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Updated Q1SP MOD - Arcane Dimensions 1.7.1 *PATCHED*
Sock has been beavering away behind the scenes to get a fully updated tweaked fixed and finalised version of AD. So here it is. One point SEVEN.

Download (220mb):

V1.7.1 Patch (see recent post below):


Recommended Quakespasm 0.93:

Past versions etc:

In his own words:
"The AD zip file is getting a bit big and inconvenient to download and I think its time to start splitting stuff off into separate files. The AD map source files are not needed or viewed much and if anyone wants to see them, just drop me an email request.

This download contains all the previous maps, some new extra code and features, lots of bug fixes, some new mapper features (check documentation) and as a final bonus, a couple of extra maps hidden away in the main map hubs, good hunting!"

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And when you're done with all the AD maps (don't forget the test maps, some are very nice), there are some cool custom levels for AD as well. Have fun! 
Awesome To See Than Enjoy This 
Basically the inspiration for me learning Quake mapping. 
I Feel The Same 
Plumbers Don't Wear Ties 
Was probably one of the greatest inspirations for me before AD came along. 
Is there like a list out there of AD addons?
there are some maps not present in quaddicted, like office assault, grendel's blade and paradise sickness. 
Tronyn did a ranking of AD maps recently but I doubt it's up to date.

My one an only AD map is ranked pretty low. :( Ranking is fucking subjective anyway. :( 
Considering the other maps on that list that are also ranked low, seems more like it's indicative of the exceptional quality of the top ranked maps rather than the poor quality of the low ranked ones. ad_dm5 was awesome. No love for the Christmas jam maps but of course the quality wasn't going to be through the roof given the constraints.

Bottom line - ranks don't matter. I enjoyed your AD map anyway. 
Here is a slightly more complete listing (Tronyn missed mine, among others):

Here's another one that hasn't been added to Quaddicted: 
Question For Sock 
are yuo releasing a second episode of AD?

Some very nice pics can be found on the net:

with hope 
#1 is Bal's WIP Xmasjam2 map
#2 is mfx's long running WIP space map
#3 is sock's current WIP map he's streaming a lot of

Pretty sure none of the related to a second episode. 
#1 Is Giftmacher. 
Oh Yeah. 
I get them confused. 
Ooh Giftmacher 
looks cool!
Same with Sock, obvs 
Found On Twitter 
Does killing the 8 green spawns in Sepulcher do anything? 
Besides increasing your killcount, no. 
AD still has the double megahealth rot bug. 
Who Said Its A Bug? 
By the way, there's a more elegant way to fix that, without adding an extra entity. 
I'm finally finishing up the second hub with only Sepulcher left after just beating ad_azad. I don't know what else to say aside from that it was brilliant. I loved the theme and the level of detail was mind blowing. Even something as simple as accumulated snow on the some of the steps outdoors added so much to the map.

The breakables helped the world feel alive and I really enjoyed the way that they were employed this time. Instead of just having breakable walls and pieces of wood, some major set pieces were destructible. I was pleasantly surprised when the bridge in front of the silver key lock collapsed under me after being attacked by a death knight. Pillars breaking during the four stoneman ambush and during the final boss made the fights more intense with nothing to hide behind.

I also liked how the destructibles were part of the progression like the iron wood that needed to be smashed with the mine cart. The combat was really enjoyable although the tiny room with the four stone death knights that ambush you got me several times. I didn't exactly save scum but it still felt scummy saving the game beforehand and attempting that fight a few times when I already knew what to expect.

I finished with 6/10 secrets but just like every other AD map, I'm going to attempt the 100% clear. The bruskwork was incredible and it seems like an insane amount of time must have gone into the details. I loved some of the amorphous architecture as well like the wooden platforms haphazardly arranged and supported in the room with the mine carts. Stuff like this is inspiring and I'm always curious as to how much of this was implemented or how certain ideas were conceived. My only complaint was that the map wasn't longer since I enjoyed it so much but hopefully I will squeeze a lot more time out of it as I search for the rust key and the remaining secrets. 
I'm trying to use ad_1_7p1_gtk.def for GtkRadiant, but in the properties of the entities I see basically only the angle, the model and the noise. Maybe someone has a normal ENT file? 
Is there any chance that we can get access to the wads used for these maps? I know that many were custom and/or modified by sock and others but I'm interested in some of these themes and I'm having trouble matching them. 
You can just open up the BSP's with Texmex and then save to .wad. 
Thx again.

„although the tiny room with the four stone death knights that ambush you got me several times. I didn't exactly save scum but it still felt scummy saving the game beforehand and attempting that fight a few times when I already knew what to expect.“

This is the Tronyn moment. It is doable, but very random and hard.
I toned this encounter down a lot with AD 1.7, previous setup was just mad and cruel. 
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