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Coagula Contest 3 Turtle Map Event
Coagula Contest 2 Pack Released.

Posted by underworldfan [] on 2003/08/14 13:24:32

Almost 6 years... and was a pack that everybody loves it!

What about a turtle map event for this theme?

During the February month? Or the hole march?

Anyone ?
That Just Means 
map floating in the void?

Never made one - I'd participate. Sounds like fun :) 
someting like my sm151 but bigger please :) 
That sounds interesting. A month to do a floating map then? 
Rules ? 
Any rules definition before it starts ? As well as a clear target date ?

Please no more base pack fuzzy timeline please :P 
I would definitely be interested in participating. And yes, hard rules and deadlines plz.

Make sure we post specs as well. What a turtle map means, how big it should be, limits, etc. 
Max 2.500 brushes?

Id only?

one month?

start Counting when everybody is on the ship?(better wait one week to see who is in.) 
Sounds Good. 
Not that I'd participate, but I'd follow it with interest and enjoy the results.

I'd say keep the guidelines to a minimum, other than "floating in space", and the short list Trinca posted above.

One thing I would say, if it's Id only (which is a fair idea, a lot of maps rely on Quouth these days), then add a simple encouragement:

"Aim for interesting gameplay"

(I'd like to see how far people can push simple Id gameplay).

Oh, and I want negke to definitely enter :). As well as all you dudes of course. 
since my english suck hard...

i�m better at making maps then giving rules...

Willem and Ricky shoot!!! 
Well I Dont Know 
Maps must me submitted by the 15th March

Maps must contain no more than 2500 brushes

Maps must be for standard ID1 progs only

Maps must be of the coagula type >8) 
sounds good! 
"Maps must be of the coagula type "

Details plz. :) I wasn't around for the original. Does that just mean "floating in space"? 
Well Apparently ELEK Invented The Style 
Heres what he said in the last competition:

#8 posted by ELEK [] on 2003/01/18 13:53:03
I would like to step in for a sec here and clarify something. Excerpt from the Coagula3 text file "The creation
of these levels follows in the same vein as that of the gameplay. The maps themselves are
an excercise in spontaneous creative impulse. I simply sat down and drew a quick sketch
of the map, found some textures that inspired me, and threw down brushes. Perhaps the maps
aren't as detailed as some of my other work, but the sheer impulsive creative energy that
went into these maps has inspired much of my other more polished work. For me these maps
stand as a testament to taking some risks and doing things that might not be the standard."

Essentially anything with a void beneath it, and dm starts, and a non-traditional theme-concept behind the construction would be a coagula style map. The key is quick....I think I spent about 2 weeks working each time. It might show in some cases....but that quick loose slapping down of brushes, was fullfilling. I guess I would say that I consider Coagula maps to be more like quick sketches one would throw down in their sketch book.

I don't know if that helps any of you....but I am excited to see the results of the contest. I really enjoyed the first go around.

Here's the thread: 
i realy want this to go forward...

is one of my favorit packs :)

if this threath dont go forward i will make a map anyway :)

but thks god i�ve got two dedicated menbers in the boat! 
From What I Reckon 
Floating in space, with a deathmatch-suited layout (the original Coagula map was originally supposed to be DM)

If enough maps are submitted, a start map might be useful (duh)

If the general consensus is "ID1 only" then fair enough, but Quoth has a bunch of stuff that wouldn't be out of place here (trigger_void which is a neater solution than trigger_hurt, hubs, void skybox, etc)

(I might actually shit out a map just for this, but don't hold your breath) 
just started working on getting the last 20% of apsp3 done, but I will enter if I have time. 
I Dont Have A Problem With Quoth Being Allowed 
Sounds Good 
My map for the first one has almost finished compiling actually!

P.S. Thanks Elek 
i�m not a expert in quoth and i now only few commands but if everybody is up to, i must follow... 
Should Be Optional Maybe? 
To Quoth or not to Quoth?

Mapper's discression. 
I would like to enter this, but I have no idea how to set up my gtkRadiant for use with Quoth, so that would suck if it were required or optional.

Regardless, I think March 15th is too much time. I would say by the end of February at the latest. Also, to whom do we submit these maps? 
Zwiffle is also my biggest problem...

no .QrK file for Quark :| only .Fgd 
one of us, just a matter of decide with one... I don�t mind to do it... but as u guys know my English is not a powerful weapon(more like a boomstick)

let�s wait untill tomorow to see who is in and vote! 
OK, OK, Hang On A Minute: 
Lets just have a pack with some Quoth maps and some Id1 maps, all together in the same pack!

All will run under Quoth anyway, so it doesn't matter :D

Trinca - Zwiffle - Anyone - Make an Id1 map
Anyone - make a Quoth map if you want.

All maps will be accepted (?) :) 
If it's Quoth optional, and someone makes a Quoth map, then why not just make it Quoth-required? I would want to make a Quoth map if possible, I just can't figured out how to get it to work in Radiant.

Like I said, if Quoth were allowed it would totally short-change what I would want to do. 
So Does Radiant Use .def Files? 
I made my own .fgd file for WC.

Whats the format for .def files?

I just changed the classname of a feind for example to become an edie or a drole, the enforcer variants and rocket grunts were similar, and Im sure I could figure it out.

I mean IS is def files for radiant? What about Quark? 
As far as I can tell gtk can use .fgd files. 
FWIW, .def files are essentially just dumps of the comment sections that are above each class in the QuakeC source. Assuming the comments are up to date, they are incredibly easy to generate. And I wish the Quoth team would do so. :) 
Not As Easy As You Think 
because a lot of stuff doesn't have comments, so it's not actually a matter of copy and pasting.

in any case, this is the def i use for editing in qe3 (qe3 is .qc files, instead of .def, but format is identical)

very likely there's stuff missing and/or outdated info. i usually don't even bother and just copy and paste whatever entity is close by and rename the classname. :S 
That's why I qualified it with the comments being up to date. If you don't have up to date class headers then it's pretty obvious that a complete DEF file is never going to happen. 
Yeah, but what you're saying is "if the team wrote a def file, then there would be a def file". There's no benefit to the qc to write those comments. 
"There's no benefit to the qc to write those comments."

I can think of one : easy and painless generation of a valid DEF file whenever a new version of Quoth gets released. 
Yes yes, you're advocating that he keep the documentation current, to make it easy to release current documentation. He's saying.. the documentation isn't current because the documentation hasn't been kept current. 
taking some risks and doing things that might not be the standard

sounds good 
I Would Love To See Some Coagula Maps 
with skyboxes. 
"He's saying.. the documentation isn't current because the documentation hasn't been kept current."

I know it's a touchy area for some coders but keeping the class header up to date is a fairly standard thing to do when writing code as part of a group. I know Quoth is a free project that's done because the group enjoys Quake and so on but still ... I think it would get used a lot more, and a lot more effectively, if the DEF file was simply released with each version.

The Quoth guys put together sample maps and a whole web site dedicated to the mod - yet can't keep code comments up to date when a new spawn flag is added? :)

Anyway, it's not that important. I just won't be using Quoth until I can work up the energy to piece together what I need from whatever scraps of info are available.

As far as this map event goes, I'm in! 
You're Missing The Point 
There's no point talking about it like code comments, because there's no point putting it in the code, we might as well just write a def file if we're gonna write a def file. As far as I know, all of the quoth developers use worldcraft, so we're not going to be able to thoroughly test a def file in any case. 
ye, go replay the pack for inspiracion!!! 
It's not my beer, but putting in the QUAKED stuff doesn't cost anything. As for testing, users will do that for you. Sorry for the OT. 
Fuckit - Id1 Then?!?! 
I really dont see why it matters if people make Quoth or Id1?

It should be up to the mapper surely :)

Somebody give me one good reason why we cant just have it up to the mapper. Mappers choice:

1 - All maps must be in by March 8th

2 - All maps must be limited to 2500 brushes

3 - All maps must be of the coagula style to be included in the pack

4 - Any mod you like!

5 - or die 
To maintain consistency within the pack so the maps can be played in sequence (possibly with a start map).

If I think of a second good reason I'll let you know (however, it seems unlikely given my current state ;) 
Too complicated.

Just make maps. Maybe have a hub if anyone can be arsed.

Simpler is a lot better.

It's a good point about skyboxes tho. Would be nice. Surely fitz or something supports them?? 
the previous coagula comps had a custom progs that would reset weapons for each map. (they had hub maps that linked them together, iirc) 
the previous coagula comps had a custom progs that would reset weapons for each map. (they had hub maps that linked them together, iirc) 
LOL, oh man, I'll be happy to play it after all this time. IIRC, it used Lunaran's green Doom3 textures. 
hehe that's the one! Well, not doom3 exactly, that map predates doom3 for sure. It also runs slower! 
the previous coagula comps had a custom progs that would reset weapons for each map. (they had hub maps that linked them together, iirc)

why a start map to reset?
type "map blabla" and all weapons are reset

start map = waste of time mapping... 
simple is best I think :)

*coagula style (void, dmstarts, sp)
*a start map (I'll do it if nobody else can be arsed)
*march 30th

I think it's best to not set any limit on the number of brushes, but a suggested max of 2500 might control people from going crazy and then getting bogged down and losing interest in the map after a week :)

Also, on top of that, I suggest that for consistency all maps should use a skybox, a cd track and the name when entering the level should be formatted in the same way.

Oh, and isn't there a way in id1 to reset weapons when starting a map other than using the episode gate? Maybe we could just use a hack? 
Sounds Good 
Except for the skybox bit. No Coagula-style map ever had anything else than black void. It should stay that way.

Resetting weapons and ammo is possible with a hack. Not sure about armor though. 
Skybox will put things a little weirdo...

Deadline 30 march is perfect... i don�t have much time to map so, i think is cool to have almost two month! 
that's a good point actually, but maybe if we all set the skybox to void and put a black skybox in id1 the maps will run a bit better? Does id1 worldspawn even support skyboxes?

Whatever we do, I just think we should try and be consistent.

Oh, and include all source .map files too perhaps? It's always nice to know you have a safe backup of source maps ;) 
*a start map (I'll do it if nobody else can be arsed)

Actually, I was going to offer. Gives me an excuse/motivation to make something without requiring skill balancing (I can't play Q1 for shite compared to y'all) or frankly, as much effort mapping (been a while ;)...

Altho it'd probably be better as a hub (as Sham pointed out). 
Skybox Should Be Optional 
I think it has good potential. 
Maybe I'll Participate 
not sure though 
How Do We Convince You Spy? 
I like all the rules so far but Mar 30th seems pretty far away. Far enough away that people will lose interest and abandon their levels. What was wrong with Mar 8th which I saw suggested? A month seems more than reasonable for a map like this. 
Willem i dont map at home because i have very few time, so the time i have for mapping is just at launch time at work, but everybody want 8th i make map smaller no big deal.

Let�s just start something :)

I�m pretty sure i can make something proper in +/- 22 hours :) 
It's whatever the crowd wants. I'm easy. Just voicing my 2 cents and gumming up the works, as usual. Ignore me as you see fit. :) 
For me is also o.k ;) 
i have extremely lack of free time :( 
Timescale And Scale 
i make map smaller no big deal.

That's partly the point I think. And in this era, a welcome change from the big epic maps. 
ye, that�s why i call "turtle map"

no huge stuff please!

let�s respect what than advice? 
Final Rules: 
1 - Map must be submitted by March 22nd (heh)

2 - Map must be for Id1

3 - Map must be of the Coagula style (i.e. not overly detailed, abstract and floating in the void)

4 - Skybox is up to the mapper, although if a skybox is used it should be void-like

5 - Or Die !!! 
Oh Yeah: 
6 - Map must be 2500 brushes or less

I think that Id1 will allow a skybox from the worldspawn

I think that a trigger_hurt with a high value will suffice for a trigger_void (only pitfall for that would be a pentegram, and who says a player isnt allowed to rocket jump back onto a map if they have picked up a pentegram) 
"Map must be submitted by March 22nd (heh) "

Day after my birthday. Nice. :) Works for me... 
Just Thought It Was A Happy Compromise 
hopefullly the impatient ones will be pleased its not March 30th, and the ones who are pressed for time will be happy its not the 15th.

You can never please everyone... 
3 - Map must be of the Coagula style (i.e. not overly detailed, abstract and floating in the void)

No major objections, but I feel the black void thing is enough to tie the maps together stylistically, and be in the 'Coagula' style. If people want to make a detailed map, or somehow make a floating space map NOT abstract, it's kinda pointless making that against the rules. 
So these simple roles are enough, or should we discuss more?

1 - Map must be submitted by March 30

2 - Map must be for Id1

3 - Map must be of the Coagula style (floating in the void)

4 - Skybox is up to the mapper

5 - Map must be 2500 brushes or less

Another question, does anyone offers to make a start map or do we skip that? 
since my time is very very short... i already start mapping, brushes respect all engines, mods and bla bla bla!

now please decide, i use use what u guys think is the best. 
Looks Good To Me 
I vote we use those rules for the sake of a good pack, and to start mapping already :) 
Agreed. Map! 
Already Did 
than and negke any sugestion?

or u guys also agree? 
so Zlifle, negke and than are u guys in and agree or have any changes? 
just a small note:

my map will have > size and > quality then Zliffle 
another important question!

who will pack then all?

I make to many errors to compose a .txt please free me of this issue. 
soooo the list is!?!?!


nonentity (start map?)
onetruepurple (are you in?)
negke (are you in?)

meltslime can u change topic please?


Coagula Contest 3 Turtle Map Event.


1 - Map must be submitted by March 30

2 - Map must be for Id1

3 - Map must be of the Coagula style (floating in the void)

4 - Skybox is up to the mapper

5 - Map must be 2500 brushes or less

P.s-> Go map please! 
Count Me In Too 
maybe/ if i'll get enough time 
meltslime can u change topic please?


Coagula Contest 3 Turtle Map Event.

I like the '?', it adds an element of mystery. Count me in too, about time I actually opened an editor. 
welcome a board

Spy and starbuck 
Im In 
please edit the first post 
The more people say they enter, the fewer maps there will be. 

"The more people say they enter, the fewer maps there will be."

I guess because people who get behind will think, "Well, there's a bunch of other guys doing maps so they won't miss this one" and give up? 
Think Positive 
I'm In Too 
Sounds good, I love coagula style maps. 
Little Offtopic Here 
as opposite of the title of rpg's dm map
/me Votes Trinca for World Domination  
Yeh, I'll do the start/hub map. It gives me something to distract from Ableton making me cry... 
I like the brush limit. As I'm working on this level, I find myself looking for shapes that can be represented with single brushes. I've been merging brushes like crazy! :) Probably too much, actually, but I like the mental divergence from just throwing brushes in everywhere. 
The 100 brush competition was before you time (or after, you get my point ;) Willem, but that was the intention behind that one. It made designers think about saving brush counts in a similar (in fact, slightly more extreme) way...

Result pack is still up on Aard's site afaik, you should have a look see. 
In fact;

d/l here;

description here (~half way down page); 
Fuck It 
I'm in as well - just for a break. 
E3M4 would be funky in a Coagula setting! 
But in progress name 'The Swarm' 
You'll have to use id1 ;-)

I suggest magnesium against the cramps, but you'll have to cope with the trauma yourself :-P 

Expect alot of 'no spawn function for' and 'is not a field for'.

Just as long as it doesn't crash :D 
This thing hasn't failed yet? I suppose I'm in it to win it (aka figuratively sodomize Trinca's "map".) 
if Zwiffle > noob than me is map < then mine

Zwiffle please do it!!! i love you and your maps ;) dont fail me. 
I'm going to make something too. A plan is somewhat ready. No mapping done yet. 
guys please just dont make maps to big so we all can finish on time!!!

will be great to have more maps in a pack then in 2001!!!



will be great to have more maps in a pack then in 2001!!!


ahhh another important question!!!

who will pack then all?

not me please...

me and the English language are not good :(

volunteers please? 
I'll Do It If Nobody Else Wants To 
Post on Func,

I suppose I'll make a folder called "coagula3" and put the maps in "coagula3/maps", then zip it and post it on Quaketastic, and put links here as news and

Unless anyone esle wants the job :) 
Make sure that all filenames are lowercase.
And write a readme.

Who is gonna rate the maps though? 
ok, Ricky make the pack, sent to Spirit and he put in filebase!


p.s-> already got 500 brushes!!! 
I havent laid a single brush yet, but the map i have been working on for 16 days has got >1600 brushes :P 
The players :)

Serioulsy though, its a real shame that UWF and Tronyn arent making reviews anymore. Are they? 
Tronyn said maby 15 days ago in General Abuse that he was going to make some soon... 
All levels should exit to start.bsp (assuming this is going in it's on coag3 mod folder).

Any one give me a rough estimate on number of levels gonna need entrances for? 
Already got 700 ;) 
Great idea!
How about every player gets as many votes as there are maps and he/she can bundle them as wanted. Of course somewhat anonymously through some outsider.

I have ~50 brushes so far, but it will get a weird spirit map again anyways. :P 
nonentity, since we are using id1, lets just put the maps in the id1 directory. We could use a naming convention like coag3_name and the start map could be coag3.

As for the number of entrances, maybe just make some kind of structure that is easy to add/remove entrances to/from? Prefab built start map perhaps? Whatever number is estimated will be wrong anyway, so just prepare to have to change lots of stuff on the submission date :) 
That Should Have Been... 
than makes a lot of sense. Just recompiled oxymoron - what the fuck was I thinking when I made that? Nice lack-of-any-visblocking, asshole. Will try to get it running ok anyway.

I'm starting a new simple map though, hopefully this one turns out a little better. 
That Would Work 

If we do it the other way then the player can start via the main menu.

I think we should use a mod folder IF a start.bsp is provided, otherwise just name them as Than suggests? 
That won't reset the weapons. Check the rmxpack thread for the same idea. ;)

People can always manually put the maps into id1/maps/ if they want. 
Ill Try Too 
we can only use vanilla quake textures? 
they just mean it can't require any mods to run. 
375 Brushes In... 
Yeah, not that much but I have yet to add detail. Where is everyone else? 
Same as you - only blocked it out - but it'll be a small map anyway. 
I Wont Start Mine Until The Current Map Is Fairly Complete. 
I will make one though, seeing as the deadline was so far away it will be no problem :) 
535 brushes but i�m not having much time :( lots of work at office and at home my smaller kid is sick :(

thks god the deadline is in end of march... :)

real life is eating me alive!!! 
Re: Reviews 
haven't had the clearing from UWF to do this yet, but he's not too involved these days, so it's worth checking out to see who's out there. It's a very self-regulating community now. Is there anyone (and UWF has said nothing yet) willing to take over the html aspect of UWF's site? I'm willing to do reviews, if not all that often (once or twice a month). Basically every q1sp since UWF went away has been reviewed, except stark monstrosity, but UWF doesn't really have the time to update often (it's been a couple weeks since I sent them in).. so if someone volunteers, he might accept it. 
How is the site done? Is it all hand coded HTML or is there some sort of database driving it? 
Interesting Shots 
I'm wondering if some bits are not built yet or going to be void - like the first shot, maybe having the bottom of the wall finish with broken or dislodged bricks. 
Looks Promising! 
Inside the archways should be the large green stone texture like the walls, rather than the small green brick one IMHO. You look as if you havent decided which yet :)

Good work! 
As Usual 
I am mapping and scrapping and mapping and scrapping and mapping and scrapping and mapping and scrapping and mapping and scrapping so I don't have a single brush yet. 
I Havent Started Yet 
But I will ;) 
mine is going very slowly :( my kid have been sick... fucking tooths :( 
Mine Too 
And I won't have too much time in the next few weeks. 
But Here Are Some Shots 
Niiiice. Castle in the sky stuff is always neat. I especially love the terrain you're incorporating.

Here are some quick shots of mine. This is just the starting area but it's all I have done so far: 
Classic mistake to use arches with that theme. If you want arches, use the small stones or bricks for everything, that works better. Or use really big stones and build "fake arches" like they used in Mykenai, ie two 45 degree planes topping off the doorway. As happens so often, I can't properly explain this in English because it's not my mother tongue.

So I have to use pictures.

Third possibility is to create an arch texture (similar to id's level end portals) and use that. I doubt that Quake has invented the real arch yet, though. 
Looking Good Guys! 
Keep it up, keep going, there's some nice looking stuff there, this should be an ace pak. 
mine is not big enought for shoots :\ 
Quoted For Truth 
Trinca: "mine is not big enought for shoots" 
As For My Map 
It's three towers and a haggis in the middle. Brown bricks, lies hard on the stomach. Truly Scottish. Very un-Scottish in terms of brush count, though. That limit was a silly rule anyway. 
negke was for those that always make maps to fucking big and never finish stuff on time!


I�m having lots of work at my job and at home is almost impossible to map, but i will delivery mine. 
Re: A While Ago 
I think UWF's site is just html, no database or anything.

fired off another email this monday - it's coming up on a month since I sent the reviews. If someone volunteered to take over the site - or even reform it and move it to quaddicted - I'm sure he'd agree. I'd provide reviews, as always. 
if quaddicted already got a map discretions why not add the full review also in the discretions?

i think quaddicted is a fucking great effort from the community especially from Spirit and negke(sorry many others that also gave lots of help), why not put reviews there also?

P.s.-> negke map is already kind of big but the outside is a pretty mess, next week i will gave you guys some pics for sure...

P.s2.-> love you all, bye 
I'd be willing to host a review blog where people could review Quake levels. I could oversee it and have submissions come to me for formatting purposes before posting. Quake levels don't come out so frequently that it would be a huge burden.

I have a few domains that might work for this. For example, I have:

Which seems like a Quake-ish type URL. I could throw a Wordpress blog on there and we're off.

Or we can wait for UWF to get back to Tronyn which shouldn't be taking so damn long. 
Trinca, we were laughing about your tiny PENIS. ;-)

I dunno about adding them to the Quaddicted map pages. It is a rather different approach and I want to stay "short". And just adding a link wouldn't do it justice (those links are already there, thanks to erc).

If you'd like to move the site's hosting over to me ( or something), I'd be honoured.

I would volunteer to update the site for you anywhere! It's such a great resource. But only if I was allowed to change (or add) all the file links to Quaddicted (well, non-Fileplanet), that always bugged me so much. 
Go Spirit! :) 
Spirit i think you want a pic from my penis, you dirty bitch... :\

P.s.-> Sorry but i just love you from what you have been doing with the community not in a gay way :) calm down! 
Um, must the map support singleplayer? 
The rules don't specify which mode the maps needs to support but that was my impression - that this was an SP map pack. 
OK, I'll contribute a map, too. 

"You don't have permission to access / on this server."

When will it actually be live? 
Backing Out 
I'm going to post my map + wad as is (wip) here tonight.

It'd be nice to finish but maybe someone has a use for the scrap - RQ is taking all my time atm.

175 brushes (yes, no progress) a handful of enemies. 
^ That Wasn't Me. 
ijed, ooh, I might do (maybe maybe). 
Space Theme 
With floating junk. 
And a load of blocky brushwork of course. 
Haha, should have told me 24 hours earlier :-D

Mine is mostly finished, apart from actual monsters. I threw it together in a mapping fit last night. Now to polish it. The ending is still missing, too.

Ebon Fortress theme. I need the practice. 
Go Gb. 
Vanilla Quake = massive spawnroom building sessions, cascaded trigger_relays, and error messages like "killtarget X is blocking target Y"

Yay for id1 
What was the trick again to give the player full ammo when he picks up a weapon? 
Multiple Spawning With One Teleport 
I used a trick in apdm3 to spawn a lot of knights near the end by using a little trick I developed because I couldn't be bothered to make 8 or 10 or whatever teleporters to spawn them.

If you create a tall spawn room with a thin teleporter at the bottom and stack the enemies on top of one another so that only the bottom monster is touching the teleporter you can teleport them in (obviously always to the same location) in the sequence they are stacked.

It's a good trick for ambushes but you need to trigger the next monster in the stack to wake up before you trigger the teleporter or it won't drop down into the teleporter.

Anyway, if you want to save on entities and hassle for big ambushes and think this might work, then it might be worth having a look at the map source (included with the bsp) which is available here:

if you are that bothered about the monster wake up sounds, you could always have a small hidden door located near the teleport destination that is triggered as the monster spawns and uses the monster's wakeup sound as its move sound. Bit of a faff of course, and not worth it if you have fewer than 3 monsters. 
Pretty good idea Than. Thanks for the tip.

Id1 hordespawn :-) 
Architecture 99% Is Done 
Looks like its gonna be good ;)

See underneath the gun in the first shot there is a brick texture which is aligned to the world. In WC3.3/Hammer you just highlite it and click "to face" and the problem is then just to align it on the x and y axis :)

A few more details wouldn't kill, like the ceiling in the third shot.....

Damn I was rhinking of doing mine in Mid-evil.......

Maybe metal :D 
whats the difference between align to the world and align to the face? 
Think About A Rubik Cube 
It has 2 faces on the x plane, 2 faces on the y plane and 2 faces on the z plane. If the squares represent a 3x3 pixel image on each face then fair enough. But imagine you make a diagonal cut through the rubix cube (diagonal on only one plane, mind) and look at the new faces created through the split, if they were aligned "to world" then they would have to be stretched across the face in order for the boundaries of the pixels to still be lined up to the same pixel edges as the "straight" pixels on the cubes external faces. If you then made these new stretched faces aligned 1:1 to the face then there would be parts of more then nine pixels visible on the face because the face itself is technically wider than the original 6 faces on the outside of the cube.

Anyone got a less confusing way of explaining it then be my guest!

Hope this helps :) 
..imagine if you got a honeycomb and cut though it diagonally. Then you dipped the sliced honeycomb in ink and made a print from it. The hexagons of the normal honeycomb would be stretched across one or two planes.

Or if you get a round pipe and chop it diagonally, the split would be an oval shape rather than a circle. 
...start with two halves of a grapefruit. Now imagine taking the peels from both halves, and overlapping them to create a sort of saddle shape. If you cut this saddle shape parallel to the inclination of the sun, you will see that the cross section of the grapefruit pieces becomes longer, while the bowl of the saddle becomes narrower. The top of the first peel is aligned to the back of the second peel. Four Earth Quadrants simultaneously rotate
inside 4 Time Cube Quarters to create four
- 24 hour days within one Earth rotation. 
The technical term for what's going on is projection, and it's a good word, because it suggests an easy analogy to what's happening. When you apply a texture, imagine that it's actually being displayed on the surface by a movie projector(*) - you could say it's being projected!

The difference between "world" and "face" is then a matter of thinking about the direction that the projector is projecting from.

The easier case understand one is "face". In this case, the projector is positioned to project straight onto the polygon in question. The beams of light will all be running perpendicular to the surface of the polygon. This is good at preserving the scale of the texture, reducing distortion.

In the case of "world", there are only 6 directions that the projector can face: North, South, East, West, Up and Down. The map compiler looks in the direction perpendicular to the surface, and decides which of the projectors is closest to facing in that direction. It gets a bit stuck in the case of a tie, and just chooses one of the directions. You can see this occur in your first screenshot, where the surface is cut at 45 degrees in 2 planes. The same projection direction is chosen for it as the surface to its left. This is why the textures align, but get skewed across the middle polygon.

"world" projection is useful for preserving alignment, but only some of the time. If you make an archway which goes from horizontal to vertical, and align the textures inside it to "world", then you should be able to spot a cut-off point between two polygons where the projection direction switches from "north" to "up". A misalignment will usually occur there.

Hope that explanation is of some use to you.

(*) Technically, you also need to imagine that the projector is very very far away from the surface so that you don't have to worry that the beams of light from the projector to the polygon would not be parallel in real life. 
Fuck Dude 
crying, it hurts, it hurts, oh please make it stop /n

but seriously. fuck dude 
thanks guys 
I Am Proud Of Myself 
as I did about 20 brushes earlier today. Hooray!

I guess I'll end up with a 100 brush sightseeing (dm) map. 
What Is Rendetring That Image? 
Is that you editor 3D view? If so what editor is it?

Also I too have now laid some brushes! :) 40 so far.... (w0w) 
Mine Almost Completed 
i'll need betatesters soon... 
Mine doesn't really take advantage of the void theme, it's more like a normal id-style map floating in the void. I noticed everybody builds some sort of platforms first, hmm, I pretty much built the walls first and filled in later...

I tried doing some things gameplay wise that didn't work out, partly because the idea wasn't very good and partly because of technical reasons. I would very much like to code my own progs for this, but it's not going to happen. What remains is just a rough indication of what I wanted to do.

My scale also got out of hand, and is pretty hard to fill with standard id monsters. They work best in really cramped places. You can sneak up to Vores and shaft them before they notice you... :-/

Like with most RMQ maps, there is the problem of huge singleplayer scale being bad for deathmatch. You've got to run around a lot until you get to frag someone. There are solutions, but in this particular map it's a bit awkward.

My motivation is pretty low as a result. I want to finish, that's pretty much all.

Lessons learned, though. 
I'll test anything people send me. 
i hope to finish it next week, and i'll send you complete version 
I'm Up For Testing, Too... 
That's just Darkplaces. Looks the same in any other nice engine (with 24 bit texture support) though. I mapped with Blender, loving it. 
Copy'n'paste from some map & texture doodling some weeks go. 
just two pics... but is very fresh ;) need more time to work with it! 
I Guess The Pak Is Delayed :) 
trinca. those shots are feckin' beautiful :) 
thks Spy ;)

i think i can beat the deadline... i�m having more time now... but the start was hard :| 
Trinca: Proof that brown works best in games (also, tried and true theme) ;-)

Spirit: Going experimental visually?

What's the deadline again? 
Oh, and does this have to be a pakfile? That would remove the possibility to play it in a mod, which I would like to strictly oppose. 
It's due at the end of the month, isn't it? 
Yeah, I always liked that.

End of the month, it's somewhere up in the thread.

It does not need to be a pak, but for the weapon removal through the start map it needs to be in its own folder. You could always copy or link the files to a mod or id1. 
March 30th Still AFAIK 
Which is alarming because mappers block has me in the grip of its cold icy fingers.

But I wont let that stop me. There will be a map! From me. On the 30th. 
31th RickyT23 
32th Trinca :) 
Another Dey! 
Base Pack Syndrom Is Back 
... though.... ;) 
JPL STFU... and go map!

u black cheep 
deadline is set... who didn�t make it release seperated... no big deal! 
Beta Testers Needed 
any volunteers ? 
bring it on!

my email is in my info! 
Here, I Am Spy! 
If you want.... 
Here, I Am Spy!

check your mail 
Looking good, Trinca! I've not started placing monsters yet but I'm approaching 1,000 brushes now. It turns out 2,500 was actually pretty generous. :) 
finally something none base from you :) i like those breaking parts 
Nice Ricky. Looks like an updated version of E1M5 (which was always my favourite original map).

On an unrelated note, finally tried out fitz 0.85 to check the level number (leave me alone, I haven't played the original maps in a while ;). The intel GMA loves your optimisations metl... 
thanks a lot :) it was fun to watch 
Spy, You Got Mail... 
Right on time.

I'm amazed by my precision!!!


Hope it's useful... 
The Silent 
So we are almost in deadline!!!

Who thinks it can finish until 31 march?

I will got mine already made!!!

Don�t forget sent all the maps to

And Ricky will pack then all, and sent then to Spirit upload and make text ;)

God bless you all and keep the good work! 
I'll try. I have a decent base to work from I just gotta get into high gear... 
My map isn�t what I wanted to be... but past month and this one were really short for mapping: \ so I�m going to delivered what I had time to make. 
Im On Course 
I guess! I've done 1400 brushes, and in my head I have planned out the rest, so I shouuld be able to get it done for the end of the month! :P 
Man, I wish I had more time to sit and map. It's such a great hobby but there's so little time for it - and I don't even have kids! I don't see how people with kids find time to do anything at all. 
I won't make it. As usual my imagination is far beyond my skills and Quake's capatibilities. My mapping habit of one hour per week is a BIT slow... And mapping mostly in Blender is kinda awkward as I have no idea how to get textures in there... 
Willem i map at work ;)

At home is impossible, any inspiration you may found the kids blow with screams :| 
Haven't Had Any Time 
been crunching at work (nearly over) and very unlikely I will be in the mood for mapping when it's over because I had a minor hernia from sitting in front of a computer too much :/ 
pack will be out anyway even if it have 2 or 3 maps!

than and other�s we understand, that�s the way life is... i was about to quit to, but my boss took vacations... ;)

i can map more then 1 hour :) so i will have a map! 
#82 posted by negke [] on 2009/02/06 16:29:57
The more people say they enter, the fewer maps there will be.

Also, don't forget the VIS time - with such maps, it might exceed the deadline easily.

My map needs another room or two as well as complete lighting and gameplay. I can resume working on it next week (after a forced five-week break). Fingers crossed.

Too bad some of you can't make it. I would've loved to see a map from than especially. Spirit, on the other hand, should've spend less time practicing QL to pwn me and more on mapping. ;) 
I Think I'll Finish Mine On Time.. 
It's about half done, but it's small and I have the rest of it planned out. I'll post a screenshot later :) 

Thats 5 - 7 entries! Not bad :) 
My List Was 
nonentity (start)
spy can i sent you my map for beta? 
mine won't be big, because I have an exam tomorrow and a lot of other stuff to do.
statics suck :( 
rudl mine isn�t big also... at least we made something ;)

you should be proud!!! 
Thats True 
ok, big thanks to my boss that is in vacations!!!

finish the map today! just need some fixes here and there ;) 
I Got Two Questions 
trigger_changelevel should be linked with map start? and what should be the map name? mine would spycoag3 
i linked to end.bsp :)

spy you got mail!!! 
I started a map, but then lost interest, but since I've got ~ a week or so off of work I might make a small turtlemap out of what I've got. It won't be good, but it should be better than nothing I might think. 
who will make start map? 
I dreamed that it was the 30th last night and there was no way I was getting my map done on time. Good times. 
U got mail. 
Won't his email program tell him that? 
It's Portuguese. 
Same As 
My English version of Google is erratic and crashes constantly on friday nights. 
Gmail I Mean 
zomggg ijed you are learning my friend!!!

almost everyone write Portugese

but you wrote is nicely man you rock... you already can come live in this heaven

Willem I honestly didn�t like you much in the early day I meet you... but you rock man big hug!!! 
I've been taking some time out for something unrelated, but I will submit a map. It won't be very good though, as I said, I lost my mapping impulse after my stuff didn't work out. So the deadline for sending it to Ricky is the 31st? 
yes, and Spirit will make text and upload in 1st aphil 
1st April 
no way :) 
Here's a screenshot:

Still have to complete the area past the archway on the right, and polish the rest. 
I like the weirdness of it; the skybox is very appropriate
I also like the blatantly a-gravitational nature of the structure on the right side; the "absurd" theme in Quake should be explored further.
If I remember correctly you also made one of the better maps in the Lost Chapters. Keep it up. 
a skybox in a coagula map!

looks cool btw. 
looks very evil!!! and is a good thing :) 
looks very cool 
Oh Oh Oh 
... indeed, the skybox is very good: what is it ? 
if nobody's wanna make the start map, i'll make it, but i have to know how many will be entries to add an individual exit for each map, or i'll made the raw version of start map and send it to ricky and he'll add the exits
any suggestions? 
1st April 
I would really REALLY love to release the pack at the 1st of April. It would fit perfectly into my secret masterplan for that particular day. 
if nobody's wanna make the start map, i'll make it

I said Hmm dammit! Start map is still mine...

Although, yeh, I could do with knowing how many maps there're going to be. Can support up to 4 straight up atm, with easy addition of another 4. If there's more than 8 I'll have to expand it, but I can't see that happening... 
I said Hmm dammit! Start map is still mine...

Thanks For The Comments :) 
JPL: I made the skybox from this Hubble image:

Nyort: Thanks! Yeah, I like the "absurd" theme. 
I Take It That Skyboxes Are Allowed Then :) 
I wouldnt mind using one on my map.

Spirit: I dread to think what the masterplan is!

My intention is to get all of the content, put it in a zip with the file structure etc, email nonentity, tell him how many maps there are and what they are called so he can complete the start map, wait for the start map, put it into the zip file and then send the whole thing to Spirit for a readme.

nonentity: What say you to this sketchy plan? Also I think there will be more than four maps, so the eight-start version should perhaps be prepared for now..... ? 
Oh And Trinca: 
er... maybe make the exit target start.bsp? 
Nice resource there. 
no just start.bsp

Im guessing the coagula3 pak will be run in its own gamedir. So you'll have to extract the zip to quake\coagula3, and run quake with the command line "-game coagula3".

And then you will be able to start the pack from the Quake menu! :D

Or am I wrong...... ? 
Why not send it to Spirit right away then?

There's no need for an individual folder if the start map uses the backpack.touch hack than mentioned (=keep it simple/id). But even if you insist on releasing it as a mod, please don't put the files in a pak. 
Nice image, and good work :) Is there any tutorials that would explain how to create skyboxes from such images ? 
ok, we will sent then to Spirit untill end of 31th March.

now how should we name the map?

I'd Say 
coag3_trinca.bsp, coag3_dude, coag3_start

That trick looks great, yay! 
OK, Thats Cool By Me! 
so mine will be called coag3_ricky.bsp, and the exit will target coag3_start.bsp, and I'm sending it to the long-suffering Spirit on March 30th :)

Probably with a skybox :D 
coag3_trinca.bsp, coag3_dude, coag3_start
That trick looks great, yay!

is this necessary to name the map that way? 
spy i also think that make things simpler 
Nah, but I strongly recommend it. That way people can easily choose a map from the pack by tab-completion (on engines with that). Just "coag3<tab>, yay". 
That way people can easily choose a map from the pack by tab-completion
ok, i see
i just wish i had time to made a map with more layout :\ maby next time...

at least i already saw one small but with a fantastic layout ;) 
email nonentity, tell him how many maps there are and what they are called so he can complete the start map

As long as that's done by someone, I'm not fussed who they're sent to... 
i think at east 5 maps are garentie


name is nick with coag3_ before 
Where did all the maps go?! Didn't like 12 ppl announce maps?

gb the formula is almost this.


A constant of 4? 
I haven't seen a tutorial on how to make a skybox from an image like that one, most tutorials discuss using terragen or other 3D tools.

I didn't use anything fancy, just cut sections from the image with GIMP. I started with a selection of six 256x256 tiles arranged in a T shape. This gives 5 seams which are already "correct" and 7 which will be visible seams. Then I copied and pasted bits of the image to cover over the 7 seams to hide them. It turned out okay - if you look carefully you can see a few seams. 
nonentity i think there are more then 4 but i�m not sure...

mine and spy are done... just some easy small fixes the rest i dont know...

but ricky and negke will not fail for sure

the others i have no idear if they will finish on time but i�m pretty sure they will try to finish ;) 
OK, so very good work has it has been done manually: very impressive :)
Keep it up ! 
but ricky and negke will not fail for sure 
"Where did all the maps go?! Didn't like 12 ppl announce maps?


I think people WANT to do things like this but real life intrudes or they lose momentum or whatever. It's life. It isn't like it was any different back in the day either. :)

Hell, I'll have a map to turn in but it won't be everything I wanted it to be. I'm already trying to figure out a quick way to wrap it up in order to get it done in time. It's going to be extremely tight for me. 
Well Thats Six For Sure: 
Me (RickyT23)


thats 1/2 of 12! :)

Yeah - so nonentity, there will be atleast six starts needed! 
Willem everybody understand life is always first if my boss didn�t took vacations I didn�t finish, and my map isn�t what I expected to be... suck hard but at least I done something


Weren�t you that said in the early days that should be until end of Feb.? 
I Hit The Static Entities Limit Yesterday 
what a pain! I cant light the entire map with flames and torches :(

Have to put in some weird lights instead! 
"Weren�t you that said in the early days that should be until end of Feb.?"

Yep. As usual, my ambitions exceed reality. :) 
Start maps have feelings too. 7 maps! 
Trinca Et Al 
Well, for a start let's say Ricky won't fail for sure... 
Ok, mine was already delivered!!!

Go map lazy bitches!!! 
I hope a zombie eats your spleen. And then throws it back at you as you watch. 
Willem the zombie can eat some inches of my cock because is to fucking big,my womens will thanks then forever because i cause then to many pain :p 
Not the spleen!

(My alt line was; Ow! My squeedeleespooge!) 
OK, Im almost there, will go into alpha tomorrow (lol!) 
this is really good news :) 
Almost Done.. 
procrastinating/busy as usual, but I will send mine in tomorrow (well, the 30th) :)

Just to double check, we send them to Spirit, and the start map is coag_start.bsp? 
Argh I Meant To Say Coag3_start.bsp 
yes, ericw congrats for been in the deadline hour!!! :)

at least will be 4 maps ;) not bad at all 
I'll have something to turn in. It won't be what I wanted it to be but, hey, more maps is always good right? :) 
of course it is ;)

mine isn�t also what i wanted... but my personal life dont give me time for more... 
Haha, negke sucks!

Definitely going to finish it, though. Expect the release next QExpo. :P 
Send The Map To Me Negke! 
your computer sucks in fullvising maps 
Yeh, coag3_start.bsp 
Map tomorrow, Ricky 
Wait, I send it to Ricky, right? Not spirit? 
awkey. not today though. tomorrow after it hopefuilly fullvises. also needs 50 more monsters. 
I'm tweaking gameplay on mine and will need to finish up tomorrow morning. Probably have to send it in the evening after letting it fullvis all day. 
same here. 
Take Your Time 
I will package them in about 24 hours. 
I had a very late night last night, it was gone 5:00am when i retired to bed, and here i am four hours later, sat at work.

Vis takes about 5 hours, still running from when i went to bed!

Technically the map is in beta atm. It went from WIP to alpha to beta last night! I got some good feedback, as well as someone found a shortcut which would have screwed the map slightly so thank god for that! (well Trinca actually, but the two are close)

So yeah - i will have to make a few final adjustments after work, then re-compile and send to Spirit, probably in about 16-18 hours from now...... Yay!

NB: It would appear that using the info_notnull ogre grenade explosion hack breaks the reaperbot mod. I had intended to to some testing for the DM mode. The map has about 10 DM starts as well as a few added weapons, and very minor flow differences, it should be OK for DM, but I have never made a DM map before. If I type "deathmatch 1" in Fitz, then "kill" it seems to work fine - each one of the spawnpoints works, so hopefully that will be OK!

Setting the info_ntnulls to "not in deathmatch" via spawnflags doesn't seem to remove them. I'm assuming you can't remove info_notnulls from the map in this way. 
Ok, deadline is here!

I just want to leave some few words!

I want to thanks all the involved guys, even the ones that wanted to map, but real life eat then alive.

I�m glad there is a lot of people in this community that still spare some of there free time to map for such an old but great game as Quake is.

Big thanks to all.

kisses to negke and hugs to all 
ahhh one thing!!!

Ricky please get a job in the industry of gamming man, you was born to map... 
I'll send you my map sometime tonight Spirit. It's still early, early morning here in America. :)

And since my map was barely finished at all, no DM support! 
Spirit, map late evening German time.

It went from WIP to alpha to beta last night!

Sounds familiar. 
I'm almost done! Will send to Spirit tonight when I get home (8-9 hours from now).

I'm actually pretty happy with the gameplay and how some things play out in the map. It's neat. I wasn't all that happy with it until I started getting the monsters in there and tuned correctly. Hooray! 
My map is done, it's in the final build.

There are some misaligned texes, but this was just due to the tight (relatively) deadline. I'll include the source, so anyone who really cares can please fix them himself. :)

It supports coop and DM, though.

I hate spawnrooms, this is my last vanilla Quake map. Number one annoyance with id1. I have like 40 spawning monsters.

The second huge annoyance is the limited number of targets/targetnames and the third would be no spawnable items (wait till you see the map).

Spirit, map'll come like 10 or 11 PM I guess. But you're probably packaging them tomorrow anyway. 
I'm working on west coast US time for this one, need a few more hours to tidy up the lighting.

But I need a map list before I can even final compile anyway, so figure I can afford the hours without slowing down the pack release... 
nonentity wait for a email from Spirit...

1st of April is the full day to compile the stuff... take your time no stress... 
Very Very Stupid Error 
My map is fullvised and even sent to Spirit - but it appears to be broken in id1. You get all the items immediately because of a target/targetname/killtarget messup that on paper looked id1 compatible, but doesn't work.

Apparently certain killtargets and targets block each other in a complicated way.


I will not be able to fix this in time, thus I must resign.

I built the offending part while still testing in RemakeQuake, and later switched back to id1 and everything looked good, so I went back to RMQ. I am pretty sure I used *no* RMQ specific features.

I was very short on time, so it didn't show earlier.

I might put the map out anyway, just for shits and giggles. It is playable, but off balance now.

Off balance is better than nothing! I say include it. 
Let�s do something?
please all that are in take day 1 to make final builds... post today everybody that have a map for noent make start map!

And release day 3 of April?

I think 2 or 3 days isn�t bad at all since maps are almost done?

What u guys think? 
It Looks Like 
Trinca, ericw and myself think that 1-2 days more could be good.

I know I could at least fix my map then. Anyway, I'll wait until tomorrow and see what happens. Any way is fine, since luckily this is just for fun :) 
i delivered mine last week i�m having lots of work, and i dont have time to map :\ my map is small but was what i could have made :|

just enjoy it as it is... 
i think Ricky still need some time to... i think 2 days will be good for everybody!

and as far as i know we will have!!!

coag3_negke -> will be delivered later!

so there is 8 maps 
I Vote For 2 Days More 
not that I have a map for you :) 
The ID1 glitch with killtargets is "If the killtarget is set, the target does not fire". I'd bet that the map can be fixed with just a bit of entity hacking, so that the vis data doesn't have to be lost. e-mail me a copy, and I'll see if I can do it tomorrow evening. 
ID1 means you'll need an extra trigger_relay per event.

AguirRe Quake shows a message letting you know a killtarget is blocking a target.

Hm. Maybe include specific killtargets, like Q2.

Although I remember your entity hacking method in the old progs new tricks thread, Preach. 
trigger_relay can be a point entity so no need to rebuild your bsp, just update the entities, unless there's something more complex that needs to be done. 
2 More Days Sounds Good 
Sorry for the stalling.. I'm now fullvising.
I'll see if anyone on irc is willing to beta test tomorrow :) 
It would be a shame to lose some maps just because of (selfmade) pressure!
April 3 sounds good. 
Well Mine Is Sat On My HDD! 
I re-adjusted a couple more things last night, mainly to stop Trinca from being able to speedrun it. And to put another secret in. :)

Im having a couple of evenings off mapping now!

Well done all, good to hear that there are plenty entries! 
negke can u do it untill 3? 
Grr ... Well, I sent mine in so I'm done. Whenever y'all get your acts together we can get this pack done. :) 
negke you shouldn�t sleep untill friday and map like a maniac.

now go map! 
So what's happening with this thing then? We're waiting until Fri to release? 
There will be 8 maps...

But only 7 until Friday...

Negke map will take a life time to fullvis!

I think when Spirit got the 7 maps he will talk with nonentity for the final setups about the pack!

If the 7 guys involved sent it over early why not release before Friday?

Spirit how things going? 
I'll send mine to Spirit in the evening, so I guess he'll put them up tomorrow or, if the startmap has to be tweaked, perhaps the weekend.

Relax. This isn't Base Pack. We're not talking "six months until the progs is finished" here ;-)

nobody is stressed i was first to say delay and mine is finish long time ago...

this is not for money... i think delay a little will not kill anyone!

Of course basepack was a abuse!!! but this is history. 
I just want to know what to expect is all. "A small delay" is vague and unsatisfying. "It will be out on Monday" is concrete and something I can relate to. 
Preach, thanks but I also had to change some textures. Map is finished and sent. 
Good going Trinca for organising this, alot of maps it looks like. 
That my entry died a death. 
I'll Be Sending Mine In A Few Hours 
I got some beta feedback today - thanks spy and TheSilent. 
I received maps from

ericw is testing, will submit soon.


negke needs some arousal so he can finish off for a change. :(

Trinca, I dropped out earlier. 
Six Maps 
+ negke's map later, not bad 
Spirit you lazy bitch :p

Stop been raped by negke on Quakelive and go map :)

I want to thks all that have been involved in this...

6 maps is deadline is great!

thks all and I cant wait to play then all :)

Since I only played 2 and they are much much better then mine small map based in sm151 :p

Sorry, but my time as been really short ;)

Hope you guys like it, and I�m pretty sure i will get the 6 place! But I�m happy with me because I did something :)

i want to thks Necros again for the lights teaching that make the map look sexy because of him ;) with the lights skills i use to have the map would look fucking ugly :p 
Trinca, it's ok. Concerning smallness, your map is the least thing you have to worry about.. >;)

I'm a little surprised there are so many entries after all. What about the start map now? Can't wait to play the pack. Maybe this will arouse me - I'm motivationally challenged as usual. 
Map Sent (finally!) 
Sent my map to Spirit.. sorry to hold things up. Can't wait to play the pack :) 
"Maybe this will arouse me - I'm motivationally challenged as usual."

This pack was good for me in terms of length. I didn't get it ALL done but at the very least, I was able to take a break from the project a few times and come back to it, maintaining motivation. When the deadline is too tight and I lose motivation, that's basically the death knell for it. 
Whoever Makes The Start Map... 
...I suggest to include an exit to negke's, even if he's late.

Just so that we can play the whole without console hassle...

And to add that little mora motivaton to the cahellenged... 
That's More, Obviously... 
I Probably Should Have Made Myself Clearer 
My map isn't going to be finished in the next couple of days or so; it'll still take a good while (especially since I'm short of time at the moment). You can add a courtesy exit of course, but I guess by the time I get to release the map, everybody will have long deleted the pack anyway. 
it could be done a entrance to negke map with a msg...

"that bitch didn�t finish the map because he was rapping spirit in quakelive" 
Except That 
Spirit was rapping me. Fo shizzle. 
hehe Spirit let�s play QL tonight :)

I want to test your evil skills 
Negke, I See What You Mean... 
...but I constantly have ALL my collection of custom Q maps&episodes from 69 on installed, never delete them.

Go figure. 
Is It Possible To Have An "edit" Function? shoulda been

"custom Q maps&episodes from 1996 on"

Maybe negke's teleporter could just gib you when you try to enter it. That would seem appropriate. :P 
Appropiate it would be if it started throwing feces at you.

Trinca: If I am around, sure! Befriend Schbirid. 
Spirit... I Wouldn't Advise You To Do So... 
... Italian cooking can be very heavy on the stomach...

Even more so, the post production, throwable thingie... ;) 
I had really no time until now, still half finished.
BUT easter break started toady, and I will find time to map. 
rudl, are you talking about coag3?! I believe the pack will be out today. 
I know 
Since the moderators seem to be a) not aware of their capatibilities, b) masturbating and c) playing World of Warcraft plus metl sleeping, here is the link to the pack: 
It's Released 
lol :) 
Holy Dragon Shit 
it's released 
So This Was 6 Years Ago Already 
And back then, it was 6 years since coag2.

Anyone up for one more coag run after jam 4? 
Coag4: Floating Bricks In The Sky 
If this is real, i�m going to burn you all so mean. 
you know, now that there's the dirt mapping thing in tyrlight, it actually might be a good idea to revisit this theme as wide open maps like this benefit a lot from AO/GI. 
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