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Q1SP: Digs06 - The Anomaly 2: Water
To map want to use oldstyle water. So before the game read the section "Recommends" in the file digs06.txt. At the moment, the best engine for this map is RMQ. Equally important is the transparency of water. I recommend r_wateralpha 0.3

ps. I host my site is antihotlink, thus giving a reference not to the map, and on the page. If someone has the opportunity, upload the map in another place.

Quaddicted mirror:
Oh Shi... 
going to sleep now... will play this later! O_O 
Jesus What 
Number of Secrets: 20 
This Has To Be Seen To Be Believed... 
First run, did ti on skill 1, figuring a Digs map would have featured enough challenge anyway.

Boy, was I right...

Managed to die @ final fight anyway.

Beware: 33,1 mb zip of a 130+ file. Long and boring as hell. Recorded over 3 hours while working, so there are a lots of mistakes and boredom going on. People kept popping inside my office.

This is a real beauty.

And if you thought previous Digs' maps were mindfuckers, think again...

Great job. 
Digs Is The New Markus Klar 
Awesome level. Nonlinear, heavy exploration and lots of mindtricks again. Prepare to get lost and/or confused. :)
Good style and some really epic areas, like that wheel thing, and other warped ones. Some of the jumping bits were a little frustrating at times. 20 secrets, that must be a new record. I only found 4. I died a few times on skill 2, but only due to being cornered and boss'd, so no unfair situations overall.

At first I set wateralpha too high, but 0.3 is good and necessary here. Interesting use of water textures on the tubes.

Thanks for this excellent release!
Here, have some demos in return: (Fitz085) 
By The Way 
Which compiler(s) do you use? I noticed the solid sky here and in your speedmaps. Usually only very old versions of QBSP do that. Or did you forget to set -transsky on TreeQbsp? 
Fitz085 As Well. 
But SDL on a mac. (Quakespasm). 
Utilities Bengt Jardrup. I cover brush the sky which is the usual texture, and texture of the sky imposed only on the visible face. Therefore, the sky turns solid 
This way it doesn't remove projectiles. 
Excuse me, do not really understand the question ... When one side is the usual texture brush, brush the whole becomes solid. Outsiders him ejected. There is a suspicion that water is working well: if one side other than water, then it will not be possible to swim 
My question was if you did that on purpose, with the intention of making the sky solid. Because normally the whole brush needs to be sky-textured for the projectile removal to work (you know, when you shoot a rocket into the sky and it disappears and not explode like here). 
Yes, did it on purpose. For some reason I like it :) 
Very fun and diverse, there was something interesting every several steps ahead. Nice 'deceptively classic' style, felt a bit futuristic and clean in some parts but was very good otherwise. Some great moments like the huge circular area. My favorite part was probably the place where simple jumping from crate to crate turns out to be something bigger. :)

I did mess up pretty badly with the last button though, and ended up noclipping. Sorry about that :(

50 minutes of tedium and frustrated noclipping (host_framerate 0.04 is your friend): 
Not sure if I broke it or if I am just too dumb to figure out how to progress. I kinda-trickjumped over the barrier in the "big wheel" room and found that lg secret but neither of the barriers in the waterways of that room are opening. 
30 Min Demo 
until its been crashed


great level with bizarre layout and confusing gameplay :) 
What's with all the crashes? Before recording the demo I got a hunk_alloc error twice (fitz 0.85). 
You Have To Increase Max_edicts To 8092 Or Something? 
Mine was a Host_Error: SOLID_BSP with a non-bsp model when I shot rockets at the "zombies" in the lg secret. 
spy: According to digs this map needs 1500, my default is 2048. 
Mine was a Host_Error: SOLID_BSP with a non-bsp model when I shot rockets at the "zombies" in the lg secret.

mine was similar , when i shot rl to quad secret? 
The crashes are caused by four func_ entities (two walls, two doors) without brushes attached. This happens easily with Radiant when deleting brush entities 'manually'. Can be fixed by extracting the ent list, deleting these four entities and inserting it back with qbsp/light -onlyents. 
Bengt Jardrup's Glquake displays a warning for such things in the console when loading the map on developer mode. 
Oh, And 
Hunk_alloc is because you need to increase the heapsize for this map. 
The Map Src Is On The Website, Btw. 
So i the src for digs05. :)

Also, there might be some textures flipped, though it might be intentional ;). here is a screenshot. 
Extremely Creative 
Had so much fun with the creative level design, with water tunnels (felt like I was playing portal!) and great architecture. This is top quality. And somehow refreshing.

Unfortunately I also died when rocketing the zombie signs with the "Host_Error: SOLID_BSP with a non-bsp model" :( 
Finished It 
Finished it anyway, by pure luck I had a quicksave close to the crashing area. 52:32, 12/20 secrets, 152/153 kills, easy skill. Loved every bit of it, except the crash of course. 
another ������� mapper. i must have missed something. i'll give a feedback soon 
All many thanks for the response and great demo. I looked all (although for some used host_framerate)

hunk_alloc: I started fitz085 with -heapsize 48 000 and max_edicts 4096, and in secret with LG, shot by a zombie, and I have no problems 
I'm Stuck 
got to the waterwheel room and went down a few tubes to a place with a YA and Ogre up top. There are some bars which need a button to open.

I can see the button but cant get to it as it is upside down. How do I get there? 
Jump on the boxes to the lamp above the entrance to the corridor with the button. From there, jump on the ladder that leads to a button 
dont see a ladder. 
nitin: Not a ladder, looks more like stairs. In such areas you have to look around for things to jump on.

digs: The rogue func entities I mentioned that lead to the crashes for some people are a real issue even if you didn't ran into it, and I hope you're going to release a fixed version. Just delete them from the .map and do a quick recompile with -onlyents (no need for a full compile). 
Found all four func_ without brushes, and removed them. Rebuilt and put on your site 
... my website. bad that you can not edit message 
a long, quakey map. Maybe a little too long, or maybe it's just because i got lost, but i felt it lasted longer than it needed to. Fun, inventive environments and secrets. Bonus points for all the loops and route choices.

(normal skill)
time: 55:05
secrets: 7/20
monsters: 201/205 
"You fixed it. Thanks" made me laugh. 
Quaddicted Is Updated With The Fixed One 
Neat map, seems you took the odd room orientation aspect of the first map and played around with it more here, though I was expecting to see a lot of those layout mind games. I guess it's a good thing though you're trying something different. As such, I hope there's an Anomaly 3 down the road!

No demo from me. Played a bit in Fitz before switching over to RMQEngine for it, forgot to record there. 
This map is too complex and open for me. I got stuck again (found an awesome secret (quad&pent) though) in the big vertical round room. 
Very interesting map. Cool ideas. How can you create those levels without getting a headache? I have moved at random and also assumed that the way to the 5 switches will open with progress. Then it showed that a careful planing was needed to reach each of the spots.
Skill 1 wasn't difficult which was good. I always like this kind of monster/weapon mix in a map also.
The level was neatly built with nice set-pieces and mind boggling route.
Waiting for your next map.
My first play demos (24MB): 
Thanks again for your feedback, and demo

Ankh, no headaches, I like it 
I Give Up 
managed to rocket jump to that button but I still cant find the last of the 5 switches.

Maybe I will tray again from scratch another time, too frustrated and have a headache right now. 
finally had time to play this!

Fantastic gameplay, and lots of fun parts... got stuck in a area that maybe is easy but I didn't get it... :\ near the end!

3 demos all first 3 demos use different roots :) two noob deaths :(

Anyway had a problem at quaketastic to upload...

then had to put in megaupload :) 76 mb if you are up to see a noob lost everywhere :) ok I wasn't that lost :) the map wasn�t that complex, but gameplay was thought and fun!

very nice release if was I that rate this deserve 5***** 19 of 20

thanks for many hours of fun, will replay soon, know have more maps to play... still have tronyn unforgiving to play :) 
Better Than Klar 
I got right to the limit of confusion in this guy, but mostly due to the gold key door being subtly placed.

I had thought I might shrink and go into that aquarium... would have been cool - not that there isn't enough awesomeness in this already...

You rule. Thank you. 
Guys, thanks for the great demo! 
Nice Map 
looks very complicated at first play, but after a coupel of times its not that bad, many route possibilitys, i just did Easy Run in 4:48 first finish after exploring. 
Thank You For Your Interest. 
On SDA take big maps? Or they have a requirement the card should work on a standard engine? 
some tweaks and bit more effort shaved of a minute: 
Afaik only demos are accepted recorded with Id executables or Joequake. 
Demo: It is interesting to happen. Particularly pleased with the capture of a second golden key 
2nd Gold Key 
Yeah thats a fun trick, if you do it "to precise" you can fall down and then you're locked up (but you can still kill the shambler to unlock yourself) 
Ha! It's really funny. I have not even thought about this scenario, or would like to add a trigger 
digs is the new speeds reborn!

humm what about speeds? never saw him again I miss him :( 
No Offense To Speeds 
but this map is better, imho, than any he created. His textures are awesome as shit though 
Drew as because of location, they are both Russian :) different stiles of course Digs is a awesome mapper as Speeds is :) I'm not making any separation of skills.

This forum is full of quality mappers that deserve to work in level design� and I�m pretty sure I�m not one of then :) 
This map hits the sweet spot in so many ways. Cheers ;> The waterwheel room is pure mind-bending genius.

I never got stuck for long, though spent a while looking for the last trigger off some previously missed door. 
lots of good comments... i think i will have to wait until the weekend to play this though! 
Necros, the map is fantastic... lots of cool idears... and not to much hard and frustrated!

very fun gameplay, one of the best releases of the decade in my opinion! 
Hmmm... Mind Games. 
9/20 Secrets. 
Digs I hate you.

Fascinating map. 
There's a hidden passage in the room with the Quad and LG secret. 
Its Half A Penta! 
Small route change and couple more boosts: 3:33 
14/20 Secrets 
on second walk through 
Would Be Nice 
If silent or someone else could post a demo with all 20 secrets, i found about 15 aswell, one i didnt find is the LG secret everyone is one about and from my head i spotted 3 quads, could be a fun one to record a 100% demo aswell with all that quad and most weapons available early 
I'd Be All For It, Orbs... 
...but, take it from me...

Finding all secrets in this map will crack you up. I don't wanna spoil it for people who have not found them all.

They're a hell lotta fun. And, there are even a coupla fake baits... Gotta love this.

Still... if you people want, I can record a 100% demo and post it... 
Completly Different Route 
Tried looking for a all secrets and i did find a couple more now (i was at 17) then i all of sudden thought of this route and gave up the browsing for secrets. one more good tweak and it I might get within 3 mins.

3:17 : 
Orbs, Cool! 
Always dreamed about creating or at least playing a map with water used like this. Now my dreams came true. Pure awesomeness! 
Finally got around to downloading this and having my first play through of it, and WOW, this is incredible.
Just when you think people have exhausted the limits of what is possible with vanilla quake, someone comes along and pushes the boundaries even further.
I got lost a few times and got a bit confused, but eventually worked out all the puzzles.
Incredibly innovative and well thought out map.
Fantastic work Digs! 
quakis, thank you very much for the review, an interesting look at my creations. For me it has become commonplace in the making, so I have not experienced such feelings in the same way that you do. 
You need to make more maps, seriously.

And Daz, you need to customgaymer this. 
Thanks, but now I have a little free time 
I did already, and failed so hard at it :) 
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