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Updated Q1SP MOD - Arcane Dimensions 1.5
Revamped version of the cutting edge next-gen AAA Quake mod with more STUFF and more MAPS, including:

1.5 Maps
* ad_chapters - More themes and portals (Simon OCallaghan)
* ad_azad - The Realm of Enceladus (Maik Franz Xaver)
* ad_tfuma - Terror Fuma (Gavin Edgington/Eric Wasylishen)
* ad_magna - Leptis Magna (Noel Lacaillade/Andrey Saenko)
* ad_metmon - Arcane Monstrosity (Simon OCallaghan)
* ad_zendar - The Horde of Zendar (Simon OCallaghan)
* ad_sepulcher - *Not Available* (Henrik Oresten/Simon OCallaghan)

Download (200mb + 17mb Patch 1):


- which you really should read or sock will come round and beat you senseless, particularly since this ESSENTIAL information for players is hidden part way down:

Ammo Resistance

The Shell and Nail visual resistance is shown with a mixture of red and grey impact particles, a ricochet sound, various smoke chunks flying off
in random directions and the monster screaming in pain.

The Rocket and Cell visual resistance is shown with a small puff of smoke, a different rocket sound, small gibs of flesh (blood particles look odd), various smoke chunks flying off in random directions and a monster scream.

When a monster is hit with a projectile and they have ammo resistance they will ALWAYS ignore pain and not go into any pain animations.

Name Shells Nails Rockets Cells HP Effective
Golem --- 50% --- --- 500 1000
Minotaur --- --- --- 50% 500 1000
Seeker --- --- 50% --- 500 1000
Shambler --- --- 50% --- 600 1200

Stone Knight --- 50% --- --- 75 150
Stone Hell Knight --- 50% --- --- 250 500

Defender --- --- 50% --- 100 200
Eliminator --- --- --- 50% 120 240
Pyro --- 50% --- --- 100 200
Fumigator --- 50% --- --- 100 200

Boglord --- --- 75% 75% 1500 ---
Eidolon --- 75% 75% --- 2500 ---
LichFiend --- 75% 75% --- 2500 ---
Nour --- --- --- 100% 2000 ---

Chthon --- --- --- --- 2500 ---
Shub-Niggurath --- --- --- --- 2500 ---

Footsteps off:
Impulse 120

Pixels off:
Impulse 115
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Lo Frag Traff 
Try disabling the QSS particles (or use standard QS). If your rig isn't top notch, particles can have a heavy effect on framerate. 
an i3 and a 660.

i thought it would be fine for quake though.

just after ni posted previously, i decided to launch it with the standard qs, and, the problem went away.

so how would i disable the qss particles?

not that it would help, as it seems i have to start the map from the beginning for it to take affect.

i have a 2 execs:

spike and standard qs.

i'm halfway through the map now with standard qs, but when i attempt to launch the quicksave with the spike qs the particles are not there anyway. 
Lo Frag 
This has been discussed recently in the Forgotten Sepulcher thread. See post #77 here as well as posts #162-171 here.

PS: of course the particles are not there in QS, they're a specific feature of QSS... 
I Know That, But.. 
i started anew with qs, got half way through, saved.

i created a qss shortcut exe, booted up the last save i made when using the qs exe, but the particles were not there.

apologies if i'm missing something obviously simple, but if the frame issues were only limited to that first outside section, then i thought why not just plug on with the qss exe with the particles?

it it turned out it was tanking quite frequently on my rig with the qss exe, then i would just give up and stick to the qs exe.

qs is fine, but i was thinking about tweaking a bit instead of turning EVERYTHING off.

as it turns out, i didn't know about pr_checkextension 0 
Broke Realm Of Encaledus Map :( 
got stuck in here [21:44]:

couldn't get out :(

the door sealed behind me, and there was no guard or square key/icon to pick up in the middle of the room.

anyone else have this issue? 
Axe The Dead Marine Next To The Shadow Axe 
and all will be fine. Sorry for that stupid moment, it is totally my fault.

Ran out of time/ideas, so i decided to trigger the following events via the "axe him" action.

Stupid me.

Thx for playing/feedback! 
S'ok :) 

aftere that i wondered around looking for secrets and taking the time out to admire the scenery/archtecture.

8/10 secrets.

couldn't find the rust key :( 
Horde Of Zendar! 
fuck me, this is a tough old bastard of a map!

i can see multiple replays of this so i can get the map layout in my head. 
Updated E2M2 
Not a fan of the changes. Some of the secrets were just removed. No more grenade jump secret, no more multiple silver keys and doors, no more hidden shootable switch for one of the elevators, what the hell? Seems to be designed to make first time players find everything in their first go. 
Going To Play Through The Update 
Starts in 45 minutes 
@ Ionous [so..] 
was it just forgotten sepulcher that was updated?

it's just that i didn't read anything that mentioned there was an update.

for better or for worse, in your opinion? 
Horde Of Zendar 
finished it!

quite tough for me on skill 2.

9/10 secrets.

that scrag boss fucked me off no end! 
mental interlinkage map-wise from sock! 
Lo Frag Staff 
A few of the maps had minor updates, but the major addition was indeed Sepulcher. 
Horde Of Zendar Demo Issue 
right, from what little i can gather from googling, i type playdemo [name of map] then hit enter.

i have tried dropping the extracted demo file into:

1) quake directory
2) id1 directory
3) ad directory

so far nothing.

the only thing i can think of is that the demo file is only compatible with the original horde of zendar mod, but somehow not with the version included with the arcane dimensions pack?

i've been wanting to try out MaxED's simple quake launcher, so i will try the original mod and the demo file before clocking some zee's tonight.

if i don't manage that in the meantime, hopefully someone can put me straight! 
Nah :( 
MaxED's launcer works like a charm, i'm glad to say!

booted up the original horde of zendar mod no problems, bit the following command seems wrong.

playdemo zendarnightmareisforpussies 
No Worries! 
a bit of a schoolboy eror on my behalf.

sorted now. 
That demo from is for the original release of the map (not AD):

I just extracted that, and put the .dem into my zendar1d folder, and it plays with playdemo zendarnightmareisforpussies 
No Playthrough Right Now

But probably at some later point! 
@ Ericw 
yeah, i figured :) 
10 Out Of 10 Secrets In Horde Of Zendar! 
i can retire happy now :)

colour me sozzled! 
@Lo Frag Traff 
Umm... try 100% secrets on Forgotten Sepulcher now... I double-dog-dare ya! 
So cruel :-P 
Ad_e2m2 Demo 
skill 3 demo for updated version of ad_e2m2

one of the greatest remakes ever. a huge kudos to sock

96/96 kills
9 out of 10 secrets found 
A Note To Others 
Spy's demos are pretty entertaining if you haven't caught them I highly recommend a view. Haven't watched this one but will do once everyone in RL stops bugging me. 
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