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QuakeEd 3.1 (build 102) *New Level Editor For Quake*
Before I explain everything here, I need to upload the file (preferably to Shub-Hub), but according to the rules there, I need a password to do so.

If someone would be kind enough to provide it, I can upload the file and then complete this post.

Thanks, in advance.
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Ok, it's been sent. As for what to test, whatever you want really. But, I guess mainly if the multiple views are working as they should and don't cause any crashes or anything.

And mousewheel zooming is in so enjoy. Later I'll make the zoom amount adjustable like GTKR.

If everything is working well and no bugs can be found, then there are just a few more things I need to do and then I can do an "official" release.

Thank you for you help ahead of time, and if you ever need someone to test a map, I'd be more than welcomed. 
hook me up please! I need to start working on more than one map at a time, everybody tells me Radiant is good. I dont know the difference between one version and another. But I'm no programmer, so I con offer a little feedback and bug reports.

But let me get this straight:

1 - there can be 4 views: - top, side, side, 3D
2 - the mouse wheel moves the camera back and forth.... ? 
Before you use the new .exe, delete the regisistry entries for the previous QuakeEd 3. Either open the old one and hit the "Reset Registry" button in Preferences or goto "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\id\" and delete "QuakeEd3" manually.

Sorry, I forgot to mention this sooner.

To RickyT23:
1 - Yes. The XY view still works as it always has where you can Tab through the the views(XY->XZ->YZ) but now you can open separate windows for XZ and YZ. All windows can be toggled on or off but the Camera & XY views won't be saved. Meaning if toggled off when you close the app, they will be toggled back on when you start again.

2 - As of right now with this test exe, the mousewheel zooms the XY/XZ/YZ/Z windows and drives the camera forward/backwards along the XY axis in the Camera window. Eventually I plan to do alot more with the mousewheel and to make the camera driving part like GTKRadiant where it moves the direction you are facing and not just forward/back along the XY axis

Do you have the previous release? I need to know whether to just send the exe or the entire package. 
I Dont Have The Previous Package 
Please send me everything.

You can email it to me, or whatever!
Thanks man

I have a project in very early stages, which will be an episode, so I will try a different editor for a map (!)(lol)

Obviously I have been using Worldcraft for all of my releases, so I am likely to draw comparisons. But I am in no real rush to complete this episode so maybe I will get used to the second program...... 
Just curious if you received the email 
Oh Yeah 
shit sorry man!
The program started up fine after I installed it, but I didnt get as far as setting it up (yet).

Sorry man - I've been hellish busy!

I'll get to it soon tho! ;P 
No, don't apologize for anything. I was just making sure you got the email. I wasn't checking in to get feedback. 
Problem With Texture Browser 
I just can't get it to show any textures.Here is the console log:

By the way. Why can't I just copy text from the console?

In the project preferences dialog box the folder selection doesn't work for me. I have to enter the path's by hand. 
are those directories correct? i set mine up to just go fetch the wads from the folder they're in when you install qe3.

my texture path in quake.qe3 is:
"texturepath" "gfx\"

which shows up in the log as:
MSG: FoundFile: gfx/base.wad
MSG: FoundFile: gfx/common.wad
MSG: FoundFile: gfx/hipnotic.wad
MSG: FoundFile: gfx/IKBASE.WAD
MSG: FoundFile: gfx/medieval.wad
MSG: FoundFile: gfx/metal.wad
MSG: FoundFile: gfx/ne_doom.wad
MSG: FoundFile: gfx/ne_lend.wad
MSG: FoundFile: gfx/quake(extra).wad
MSG: FoundFile: gfx/quake.wad
MSG: FoundFile: gfx/rogue.wad
MSG: FoundFile: gfx/start.wad
MSG: FoundFile: gfx/wizard.wad
Thank you. My textures are loading :) 
Well Mine Aren't 
MSG: FoundFile: d:/games/quake/id1/q_all.wad
... etc ...
WARNING: Could not open d:/games/quake/id1/q_all.wad

In Reply To... 
Where is your qe3.exe? Is it in "d:/games/quake" directory? If so, make the texture path just "id1/". As of right now, wads must be in a folder that is under the directory where your qe3 is placed and if you use the "Find" button, it'll setup the directory text correctly. This is a limitation from the original qe4 and something that will be fixed so you can place your wads anywhere you want before the official release.

Console Copy: You can copy text from the console. Use Ctrl+C. I guess I'll create a context menu for the console, as well, but the only thing it'll do is copy so I might not.

Project Settings: Really? What does it do exactly when you press it? What version of Windows are you running? Do the other "Find" buttons work in the "Preferences" Dialog?

Thanks for pitching in with the helping. Much appreciated. Also, I feel like I'm writing a master's thesis here replying to your emails. You'll probably get it in a month or so :). Let me just say real quick that they are all valid points but I hate you for bringing them up. 
Edit In Above Post... 
Ankh: You are right. You can't copy text in the console anymore. Sorry for that. It will be fixed. 
it's a good editor-- i enjoy using it. :) 
it makes the list relative to qe3.exe but loads it relative to the quake base dir, so if I want qe3 in its own folder, any wads I want to open have to be in both quake/qe3/gfx/ and quake/gfx/.

but if you're fixing it then yay 
There also seems to be a limit to the number of WAD files it can cope with. I tried 'installing' all the wads on quaddicted and while they did display in the list, it refused to load anything past about F or G... 

Dude there are fucking thousands of them.

it refused to load anything past about F or G...

What you mean it only loaded the first couple of hundred thousand? Gah! Yes, sikkpin had better fix that one. (not) 
Firstly, there's slightly under a hundred WADs, less when you remove the duplicates (there's at least 2 different versions of each of sock's packs for instance). You did realise that there were duplicates right? I mean, you didn't just assume that different file names = different texture packs without working out what was in each pack... right?

Secondly, yes, when it's displaying the WAD name in the texture menu and I click it I would like it to then load the textures from that WAD. Seems fairly straight forward. I'm not trying to open every WAD at once, I just want to be able to have every WAD available without having to piss around moving files around. Apart from anything else it's counter productive when trying to decide a theme.

So yeh, probably would be a good idea to fix that... 
OK Sarcasm Granted 
It's a fair point. I thought you meant you wanted all of the textures loaded at the same time. Which would be insane because you wouldnt be able to find one. It'd be like looking for a needle in a haystack :P

I used 1 wad for e4m1rmx. And like two crate tex and a button. 
That's one of the reasons why I don't use wc3.3 (laziness) ie. having to split my wads up into smaller units (less than 256 textures per wad). The other being the inability to adjust tex brightness - on a flatscreen in a fairly open area with a few windows that's a pain in the balls. 
Lunaran: The wads should only need to be in qe3/gfx with the texture directory being gfx\. It looks like you have everything setup exactly how I do so I don't understand why it's not working correctly. I guess if you want to send me your *.qe3 file, maybe I can see something wrong in there. Other than that I don't know what could be causing your problem.

noentity: What does it say in the console? How many wads do you have exactly and how many will it load exactly? I have all the wads from quaddicted (filtered through them, of course) so I'll see if I can't get that bug to pop up. I'm guessing it's a hardcoded limit from id's original code. Hopefully it's just an integer value change that's needed. 
Just A Warning 
there's a bug that can mess up your map.

if you have multiple brushes, brush entities and/or point entities selected and move them and then undo, all entities will be converted to normal brushes.
for brush entities, they just become brushes, but point entities will also be converted to brushes (with respective bounding box size) which will mangle your .map file and prevent it from being loaded and compiled.

i sent you an email about this already sikk, but i just wanted to let people know so they don't loose their stuff. :) 
In regard to what necros said, this is a know problem to me and it's also a bug in Q3R and early versions of GtkR. I have spent many hours trying to figure out a fix but so far haven't had any luck. If I'm unable to fix this then I will just do what Q3R does and prompt the user that there is a bad texdef for whatever face when the map is saved. In the mean time, just make sure you pay attention when you undo.

In regard to the wad loading limit. I just checked the source and yes there is a limit of 32 menu items that have an associated command to them. A simple fix. I just add more. The limit to how many wads can be loaded (shown in the menu) is 128. More than enough in my opinion. I don't know if I will add that many usable commands though. To me that's excessive and makes for a very long menu list. I may bump it to 64.

In my opinion, when mapping, I always go through my wads with Wally or TexMex and pull the textures I want to use and create a single wad for the map. To me it's just easier and cleaner that way. Plus, there is also a limit of how many characters can be in the "wad" string in the worldspawn. Which is one of the reasons why I use simply "gfx/whatever.wad" instead of "C:/Games/Quake/tools/gfx/whatever.wad" as it wastes a lot of unnecessary characters. 
Things radiant has I miss:
- Ctrl-right-click as a shortcut for dropping clipping points without needing to toggle the mode.
- Ctrl-tab cycling the grid view as well as just tab.
- When click-dragging entities in radiant you don't actually have to click on an entity, you can just drag anywhere.

Also, I can't type certain capital letters like 'B', 'C', 'H', 'I', 'M', etc in the value box in the entity dialog because their functions capture the shift-keypress first. 
i've been in emails with sikkpin over the past few weeks working on bugs and features and stuffs.

apparently, the original coding of radiant is pretty bad, so implementing new features without rewriting everything is long and annoying work.

i mentioned about Ctrl+RMB for clip points and this is one of those things. i'm still hoping we can work it in because i agree with you-- it's a big time saver. i absolutely *hate* editing "modes" which is why i've never liked WC or it's decendants.

i don't know what Ctrl+Tab did in radiant

As for moving objects... yes, i still prefer the old way of doing it like you're saying. sikkpin's implemented a new method which involves Alt+LMB which moves an object directly to where you clicked. it's a decent alternative that's almost as good as the old way. i'm still hoping for the old way though. :P
otoh, when you create objects now, they appear wherever your last moved brush/object was, so moving things over big distances aren't as common an occurrence now.

as for typing in capital letters (and copy/cut/pasting), those are fixed.

i think he just wants to finish up bug fixes before doing another official release. 
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