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Quake Upstart Mapping Project Released
After our Beta phase and some tinkering, we are ready to release!

QUMP is a project aimed at getting new people to map for quake. Many of the mappers in this project had never made a quake map before, or had only made a couple. There are also some very early/old maps by more established mappers.

Get QUMP Here:


10 New Maps included:
Beginning - Pritchard
Bloody Sun - Danzadan / NewHouse
Citadel of Suffering - Topher
Manchester's Leftovers - Daya
Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors - Naitelveni
Stygian Waterways - Vingal
Sunken Cathedral - HexenMapper
The Dog Prison - Kres
The Three Towers of Tremendous Terror and Turmoil - Brassbite
The Real /vr/ Experience - Spud

Start Map - Newhouse

Special thanks to NewHouse for all his help with this project.
Thanks also to everyone who helped with playtesting, support and feedback.

Hope you Enjoy!
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Thanks For The Video Mankrip 
Your settings are very dark! and missing all the colored lighting is seems?

The darkness definitely wouldn't help in the underwater (and darkest) section. It was never supposed to be played this dark - perhaps sneak your brightness up a bit so it matches quakespasm at mid brightness?

Are you using the retroquad engine for this?

All major errors have been ironed out, all the map entrances and exits work and we're pretty sure all the maps are completable on all skill settings. (The streaming I've seen so far has gone flawlessly...) There are some very small detail things that aren't perfect, but the whole thing works and this is QUMP after all - it's not going to be 100% perfect but more of a casual project to encourage new mappers. That said I think it turned out great and all the mappers should be very happy with what they made! 
My map (shadows of our forgotten ancestors) is from december 2016, its my first map, its made with trecnbroom. 
Danzadans map is amazing! 
Pritchard's map video

I've recorded this one in 4:3 720p, to see if the performance would be better than 16:9 720p, but there wasn't any noticeable diference.

16:9 480p has almost the same image quality, but is much smoother. I'll go back to recording at 480p in the next videos.

Your settings are very dark! and missing all the colored lighting is seems?
Are you using the retroquad engine for this?

Yes. Retroquad doesn't have colored lighting.

The darkness definitely wouldn't help in the underwater (and darkest) section. It was never supposed to be played this dark - perhaps sneak your brightness up a bit so it matches quakespasm at mid brightness?

The darkness level is correct, and the brightness in the video is already twice the normal Quake values.

For some reason, hardware-rendered Quake engines are "washed out" when it comes to darkness. Shadows in them doesn't darken the colors as much as the original software renderer does, and you can confirm this by using the software-rendered version of Mark V.

Here are some lossless screenshots for comparison:

QuakeSpasm screenshot

Retroquad, 200% brightness, as in the video

Retroquad, 100% brightness

It's a common issue that many people aren't aware of, because most people don't even actually remember what the original software renderer actually looks like, and almost no one bothers to investigate subtle differences like this.

Also, YouTube re-encoding and compression sucks. When colors get blurred, the brighter colors gets darker because they're mixed with the darker colors. When actually playing the game, the darkest spots aren't that dark.

Maybe in the future I may try to replicate the brightness curve of the lighting of the hardware-accelerated engines, and add it as an option. 
I've manually checked the files' dates now, and they're all correct (the ones in the beta aren't newer). There must be something weird going on in Windows here then. 
you're right, the darkness in that underwater section seems about the same. I guess its just above water where the light seemed a bit different.

This Is quakespasm on the left with mid brightness, and your video on the left - you mentioned youtube darkening somewhat, so this will probably be a factor.

I do remember opening original quake in dosbox recently and remarking how much darker it looked, and have since adjusted my quakespasm brightness down a little to match.

Cheers for the videos, I've linked them to the QUMP crew and we'll keep an eye on your channel! 
your video on the *right 
quakespasm on the left with mid brightness

I've experimented with Quakespasm's settings, and found out that what you call "mid brightness" is actually 50% brighter than the default. Your Quakespasm screenshot actually matches gamma 0.75, with the Quakespasm's maximum brightness in the options menu being 0.5.

But Quake's default "gamma" cvar value is 1, which matches the brightness curve in my video. 
Editors Used 
My map was made in Trenchbroom. As made evident by the __TB_empty I left all over the release. Oops. 
Comments And Crits 
In the interest of not stretching out the page and thread needlessly with 11,000 characters over three posts, here's <a href="!lEwDEbqB!nGgu79_w5ODrh8CbvxXyanNxcyJ5KoPUQfDgHnfKdhY
">a zip with my demos and a moderate review of each individual map</a>. Overall lots of good ideas, designs and scenarios and hats off to everyone involved- it was worth the wait. 
For Real This Time 
Ahh fuck, I deleted a couple letters and screwed up the proper link. Let's try that again and pretend the previous post didn't happen. 
Cheers Spud! 
Some awesome feedback, thanks for the demos too :) 
I Used TrenchBroom 
Also there was supposed to be a teleporter at each voids, but somehow they never triggered once I reworked the map before the deadline. I'll look into it. 
I think:

Extra brief comments:

Hexenmapper: good layout and use of underwater areas, fun gameplay. Some bad textures and wasted spaces.

Daya: Good layout, transition in sub-level1 was very cool, interesting and effective blend of ideas. Bad lighting / textures in first part and void was a bit annoying with the ground details.

Naitelveni: Great stuff, loved the style and designs, kept all the areas interesting. Final bit seemed unnecessary.

There might be more but I forgot. 
New video. This time I've beaten this map.
Naitelveni's map: Shadows of our Forgotten Ancestors

The only other maps that my buggy engine could run properly were the start map and the "secret" map. 
Generic feedback for new / Qump mappers.

1. Design theme coherency (details, structures, angles) is at least as important as texture theme coherency.

2. Texture combinations need to be treated carefully. There are some pretty grim textures out there, you don't have to use them.

3. When applying textures, don't think in terms of texturing a surface. Think in terms of what that actual structure / material is.

4. Bigger is not necessarily better. Better is better. Don't expand the map and add extra areas until the core is awesome.

5. Straight-up arenas can be fun but they're not Quake at it's finest and shouldn't be relied on.

6. Subtle use of fog / coloured lighting is great.

7. Secrets and off-route items are great.

8. Non-linearity is great.

9. Novel designs and themes are great as long as they're in accordance with 1 & 2.

10. Most mappers, even new ones, seem to have got to grips with fun, meaty combat. This is good. 
enjoyed Danzadans too, thinner metal bars/details would look cooler imho tho, rest to be played 
Thanks for the feedback and demos Shambler.

@Mankrip Any idea what's preventing the other maps from running in retroquad? 
thanks for the feedback, demos and stream.

if you want a challenge, my map in nightmare is pretty hard.

in any case the map it's intended to be a bit hard
you can try the map in easy. it's easier mainly because i put extra quads 
oh, and i did the map with trenchbroom too 
Retroquad is just very buggy, there's lots of experimental code and unfinished stuff that will crash when used.

It also doesn't have most of the extended limits of other engines, but there's no point in extending the limits of a buggy engine. 
Massive congratz on firstly getting a pack this size organised and released (an epic feat in itself!), and secondly to all the mappers for making some generally good / very promising maps. You guys are showing a lot of potential and creativity and certainly good mapping for early / first maps. Keep it going, keep refining your work :) 
Cheers Shambler 
I'm sure many of the mappers will continue and hone their skills, we may also look at doing a QUMP 2 some day.

I certainly learned a lot about how not to run a project with this one. 
looking at a few screenshots the maps could benefit from a touch of fog to saturate the color over distance similar to real life, its really good effect atmospherically even if it used only subtle enough to not really notice when its on but you notice when its off. 
This made me realize that one of the reasons why people love fog so much may be because many people increase the "gamma" brightness in the options menu, which results in washed colors with less saturation.

The Quake palette is actually very saturated. 
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