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Quake Christmas Calendar Jam
sock talked me into this!

I considered doing some Xmas event for years, but it never happened for the usual reasons. Something like a Christmas calendar where there's a new little singleplayer map behind each door. Based on this and the fact that a big update for Arcane Dimensions is scheduled for Xmas, we came up with the idea for this mapping event:

24 x 1024^3 maps for AD

Essentially a mapping challenge. The maps should use AD and fit within a 1024*1024*1024 box, similar to what we did in SM127.

The restriction is tricky, and it should be interesting to see how people tackle it and make the most of the limited space. Think inside the box. Part of the reason for this is to keep the maps managable in terms of size and playtime. Small 5-10 minutes levels instead of huge limit-breaking megamaps that may not make the deadline. We need 24 in total!

The key is to re-use the space. Something along the lines of "climb up, drop down and the existing area changes, stuff spawns, stuff moves etc." This is where AD comes into play, as it offers a wide range of options and possibilities. Check out the test maps, use them as templates, experiment. This may be good practice and fun.

The deadline is 30-Nov-2017 18:00 (Func time).

Send to the email address in my profile. Needless to say, the maps need to be fully compiled and tested, have skill settings and run on AD 1.6. Must use standard BSP format and not exceed protocol 666 limits (aim for protocol 15 if possible).

If you have technical questions, sock can be messaged through the usual channels, preferably the Terrafusion discord. Or drop them here to be forwarded.
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Might as well post here just to confirm, I'm interested too! I've been messing around with textures and atmosphere for a couple days, just to build my confidence that I can do something, and I like what I see so far. With both the tight size restriction (which I love) and generous deadline, I'm pretty sure I can come up with a map in time.

May I ask what filename prefix we're meant to use for this? Just so there's no need to rename everything at the last minute. I didn't see anything in the OP about it, so I've been using 'xmasjam' for mine. Or does this count as Jam 10? 
How About. 
Can I Drain Water In AD? 
I'm having an idea so I might try a little something considering the farther than usual deadline. 
What wad is that from? 
I'm not sure if ALL the textures are, but the vast majority of the ones in that screenshot are from RuneResized.wad :)

Other parts of my map are using textures from RTCW. 
I'm in 
Very Interested 
Ill take a copy of .wad 

There you go :) A lot of good textures for "cold" themed maps, for sure. 
Each Map Should Feature A Nude Pic Of Its Authors 
... in true calendar fashion.

Wait. It's a Christmas calendar. Nevermind. 
Each Map Should Feature A Nude Pic Of Its Authors ... 
Least popular map pack ever -_- 
1024 Cubes 
Will these be put together at the end or remain separate bsps? 
Via #terrafusion 
Sock: we will need your source map as we plan to add an extra key to the worldspawn to switch stuff around in the start map

So there will probably be a custom start map - probably a third hub off the main start map as they did with 1.5 - I'm guessing tho. I believe this Christmas map will be included with the next major release.

Negke will most likely update this OP with some more details fairly soon. 
It's going to be an individual pack, seperate from AD 1.7. There will be a hub map by sock with doors to each map, one to unlock every day. We need the map sources, because there's a new AD feature that allows you to set certain conditions to be enabled or persist across multiple maps, so that in this case a new door can be made to unlock if the previous map has been completed. If you don't wish for your source to be included/released, just let us know beforehand.

There's no fixed naming scheme for the maps. We'll decide on the map order afterwards and will change the naming accordingly. Just make sure the .bsp and related files include your nickname.
If your comes with custom assets, please make sure to put them in a "xmasjam" directory - /sounds/xmasjam/example.wav and progs/xmasjam/example.mdl - to keep things tidy.

If I'm counting right, there are up to 10 people who said to participate currently. Nice. Any more interested? It's good to know how many maps there'll be in case we need to fill the blanks. By the way, you're not restricted to a single submission! And if you have some unfinished scrap, why not turn it into a little map as well. We need 24 maps in total.
Daz, care to roll the hype train? ;)

There's no restriction on the theme, feel free to use any textures/style you want. It doesn't need to be winter-themed or anything. No dick pics, though! 
one to unlock every day
Huh?! Will we not be able to play more than one map per day?

new AD feature that allows you to set certain conditions to be enabled or persist across multiple maps
W00t! Opening up the possibilities for some cool episode stuff.

up to 10 people
I'm gonna try to do something but since it'll be my first completed map I'm really not sure if I'll meet the deadline. So yeah I'm in but with a big question mark above my head. If I don't make it, will it be possible to do like 1.5 did with the Sepulcher entrance and release later as an add-on? 
Is it possible to create inaccessible (but visible through windows or holes in walls) the space beyond the boundaries of 1024 units? 
My method has just been to create a box out of clip brushes that has a volume of 1024^3. That way, I can build anything I want but my playable area will never exceed the limits.

It's already been mentioned that detailing and stuff like that is okay in post #4, btw 
so that in this case a new door can be made to unlock if the previous map has been completed.

I think this is the important part for your concern - We're expected to pace ourselves; we CAN eat all of the chocolate in our advent calendar on day one, or we can eat it one piece at a day like good christians quakers. 
Oops, was inattentive :( Sorry/

Count me in! 
Scenery/vistas/extra details can be outside the box. That's how the 1024 Doom competitions were.
And don't worry if your map exceeds 1024 somewhat, it's fine. As long as it's a compact map that doesn't go overboard with stuff.

Unlike a regular Christmas calendar where you can cheat and open doors in advance, this one will only have one map per day - a new one will be uploaded each day. You'll need to play each level in succession (if you intend to play properly using the hub map). Of course, you can hold off until the 24th if you want to play through the whole thing in one session. 
Thanks for the extra details, negke, I'll adjust my directory structure accordingly.

Any guidance about custom compile parameters or build steps? I'm happy to provide my source, but I'd hoped to use ericw's 0.15.10 tools with -gate 1.0 -extra4 -bounce as part of my final light command line. Do I need to accommodate a different set of tools instead, or maybe even plan to build without bounce lighting?

And when I say custom build steps, although I haven't had a need yet, I was thinking I'd at least be able to use my VMFII wrapper to use instances if they became useful; if I did, the wrapper needs to run once before CSG and again after BSP. I could provide a small directory with the necessary tools and a build script (Windows command shell, bash, Python, whatever), if that would be the way to do it. I could also use the "external map" feature added to eric's tools as an alternative for geometry, but it doesn't yet provide for entity setups, if I'm not mistaken, so it's not a drop-in replacement.

I'll certainly endeavor to avoid using custom things altogether, if I can, but I'm curious to know if you have a plan for something like that. 
Will the order be determined contest style? If sock and negke think yours is best itwill be last or first? Or randomized. 
NewHouse: Likely just a quick -onlyents deal on out part. So you can compile your maps with whatever settings you need.

Qmaster: I think we'll decide the order once all maps are submitted. Probably not like a contest from worst to best, but in a way that creates a diverse experience for the players. 
Temple Map 
Hopefully I can make a small temple-style map for this, 
Suggestion For A Secret Room... 
Make a room with a pile of christmas gifts boxes, randomly distributed. A few boxes could be opened to show a weapon, and a monster...

Entering the room could also trigger some cheap x'mas music.

A dozen of vorelings packed into a x'mas box could be funny.

Or make some monsters rushing to "attack" and open a x'mas box !

And what about a x'mas box with a pile of shit inside ? Opening the box would trigger some laughing sound... hehehee.

Or better : an ass dildo ! ;-) 
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