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Explore Jam 1 Released
Two experimental Q1 SP maps made in two days by Sock and PuLSaR.

No monsters. 1024 cube.

Run. Jump. Explore.



Don't forget to record a demo.
Does exactly what is promised. Good, fair execution of a potentially annoying theme. Nice styles too. 
Tried To Download It, But 
it says "bad request". 
d/l link works fine for me 
It wasn't announced here, sadly. Would love to join. 
This jam was announced by Sock on twitter on Sunday. I think it's a good idea to repost such announcements in GA next time. 
Cool ! 
Nice little maps !

I much prefer sock's map, because of its "out of this world" architecture. Pulsar's map is much harder to do, and the geometry is too simple for my taste (too "square").

I activated the secret in sock's map, but wasn't able to find its entrance.

Also, dropping just a few monsters in there would be fun too (depending on the difficulty setting). Easy : no monster at all. Nightmare : well, nightmare number of monsters with Texan style action ! ;-)

Just a small crittic : the small disks floating inside the arches are too crude for my taste. They feel so "unrealistic" or so "old computer game", I think it would be better to make them differently, or adding more polygons to them, so they look like round instead of this crude "supposed to be round" shape. They don't feel "quacky". 
How do I keep missing out on all these map jams?

Looks interesting, will have to try them later. 
Sock's general procedure with map jams is to announce and organise them as secretively as possible, to prevent any people actually entering ;) 
That Was Fun 
You Should Follow Him On Twitter. 
My Demos 
first time I've submitted demos. 
Really Great Concept

Pulsar: Lovely little tutorial to start off the jam! I liked the many ways to find buttons and transverse through the area. I could not figure out how to lower the last button's platform however as you will see in the demo.

Sock: Very nice looking design, the entire level flows and it was good fun finding all of the buttons. I found "2" parts of what must be the secret but failed to find anymore. I will have to go back in and search!

If anything, these levels give great ideas for secrets in regular maps. Nice job you two! 
Looks cool, too bad it was announced here, I love exploration maps. Not sure what the point of keeping it secret was? 
Awesome Idea. 
I like that kind of secrets and neat jumps to get there.

Almost gave up on Pulsar's map. Was searching in all the wrong places. Platform lowering hidden switch was a bit too dark imho. Wasn't hard to find, but hard to see.

Not saying it wasn't fair, probably just me being blind, but I searched for last button for far too long to really enjoy second half of session.

Sock's map after that was a walk in the park. Wherever you go - there is a button waiting 8)
And much more ramp jumps that isn't very hard to execute, but look cool and make you feel like a defrag pro.

Fun Little Thing.. 
I spent a few hours making a map myself but it was trash. Then I had a second idea but I had no time left.

I made some demos, should be easy to understand which is which - 
Watching Demos 
Bloughsburgh: are you sure that you gave the link to the correct file? That button is very close to that platform near, you just have to look down.

DeeDoubleU: It was a complete surprise to me that the last button, that you couldn't find for a long time was hard to find. I supposed that there could be problems with finding button that lowers the platform, but not the other one.

It turned out that me and Sock took completely opposite directions for this jam. Sock's map is a calm sandbox filled with buttons that can be reached in any order, while my map has a strict route with some nasty jumping puzzles (I anticipate Daz's pain) that are necessary to proceed. I really like that Sock's map doesn't require to find all buttons to finish the level. I probably should have done the same in my map for the final part.
Also my map feels more agressive than Sock's one even in visual style and selected audio track.

Overall it was fun to make something different from the common quake gameplay. Thanks Sock for this little jam. Follow him on twitter to not miss any new jam in future. 
Thanks Pulsar for letting me know, that was indeed...not the correct file.

This is:

I don't know how I missed that last button! I guess maybe it was a wee bit too dark. 
Really cool maps, would be cool to see more trickjumping/defrag type maps being made! I haven't played Quakeworld a long time so i butchered a lot of the jumps and they took me a few tries to get down properly :) 
Cool little maps. No clue about the secret in sock's map though. I had a centerprint telling me I found it, but I didn't find any proper secret area.

Just A Guess 
I think the secret is to find all of the buttons. It looks like you don't need all of the buttons to reach the exit. I found this when I pushed what I thought was a "secret" button but got the usual counter towards the end goal.

Pretty neat idea! 
liked Sock's more brushwise. would love to see proper action coagula map with monsters done in this style! 
would love to see proper action coagula map with monsters done in this style!

Check Sock's map from this jam.

Now I can easily find all secrets in that map. 
That is a lot of demo's! Maybe because the maps are short and there is less chance of death that so many recorded! Thanks everyone, it was good fun to watch. Especially as some people were unaware of ramp jumping to start with and discovered it during play.

My map is very much about trick (ramp) jumps with the classic 45 degree slope and the half pipe for greater vertical movement. Its certainly something that can be added to combat maps to give alternative routes and puzzles challenges.

The secret in my map is about finding all (13) buttons instead of just 10 to open the portal. There is no special secret room at the end, I ran out of time, jams events are always about a fixed time (Sunday-Monday) frame. I used the brushwork style from my Sky Eater map to speed up the building process.

If anyone wants to take part in my future projects or spontaneous jam events, follow my twitter and join the chat. Its no secret, my twitter account is very much public domain! 
nah, i don't use twitter. func is the center for quake mapping anyway. 
I'm stalking you on twitter. You can run, but you can't hide. 
Viva La Revoluci´┐Żn 
nah, i don't use twitter
Well obviously that is your choice, but there is a lot of people from this community on twitter who do share they personal mapping projects, videos and views on current topics or trends around the internet. 
Less Chance Of Death... exactly what worked well in this jam. 
I Still Died. 
the shame... 
Loved It! 
Awesome idea and executions. I think Pulsar nailed the mood, it's all industrial and brutal with all metal and computer hummm. Couldn't find secret on Sock's yet.

We gotta have more of these. 
Is there a download mirror? 
HOW?? That is a work of genius! Repeated falling damage? Getting crushed by a lift? Telefragging urself? 
He amused himself to death. 
Repeated fall damage while I worked out strafe jumping to a platform. 
I nearly died in Pulsar's map, got down to about 50 I think (it's all in my demo)

I didn't enjoy Pulsar's from a gameplay POV but the theme and style was nice. I would enjoy seeing a bit more of that 
Should have made respawnable health. Tho you can feel free to play this map in godmode. I'm not good at platforming myself and I supposed it's really hard to die in my map. I still think so.

I made a small map without monsters a long time ago, that actually tried to kill you with crushers and hazards, while this one doesn't. 
No Monsters 
Is a nice break from the horde tendancy nowadays. Maybe we should have a 66 enemy limit mapjam or something. Or pehaps a 100 point entity limit (excluding lights?)? 
666 Enemy Limit Maybe? 
As Floor Limit 
One thing I've done (on that map I may never finish), is only placing monsters on "Easy" that are required for things such as triggers and counters. Any that aren't needed for the map to work correctly are only on the harder settings. It makes testing things quicker and easier. 
no more than x enemies per y brushes or something equally daft 
666hp limit. You can place any number of monsters as long as the hp of the monsters adds up to 666 or less? 
use map hax to have 666 shamblers with 1hp each 
666 Monsters And No Weapons 
I Like The Cut Of Your Gib 
you must use all manner of interactive environmental elements to kill the monsters because you have no guns 
Pulsar, That Last One 
is doable.

how about an axejam / trapmapjam?

have to lure all the enemies into traps to kill them. 
I remember there was a map where you had to kill the last shambler with environmental traps, that was cool. May work really. 
Are You Talking... 
...about this one?

Were quite cool and a good idea itself, but a bit hard to get the shambler behind them. 
Yep, That One 
it's a nice idea that can be explanded 
Every time people here come with a neat idea I keep think about change what I'm doing. Gotta resist that. But "Remo unarmed and dangerous" jam would be great. 
My Demos 
I played the maps today. They were quite interesting to explore.

The demos demonstrate that my Quake jumping skills are somewhat lacking, but I suppose the map authors might endure them to see how I find my way around. I eventually complete both maps. I did not find the secret in Sock's map.

I recorded the demos with the default protocol in Quakespasm. 
I played Pulsar's map first and was a bit apprehensive about jumping around as I thought falling into the void would mean instant death. Also it took me a few moments to make the slopejump connection, which was a pleasant surprise - movement tricks being actively encouraged, even necessary to proceed. I don't need an excuse to trickjump! Was a bit stumped a couple of times when looking for buttons, so took me a little under ten minutes.

Sock's map was a bit more interesting visually, although a lot easier gameplay-wise. In the end I had discovered all but one of the "secret" buttons.

Interesting change of pace in this theme I guess, although exploring for the sake of it kinda takes away the fun part of exploring, in my opinion. That is, discovering hidden areas or items and being rewarded in one way or the other, either in gameplay or exposition of storyline elements (not really relevant for Quake). Still, good effort.

Demos: pulsar sock 
#52 Was Me 
apparently I forgot to log in 
Going To Be Playing Through These Tonight... 
Along with Fourfeather, and Runic Fear. Over at: 
Really fun maps. Sock's map felt almost like a Mario 64 level. Pulsar's was tightly packed with cleverness.

I couldn't find the secret in Sock's map, but I found an extra button that didn't seem to do anything. Got the megahealth, but it wasn't the secret.

Both maps worked in my engine. 
The secret is finding and pressing all the extra buttons you don't need to unlock the exit. It's mentioned a few times in the previous posts, but in case you didn't read them, here you go.

I take it that since it was a quick jam, Sock didn't have the time to make it a fancier secret. I did enjoy replaying the map and finding all the buttons. 
health pick-up items in all other maps changed to flacons after intstalling this, wont go back even after deleting all the files, how do I fix it pls? 
had to move the BSPs to another directory, ok 
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