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Q1SP � Tchak (the Tomb Of Chak Toh Ich�ak)
This is a new single player from scratch with a mix of lots of textures, but the intension was to create a small Maya city and i think they worked well together.

huge thks to Necros(lights teaching), Negke(brushwork and gameplay), Ijed(brushwork and gameplay) and NahkahiiR(gameplay)!

The map is near maxsurfaces limit, but work in all engines.

I added a skybox because some people in here like to play with one, personally i don�t use skyboxes, i tried many in this map and none fit properly, so don�t complain about the one i choose.

Download :

Screenshots :

hope you guys enjoy.


Downloading now...
My Love Trinca 
Hi, im a big african guy and i just love trincas maps!! oh and i love him too, his so sexy... i love his nalgas =) he just loves to take up the nalgas from me... hes so sweet. 
The shots look so sweet. I'm glad to see this released 
this is an excellent map! texture set that isn't used often and consistent brushwork style. fun fights. only one fight was over the top, where i had to cheat to avoid death. i think i missed some weapons or something though, so that would have made it a lot easier and probably wouldn't have had to cheat.

(trying out willem's new file site!) 
i cnp'ed the link and forgot the write the rest before i submitted. 9_9


i think the initial fight when you first start is a little rough, i blundered into a second group of monsters and almost died right at the start. even then it was a lot of fun because there's plenty of room to maneuver and you have a good chance to surviving. ammo was pretty good, seemed like there was just enough to get by so i had to be smart about my shots but it wasn't to the point of being annoying.

i like the big open rooms with all the shalraths. those are a lot of fun, constant movement instead of just ducking in and out.

also the big sweeping curved roofs look great and there was a great use of trim.

nice job with this release :) 
Really awesome job Trinca, you have been mentioning this map a whole lot, and all the hard work has paid off! I died after I entered the room "Its a trap!" but I played through with cheats. Really beautiful architecture, and the skybox looked good too. This is definitely an inspiring piece. 
you'll wear out your caps lock key :)

where's the skybox? it's not in the zip file? 
No Skybox... 
But this map is pure sexy without it! A few of my highlights are:

* Those ruby red eyes on the walls -- I shot at every one of them :)

* The great architecture throughout. I initially didn't like such a curvy look from the early screenshots, but it really worked.

* Those massive fire pillar thingies in the courtyard.

* The carvings atop the pyramid.

* Fair gameplay. There weren't any overwhelming hoard combat situations without ample space to move around in.

I played for 42 minutes and only found 1 secret.

Thumbs Up 
I'd be surprised if this didn't enter the top ten.

I didn't live long, partly because everything was a bit hard to see and partly because Quake's shotguns are damn useless. Partly because it's very late at night, too.

I played on using godmode, like st3ady, and it's really a very impressive map. Even so, I did get lost after picking up the second rune - I ended up going in circles, so I quit. I'll replay this for sure, though.

This map is rather new school in a lot of ways, so the stock Quake combat stood out as the main thing that bugged me. I'm not saying you should have used Quoth - just something like Cranked or similar tweaks (for example SSG or axe gibbing zombies) could really send this map over the top.

The use of detail textures or trim (skulls, paintings/mosaics, door frames etc) stood out and made everything look neat. The tomb feel is really there.

Monster placement is also very good, like others said, especially the fiends and vores and the little groups of monsters.

Just a rock solid map, personally I think this is the best Quake map in a long time.

Congrats On The Map Trinca, 
I'll play it and comment on it Sunday, gotta big day tommorrowz. I saw your IM pop up earlier this evening, but I was poppin' one off with a DVD of The Queen in the PC, responding at the time would have been weird. Cheers! 
Looks Awesome will play tomorrow! love your maps, and from what I'm reading this ought to be the crowning achievement.

to see your map released. Will play it soon.
if I can drench me out of that Quoth hell. 
O Brasil agradece o amor com o quake trinca! ;) 
Amazing work, Trinca! I love the curvy bits. Definitely a solid level, both gameplay and design wise.

I love the outside temple area and trying to induce the necessary in-fighting. Great job! 
thks guys ;) ~

the testers made this much much better

in lights... is like from day to night...

p.s-> thks necros ;)

skybox is in

since kell is our huge Quake mapper friend i think u guys should download from is page :) 
Download It Now 
trinca != n00b. 
kell's page only has one 77MB download for all skyboxes, not individual ones.

Anyway, map is pure class. Easily your best both visually and gameplay wise. 'Majestic' was the word that first came to mind. You really got the atmosphere right with the lighting I think and the texturing/brushwork combination was excellent too.

Gameplay wise its quite fun without being too hordey like some of your previous maps, tough but not frustrating. 
A Winner ! 
This map rocks !

Definitely a new classical map !

Thanks man ! 
Very very good Trinca!

As others has said, this is an exelent release. Curvy and lots of trim and good design.
Lighting is fantastic as well.
Gameplay is good and fun.

Overall your best map yet.
Looking forward for more of this kind in the future.

Love it! 
Very Good Map 
It is a great map Trinca and you should be proud of it. Everything was done very well: the architecture, ligthning and the gameplay.
I liked the combats a lot, always on the edge. The ammo situation made me nervous through the whole map though. In the end it was always enough. Also keepeng the GL away from the player for such a long time worked very well. You have managed to make me nervous again :)
I liked the way you set up the combats. You lead me from one big encounter to another. And I kneew that after grabbing each rune there will be a lot of action.
I have recorded my 2 first tries for you.
I repeat myself. It is a great map with nice style and atmosphere. 
Very good map, challenging .. a lot of surprise monster placements made it hard to ever have that "safe" feeling.

I must have had 4 health and 0 ammo for 35% of playing the map ;) 
Great job! This is the longest and most intense map I've played in quite a while.
Had fun trying to sneak by getting the first rune with 16 health, where I died a few times, but then was able to beat it from that point :) Fiends and the spawns made me jump a few times, too.
Enjoyed it a lot, and thought the theme/texturing/architecture worked very well as others have said. 
wow, I am really impressed. usually I do not like these egyptian/mayan themed levels much, but this one has such a great lighting and gameplay, good details+scary brushwork (zombie tunnel under atrium, how lovecraftian). I have seen first few rooms only, but screenshots are VERY promising, looking forward for evening to crawl through the rest of this tomb, thanks! 
Definitely your best map. Nothing to add that has not been said already: good map, good ambience, good gameplay, good architecture, awesome lightning effects... Well, no go map and sort out a better one ;)
Thanks for the fun !! 
epic, unique, liking everything about it. I will play this one a lot now. first trully great level in months, imho. died after picking up the last rune this time, cornered by knight and shambler. 
King Trinca 

Ministers of Evile, ijed, negke, necros. 
Fantastic map Trinca, surely your best one to date. I'd be repeating what everyone else has already said about the map, but I just want to say that the lighting and shadows in the map are excellent. Really well done. 
Hey There 
Played it this morning. Overall it was a big step up from your previous works. I do have some problems, maybe they're just me though.

- Overall didn't feel Mayan. You had the textures, but a lot of the architecture didn't feel Mayan, which in itself isn't bad. I just felt it was inconsistent with the textures, and with itself as well. Discontinuity in style, really.

- Crates! I just got a big frown when I saw crates. Wouldn't crumbling stones be better than crates?

- Overall too easy. Perhaps because I played on whatever default skill I had, probably normal, it felt really easy. There wasn't a point in the map when I thought I had to conserve ammo or be cautious. Traps were incredibly easy to spot, and because of the open areas many were easy to avoid taking any damage.

- Also, in two places I didn't know where to go. This wasn't a huge problem because I ended up backtracking once for each case and magically found out where to go - ie, I picked up a key somewhere or pressed a button on accident.

Other than that really same comments as most everyone here. 
too bad coop is not fully optimised. we played 2 players, normal skill. it would be nice if button could reopen "Itsa trap" room. other place where I got stuck with no way out was Silverkey room. 2 dead-ends. 
Good Point. 
This would be an excellent coop map in many ways. 
there are many ways to coop...

if is not good for coop blain NahkahiiR he said was cool and he just said me to add 8 starts ;) 
Lovin' This Map BTW Trinca! 
Nice map! You are getting better and better and better.
But I need to party-poop a little: The map is very (too) dark. The accented lights look great, but especially the open area is like minlight 50 or something? 
Nice. Felt more like an Elder World map rather than Mayan at some times (which is a good thing on its own). The combat was good all around, though the final fight was too tough (the green armor was a bit wtf).

Favorite parts:
* Getting to blow up Zombies with Voreballs.

* The lone zombie altar in the middle of a large area.

* It's a trap! It gave me that funny "oh shit, now I'm going to die" feeling that I don't experience often anymore :(

* Was going to type something else here but forgot what it was.

More please! 
It's a trap! It gave me that funny "oh shit, now I'm going to die" feeling that I don't experience often anymore :(
i immediately thought of stupid admiral ackbar. :( 
Fuck you, Ackbar is awesome. 
Very Cool 
Love the map, what everyone else says about the lighting and design is right. I especially liked the early zombies forcing you to find unconventional ways to kill them before the GL came out.

Also I'm kicking myself for not recording my first play-through, as I was on fire - from the first 100-odd monsters I lost just 5 health. It went downhill from the gold key, which probably figures given that the combat ramps up from there, but for a while it was going good... 
More Specifically 
Nice demos necros and Ankh.

Ankh this time i surprise you, i didn�t had a monster in all corner you were very afraid... 
Wooo, Trinca!!! 
This is by far your best looking map!!! This is fantastic.

Gameplay, though, seemed a little tad easy, below is a demo of my 1st nm run. It is, in fact a first run, after the 2nd courtyard. I get raped in the very last room(a colleague came calling for a coffee, scared me more than the shamblers, an' I got fried ;P). The last room, well, that's Trinca gameplay. ;)

The rest, well, seems the second baby got you soft, old mate!!!! 
Spoiler Run. 
Today boring as hell at work, so, what do you do? You record a Quake demo, of course...

100% secrets, though not in the right order. Somehow missed a buncha monsters. Dunno where they ran... I can understand they were afraid, tho'... ;P 
the silent nice demos ;)

now learn how to use slope jump... no tricks at all!!! 
Good Demo 
Don't think I actually said before - this is a great map Trinca.

Some rough edges in parts, alot of the secrets I missed - for good reason.

Here's to the next one, whatever it runs in. 
Geee... I Knew I Sucked... 
..Just did not know how much!!! 
Maybe it is too easy. I'm impressed - no offence intended - how The Silent can have some well dubious tactics and no SSG aim at all, and still cruise it ;) 
Ehi, It's My 1st Shambler Shag!!! 
... Does it mean I'm in the bigs league now?
I've been waiting soo long... ;P

Where's my prize?

And... Hmm... I'm curious about the "dubious" tactics. Which ones, you mean? 
Using SSG at long range for a start!

Actually, I do apologise, I just an experimental play on NM and it is quite hard to get a smooth looking demo, I think I underestimated it... 
Can't wait playing this 
Shamb, R U Joking? 
..No need to apologize!

I'm perfectly conscious I suck bad. As for smoothness, it never even crossed my mind, I just got in and played. When I play I lose any kind of cool. Think a berserking Jerry Lewis...

And Yes... 
...using SSG at long range is a little too much even for Jerry Lewis. :| 
First Run Demo 
Never died, but I got lost for about 5 mins in a stupid way... hope you'll watch it anyways.

Thanks for the map trinca, great lighting and texturing 
Congrats Trinca 
this is your best map, i'm glad you could finish it! its a little bit dark map though(gamma 0.75 in my lcd)
i'll try to upl the demos later 
CI475 great demo, but you were so losssstttt ;) nice waste of second Quad with so many to blow undergrond :p and the sissy Shamblers at the end made me sick...

what�s the word? fagets!!! around you a lot and none of then shoot...


Evil negke complain so much about healthy that in skill 1 the dawn level is very easy... ;)

Anyway I even didn�t think that people still play in skill 1�

12 year on this game and you guys still play like girls?

Thks for playing guys 
Very Nice 
A bit too symmetrical/copy and paste
But very cool. Not too fond of maya maps, but this one is very cool. Reminded me a bit of HexenII Maya Maps.

Played it on skill 1 and it was normal as it should be.
Maybe i'll play it on skill2 again. 
Nice Map 
First Run 
I like the shapes of the rooftops, nice and curvy. Not so crazy about hoard combat, trying to dance with two fiends when a third rudely cuts in, but it is pretty well balanced from what I have seen so far, I was just sloppy and out of gaming shape. It kind of reminds me of a Mark Shawn style level with the open arenas and niches on the side that open up more arena combat areas. The insult at the end is for how you place that knight that got a whack out of me. I had no idea the next few seconds later would end in an ass raping.

Cheers, and enjoy.

NFTW or whatnot for those with lil' chillins watching the demo. 
So Lost 
but I enjoyed it anyway! 
Finally Played It... 
- good lighting indoors, outdoors the flat lighting combined with everything being the same color to make it harder to really enjoy the geometry.
- didn't find the nailgun until halfway through (since i early on got trapped in a side area)
- monster placement was solid
- only found one secret (crate climbing to quad)
- was confused about the door in the back... earlier i thought it was a gold key door, later it opened for me. Maybe it was button operated?
- tunnels under the main courtyard were cool, wish there was more to this section
- overall structure of the map felt good, central courtyard with the tomb and the long spiral down, basement area, rooftop exit, etc.
- i wish it was a bit less symmetrical. Symmetrical maps are best when the two sides are different and distinct, worst when the same exact geometry and monster placement is repeated on both sides. This had some of bad symmetry, some good.
- did you intend for the two lofts in the final room to be easily connected? Made it trivial to hit both switches, i would have expected to have to go back downstairs and up the other side to get both buttons.
- there was the right amount of ammo; i did run out a few times but it was mainly because i had missed a box earlier. 
As I Said Previously 
this is your best map to date
here is a small demo(amateurish) skill 0
138/140 0 secrets found, i believe its 3rd attempt, but it's still a lil' bit dark for me 
Hipnotic Required To Watch The Demo :(((( 
Nice demo Spy but skill 0 is for noobs!!!

did you intend for the two lofts in the final room to be easily connected? Made it trivial to hit both switches, i would have expected to have to go back downstairs and up the other side to get both buttons.

yes to make the gameplay more easy with voreballs everywhere

tunnels under the main courtyard were cool, wish there was more to this section

i wish to had the possibility to add more but maxsurfaces were killing me

good lighting indoors, outdoors the flat lighting combined with everything being the same color to make it harder to really enjoy the geometry.

big outside areas are always hard to detail i will not repeat large areas like this size for a long time! i don�t have necros or hrim experience...(two genius)

Anyway thks all for playing and will be more for sure, smaller maps but it will be more! 
Nice demo Spy but skill 0 is for noobs!!!
Trinca your maps are too hard for me :))) 
Don't Forget 
Not everybody has been playing Quake for 12 years, 6 hours per day.

Just like no one has played chess for 1000 years.

Playing an unknown map for the first time, I don't think skill 0 is any sign that you're a girl (...). The skill levels are there for a reason (although some of us are lazy and don't include them in their maps :-P).

Things like these should be obvious, but apparently they aren't. The assumption that you have to play on skill 3 to be considered a man (vs. a girl) fits this community like "a fist to the eye" as we say here.

I know you didn't mean it like that Trinca, but this is the internet. 
of course i didn�t :p

i always play on hard because i�m use to... and i rarely died at start...

only in maps real real hard 
The map has been added to the Speeddemosarchive. 
yeee thks cool now i will have lots of demos to watch ;)

hope to record some goods... 
excellent map, I like the texture set that isn't used much and -I loved the consistent brushwork style. Lots of fun fights always with enought healty 
Nice Selfpimping Trinca 
haha, nice one 
pretty fuckin awesome. the kind of map I'd hope to produce if I ever made a real map. 

at least you have hope :p

I quit hope! 
ur so emo, lol 
better emo the Homo! 
circus! hahaha! wow some people want to omg i think im emote ^.^ true , i so agree wit u

cute but boring but i´ll rate 5/5 ***** thats like something from a horror film I must know were you got that sofa. 
Where did you get that sofa? Is it a prefab? 
cool, your youtube comment generator, you worked on it! 
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