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On A More Serious Note 
Some ported Quake to the iPodClassic. 
Is It Me? 
Or is there a lot going on in the Quake scene right now? Ter Shib part 2, a steady stream from Muk and other AD mappers. Lot's of new faces etc. And metlslime suggesting new engine features!

This is going to be a great year for Quake!! 
Yeah, the high number of map releases this month is cool to see.

Func is pretty dead though; I think a lot of the activity is happening on discord and twitter. 
Yes But 
I see func as the place for "evergreen" conversations, announcements and historical reference. It is hard to compete with the immediacy and multimedia capabilities of Discord.

But hell, 20k Mapping Help posts is reason enough to keep func around.

For my part, I do link to func quite often on the Quake Mapping Discord and encourage people to make their JAM, SM and map release announcements here first. 
After three bloated visits on discord I had to chang the site because the reloading of the screen every four seconds made my chance to follow something very limited.
Not a bad word for discord because it might be my computer. 
20k Mapping Help posts: that is probably one of the biggest issues with Discord, as we will be losing in the future all the new information that is posted there now. Sure, we can go back and check older posts or we could make a backup of Discord's chat, but it is a lot harder to navigate there and not the same as having it here public where anyone can see it anytime.

Well, more like an issue with the social networks as a whole than of Discord's, but an issue still. Could be nice to have a archive here of all of that information to store. 
That's above my pay grade. What we need a is a legion of people updating with said info. 
A Site 
I still care for InsideQc, although it might be my critical error.
Saved the tutorials on quaketastic in time. 
Even If Conversation Lags Here 
This site’s use as an archive is invaluable. It has a way of crystallizing events and milestones in a way Discord cannot. 
That is an option too, but apart that it would need a legion of people like you say, in the transcription parts are lost for sure. 
I keep seeing the updates from mankrip here:

But there's no github, bitbucket or anything with the engine itself. Was it ever released? 
Nope. Personal project. 
How is that possible? His words: "Nothing would make me happier than someone willing to create a new game using the technology I'm creating for Retroquad. Nothing would make me happier than knowing that my tech inspired someone to do that.

There's nothing I crave more than that in my life."

And then again: ""Impressive, but worthless" would be a nice description for my work." 

All I know is that he hasn't made it public. 
I've found this on Reddit:

"Improved collision detection for Quake 1" (by faisal_who)

"... I was able to hack up quakespasm to allow proper collision detection. Bullets can now fly through gaps in the model (since im testing against actual geometry, not a bounding box).

Even though in this vid im using quakeguy as my target, I can actually play the entire quake1 camping with precise collision detection for hitscan attacks (i.e bullets)."

And here is the video:

Interesting. Very very interesting... 
You Need Some Cartoon Art / Imagery? Well ADaya Needs Your Custom. 
Help a Quaker out:

So he doesn't have to chop up and eat his own mother to survive. 
Don't Like His Art. 
But by saying so I might convince others to take pity and buy his art. Such is life. 
0931 Lego 
Must be my nostalgic qmap cube feeling. 
most Q1 and Q2 mappers seem to gather around this board. but does anyone know any *breathing* Q3 mapping community? 
Q3 Mapping Community 
Well, there is always, but i dont know how active it is atm. 
These Things Take Time 
VR growth. If they can shave $100 and a few grams/ounces off the headsets in the next gen, things will be looking good. 
So I Made A Music Video That Might Be In Poor Taste.

Welcome to my sense of humour. Doctors are standing by.

What they're standing by I've no idea, but it must be in a bad way. 
Why Do You Design Levels For The .bsp-format? 
I've done this for 20 years now and it's like a drug that is impossible to quit. 
Finally I Understand VR: 
Yeh... The New Quake ! 
Fucking Amazing. 
Very Cool Stuff. 
I really appreciate how organic and old world the cities look by being build on an irregular polygon grid. 
Maybe I can get some of these several HUGE maps finished. One question, what is best engine for super expanded limits? And what are the best compilers these days? I've been mapping on and off for years, with several on the back burner since even before Quarantine and Catatonic, but they are big maps. I might try and release them one at a time as an episode that comes in parts. 
Only Thing Is 
compiler needs to be supportive of +++ limits but also valve 220 texture mapping XD 
Trent In Quarantine Map Jam? 
There's a good opportunity for a "Trent in Quarantine" map jam now. Quake maps, NIN-themed, focused on environmental traps and socially isolated combat.

Wear your envirosuit and go on a quest for The Perfect Drug against COVID-19! 
Compiler :
For engines, these days people mostly use Quakespasm, Quakespasm-Spiked, FTE, Mark V, all of them should be ok with expanded limits.

Give us new maps! 
Thanks dude! I'll see what happens when I get to the point of sealing this biyotch. 
Alcohol Rehab Near Me 
Welcome Back SPY! 
With this damn quarantine, I'm playing a lot of coop Quake 1 with my brother. We've been using Darkplaces and Hamachi. I also tried FTE and QSS, but both still need Hamachi. Does anyone know any engine port that has a built-in Hamachi? Or something similar? Kind of a pain to have to have Hamachi to host coop games. 
FTE/QSS shouldn't need Hamachi if you forward the port on your router to the computer where the server is running.

FTE also has some sort of automatic router holepunching thing mentioned here: ... but I haven't tried that & don't know the details. 
my brother is a dumbass and couldn't configure his router, that's why we use hamachi

does anyone know how to enable this hole-punching thing? 
Did you try what that frag-net site said to do? Seems straightforward, if it works. 
i don't see a Holepunch option, so maybe it's a compile-time flag? grepping the source also yields no results to holepunch or fragnet. 
Hmm! And you have the latest version?

I'll check it out later tonight. 
I do see that option when using client version 5647 on Linux. Choose Multiplayer, then New Game, then fiddle with the settings for the Public option. 
Test Post 
For FW. 
Lol Get Fucked 
Oh Behave! 
did we lose for good? 
Not Only That 
We lost nextgenquake for good :o 
Soft Squish 
For video playthroughs of the 2 of Quake custom maps I know that Cmdr. Theodoricos and Aqui De Rossi do a great job over at the Tubes of Ewe, but for the One Quake, who does the best playthroughs? I prefer no comment, 100% completion runs of custom mappes. 
Holepunch - FTEQW 
Does anyone know if you can use holepunch for a dedicated server? My impression is not.

Assuming I'm interpreting the notes in the code (below) correctly:
sv_public 0 = private LAN
sv_public 1 = IP address listed publicly
sv_public 2 = use broker via holepunch

However, elsewhere I've read in the code that if the server is dedicated sv_public is set to 1.

So maybe you can only set this through the UI on a hosted server.

-1: Fully blocks all inbound connections.\n0: Disable subscribing to master servers (for private lan-only games).\n1: Subscribe to public master servers. Your IP address will be listed publicly. Make sure your Router/NAT+Firewall are set to allow inbound connections.\n2: Subscribe to a broker master, allowing firewall hole punching. 
i find the whole netcode of fteqw suboptimal. just go with darkplaces. 
holepunch is fine for dedicated server. 
Holepunch - FTEQW 
@Johnny Law - if I set it to holepunch my IP is still visible in the browser.

@bulab_mulma - Is Darkplaces much better? I've only tried it breifly but I prefer the look of FTE. 
it is. and you can make it look retro too, if thats your thing.

cl_particles_quality 2
v_gamma 1.5
r_bloom 0
r_coronas 0
r_lerpmodels 0
r_shadow_realtime_world_shadows 0

oh and you can also use this: 
also dp is easier to mod and compile. fte is just a mess. 
Welcome Back SPY! 
RTCW: Real Saboteur. 
This misson pack was originally made by Dan using basic stuffs from original game and creating a good story with well designed environments. Now it was adapted to RealRTCW Mod.
Link to Download: 
Downlode Statisticals 
It seems that very few actually click the link to the file, or install, at least judging from the numbers on Twitter and ModDB. My latest map has been loaded down under 50 times, and my most "popular" unit Sonic Mayhem has a little over 900.

What's it like for the other Quakes? 
Probably because of problems running it and your underwhelming sales pitch, ie. "it will tear Q2 apart" and "it will not run in almost any client available". That's not gonna get you a lot of downloads. So much effort and then people can't play it. Sonic Mayhem was an awesome unit, complex but functional, in line with your previous maps. This latest one seems to be an exception. 
Community Has 
gone down a lot, both for Quake and Quake 2.

Also i have noticed that tastes have changed with the isolation and people do not download fan content as much as before and do things more instead. 
I have to be honest with the map. It was rather overambitious. Better to be upfront than dealing with all the complaints. Hiding anything is bad.

I see that maps re being pumped out for Quake+ though, so I thought it would have been better there.

I should look into statistics for my other maps. I don't expect triple digit numbers there either even if some have been out for a while, though. 
Mapper-player Ratio 
I also wonder what the ratio is like for map releases between mappers and players. It seems most people playing the maps also make them. 
Not sure what you mean by Quake community activity having "gone down". The Quake Mapping Discord has a massive amount of activity and I assume tf is humming along as well. There are nightly multiplayer events in North America thanks to the US QuakeWorld Community. A group of modders are making LibreQuake. Tons of new maps in the news section here as well. I can't keep up with the releases myself.

For my part, I try to encourage mappers and modders to post here as IMO this is the place for "evergreen" Quake discussion and links. 
I know, but as you say is on Discord: People on Discord/Whatssapp and similar ones only care about what happens in there and rarely click on links posted on those places, in this community and in any other and even more if a mobile was used, hence they won't get to see his map much.
The other facts you pointed out have nothing to do with his map being played or with Quake 2. 
I see that maps re being pumped out for Quake+ though

No, they're for Quake. 
Release For Dream Cast Quake ! 
Processing Central (jpdm2.bsp) 
Hi, here's my Quake 1 deathmatch map - "Processing Central" (jpdm2.bsp).

Map has a vanilla base setting, most weapons & pickups are available, it's best suited for 2 to 4 players (rather small). More info in readme.



Playtested by Patrol (twitch: patrol1985) and 1 other guy in DM, and apparently, it was fun :) 
Meant Quake+AD 
Try And Get Some High Profile Streamers To Play Maps! 
That will get a little bit of traffic. 
Quakespasm Issue With "forgotten Valley" Mod In Linux 
I'm running quakespasm 0.93.2 in Linux Mint.
I have the full Quake 1 and mission packs.
I downloaded Quoth and Forgotten Valley mod (fv.* and lostv.*).
A video of a run through of the "Forgotten Valley" map on YouTube shows at the very beginning getting lava nail ammo, yet I only see regular nail ammo.
Also the 2nd secret room seems to be missing the floating,moving platforms that are needed to get across to the exit.
I've specified '-hipnotic -quoth -game lost +map lostv'.
Is there some issue with the '-hipnotic' implementation in the Linux port of Quakespasm? 
Remove -hipnotic -quoth and add -rogue instead 
Maybe you saw my video on youtube. In my playthroughs i replace the nail-box models with lavanail-box models because i think the original/green nail-boxes are too similar to the shell-boxes and i always get confused by them. This way, if i see a green box far away i know its sheels and not nails :P 
Is this due to colour blindness?

Just interested - most of my siblings are colourblind, although I'm not.

If the current boxes are confusing I might change them up in my current project. 
An Item On My Todo List: 
"Steal ideas from Bal" 
"Learn the player model rescue swimming". 
Ammo stash left necron 
I'm not colorblind, i just think with different colors for the ammo-boxes it's easier to tell them apart in the middle of a fight. 
Fair Enough 
I've heard people say that players of Quake have special eyes, that can see more shades of brown than normal human eyes 0_0 
Quakespasm Issue With "forgotten Valley" #2 
Thank you for the suggestions.

I removed -hipnotic and -quoth, and added -rogue but that only resulted in the Quoth specific monsters not appearing. It was worth a try just to see if it helped. The README for "Forgotten Valley" specifies use of "-hipnotic" and "-quoth".

I don't mind if there's no lava nails, wasn't sure if that was someone's tweak though the idea had occurred to me.

The missing floating platforms however make passing through the 2nd and 3rd secret rooms impossible without the 'Fly' cheat.

I also tried "-rogue -quoth" which was no different than specifying "-hipnotic -quoth".

I might guess that such parameters as -hipnotic and -quoth should be appending to the loaded modules, but given the lack of the floating platforms which may be specific to Mission Pack 1 (not sure about that), I wonder if for the Linux quakespasm that instead of appending to the loaded Hipnotic modules that the loading of the Quoth modules is replacing what is/was loaded from Hipnotic. 
FWIW I played this with -quoth and had no issues completing it. Don't exactly remember floating platforms tho. 
Also: the use of "-hipnotic" was a thing that used to be required for playing Quoth in order to get some HUD behaviors. Not required in current Quake engines when playing Quoth stuff.

I played this with Quakespasm 0.93.2 on Linux. 
All three secrets should work with just -quoth 
Please Update Download Link In Topic 

Dear administrators, could you please update download link regarding my patch for Abyss Of Pandemonium Improved Edition (2019) in this topic?

I had to enter some amendments and reupload the file. Please replace the download link in this sentence:

3) This patch: Patch For Abyss Of Pandemonium v2.0 (12.12.2019) (note: In russian language "скачать" means "download")

New Download Link : 
okay did that, but... why is the new version still 2.0? Shouldn't it be 2.1 or something? That's the point of version numbers 
About The Patch. 
Thank you very much. I would say it is still v2.0 because it is very heavily based on v2.0 and I reckon that Resurrection Team really had to implement these essential fixes and tweaks way back in 2008 when v2.0 was released but this never happened and that's what I did in December of 2019. I call my patch simply - AOP v2.0 Improved Edition (2019) because I have never been an official member of this project. I'm just a passionate enthusiast who simply wants this unofficial mission pack #3 to be played with joy. 
ah i see... yeah that makes some sense. 
You may give it a try :)

It plays flawlessly, in one breath. 
Did Spike disappear from here? I don't see him posting anything anymore.

FTEQW continues being updated, though. 
I Found A (possible) Bug Within Trenchbroom/ericw Tools' Lighting. 
i inserted a light entity within my level, but i noticed i didn't need it anymore so i removed it. when i compiled the level the lighting just went to shit and light was just scattered randomly across the map. the only way i could fix this was to bring back the light with ctrl+z. does anyone know ho to fix this or which program is the cause? i tried compiling the same map with various compilers but i always got the same result. 
Most likely you just have an old .lit file next to your .bsp, cause that light was the only colored light in your map?
This is not an issue with TB or the compiling tools, just more of a workflow issue that almost everyone comes across sooner or later. 
He's quite active on Discord and #qc channel on irc 
Quakespasm really should check that the LIT file size is 3x the size of the BSP lighting lump, it's really more robust than just enforcing loading from the same gamedir. 
True although if your only change was deleting a light and recompiling, it probably wouldn’t change the lump size 
My expectation is that if the offsets are wrong then the size is going to be wrong as well. 
External files that depends on the integrity of internal data must be implemented with some sort of data check…

In Retroquad, the external texture format stores a CRC32 of the original texture's mip 0 texels, and the engine refuses to load it if there's a CRC mismatch. Plus, these CRC values are appended to the external textures' filenames, which solves most cases of multiple textures sharing the same name. Across ID1, ROGUE and HYPNOTIC, there's only one case of different textures sharing both the same name and same CRC32.

Appending CRC values to filenames would help with using old external file formats that can't be modified, but would complicate usage in engines that don't perform such checks; users would have to manually rename the files to remove the CRC value.

A less trustworthy method would be to just compare the external file date against the BSP file date, and issue a warning if the BSP file is newer. 
Trenchbroom Shortcuts 
Today I was really close to open Trenchbroom but then reminded myself I would have to learn all the keyboard shortcuts to use it efficiently.

Does it have a GTKRadiant-style of input presets I can just select from a list? 
So we can just import/export mdls from Blender now without having to dick around through endless arcane loops and wondering which particular edge case is breaking things right now in this particular instance...

Thanks Khreathor!

And apparently there's no thread for this? 
I can't tell what you are responding to. 
Blaster Weapon 
that is cool... so this means you don't even need qME on your computer, the entire workflow is just blender -> quake? 
Yes you can export MDLs straight from Blender.
This is a plugin that was started by taniwha for QuakeForge project. I just took it and updated few features, to better fit Blender 2.8.
I still fix and adjust few things, but majority of features work as expected. 
does it support baking physics simulation? PRECORDED RAGDOLLS 
Quakespasm Issue With "forgotten Valley" #3 
I found my issue.
I had Quoth 2.1 but I needed Quoth 2.2.
Once I put the pak2.pak file from 2.2 in place, the floating platforms for secrets #2 and #3 appeared.
Thank you all for your input. 
#31536 @misc_ftl 
You can export simulation, but:
- MDL vertex/triangle limit is 2048/1024;
- atm it can only export one object, so you have to merge multiple objects into one (if your simulation contains multiple objects); 
Works fine so far. Can it do the flags?

For the time being I've been using Qme to add those. 
Semi-Official Definitions Needed 
I know this has been brought up many times before but how would YOU define the rules for the following:

Turtle Map

Speed Map

Map Jam 
speedmap: ~2 hours
turtle map: 1 week
map jam: seems like these are usually a month or so? 
Like I Said On The Podcast. 
Speedmaps: anything from # hours to 2 weeks.

Map jams: longer than speed maps and more emphasis on quality of the final product.

Turtle maps: a dead concept, not used in well over a decade. 
Speedmappenings: A day max.

Mapjammenings: It was a month when I last did one in 2001

Turtlemappenings: No idea, possibly millenniae. 
Speedmap: a couple of hours, a day if you must, but all done in a single session.

Turtlemap: used to be a week. Nowadays perhaps a cute title for a leaked map with a large box around it...

Map jam: variable, depending on the organizer; at least one extension is mandatory. 
Speed map: a few hours, max 4-6 depending of the mapper's speed.

Turtlemap: a week long, around 20 hours MAXIMUM if intending to crunch it.

Jam: anything as long as the focus is on detail. 
Anyone Like Making Frikbot Waypoints? 
I'm working on a map + mod project for deathmatch and custom maps. I have lightning hunter's huge pack of waypoints, but there about 10 critical maps (and then another 40 or so) that I'd love to get FrikBot wyapoints made for.

I haven't done them myself, and I could learn how - but maybe someone out there has a passion for making waypoint files and would be much faster than me.

Pretty please? 
Speedmap: a couple of hours, a day if you must, but all done in a single session. - that's it. A single session.

Anything else is a map jam 
The only speedmap I did in one session was my 2 hour map for Quoffee. 
Custom Quake DM Vids - Epic Action Within 
Hello all. I fired up my quake server and started playing some deathmatch on custom maps with some buddies. Check out the playlist link below. The action is good, the in-game voice commentary is perhaps better :)

Maps include:
- auh1dm2
- baldm6
- bsdm8
- utressor
- shady
- lacrima
- gomdm6
- kikdm6

Some of my favorites! Our server is running a custom DM mod that adds runes, off-hand grappling hook, bots, and other stuff. It's based on a super old mod (reincarnation) which was the work of Gen, Gonzo, and Bal from back in the day.

I also made a little overview video of the mod here:

Let me know what you think! 
Enjoyed that, thanks! 
Thanks For Watching 
We had a nice little romp on Utressor + Shady :) 
Hey There 
How's everyone doing? These past weeks have been disappointing and intense but on the other hand, it's great to see so much "therapeutic" creativity being done in the community these past few weeks.

Wondering how everyone is holding up and interested in hearing about the good things in your lives.

I'll go first. We've instituted mandatory family nights 3 nights a week in our home. Mostly board games (Ticket to Ride!) and watching what we call "retro" Survivor starting way back with season 1.

I hope you'll share what's keeping you all sane in these difficult days. 
I've always been solitary and a bit insane, but also surrounded by people. So my life hasn't change much - just trying to control the id.

I was watching a lot of standup on Netflix, there are some gems, and a lot of nots.

Family wise (especially useful as an expat) we've been doing a quiz every Sunday - whichever team loses does the quiz for the next week. General knowledge, pop culture, science, geography, video games (because we lost the weekend before) - simple but fun. Reason to do a Zoom call basically.

I think the one most affected in my house is my son of 3. Very kinetic and clever, and wants to do stuff but doesn't have the means to understand or express why he can't, yet.

Yeah, he's driving us nuts.

In my house we're six, so kind of privileged in the quarantine. Me and my wife have been WFH for two months and minimum is until September. I've got workmates with very little space and children of a similar age. They're putting a brave face on it.

In the same category some who have no family in the country where we are and I have to somehow guide them through it.

What I've arrived at is that we need to be solid. Dependable. This particular strain will take years to solve. From there, we're all looking at our own personal crystal ball, mired by opinion and despair/hope - trying to predict the future.

All we can do in the meantime is stay strong. 
Aye right.

I painted stuff:

And played Jedi Fallen Order, Metro Exodus, and Black Mesa during lockdown.

There wasn't much sanity going on tho! 
Nice Paint Job! 
Do you do commissions? Somewhere in my mom's house I have an old wizard figure that I never finished. 
I'm in the mass gathering festival biz so obviously i got hit with both barrels of this corona craziness.

spent the time cataloguing my comedically large teenage warhams collection, and actually adding to it for reasons that are known only to myself and my inner demons that prey on my weaknesses, oh and also making a fair wallop of content for untitled indie action adventure game pet project that will never be finished/released. 
I haven't yet but I am open to the idea.... 
Quake DM Map Tour Video Series 
Well - in my extra time I've started to make a series of youtube vidoes that each feature a custom quake DM map. I talk a bit about the map and then demonstrate the gameplay in a quick bot match.


Check it out, let me know what you think, etc. Been a fun side project. cheers! 
Celery Phase 
I wish I could be sated but I cannot get enough of the level designs. 
Re: Quake DM Map Tour Video Series 
I'm happy to see more attention and "content" on MP maps! You're a good source for this sort of thing given your history.

I know you're still feeling out the balance for how much to talk before doing the example botmatch, and how much to talk while playing. Your most recent video is pretty good in that respect. Just my own personal taste would be even a bit more talking about poking around before playing, both for the benefit of the viewer and also so your talk-while-playing can just be spur-of-the-moment stuff rather than trying to hit important points.

Now there are a couple of obvious things in the videos that might be criticism lightning-rods so lemme get to that:

* Using a blinged-out Quake client. It's not too extreme though; I think the look of the map itself does still come through. And MP players usually mutilate their client in all sorts of ways in any case -- for review-type purposes I'd rather see this than the no-textures/hidden-viewweap/sprites-everywhere look. It's not my preference but it doesn't bother me except for some of the particle effects that are a bit out of place IMO.

* Using a rebalanced DM mod with runes and grappling hook and etc. IMO this is pretty much exactly in the spirit of Quake DM servers. :-) The only thing I would potentially gripe about is that I think a grappling hook kind of ruins DM, or at least obviates a lot of the distinctive characteristics of the different DM maps. But you're not using the grappling hook so OK!

I don't have much constructive criticism to add at the moment. I did wonder a bit if you could/should show an overhead view graphic -- for some maps this would be pretty instructive, for others maybe not so much.

Keep it up, I've popped you into the subscription list! 
BTW, "Joel B" is the artist formerly known as "Johnny Law". Moving some of my forum/chat accounts over to my real name and dropping that old nick. 
You' dropping the Law, Johnny! The 
Play Some Func_music For Func_spamprotection 
so, insideqc is really dead uh? 
Let's talk when you are ready... 
seems like it, last posts were from 2019 
Well... InsideQC forum was down from November 2019 for few good months. It was back recently. It will take a while for people to realize it's back and start posting again. 
Last edit I could make was transferring all tutorials to quaketastic. That was quiet a job from my mobile to screen shots, but I feel these tuts are treasure ware.
Now the front page is back, but all info is scrambled after that. 
The InsideQC tutorials are still online here:

I've also grabbed that part of the site and the AI Cafe tutorials. Download them here. 
AI Cafe is so amazing. Sometimes I read it just for the nostalgia. 
One Ai _c Shake Again 
Thanks for the Ai Cafe files. Some I had already saved, but the site went offline faster than I expected. Just like that of Inside3d. The last months in 2019 I have been trying to get back my password, but there were too many spam bots. Too bad because there was a lot of useful information in the posts. At first it seemed that it was better? because I could get back to the start pages
and login again.
The tutorials I no longer got on the screen of my computer but on my mobile. So that's why I sent everything to quaktastic. 
Whao, Thanks. 
Guys, just wanted to step in and have a word. Recently saw four videos on YouTube (working the Roku stick FTW) about my last map Fort Ratsack. One I knew of, since Daz let me know about it, and I was obviously thrilled to see it. But I just recently saw three others and was truly flattered. One guy (recommended by Sock btw -- cheers, Simon) couldn't find one of the secrets, and I found that thoroughly entertaining. Anyways, late to the party I am, but thanks in any case. Moar to come... 
@Joel B - Map Series Thing 
Thanks for checking out the videos! I haven't done much streaming or recording so trying to get a handle on how to best do it. I did figure out settings to improve the YouTube image quality - so that's better already.

I like your suggestions regarding taking more time to talk about the map at the start and covering more of the details, layout, etc. I have an alias for noclip fly mode so I can zoom out of the level an show the overall layout. That's a good idea too.

For the bot match, I can configure my mod to turn off all the extras and just keep it as standard DM mode. You're right that runes, hook, etc. will mess with the balance of the map.

I also made a new little video about some DM compilation packs I'm putting together: 
So, Quake turns 24 on Monday... 
Happy 24th Quake! 
Wondering how everyone is holding up and interested in hearing about the good things in your lives.

I've spent the quarantine doing engine coding. Now I've lost 6Kg and am helping my wife make chocolates for selling.

A coworker was diagnosed with covid19 and ran away from the hospital. He also told me he isn't wearing masks when taking the bus because he can't breathe with the mask on. I'm staying away from him, and thankfully I have a car to avoid mass transportation. 
So I just watched a video of Romero's Quake post mortem from last year (?) and there were two slides of a scanned document, containing the map order and general game progression from around January 1996.

Here they are (annotations mine, also sorry for bad resolution):

Shareware episode

Full version

Amongst many other really weird things in there, why is there mention of an ICBM launch site in E4M8? 
nice find.

Link to the timestamp where those images appear:

There are also a third image which is basically the final or near final episode order, though without end.bsp 
Worth Noting 
The third image comes after this intermediary step, but before the reshuffling of E3 happened in mid-to-late June 1996. 
also interesting that the record company forced them to use audio CD instead of mp3 format for the soundtrack.

While I appreciate that I have a lossless copy of the soundtrack, that would have made a big difference for modders if mp3 support was in vanilla quake. (Though, it might have been ripped out for the open source release? not sure how that could have gone.) 
To Specify. 
the reshuffling of E3

This was the map order 11 days before release:

(Secret) E3M5 
It was for the best. There would be no way for a 100Mhz 486 or Pentium to simultaneously decode a MP3 soundtrack and render the game. 
mankrip, good point, though I think Pentium was the min spec, but I had a 166MHz pentium at the time and still only achieved around 20 FPS, so even that spec probably couldn't handle decoding mp3 at the same time. 
The stated minimum specs were a 486 DX4 100MHz with a floating point coprocessor. But it ran like crap on those. 
ah interesting, I didn't know there were 486s with FPUs 
The truth about designing games about abusive relationships is that the goal is not to harm the abuser, it is to nurture him/her. Because your destinies are tied, so for you to prosper enough to escape, you must help the abuser to prosper too.

I am scared. 
are there any games that do this well? 
I just got quake 1 going in windows 10 using quakespasm and it looks awesome. Trouble is I want to jump right out and play some sp stuff. started out with ad the arcane thing. I have trouble with mods. always used a launcher when I could but can't find one for 64 bit. I have tried and tried to install this but no matter what I do I get the basic quake home screen. I think I followed the instructions to the tee but not working. there is even a guy on youtube showing how and I still cant get it. I consider myself medium literate on computers but can't get this. 
Shadesmaster wants to add your SM189 map to Slayers Testament (that Doom2016+Eternal-in-Quake mod).

He'll do all conversions himself. (Q1-->Doom entities)

He just wants your permission. Is that fine? 
You can right click and drag the Quakespasm exe to your desktop and make a shortcut to it. Then you edit the shortcut as seen here:

Here's another example with drakebeta as the mod and ryu1 as the map:

Good luck! 
Slayer's "i Made This" Testacle 
You just coined the phrase 'treasureware'!

At least for me :D 
Also, I need a playtester. One who hates my stuff and prefers skill 1.

Email is in the profile :) 
Okay I will give it a try. Thanks 
why is there mention of an ICBM launch site in E4M8?

This one won't let me sleep at night still. 
Quake Alt Ending 
Was Hcmsp1 Never Posted Here? 
Just ran across this older Mazu map:

It's a banger FYI. 
More On Ad Maps 
discovered if I drop the console while in the ad map start or any where ad I can type in a map and play it. weird that they don't just come up 
Quake Arcade Tournament Edition Gameplay 
Seeing as no one else had recorded footage, I've taken the time to record some single-player as well as multi-player gameplay of this peculiar port. Many thanks to Shamblernaut who provided me with the MEGA link with everything included. 
Tip For Streamers 
I posted a tip for streamers on r/Quake that I wanted to post here. If you stream or record gameplay for YouTube please take a look.

In a nutshell, consider using gl_cshiftpercent 50 or 25 to make underwater sections easier to see for your audience.
Example image 
That's not DM7. The real DM7 is the one in the Nintendo 64 port of Quake, and its .map source is included in Romero's ID1 map sources release.

This deathmatch map you've recorded reminds me of one of the vanilla Quake 2 dm maps, because of the curved staircases against tall curved walls.

Really interesting stuff. 
more than reminding, it seems to me that it is a almost exact copy of Q2DM1, as even the items are at the same place. 
Townscaper is in Early Access:

Build quaint island towns with curvy streets. Build small hamlets, soaring cathedrals, canal networks, or sky cities on stilts. Block by block.

No goal. No real gameplay. Just plenty of building and plenty of beauty. That's it.

Townscaper is an experimental passion project. More of a toy than a game. Pick colors from the palette, plop down colored blocks of house on the irregular grid, and watch Townscaper's underlying algorithm automatically turn those blocks into cute little houses, arches, stairways, bridges and lush backyards, depending on their configuration.
Tools Question. 
I'm almost sure this is not the case, but: did the id light tool have its own equivalents of what we now call delay and wait?

I seem to recall they were implemented comparatively late in the game (possibly by Tronyn?).

I checked the one light that seemed a bit contrary to this claim, but that one is a spotlight. 
Tyrann, not Tronyn. 
I think they are not in the id tools but were added within the first year.

Maybe iklite had them? Or arghlite? 
Idle thought from watching the Shadow Warrior 3 trailers: I want a game where your character is elderly Steve Buscemi breaking the fourth wall by addressing his fellow kids and every other NPC just being embarrassed by his bullshit. 
Hell Spawn Not Spawning 
I was playing Dissolution of Eternity again after many years, and I noticed that one of the "new" enemies, the so-called Hell Spawn ( ) seems to be missing from the game, more or less. I thought it was a cool concept to have an enemy which can clone itself like an amoeba, and that's part of what got me interested in playing DOE again. But so far, I haven't encountered any Spawn with "eyes" in their skins, and the green ones I've encountered almost never create a clone, except occasionally when I damage them. Most of the time, they just behave like normal blue Spawn. Yet oddly enough, the Guardians have no trouble at all spawning clones of themselves during combat.

My guess is that the game was supposed to randomly spawn either a green one with eyes, or a green one without eyes... but instead, it's only spawning the latter or a blue one.

Does anyone know why this is? Could it be an issue with the port I'm using, QuakeSpasm 0.93.2? Last time I played DOE, I was using Darkplaces, but I don't remember if the enemy worked properly in that port or not (if it ever did.) I switched to QuakeSpasm so I could play more mods. 
Looks like it's tied to skill 2 (?) and randomized if they are not specifically placed in the level via a spawnflag. I am pretty terrible with the math here so not sure how often this would be.

You can view the code here
Thanks for helping clear that up. I guess there wasn't any bug after all, I was just too unlucky (or lucky, depending on your perspective) to notice the "mitosis" ability. That being said, having it only happen when going into its pain state may not have been the best coding choice, due to the fact all Spawns explode on death, thus killing the new Spawn of the Spawn. Plus, it looks like the "tbaby_mitosis" function itself is also randomized and won't always create a new Spawn when called. 
Quake 2 Maps By Author. 
Does anybody recall seeing such a list? 
Bit of a tangent, but the map Telefragged features a Spawn variant that splits into smaller versions of itself. 
Quake 2 Maps By Author 
romero published a list on his .plan back in 1997:

base1 tim willits
base2 tim willits
base3 tim willits
train paul jaquays
bunk1 american mcgee
ware1 american mcgee
ware2 american mcgee
jail1 tim willits
jail2 tim willits
jail3 tim willits
jail4 christian antkow (xian)
jail5 tim willits
security tim willits
mintro tim willits
mine1 tim willits
mine2 tim willits
mine3 tim willits
mine4 tim willits
fact1 american mcgee
fact2 american mcgee
fact3 american mcgee
power1 tim willits
power2 tim willits
waste1 tim willits
waste2 tim willits
waste3 tim willits
cool1 tim willits
hangar1 tim willits
hangar2 tim willits
strike christian antkow (xian)
command christian antkow (xian)
space christian antkow (xian)
lab brandon james
city1 paul jaquays
city2 paul jaquays
city3 paul jaquays
boss1 brandon james
boss2 tim willits
Re: Quake 2 Maps By Author 
I've wondered about this for the longest time and have never been able to find the info. Thanks, mh! 
that's not right, everyone knows tim willits made all the maps. 
The Fuck. 
McGee made both the shittiest units?? 
Which Is Interesting Because... 
According to Petersen, Willits had his eye on id's upper echelon of management from the moment he became a full-time hire. After Romero was fired, Willits had coveted McGee's status as John Carmack's golden boy. According to this developer, Willits set his sights on eliminating McGee. Their feud reached a boiling point when McGee ran into trouble designing levels for Quake 2.

"American could tell something [was not right]," Petersen said. "So he went to Carmack and said, 'What should I do?' John Carmack said, 'Okay, to make your levels look better, go and talk to Tim.' And Tim Willits could make absolutely spectacular-looking levels. They were great levels. He said, 'Talk to Tim. Look to him to show you how to make your levels look really nice.'"

Willits deployed misdirection to further attenuate McGee's status with management. When McGee submitted new and revised levels for appraisal, Carmack lost his temper and accused him of doing A when he had expressly wanted B.

"American was horrified," Petersen said. "He said, 'Yes, I did just what he said.' Basically, what had happened was Tim Willits had literally told American the opposite of what he should do, to get him in trouble with John Carmack. And Carmack couldn't believe it. Who could be that dirty? He absolutely refused to believe that Willits had done it, but he had. That was Tim Willits literally tanking American McGee."
Altho that's from the "Rocket Jump" book which presents an uncritical collection of self-serving retro-gossip from the id guys who, god love 'em, were largely a bunch of infighting egomaniacs. I'm a little sad to see it get picked up as ammunition for current Quake-community beefs. 
1. I did not get the impression it's uncritical, by far.

2. What "current Quake-community beefs"?? 
Oh the general Willits-is-Satan thing. 
Willits wishes he was as convincing in his trickery as Satan. 
So if you quit DOSQuake, it summons Tim Willits all over your hard drive? 
Don't we all... 
I think history has been kinder to the McGee maps - any time I do a replay I always find myself enjoying the McGee and Jacquays maps most, whereas the Willits ones tend more and more to bland and formulaic. They do look very nice though. 
The start of the warehouse unit isn't great. It's just a collection of linked rooms with buttons to open doors and a handful of enemies in each. Very uninspired. But I'd say it hugely improves after you get a little into the first map, and the second and third maps are probably as good as Quake 2 gets.

The weaker maps for me are the Torture Chambers map (get stuff in Cell Block A, then Cell Block B, then wander around badly lost in samey-looking corridors for far too long), the symmetrical Hangar map, the two Pumping Stations cause the Power/Waste unit to drag on, and there's something else in the middle of the Jail unit that's quite nondescript. I think some people find the Mines drags on a bit too long as well, and that's probably fair criticism. 
Quake Doesn't Have Random Damage, Does It? 
I mean, I've always assumed it doesn't and in all my years of playing it's never felt like it does, but I recently saw someone on Doomworld claim that Quake just uses a more toned-down RNG than Doom -- a claim no-one's contradicted so far:

Quake has less absurd RNG damage than Doom does, and I still think it's dumb when an Ogre takes 3 grenades instead of 2, or I need 5 to kill a Vore.

Is there any truth to this? Have I been wrong all these years in thinking there's no RNG in Quake? I tried searching for information on this but couldn't find anything. 
Random Or Inconsistent? 
The rocket launcher is explicitly random on a direct hit, doing between 100 and 120 damage. It then does fixed radius damage to everything else in the area. So there's a random element, but it can't ever lead to an ogre surviving three direct hits (he has 200hp, so two minimum damage rockets suffice).

Grenades differ because they don't have a separate damage mechanism for the target they collide with. They just do 120 radius damage to everything, even the entity they hit. The key to maximising damage is to hit the ogre close to centre mass. If the grenade strikes the bounding box more than 20 units from the ogre's origin, you do less than 100 damage. Do that twice in a row, and the ogre takes three shots.

So there's no random number generation going on with the grenade, but it's subject to some mechanisms that can be arbitrary. For example, if you attack an ogre from the south-west direction, the corner of the bounding box is facing you, so your grenade can't get as close. If you attack from due south, you're presented with a flat face of a bounding box and the grenade gets closer before exploding. 
From what can see in the code: dogs, Fiends, both Knights, fish, Ogres, Shamblers, Spawn and Vore use some RNG for damage.

As far as dealing damage to them this is the only RNG that I can see:

T_MissleTouch (rockets) damg = 100 + random()*20;

There are more experienced coders who can probably talk about T_RadiusDamage a.k.a. splash damage which I assume has some randomness.

Also shotgun pellets are in a random spread but not too sure if that affects the damage. 
Preach To The Rescue! 
Nice to see a expert level explanation! 
The More You Know 
Thanks for the answers and especially that detailed explanation, Preach!

By the way, would someone be so kind as to give me a link to the code in question? I assume it's on github somewhere, but I always get confused looking for things there. Doubt I'll be able to understand much of the code, but I'd like to have a look anyway -- presumable that's the first step towards understanding it. 
Continued From #31635 
This is as far as I get on my own (which I assume is the right place):

I have no idea in which of the several files or sub-directories I should be looking, though... 
I believe this is the file you're looking for: 
otp collected these Quake links for the Quake Mapping Discord - might be helpful:

QuakeWiki Modding Tutorial:

QuakeC tutorial:

QuakeC Reference Manual in PDF:

QuakeC Manual website version (with nice text formating):

FTEQCC compiler:

FTEQCC documentation:

Progs v1.01 source code:

Progs v1.01 source code: (cleaned):

Progs v1.06 source code:

Hipnotic SDK: 
Re: Quakec Source 
The source Strogg-Sothoth linked is for quakeworld, just be aware that quake and quakeworld had slightly different calculations for weapon attacks (at least, the shotguns are different.)

The "progs 1.01 sourcecode" dumptruck linked is the original quake version which is also what almost everyone would use for playing single player maps. 
Thanks, Everyone! 
The "progs 1.01 sourcecode" dumptruck linked is the original quake version which is also what almost everyone would use for playing single player maps.

Brilliant, thanks! 
correction, the "Progs v1.06 source code" is actually what most people would play (but the difference is only bug fixes, not major gameplay changes AFAIK) 
The source Strogg-Sothoth linked is for quakeworld, just be aware that quake and quakeworld had slightly different calculations for weapon attacks (at least, the shotguns are different.)

Oops, my bad. 
Thanks Again Everyone For The Links And Info 
(The four anonymous posts above were mine). 
Whats Wrong With This Picture 
Target "C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Quake\quakespasm\quakespasm-0.93.1_win64\quakespasm-0.93.1_win64\quakespasm.exe" -hipnotic -game quoth

Start inC:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Quake\quakespasm\quakespasm-0.93.1_win64\quakespasm-0.93.1_win64"

I'm trying to play the ad mod but all I get is Quake start. Same when I try to play this mod. Tried Quake injector but even with java installed I get how do you want to open this file. 
lizard: try "-game ad" instead of "-hipnotic -game quoth" 
A Tip For The New Mappers / QM Crowd 
An observation from adding maps to Quaddicted:
There's no need to use BSP2 format unless the map is really really large and detailed - like Tronyn/Orl/ad_sepulcher type of stuff. Don't just switch format as soon as a warning message pops up. Engine protocol 666 can handle most levels that exceed vanilla (=protocol 15) limits.

More often than not you don't even need that. Frankly, I'm surprised how seemingly even the smallest maps are exceeding some limits these days. Then again, just an old geezer tilting at windmills. :) 
It occurs to me that there may be a misunderstanding that BSP2 is needed for features such as fence textures or detail brushed, so just to clear that up: it's not.

BSP2 contains no new features, it's only about raising format limits. So if you don't need raised limits, you don't need BSP2. 
Re Metlslime Whats Wrong With This Picture 
I did try -game ad and after that didn't work I tried quoth. Same incident. 
Are your ad and quoth directories called "ad" and "quoth"? If they are called something like "ad_v1_70final" and "quoth2pt2full_2", rename them to "ad" and "quoth" and then try again. 
Anonymous User 
Didn't work but thanks for the help 
I'm trying to play the ad mod but all I get is Quake start

So if I understand you correctly, you are able to start Quakespasm and play regular Quake (without any mods), right? So try this: start Quakespasm, pull down the console (which you do by pressing the tilde ("~") key if you are using a US/international keyboard layout) and type "game ad". 
It says game changed to ad but quake start still comes up no ad anything 
Whats the name of the folder you keep all your arcane dimensions stuff in?


so if your mod folder name is ADFINAL1_70 youll need to type that in. 
okay next step... find your quake directory in windows explorer, and make sure there is a folder called "ad" that is a sibling to your "id1" folder, and makes sure there are some subfolders in the ad folder called "maps", "progs", etc 
Lizard Finally Got Ad Going 
Thanks to everyone for your expert advice getting the ad mod working. Putting the extra stuff on the end of the command was the answer for me. ad_v1_50final. My ad folder which is in the quake folder just says ad. In side is the 2 zip files (mod and patch) and the unzipped files. I unzipped the regular file first then the patch. After I chose a map and entered it it said completed and just set there. Somehow I stumbled across the right shift key and the game started. I have no idea why the shift key unless it is in the cfg. file. But I never would have got it going without you guys helping out. It's not like the initialization file said to do it. 
Yeh.. It's Out ! 
The Con Of Quake 
Any pros here? 
The Only People Here 
Are pros. 
Don't Miss The Big Giveaway... 
Hey, wanted to link this blog: about my turning over the Quake BIFFENSTEIN textures to the Public Domain. Really hope you guys enjoy them. 
The links all lead to Dropbox preview which I cannot access without an account. 
Updated w/ MediaFire links, those should work. 
Awesome biff... maybe this should be the next map jam theme! 
Thanks So Much. 
I've always been ass at uploading. A map jam would be incredible +D 
Thanks for releasing those textures, biff! Some interesting, unexpected shapes and patterns in there.

I wish I could have seen what you planned to make with them, though. I'm a huge fan of your q1sp work and new biff_debris maps would have been a real treat. 
I made a couple of maps for the q1 version of BIFFENSTEIN, but kept getting wound up in a lot of vertex manip and weird qbsp errors, to the point that it really inhibited my excitement for the project. This blog includes a few screenies of what did work out, if you'd care to see: 
Very Cool 
Thanks for the link. Any WIP shots of the Doom 3 version of the project? 
Can I ask something? Do most of the textures use existing Quake textures as a base or are they made from scracth? Mostly asking to see if some textures could be used in LibreQuake if they have any sort of copyrigth attached to them. 
Finding A Map 
Can someone with a better memory than me help out. Played a map a while back, way big, expanded limits type of deal, swampy castle style.
Very vertical map, you start low and just keep switch backing your way up until at the end your are you are just running along the edge of the map looking all the way down.

The map is mostly a big circle with most of the higher buildings on the edge of the map so you get kind of a big courtyard effect.

Cant remember if it was part of some pack, cant remember who made it even. In my head i keep thinking Socks Grendels Blade but the map I'm thinking of is so much bigger. 
They were made from existing Quake and Quake2 textures, for use in Quake. One of the reasons I made them so that they'd help out mappers once the planned maps were released, and deliberately made to blend in with the existing sets. 
Foggy Bogbottom (ad_swampy)? 
Damn that was quick, the map is in fact ad_swampy, thanks for taking the time out.

For some reason i just skipped that portal when i was rechecking AD too find it. 
Portal skip is so quake. 
An Absolute Beginner's Maps
im posting this to only get some criticism.
So be as harsh and nitpicky as possible. 
2020 Have Best Year For Boomer Shooters ! 
No It's Been A Fucking Awful Year... 
...and "boomer shooter" is a fucking moronic term, for idiots, by idiots.

Having said that, Prodeus looks kinda un-terrible, for a change. 
Prodeus Having A Map Editor 
is a great selling point. I'm not 100% sold on it as a game but it looks better than most efforts.

Also yeah, the boomer shooter term fucking sucks. 
I've Played The Alpha 
It feels pretty good, very polished and you can dial in all the graphics from pixel-y to Doom 3-ish visuals.

I have only played with the editor a little but it's fantastic. Will take a bit of getting used to coming from Quake tho. Especially the lighting. 
Dont Forget Realms Deep This Week ! 
A Cheers To KrissiD 
Sunday morning brainfart: It could be argued that TB laid the foundations for quite a few of the new games inspired by classic FPS titles. Either by enabling newcomers to easily create levels and subsequently be recruited for these projects, or even by directly serving as the main tool the games are made with. So in some way he's a bit of a grey eminence of modern classic-style FPS? GG, Sleepy. 
Indeed. It's kind of crazy how many Quake pies KD has his fingers in (and ericw too).

On the Discord I think I read that Graven maps are made with TB, even though the engine is UE4? 
I can't imagine hiring Q1 mappers only to have them make blockouts with no lighting or entities. 
Graven indeed created with TB and HammUER. Here's the lead LD on the project explaining the process in general: 
I m surprised this one has not been mentioned months ago. It seems to be a good Hexen/Quake spiritual successor, way better than almost any we have seen this last years. 
Wonder what our anonymous "this are sjw cuck game" friend has to say about Graven. 
This was just announced. The LD team consists entirely of Quake community members who are under NDA. 
Just posted some thoughts in the Retro Shooter thread, feel free to share yours. 
Then i should be surprised that there was no video of an alpha state and they took the approach of not letting the game out till having a part mostly finished. 
Random Compiler Thought: _wad Support 
Coming off the discussion in the quakespasm thread about a deadly "wad" key which is too long to save properly...

Really I think the wad key should have been _wad instead, it's a compiler field that isn't useful in the game itself (for those who didn't know: underscore-prefixed fields are not loaded by the engine into the QC). If anyone is still developing a compiler, would you consider adding support for "_wad" as an alternate key? 
Not A Spambot Post I Swear... 
My computer won't play vinylrecords. 
Ok, Shooter. 
Quake On Vinyl 
That's a must have for me. Can't order from the NiN-store, though, so I hope I can get it some other way.

Here are the liner notes, that for some reason were removed both from the release and the web page: 
If TB has contributed to this renaissance of retro shooters, that‘s great. What makes me really happy is that some people get to earn some money doing what they love, using TB. In the end, it hopefully keeps drawing new people to Quake, too, which helps to keep this community alive.

But, neggers... KrissyD? You make my name sound like a 90ies girl rapper‘s stage handle :-P 
Both JC and JR have expressed positivity about this on their respective twitters.

Ironically, I think the Microsoft of 2020 is a good cultural fit for id. We may even start seeing open source engine releases again. 
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