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also, I made a twitter account finally

<@Scampie> someone tell sock to quit twittering and come back to #tf
<onetruepurple> shit i pasted that message wholesale and now some girl with the handle @scampie got notified probably
<@Scampie> rekt

<onetruepurple> someone tell Scampie to quit #tf and start twittering
<@Scampie> rofl twitter is the cancer of human society
<onetruepurple> true
<onetruepurple> but then again, so are you
<onetruepurple> get a twitter Stuffbler
<Stuffbler> fuck off
New Wallpaper 
Eye Shading For Everyone! 
Serious ? 
Interesting colours 
Quake Expo 2014 
"Oh no! A device by a large multinational corporation with a microphone and a camera that's permanently plugged into the internet." 
If that was supposed to make fun of people who are concerned about shit like that, go gently caress yourself. Here is some relevant recent stuff from the Snowden leaks for you: 
Seriously, if you want an always-on camera/microphone in your living room, go for it. I'll pass.

And take your solution of "put a towel over it" and shove it somewhere relevant. 
Way to miss the point guys, but I guess you can't point to irony these days without getting the politicized hordes on your back. 
Your point is obviously too advanced for us. Can you dumb it down so we can join in the fun? 
You don't map, you barely comment on any maps, and if you do, it's never in a way that is meaningful to the author at all. The only thing you seem to post is empty tech talk and "ironic" crap straight from Reddit.

Is there any reason of you coming here, other than trying to piss us off? Cause you're not doing a very good job at that either. 
I didn't mean to upset anyone.

TP: Sure, that's true. I don't pretend otherwise, I just came here to get some help with random Quake stuff. I just stuck around, I'm sorry if I don't get this old subculture and it's etiquette. Func is pretty much the only game-ish site I frequent, so whatever. And I'm a geek, I get carried away a little too much by thinking about tech stuff, I don't really care much about being on topic. Not certain about that ironic Reddit crap part, I don't do reddit. I'm sure there's enough dogturds floating around on the web no matter where you look. Maybe you prefer if others don't intrude your established clique? I can only guess. Oh, and I do play almost all of the map releases, sorry if I don't comment when there's people who already made my points better than I could have.

Willem: my point is that it's ironic we are surrounded by tablets, smart phones and laptops all plugged into the net, all running on OSes by companies easily linked to the NSA and all with cameras and microphones. That's on a much much larger scale and there's never a shitstorm over those things, unless it's inside a game console. I just get agitated you guys directly assume I'm making fun of people who care about that stuff, I don't, in fact I fully agree it.

Again, sorry if I offended anyone, I'm sorry if I come off as some kind of hipster dipshit in your eyes. I really don't care either way, and I'll hand back the towel. I don't care for nonconstructive dramatic internet bullshit. 
Vote now!

When would QExpo be? It's June, right? The anniversary of the release? 
It's a matter of discussion, still. I proposed August on Inside3D because announcing a June date now could be cutting a bit short, with preparations and people polishing up their projects and whatnot. I'd also like to host it, partly because not many people seem up to it this year, and my head will be full of fuck in June.

(Meanwhile, the person who posted the poll is more concerned whether a QExpo should happen in the first place, which, well, I find odd...)

I guess stuff will be clearer in the next couple of weeks. 
Of Course, 
If most people want June then it will be June. 
lol otp, your post at spiney could be translated to you very well. :P

spiney, sorry, your post seemed like it was making fun of critics. Be more verbose to avoid misunderstandings, text is hard to transport sarcasm with. :) 
No It Couldn't. 
I made sure of that before clicking Submit. 
"I don't care for nonconstructive dramatic internet bullshit."

Then stop posting it. 
"I hate drinking."

*throws back a shot* 
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