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Updated Q1SP MOD - Arcane Dimensions 1.5
Revamped version of the cutting edge next-gen AAA Quake mod with more STUFF and more MAPS, including:

1.5 Maps
* ad_chapters - More themes and portals (Simon OCallaghan)
* ad_azad - The Realm of Enceladus (Maik Franz Xaver)
* ad_tfuma - Terror Fuma (Gavin Edgington/Eric Wasylishen)
* ad_magna - Leptis Magna (Noel Lacaillade/Andrey Saenko)
* ad_metmon - Arcane Monstrosity (Simon OCallaghan)
* ad_zendar - The Horde of Zendar (Simon OCallaghan)
* ad_sepulcher - *Not Available* (Henrik Oresten/Simon OCallaghan)

Download (200mb + 17mb Patch 1):


- which you really should read or sock will come round and beat you senseless, particularly since this ESSENTIAL information for players is hidden part way down:

Ammo Resistance

The Shell and Nail visual resistance is shown with a mixture of red and grey impact particles, a ricochet sound, various smoke chunks flying off
in random directions and the monster screaming in pain.

The Rocket and Cell visual resistance is shown with a small puff of smoke, a different rocket sound, small gibs of flesh (blood particles look odd), various smoke chunks flying off in random directions and a monster scream.

When a monster is hit with a projectile and they have ammo resistance they will ALWAYS ignore pain and not go into any pain animations.

Name Shells Nails Rockets Cells HP Effective
Golem --- 50% --- --- 500 1000
Minotaur --- --- --- 50% 500 1000
Seeker --- --- 50% --- 500 1000
Shambler --- --- 50% --- 600 1200

Stone Knight --- 50% --- --- 75 150
Stone Hell Knight --- 50% --- --- 250 500

Defender --- --- 50% --- 100 200
Eliminator --- --- --- 50% 120 240
Pyro --- 50% --- --- 100 200
Fumigator --- 50% --- --- 100 200

Boglord --- --- 75% 75% 1500 ---
Eidolon --- 75% 75% --- 2500 ---
LichFiend --- 75% 75% --- 2500 ---
Nour --- --- --- 100% 2000 ---

Chthon --- --- --- --- 2500 ---
Shub-Niggurath --- --- --- --- 2500 ---

Footsteps off:
Impulse 120

Pixels off:
Impulse 115
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More Axe Fun 
this one was easy. i did it in the first attempt in twenty or so minutes 
I rarely watch demos but an axe challenge could be fun to watch. I'd like to see how you axe a pyro, an ice golem or a fury knight... Which protocol are you using? 
protocol 666, quakespasm
fury knight are the one with two swords? i tackled one with a quad damage in this demo.
for now, the hammer ogre are the one who are seriously giving me fight and killing me. i don't record the failures.

e2m7 was hard but not as hard as e2m2. in e2m2 i finished the level after like 12 attempts or more. i made e2m7 after 5 attempts.

playing in easy certainly helps. somehow i still get shot by those xbow knights. they are good. 
If You Watch Demos... 
i watch demos with markv, that sourceport has rewind and fast playing, with the arrow keys. quakespasm doesn't have that 
Heh, yeah a quad certainly helps! You get hit by crossbow knights? They do have great accuracy but in skill 0 their shots are very sloooooow. 
ad_e2m2 @5'42": Challenge failed! ;) You nailed a crossbow knight while the ledge he stands on is accessible (in fact, you land upon it @9'32"). 
MARKV has a bug with the rewind feature in demos. when you rewind, the clock go forward instead of backward.
when you pause (down arrow) and unpause, the time is resynced.

the real time is 3:55
that xbow knight is unaprocheable with axe.

when i jumped after grabbing the sharpshoter powerup (8:53), i jumped in another area. 
Pyro Explode On Death? 
Is this a bug, I remember using gibondeath value 1 : Explode on death earlier. But now I tried it and it didn't explode. I was planning placing pyro near the explosive boxes, and after pyro is death it might trigger some boxes to explode in a row and hurt player a bit. Not sure does explode has any radius/blast damage? 
Is there any good way to make a misc_smoke "start" its animation? It's pretty annoying having it just pop in when it's been triggered. 
Zendar Axed 

i have to say, the new axe make the axe only runs much more easy and quick

i shot the nour for brevity and for my sanity 
Shell Splash 
Has anyone else noticed that shotgun shells make a splash sound if they land in water, but only after hitting a dry surface first? Weird. 
Grenades behave the same, IIRC.

Probably some quirk in how MOVETYPE_BOUNCE works. 
I am now officially requesting a mod that turns the shotgun shells into little mini grenades. 
Technically, they ARE grenades...

void(float shell_qty) Launch_ShellCasing =


local vector org, dir, avel;

if ( < 1 ) return;
if (query_configflag(SVR_SHOTGCASE)) return;

if (self.flags & FL_CLIENT) makevectors (self.v_angle);
else makevectors (self.angles);
org = self.origin + v_up*10;

while (shell_qty > 0)


dir = -v_right*75 + v_forward*(random()*50) + v_up*(100 + random()*100);
avel = vecrand(0,300,TRUE);
Launch_Grenade(org, dir, avel, CT_PROJ_SHELLC);
shell_qty = shell_qty - 1;


I am now officially requesting a mod that gives the shotgun shells trajectory distance drop off, but also gives grunts and dbs enforcers z-awareness to compensate. 
What happened to mon_eel? It seems to be entirely non-existent except for one tantalizing line in the documentation. Was it cut from the release? 
There was a build I tested with mon_eel, it was a projectile type monster instead of a close range style one from the expansion.

I don't remember having great things to say about the implementation in place, plus I wasn't making a level that utilised it. None of the new maps had significant water sections so I am guessing Sock considered it bloat and binned the enemy off. 
Is it possible to have an item resting on top of a func_breakable that falls down when said breakable is destroyed? 
there are several secrets in ad maps that are exactly that 
I believe the spawnflag "Floating" on items is what youre after.

ad_necrokeep does this. 
Breakable targets item you want to fall. Have it start with floating flag. 
KingDime plays ad_tfuma: 
I Feel Bad 
that he didnt work out the secret language of the red painted doors (with skull wings). If he just hit the first door he'd be set. Oh well.

He seemed to have enjoyed it mostly. 
How are we supposed to enter the path for ambient_custom_sound? Using the noise key, I tried "sound/ambience/liquid_bubble.wav", "ambience/liquid_bubble.wav" and "liquid_bubble.wav" and none of them worked. 
All custom sounds go in "sound/" but you do not include it as part of your path.

Hence, your "ambience/liquid_bubble.wav" should work as long as it's a valid .wav file, no spelling errors and is located in the "ambience" directory inside of the "sound" directory.

This is taken from an ad_swampy custom sound entity: "ambience/woodcreak2c.wav"

Using "liquid_bubble.wav" would mean that you just have that .wav file under the "sound" directory by itself.

It's pretty straight forward so I don't know why you are having problems with it, good luck. 
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