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Quake Christmas Calendar Jam
sock talked me into this!

I considered doing some Xmas event for years, but it never happened for the usual reasons. Something like a Christmas calendar where there's a new little singleplayer map behind each door. Based on this and the fact that a big update for Arcane Dimensions is scheduled for Xmas, we came up with the idea for this mapping event:

24 x 1024^3 maps for AD

Essentially a mapping challenge. The maps should use AD and fit within a 1024*1024*1024 box, similar to what we did in SM127.

The restriction is tricky, and it should be interesting to see how people tackle it and make the most of the limited space. Think inside the box. Part of the reason for this is to keep the maps managable in terms of size and playtime. Small 5-10 minutes levels instead of huge limit-breaking megamaps that may not make the deadline. We need 24 in total!

The key is to re-use the space. Something along the lines of "climb up, drop down and the existing area changes, stuff spawns, stuff moves etc." This is where AD comes into play, as it offers a wide range of options and possibilities. Check out the test maps, use them as templates, experiment. This may be good practice and fun.

The deadline is 30-Nov-2017 18:00 (Func time).

Send to the email address in my profile. Needless to say, the maps need to be fully compiled and tested, have skill settings and run on AD 1.6. Must use standard BSP format and not exceed protocol 666 limits (aim for protocol 15 if possible).

If you have technical questions, sock can be messaged through the usual channels, preferably the Terrafusion discord. Or drop them here to be forwarded.
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Do It, Barnak 
...except perhaps the ass dildo.

#38 posted by negke [] on 2017/09/10 09:38:17

No dick pics
I'd put _bounce 1 in your worldspawn rather than having it on your commandline. That way there's less chance of user error if someone else compiles your map.

Of course, I think you're the "NewHouse" of negke's most recent post... 
Thanks, Pritchard, that's a good idea for the final compile! I usually use separate compile configs in Jack so that (at least on larger maps) I don't spend the time computing bounce lighting during test builds unless I actually need to, but for shipping my source to others it'll be a good idea to add that. Come to think of it I'm not even sure why I bother doing things this way, since for simple geometry/entity changes I just disable VIS and LIGHT completely. Placebo effect, I guess. Makes me feel better having the option of testing lighting without bounce, even if I don't usually have a need for that.

And yes, I didn't want to say anything but I suspect the similar coloring between NewHouse's username and mine can be confusing. :) 
Thanks for all the clarifications here.

Daz, care to roll the hype train? ;)

Regardless if Daz does a video or not I will produce a short and sweet video inviting mappers to join in and post on Twitter,QuakeOne and r/quake. I can do those quickly - it's the trailers that take time. 
I'm In 
Sounds like a fun challenge! 
I Am Probably In 
I have other maps on the queue i want to complete first but i think i'll have the time for it, and i have the ideas for it already developing in my head. 
Sounds Fun! 
i just started my map 
I Might Want To Join In! 
I have to finish Qump first, but making a funny little joke map could fit in my scedule... 
How Is It Going 
mukor has some nice thing going already: 
That Screen Has Plenty Of Atmosphere 
I haven't done much on my (ideally first) map this past week, sadly. It's hopefully not going to take too long to finish, even if it ends up not being as pretty as that screenshot.

I'd like to make a second map and get creative with it though :o 
I don't have much to show rn; just a couple false starts that made it to the scrap heap. This is proving pretty hard with no real plan--might have to step pack and browse some reference images or something. 
Pick an id level or one of your favorites. Play it, finish it, quit Quake. Close your eyes and the first image that comes to mind from that playthrough... take that as a starting point for your new level. I did that with my sm179 speed map. The thing that stuck out was the underwater pavilions in E1M4. I designed my gameplay around that.

Sometimes you need to follow steps to unleash creativity.

And... good artists borrow, great artists steal. ;) 
My Map Isn't Going To Be A Geometrical Spectacle 
Though I have some funny Joke-map ideas. Probably it will look pretty vanilla. It will be only my second map. 
Well, It's Started... 
Probably going to put it on the shelf for a while, to get another map out, but it should be ready for the deadline. 
Yep, working on it slowly. At first the size started to cause layout issues but now I am embracing the small space and the ideas to be contained within. 
Ive made my least symmetrical map ever so, thats a success in and of itself.

The statue is made by khreathor and was first in skackys jam9 entry.

First entry is wrapping up over the next day. Hope to crank out at least 1 if not 2 more. 
I've created a discord channel for this map jam should people want to use it to share files/wips etc and get mapping help specific to this.

Look for the "Current map jam" category :) 
Now This Is Intersting 
This is a really fabulous idea for a jam, I'm excited to see what people are going to pull off for this. I remember seeing a "Christmas Quake" map/mod on Arrrcee's youtube channel. It had all the monsters with Santa hats on and was really "cute".

I'm not sure if I'm going to have time to enter this one, so I can't make any promises. I may be able to whip up something small, now that my AD map is released, but we'll have to see.

Anyways, this is a great concept, and make sure to look at all the AD map sources for help.

Last Post In September?!
Have some WIP shots to bump the thread. 
It's coming along! Getting a nice mood now. 
Advent Stream 
I streamed some mapping. I trimmed out the first 30 minutes because the audio was cut by Twitch.

You can obviously watch the full thing on twitch - 
Frozen - Work In Progress 
Not sure if there is still room for one more map in the jam but I've been working on this:

Yeah, Disney will send the copyright suits after me, but I've taken creative liberties...

The playable area will only be 1024^3, Elsa's castle is not accessible. I'm not very happy with how the ice looks, but I was hoping to have some kind of Christmas map to release. 
Winter Of The Ice Queen. 
According to a documentary on the film Frozen, the ice modeled by the computers accounted for reflection and refraction and took several days to render. Well, Quake cannot do either, and transparency can only be applied to an extent. I made different coloured ice to mimic refraction, and redid all the lighting to give this map a coloured sunset look.

Gallery here:

I've still got some work to do on it, but its almost done. The concept image that inspired the map is this one:

Best I could do without realistic ice physics. Also, got some faux func_illusionary sprites working thanks to ericw and Qmaster for explaining it. Looking forward to playing all these maps! 
That's pretty damn awesome Redfield, nice job and I laughed at the princess inclusion. I haven't watched this movie yet but looks pretty whimsical. 
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