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Continued From #31635 
This is as far as I get on my own (which I assume is the right place):

I have no idea in which of the several files or sub-directories I should be looking, though... 
I believe this is the file you're looking for: 
otp collected these Quake links for the Quake Mapping Discord - might be helpful:

QuakeWiki Modding Tutorial:

QuakeC tutorial:

QuakeC Reference Manual in PDF:

QuakeC Manual website version (with nice text formating):

FTEQCC compiler:

FTEQCC documentation:

Progs v1.01 source code:

Progs v1.01 source code: (cleaned):

Progs v1.06 source code:

Hipnotic SDK: 
Re: Quakec Source 
The source Strogg-Sothoth linked is for quakeworld, just be aware that quake and quakeworld had slightly different calculations for weapon attacks (at least, the shotguns are different.)

The "progs 1.01 sourcecode" dumptruck linked is the original quake version which is also what almost everyone would use for playing single player maps. 
Thanks, Everyone! 
The "progs 1.01 sourcecode" dumptruck linked is the original quake version which is also what almost everyone would use for playing single player maps.

Brilliant, thanks! 
correction, the "Progs v1.06 source code" is actually what most people would play (but the difference is only bug fixes, not major gameplay changes AFAIK) 
The source Strogg-Sothoth linked is for quakeworld, just be aware that quake and quakeworld had slightly different calculations for weapon attacks (at least, the shotguns are different.)

Oops, my bad. 
Thanks Again Everyone For The Links And Info 
(The four anonymous posts above were mine). 
Whats Wrong With This Picture 
Target "C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Quake\quakespasm\quakespasm-0.93.1_win64\quakespasm-0.93.1_win64\quakespasm.exe" -hipnotic -game quoth

Start inC:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Quake\quakespasm\quakespasm-0.93.1_win64\quakespasm-0.93.1_win64"

I'm trying to play the ad mod but all I get is Quake start. Same when I try to play this mod. Tried Quake injector but even with java installed I get how do you want to open this file. 
lizard: try "-game ad" instead of "-hipnotic -game quoth" 
A Tip For The New Mappers / QM Crowd 
An observation from adding maps to Quaddicted:
There's no need to use BSP2 format unless the map is really really large and detailed - like Tronyn/Orl/ad_sepulcher type of stuff. Don't just switch format as soon as a warning message pops up. Engine protocol 666 can handle most levels that exceed vanilla (=protocol 15) limits.

More often than not you don't even need that. Frankly, I'm surprised how seemingly even the smallest maps are exceeding some limits these days. Then again, just an old geezer tilting at windmills. :) 
It occurs to me that there may be a misunderstanding that BSP2 is needed for features such as fence textures or detail brushed, so just to clear that up: it's not.

BSP2 contains no new features, it's only about raising format limits. So if you don't need raised limits, you don't need BSP2. 
Re Metlslime Whats Wrong With This Picture 
I did try -game ad and after that didn't work I tried quoth. Same incident. 
Are your ad and quoth directories called "ad" and "quoth"? If they are called something like "ad_v1_70final" and "quoth2pt2full_2", rename them to "ad" and "quoth" and then try again. 
Anonymous User 
Didn't work but thanks for the help 
I'm trying to play the ad mod but all I get is Quake start

So if I understand you correctly, you are able to start Quakespasm and play regular Quake (without any mods), right? So try this: start Quakespasm, pull down the console (which you do by pressing the tilde ("~") key if you are using a US/international keyboard layout) and type "game ad". 
It says game changed to ad but quake start still comes up no ad anything 
Whats the name of the folder you keep all your arcane dimensions stuff in?


so if your mod folder name is ADFINAL1_70 youll need to type that in. 
okay next step... find your quake directory in windows explorer, and make sure there is a folder called "ad" that is a sibling to your "id1" folder, and makes sure there are some subfolders in the ad folder called "maps", "progs", etc 
Lizard Finally Got Ad Going 
Thanks to everyone for your expert advice getting the ad mod working. Putting the extra stuff on the end of the command was the answer for me. ad_v1_50final. My ad folder which is in the quake folder just says ad. In side is the 2 zip files (mod and patch) and the unzipped files. I unzipped the regular file first then the patch. After I chose a map and entered it it said completed and just set there. Somehow I stumbled across the right shift key and the game started. I have no idea why the shift key unless it is in the cfg. file. But I never would have got it going without you guys helping out. It's not like the initialization file said to do it. 
Yeh.. It's Out ! 
The Con Of Quake 
Any pros here? 
The Only People Here 
Are pros. 
Don't Miss The Big Giveaway... 
Hey, wanted to link this blog: about my turning over the Quake BIFFENSTEIN textures to the Public Domain. Really hope you guys enjoy them. 
The links all lead to Dropbox preview which I cannot access without an account. 
Updated w/ MediaFire links, those should work. 
Awesome biff... maybe this should be the next map jam theme! 
Thanks So Much. 
I've always been ass at uploading. A map jam would be incredible +D 
Thanks for releasing those textures, biff! Some interesting, unexpected shapes and patterns in there.

I wish I could have seen what you planned to make with them, though. I'm a huge fan of your q1sp work and new biff_debris maps would have been a real treat. 
I made a couple of maps for the q1 version of BIFFENSTEIN, but kept getting wound up in a lot of vertex manip and weird qbsp errors, to the point that it really inhibited my excitement for the project. This blog includes a few screenies of what did work out, if you'd care to see: 
Very Cool 
Thanks for the link. Any WIP shots of the Doom 3 version of the project? 
Can I ask something? Do most of the textures use existing Quake textures as a base or are they made from scracth? Mostly asking to see if some textures could be used in LibreQuake if they have any sort of copyrigth attached to them. 
Finding A Map 
Can someone with a better memory than me help out. Played a map a while back, way big, expanded limits type of deal, swampy castle style.
Very vertical map, you start low and just keep switch backing your way up until at the end your are you are just running along the edge of the map looking all the way down.

The map is mostly a big circle with most of the higher buildings on the edge of the map so you get kind of a big courtyard effect.

Cant remember if it was part of some pack, cant remember who made it even. In my head i keep thinking Socks Grendels Blade but the map I'm thinking of is so much bigger. 
They were made from existing Quake and Quake2 textures, for use in Quake. One of the reasons I made them so that they'd help out mappers once the planned maps were released, and deliberately made to blend in with the existing sets. 
Foggy Bogbottom (ad_swampy)? 
Damn that was quick, the map is in fact ad_swampy, thanks for taking the time out.

For some reason i just skipped that portal when i was rechecking AD too find it. 
Portal skip is so quake. 
An Absolute Beginner's Maps
im posting this to only get some criticism.
So be as harsh and nitpicky as possible. 
2020 Have Best Year For Boomer Shooters ! 
No It's Been A Fucking Awful Year... 
...and "boomer shooter" is a fucking moronic term, for idiots, by idiots.

Having said that, Prodeus looks kinda un-terrible, for a change. 
Prodeus Having A Map Editor 
is a great selling point. I'm not 100% sold on it as a game but it looks better than most efforts.

Also yeah, the boomer shooter term fucking sucks. 
I've Played The Alpha 
It feels pretty good, very polished and you can dial in all the graphics from pixel-y to Doom 3-ish visuals.

I have only played with the editor a little but it's fantastic. Will take a bit of getting used to coming from Quake tho. Especially the lighting. 
Dont Forget Realms Deep This Week ! 
A Cheers To KrissiD 
Sunday morning brainfart: It could be argued that TB laid the foundations for quite a few of the new games inspired by classic FPS titles. Either by enabling newcomers to easily create levels and subsequently be recruited for these projects, or even by directly serving as the main tool the games are made with. So in some way he's a bit of a grey eminence of modern classic-style FPS? GG, Sleepy. 
Indeed. It's kind of crazy how many Quake pies KD has his fingers in (and ericw too).

On the Discord I think I read that Graven maps are made with TB, even though the engine is UE4? 
I can't imagine hiring Q1 mappers only to have them make blockouts with no lighting or entities. 
Graven indeed created with TB and HammUER. Here's the lead LD on the project explaining the process in general: 
I m surprised this one has not been mentioned months ago. It seems to be a good Hexen/Quake spiritual successor, way better than almost any we have seen this last years. 
Wonder what our anonymous "this are sjw cuck game" friend has to say about Graven. 
This was just announced. The LD team consists entirely of Quake community members who are under NDA. 
Just posted some thoughts in the Retro Shooter thread, feel free to share yours. 
Then i should be surprised that there was no video of an alpha state and they took the approach of not letting the game out till having a part mostly finished. 
Random Compiler Thought: _wad Support 
Coming off the discussion in the quakespasm thread about a deadly "wad" key which is too long to save properly...

Really I think the wad key should have been _wad instead, it's a compiler field that isn't useful in the game itself (for those who didn't know: underscore-prefixed fields are not loaded by the engine into the QC). If anyone is still developing a compiler, would you consider adding support for "_wad" as an alternate key? 
Not A Spambot Post I Swear... 
My computer won't play vinylrecords. 
Ok, Shooter. 
Quake On Vinyl 
That's a must have for me. Can't order from the NiN-store, though, so I hope I can get it some other way.

Here are the liner notes, that for some reason were removed both from the release and the web page: 
If TB has contributed to this renaissance of retro shooters, that‘s great. What makes me really happy is that some people get to earn some money doing what they love, using TB. In the end, it hopefully keeps drawing new people to Quake, too, which helps to keep this community alive.

But, neggers... KrissyD? You make my name sound like a 90ies girl rapper‘s stage handle :-P 
Both JC and JR have expressed positivity about this on their respective twitters.

Ironically, I think the Microsoft of 2020 is a good cultural fit for id. We may even start seeing open source engine releases again. 
Skill 2 Or 3? 
According to the fan wiki there was a little debate about which skill, 2 or 3, was actually harder. I am not really aware of the technical reasons. I'm just aware that this debate existed. Can you tell me if it was ever settled and what are the reasons for each side? I'm asking because I want to play on the tougher setting so I'll probably decide which one is tougher based on the replies here. 
Skill 3 
Skill 0 = easy
Skill 1 = noreal
Skill 2 = hard
Skill 3 = nightmare

The first three are usually a confrontment of slightly more monsters.
Nightmare skill comes with ogres that throw grenades more rapidly and act quicker than the first three stages. Also their health can be much tougher. Not sure about other monsters, but I think they'really also harder.

So yeah, nightmare skill is really the hardest one. 
To Expand On Skill 3 - Nightmare 
The changes in skill 3 are all monster behaviour. They don't actually gain any hitpoints, but they are made much tougher by adding pain resistance. Each monster goes into pain at most once every 5 seconds. In addition, every monster wakes up and starts attacking much faster - in the other skills there's a wake-up delay imposed.

Lastly, most monsters have some specific behaviours added to their attacks, although the changes vary from monster to monster. For example, the Vore's projectiles fly faster on nightmare, the Shambler fires an extra tick of lightning, and as madfox mentions the Ogre (among others) simply fires a lot faster.

The general effect of these changes is that the monsters are a lot more relentless in nightmare. I suppose you could make an argument that the monsters are slightly more predictable in nightmare than in hard - for instance ogres fire so often they don't really ever move while they can see you. But I still think it's hard to make the case that it's ever easier. 
No idea what happened..,
I had a real terrible nightmare.

As always, that's exact the pinpoint Preach. 
since ericwa removed obj export from his toolset:

does anyone know any decent way to export an optimized OBJ from a BSP? 
Welcome Back Metl & Func. 
All working good again now. 
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