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SpaceHulk256 Mapping Competition (cancelled)
Quake - Space Hulk 256
Level Design Competition
June till SP Day QExpo 2008

You are the slipgate warrior. You've travelled for what seems forever,
in search of that one gate that will take you...home. This time round
you seem to have landed on a floating fortress under attack; both
insurgents and defenders ignore their animosity long enough to rid the
battle ground of your presence. They will fight each other if goaded,
but mostly they want to kill YOU!

OK, get amongst it!

Inspired by:
- Quake (thanks Id)
- the IK Base texture set (thanks Fingers)
- the 100 brush competition concept (thanks Aardappel et al)
- the (out of print) board game Space Hulk (thanks Games Workshop)
- the release of the Quoth2 upgrade (thanks Kell, necros and Preach)
I can now announce the Quake - Space Hulk 256 Level Design Competition

Your Motivation:
Space Hulk the board game:

The Limits:
- the -game option is 'quoth' with the quoth2upgrade installed
- each level will contain no more than 256 brushes
- these brushes will be clothed only in textures from:
-- the IKBASE.wad and,
-- the hulk_xtra.wad
- it's in space, so:
-- use the sky textures in hulk_xtra.wad and,
-- signal the 'stars' or 'void' skybox in the worldspawn
- enemy is limited to fiend, enforcer, defender, pyro and eliminator
- the level must include three "safe" coop starts
- the level must have all difficulty levels implemented
- the level must be playable at reasonable framerate in fitzquake 0.80
- the level must exit to 'start'.

- please send a .zip containing:
-- a level 4 vised, fully lit .bsp named 'sh256_yournick.bsp'
-- a matching .map for brush number checking
-- a matching .txt thanking those who helped you and explaining the
mission/gameplay type
- please send to spacehulk256 *at* gmail *dot* com
- submission must arrive prior to the end of QExpo2008 day 1.

- Paul 'distrans' Brosche

- Scragbait
- ?
- ?

Judging Criteria:
- use of the 256 brushes,
- quality of the resulting architecture and atmosphere,
- use of Quoth(2) functionality
- gameplay.

- 1st == 'fiend' maquette by David McKenna
- 2nd == Quake symbol by Spirit?
- 3rd and below == kudos
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Why not make it a speedmapping session - whatever everyone who started a map has, they finish it by next weekend?

No rules, no Fiend statue, just to get it out of the way. 
Whenever works best.

Lardarse - I wouldn't have expected you to be thin skinned with a name like that. 
Just meant it as a joke.

I'd assume safe coop start meaning without alerted monsters. 
I didn't mean you by that comment. I was refering to the people arouind here who seem to not appreaciate anything that they didn't defecate themselves. Your quote was just too cool to use, though... 
And As For By End Of Next Weekend 
(which would be turtle mapping not speedmapping, but I don't feel like splitting hairs right now...)

That sounds good. Means that I have another week to put the final 130 brushes in... 
Updated Thread Title... 
Anyway, I don't think the Ruined Nations thread was unusually harsh or anything; the map was controversial but I think the controversy was constructive and interesting, it's actually a success to have a map that people are that passionate about.

The amount of negative response in this thread seemed a bit harsh, but still not unusual. Creating a whole second thread in order to mock this one was beyond the normal levels of func negativity, though. It was well excecuted mockery, but unfortunately the target didn't actually deserve it. I don't blame him for giving up on the whole thing, why put up with this much crap just to run a contest? 
Without really remembering the contents of this thread, i don't think it was overly harsh, not even lun's cynism. That thread was just the appropriate, #tf-y reaction to a contest with seemingly pedantic rules. I loled ;)

And, yeah, melt's right, the map release thread was ok & fine, imho. awesome graphics + controversial gameplay = people tend to care and bitch and moan and praise.

don't take it too seriously! 
I Took Lun's Reaction 
to be a general parody of Quake mapping contest in line with criticism he has given going back to the 100 Brush contest with it's stupid no Quake textures rule, and if he intended it to mock a specific contest, more likely, he would have done so in that contest' post. 
Thank You 
I'm glad some of you got it. I really hope the cancellation isn't because of me, because I was just playing the court jester. Biting, but ultimately good natured. 
Do It Anyway In Support Of Distrans 
I know I was looking forward to seeing these maps and I can't be the only one.

I'm sure almost no one cares about mapping due a prize, honestly the Quake mapping community like most of the few remaining Quake communities is so inbred as to make competitions uninteresting.

I'm mostly posting in support of Lardarse, btw. Although he and I aren't really much alike, he is one of the few remaining human-like beings in the Quake continuum and I highly value his friendship.

/The StealthQuake420 thread was hilarious and I think most readers saw it not so much a parody of the SpaceHulk256 competition but many of the competitions in general. Have you guys ever seriously read your readme files? Jesus Christ how many times do you thank Ben Morris for fricking Worldcraft from 10 years ago and the people who made the compile tools -- sheesh! Beyond a certain reasonable extent, it becomes majorly gay.

/Almost clicked delete instead submit. Thanks to Sam Adams for making the beer that gave me the courage to click submit. 
The Stealth Quake comp is a hoax?

Lunaran, there's a lot of curry bills on there way to you. 
I don't know if it's a sad or awesome that some of the juiciest, best drama I see in my life on a daily basis comes from this board.

A few things:

1) distrans is one of the nicest most dedicated people this community has so anyone that personally slagged him off can eat leather shoes for dinner (1920s insults only)

2) I totally forgot about this thread for a while, saw Lunaran's thread, laughed, then cringed when I realized that the reason Lun's thread seemed familiar was because it was a parody of this. As Lun said, I don't think it was anything more than a playful ribbing of the many interesting parameters of this contest so I hope that didn't factor into your shutting this down distrans.

3) Everyone should remember that we do this for fun and if it's not fun then don't do it and don't blame other people for the fact that you're not having fun.

4) *hugs distrans* you da man! 
Everyone should remember that we do this for fun and if it's not fun then don't do it and don't blame other people for the fact that you're not having fun.

This is the most sensible thing that anyone has posted here in a very long time. 
Further Advice 
Everyone should remember that we do this for fun and if it's not fun then don't do it ....

I agree with that point, we do it for fun, and when fun is not there, there's no reason to do it

.... and don't blame other people for the fact that you're not having fun.

Well that point is a little more controversial: you cannot blame people for not having fun with your map. you cannot blame people to express they don't like your map.
However: you can blame people to be nasty and systematically negative about your work, the more when it comes from the same people each times...

Just a small example (I will not finger point anybody): When I posted "Slime refinery Complex", and "Five Rivers Land", as well for the screenshots of my current project I get here and on #tf a you are mapping for the wrong game just because I was using an alternate texture sets (i.e Doom3 and Half Life)... It was exactely the same for distrans' map.
Surprisingly, I didn't read nasty comments about the visual of "Castle of the Dark Ages" (Daikatana episode 3 texture set), as well for "Event horizon" (Daikatana episode 2 texture set)... Was it because Daikatana is a failed quake sequel ??? Anyway...
I really thing some people here are too much conservative, and should open their mind regarding the fact that Quake is 12 years old, and that the game tend to evolve (visually, etc....). There are no good reasons not to experiment new things, and neither good reason to flame, nor to post sarcasms, just because he provide fun to the people who posts that... What si the idea behind that: is it just a matter to see how a mapper react ? Well, it sucks if it is the purpose of such behavior...

Well, I'm not asking everybody to be smart, I'm just saying that expressing his point of view through the net can be sometimes not well understood, and can be perceived as a personal attack... Maybe am I too much sensitive to what others think about my humble work ? But it does not help people to continue mapping for Quake... Well, If a map is pure crap, you can say it, but I think there are no good reason to insist after that: the smallest jokes are the best :P 
There are no good reasons not to experiment new things

Sadly, for some of the regulars around here, there's a very good reason: they've forgotten how to be creative... 
Being An Arsehole 
and telling your target to just grow up and take it is stupid and irresponsible.

Sometimes we don't mean to be mean but we are. So let's cut that back a little, ok?

No man is an island. If people only map for themselves or for fun, why does this board even exist? 
Obvious ! 
If people only map for themselves or for fun, why does this board even exist?

To have the opportunity to post there: :P 
stupid and irresponsible is coming to an internet forum and being hyper-sensitive about comments made to or about you.

What the hell happened anyway? Qboard/PnF/Func used to have plenty of thoughtful, intelligent individuals who commanded respect, and there was plenty of good work and discussion all round (and some quality piss-taking of course!)

These days everyone is a teary-eyed fucking primadonna who can't even take valid criticism of their work when they ask for it, let alone cop a gentle ribbing with good grace...

Whatever. Maybe it's just me, right? 
"No man is an island. If people only map for themselves or for fun, why does this board even exist?"

For sharing your work and having discussions about it. It should NOT be the REASON why you make maps but rather it should be the outlet for getting them into the hands of people who might appreciate them. 
Is Anyone Else Working On A 256 Brush Map For This Weekend? 
So Full Of Crap... 
bambuz wrote:

<No man is an island. If people only map for them selves or for fun, why does this board even exist?>

so fucking true...

But some of the people prefer to be aggressive because there�s life are a fucking crap so they shoot the stress with a LOT OF NICE PEOPLE THAT EXISTS IN THIS COMMUNITY.

Those please go away that nobody will miss then...

and i say one write old school...

fuck off i play Quake since fev.1997 so i�m also old school but i have respect for others people work... but some in here are to good to make positive comments on other�s people maps they just spit crap out of there�s mouth.

Take the fucking old school status that is a fucking lie and be a fucking grownup boy. 
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