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Updated Q1SP MOD - Arcane Dimensions 1.7.1 *PATCHED*
Sock has been beavering away behind the scenes to get a fully updated tweaked fixed and finalised version of AD. So here it is. One point SEVEN.

Download (220mb):

V1.7.1 Patch (see recent post below):


Recommended Quakespasm 0.93:

Past versions etc:

In his own words:
"The AD zip file is getting a bit big and inconvenient to download and I think its time to start splitting stuff off into separate files. The AD map source files are not needed or viewed much and if anyone wants to see them, just drop me an email request.

This download contains all the previous maps, some new extra code and features, lots of bug fixes, some new mapper features (check documentation) and as a final bonus, a couple of extra maps hidden away in the main map hubs, good hunting!"

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Lo Frag Traff 
Try disabling the QSS particles (or use standard QS). If your rig isn't top notch, particles can have a heavy effect on framerate. 
an i3 and a 660.

i thought it would be fine for quake though.

just after ni posted previously, i decided to launch it with the standard qs, and, the problem went away.

so how would i disable the qss particles?

not that it would help, as it seems i have to start the map from the beginning for it to take affect.

i have a 2 execs:

spike and standard qs.

i'm halfway through the map now with standard qs, but when i attempt to launch the quicksave with the spike qs the particles are not there anyway. 
Lo Frag 
This has been discussed recently in the Forgotten Sepulcher thread. See post #77 here as well as posts #162-171 here.

PS: of course the particles are not there in QS, they're a specific feature of QSS... 
I Know That, But.. 
i started anew with qs, got half way through, saved.

i created a qss shortcut exe, booted up the last save i made when using the qs exe, but the particles were not there.

apologies if i'm missing something obviously simple, but if the frame issues were only limited to that first outside section, then i thought why not just plug on with the qss exe with the particles?

it it turned out it was tanking quite frequently on my rig with the qss exe, then i would just give up and stick to the qs exe.

qs is fine, but i was thinking about tweaking a bit instead of turning EVERYTHING off.

as it turns out, i didn't know about pr_checkextension 0 
Broke Realm Of Encaledus Map :( 
got stuck in here [21:44]:

couldn't get out :(

the door sealed behind me, and there was no guard or square key/icon to pick up in the middle of the room.

anyone else have this issue? 
Axe The Dead Marine Next To The Shadow Axe 
and all will be fine. Sorry for that stupid moment, it is totally my fault.

Ran out of time/ideas, so i decided to trigger the following events via the "axe him" action.

Stupid me.

Thx for playing/feedback! 
S'ok :) 

aftere that i wondered around looking for secrets and taking the time out to admire the scenery/archtecture.

8/10 secrets.

couldn't find the rust key :( 
Horde Of Zendar! 
fuck me, this is a tough old bastard of a map!

i can see multiple replays of this so i can get the map layout in my head. 
Updated E2M2 
Not a fan of the changes. Some of the secrets were just removed. No more grenade jump secret, no more multiple silver keys and doors, no more hidden shootable switch for one of the elevators, what the hell? Seems to be designed to make first time players find everything in their first go. 
Going To Play Through The Update 
Starts in 45 minutes 
@ Ionous [so..] 
was it just forgotten sepulcher that was updated?

it's just that i didn't read anything that mentioned there was an update.

for better or for worse, in your opinion? 
Horde Of Zendar 
finished it!

quite tough for me on skill 2.

9/10 secrets.

that scrag boss fucked me off no end! 
mental interlinkage map-wise from sock! 
Lo Frag Staff 
A few of the maps had minor updates, but the major addition was indeed Sepulcher. 
Horde Of Zendar Demo Issue 
right, from what little i can gather from googling, i type playdemo [name of map] then hit enter.

i have tried dropping the extracted demo file into:

1) quake directory
2) id1 directory
3) ad directory

so far nothing.

the only thing i can think of is that the demo file is only compatible with the original horde of zendar mod, but somehow not with the version included with the arcane dimensions pack?

i've been wanting to try out MaxED's simple quake launcher, so i will try the original mod and the demo file before clocking some zee's tonight.

if i don't manage that in the meantime, hopefully someone can put me straight! 
Nah :( 
MaxED's launcer works like a charm, i'm glad to say!

booted up the original horde of zendar mod no problems, bit the following command seems wrong.

playdemo zendarnightmareisforpussies 
No Worries! 
a bit of a schoolboy eror on my behalf.

sorted now. 
That demo from is for the original release of the map (not AD):

I just extracted that, and put the .dem into my zendar1d folder, and it plays with playdemo zendarnightmareisforpussies 
No Playthrough Right Now

But probably at some later point! 
@ Ericw 
yeah, i figured :) 
10 Out Of 10 Secrets In Horde Of Zendar! 
i can retire happy now :)

colour me sozzled! 
@Lo Frag Traff 
Umm... try 100% secrets on Forgotten Sepulcher now... I double-dog-dare ya! 
So cruel :-P 
Ad_e2m2 Demo 
skill 3 demo for updated version of ad_e2m2

one of the greatest remakes ever. a huge kudos to sock

96/96 kills
9 out of 10 secrets found 
A Note To Others 
Spy's demos are pretty entertaining if you haven't caught them I highly recommend a view. Haven't watched this one but will do once everyone in RL stops bugging me. 
Enhanced Ad_quake.fgd

This is heavily modified and may only work properly in TB1/2.

Most entities that allow you to supply a model will now display the model you choose. Most of them will switch skins. Most monsters will switch skins as well. It was hard to provided for every scenario. For example, zombies with a custom skin will display the default skin if they are also Crucified/On Floor. Keys wont switch models based on worldtype(but they will if you supply a new skin under exactskin), theyll only stay as medieval keys..etc...

This also includes lots of things the current .fgd lacks like boglords and swamplings. Enjoy! 
1.7 BUMP. 
Kinda Disagree With 
The AD map source files are not needed or viewed much

It's always handy to look at some things, the logic_gates and so on

congrats the AD team and happy NY 
Totally Didn't Expect To See This 
What a nice gift for New Year! 
Date Of First Message 
Why is the date of the first message is 2016/12/04 ? Should be 2017/12/31 instead. 
Shall I delete the previous install or can I just unzip (ooh-err) on top of it? 
Nice work on the FGD, Mukor! Super useful.

A question for the group ...

Is there a way to launch AD without having the menu pop up? Like, in working a level, I'm constantly having to launch the game and then hit ESCAPE before I can actually play.

Is there a way to just launch straight into gameplay using +map? 
1.7 Map Reviews 
Hey Sock.

ac_ad: While I still need to play the original map to get some further perspective, I'll give a few comments anyway regarding how I feel about it.

The geometry was excellent, and had a very clean feel. It didn't feel very sock-ish, but I wonder if that was a homage to the original map. The button find was enjoyable for the most part and I didn't feel like any were too crazy out of the way.

There was one portion underwater where the player runs out of air fairly easily. I didn't notice an envirosuit either, so it's kind of awkward as a gameplay mechanic, especially if the player is traversing over it multiple times looking for the buttons.

*spoilers incoming*

In terms of gameplay, the pre and post button find secret enemies lead to a very different gameplay experience. The first half being far more cautious, and the base enemies were far more "run and gun". I played on nightmare and felt that it was maybe a touch too easy. In the end I gave up hunting down all the enemies because the map is so big and maze like that it was difficult to find them all. I think I had maybe eight left when I exited the level.

If I were to suggest an improvement it would be to close off portions of the map when you open up the button find secret, so that when the base enemies spawn the player can be directed to them better. Now having said all this, I thoroughly enjoyed the map.

s1m1: A really nice little homage / remix of e1m1. It was nice to see your take on the iconic stuff we all know so well. Good job keeping the secrets so similar in feel to the originals too. Gameplay was nice, and had a very faithful vibe. It was nice to see a bite sized map come from you, it was a pleasant change :)

Again, some great releases. Thanks for keeping working on this, even though you keep saying that it's finished and won't be worked on again XD 
I guess a workaround is just to leave Quakespasm running and bind a key to "restart" ... seems to work, and faster than restarting the engine from scratch. 
Is this a bug?

My AD folder is called "ad", and is placed inside the same folder containing all my other mods.

When I launch QS with the command "-game ad", it doesn't load the AD mod, and gives the default ID instead. Selecting the AD mod from within the QS MODS menu shows the name "ad. 7". (what is happening here!?).

If I call my AD folder as "ad1.7", then using the command "-game ad1.7" works fine.

What is happening here?

Something is fishy with the AD name and/or version number. 
There is an article about Arcane Dimensions on the new (US) PC Gamer. 
More AD goodness. Here is 100% Arcane Adamantine demo. Skill 2, first run, its a little long: 
Great Release! 
I removed startup menu by commenting out line in quake.rc containing "menu_main" command. 
Ah nice, didn't even think of that. Thx! 
[12:54] Shambler: new ad base map is not hangar 16 is it??
[12:54] SimonOC: @Shambler no, you want ad_s1m1
[12:54] Shambler: right
[12:55] Shambler: or ad_ac
[12:55] Shambler: cool
[12:55] Shambler: and one is in the default start map?
[12:55] onetruepurple: yes
[12:56] SimonOC: ad_s1m1 -> start map, ad_ac -> chapters
[13:02] Shambler: this is awesome
[13:03] Shambler: i have been looking in start map for 10 mins and can't find it
[13:03] onetruepurple: lmao
[13:03] Shambler: ah
[13:03] Shambler: errr
[13:03] Shambler: ummm
[13:03] Shambler: maybe i should download ad 1.7..........................................................................
[13:04] Shambler: SHUT
[13:04] Shambler: UP
[13:04] Shambler: none of your stupid q-whatever smileys 
New Maps.

S1M1 - beautiful design, structures and detailing, great execution of Idbase. I felt like it could have done with an extra 50% monsters, there's loads of space and room to move etc, it would still have been quite easy but maybe more satisfying.

ADACABAA - another great design, so much curvature and intricacy. The areas kinda blended into one but when the theme's this strong that's all good, just really consistent meaty Quakecture throughout. Meaty gameplay too, well balanced and fun, start was a teeny bit hard depending on route but later on it was spot on. I failed dismally at secrets.

Two very sweet releases to end the year on :) 
Loving S1M1 
Makes me want a full re-imagining of OG episode one in AD even more now.

First jam of 2018? :P 
ADAC: and my car hasn't even broken down, yet!

Very nice remix. Looks amazing of course, and visually a bit more varied than the orginal, at least as far as I remember it. Gameplay was fun and less of a grind thanks to the widow maker and general balance/pacing.
The super secret is still cool. Took me a while to find all the buttons, though. Rewarding base carnage as a bonus; however, my enjoyment of that was lessened by the fact that I already had backtracked through the entire map several times in search for the buttons. The watcher secret is particularly hilarious in this sense, as I could imagine him dying of extreme bordom watching me.

Demo with smooth gameplay up until the end, followed by a skippable search part.

GJ Sockdur 
Got 5/6 this time. Demo from a quicksave near the end. The supersecret is fucking dope as fuck :) 
Ad_quake.FGD 1.7 
Forgot to place it in the zip or are we on our own this time? 
I've chatted with Sock about this recently. He doesn't have time to update the FGD for each release. However he does update the .def file which can be used in TB2 and NetRadiant. If you use Trenchbroom you can use that instead. muk0r is most likely updating his FGD eventually, if he hasn't already. 
Thanks for the info. 
Slowly But Surely... 
... I'm working my way thru the last AD .FGD file adding in the new 1.7 .DEF files updates. Along with adding ALL the ericw-tools V0.16 options.

May have some questions soon, but I'll wait until I have it completed and fully functional. There are some things I don't understand yet, so even though they work in the editor it's not clear what you are setting and why!

I will put it up on quaketastic and/or email it to sock when finished. 
Are using TB?

Ill have a version out "SOON" with all the epdates as well as making use of TBs ability to switch models depending on what spawnflags or other keys you have set.

Heres a version for AD1.6 that switches out models. This is for TB only, though: 
also, feel free to email me(in my profile) or message me on twitter or discord with questions about .fgds. 
Nah, not Trenchbroom. This will be for JACK.

I put a reference to your FGD for Trenchbroom users at the top of it ;) Since that would be the slickest .FGD to use, gg.

Cool, thanks. Once I get to the point I can't progress will DM you on Discord. 
Make sure to include stuff that was left out of the.defs like the new liquidblock (iirc) key, please. :) 
Do you mean func_illusionary_visblocker?

But yeah... going thru the tools pages to put everything in. 
Also, Daz maintains an fgd for my tools, maybe handy to borrow from: 
Yep, I look at that for reference as well, thanks. 
No, it's a new key for monsters that was mentioned in the changelog but doesn't appear to be in the .def as far as I can tell. 
LIQBLOCK Is A Spwanflag ;) 
Found in the .DEF

EX: ------- SPAWNFLAGS --------
AMBUSH : the monster will only wake up on seeing the player, not by another monster
LIQBLOCK: Liquid surfaces block wakeup/sight lines 
Spawnflag Even! 
fml, we need post edits, heheh 
* Added liquidblock entity key to monsters, blocks sightline through liquids

Line 19 of ad_changelog.txt

Also where in the .def did you find it? Looking at one of the monsters in my map: 
monster_eel and monster_fish are the only ones to have that spawnflag.

I see what you are saying now. Reads as if every monster can have the key. Might need to look at the QC to verify. 
In QC Seems It's Just For Fish And Eel 
// Underwater enemies (liquid block option for all of them)
float MON_LIQUIDBLOCK = 4; // Liquids block sightlines (fish/eel)

No other mention on any other monsters. 
You can check for yourself if it works using this simple example map I made:

If you rise near the surface of the water but do not actually go above it, one of the grunts will activate but the other will not. This is because of the liquidblock key. 
That is indeed interesting! Good to know, thanks. 
AD .FGD 1.7 + Ericw-Tools V0.16 Progress 
So far I have these things completed with the latest of everything:

Light Options: Entities and Bmodels
QBSP Options: Func_(variants)
AD Updates through "FUNCTIONS"

Some parts are ofc tedious, but the cool thing is, I can now "break" things apart. Example: Looking at the properties of a Candle no longer show the properties ONLY relevant to a Light(point entity).

Other little touches like that are used throughout.

So now it's just the actual AD 1.7 updates and then get SOCK to verify/confirm and we're good to go :) 
Bug Or Unwanted Behaviour? 
AD sets EF_TRACER on certain of it's gibs to simulate a green blood trail.

I think it's quite evil to overload an EF_ like that. I'd prefer to see it define a new EF_ instead, so that engines which wish to modify existing effects needn't be concerned about unwanted or unexpected behaviours arising from unintended usage.

I'm just thinking that overloading existing stuff in such a manner is the path to Nehahra. 
is there a nightmare pillar in the 1.5 hub at all? I see it carries over from the previous hub, so i'm confused. 
I'd Tell You But... 
shssss.... it's a secret! 
You Have To Walk In To An Area, And Look Where No One Looks 
I found it by accident as I was falling from above lol. 
Is QSS fully compatible with AD? Regular QS (the one linked in this thread) crashes my whole computer after a few minutes.

Is there any way to make fence textures, sprites, particles and GUI graphics (minus conchars) be rendered using 8-bit alpha instead of 1-bit alpha, so their edges are properly smoothed when using texture filtering? 
@mankrip: Nope 
Fence textures use quake palette color 255 as the transparent color when prefix "{" is supplied in the texture name (just like Half-Life).

Sprites and gui graphics are also the 255 color Quake palette (.lmp files, .gfx, etc.) -- just like any standard assets in the entirety of standard Quake. 
Crashing System 
Argh, that is bad. So QSS doesn't crash your system, and regular QS 0.93.0 does?

I think the most likely way to crash the OS is an OpenGL driver bug or QS doing something invalid with OpenGL. Try launching with -noglsl which will restrict it to OpenGL 1.x features, it might work around the problem. What are your GPU / GPU driver version / OS version? 
I don't know yet if QSS also crashes, but I want to try it.

I'm using Windows 7 on a Dell N5110 laptop, which has an Intel HD Graphics 3000 chipset.

Maybe the cause is the FSAA which I've enabled recently... the performance was good though. 
any qss/qs stability difference is more likely to be down to 64bit vs 32bit, or SDL1 vs SDL2.
the only real engine change is that QSS doesn't do the whole glmesh thing, but instead simply always uses vertex arrays instead of glBegin for mdls. This makes md3s easier to support, and fixes potential crashes on large mdls, but also means that bugs are more likely to crash the drivers rather than less...

QSS is meant to be a super-set of QS. pr_checkextension 0 will disable the extensions that AD (safely) checks for, which is the main difference between the two engines.
FTE should also be able to run it, but AD dev tends to focus on QS instead so it should work but its not well tested (eg: you should probably avoid rtlights).

regarding fence textures - alpha blending has issues when it comes to the depth buffer. Technically speaking, a pixel that contains colour info from two+ blended fragments should have two+ separate depth values - but it can't. This results in halos and weirdness and screwed up depth.
This is why we use alpha testing (even with high-res replacement textures) - it might not look the best but its simply more robust.
There are a few order independent transparency techniques, but they're generally slow and overcomplicated. If you've a software renderer that's generating spans then you could make that support overlapping/nested spans or something fancy, but you'd need to use the same logic for everything including mdls and particles. 
Disabling FSAA on regular QuakeSpasm seems to have fixed it. 
Good To Hear! 
AD 1.7 Patch 1 
* Fixed logic problem with trigger_count and message/message strings
* Fixed trigger_count message problem in ad_ac and ad_sepulcher maps
* Fixed eddict crash in ad_sepulcher by reducing particle setups
* Fixed spelling mistake in ad_chapters for ad_ac portal entrance
* Added missing features (triggers/bbox/explosions) to func_pushable
* Added func_pressureswitch bmodel entity for extra puzzle logic
* Added func_insidevolume to detect player, monster, item & pushables
* Added trigger_doorstate to force func_door entities to open/close state
* Removed invulnerability frames from zombie/zombiek when using shadow axe
* Changed the behaviour of zombie/zombiek to be easier for knockdowns
* Added death message for Gargoyle minions (spawned from minotaurs)
* Moved all player death messages to relevant monster QC files instead
* Fixed brkmondmg entity key on func_breakables to work with projectiles
* Fixed misc_demon not resetting gib model names when switching gib models
* Removed info_stuffcmd as it was open to abuse from malicious mappers
* Added trigger_cdtrack to allow for custom music changes after map load
* Added trigger_skybox to allow for different skybox setups after map load
* Added client check for changed music/skybox to load/quickload functions
* Fixed respawn_time on all items to not instantly spawn, minimum is 1s
* Fixed frozen bug crash for gargoyle/gaunt when waking up from perch/statue
* Fixed monster_firetopboss to cope with skill 3 shambler group attacks!
* Fixed sighttarget to check for health/damage before creating a sight entity
* Added trigger entity state reset to func_button (will override wait value)
* Added Impulse 170 to toggle monster body fade/removal when playing a map
* Fixed player weapon animation issue with idle/fire states being wrong
* Updated DEF file for GTK/Radiant editors with new patch features
* Added FGD file for Jack/Trenchbroom editors by Dan "twitchy" Ellis
* Added V/G models for players weapons from Stas "dwere" Kuznetsov 
Has anyone done anything with presdure plates yet? I see a good coop opportunity there...and pushables. 
Playing through the original first episode of quake after these maps is dissapointing. Even the few of the more fleshed out test maps in Arcane dimensions stand above the episode 1 levels in quake. 
I'd love to see the OG shareware episode given the full AD treatment in a jam or something. One can dream! 
Nice Changes 
Zombie change is really nice, being able to gib them without waiting out the i-frames is much better. Not sure when it was changed but standard grunt enemies seem to now take two shotgun hits like in vanilla rather than the one they did before, much better since they were a bit squishy IMO. 
I think the original game was 2 SG hits before too? I assume that the SG was just slightly nerfed back to original damage. 
The AD shotguns previously did a bit more damage as a tradeoff for being projectile weapons instead of the vanilla hitscan, this was rolled back in v1.70 according to the changelog:
* Removed extra damage (+4 per shot) from projectile shotguns (SG/SSG/WM) 
I can't believe I forgot that - especially as someone who used to complain about the discrepancy a lot. I imagine it was nearly impossible to balance ammo for people who used the impulse command to switch modes. 
Bug Report 
This is probably not the place to report bugs, but I thought I give it a shot. I'm fairly new here, e.g. lurking until now, I normally hang out in the ZDoom forums, please forgive my ignorance.

Anyway, rockets (not grenades) fired at zombies have a blast radius of zero/don't inflict splash damage. If you stand directly in front of a zombie and fire the RL point blank, you won't be harmed, same goes for anything else standing close to it. The only workaround for now is to kill zombies with the GL. 
Just checked for myself and I can confirm it's true. Weird! 
"Playing through the original first episode of quake after these maps is dissapointing. Even the few of the more fleshed out test maps in Arcane dimensions stand above the episode 1 levels in quake."

Well, that stands to reason with 20+ years of tools development behind us. :) They were building the levels with first generation, still being written, tools... 
I wouldn't want to try running AD maps on a Pentium 90 with 8-16 MB of RAM, which was actually one of the better systems you could have had when the original Quake was released. The game had to run on that hardware (usually worse), so there couldn't be many details in the levels.

As great as it is to see what became possible in Quake mapping after all these years, the classic levels remain timeless and really shouldn't be compared to what the community comes up with these days. 
Leptis Magna is one of my favorite AD maps. However, it has way too many encounters where we can just nail the enemies from very far away, which makes the enemies not react, because the enemies will only target the player if the player is close enough, even when the player is attacking them.

If the player is too far away for the monsters to target, the monsters should at least dodge the player's projectiles when they're hit. Get the angle of the projectile's trajectory, and make the monsters run in an orthogonal direction. 
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