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Fitzquake 0.80 Released (finally!)
New in this version: map loading is 4x faster, you can change video modes without restarting, cvar control of anistropic filtering, refresh rate, and vsync, cvar control of max_edicts, r_showtris support, and a typical long list of bugfixes and optimizations.

finally indeed!
congrats, slime :> 
ahh, showtris! i'd almost given up hope on this... a lot of the other features will come in handy, too. thanks :) 
AAAAAAaaaaahhhhhhh !!! This is the good news of the day ! Thanx !! 
i use tremor but is always good to people still update there engines! good work! 
Very cool. I'm a relatively new quake player and i love your engine, it's my favorite, so it's great to see a new version come out. I like how you fixed the glitch, at least for my computers, that would cause the details to disappear from all ceiling or floor textures when i would look straight up or down. It was never a big deal, but it's nice to see it fixed. 
4x faster, this engine was already one of the quickest loaders around??

Also, those vsync, refresh rate options are excellent. More games (and engines) should let you control that individually.

2 questions : Does anistropic filtering actually do much on the quake textures? And how about that model interpolation (I know, I know I'm a broken record)? 
Damn, why metlslime, why?
Heh, I'm back to Windows then...

A new Fitzquake is more than just a reason, Fitzquake is just the best engine around in my opinion. Although there are many very useful functions added, it is still one of the most faithful engines around.
On the one hand I hate you for releasing a new version, on the other hand I love you for it. Seems like the other hand is much bigger, since it just squashed my will to stay entirely with Linux. Gonna install Windows again now! 
A Second That Broken Record 
model interpolation, click ...........
model interpolation, click ...........
model interpolation, click ...........
model interpolation, click ........... 
No SM69 to accompany the new Fitz? 
Gl_texture_anisotropy Is Very Welcome 
Having to force settings through the control panel in order to get what my video card is capable of giving for old games is such a pain in the ass (and then I have to turn them back off to play modern titles at a decent framerate).

The other features are also good. FitzQuake for President! 
anisotropic filtering: yes, i think it's visibly better.

model interpolation: in the next version, hopefully. 
as for the faster loading, this was motivated by the fact that 0.75 loaded slower than previous versions. I optimized it back down to being almost as fast as glquake for 0.80.

Thanks for the kind words, everyone. 
i look forward to testing this baby out when I get home. Congrats metlslime on seeing your baby develop, I'm sure it must feel great. 
The new r_showbboxes cvar is very useful, but it doesn't always seem to have the right position around the entity. Is this intentional? 
i believe the positioning is correct. If you noticed the off-center bboxes on ammo pickups, it's becuase small boxes are 24 on a side instead of 32, but the quakec shifts all ammo bmodel origins by 16 regardless of size.

It's also possible there's a bug. What are you seeing that seems wrong? 
I Was Only 
checking briefly in a map that I've could have used this feature a few days ago; the big soe2m5 from Tronyn's SoE pak. Using this new cvar, I could see that several ammo/health boxes were not inside the outlined bbox.

Some of them were partly inside walls and some were rather close to each other. Maybe this is actually an explanation for why I sometimes have problems picking up ammo/health boxes.

It appears as if they are slightly beside the visible object, so I have to move partly inside it to make the engine notice the collision and pick up the object.

Using this cvar, I could also verify the poor Scrag that lived its whole life inside a solid rock ... ;) 
Oh Shit Oh Shit!! 
cvar control of max_edicts

Cvar Control Of Max_edicts 
SPOOGE!!!! ....clickSPOOGE!!!! ....clickSPOOGE!!!! ....clickSPOOGE!!!! ....clickSPOOGE!!!! ....clickSPOOGE!!!! ....clickSPOOGE!!!! ....clickSPOOGE!!!! ....clickSPOOGE!!!! ....clickSPOOGE!!!! ....clickSPOOGE!!!! ....clickSPOOGE!!!! ....clickSPOOGE!!!! ....clickSPOOGE!!!!

SPOOGE!!!! ....clickSPOOGE!!!! ....clickSPOOGE!!!!
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SPOOGE!!!! ....clickv

SPOOGE!!!! ....clickSPOOGE!!!! ....clickSPOOGE!!!! 
You bastard! 
Pak Problems 
With 0.75 I got an edicts error on e3m4 and it runs now but there's an artifact around the start. I suspect my pak1.pak is corrupted. Can anyone verify the md5sum for me? I get:
aa40edd55098bbb21692597fdc2533fa *PAK1.PAK 
Potential Problem Found 
When switching from .75 to .80, if the commandline -dinput is used, the mouse becomes a dead weight. I use WinXP so -dinput is a must because XP doesn't let you disable mouse acceleration. I kind of view this as a serious bug, but if it was intentionally removed, I'll have to stay with .75 I guess. 
Try downloading this and addind it to your windows registry, works for some people:

(Here's the page where I found it just now: )

You can also try adding -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms to your quake shortcuts. 
not intentional, and in fact i never used -dinput so i didn't know what it did. I use XP and I have mouce acceleration disabled, but it's globally disabled so maybe you're saying it can't be disabled per app.

I've done research into the winAPI calls to control mouse accelleration, and i was planning on adding some sort of cvar control eventually. But i didn't know about all those command line swiches that you and frib mention, so maybe there's enough customizability already present.

Anyway, i'll investigate your bug, too. 
-dinput drastically reduces your mouse sensitivity in FQ 0.8... but this behaviour is the same as previous versions of Quake when I've tried -dinput (winquake, glquake, etc), so I don't think you've broken anything.

I've not tried -dinput in FQ 0.75 tho 
I get this error when loading a particular testmap from a batch file:

Loading fitzquake normally and then loading the map doesn't prompt the error, nor does loading a different map from the batch file.

I can send you the .bsp if you need to test it. I have no idea why it's special but I've never gotten this error before with previous fitzquakes. 
More On -dinput 
The -dinput command switch merely toggles direct input. I prefer the -dinput option to any registry hack aforementioned because any game that uses direct input has a familiar "feel" to it. This feel is pretty consistant no matter which game you are using. Its a matter of personal preference, but I found it odd that it was missing for the .80 release. 
Four Things 
many (most?) quakeworld players use -dinput and -m_smooth on the command line and additionally the 500hz usb patch for win2k/xp to get good and smooth mouse control. (you get 500hz for linux too)

This, as did the previous fitz for me, fucks up the screen when alt-tabbing - the screen is black except only a few lines of the console that are shown at the top half of the screen. That doesn't happen in other clients or quakeworld clients.

The "maps" command is very very nice! Thanks.

I don't know how easy it would be to import "standard" features from qw clients, like from fuhquake, although these are pretty minor things:
-if you type a variable name, it says what the current value of the variable is, but also what the default value is.
-You can also exec configs without having to type the .cfg in the end (this has been there for many years).
-And then there's the "impulse 4 5 8" i.e. chained impulse for weapons so you always can have the best certain kind of weapon in one button instead of having to do an alias with multiple impulses and maybe waits which spams "no weapon". is the fuhquake manual. 
The chained impulses have the preferred weapon first:
alias +shaft "impulse 8 5 4;+attack"
alias -shaft "-attack;impulse 2 1" 
That Sounds More Like A Change To The Game Code 
How does the engine know that an impulse to change weapon has "failed"/"passed" and it should/should not execute the following impulses? 
Chained Impulse 
Hmm, maybe it could be game code, but I doubt, I haven't changed my qwprogs.dat and I think it's always worked on my localhost with the new clients. :/ But I think it doesn't even have to send but one impulse to the game. Just send the one you need, based on knowing what weapons you have.

These engines btw have also if-scripting in aliases if you need, but that's useless for sp. It's mainly only used for teamsays. 
Lunaran: send me the batch file and the bsp.

Bambuz: are you alt-tabbing while running in fullscreen or windowed mode?

Kickstand: it appears to be a problem with vid_restart. A workaround is to avoid vid_restart on startup by using -width and -height to force a video mode. And then, don't change video modes after that. 
This is my command line:
fitzquake080 -width 640 -conwidth 400 +set vid_displayfrequency 85 -bpp 32 -heapsize 48000 -dinput -m_mwhook -m_smooth -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms -hipnotic -game chapters %1 %2 %3

I have geforce4 mx440 or whatsit, cheapest nvidia card from a few years back. 
Workaround ... Works 
Mouse behaviour is similar to .75 when using command lines to set resolution, depth and refreshrate. I would have found this out earlier, but I was too happy about being able to set those params in game. 
Hi Metl... 
...I won't have irc access for a few days so:

Confirming, when re-starting FQ from a desktop shortcut wherein the command line contains width, bits per pixel & heapsize info (and where the command line parameters are unchanged from previous session) the refreshrate defaults to 60 even though this was changed to 75 and applied in the previous session.

PS: I love vid_vsync 1 
My md5 is:
d76b3e5678f0b64ac74ce5e340e6a685 *PAK1.PAK 
Yeah, Implement Custom Refresh Rate 
like the much-talked
f�hrer (aka fuh) -made quakeworld client has
+set vid_displayfrequency xx
possible on the command line and it works.
It's open source...
I have to play fitz in 60hz too and it sucks. 
Did you even try 0.8?

vid_refreshrate x

Its even in the menu... 
...I don't have to play fitz in 60hz, I was responding to an enquiry from metlslime. 
Oh Sorry 
I didn't read the documentation. :(

(I assumed all this new code would fly copy-pasted back and forth through the different quake/qw clients (why reinvent the wheel?) and the commands would thus be the same.)

But I still can't get 85 hz in fitzquake.
Ok, I read above, it's related to the -dinput bug. (which I use).
You can still read from below.

If I use the menu or change it (or the bpp too) in console and put vid_restart, the game changes the frequency (or bit depth) allright, but mouse input locks up. :(

And the command line, well I read the txt and tried:
-vid_refreshrate 85
+vid_refreshrate 85
+set vid_refreshrate 85
on the command line and none of them worked, it always started up in 60hz. 
Refresh Rate Clarification: 
1. there's no -refreshrate or equivalent for fitzquake 0.80. This is an useful feature I should add in the future.

2. vid_refreshrate isn't being restored from the config.cfg file not becuase of a bug, but becuase by design, the vid settings in the config file are ignored if you use at least one of -width, -height, -bpp, -window.

3. becuase of the -dinput bug, this means that if you want to use -dinput, you have to continue to play at 60Hz (or play in a window.) 
Sorry, I just assumed that since there was a vid_refreshrate command, you could actually set the refresh rate yourself.

So what does it do - just print the current refresh rate? 
you can set it but you have to do vid_restart or something (check with tab completion) after that 
there's a cvar, but there's not a command line option. (e.g. 'vid_width' is a cvar, '-width' is a command line option) 
Cool, but you can set cvars from the command line too, can't you? 
yes, but they don't work exactly the same way. The command line video settings affect the creation of the initial fitzquake window, while vid_* cvars will only ever take effect on the next vid_restart. For people suffering from the -dinput bug, vid_restart isn't an option. 
Pasted From Another Thread: 
It would be really great if when you switched games (as in changed from the id1 folder to a mod folder) if fitzquake would tell you the maps in that folder when the "maps" command is used. At the moment, it only tells you what maps are in id1, even when the game is something else.

Actually, it should already work this way. The list should tell you all custom maps that are available, including id1 AND your game dir. Are you sure that it doesn't work that way? 
'cause remember, maps in /id1/maps can be loaded while running a mod as well as those in /mod/maps 
Oh, what do you know, they do appear. Sorry about that. The only real problem i have with fitzquake then is that i can't figure out the console command to increase the sound sampling rate. 
I really haven't added any sound system features, so fitzquake has the same features as glquake in that respect. If there's a command or variable for that in glquake, it should be in fitzquake as well. If not, then there isn't one. 
Might you implement playing CD tracks from the sounds folder at some stage in the future? 
Just Tried The R_stereo Thingy... 
immensely cool, hurt my eyes after a few minutes, but definitely a fun gimmick to play with every so often. :) 
i have it on my 'maybe' list. I think it would be cool, just a matter of finding time :) 
Thanks. I had forgotten that Quake had music and only remembered after reading a thread about it.

I have use 'another' engine just to try it out but prefer Fitzquake as my "engine of choice" 
Screenshot Idea 
It'd be neat if when you took screenshots, the filename was named after the .BSP you are taking shots in. 
Is it possible/feasible to have a 'r_showbboxes 2' so that only the bboxes within the confines of the area of visible surfaces are shown? In other words, so I can't see the bboxes of things on the other side of a solid wall.

I'm just trying to make things look a little less complicated when viewing bboxes. 
Windows 9x Only Works In 640x480x16bpp 
It seems like the new video mode switching means that users of Windows 9x/ME can only get 640x480x16bpp. This isn't just one machine as it happens on 2 of mine with ATi and nVIDIA. If you try and switch modes user Windows 9x it'll end horribly saying that the video mode can't be found.
Doing vid_describemodes shows them all as 0Hz. Manually setting the refresh rates from the console doesn't seem to get it working.
You'll have to try it to see, any ideas of a work around?

Over all, seems to be better, I just wish I could get it working properly under Windows 9x. 
Windows 9x Only Works In 640x480x16bpp 
It seems like the new video mode switching means that users of Windows 9x/ME can only get 640x480x16bpp. This isn't just one machine as it happens on 2 of mine with ATi and nVIDIA. If you try and switch modes user Windows 9x it'll end horribly saying that the video mode can't be found.
Doing vid_describemodes shows them all as 0Hz. Manually setting the refresh rates from the console doesn't seem to get it working.
You'll have to try it to see, any ideas of a work around?

Over all, seems to be better, I just wish I could get it working properly under Windows 9x. 
KVM: I don't have access to a 9x/ME box, so I can't reproduce the problem. For a workaround, you should be able to use the old functionality of setting -width -height -bpp at the command line, just like with previous versions and just like with glquake. Sorry i can't be of more help.

Mike: that should be pretty easy to add

Phait: i've thought about that. What would be even better is a way to format the filename the way you like, for example "%MAPNAME%_%DATE%_0000.tga" or something like that. Just lowere priority than other stuff. 
Metislime: Setting by -width -height -bpp doesn't work under 9x, it crashes with the same error while the console starts up.

If someone else can sonfirm that this happens then I think it means that 0.80 isn't as good for 9x as 0.75 as with 0.80 it seems like you can only use 640x480x16bpp. I will try some more things in drivers.

PS. Sorry about the double post. 
I had the same thing happening-

I'm also stuck on a 9x box for now.
I could start 0.75 just fine in any mode using -width -height -bpp, but using 0.80 I could only get it to work at 640x480x16bpp, just like you.

Then a strange thing happened-
I tried 0.80 in 300x200x16bpp, just to see what happened, and it started up okay.
Then I tried 800x600x16bpp again, and it worked!
I tried higher settings, and they worked also.

Kudos to metlslime, it looks great! 
very strange, but i'm glad you finally got it working. 
Always Mouselook? 
Is there a way to toggle mouselook to always be on? I find this to be the most enjoyable way of playing. Thanks and I've enjoyed fitzquake thus far, keep up the good work! 
type it in the console. It should be saved across sessions. 
I guess there is also a the possibility to add it in your config.cfg or quake.rc file (I don't know exactly where...) in order to enable it each time your start Quake, and avoid annoying console use each time.. 
fitzquake automatically saves "+mlook" to your config.cfg. But other engines do not, so for them you have to add it to autoexec.cfg or whatever. 
Thanks for the tips ;) 
...are we going to see 0.85 anytime soon? 
Thanks for the help guys (girls?) ;-) 
Did you ever see girls playing FPS ?? There is too much violence there ! Please, be serious... 
I've seen girls making FPS games, so I would logically expect some play them too. 
Oh Yes... 
I saw this photo with these women working for Q4 development... sorry... In anyway, I don't know any girl who currently play FPS... They generally don't understand why we play so violent games :P 
Girls 'n' Games 
Big daughter taught me how to jump over Ogre's grenades in the days before I learned to use the mouse, and she finished Quake before I did, which is why I started For My Babies.

And as for not liking violence - they are both avid football fans and one of them is a season ticket holder for an English Premier side club(notice I do not say which one!) Oh, the shame of it. 
He He... 
.. you found a rare jewel !! 
Before she discovered Boyz, my niece was a very fine speed runner. I tried to get her too promo a demo run at SDA but she was too shy to do it. But, adolescence, and that satanic Age of Empires took my little Quaker away from me. 
Shame On You.... 
.. you shouldn't let go away your rare jewel !!! 
short of not inventing a time machine, a stasis chamber, and a chemical harmone inhibiter that prevents girls from turning ditzy at the age of thirteen, I don't see how it is my fault. 
It is not your fault.. it's teenagers in general

I also have to agree it's sometimes very difficult to keep girls to go away when they decided to... *sigh*... 
One Small Feature Request 
When pressing tab for autocomplete, how about pressing it again to cycle through the list of returned entries?

I am always typing no.. for notarget and getting noclip and having to delete clip and at a t. The same thing happens when dealing with r_show/draw type commands. I suck, fair enough, but it would be a nice feature to add, no? 
FTEQW is awesome in that particular function. 
Feature Request 
Since Than started this recently, I'm gonna stick my oar in too:

Liquid Textures And Wateralpha

Pardon me if this has already been consdiered or I'm ignorant of some engine limitation, but I hereby submit a useful feature request:

*lava~ and *teleport ( and, if you're feeling charitable, *starfluid :P ) are always rendered opaque, irrespective of r_wateralpha value.

*slime~, *water~ and *~ are affected by the r_wateralpha command as normal.

Additionally, would it be possible to have the key "r_wateralpha" or "_wateralpha" or "wateralpha" read from the worldspawn, in the same way as "sky" and "fog"? That way, the wateralpha will be as the mapper intends when a map is loaded, though the player can still change it via the console if they prefer, again as with sky and fog. 
Tab Cycling 
Doesn't fitzquake already do this? When I type "no" and then press tab multiple times, it cycles through all the commands that begin with no. Unless I've misunderstood what you're requesting... 
yes, fitzquake already has tab cycling.

no, *lava and *teleport are inluenced by r_wateralpha just as any other liquid (if the map was compiled to support transparent water, that is). 
than: it should already cycle, unless there's a bug. You can also do shift-tab to cycle the other direction.

kell: that specific implementation would be sort of hacky, but not hugely difficult, however, i'm worried about all the exceptions that i might need to make down the line for various maps where 1. water texture names are nonstandard, 2. mappers intended lava or teleport to be transparent for effect. There's no way to consistently know the intent of mappers in this case, as existing maps were built assuming all liquids were opaque or all liquids were transparent. This is the sort of hack, incidentally, that people get so mad at other engines for -- a "feature" that assumes too much about the content.

A worldspawn key sounds pretty good, though. 
ok, nevermind my post. i misunderstood what you meant... 
If I Could Make A Suggestion: 
about the wateralpha key, can you make that seperate from the cvar wateralpha?

ie: your cvar for wateralpha is set to 1 (for opaque) but you load a map with 0.3 set in the worldspawn. that map has it set to 0.3, but when you load another map that doesn't have any key in the worldspawn, have it set back to the default cvar value.

is this possible? 
1. water texture names are nonstandard

You mean anything other than *water~ ? Doesn't matter, anything other than *lava and *teleport would be the same as it is now: affected by r_wateralpha.

2. mappers intended lava or teleport to be transparent for effect

Well *teleport isn't a problem, since a mapper can always use any texture they want for their teleporters and just give it a name other than *teleport.

Lava is an issue because *lava also has the hardcoded hazard effects. So, yes, if a mapper wanted a lava hazard but also wanted the texture to be rendered translucent they'd be shit outta luck.
But I don't think that's a major drawback because the number of maps I've encountered where the mapper intended translucent *lava ( or, for that matter, translucent *teleport ) I can count on the fingers of no hands.

Conversely, there are plenty of maps where translucent lava and/or teleporters looks cack and can make features harder to see.

A worldspawn key sounds pretty good, though.

Why don't you just bind keys:-

bind "a" "r_showtris 2"
bind "b" "r_showbboxes 1"
bind "c" "r_drawflat 0"
bind "d" "r_drawflat 1"
bind "f" "r_fullbright 1"
bind "g" "god"
bind "j" "r_drawviewmodel 0"
bind "m" "r_drawviewmodel 1"
bind "n" "noclip"
bind "o" "r_fullbright 0"
bind "t" "notarget"
bind "v" "r_showbboxes 0"
bind "z" "r_showtris 0"

or such like? 
alias m "exec mapdev.cfg"
and put those above in the mapdev.cfg config.

then just type m in the console when mapdevving. 
didn't realise it worked already. I am sure I tried and it didn't work. Guess I will try again and if it doesn't work, then it must be a bug. 
try using the commands "toggle" and "cycle" to reduce the number of keys you have to bind.

bind r "toggle r_speeds"
bind f "toggle r_fullbright" 
You Learn Something New Everyday... 
Thanks metlslime. 
kell: i'm primarily talking about breaking old maps, in which case the mapper already chose the texture names.

necros: I'd want to keep it seperate from the cvar, but on the other hand, the player could want to override it the alpha during play, and in that case suddenly the cvar has to be able to cancel out the worldspawn key. 
did you ever get the second email I sent when you were on vacation ? 
yeah... i just haven't done any fitzquake stuff since then. 
just wondering 
A Bit Late Here, But... 
How about having textures always render opaquely if they are prefixed with _forceopaque (or whatever)? That way you get control over teleport transparency without messing about with r_wateralpha at all.

You could even pass transparency values in the texture name (_opacity100), although that has the downside of potentially requiring a map to be played in FitzQuake x.xx to appear as intended. 
Oh I Meant Suffixed, Actually 
But whatever. 
Feature Suggestions 
-disabled screensaver and windows-key(s)
-model interpolation
-cosmetic: better crosshair(s) and I have always liked the v_models for projectiles in Tomazquake 
Bigish(?) Feature Request 
From the Masque of the Red Death thread:

Aguire: It won't run in any engine that doesn't use a modified Q1 protocol. It's not the amount of entities as such, it's the amount of unique models that are >256. But even if that was fixed you'll need bigger packets as well, otherwise you'll just end up with SZ_GetSpace errors and massive packet overflows. And there are other limits that need to be extended too ...

So, is it possible more limits could get bumped up in Fitzquake? Fitzquake is the only super-prime Quake engine available, and I want to be able to play all maps - even stupidly huge ones with it. My currently in development map may possibly also require such limits to be extended*, but I don't know yet. I don't want to have to run it in a regular GL engine with crap waterwarp and no overbrights.

There are other good maps that have errors (but run) in FQ. I think Marcher has some minor issues in the massive combats near the end, and there are some errors at the start of moonlite before business as usual.

*it's not a huge horde map in case you are wondering. 
Fluid Screen Tint Colour... 
I was just wondering if it would be possible to implement screen tint that is based on the average colour of a texture rather than the type of liquid. This is so that if you have blood, custard or whatever as water in your map, it will look more natural when underwater.

This could be a cvar, or worldspawn option. 
it's a decent idea. 
does fitz have capaibility to play mp3 music ?

My quake cd is getting old and in case it gets scratched beyond repair, I was wondering of an alternative.

Even if mp3 support is there, is it possible to load the mp3s automatically if they are named track02.mp3 etc ? 
i've had that on my list for a while. Someone said i should support oggs instead, becuase of patents or the GPL or something like that. Anyway, I haven't looked into it, but I ought to support some way of playing music off of the hard drive (either original tracks or replacement tracks that come with a mod.) 
same code as ezquake or fteqw was nice :) source is avaible for both clients to take a look! 
cool, just thought I'd check 
What Does Neh Use? 
Nehahra has it's own music, doesn't it? Maybe you should implement whatever they use?

I comepletely agree on this one. My Quake cd is in mint condition, but I don't carry it about with me wherever I go so I tend not to have it to hand. I didn't bother to bring it to Japan, for instance. I do, however, have all the tracks ripped on my hdd :)

By the way, have you given any thought to having a different (or additional) protocol, such as the one used by Aguire's mappers GLQuake engine? 
Quake Music 
Another vote for .wav and .ogg support in FitzQuake. If you do it, please use the same file naming system as used in Darkplaces, this will establish compatibility between engines. 
Screenshot Taking In Fitz... 
can we either have an option to toggle "wrote fitz0003.tga" or just have it print to the console.

Basically just so we don't get text in the corner of nice screenshots and don't have to wait if we want to take another shot after having just taken one.

Only a minor thing of course, but it would be nice.

Maybe there is already a command to disable printing messages to the screen and I didn't bother to find it :) .... 
You could try "con_notifytime 0", that disables the display of all messages there. A screenshot alias might look like this then (I haven't tested it): bind s "con_notifytime 0;screenshot;con_notifytime 3" (if 3 is the default) 
Fluid Screen Tint Colour... 
screen tint that is based on the average colour of a texture rather than the type of liquid.

Yeah, I've considered this one too, along with the wateralpha feature suggested earlier.

However, I've also considered an alternative to the 'average color' mechanism.

Use the color of only the first pixel of the liquid texture i.e. the pixel in the top left corner.

Why? The average method produces...well, an average, which may not actually be a representation of the overall liquid feature. It could be too bright or, more likely, too dark. Remember, liquid textures look bright because they are rendered fullbright. Whatever color is used for underwater screen tint will become darker because it is being blended with whatever else is in view. So a lava texture may appear scorchingly bright as the surface, but the average color produced from it may result in a submerged screen tint of only a muddy orange.

Using the first-pixel method would allow for the brightest color on the image to be selected as the screen tint. Any liquid texture could be modified by shifting the image across the canvas so the desired pixel was located at the upper left. This wouldn't make any difference to the appearance of the texture in-game, because liquid textures by neccessity are not affected by texture alignment.
A few variants of the same liquid texture could even be made, shifted about to place a different pixel from the same image in the top left corner and therefore each variant would result in a slightly different color of screen tint. 
slightly easier to code, and faster too ;) 
Before you get carried away, the "average color" idea isn't going to happen like that anyway, because there could be water volumes with multiple textures on their boundary, or volumes with none at all. I think if it was going to happen it would be RGB numbers that the level designer typed in (like the fog in the worldspawn.)

Oh, and liquid textures ARE affected by alignment -- at least in winquake. I can't remember if they are in fitzquake or glquake. 
-m_smooth sucks. It smooths the mouse without latency (m_filter 1 is famous for it's latency) at the cost of accuracy :(

Oh and impulse x y z requires no mod to the game code - your client is sent your .items and .ammo_blah information for the HUD. It's this info that impulse x y z uses to determine which impulse to send. 
Feature Request: 
(Is this the right thread for it?)

I often look into my /maps folder, pick some map, mark it, press F2 and Ctrl+C. This way I get the filename into my clipboard. Then I load up Fitzquake and type "map" followed by Ctrl+C and Enter. Well, Fitzquake tries to load mapname.bsp.bsp then.

Would it be possible that Fitzquake automatically recognises such .bsp extensions? Some other engines do it. 
Cross Platform Availability 
I know this is probably wishful thinking, but would it be possible to make fitzquake available for other platforms than windows? 
Doesn't Fitz have a "maps" command that'll list maps? My memory is failing me at the moment and I don't believe I have Q1 installed. 
It would be a nontrivial amount of work, but I do appreciate that it would be "nifty." I think the best approach would be to port it to SDL. Since my girlfriend's G4 is now in the apartment, it's at least possible that I could do it and then verify that it really works. But this wouldn't happen anytime soon.

Spirit: i could probably do that, yeah. But try the "maps" command, like phait said. 
I Guess You Got Me Wrong 
I know the "maps" command (which is pretty useless without being able to use wildcards like sm123* or blahsp* for example, because with hundreds of maps you need to scroll so much and scrolling is slow).

My request was not about finding a map ingame though. I just don't like typing complicated mapnames by hand and thus try to copy and paste them. If there were a map browser like in Joequake for example or mouse support for copy&paste in the console that would be incredible.
Quite not in Fitzquake's "realms" though I guess. Fitzquake's changes are subtle and that is great! Just sharing my ideas ;) 
NAT Tweak 
I didn't know of the existence of this thread, but if possible, it would be nice in a future release if there were an NAT fix in it.

It could be borrowed out of the ProQuake source:

or out of Darkplaces. 
Unauthorised Fiddling With Fitz... 
Having just got that visual c++ express thing to work, I had a little bash at getting fitzquake to compile, and then once I got that to work, I turned my eyes towards fiddling. First thing I tried was the model interpolation tutorial from QER(

Fitzquake does the model drawing code a little different from standard GLQuake, so it took a bit of hacking to get it to work. Technical bit: Fitzquake eliminates the need for a variable called int lastposenum in the model drawing section, but the model interpolation code expects it and adds another one called lastposenum0. So I just added them back in, which isn't neat, but works...
It looks kinda pretty. r_int_animation and r_int_transform control the effect, default to on.

The other thing I messed about with was monster clip, people keep asking for it in their maps. Now, it would be a bit of a daunting task to put it BSP side, you'd need altered compilers and engines, and trying to do all this while keeping things compatible. So I went down the slightly easier route of adding a flag so monsterclip entities could be added.
Set this flag on an entity and it will only collide with entities that have FL_MONSTER set. This does exclude the world, so grenades with FL_MONSTERCLIP will fly through walls etc, it's intended for use with BSP ents.

The mod and map included demonstrate the idea. Walk through the big block of concrete in the middle of the map, it won't stop you, only the ogre. Won't stop his grenades either, beware. The block is visible for demonstration purposes, in a proper map you'd probably uncomment the line in the mod's code that hides the model. In theory you wouldn't even need a custom mod to achieve this, there's some kind of progs hack to make an invisble, solid BSP model right?

So yeah, take a look if you like, stuff can be found: 
on the topic of getting it to compile, I tried to help Lunaran compile it with express edition a few weeks ago and there were three or four hurdles we had to get over. How was your experience?

I think some of the problems we encountered could be solved by fixing the project settings, but on top of that, maybe I should include an explanation of getting it to compile for the first time.

On the topic of monsterclip, this is cool but I don't think it's very necessary -- you can stop most monsters by putting grates or gaps in the floor, since monster AI uses the visible hull for pathfinding. Stopping scrags is another matter, but I suppose you could just clip them in place as long as they are located where the player can never go. 
Hurdles For Compiling 
Yeah, it took a bit of doing. First problem was getting all the windows SDK stuff, but that's a well documented thing for express, and it'll only catch you out first time you run the thing.

Then I decided I needed the whole directx SDK as well because I was missing one of the libraries there - dxguid.lib. So I installed all that, but later found the file that was being called comes with the original q1source, but not with the fitz source. So I don't think that's required after all, but can't be sure.

There was one problem I felt kinda uncomfortable with the fix I resorted to. It kept throwing up some error about errno being redefined or something in net_wins.c, so I renamed the variable, but I'm not sure that's the best thing to do.

Then, once all the libraries were in place, it got as far as the linking stage, although the gas2masm thing caused errors you could ignore earlier in the compile. It turned out this was because the gas2masm thing was entirely missing, and I had trouble building it from inside the fitzquake directory. In the end I installed the original quake source into a seperate directory, build just gas2masm there, then copied the exe over to the fitz directory. Also at some point along the way I grabbed masm32 and added all its directories to the express build lists.

I think this was all it took, but I'm really going from memory on this, there could have been a few more tweaks here and there. Most things went quite well as it happened, like converting the project from whatever format it was to vc2005 kept all the important information, like the source directories and stuff. 
On the topic of monsterclip, this is cool but I don't think it's very necessary
that would be useful if you wanted to make a monster bigger than the shambler size-- just monsterclip all the surrounding walls by the extra amount of size and they wouldn't have any problem clipping into walls then. :) 
I Attempted To Add The Phoenix Code 
to the Fitz code base once, but gave up when I realized it wasn't going to be a simple cut and paste job. My hat is off to you, Preach. You made the sexiest renderer even more sexy. 
Nice job preach. Think I'll be using this regularly =) 
Chase_active "1" Problem / Bug 
Other Bugs 
Yeah, hadn't caught that one, although it's not the only problem with the release. Turning r_shadows on will crash the program. This is probably because I neglected to change the shadow code for interpolation. I figured that it would still run, just not smoothly. Clearly not the case....

At some point I will get round to fixing these things, for now you'll just have to stick with the official fitz for sensible purposes. It has reminded me to make the source available though...
Contains only the files that were modified from the fitzquake080 source, so you'll need a copy of that too. Enjoy. 
wait, did you mean that bug is in the actual fitzquake, or in Preach's version of it? 
I found the bug in actual fitzquake. I do not have Preach's version installed. 
okay, just checking 
I think I've managed to fix the Fitz player skin issue, let me know if you need info. 
a few .tga texture questions in fitzquake:

how do you name liquid textures so they turn up in fitz? The standard *water --> #water doesn't seem to work.

does fitz support fullbrights in tga's? The standard light.tga and light_luma.tga system doesn't seem to work.

also, if you save .tga's from some programs, they appear upside-down in the engine. It's a known problem, and there's a bit of code floating around that fixes it. All that said, the implementation of tga textures is good for normal textures, so good job on that. 
aguirre: please send me the info. I couldn't reproduce it, actually.

starbuck: i actually don't think fitzquake can replace water textures currently. What's the standard way in other engines? # instead of *?

fitzquake has partially coded support for _luma files. The only problem is that all luma files in existence assume additive blending, and fitzquake currently does fullbrights using alpha blending. I will need to change this before _luma support can work.

regarding the upside-down tga bug, this has confused me in the past. Can you email me what info you have about which programs cause it, and where i can find the code that fixes it?

OK, I'll send the changed src. To reproduce, load the start map with the -listen 16 option, change max_edicts to 4096, enable chase_active and restart the map. The player should now look a bit weird.

If you wish, take a look at the image loading code in my engines, Several of the above issues (and others) are fixed. 
are various ways to save tga:s, normal and inverted somehow. I don't know if there's a tag for it in the format. 
Am I the only one who can not run this engine? I have Win XP and GeForce 4 MX videocard. What exactly do I need to play GL quake or Fitzquake? Compatible graphical card? Some special dlls? Thank you!

PS:I want to run Fitzquake cause it is recomm. engine for GREAT Quoth mod which does not run well with JoeQuake. 
It Is Likely 
that your video board drivers have not been installed. If you don't have a disk that came with the card, it's pretty easy to find the software on Nvidia's site.

It is a bit odd that it doesn't work at all. If you have the opengl .dll and .lib files installed on your machine, it should be able to run in emulation even without the card. 
Fitz On GeForce 2 Here 
FitzQuake works fine on my GeForce2.

If even GLQuake isn't working, something isn't right for sure. 
Opengl.dll In /quake/ Dir 
Don't you need to delete opengl.dll from your /quake/ dir or something? 
What Rpg Said 
if you have any files called opengl32.dll or opengl.dll in your quake directory, get rid of them. 
Thank You! 
I thought I have some dlls missing but there was one dll in addition. I removed it and everything works ok! Thank you for advice, it would be the last thing I would trust will work. 
Quake Error 
'Couldn't set fullscreen DIB mode'

Haven't changed anything to do with graphics card, drivers, or start-up batch files for Fitzquake 0.80. It's a map in progress and all I did was moved some brushes around. Worked last night, stopped working this morning.

Any suggestions? 
What is the console command for disabling vertical auto-aiming please? 
Sv_aim 0 
Sv_aim 0 
Oh Goddammit 
Mike Woodham 
ATI, eh? :D
I'm getting that error very often. Sometimes it seems to be some other program "reserving" some DIB (whatever that is) mode. Shareaza for example, and I think Winamp too. Sometimes it's something else. I always just close all windows and programs and then it works. Or I just try it 2-3 times. Weird error that is. 
I Do Believe 
it is actually sv_aim "1". if it's set to 0, it will be full autoaim. 
DIB = Device Independent Bitmap 
Spirit, you're right, it seems to be an ATI thing. It just appeared for the first time on my ATI Radeon 9700 Pro since upgrading the graphics board about 3 years ago!

I re-booted and it went away.

I had been watching some dodgy vidoes late at night after finishing mapping, so maybe one of the viewers that I was using changed something?

Anyway, not a FitzQ problem thank goodness. I'll finish the map. 
Maybe It Is A Fitzquake Problem 
Dunno really. On the one hand I am sure it's another of ATI's wonderful "features" but on the other hand I have not got that error anywhere else. Only Fitzquake does it. 
Console Questions 
How do I increase the size of the buffer used for the console. If I enter a command that outputs a lot of data (e.g. edicts) it runs out of space and half the output is lost.

Also, after scrolling up with pageup, how do I get straight back down to the bottom of the data? pressing end doesn't seem to do anything. 
Also isn't there a -consize option? I'm wrong on this I think... 
try sv_aim -1 for some fun. you can shoot things behind you! 
Stupid Glide2x.dll.... 
ok, i get this missing glide2x and i put it in(courtesey of dlldownloads) and it just screws it up worse! help me out here? 
simply delete opengl32.dll from your quake directory 
If I type 'color' at the console I get response that 'color = 0 0' and 'color (0-13) [0-13]'

Can you tell me what this command is for and how it is used? I've looked through the readme but am none the wiser. 
Player Colour 
Isn't it just a way to change the player colour ranges you're using for shirt and pants? 
Should Be 
Player's colors. color <shirt> <pants> 
Okee Dokee 
just got some kind of strange error,

Something along the lines of "Couldn't set fullscreen DIB mode"

also, and i think this is related, every so often, FQ will ignore my config.cfg video setting of 100hz, and will set it to 43hz (which also causes the screen to look odd, because i don't think it was really made to display 1280x1024 @ 43 hz...)

anyway, something to look into for the next version, i suppose as it's mildly annoying for me as i'm starting and restarting FQ quite often to test stuff out and see the problem fairly often (i'd say it happens 1 time out of 5 or 6). 
looking above, i see that the problem was already reported...

so did anyone find out why this happens? i had a few applications open at the time the error popped up, mozilla, some explorer windows, foobar, msn messenger, a couple of dos boxes, gtkr and a couple of textpad.exe windows...

did anyone know if it's related to the wonky refreshrate setting? 
they probably are related, though i don't know what's causing it. "Couldn't set fullscreen DIB mode" means the video mode it's trying to set doesn't exist, usually. As to why it thinks that mode exists, I don't know. And video mode includes color depth, resolution, and refresh rate, so the 43 Hz thing could be because it thinks that's the default refresh rate for the resolution you requested.

And finally, if i recall correctly, there is a bug with refresh rate not working from the command line.

Sorry to say that I haven't done much with fitzquake this year; I'd done about a month's worth of work on it in december and then my hard drive failed. Since then I have been too busy to pick it back up. 
i actually have the refresh rate set in the autoexec.cfg.

vid_refreshrate 100
host_maxfps 100

stuck those lines in at the bottom of my autoexec, but it doesn't seem to be any different from setting the settings via the command line (like you said). 
you could try vid_describemodes or whatever the command is to see a list of supported modes. It's possible the one you're requesting isn't in that list. 
I Checked, 
but i knew already that 1280x1024 32bit at 100hz was supported (i use it in windows).

i guess it's just the bug. i suppose i could just make an alias to switch res and refreshrate and just press it when it messes up. :X

eagerly awaiting the next version! :P~~

btw, i'm on an ati x850 card, if that helps at all... (current drivers etc etc) 
ATI Sucks 
I have those messages often too. ATI Radeon 9600xt. I never found out what really caused it. I think I made a post about it earlier (maybe somewhere in this thread?). Sometimes it was connected to a program sitting in the systray. 
"Couldn't Set Fullscreen DIB Mode" 
According to everything I've ever been told, this is almost always when the refresh rate is not supported by the monitor, typically flat screen displays that only support 60 Hz.

The Qrack engine had this problem nearly constantly and the issue was resolved by defaulting to 60 Hz refresh rate like DarkPlaces does. 
It is also a "feature" by ATI drivers. 
Cpl Of ?s For Metlslime... 
Are there any other libraries needed to build Fitz? (all I have is VC++ Standard) And...
Do you know if the Vertex Lighting tut @ is compatible with your source since you've already made changes to how models are lit? 
First, check out this thread about building fitzquake; it should address most of the problems you are having or will have building it:

Second, i don't know which tutorial you're talking about... got a URL? 
Probably This One 
Thanks for the link, I'll check it out... And here's the tut
Tremor is the only Q1 engine that uses it as far as I know of. It's subtle but a nice effect without going per-pixel. I'm just not sure if your overbright code would interfere. 
I think this would work, but you might have to do a little bit of reading and adapting rather than just pasting code in. I have color lighting instead of greyscale, so that's one difference. Overbright shouldn't pose a problem. 
FitzQuake Code 
I don't really have interesting to say, but FitzQuake has been one of the engines that I most study for understanding how different changes are implemented and just wanted to say thanks for all the work you put into it.

I've been comparing the incremental changes between the various versions a lot lately, in particular the texture manager which I very much like. 
thanks :)

how's your engine thing going? 
Very well. Someday in the distant future, I'll have something interesting to release. ;) 
Mr Metlslime 
This isnt only directed at you, but I'd imagine anyone out there who programs Quake engines - fog isnt supported in demo playback!

Well, I'd imagine it maybe is if the "fog" key is in the worldspawn (?) - but In my new level there are some trigger_multiples which target two info_commands (quoth entity), each:
"classname" "info_command"
"message" "fog # # # #"
One turns fog on, the other turns it off.
I think this effect is great, but it only works in-game and not in demo playback...

(not a niggle, just a 'discovery' :-) 
the ideal way to do it is to have a SVC code for changing fog built into the network protocol, and have the quakec send that SVC message. And actually, fitzquake does, but i never documented it. (I was going to wait for "The Quake Standards Group" to get back to me with approval of the SVC numbers I wanted to use, but they never got back to me. That was like 4 years ago. So I guess there's not going to be any standard.)

But anyway, i'll look into info_command hacks and demo playback. But what's weird is the background flash when you pick up items works during demo playback, and I believe that's done the same way (quakec using the "stuffcmd" feature) 
Question: Did you record the demo before you added the trigger_command to the map? Demos load the entities they were recorded with, not the entities in the map. So if you hadn't added the fog trigger when recording it shouldn't come up in playback. 
I recorded demos since the triggers/info_commands were added!
Download the map and Mikko's demo and see! 
I Believe This 
is because the Quoth commands are executed with localcmd instead of stuffcmd. The former only executes on thr server and is never sent to the client, which means that it's not recorded in the demo.

For a local area fog command (or wateralpha or similar), it'll produce strange effects since this should depend on a particular client's position and then is seems more appropriate to use stuffcmd.

Ammo pickups use stuffcmd, therefore they work properly in demos.

I don't know why Quoth uses localcmd for this really, maybe some other command requires that. 
That's been the behavior since hipnotic I think, although it's going to change in the next version of Quoth. Everyone seems to use commands that are intended for stuffcmd, so the info_command is going to be fixed to cycle through every client and use stuffcmd. This will also ensure that commands work in coop for any player other than the server. New entities like info_command_server and trigger_command have been introduced; the former to replicate the behaviour of the old entity with localcmd and the latter to create a trigger that only sends commands to the player that touches it. In single player you won't notice the difference between the old and new info_command.

You might jump in and say that's going to wreck Ricky's map in coop, but it's only highlighting the problem that's there. At the moment, every time somebody descends to the lower level, the player running a listen server will see fog, but nobody else will, and it'll turn off every time someone goes back up. This is why the new trigger_command is being added, to provide a correct way to make such things work in coop. 
That's What I Meant 
with strange effects; you shouldn't send any fog commands to all clients (nor the server), only to the client that's actually in the fog area.

Maybe other commands would require different behaviour but not this. 
i misunderstood what localcmd did.

i used localcmd because i thought it would execute on the server so that all players connected would get the effect. thing is, i forgot cheats actually DO work in COOP, but the idea was that if you wanted to use godmode or sv_gravity xxx or something in your info_command. 
Yeah, something like sv_gravity would work correctly with the old info_command, because the physics is done on the server side(godmode wouldn't). It's also the only way that you could do such a command, a client executing sv_gravity does nothing if they're connected to a remote server. sv_gravity is the kind of thing the new info_command_server is for. For strict backwards compatibility the way to do it would be to leave info_command using localcmd, and create a new info_command_client that sends stuffcmd to every connected client. But it seemed to me that pretty much every existing map is using info_command to send client commands, so changing it that way round made less sense. It's not set in stone yet, if people feel strongly about it. 
Backwards Compatibility 
First of, I am allergic to programming in any kind of C language, so I speak purely from a mapping POV:

If I made a map in the past that fog didnt work in then I'm not bothered if it still doesnt work. I'd rather have full functionallity of maps in their original state, but have new entities for new maps which allow better functionality.

On the other hand:

If old quoth maps will work under quoth2 progs (?) and you CAN re-program the info_command function to allow the fog to work then great!! But if the modification to the progs for the info_command entity fucks up other stuff in other old maps, then it would be better to leave it as it was, I would be atleast grateful for the new info_command_client option for future maps... 
I Mean 'for The Fog To Work' 
in demo playback... 
Just to make clear - in single player mode all maps will behave exactly as before regardless of which way round the changes are made. This is because the client and the server are the same machine. The only time this will affect behaviour is for people playing in coop mode. Quoth2 has coop support as one of it's focuses, which is why these things are being considered.

Changing info_command and adding info_command_server

PROS: Will automatically fix existing maps where the effect should apply to all players - like say a global change in fog triggered by an event or a trigger forcing r_wateralpha at the start of a map(walking into an area with fog still won't be treated correctly because it'll change each time anyone hits the trigger - doing this correctly requires a whole new entity). Such commands will also show up in demos.

CONS: Will break an existing map that uses info_command to issue a true server side command, for example sv_gravity. I believe that there are no existing maps for quoth that do this. If somebody knows otherwise, tell me now and I'll rule this option out.

Leaving info_command alone and adding info_command_client

PROS: Existing maps will function as before in co-op - true backwards compatibility.

CONS: Client side commands in existing maps will still only be sent to the server, not any separate clients. This also affects demo recording.

My thinking is that the con of the first option doesn't apply to any maps so far, and new ones can use the entities correctly. But obviously if this change is gonna break someone's map I don't want to do it, which is why I'm asking this kind of development question in an open forum. In summary of the summary, quoth2 will fix all your ills! 
i agree :)

but if anyone can think of a map where you need to execute a server only command, you should post here!

server only: sv_ anything, impulse9 + 11 (heh, it'd be funny to make a map that would execute impulse 1 -> 8 and impulse 12 and stuff like that... really fuck with the player's head :P )

client: bf, v_cshift... 
actually, when i checked what thread this was... you should probably post somewhere else. ^_^; 
Fitzquake 0.80 Bug X Fitzquake 0.75 Non-bug 
When I connect in any server I can't see other players skins. I can see the models, but there is only strange colors on them, lots of black/yellow/green covering in lines/blocks all the model. It looks like a Matrix character.

This problem only occurs in v0.80, when I'm connect to a server. If I'm the host or using v0.75, there is no problem. Standard GLQuake is OK too.

How can I fix this?

Thanks for this project, it solved a lighting bug in my old ATI Rage 128! 
Thanks for the report. I've seen some stuff like that, but I thought I had fixed it all. The player colormapping code has been revised a few times, and it looks like I need to go over it again to see if there are still bugs like that.

As for what you can do to fix it in the current version, i'm not sure exactly. If there is a cvar that disables colormapping, like cl_nocolors or nouploads or something, that would probably solve it... I'm at work now, so the source is not here in front of me. 
FQ Always Starting Up With 56 Hz 
I have vid_refreshrate "100" in autoexec, also tried it adding to the commandline, to no effect.

Would be nice if the next version had the option for 120 Hz in the menus. 
i don't know if you were part of the earlier discussion, but:

- vid_refreshrate (and related cvars) only take effect if you type "vid_restart"

- you can also set refreshrate in the Video Options menu and then "apply changes"

- in 0.80, there is a bug where vid_restart will kill your mouse input if you use -dinput

So, if you don't use -dinput, this should solve your problem. Otherwise, sorry, wait for the next version :( 
Gamma Problem 
Hey there, fitzquake is pretty cool for singleplayer, but I have a problem :D
When I launch fitz, the gamma is very low, and if I set it and close the program, the gamma on my desktop is very high !
Any idea about how to fix this ? 
Use QuickGamma?

That's what I do :) 
there's also a "setgamma" utility on the fitzquake page.

But, are you saying that after quitting fitzquake, the gamma doesn't go back to the pre-fitzquake setting? That must be a bug, because it is supposed to restore your desktop's original gamma when you exit the game. 
I've already used setgamma and it works 50% of the time.
Indeed the gamma doesn't go back to the pre-fitzquake setting...
For more precision, if I launch any quake port with opengl and launch something else with software renderer like Doom2 the same problem appear.
I have some others games with opengl/glports for doom and they works fine with my comp... 
Well, everything's OK - but the HUD does not show up. Unless I press TAB for map info, only a black line is drawn where the HUD's supposed to be.

Any suggestions? 
Try -fullsbar On The Commandline 
or run at desktop res 
Already at the desktop resolution. I found out that gl_clear 1 does the trick. However, the -fullsbar tag you've mentioned also solves the problem. Thanks a bunch! 
Apropos Of Nothing... 
I tried out FitzQuake 0.80 on a 12 MB Voodoo2. It worked with Daniel Borca's last released MesaFX driver*, though with one glitch: skyboxes are rendered as untextured white surfaces. Lack of hardware support for GL_ARB_texture_env_combine means that overbrighting results in a performance hit, but it still manages around 60 fps in 640*480. That gets cut down to around 35 in 800*600, but overall this is still a really impressive showing for a video card that's almost as old now as VGA was when the Voodoo2 was brand new. :)

* Yes, the infamous one that "runs" Doom 3. 
I was told by somebody that voodoo support was broken, nice to hear that it mostly works.

Wait a second though, isn't Mesa a software opengl driver? 
Mesa Is, MesaFX Is Not.

As far as I can tell, he basically took a version of Mesa and implemented it on top of Glide, thus allowing for Voodoo cards to shine. I'd be interested in seeing how a VSA-100 card fares, but am not about to go to the trouble to find a Voodoo5 just to appease that curiosity - especially when I have a 7800GS and 2600XT at hand. :) 
I Was Wondering... 
why is it when i open and close fitzquake, other windows move slightly down and to the right?

after opening and closing FQ enough, windows all end up in the bottom right corner unless they hit the right side of the screen first-- then they stop moving.

is this a windows thing or an FQ thing? 
this is the first i've heard of that feature. 
Maybe related to a screen resolution change? Windows is super annoying with those. 
i guess i should ask; this is happening when you run in fullscreen mode, right? 
If you're running Fitz in a different resolution than your desktop one, that may be it. 
It's A Fullscreen Thing 
And if they only move slightly, then you're lucky. I usually have half a dozen windows in the lower corner... 
I get that too, but running at desktop res. Everything moves southeast. 
it's in fullscreen mode. and yes, it's fucking irritating. ^_^;

it may happen with all/most other fullscreen games, but cause i'm working on maps or mods i'm continuously opening and closing quake so i only notice it with FQ.

i guess i'll see if there's a windows solution. (apart from uninstalling it. �_� ) 
And The Other Question: 
is this XP? Vista? Something else? 
It's Xp, Sorry 
ati x1950 video card, if that info is of any value.

haven't been able to find even a single search hit on this subject though... which is wierd considering the amount of people who get it in just this thread. 
The version I have won't save the following values into the config file:


These keep getting wiped out of config.cfg :( 
Also, is there a way to get the crosshair to scale up? I want to run a super high res but the tiny crosshair taunts me with it's smallness. 
Oh, oh, one last question ... can I make the particles square somehow? I don't want them smooth. 
That last one is possible r_particles 2 or something like that. 
YES. Awesome, thx! 
I don't have any real solutions for you, but I can suggest some things that you've almost undoubtedly already thought of.

The version I have won't save the following values into the config file:


Try putting the desired values in autoexec.cfg, or create your own seperate .cfg file and exec that via autoexec or the console.

Also, is there a way to get the crosshair to scale up? I want to run a super high res but the tiny crosshair taunts me with it's smallness.

I don't think there's a way to do this in standard Quake (I think there is in QW). I'm pretty sure there's a way to set the console/hud resolution independently of the game resolution (-conwidth?), and this *may* scale the crosshair along with it?

Of course, the real answer is "be a man and don't use the crosshair" ;)

I'll go investigate this conwidth thing, since I'd like to play around with it anyway (can't read text printed to the screen without squinting and leaning forward, or opening the console afterwards, because the text is so fucking small...) 
OK, Scratch That 
It's scr_conwidth in game, and it seems to only affect the console text itself. So if you're running at 1280x1024 and set scr_conwidth to 640, the console text would be as large as if you were running in 640x480.

It does not scale up the crosshair or hud elements though.

It doesn't even scale up text printed to the sceen. I was really hoping it'd do that so I could actually read the text in Evil Exhumed without having to open the console afterwards to see what was said. Kinda spoils the intended effect. :( 
RTFM Fribbles 
Ok, so I found the answer *I* wanted (scr_menuscale will scale the menus, including centerprint text, so I can read the text now, yay).

Willem, I still haven't found a way to scale up the crosshair size. The only thing I can suggest is to modify your conchars and change the graphic used - you still won't be able to scale it up in game, but you could make it something more visible perhaps. 
does intermission centerprints and the hud, but not the crosshair. 
I Can Settle This... 
there isn't currently a way to scale crosshair, nor fps counter nor scr_clock readout.

Also, centerprints should go with the menu scale, as far as i remember. 
Yep, I've got everything exactly how I want it except for the crosshair. Thanks all! :) I guess consider that a feature request for the next version - scaling crosshair, plz! 
I Have Found A Solution For You 
Dunno Whether It Already Exist... 
... but I really think it would be good manage water and glasses transparency differently... I guess it would requires special stuff as glasses are "water-based" textures, am I right ? 
Go Use Darkplaces Or Something 
and leave your shiny gubbins out of fitzquake 
that's pretty much solved with per-entity alpha 
(comming soon!) 
OK, thanks ;)

I have to experiment now :) 
Glitch Noted In Malice. 
In the Malice TC I found that the Probe item's functionality is broken within FitzQuake 0.80. 'Fire' is bound to move the probe forward, but doesn't actually do anything. The functionality's completely unbroken in WinQuake and GLQuake. Thanks! 
hey, just wondering if Preach's hacked version of fitzquake with the model interpolation is up anywhere? The link he posted is down now. Cheers! 
thanks negke, that's gonna come in handy 
Must Be On Quaddicted.COM 2 
Developer 1 
I want to use developer mode to make sure there are no items falling out the map, monsters in walls etc. but when I enable dev mode a number is printed every frame to the console, which is a big pain in the ass since it shoves all the useful information printed at map load time off the screen. I can pause the game quickly to see the data I want, but I'd rather have a way to disable the printing of the number altogether. What is it anyway? millisenconds per frame?

p.s. is a new version of FQ still in the works? 
This Is In Fitzquake? 
i've run in developer 1 a lot and never seen that.

is it a mod you're using that's got some debug text? maybe you can disable that? 
Some Mods... 
do that, especially SP mods. The same problem would occur in any engine that hasn't changed the behavior of that cvar 
yes, there is a new version of fitzquake in the works, and now that my most recent project at work has shipped, i should be able to get it together for release. That is, once my week in seattle for christmas is finished. Unless it keeps snowing and i'm trapped here forever! 
looking forward to that mp3 quake cd rip support ;)

Of course, FQ is nearly perfect as it is, so I'm not expecting too much new awesomeness in the new version, though I'd love to be surprised by cool shit, and somehow making ATi cards work properly in fullscreen mode would make me happy, since there is some weirdness on my new pc I haven't managed to fix :( window mode runs fine though.

p.s. the mod in question is Quoth. Odd that you haven't seen it, Necros. Maybe I am the only one affected :( 
Yeah, that's the counter for number of particles spawned by the particle fields most likely, thought I'd caught all of those leftover dprint messages which aren't helpful for mappers. Ah well...

I was going to suggest the temporary removal of the particle spawnflag from the finc_togglewalls. But since it's Christmas, here's a progs with that line commented out:
Replace the progs in pak2.pak with this.

DISCLAIMER: This hotfix hasn't been tested and although it's really unlikely, it may not behave exactly as 2.1 did. Only install this fix if you are experiencing the specific problem blah blah. 
awesome work. I will try it out next time I work on my still unfinished map :) 
Re: ATI Fullscreen 
I think it's bugs in either the drivers or the OpenGL implementation on newer hardware. I get the same thing on my onboard ATI (RV610, aka 3100), but D3D works fine fullscreen. I've got some older Radeons, and they still work perfectly. 
it would be good to figure out the actual problem with ATIs, if anyone knows anything or heard rumours on the internets, let me know.

Meanwhile, I have added aguirre's feature of "if you create a window the size of the desktop, it appears to be fullscreen but is actually a window with no borders" feature, which might function as a workaround for ATI users until we can get an actual fix.

ATI users: can you tell me anything useful, such as "X, Y, Z engines have this bug, but A, B, C engines don't have this bug or fixed it in version Q?" Then maybe i can look at differences in the code. 
I have the microsoft ime installed for japanese text input at home, and whilst there is garbage on the screen when running fitz, or any other opengl implementation in fullscreen normally, if I start typing in japanese everything displays properly. under the japanese text that I am typing, which appears in some kind of special mode over the top of the screen. When I get rid of the Japanese text, Quake continues to run fine, but occasionally, especially if there is a screen flash for an item pickup or something, or perhaps even when I enter a new area of a map, the garbage comes back and I can't see what I am doing until I bring up the ime.

Obviously I have no idea how you could fix FQ to work fine on ATI cards, but perhaps this information will be of some use, and as an ATI user I certainly hope so, since I have resorted to always running in a window now :(

Oh, and every GL engine I've tried suffers from the same problem - I think only software Quake was fine. Then again, I didn't try Darkplaces, and since that is perhaps the most heavily modified Quake engine, it may behave differently. 
I should have proof-read that message, since it's pretty badly written (lack of sleep from overmapping being the cause!). Hopefully it's understandable ;)

Another bit of info is when I take a screenshot during the time the screen is full of garbage, the screenshot comes out fine as if there was no problem at all. 
it can't be all ATI cards though, because i have an ATI x1950 and fitzquake works great (i randomly get 'cannot set fullscreen DIB mode' very rarely).

is it at all possible you have something else running that is interfering? 
My Card 
is a 4850 1gb ram with the latest (or recent at least) drivers installed. 
Y'all Needs A GTX 295 
Yeah baby! problems all solved (except for the power supply ones, of course P) 
Recent ATI Only? 
Here's what I've experienced:

9200 on Win98 with 6.2 drivers --> fine
x300 on WinXP with ~8.4 drivers --> fine
3100 on WinXP with 8.12 drivers --> no fullscreen
GeForce on above system --> fine

The 3100 is the onboard video, but I use the GeForce instead. I only briefly tested the ATI, with a few Quake engines (Fitz, aguirRe, and my own JoeQuake-based one, IIRC). I'll investigate further sometime.

So is it only me & Than who've seen this? Does anyone have a 3xxx or 4xxx card that *does* work for fullscreen Quake/OpenGL? 
Just To Clarify... 
"no fullscreen" was a poor choice of words. The monitor switches to fullscreen mode, Quake loads normally, but the display is garbled. And as I mentioned earlier, fullscreen D3D works. 
well, my desktop ati does get garbled graphics in *some* quake engines. thankfully, fitzquake doesn't, but quite a few others do. i have no idea what causes it either. :S 
Resizable Font? 
greetings, is there pls any way to make in-game font (writings in console, messages...) bigger? it is too tiny when using 1600x1200, unreadable, thanks. 
-conwidth <size> 
works for aguirRe's engine (i.e adding -conwidth 1024 in the command line make the console appears like Fitz)... So dunno whther this option is supported by Fitz, and other engines...
Please test ;) 
aah, now I see it, I must use scr_conwdith {0,320...1600} for console text size AND scr_menuscale {1...5} to enlarge menu/centre-screen mssges. SOLVED 
Mouse Speed 
why does the mouse speed goes back to the default when i press F11? sometimes i mistakenly press the zoom key when i want to change the brightness, and the mouse speed always goes back to the default. always wondered about this, from way back to when quake was released :)

i know the easy thing is to just not have the zoom feature mapped on the controls, but i'm curious as to why it happens. 
Oh Yeah 
there is no brighness button in quake1, like in doom [and in most games, its always f11], one can only do this from the main menu, right?

man, i need to change my desk position. and get a new monitor :) 
Mouse Speed... 
the standard F11 zoom alias sets your sensitivity and fov, so if you don't use the defaults it will screw you up. You could write your own that is a copy of the existing one but with modified sensitivity.

(i actually rewrote it to use m_pitch and m_yaw, so that it wouldn't care what my sensitivity was.)

As for brightness, are you talking about the macintosh brightness controls on F9, F10? I have no idea about that, whether quake or the OS has control of those keys, or anything. You can set brightness in the quake menu, but this is video card gamma, which is not the same as the backlight on your macbook screen, which is what OSX controls. 
Just Checking 
probably been answered before but does fitzquake support antialiasing?

I seem to get a few more jaggies in fitzquake than in aguire's engine at the same resolution. 
there's no engine awareness of anti-aliasing, but most video cards let you turn it on in the driver settings, per application.

Really, should be the same in glquakebjp and fitzquake, as i don't think aguirre added anything for antialiasing. 
can you tell the difference in screenshots? 
looks good when enabled in fitzquake. It would be nice to have it as an in app option if it is easily implementable. It's especially cool since I can really max it out with 16x anti-aliasing so all the edges are super smooth.

Not sure if I can set it as a per app setting with ati's drivers :/ They are kind of shit.

Mind you, I run at high res so antialiasing isn't really that big of a deal. 
DP Has Antisotrophic Filtering And AA Settings Up To 32x (!)..... 
As far as I know those things are limited by the graphics adapter or is that something from the early days of this? 
On The Subject Of AA 
I found a while back that setting gl_texturemode to gl_linear and then enabling AA gave the best* visual results.

* looked the best to my eyes at the time with that particular hardware/driver configuration. 
that is what I have, AA and Anistropic enabled from desktop.

but aglquake looks smoother.

I'll try frib's suggestion. 
Already Have Gl_linear 
maybe the model overbrights make jaggies more obvious in fitz? 
It's Possible That's What You're Seeing... 
try setting gl_overbright_models to 0 (i think that's the variable) and see if you notice the jagginess go away 
for brightness, i meant quake's brightness settings, not mac os. one can change the brightness of a lot of games with f11, so i always got confused in quake thinking it had the same thing, so whenever i wanted to brighten the game i end up with a zoomed view and when i zoomed out, i had slow mouse look :)

but anyway, i changed the key binding for it and made it so f11 is for screenshots.

sorry if that didn't make sense before. :) 
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