if you're getting strange effects like that. 
No, the textures are all coming from DKT3 pack.. As I explained 2 month ago, I started this map for the Winter Pack, but I was very late at this time (due to the birth of my last daughter :D ), then I switched to a more "personnal" project, and a much bigger one: the map is close to 32500 clipnode, and marksurface exceed 32767 max value... it is close to 33150 or something like this.... I suppose I will not be able to reduce MarkSurface value, but I guess increasing heapsize can solve the problem (you now the -heapsize field in the engine command)... I have to test this point as well.. BTW, anybody can confirm that heapsize increase (with a "big" value) is a kind of "turnaround" about MarkSurface exceedind max value? 
Sorry, but there are foggy effect possibilities with GL engine.. With FitzQuake, or aguirRe's GLQuake, just type fog in the console command, and you will get the explanations... something like fog <density> <R> <G> , with each value ranged in 0 to 1.. (BTW, my settings are fog 0.08 0 0.5 0.5), which gives a low density fog with a blue-green color.. Or maybe are you joking Shamy ?? 
looks nice. 
Shambler was making a joke about the fog, saying that you are using a "broken" form of Quake. :) 
Beta 4 
Beta 4 of my latest map is up for anyone following 
Blitz, It's Broken 
wrong LoadBrushModel: wrong version number
234124124124124 (or whatever) should be 29. 
what game should it be for? 
Half Life 2 
You Just Wait 
fuhquake'll load those too in a couple of years!
(it already loads hl maps) 
I assumed it was for Quake, as well... because you didn't mention which game it was for. On this board, everything is Quake by default. 
Yeah Sorry 
I had posted a few betas and screens before, but I forget that some people visit the board intermittently, and therefore don't know. 

P.S. Fuhquake my arse. What's wrong with just playing HL2 as HL2 and Quake as Quake...

Blitz, getting. 
Well yeah I must admit I haven't used that hl map loading feature ever...
But otherwise fuhquake is a very solid lump of code. Very little bugs. 
Is that supposed to be pronounced fuck-wake? I honestly have no idea.

(sorry, I'll post screenshots of something here later or something to make up for all my shit posts) 
Now that's the sort of room-service I would definately tip. 
I heard czg works at a hotel in Norway, Kinn. He fluffs pillows and whatnot. 
Thanks Zwiff 
I'd heard his occupation described as "fluffer" before, but I didn't actually know what the job entailed. 
So is that a no? 
I pronounce it Fuh-Quake. But you're free to pronounce it however you want it. 
I thought so, but then I began to wonder if the author didn't fancy himself clever. "Hee! they'll be saying 'fuck' and not even know it!" 
Galvanized BETA - Upcoming Quake3 DM Map 
Hey guys!
Let me introduce You my upcoming, first Quake3 DM map! It is in beta state now, I want to ask You to check it out, and to tell me your design/gameplay comments. There are lots of talented mappers here (or maybe all of them are here?!), whose style I really love (the quake-ish quake3 mapping style), and gave me so much impressions.
The level is released on lvlworld's beta section (, but if You don't want to go there here is the map:

a shot to make some taste:

Anyway, on lvl You will find more information about it.
Hope You will like it, please post any kind of advices, even major design comments!
That Looks Very Much Like 
ikka's map. 
I meant that in a good way. 
This is what should have been my map in the Lost Chapter pack.
I didn't make it to the deadline but a month ago I continued building on it.
Almost done. 
Looks good. I'm surprised you couldn't finish it given how you can usually whip up a pretty damn good map in a few hours ;) 
Is That Going To Stick With The Limit 
or be more? 
Over The Limit 
When I didn't make the deadline I just thought "To hell with the limit!"

At the moment it's around 3300 brushes. 
Thanks Nitin 
if You meant it in a good way. I didn't want tocopy his map, rather it's a big respect to him! 
make that into a sequel for the chapters:
the appendix. 
yum ^_^

"To hell with the limit!"

Too right - the limit was only relavent to the deadline/organisation of multiple maps by multiple authors. Looks like it will significantly benefit from the investment of extra time and brushes.

I would recommend setting a skybox though - with the amount of sky texture I'm seeing in the 3rd screenshot the ease of rendering would probably be worth it. 
Bah, stupid black bug. :P
early lighting test of a lil project of mine. :) 
Shambler: He he, well I like to think my bigger maps has some more heart and soul than the speedmaps. Speedmaps are ok but are only sketches for bigger maps.
The idea I had for this map just woulden't fit in the 1666 limit!
I got to 1585 brushes and had a long way to go. so I either would have to delete some of the map or just skip the Chapter pack.

Kell: Skybox! Yeah will do! I just haven't gotten around to it yet. But your right I'm sure the map will run slow on some machines without. There are some big outdoor areas that will benefit from a skybox! 
those salmon stairs are in a serious need of some water!! You could make it appear to run all the way to the sea... (behind the corner or sth... if you will use that skybox).

Otherwise it's a bit bad to say, since that is only a small part and one doesn't know how it all fits together. Maybe more contrastey sky light, so that the torches would light up the dark under-the terrace area? I assume the rock part is open-air. 
I'm looking forward to playing that map! 
here we go, 2 playtesting betas. similar, but with slight item changes and teleporter differences. as the map title says, this is a PLAYTESTING beta, so please dont complain about how it looks or anything like that. its a 1on1 quakeworld map... hf! 
Ah, So You Fixed It 
GG Fjoggs! Now stop mucking around and go and finalise your overdue tourney map. 
It's looking sweet. 
Woah, teh s3xy! 
A good start. Whether one likes Idbase or not it's a pretty neatly made map. I like the layout and the tall central room. I think you need to work on the textures and details though - the repetitive wall texture gets well boring, and it could do with some stronger designs, it's a bit boxy ATM. But the basic shape is a good start yeah.

Oh, gameplay, there is gameplay? Ummmm yeah I prefer the second one, first one is teleport heavy. Even the second could do with a lift or something, teleporters are kinda meh. Looks like it could play well, though. 
thanks for the feedback. as stated previously, im tweaking gameplay over visuals, so it will look prettier soon :) where would you put the lift in the second map (inerb15c.bsp i presume)? 
that looks very sweet

it seems the season of good quake releases has been started. Can't wait to play it. 
is working on the new Postal game, poor poor man :)NOW STICK A CAT ON YOUR COCK AND FIRE IT AT YOURSELF AND GO AWAY! 
I know it's not much at this point, but I was working on this months ago. Once I get some college app crap done I should have a few months to work on the rest. It's gonna be a 3 or 4 map episode. Or maybe 8 if I feel like it. Here's just part of the start map. After going through a "Bioscan" you'll end up boarding a big ship and can partially explore it. Then the main level loads. 
Looks cool. I would make the lighting have a bit more contrast, though. Otherwise the details and the level of detail is pretty good. 
That's A Nice Box, Phait... 
...and a good execution of Idbase.

Seriously though, good start, and good luck. 
Good Job 
Nice sense of atmosphere. 'Gold' Id base is kinda making me nostalgic for Scourge's first level. 
That's dark, even for me. 
Well, I'm on an LCD. I have my gamma set to something near what my CRT was, which was usually fine, but there may or may not be major differences between what we see. 
its really bright, actually, here 
Vid Storyboard 
I know this looks really shitty but I'm no artist. I'm working on a little intro video thing for the addon: 
1. Pan past frigate ship, seeing load/unload arm set down a crate.
2. Panning past shipping base, see dog (actually has a bit of significance) moving...
3. Entering the frigate ship corridor. Probably bigger than I drew, door will open...
4. Going through starfield/space
5. In cockpit and we see we are about to impact with ground after malfunction
6. Important plot subject: secured crate carrying unknown creature is shattered, creature apparently missing.
7. Entering unknown abandoned outpost for help
8. ?

Inbetween certain scenes will be text kinda explaining the plot, and music. 
What Addon? 
And does the addon have any substance yet? 
For My Addon 
As I mentioned earlier. I have the story mostly worked out as of now, just struggling with at title. 
It's a bit unclear -
1)first loading ship,
2)then showing shipping base,
3-4)but then showing the ship moving? Is this the ship that was loaded in scene 1? Then why were we shown scene 2 in the middle?

You could add a scene of the ship lifting off or something. 
You'll See 
But unfortunately I have to cut some corners.... this is Quake 1 afterall. I'm only interested in keeping Q1 as it is, pretty much. Which means no custom code. 
generic cutscene, mark 2 
It's Not A Cut-scene 
I know of no way to implement them anyway. 
Gibson: You want me to replace the villain with a dog? I mean nobody will know what's going on.
Homer: They will if you set up that the dog is evil. All you do is have to show him doing this. [lowers eyelids and glances around in shifty-eyed fashion] The people will suspect the dog. 
Okay So This Is A Quake Add-on Then? 
So you have new maps ready, yes? Maybe the odd new monster or weapon? 
Working On The Maps 
No new monsters/weapons.

Working on ship interior...

Will probably redo that curvy-pipe area. 
Architecture looks good, even if the pipe in the ceiling is not really good (as you said...) On the other hand, I guess you didn't work yet on lightning effects, isn't it ?? This part needs a real impovement ... 
All a work in progress. What I usually do is one element at a time, be it a room or important object (in this case the freighter ship). Then I go through with lighting and other entities. 
OK, I understand your "flow"... I (try to) do map like this as well, but I rather prefer to work on lightning effects at the same time... It gives me a better overview of what finally will be the map look...
IMHO, there is no real "universal" and "unique" mapping method, so the most important is to be consistent and to have fun ;) .. Keep it up ! 
I Maek Map 
Most of you have seen the first shot. I'm working on this during an uninspired hiatus from Doom3.

The map is called Concentric Devastation. 
looks uber-tasty :)

can't wait to see your improved zer enforcers >:} 
I bet the last screen involves some electrocution. 
Looks very promising, but I think that "q2 warehouse" textures can/should be replaced by something else, they don't quite fit the Quake theme imho. The uber-green water/slime texture also looks odd. Other than that, looks good. 
I Hate The Tex Set 
But other than that it looks ok. 
That Rock Tex 
it's the same as in lundead.wad - I'm surprised it looks that good in the shots. Maybe because it's quite dark? Anyway I felt it didn't fit the quake palette that well, having banding and spots because of being pure gray and not any brown. :) 
Yay Lun! 
I knew you would do it! Keep rocking it moon style! 
You rock !! These screenshots are really good, while I found the green slime color really ugly... Anyway, I hope this map will be released soon... ;) 
Teh Sexy! 
Don't like the rock texture at all, doesn't look right and clashes with the building texture.

Aside from that it rocks. Stecki.wad is nice. 
My Bollocks Just Came Into My Stomach 
...the tower is back now that machines and engines can handle it. I'm not so fussed about the the textures. I actually thought the rock was pretty good. The slime is bleh, but I assume it's there to facilitate the return of what's-his-name from Uzuldaroom (?) but I'm probably wrong. If I am, consider a different (and upscaled) slime tex. Coloured light for this one Lun? 
God Dammit 
I typed a whole reply and the board ate it with a sql error. Posting first to make sure it won't happen again. 
Right, Anyway, Textures 
Bleh, what had I said before?

The textures are a mash from the Reckoning expansion. The nice rock in shot 1 is from Koohoo (which is from ... hexen?) and the less nice rocks in the other shots are from Reckoning. I could easily just texture all the rock with the Koohoo tex if the other ones are that offensive.

bambuz and distrans are right - there will be some sizzling of Rangoonshinaa (from Koohoo - uzuldaroum is the DM map) at the end, but there'll be a bit of a puzzle involved in configuring the electrodes right. >D

As for the slime - is it that bad? It used to be e1m2-sky-purple which was even worse, but I don't know how else to color it.

Jago, I'm digging the grey, but you might turn out to be right - I'll see how wierd it looks once I put in brown Quake monsters. But, with most of the map built, just replacing the entire texture set won't exactly be simple ... 
That is all. 
That is all. 
lunaran, finish the map before you turn pro completely. 
yeah, some bad texturing
but whatever 
Okay, cool, well, good luck with the mapping. I can't comment on the storyboard as that stuff has no interest to me until the add-on pack it's part of is complete (like in game preview videos, I never download the "cinematic trailers" as they are just irrelevant bullshit compared to in-game trailers). But I hope it works out anyway, and yeah keep going with the maps and all. 
I could easily just texture all the rock with the Koohoo tex if the other ones are that offensive.

Yes. Yes it is. It even raped my mother.

Other than that, looks wicked Lun. Personally I like the grey texturing, although maybe a bit more of the tan textures from the 4th shot would be nice.

And as for the slime, I like the green, but maybe a slightly more vibrant shade. 
The slime looks fine to me. But I really hate fussing over the shade of a texture, so maybe that's just my general view of texture choices. 
Yes Lun 
Listen to Vondur's words. 
screenshots look excellent.

and...finish the map! 
You know, I actually like that green slime. It stands out, but then again a great big lake of poisonous slime SHOULD stand out. 
Few More Shots 
Still working on the freighter ship. The back needs work, and some detail work maybe on the rest of it. The engine glow texture I'm not entirely happy with, but I prefer to work within Quake's stock texture set, it's more challenging even if limiting.

The pipe stuff inside the ship looks fine in editor, but in-game you can see some cracks. I guess they could be there for effect, but not what I originally intended.

Awesome Phait 
Yeah, change the engine texture.
Hope there's a believable way the crates were loaded upon the ship... 
I'm still thinking of where I want to put like a loading door/bay thing, I figure from the other side, would need to remove some lights n' stuff (left side interior). 
Eh-eh !! Nice starship screenshots !! It reminds me some seventies science fiction series ... cool ! 
Loading bay doors could easily go in the floor of the area where the crates are and you can turn the pipework into an overhead gantry for the lifting gear. Lots of industry now uses suction to move objects about, including large crates, so no worries about forklift trucks or pallets (I read this argument recently about crates being in places where crates shouldn't be and it just shows how inexperienced in life some people are - )

Also, for the textures, you could manipulate some of the standard textures a bit to give a throbbing effect - look at the 'slip' textures to see a throbbing red colour. I am not saying use it but it gives the idea.

Anyway, just an idea. 
Fairly nice shots

If at all possible, try curving the pipe instead of angling it. I think it would look better. 
Curvy Pipes 
These are really tough only because the pipes sections themselves are semi-circles. Even getting things connected as they were is a bit of a problem on an angle. Like I said, appears fine in editor, but cracks are visible in-game. Ever tried to do vertical pipes that curve? Tough huh? ;-)

I like your idea about lifting gear, Mike. 
Maybe try scaling that texture up even more on the back of the engines so that you just have a solid light blue glow instead of the lines. I would also recess that blue section into the engines slightly so that you can stick a really bright light inside the rim of the engine. Might make it look more convincing. 
Looking Neat Phait 
Interesting idea and it's looking pretty good already. BTW, you need to fix the textures at the edges of the ship where the brown plates meet the techy stuff in an Unnaturally Abrupt Texture Join(tm) - a pet peeve of mine.

Anyway, keep it going.... 
Is It CZG Big Yet? 
I Like The Phallic Imagery 
Quick Flythrough 1.8 MB

I'm wondering if the light coming in from the sky might be too contrasting w/ the rest of the hangar or if it's alright. Of course, I'm still working on everything here, so there won't be a headless ship or a big gaping sky at one end. 
Very impressive... Concerning the sky, personnaly I would have used a "black with stars" texture box... Anyway, the hangar and the ship are really well made... It's a very good work... Just a question: is for a SP or DM map ?? 
maybe 3 to 4 maps, maybe 8 not sure at this point. 
It sounds to be a big project... Good luck so.. ;)
I hope to play the first maps soon.. and now go map ! :P 
It's gonna take awhile (I'm working on Father's Day stuff today first)... I'm releasing the soundtrack probably under Creative Commons or something. 
Yes, I think the light from the sky has too much contrast. I agree with JPLambert: a different sky texture would be better. If you choose one that's less bright, you can get away with having a lower light intensity from the sky.

Otherwise, it looks like the ship is well lit on the outside. 
I'll go with a grey or the purple sky maybe. I don't want to use the star sky since it's too dark, and the hangar isn't in space. 
Looks Nice 
What are the r_speeds in the hangar? 
It's not full-VIS'd yet, so it's like 2200. 
apparently, there's a not-so-subtle trend among mappers on this board... 
Quake3 Screens

Scroll to bottom of page to see neotic and scrotch's new impressive looking screenshots. 
regardless of the borked gamma, this has some kind of ut-ish solidness i quite like:

wonder what textures he's using 
And here we have the magic of not-yet-elaborate func_trains: 650kb

Unfortunately with lighting on, the trains are darker - when they should be lit :( 
remember that func_* models are always lit based on where you built it in the editor -- even if they travel around, they still are lit as if they stayed in that original spot. 
Nice ! 
Ok, so if I have a light near the train(s) it'll be lit no mater where it goes? 
Fjoggs Curvy Map 
shots from his map that he was showing editor shots of before, now with lighting and textures :

Again, it's at bottom of page. 
wanted for my lost chapters map!
If you want to do it mail:

And some new pics: 
Lostchildren ! 
I had a new brick texture on the map, but the new version isn't downloadable for the moment,
see the screebies on 
I don't know if it comes from my PC, but the screenshots links just gave me a 404 error (not found)... :(
Could you solve it please ? 
Screenshots Dont Work 
but i like idea Here, I hated th emvoie but really liked the look. 
You owe me a new pair of pants, as mine are now thoroughly drenched following a spooge explosion when I saw that second screenshot. A Quake screenshot hasn't got me so horny for a long time. 
What Sham said, 2nd shot looks pween, although I'm not to sure about the 'front brick texture'. One without the horizontal bars on it would be nicer (but that's just meh).

1st shot is nice, but seems a bit angular compared to the exterior.

ps. mailed j00 
btw, does anyone else get a warm glow from seeing the improvement of mappers over time?

Also, I'm getting '404' (well, PQ's stupid not found page) on Here's screens too.

(I apologise for my double posting today, you would have thought I'd have learned not to hit submit asap by now :) 
Yes ... 
the first screenshot is a bad shot, I change it now and the new version of the map will be aviable in 2 or 3 hours. 
Yes ... 
the first screenshot is a bad shot, I change it now and the new version of the map will be aviable in 2 or 3 hours. 
Errr I Think... 
Grindy's comments were directed to Hrim, not Here... 
this pitifull gamespy server doesn't work...
I can't upload lostchildren.pk3
sorry for repeating my self... It was an error 
I always figured I'd let the texture mandate the brush, and not get carried away with little details. Well, I have no sense of restraint:

- http://localhost/ope9/teaser/img/ss/ss6.jpg
- http://localhost/ope9/teaser/img/ss/ss7.jpg 
I get "Connection Refused" when I click the links. Is that just me or is there something wrong with the site? 
Ok, that was incredibly stupid of me... I thought I had my actual site open, but I had my LOCAL site open. Aha... shoot me kthx: 
looks marvellous!! Didn't think it's possible to make it like that in quake. (The center console
in shot 1 seems to have the screen wrap over the edge though.) :/ 
Still feelin' it out, so things need to be tweaked yet. I wish Quake had glass windows, but I'll have to do without. I just wanna get the hangar/ship area done (it's maybe 75% done), and then get on with the next couple areas for the video - which will be playable areas of course. 
looking nice so far. 
Looks good, a decent amount of detail, keep it going. 
I seem to be on track then. I was worried it might end up loooking a little gimmicky or overdone. I think back to alot of maps that aren't real detailed but still look better than id-quality, just because the textures were used so well with the right brush shapes. (I'm recalling e1m1 remix by czg/vondur) That's what's inspiring. 
Problem With D3, Sunlight, And Shadows 
So, I'm working on this D3 map, and I have this area with a windowed ceiling -- basically I want the sky to light the room, thereby casting correct/realistic/logical shadows in the room.

Seems easy enough right? Well...

Doom 3 doesn't have texture lighting or environment lighting -- so the way to get sunlight is to have spotlight set above the area and surrounded by caulk. (at least that's the best way I've found)

Except -- this is what happens:

^^^ As you can see, the entire light is inside of the giant caulk box, but still, it doesn't come out right in the game.

I've searched D3W and it seems like the only other way to get this to work is to add a few lines into EACH INDIVIDUAL MATERIAL you want to have the effect (seems like a shitty hack and extremely time consuming)

So I'm hoping someone who has more experience than I with the D3 engine can explain what is going on here, and possibly offer a solution.

Thanks guys 
^^^ Ignore The Above Post 
I figured it out!!! Woot. Everything is falling into place now -- I can feel it. In the past, this sort of thing would derail me for days, but now I'm feeling like my luck will change and everything is coming up BLITZ!! 
Very interesting ! Very nice ! Keep it up, it sounds good for the future ! 
Hmmmm...I've been doing a fair bit of sunlight in my map, and I just stick a big bastard regular light in the room, and offset the origin to somewhere behind the window. 
AFAIK you can make glas in quake using some trap_spekeshooter and trigger_once. I don't remember now how it works exactly but it is possible. The glas won't be breakable, and you can't shot thru it. 
What do you mean by 'I wish Quake had glass windows'. Do you mean textures that look like windows, or do you mean a seethrough, breakable brush? 
Seethrough, breakable and non-breakable glass. It looks pretty odd having an empty window. 
I Think 
I've seen trigger_once with its health set to a large number and its brush where you want the "window" to be. It will then bleed when you shoot it, but you can't shoot nor pass through it. I guess that if you wear down the health it becomes passable again, but I haven't checked that. 
You're asking a lot of an engine that can't do it =).

Efdm9 has the bleeding glass thing in. 
See, you are thinking moreso of a functional window. I'm more concerned with the appearance of a window. 
Not really - we know you can VIS water and certain textures to appear translucent, so... 
I think trigger_once has to have low health and has to be shoot only once by trigger_spikesooter then it behaves like clip brush but you cant' shot thru it and it doesn't bleed 
Why Not Just Use 
different textures for see-through, breakable and non-breakable glass? 
Phait - Glass 
Try this link and look at the Glass.txt file:-

It mentions 'transparent, breakable glass'.

I don't have the Hipnotic add-on so I haven't tested it. 
I do remember that glass was available in some mod - perhaps custents - but that it was rather crap. What it actually was was an invisible entity with bsp clipping that could take damage. When it was destroyed it spawned really REALLY shit looking white "shards".

Oh, and did anyone ever use that funky moving water mod someone made a while ago? I was really impressed with that actually. There was water attached to a func_train and you could swim in it as it moved around. It was better than q2 water by a long shot.

Anyone know more about that? 
Glass, Water 
i think custents had glass, but it was totally invisible. The best you could do in quake would be to make a little oriented sprite of a window pane, mostly transparent but with streaks of grey or blue (like in the cartoons) and tie that to a solid entity. Then, create some other oriented sprites of broken glass shards, and when the glass breaks, kill it and spawn a bunch of spinning shards that bounce away like gibs.

The water than is talking about was made by pox, and i remember being really impressed but never getting around to using it. He also had ladders that worked slightly better than the rubicon2 ladders, and i was meaning to steal them but never got around to it. 
Hipnotic 'glass' 
func_togglewall, toggleable solid see-through wall (essentially 'glass' but without the lame bleeding). usually used in conjunction with func_particlefield as those do not block objects.

if you're aiming for a custom engine for your map/mod, easier to find a decent glass texture (some of the ikbase ones are decent for this, or q2 ones), and give it an alpha value for transparency. 
Yeah, And... 
Anyone play that level from 1997? I think it was called "The Fly." 
there was nice idea with gravity change... 
pox mod with water and and ladders and buttons attached to lifts and all working and it was mixed with the hipnotics I think

I fooled around with it a bit 
Wait, Whoa 
moving water brushes that you can actually swim around in?? how is that possible in Q1? 
I tried to made this with func_door (i.e water depth change), ... and water became solid... :( so I guess there's a special feature there... maybe in some pack mods... who knows ? BTW I didn't see it in any Q1 map... :P 
it exploits an engine bug where .watertype is not always set properly, so qc can change its value and it will stay at that wrong value. 
and, combines with v_cshift to fake the screen blend that normally accompanies water. 
Crates In The Control Room? 
Phait: I am sure there is a perfectly good reason for having crates in that control room hmm? ;) 
Control Room? 
It's the ship's cockpit.

I took them out, actually. Still tweakin' the inside. 
omg, that sounds cool. I've always wanted to make a level that gradually floods, allowing you to swim to previously inaccesible areas. 
Pox Extras Mod

scroll to 'Extras QuakeC Mod r4'
there is d/l and good doc

be warned tho, that some features are not compatible with some new engines 
some of the stuff pox has put into that extras pack looks pretty mental - particularly the particle systems 
yeah, that is a very cool game mechanic. Quake2 had it, but i don't really like quake2's gameplay for other reasons. 
Kinn... never played Hanz's Titanic then? ^_^ 
The Changing Water Level Thing Was In Duke Nukem 3d, Too 
And Half Life 2. And Half Life. 
And Zelda III 
Check It Out, Fellas... 
I made some sweet wires behind a metal plate: 
Looks quite flat. Otherwise it's alright. 
Here's the entrance in the first map to my addon:

Might it need any improvement? I'm liking it, but thinking it could use something more. 
It looks good ! Don't change anything... 
The building looks cools, but the cliffs are a bit flat, how about adding some horizontal breaks, rather than just vertical ones (at the moment they just look like walls along the edge of crazy paving) 
looks like a diorama, the lighting is very unnatural. :( 
chess palace 
Feedback Required 
Public beta of my first QDM level is available here

The level has already gone through extensive testing (and modification) with respect to layout, brushwork, power-up mechanisms and aesthetics. Thankyou von, scampie, blackpope, blitz, biff, scraggy and inertia.

Apparently the level will never be adopted as a serious 4v4 arena because (a) it's a coagula level and (b) the layout is difficult to learn. I always thought offering massive route choice, with plenty of playable surface area, over a threatening environmental hazard would bring out the best in skilled DM players.

So, now I need to find out how (or if) this thing works as a FFA level. Specifically, I need to know how it plays. Also I need information about ammo and health placement in game. I'd really appreciate feedback on these areas. 
... I forgot to thank Apollyon for his help too. Ta! 
nice! :) 
I want your babies! 
Yah, looks ball-bouncingly good >:} 
I like the choice of textures, and also the way to access the Quad. (Was wondering what that "useless" plat was for) The layout is tough to get the grasp of, definitely... BTW, is that there only one RL in the map? I'd prefer a little more obvious placement of the RL. 
Nice screenshots ! Nice architecture ! cool lightning effects ! And just a question: what is the texture set you used ? 
And just a question: what is the texture set you used ?

c'mon, you really should know these things by now ^_~ 
I'm very sorry to seem so stupid due to my lack of knowledges.. but I was wondering to obtain at least the name of these textures, and so be able to find it later.. I recognize these textures, I already saw them others maps, and taking a look to the different textures I have on my PC, it seems I don't have this particulaer set.. So is there a noble man who could help me please ? 
you show suspicious level of ignorance....
did you ever play contract revoked? maybe lost chapters? eh eh? hint hint? 
I'm very busy for the moment with my project (you maybe saw the screenshots in this threads some weeks ago...), regardless of HL2 and Doom3 I play regurlarly, so I didn't really find time to play these two packs.. I only saw their respective screenies (which sounds goof BTW...)... In anyway, as I already asked: Is there a noble man who could help me please ? 
I only saw their respective screenies (which sounds goof BTW...) needs to be read as which sounds good... 

now go play all these packs and go map after... 
System 4 Teaser Video 
Vids are up, 1.6 MB or 8 MB small/large sizes .WMV's (Windows Media Player required): 
It's Kell's Knave texture set. 
you're mapping seems to go pretty well atm so I say stick to that and stop showing every little bit of progress you make so there's something left unseen when you're finished! 
1) remove bobbing from camera runs (cl_bob 0)

2) if you want similar texts to appear on your gamedir's demo1.dem, so it starts playing as you start the pack, you can check how it was implemented in team fortress (if you run quake -game fortress there's a big nice introduction that starts playing).
Basically the texts are textures and the camera does swift movements. With nice sound sync.

3) fucking hell how good it looks. awesome job. 
AguirRe / Vondur 
Thanks for the infos and related links ;) 
Distrans & Pulsar 
dis: show screenshots...
pulsar: looks really good... I wonder what the fps is... 
really nice cinematic stuff there - by george, you have the technique sir ^_~

I agree with cybear; don't spoil it - we get it. You're good at it. Now finish it. 
Ok I teased enough. I didn't plan on introducing any more little bits anyway.

Now, to be honest - I still feel the trailer was rushed, but I wanted to get it out of the way so I can resume work. And anyway it's just a teaser trailer, not a movie! I'll keep in mind the cl_bob stuff and that. I had actually thought about things like this, including keystroke speed - but didn't bother to look up the commands.

yeah, nice teaser, now go map 
it's important if you're going to have a wider audience for this (which i think might be reasonable)... but it's pretty good already and it's not the first concern anyway... :)

Actually, someone could make a trailer for the lost chapters too! With music. 
Really Nice Teaser... and maybe with a background music (Doomy-Gloomy like), it could be improved, but it's only my humble opinion... In anyway, release it soon ! 
The building looks cools, but the cliffs are a bit flat, how about adding some horizontal breaks, rather than just vertical ones (at the moment they just look like walls along the edge of crazy paving)

By horizontal breaks, do you mean:

See the cropping up on the right? Did you essentially mean more variation in elevation and jutting out? 
change the texture for something that looks like rock
the ID one looks like old wood or whatever

and shape looks nothing like rocks aswell 
That tex is actually named rock... I don't intend for the stuck-out bits to really be rocks, just parts of the cliff side or whatever. 
Id's Inspiration 
Maybe texas or some part of the world has rocks like that, dunno... doesn't look like northern european rocks anyway. :/
Are you dead-set on id textures? 
Ok, played your map a bit on localhost. Made even locs for it, I'm sending that to you.

I think it's very interesting and could be fun. At first I hated the void but now I'm pretty much ok with it.

There are certainly lots of places for interesting gameplay. A tad low fps near lg.

I don't like the hi-rl gimmick idea, but maybe it would work in-game, dunno. The beam is so thin that if you just shoot some rockets to it, the players will fall to the void - so it would a bit be easy to camp. Maybe it can be tested like this, I don't know if the place otherwise compensates for camping.
The low-rl was hard to find, actually found it only with spectator as did the quad button. I still haven't figured out the ra. :C

And what does a "coagula level" mean? That it's open and platformary?

It could have some interesting combat. I'll try to get it on our clan's private server and see if we can get some 2on2's or something on it.

In the future you could accompany a .txt to tell the gimmicks. (yea now it's still beta...)

I don't know if the layout is THAT hard to learn... if there's locs, it helps greatly when you can spam your own location when running around and figure if you're on the GA-path or YA-path etc.. 
RJ. As I said last night. 
Tim Elek made a series of Quake levels named "Coagula", they can be found in the pak at and a further collection of coagula maps can be found at

I eagerly await the results of some 2on2 action!

The teleporter to the RA is triggered when the Quad gate is opened; it's below the ledge opposite the GA. Double jeopardy :) A good team of four might be able to control both but it's probably not doable with two. Or you could just RJ... something I thought I'd made rather difficult, but like speedrunners... good DM players will usually find a way. 
(1) Screenie 
got the gameplay down, working on the visuals... 
ever heard of jpg and low bandwith connection? 
is a proprietary format and in the interest of my laziness i will use the format that fuhquake exports to ;p 
For Speedy And Vondur... 
WTF Is .png? 
Anyway, the screenshot looks good, keep it going. 
sham dont lie plz, it will do no good to him 
Simple And Effective 
looks simple, minimalist. Well it works, lighting behind the GL looks gay though, fix it! :) 
is that the same map you were beta-testing a couple of weeks ago? 
shambler: thanks, will do

daz: thanks, will fix

tron: yes 
png supports compression, you know. Maybe you should use it. 
Any suggestions as to how I might improve the stair aesthetics? I could give them a flat, diagonal edge instead of jutting steps, but not quite sure what tex fits just right for the side-wall of the stairs themselves. 
stairs have been made in the past... look at them 
Re: Posts 
Phait: Texturing thick stairs like those is a tough task sometimes. As you suggested, putting a flat edge on the sides will give you more options. If you do that, then you can go with either a flat texture like you have now, or a horizontal panel. Either way, you might consider making them thinner.

inertia: Way to be helpful. At least suggest a map that has similarly styled stairs. 
It's hard to tell from those shots - it seems you want advice for the bottom of the stairs. I would say make the bottom much more detailed instead of thick stairs - make the bottom of the stairs thin a little and put some wierd tech-ish detail underneath, such as pipes or just wierd equipment. 
Jpg Is A Proprietary Format 
What the hell? You must be thinking of gif. 
RPG, Zwiff 
Thanks. I think I'll go with making them thinner and smoothed, with something beneath them. 
coagula-thingy: nah, I don't know/think that voidism is such a big problem in this map - it's not like it's few small platforms in a big void but instead is fairly forgiving on mis-movement / flying around from rockets. The RA thingy seems a bit gimmicky, but has to be playtested... Might generate some interesting tactics. "If we take quad, they get ra" and timing becomes pretty important too.
Overall i'm itching to play this... :) 
k, this may do for now...

I gotta break up some of the walls yet. 
Make sure you rotate the texture on the sides of the edge brushes. 
I wasn't gonna, actually but maybe I will. Oh also to note, these aren't the latest shots of that area - the light-thing underneath the stairs as you can see isn't even connected in those shots. 
But Maybe I Will 
Yes you damn well will.

Have a think about it - would, in a futuristic enviroment, the angled edge of a stair consist of woefully inefficient slabs of random stuff butted together, or would it consist of long strong beams??

One thing people should remember even about Quake is to think what stuff is for and how it would be constructed. Stairs are stairs so make them like stairs. Same for doorways, windows, arches, roofs, gothic pillars, floating fortresses, satanic torture devices....they should all be what they are supposed to be. 
Phait; Yeah, more stuff like that.

cliffs != walls 
Sorry I'm not Kinn. :) 
Made two bats for Quake1. The first one is rather complex, 381 verts and 1076 triangles, and it looses a lot of textures on the backside.
The wings are made of just one sided triangles.

The other one is smaller, 275 verts and 750 triangles, and it has a double sided wing.
It looks as if this one has no gaps.

What causes this loss of textures, causing gaps
in the model? Every time I patch them they just reappear. 
Holy Bombs Make Holy Holes, Holy Holes Make Homeless Moles 
Have you made sure the triangles aren't present, just facing the wrong way? Sometimes the normals get flipped in the conversion process. 
Tex Rendering 
I imported the model to QMLE by *.3ds and *.dxf
Then some vertices were wrong situated and I corrected them.
In the frontside they are well , but on the top they don't seem to render. When I patch the topsite, then the frontside disappears. 
Do I Have Enough Pipes? 
The beginnings of a singleplayer map. Don't really know where it's going, however (just radiant shots for now). 
What's it do - besides vaguely "plug holes"? 
it doesn't get drawn, so when you want to save polys/lightmaps, you use it to seal up the bsp instead of a brush with a visible shader on it. 
Because RPG Is Making Me Do It. :(

Any comments and the suchlike before I release would be kindly appreciated. 
Need To 
Copy and paste that into the title bar. 
Anyway, it's off the host again for the moment, have decided to do a bit more work on it after some constructive comments. :) 
Just sneaked in with the DL.

I think I saw a much earlier version of this. It's cool. I like the style, and I like how it's big through spaciousness rather through an ass-complex layout. I.e. there's plenty of space to move but it's really easy to know where you are.

The new rockwork in the cave is really nice, natural looking. Good quad position too. I'm not usually a fan of teleporters but the set-up you've got works well.

I got a few criticisms but I will leave most of those until the next beta. The main ones are: NG is pointless, some areas are a bit uniform in height, you need clipping in some areas (esp below MH). 
SM82 Really Soon 
I finished sm32 in two weeks if I remember correctly. You had better produce something pretty special! ;)

When is CZG going to grace us with his special brand of glue, eh?*

* I don't mean spunk. 
Re: Than And Smabloid 
I don't think Shambler likes the area in the screenshot. :(

than: blah blah blah well you had me whining at you the whole time to finish the thing; whereas I have PuLSaR who only asks me once a month. Plus SM32 didn't have 191 enemies, 5 secrets, and an alleged phallic reference. 
In-editor Shot Of Apinaraivo 
This is not a a screenshot of any new map, but rather an in-editor screenshot of my Apinaraivo / Monkey Rage Q1SP. I was flying around the map in the editor and thought this looked kinda cool. 
It's Rather Not 
Um... Yeah 
um wtf

just put a triforce in your map, it'll look just as classy ;) 
Re #2333 
haha RPG, looking forward to sm82. make sure its hard. =)

couple of new reviews should be posted at my site soon as well. 
omgstairs = cool

I said so on IRC.

Stairs + bricks + arches = DAMN! 
Supposedly For Jailbreak For Q4

Scrotch makes such good looking stuff, too bad its all for jailbreak mods. 
Screenies look good, doom3-ish, nice !! I like it.. 
"Jailbreak For Q4" 
Uh ... it looks doom3ish because it's doom3. There's no q4 mods in production yet :P

I guess he's doing it in doom3 with plans to convert it when the game's out, so he's going to have to retexture it all at the least. (Especially because I can see the "notexture" squares all over that thing.) 
Sorry... I was guessibg these screenies to be preview from Q4... Anyway, they are really good IMHO... 
Lun's Right 
doom3 currently to be ported to q4 
I will have some screenshots to post but can someone tell me the command for Fitzquake that prevents my weapon (cough) from showing?

I'm sure I remember this being posted before but I can't find it. 
R_drawviewmodel X 
where X is 0 (off) or 1 (on). 
Testing some inset floor lighting... y'know, watching interior design from time to time isn't such a bad idea. 
don't tease with such graphics or i'll spontaneously combust before I can ever play that!? 
I like those two wall textures imposed together like that.

you put your finger on something to think about; what do the real architects, interior designers, and landscapers have to teach us brush pushers. 
no, it's the other way around, brusherpush have to teach THEM! Some awful floor tex.. i mean tiling decisions i saw the other day in the new massive bus terminal. And they are more expensive than bad maps! 
Well, Lets Not Get Carried Away 
the standard between real world architecture and virtual is miles apart. Even the facade of my local supermarket (I'm actually tempted to film it so you can see) could rival something as praise worthy as CZG's entrance way to the Sacred Trinity map in design.

Architects have the advantage of dealing with a world that is analog down to the Quantum level. 
CZG Map 
could rival something as praise worthy as CZG's entrance way to the Sacred Trinity

Where might I see/play that? Don't see it on his site. 
Oh My! 
Phait I love what you've done there, you've really created a sense of space! It's like a whole new room! Three words for you: FAB YOU LOUS 
It's one of his maps in Nehahra (neh2m2). 
Never played it.

Sacred Trinity 
To Quote Stewie 
Now THAT's the good stuff, yeahhh. 
Now that's a 1337 supermarket 
just a few houses down from Orson Scott Card's house, actually. 
Though, I'm Not Saying 
the facade is an extraordinary piece of work. The standards for level design and physical art are different to a degree where sophisticated technique goes unnoticed when seen on a day to day basis in the world around us, but you defininately note a set piece when it is placed in a level.

As for architectural technique, some things that they commononly do to arrange geometry I have only seen in a few realism oriented games.

With the facade, there are two stores in the shop. The Supermarket and a Ballet Studio. The supermarket which owns the parcel takes up about four fifths of the front, but by a visual trick, it is seen as centered.

The column and arches on the Supermarket side are half the width of the columns on the Ballet Studio side, so visually they even out, and the store front doesn't look ajared. 
I Should Have Something To Contribute To This... 
having a couple of years of University Architectural studies behind me but I just can't be arsed right now. 
More WIP From Scrotch 
nitin - Nice shit! I would love to see that as a D3SP! Hurry and add them crouching door imps!!! 
it migh be a while. Scortch mentioned this over at q3w :

"its built into the side of a large mountain/cliff. Im trying to make the terrain in maya, but Im not too famliar with the program so it may take a lil bit to get the hang of things before I can add that in to the map." 
a bit too monotone. 
Looks good, but those curved buttresses look a little odd to me. 
Fuck Yeah 
Looks really cool, nice to see a possible D3SP that isn't relying too much on D3's fancy gfx and actually has some DESIGN in it.

I reckon those walkways and shit could have good gameplay potential too. 
Yeah, that's it. Monotone.


Not quite as asstastic as your work, I'll give you that. 
Why Do You Need To Be A Dick? 
I was merely giving my opinion. Those shots are rather generally green in hue and I find that boring.

Oh wait, I've offended or don't agree with The Great Mr. Fribbles.

Christ. I hate you elitist fuckheads. 
Don't be a dick. 
I'm going to be controversial here and suggest that the lighting is predominantly green because it's an outdoor scene and the colour of the ambient outside lighting is, well, green. 
I Think It Also Depends 
on your monitor. I just checked on my Mac and while it's still green, I see other hues in it. Whereas on my PC's LCD, it seemed like everything was green. 
I don't mind the green in the shots, for a few reasons.

1.) It's better than black, which has been overused in Doom3 as of today imo. :D
2.) It's still alien and claustrophobic, so while it sets a completely different vibe it still retains an alien feel.
3.) It's better than some bright neon purple-pink like some faggy Quake 3 levels.

I won't say it's original lighting, but it's good imo. 
Go Frib Go! 
Green schmeen.

Mmmm beef. 
...this is sooooooo obviously a Q4 level I don't know why skrotch is even considering wasting it on D3. 
Hmm. #2360. 
good to see sacred trinity again. i still remember walking around the corner the first time and seeing that front shot aguire posted. =)

possibly one of the best Q1SP maps ever made!

one day...i might just do a review of nehahra, just for the record. would be a lot of work though of course...[just ask shambler]. 
Just make sure you use an updated engine when playing Nehahra to get rid of tech problems. 
Would There 
be an interest in me uploading a couple of more Nehahra shots? 
I need to download the packs for Nehahra again anyhow. 
Yay for pimping Nehahra aguirRe ;D your shots look a tad bright on my machine though.
By the way, your nehahra engine is pretty nice (and I never said this before, but your compilers rock, thanks). 
Yes, I noticed myself that the shots are a bit bright. They are from late 2004 and I think they got the standard gamma correction I usually make on shots. I believe it's better to see everything clearly in shots.

Especially neh2m3 suffers from the brightening and some terrible fog banding, possibly worsened by jpg distortion.

It looks better in-game where you can adjust gamma to your liking. 
I Guess 
it is safe to infer from this

(and I never said this before, but your compilers rock, thanks).

that Bal is mapping again. 
Another Nehahra Shot 
of Invein (by Iain Bruce): 
looks alien
where to get this level? 
ah. I miss those days... 
Finally found a working FP link to Invein at RetroQuake:

The map was featured on PlanetQuake:

and reviewed at TeamShambler:

The last two sites' d/l link doesn't work though. 
I Forgot 
to add that Invein is one of those Q1 maps where you might want to disable idgamma, as the textures are bright and a lot of the patterns get saturated and lost. 
thanks, bengt! 
I'm Thinking.. 
That this is about the level of detail I should stop at, else I tend to get carried away.

Lighting is thoroughly bland ATM:


(shots are numbered up through 5) 
Looks interesting, although quite confined. Not a bad thing in small amounts though. I really dig the texture set, best industrial one I've seen. 
How Close Are To Completion 

Also, what is that weapon removal console command again? I'll put a few shots of what I'm working on. 
R_drawviewmodel 0 
Phait: Screenshots are really dark, so it's hard to say, but it looks like you could stand to put some more detail in there. Go overboard if you have to!

Kaz: The shots are kinda weird, but small and cramped just how I like it. I also like the tex set, so that's cool.

Keep it up both of you. 
That Was Quick! 
thanks, Blitz. 
Room I've Worked On Tonight 
I intended it to fill out the Turtlemap, but the style of the room is very different, so it is likely to be used else where 
it looks okish oldskool, but i'd avoid making so many steps on the stairs, use func_plat or less steps... 
Yes, Definitely! 
As it is stands in screen, it is three steps for every back plane, causing a very twisted spiral in game. I was playing around with how much I could squeeze in there before going overboard, but I have a simpler arrangement for it made now. 
Phait: Well the ceiling looks fine, but most of the walls look rather plain to me.

Kaziganthe: I think that might be a little cramped, but it could be ok depending on what sort of gameplay you have there and what the rest of the map is like. I definitely agree that the lighting is too bland; it needs more contrast. And what's this? Those are colored lights?

HeadThump: I don't think I like the way the wood supports disappear into the wall in joequake0051lg.jpg. Do what you like, though. 
Yeah, I added to the walls... 
I think it's looking good, but a bit top-heavy. I don't think you should reduce the detail in the ceiling, but maybe give it some less-jazzy textures so your eye is drawn up less. I think the floor would look a lot better if you broke it up a bit, maybe with an inset area with a few steps going down. You could add a striplight on the edge of the step and then you could have some nice lighting there.

I'd like to see how this turns out, your recent shots have all been pretty interesting Phait. You do realise your door is the wrong way up, though, don't you ;) 
I Was Thinking The Same As Starbuck About The Floor 
The floor is being worked on, as I have plans for that, that fit into the level progression. The door orientation - yes, it moves up-down but hey why not.

I'll experiment a bit more with the ceiling textures. Thanks! 
yes, it moves up-down but hey why not?

because it's far more likely the player will be obstructed when trying to pass through it. 
Style over substance in all things

Sod brief obstruction, it'll look cool :p 
because it's far more likely the player will be obstructed when trying to pass through it.

A valid point, but that depends on the door speed as well. 
Opening Doors 
If two doors open sideways, each door needs only to open (say) one foot before you can go through (quick). When a door opens vertically, you have to wait for it to move the whole of your height before you can go through (annoying).

If you have two doors opening vertically (one up, one down) you still have to wait, and, as you cross the threshold, your car keys fall into the gap where the lower door moves into! 
Trust Me 
I've ran through them without getting snagged :) 
More WIP From Scrotch's D3/q4 Map 
my skybox 
That second shot is my fav, looks like a mechanical cathedral. 
But Vondur likes it rough? 
Scrotch's Map Is Ctf 
What a waste. 
We Haven't Played Lunaran Flamewar In A While ... 
It's now going to be a d3 ctf. Unless someone can convince him over at q3w to turn it ino sp.

If he hasn't even done enough work on the map that it's differentiated into so much as what GAMETYPE it's going to be why is he showing us screenshots?

Oh, that's right, the same reason he's posting a half dozen screenshots every time he adds something to his fancy green thing. 
Hi, I don't think I'll have enough time to commit to a full blown singleplayer map at this point due to real life job. The basis for this map is an outline for a Q4 mod Im working on that plays like CTF anyhow, which why I've decided to go for the CTF gameplay.

Reason I was posting alot of shots was for some feedback, I like to get peoples thoughts on what they like/dislike. Thanks for comments and don't worry I wont be posting anymore images until its done. 
The proper response to somebody being a dick to you is not to give in but to go to absurd links to piss them off. Add a railing to that shot or
another tiny light, and post a few more screens shots with each little change, that is what this forum is here for. 
Flame War! 
Lunaran VS ScrotcH

Round 1

Im not looking to flame/fight anyone. I have no reason to, I just stumbled onto this forum by accident and seen the debate over a few WIP shots I posted on another forum. Its actually the few comments I read here that got me thinking of releasing it for D3 in some form to the public, and not just a concept for my new project. I'd love to do a singleplayer design with it but I just dont have the time to commit to it. 
Terrain Blending In Quake! 
Add a railing to that shot or
another tiny light, and post a few more screens shots with each little change, that is what this forum is here for.

That reminds me, where's Friction been lately? 
lun was just shitstirring.

Personally, I really like your work. Some of the jailbreak stuff was excellent.

you shoul consider doing mpas for another gametype though, sp or dm. 
I like the skybox and the foliage. What engine is that? And where'd you get that new shambler skin? 
ScrotcH: 5 (4 extra points for using my skybox)
Lun : 0 
i just realized the shambler was made to give head. but those teeth should make things interesting too. 
I Can See The Jpg Compression 
in your skybox, speedy. it distracts me, you should make a tga version. 
I'm Afraid 
I'm nowhere near finishing the Turtle Map as of yet, but I have put some time into it this weekend. Here are a few shots from my upcoming map, 'A Shrine to Hatred.' 
I Seriously Approve... 
of any asian architecture, particularly in the quake engine. 2nd shot in particular looks tibetan. and i like the roofs in the 1st and 4th shots; maybe indic or nepali inspired? the lighting could use a little less contrast all around. (going from fullbright straight to fulldark does not seem to look too good in quake).

not sure how much i should critique lighting/texturing/layout... if you're "nowhere near finishing it". 
for the double layered roof adjoinment in the first pic(which I copied from a Bangcock coutyard pic) all of it is based on Tibetan motifs. However, I've worked the designs over so much they bare scant resemblance to their source inspirations. I just hope it becomes more cohesive as I work on it.

Yeap, the lighting is just one spotlight at this point (so it is all maximum drama in every direction). When I add some sourced lights near ground level it should look more natural. 
Well my only complaint is that if it's outside then the lighting in some of the shots is very very harsh. I don't know if any of it takes place inside, you may want to add sunlight 2 or just put in a low minlight, cuz that makes my eyes bleed. No, seriously. Ok, I really doesn't. It looks cool, so I'm waiting for that sourced ground lighting to even things up. 
I Find 
it to be a bit easier to work a sunlight 2 in after doing source lights instead of working source lights in around the sunlight 2. It may be just a personal oddity of mine, but sunlight 2 always reminded me of using gradiants in Photoshop. 
Right now I think this lighting looks pretty crappy, and the texturing isn't final either but I'm looking for suggestions to improve the lighting:


My other idea I'd rather go with was this:

But it looks sloppy. 
For the lightning improvement of the first spiral stairs style: you should remove the "flying" lights, and use 2 small lights on the stair sides (like there are already on external side of the spiral stairs)

In anyway, I really prefer the second, which ease to have good lightning effects without too much work... 
The 'floating' lights are going to be connected to the ceiling or the tower (that the stairs wrap around).

I could put spotlights on the tower (inside of stairs) but it looks bad, as some of the spotlights cover more than 1 face, and thus are wider than they normally would be. 
What light, wait and delay field values are you using ?

I guess using some "low" light value (around 50), delay value 2 (1/x� attenuation) and wait value 1 could do it properly... Did you made different tries in this zone ? 
I never use any of that stuff... confusing. 
What do you mean by confusing ? The field names I used instead of angle, mangle, etc... ? 
I recompiled almost all maps fom the abandon with new compilers and Quark 61.
They do look better now, but I'm a little concerned.
After finally recompiling untill all leaks were vanished, I'm confronted with a new HOM error. Arg...

Strange, because some HOM effects disappear with a vis level 2, although I can't get rid of the regret they aren't vised level 4. 
Tower Lighting Again... 
This is kind of what I've settle on texture wise, looks better - but I'm still open to suggestions:

Texturing And Lighting Looks Good There 
the curved walls are too flat. inset the brown rivets so the blue blocks stand out (like the strip lights are), or make some structural girders that connect the outer wall to the inner cylinder, or both. Curves look nice, but they often look even better when you break up and modify the curviness a little.

I'm also not sure about that long thin light brush that comes all the way down from the ceiling. looks odd to me. maybe it could angle off the wall at a lower height?

you asked for suggestions, you got 'em.

most importantly, trust your instincts, you needn't ask us if something looks good every time you make a change. 
Grahf yeah maybe, but maybe not 
Was Thinking Of Breaking Up Walls 
as well, but imagined what a nightmare it might turn out for BSP (or at least semi-nightmare) as theres alot of tall brushwork there that makes up the outer wall. I just made a 128x64 custom texture of the blue metal-block + brown rivet tex so I didn't have to split up the wall any further.

I like your suggestion of connecting the tower to the outer wall... I'll see how I can work that in. Thanks! 
More Of The Same (Or Mebbe Not) 
Got some Myrmidon screenies up at my spawnpoint site, at . Nothing new, really -- but I thought I'd better get some game-related content up in case scampie was looking for fat to trim ;D 
And mapping, great :D Whats new? 
Great stuff! Go idbase! 
Wow, what a beautiful base ! Very interesting ! I like all these "technics details", and the use of the ID base testures is really good !! Even if I think lightning effects could be improved just adding a little bit more contrast (i.e light too 'flat', not enough shadow here and there,... but it's my humble opinion of rookie mapper .. ;)...), this level screenshots are very good, and I'm sure this level will be fun to play ! When is it planned for release ? Keep it up, and go map ! 
Pretty nice stuff biff0r! 
cool base biff! 
Your base maps are enviably sexy as always, but weren't the last two maps from you the very same style?

I'll still play it when it's done, but I would kill to see you experiment. 
Biff: its great, nice to see some strong style and originality in the era of SPOG/CZG ripoffs and 'old skool'... except the ID base - could you use any other textures? 
He's Already Including Some From Duke 3D 
that has got to be the most beautiful idbase level i've ever seen. 
Nice Site Too, Biff 
Thanks, Guys =D 
I hope to finish it sometime before the next decade, yes. Currently it's in a state of flux, since I have been rebuilding some areas to improve VIS-friendliness and overall flow, if possible. I get too carried away with the details, and make stuff that gets too impractical (being the shallow bastard that I am), but hope to mend my ways =D

Yes Phait I am alive, and hope to get all of my current mapping projects at the gallery site, and at least be able to keep things posted that way (Thanks for the site praise, 'Thump, but I just DLed the code from -- will be tinkering with the look of it soon).

I do agree with you about the lighting JPLambert, the lighting has been rushed as I have been more interested in the brushwork and just let the lights go for the time being (not to mention a lot of the texture placement), but will certainly tweak everything soon enough.

Lun (and Speedy, I'm guessing), as usual you're right -- I had been playing with some medieval-themed stuff, but it has bled over into other projects and other games (more about that soon, if things work out). My other idbase stuff fell short of my own expectations though, and I hope Myrmidon will be what I've always wanted to build since I first tinkered with Deathmatch Maker so long ago ;D

BTW thanks a heap, Tyrann -- good to hear from a fellow BASE_EMBRACER ;D 
...the guts of this mapper. Even a hard drive meltdown hasn't stopped the vision.

HuG you biff! 
That's purdy.... 
A Little Something For Ya... 
First, my inspiration. It's a temple in Durbar Square of Kathmandu, Nepal. I've been digging this architectural style lately:

Now, my quake recreation:

Haven't decided what to do with the bottom part of the building yet, so it remains blocky for now. 
Your Quake Shots 
aren't showing up. 
.. same for me... I was insulting my PC till I saw this.. Thanks Phait ! 
In the future use Imageshack! 
imagevenue looked cool because i could upload multiple shots at a time, and they did work last night.

This any better?

I love the colors and shapes of this architecture,

quake reproduction v1:

Kingpin textures. It's a lot larger ingame than I realized in the editor. 
Nice. I'm terrified of the tiny brushwork details on those lamps though. 

lun: these are lantern models from nehahra i suspect. 
grahf: i love the textures and i love the lanterns! hope that will become a proper map ;) 
/me HUGS Distrans! 
Hay, buddy -- and thx! 
Didn't see those when you posted in #tf, but they look really neat -- and Kingpin textures, w00t! 
Yay An Ego Boost! 
Yes they are Neh lanterns. And at some point when I feel like it I intend to shift the wooden supports around a bit to make them more randomized and old-looking, right now they're just copy-pasted all the way around.

Thanks guys, now back to working on it for real. 
Interesting choice, mixing up a little urban blight with monastic order, could prove to be a potent design combo.

BTW. I've spotted several texture packs including Kingpin in this little dark corner of sunet, 
Tower Redesigned 


Still not done yet, thinking of putting some vertical lighting on the sides, and need to put a circular platform inside. 
Title Goes Here 
looks nice phait. a lot better in fact. now do the same for the outer wall. not saying you should ditch the combined texture you made, but maybe dont use it for the whole wall.

nice find headthump, spread the texture love. 
they are Neh lanterns

... oh 
PLEASE don't use minlight in any more maps... :D

your architecture suffers with that drab lighting method ! 
I used to do that too
1 room 10 screenshots
that was fun 
Dammit Phait, stop posting screenshots already. You're working on a map. We get it. 
and that tech texture on the lower part of the new tower doesn't look good when repeated that much, upper part seems like an improvment on the other hand. 
Travail Screenies At QExpo... 
Looks fantastic! :D
/me swoons
Lots of awesome looking maps at QExpo. 
It has fancy foreign level titles, it must be good!

Looks interesting tho, nice one. 
Anybody interested in giving input on a couple maps? I think I would benefit from getting some realtime suggestions and thoughts on what I've got so far, rather than just posting shots.

AIM: itsphait
Yahoo: phait_accompli

I can help you out if you need it. 
Thanks, I accepted your add on Y!Messenger but forgot to add you as well - whats your screen-name again? 
Thanks Zwiff, again.

Again if anyone else wants to take a look at the maps and offer their opinion, more than welcome, just add me and message me when you see me on:

AIM: itsphait
Yahoo: phait_accompli

Or e-mail: 
Update... the Travail site involving the final beta of disqdm1

Shambler: hehee, a small tip of the hat to the Spanish wierds. This project is full of appreciative references both in game and out. 

Homogenise the architectural style a bit.

Beef up the designs in the plainer sections.

Try to have more interesting connections between the main areas.

Round off and naturalise the terrain a bit.

There we go that's enough beta-comments, get to work. 
Shamb, Out Of Curiosity 
Did you go through the maps (from Zwiff), or are you just speaking from the shots? 
He's just giving general info. 
Cause some of that was vague. 
Errr no, that was from nothing except an instinctive estimation of what most maps need. 
I See 
Yeah I've been reworking areas here and there.
(Before: -- After: )

I'm just getting tired of spending dozens of hours on one area. It's a bit hard to let go and move on to the next area. 
Yes I'm working on the lighting. Right now I used metl's suggestion to put a light in (or near actually) the sky. But I hate that big ol' circle of light.

And I dunno why the sky looks like crap, I recall it looking better. I must not have my color depth/bits switch in my FQ shortcut correct... -bpp 32? 
Yes I'm working on the lighting. Right now I used metl's suggestion to put a light in (or near actually) the sky. But I hate that big ol' circle of light.

And I dunno why the sky looks like crap, I recall it looking better. I must not have my color depth/bits switch in my FQ shortcut correct... -bpp 32
the sky looks crap because it's a different skybox than the "old crap."

I actually like the broken shattered look of the "old crap."

The "new" cliff walls don't vary at all in height, i.e., they're all clipped off at the same height by the sky.

i think i liked the old better.

and i'm getting tired of making these comments on every single room test map you make. please trust your own instincts. 
Those HOM's Must Be WitchCraft! 
looks like a nice oldskoolish runic map, i've no complaints with that.

except, what is that texture on the "A" crossbeams right below the sky light hole? It looks really odd, like an alphamasked texture with no alpha channel. 
I fixed the sky actually, as the tops weren't actually flat - just obscured by the sky. I found the problem with the sky - my shortcut didn't have -bpp 32 in it. 

/me fucks off to somewhere where he cares.. 
it's the end map of abandon, with gravity set low so you can jump.
me a bad boy, texture stolen from prince of persia. 
RtCW Mapping Questions 
I am sure some of you have mapped for RtCW so I have some questions to all of you:

1) I have unpacked models/mapobjects from pak0.pk3 and sp_pak1.pk3 and can now load the models inside Radiant. However, some of the dirs for the objects (mapobjects/bush, mapobjects/clipboard, mapobjects/lion to name a few) only contain textures and no model file, where are they?

2) Say I added a mapobjects/bodyparts/helbody.mdc into my map as a misc/model, how can I choose which skin is used on the model? By default, hel_body1.jpg is being used, how do I make the model use lop_body1.jpg instead? 
What The Hell 
This was supposed to go into Mapping Help. 
Thats neat, although I think the texturing could use some variation along the walls, despite that I'm not fond of ikbase. 
Good Form To Those Buildings, 
huge AND claustaphobic with those, er? not sure what they are, lingering over you, it is likely to be atmospheric as well.

Phait, has a point though. To me, the original IkBase for IkSPQ5 are a more interesting set than the converted Quake Arena ones from Fatty's site. I believe those used in the pic are likely the latter.

Also, from my own screwing around, IkBase can be combined pretty well with Soc_Tec and Soc_tech converts well to the Q1 pallette given the lustre of rusted grime that predominate the design.

MMMM, ruuust. 
HeadThump, by any chance do you mean this set:

Necros, the walls and the floor needs something to break them up. Trims along the wall, and something on the floor where the supports meet it would be a very nice addition. 
In RTCW, or indeed any Q3 engine game, static mapmodels (usually .md3 format misc_models) get their faces baked into the BSP at compile time, so there's no need for the actual mesh to be distributed with the game/map unless the creators want to, just the textures and shader. The models you get are the ones that animate and the ones that have been used as part of a moving entity of some sort. It's ages since I fiddled with RTCW but the editing media for these games often includes models that aren't in the pk3's as well.

To change the textures for .mdc/.mds models you need to use .skin files, you could extract those from the pk3 file too. For static .md3 mapobjects you can use the q3map2 _remapshader directive instead to have the shader repointed at compile time. 
OMG Hordes!

Wait a minute, no monsters yet....

Yeah that looks cool, I like the fresh and funky designs. The lights on the larger buttresses look a little odd, that's all. 
those are the sext textures I mentioned.

The lights on the larger buttresses

That's the word I was hesitant to use because in the screen shot I couldn't tell if they were actually supporting anything! 
Sexy Textures 
thanks for the comments. :) the map is a little to far along to redesign anything more than gameplay at this point, but it's nice to know what people think :)

Sexy Curves 
necros doing ikbase seems like a nonsequitur to me somehow :)

I especially approve of the four light columns that are wrapped around the curved wall in the upper left quadrant of the pic. I've been playing around with nonaxial curved details like that myself a lot lately, and it's an utter headache sometimes, but the results are very rewarding. I'd be even more impressed with your brush-fu if you could extend a curve from the upper half of those columns to meet the overhanging curve above them.

Hmm, maybe that description's a bit obscure. Ahh, the tao of brush. :0 If you start off making things curvy, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.

besides that, my suggestions are:
1. break up the floor a bit, unless there's going to a be horde combat there and you want maximum player mobility. It'd look good as a split level type thang, with trims along the edge of the split (I'd split it where the curved columns touch the floor.

2. you might consider using different wall trims near the floor vs the ceiling to create a more varied "height identity." This is echoing/expanding on what Phait said.

that's my $.02. 
It Occurred To Me Recently; 
when Shambler got a bit nostalgic after replaying Scourge of Armagon, I asked myself how one might approach it in a fresh way, and here is my Hollywood answer:

Remix IkBase in desert camo tiles, set it as a base in the middle of the desert. Use Sock tech textures from the machinery sub file and Q2 reckoning consoles to feel out the details. Throw in Armagon, Scourge, nail grunts, and Preach's axemen as post apocolyptic/madmaxish rift raff for a fine base mix.

Tentative title: Armagon Ressurection,

catchy, eh? 
fuck. i was going to be releasing the damn thing soon, but those are good ideas grahf.

i think i'm going to work on the brushwork some more. :P 
Yeah. Agreed 
I see what Graf means; also, there is a riveted texture at the leftward edge of the shot that may be useful to create a v-frame trim along the large curved column edges if the texture happens to line up well with the planes involved, and if you wanted to add that sort of structual detail.

It would be a nice contrast to the vertical texture running up the columns.

My .02$. 
Some Cool UT2004 Shots 
Looks Cool 
but i only see one shot... 
Soooooooooon (well Not Really)